Friday, September 20, 2013

Listen: Emotional نور عرقسوسي قلب واحد - Nour Ireksousi Alb Wa'hed

She is a suave voice, and good looks, she also did very well during her competition on The Voice. The Iraqi icon, and musician Kathem Al Saher took her under his wings, and is mentoring her. Nour shares the stage with him in his most recent concerts. This Tunisian young talent can stick around for as long as she chooses to. The music scene might be crowded, but there will always be room for Nour Ireksousi.
Nour is something that can be compared to voices like Adele, she has dazzled the audiences with her impressive covers. Now, she is not going to cover anyone, she has her own songs, and a new single is making the rounds. One Heart, sure a cheesy title but an overall good song for Nour that keeps her in the good side of the fans. She tamed her strong voice to do a convincing heartbroken song.

Other issues, Nour has lost a lot of weight and has been able to maintain her stellar voice, I think this will help her get ahead.

نور عرقسوسي قلب واحد - Nour Ireksousi 2alb wa7ed


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