Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thanks #Egypt, More Album Delays

The bad news from Egypt just gets worse, we are now learning due to the political gridlock in that country, violence and millions of revolutionaries, the music business is not doing very well. See, this time of the year is when new albums are released--schools are on a break and everyone is ready to listen to some music. But no, no one is the mood of releasing their hard work at those troubling times in Egypt.

  1. Amr Diab, the king of Arab pop was about to release his last album with Rotana--the mater has been done for some time. He did have a big concert in Australia, not his album is not getting a release date as of yet. it released on August this year
  2. Tamer Hosny big back comeback album is also back in the can, and it seems he won't be redeemed anytime soon. I was looking for this one because I know, Tamer Hosny realizes this album of his has to big excellent. It released summer of 2013
  3. Mohamed Foud, Egypt most righteous son has refused to release his album while his country men are dying. His album of ten tracks and three years in the making won't see the daylight yet.
  4. Ali Hajjar has two albums projects, one romantic and one revolutionary. He has yet to release his big music project and we can blame the revolutionaries for those delays. Not yet
  5. Mohamed Mohie, has also chosen to push back his release. Mohie has not released an album since 2008 and his style might not be perfect for those volatile times. No word
  6. Tunisian super diva Latifa was set to release her new album on Valentine Day, but since she was not really done working on it and the civil strive in Egypt and throughout Arabia, she will wait.
  7. Same goes for Moroccan  pop delight Jannat whom Egypt often showers with love. Her album that has been ready for some time, won't release for Valentine Day as promised. Due soon
  8. Mostafa Amar has a love album, his first in about four years. But it won't release either due to the national market mood and the dramatic turn of events  Amar suffered a great loss due to the release of his movie six months ago and it went virtually unnoticed. Due soon


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