Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Download: Melissa 2013 New Album البوم ميليسا - من مين خايف

She is one hell of a Lebanese sex bomb, but aside form that she makes good happy music that brings some joy and energy. She has Melissa for a name, and she makes good records for those who like to dance, her music videos are all about being a dancer, if you do not like loud club sounds, do not even try, this is what Melissa does best.

Melissa has been around for at least five years now, but this seems to be her finest album to date, mostly in Arabic, but there is something for those who like universal music or songs in English. Akon is featured on one track and a very exciting club mix Nanna that reminds me of Russian club music by the girl band Tatu.

It seems that global pop stars welcome collaboration with Melissa, she has the energy, the bold moves that make her a bigger stars than the local ones at home. This is why her albums have an appeal beyond the Arab world. I know her look has something to do with that, but to deny her star power and talent would be wrong.

01 - Ana 3ash2ak
02 - Sidi Mansour
03 - Wala Yom
04 - Shou Ma Badak
05 - 3ala Bali
06 - Law Betkoun
07 - Mannak Habibi
08 - Men Meen Khayef
09 - Wayn Betrou7
10 - Yalli Nasini [ Ft. Akon ]
11 - Nanana

See some of her songs here 

Melissa Nanana - ميليسا نانا

Akon & Melissa - Yalli Naseeni


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