Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WATCH: Live اغنية جديدة لخالد سليم مشاعر - Khaled Selim Masha3er

That touchy feely song is here, and it's by the beefiest Arab pop star who who happens to have a sweet and a Tarab voice worthy of the legends. This is a cover song that was performed for a TV Drama, and the singer Khalid Selim performed it live during one of his concerts.

See the folks sing along, which means they love whatever he is selling. It's a smooth song, that feels romantic without being about love, a song about those people with delicate spirits and sweet souls who are looking for a place to check their emotions in.

خالد سليم - أغنية تتر مسلسل حكاية حياه - "مشاعر" لايف / Khaled Selim - Mashaer Live Concert


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