Monday, September 9, 2013

We Get It, Arab Men Love Their Mommies

I do not think any other culture would celebrate motherhood as much as Arabic pop culture does. We are all pumpkins and gooey stuff in the inside, we are the children of our mothers. There are hundreds of Arabic songs made for mothers. Even new artists would make a mother's song in their albums just to make a point that they might be badasses, they still have a boss--the mother.

I think this is cute and is very telling about the culture....but at some point, one gets fed up with such songs, and questions if they are for real or just for local consumption. How many boys are really kind to their mothers--words are cheap...but have they given her what she needs--money baby!

Aside from that, her's a good song from Egyptian iconic singer Medhat Saleh, the guy who has been singing for three decades and somehow found time to record this song in the late 1980s on his mix tape. I loved this song, its written by a guy who had to live away form the mother....

مدحت صالح- رساله الي امي


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