Saturday, September 28, 2013

Exclusive: Amr Diab - El Leila (Official Full Clip) HD عمرو دياب كليب الليلة Amr Diab

The most hyped music video of this year gets released and the lovers and haters of the world unite in talking smack about the music video for Amr Diab. The fans are defining their star, haters spoke ill of the fashion choice of the Arab world's biggest pop star in wearing a suit and flip flops. Now, this is a nice music video by any standard.

You do not have to like the song or the artist but this is a really cool music video with colorful shots, amazing cinematography and lots of beauty, the location and the ladies. This is music video has reminisce of Amr Diab's most beloved music video to date ""Nor Al een" Greece was a clever choice, and a change of scenery for the dull Middle Eastern music followers.

I like his style, his fashion I like the energy he brings, not so much the tens of clueless dancers, the model who danced with him is twenty years his junior. I love the guitars, cannot go wrong there. Amr knows his way with the camera, he tells the director who to do it, not the other way around. I like the fireworks and the colorful buildings toward the end....

I wish the times were happier in Egypt, they are not and the country is falling backward, Amr Diab saw it happen more than a year ago when he moved his family to Dubai where he now works in peace. "El Leila" was his best album, he made many since 2000, I think this one will be remembered longer.

Love or hate the man, he is a rock star and he is not going anywhere, he is the kind and he likes it this way. Eat your heart out competitors, Amr Diab still has it, and young old, they fall back in line right behind him.

كليب عمرو دياب الليله 2013


  1. I love Amr Diab. He is talented, classy, professional, respectful men and family men. A positive role model in society. I have seen him many years ago in concert and enjoyed it very much. He is the king in the Middle East. :)