Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tamer Hosny US Canada Tour 2012 Vs. Mohamed Mounir's

Two super stars from Egypt came to North America for concerts. Tamer Hosny had a good tour in American places in Washington DC, New Jersey and Los Angles during the month of February. Mohammed Mounir is visiting the same places in June where they are both set to perform and entertain Arab expats and Americans a like.

Sure those two concerts will draw different people. The activists will stay away from Tamer Hosny, instead, they will embrace Mounir whose early songs for the revolution and his style will sell big. Ladies and Young people will show up for Tamer, his romantic songs are all too popular.

The same company is organizing and promoting the events, so this is hardly a political issue, but an economical one. Egypt is not a hot place for concerts, artists keep away due to the instability and the insecurity that rock that country at this moment. Masterpiece and its owner DJ Tamer Yehya are behind those concerts.

Since these two artists will be coming to my city, I will probably attend at least one of them.