Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Listen: Adam New Single 2013 اغنية ادم - على فكرة

Adam is a super suave singer form Lebanon, but he is mostly busy in Egypt where his voice brings life to far too many TV dramas and movies. He has this sad but loud voice that allows him to make you cry, but without being lame or pathetic. He has yet to release a full album of original material yet every Ramadan his voice opens up at east two TV dramas.

And now we have a new single from the man of charm, and it seems to be in the mush dialect of old Lebanese and Gulf dialect. I know those who don't understand Arabic won't appreciate this song, but those who like the oldies an life-wise songs, will find this song great. For his youth Adam, sounds very smart about life in hindsight.

I am a fan of Adam's voice and wish he would not do more songs, because volumes can be bad, I think he knows that as a young artist he works with the best, but it comes with cost. "By the Way" is his new song and it sounds delightful.

اغنية ادم - على فكرة

اغنيه ادم - على فكره 2013 | النسخه الأصليه


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