Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stay Classy Egypt! اغنية مايستهلش يكون رئيس

I think anytime, a people do not take ownership of their problems. I think of this when I read the news about certain Egyptians elements are blaming the Palestinians for engaging in violence in Egypt. Some of those voices are calling on the army to attack Gaza.

Who believes this stuff? Really? So, how bombing Gaza would help Egypt be safe? This is bizarre irresponsible allegations. They even made such accusations during the Mubarak days, Hamas sent in army into Egypt--it turned out to be bullshit. Next to that, they also blamed the Libyans for their trouble, I tell you what seal Egypt off the world and see the shocking fact. The troubles are domestic, not coming from someone on the outside. 

There are at least a 100 thousand Egyptian citizens living in Gaza, I do not think they would want to bring harm into their motherland. People in Gaza adore all things Egyptians and look up to Egypt. If there are facts, I will shut up. The media is playing a dirty game--they want to link Morsi to Hamas, as he hates Egypt.

I think, the trouble in Egypt stems from one problem, Egyptians activists are looking for a God to rule over them, not a man. Because only God makes no mistakes and is able to make everyone happy. but if you look around you, not everyone God created is happy.

In this light, you will understand this song, some guy thinks  he loves Egypt and understands it better the president of his land. This can be true, but the reality is different. It's not that they do not like the president, it's just that they think a man would be able to fix all of their woes in a matter of days. Look even America, did not fix its problems all at one, it took them tens of years to get to the postion where they are now.

اغنية مايستهلش يكون رئيس


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