Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WATCH: Iwan Catchy Music Video Iwan - El Layli 3id 2013 ايوان - الليلة عيد

Embrace for impact for pretty boy Lebanese singer Iwan is back in style with his hot bod, muscles, and pals. Not sure what the intro has to do with the song, and no surprise there, his love interest does not look Arab one bit. Why do Arab celebrity find it way easier to film music video with models who know nothing of what they are singing about.

I do not know, but I like the water park, an certain demographic will enjoy Iwans, almost naked upper body. This is a happy song that vibrant and upbeat, it's playful from a guy who knows his affect on his fans. Iwan needed this song, it makes him feel young. and hip again after six dry years. Comes a catchy tune with the signature Greek melody Iwan has been known for.

This is a cool summer song, too bad summer felt short and now we have moved passt the hot weather.
ايوان - الليلة عيد


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