Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Listen: Arab Idol Ahmed Gamal New Single أحمد جمال " لو تعبان مالحياة "النسخة الأصلية "

If a song to fall asleep is what you are looking for, then tune in for the latest song from Ahmed Gamal, the Arab Idol runner up. The Egyptian musician have found a song that works well for his voice and his style. It's a sobering song about being grateful when being mad is a lot easier.

The song is about being a good person and having faith, it's not what you would expect from a pop star whose fan base is made up of mostly women. The tune and tone are both sad, and humbling, this is the saddest the young singer has ever sounded. His song urges others to pray and seek help from the sky. This is song comes in a perfect timing as few in Egypt want a dance song, they want songs about bigger things.

Nour El Deen Mohammad is the lyricists, Ahmed Gamal composed the music, Mohammad Al Assal produced it. Last we've heard from Mr. Gamal is his concert in Ramallah and his meeting with the lame duck Palestinians president Mahmoud Abbas. The young artists' fans are rooting for the artist and his new song, they all seem to agree the music is something special.

أحمد جمال " لو تعبان مالحياة "النسخة الأصلية "


  1. actually, this is one of his really old songs, its not a new single ._.