Monday, September 9, 2013

Two Moroccan Divas From Two Different Eras Share The Stage

The "I Dream Of You" has just done the incredible and the amazing, they paired together  two Moroccans ladies who have come in two different ears--30 years apart to perform a song together  It may be the hologram affect or the other computer toys.

Aziza Jalal owned a portion of the Eighties and won the hears with her original song "Mistnyak". The other diva who idolizes her is Aasma Lmnawar, who tried to keep up with Aziza who has at her prime at the time. Asma is the it girl and has made a home for herself in the wealthy Khaleej--where Aziza also happened to live.

اسماء المنور و عزيزة جلال - مستنياك / برنامج بحلم بيك


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