Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Other Egyptian Carmen Who Can Rock

She was first introduced by a legend, Hany Al Shaker who introduced her during the Arabic Music Festival in the Egyptian House of Opera late in 2010. But in 2012 another lady with the name Carmen won the Arab Idol title and dominated the search engine searches for the name Carmen. However, this young and blessed her voice talent from Egypt whose name is Carmen

This lady's name is Carmen Essam or (Carmen Nofal for some) and she was tabbed to do a song to one of Egypt's finest and most serious films in 2012 "Kaf Ammar" She performed the title song with so much grace that one might weep from the lyrics.

The movie told the story of five brothers with a strong mother. When they grew up the mom sent the kids away to the city to work, and commissioned her older so to watch over them. Shit happens and they take different paths...until the mom needs to see them again. Carmen's song is about being divided and not standing in unity.

Carmen is a unique blend of throwback classical flavor with a modern taste. She is amazing at live concerts. I hope she gets more opportunities to shine.

Carmen.Ft.Ahmed.Esma3el.Ya5ofY/كارمن واحمد اسماعيل- يا خوفى

YouTube كارمن عصام حفل تكريم مهرجان الموسيقى العربيه


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