Monday, September 16, 2013

Listen: اغنية نانسى عجرم تندم - Nancy Ajram New Cover Tendam #Classics

Nancy Ajram does not do covers often, but when she does, she goes for a a relatively unknown classic. It's a Tarab song meant to be consumed while sitting down, and wanting to relax. Nancy Ajram is thinking in the long run.....she might be done with the cute and young image, so she needs the next act. She knows the fans will want the next act, so she spices things up and changes the pace of her career to diversify.

It's a Lebanese song brought back to life by Nancy Ajram, the pop lady with the biggest microphone in the Arab World. Widad Ahmed sang this classic years ago, and now Nancy takes it to a whole new generation. Compared to the original song, Nancy Ajram did very well and kept the soul of the song and its bittersweet lyrics transfer beautifuly

اغنية نانسى عجرم - تندم | جامدة | اغنية وداد محمد


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