Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WATCH: Sexy Or Over The Top Naya - Men Eidy / نايا - من إيدي

Ladies of Lebanese pop are many, talented ones with skillful business mangers are very few. Naya is one of the lucky ones, she has the youth on her side, and the smart business manger who oversaw the career of the likes of Nawal Al Zoghby.

And then she danced on the Lebanese version of dancing with stars and got her moves refined. Then comes her new music video where she puts it all on display in those short shorts and the lady who likes dangerous boys, and living life on the edge by her own rules. Naya has one album to her name, but the Arab Spring is making it harder to sell records or hold concerts.

Is her display on girl power too much? I thin it depends, some of it fits the plot, the rest if just poor-taste garbage. No judging, this is a music video that airs on prime time...at home Naya has the rights to wear or not wear clothes. on TV she should tone it down. The guy grinding and breathing on her is kind of out of place. But then again, you can always change the channel.

P.S. Does her picture make her look like a blonde kardashian?

Naya - Men Eidy / نايا - من إيدي


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