Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GD & Woroud Valentine Day Romantic Duet

In North America, there is a Lebanese star whose fame is doing something that has nit been done. See, most pop stars come form Lebanon to visit America for concerts and promotion. But this singer is coming from America --he is of Lebanese origins and establishing himself as a star over there. The name is George Dfouni or GD

For starter, he is a business guy whose connection with Lebanese and like minded entertainers promoted him to sing. But there are also the early fans and friends who insisted on George to sing. So he hired the top talents at home, recorded his album mostly in North America, and his album was picked by Rotana. He kicked off his album in Atlantic City.

He has promised a romantic duet single which he recorded in New York with the help of new comer Woroud, coming in time for Valentine and the song has been picked by local Arab radios and most notably the ones in Lebanon "Jaras Scope".

GD sent this song to all the lovers out there and wishes them well. The song has a story, its composer Salah Al Kurdy wrote it to be a duet for now retired Fadel Shaker and romance hit maker Elissa--the duo has recorded a duet in 2008 (here). But since Fadel Shaker is no longer an entertainer, the song found its way to GD who tabbed Woroud, a young voice he admires to sing along.

I think this is a passionate song in the voice of the virgin /innocent love. It has its dream moments, it certainly hits all the right notes. While, I credit GD with giving us a delightful pop song, I love him for introducing Woroud.

Woroud comes form the land of LA where she has worked on a number of Arabic songs with producer and booking agent Miles Copeland

Sallamta Albeh - GD & Woroud - جورج دفوني وورود - سلمتا قلبي


  1. Isn't this Woroud the same LA-based singer that Miles Copeland taps when he needs someone to record a new version of an older song for one of his bellydance projects? If so, she's been working with him since 2004.