Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Carmen Soliman, The Supernova Songstress

Carmen Soliman is ready for prime time, and she is already embracing the Arab music fans at large, she owns the hearts of Egyptians, she has made advances in the Gulf market by releasing a single in their dialect, and she were YES! So she locked in at least a 100 million fan by appearing and winning the title for Arab Idol early in 2012.

Then comes the next phase, dazzle those people in Lebanon. She is sort of under contract with MBC and their music production and distribution arm Platinum Records, so when MBC wanted to launch an Egypt network, she was tabbed to perform at the opening night gala. There was scores of Arab entertainers present including the ones form Lebanon.

There she performed an all time favorite Lebanese classic form the eighties, the one by Rabih Al Asmar, "Ala Rimish Eyonha" A song about eyelashes and their power of bewitching. She might have just finished high school, but she has turned her person into a temple of senses and all things diva. Her stage presence is worth of legends and her voice is nothing short of mighty.

  كارمن سليمان على رمش عيونها في حفل افتتاح أم بي سي مصر


  1. Imma let you finish, but Wadi el Safy had the best version of "Ala rimsh 3younha" of all time!