Saturday, September 21, 2013

WATCH: What's Hot In Egypt? Hoda Is! Hoda - Rohy Rohy / هدى - روحي روحي

Hoda has hit the big times now by doing a song for a popular TV show, now the talks are about a new street singer that the guys like. She has a very strong voice, where she can shout, and now she is dancing and hanging out with some nice cars. Not certain of her choice of fashion choices, but it might be what's hot in Cairo right now. She is all about Sh'abi songs, the kind makes you dance like a workout. While her songs might be a big hit in Egypt, they are nothing more than noise for the untrained ear.

Her story with music started in high school where she would sing at their events, then she goes to attend the Institute of Arabic music, then came the debut album in 2000, another album came in 2004. Then she started filming music videos in 2005 in Egypt and Lebanon. She claims a large fan base and seems to release many songs and moonlight as a popular wedding singer.

Hoda - Rohy Rohy / هدى - روحي روحي


  1. "nothing more than noise for the untrained ear"? That's a bit harsh! I think I could grow to like electro-chaabi after this! Tho' she looks a bit like someone's mum trying to be a teenager again...!! :-)

    Thanks for the video links!