Thursday, September 26, 2013

WATCH: ديانا حداد - ثـالث الأعـياد | 2013 | @DianaHaddad - Thaleth Al23yad Love Fantasy

Diana Haddad flew to Turkey to bring you back this music video, it's a love tale from the beloved Lebanese hit-maker, her song is about the third Holiday, playing on the notion that there are only two holidays, and the time they met was the third holiday. It's a holiday when she releases a song, this is how her droves of fans who come from all walks of life feel.

It's a pop song made for the Gulf market in the local dialect that Diana Haddad has sang before it was cool. Again, Diana is sort of a native to the region, she grew up in Kuwait, and lived in the UAE where she married (and later divorced) one of the local boys. I like her when she sings, I like her most when she sings in Lebanese, but a good song is a good song no matter what language or dialect it comes in.

I love the make over, and the youthful Diana Haddad, I also think they did a wonderful job picking a model, the couple looks to have come straight out of upscale outfit brand, say polo shirt venture. There are half a dozen of looks that Diana sports, and they all work well for her and show her physique. I think Diana has done much better than previous years, I like her approach of releasing a lot of work as oppose to one album every three years. And most of all, she is a lot bolder now without being over the top. She is unafraid to try no idea,s new styles and most of all new looks.

ديانا حداد - ثـالث الأعـياد | 2013 | Diana Haddad - Thaleth Al23yad


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