Thursday, September 19, 2013

@MarcAnthony "Vivir Mi Vida" Breathes A New Life Into Khaled - C'est la vie

Puerto Rican global star Marc Anthony took an original hit song by the Algerian and global hit-maker Cheb Khaled and turned it into a Salsa hit. Khaled - C'est la vie (Clip officiel) has become Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida, which is good because now the song has reached more people and broke into the Latin American music market.

Cheb Khaled and his Moroccan producer Red One (Ridwan) made a global hit, some have written off Khaled, after his Aicha fame, but he was cool about it and all of a sudden he released a global song that was more riveting than anything he has worked on in the past. A good song is a good song no matter where it comes from. Once again, the music producers and musicians in the West side of Arabia outsmart the ones in the central and Eastern part....

As for Marc he has been opening his tour with this song that sounds liberating and knows how to fire up the masses who want to dance and move.

Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida (Audio)

Khaled - C'est la vie (Clip officiel)

Khaled - C'est la vie (Clip officiel)


  1. I love Cheb Khaled. He is a living angel on earth with his warm and beautiful smile.