Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rotana Magazine in Stores Now

العدد الجديد من مجلة روتانا..186

Fayroz Fairoz is invincible!

It's official, Fayroz is he number one selling artist of 2010...in less than two months she has sold 700 thousdan copies of her latest record....and that's only in Lebanon...as reported by Virgin Mega Store that predicts to reach the million record before the end of the year.

The album was made available in two countries, Lebanon and later in Egypt through High Quality, the mid size record distributor. That is a huge number in Arab music market....I do not recall an Arab star having sold more than that in recent history (it's also the most pirated album of the year so far) It was a really good album, even if it was not good we will love it, but this album is really good and everyone agreed to celebrate it.

Obviously young and old have a lot of respect for Fayroz and her legendary status. The album came out in October this year where Ziad Rahbani took charge of the entire production of the album. Wait till the album hits shelves in the Gulf region where Fayroz is much celebrated and shoppers still buy physical albums.

Fairuz in Concert 2010 - فيروز في حفلي بيروت 2010

L3arbé Strikes Again

No one has accused rap or rapper for that matter of being politically correct in their ways....here is a goo rap song from Morocco recorded by L3arbe, an aspiring Moroccan rapper that is unafraid to tackle hot political issues of the day. The Western Sahara, Somalia and Iraq....this is a rap for country, a rap for unity a rap for someone who has had it.

There are hundreds of Arab rappers, there are a dozen of them come from Morocco and Algeria, and some of them are pretty popular in their home countries and in Europe with the leftists and the expats. This particular rap is pretty promising. As the Moroccan accent and the energy yet alone the anger sets it apart. Till this day, I have been impressed by Palestinian rap groups such as DAM and PR because they speak with a louder voice and discuss issues of the day. Now I have other rappers to follow and I do not mind.

"Dem Wel Flous" is the title of his upcoming album to be released sometimes in 2011, here is

Chohada2e L3youn, the much anticipated rap about issues of the day in French and in Arabic,

he raps and channels his anger

L3arbé - Chohada2e L3youn L3arbe 2011 Album Dem W Flous

Monday, November 29, 2010

Marwa Nasr, the Egypitan Artillary

With too many gorgeous females flockei9ng Egypt form Lebanon to become famous and hit it big...Egypt was absent in the gorgeous scene, they had female voices with good voices and others with excellent voices. But no Egyptian no home grown female voice can match the Lebanese beauty confidence and comfort in their own skin. Until she showed up and starting boosting the Egypt stocks of female songstresses. She is Marwa Nasr and she is All Egyptian. For those who followed the short career of Marwa knows that she is going to make it big....her fans adore her, companies and promoters ask her to guest their concerts and events. Marwa Nasr is the alum of the all popular Star Academy season 4, and she seems to built on that boast commercially.

I enjoy watching interviews with Marwa as she is as gracious as she is pretty. She does not fear what many other female singers from Egypt fear....she just does what she enjoys doing and seems to have managed to build up a name for herself. She has two albums under her belt and one coming soon. from that album comes this tease Mesh Marta7lo, the next big song from Marwa and her creative team. Check out her latest music video Habeit which won her some praises

I like the sound of the short tease for the upcoming song and hope Marwa fans go out and purchase her record not just download it becasue she needs to establish her marketing chops and the best way to do that is sell records. If we do not buy her records, she won't make any more music. By the way she has the coolest website I have seen for an Arabic star...check it out here

Marwa Nasr - Mesh Marta7lo / مروة نصر - مش مرتحالو

Suzan Ghazal Blows Stuff Up

The idea that men like gorgeous women in skimpy outfits, fast bikes, and guns is so old, but that does not stop it from coming to life in Suzan Ghazal's debut music video. She comes with a tattoo and an attitude that screams I am ready to party.

To be honest Suzan Ghazal has a nice voice, but in all fairness, I did not listen to what she had to say, I only wanted to watch the music video. The music video makers have incorporated a number of techniques and actions sequences that are often reserved from cinema. I come to enjoy such music videos and hope to see a a second from the new star, but often this is not the case, as the Arab world is full of singers and one hit wonders who cannot translate their fame into commercial success.

With that, I won't be surprised if Suzan was offered to star in a movie. After all it seems the only way Arab entertainers nowadays make money is either by making a movie, singing at weddings or headlining a concert.

Suzan Ghazal - Meen Addy / سوزان غزال - مين قدي

Nelly Makdessy the girl next door

When you are naturally good looking life seems easy, when you have a good voice and a good music career, you are liked. When you are Nelly Makdessy, you know you have the best of two worlds, you are gorgeous and you have a good voice for Arabic pop. The signer has been around Lebanon music scene since the 90s particiapti9ng in talent shows and other variety shows as well. But has came to be a household name in the early 2000, but not until ouf ouf of 2005 that Nelly Makdessy becomes a household name. Ever since then she has been releasing songs that are either successful or get played a lot on radio. This year she seems to have gotten her act together and working on album to be released in 2011 that is showing plenty of promise.

There are scores of Arab stars that can do what Nelly has done, but in all fairness none of them have her sense of fashion which seems to be few years ahead of her peers and her charisma which she applies to serve her music videos.

Here are three recent pictures where the work of a good photographer, the work of someone with a good fashion sense, and a gifted makeup artist collaborate to show the best attributes Nelly has.

On other news, we at Hot Arabic Music Dot Com cannot wait to see the new work of Nelly as she just filmed a live band performance of her cover of two of the most Arab beloved songs of the 80s. I am usre it will be a new challenge for the young singer.

With Demagh Ara'eish Arabia Is doomed

I am disappointed in the grownups and marketing exes and the shape of entertainment.
When one talks about drugs, alcohol, sex and other mature subjects on film, the rating of the film became more restrict. In other words, there are age proper material in film and music. Certain movies cannot be viewed by minors under the age of 13 and sometimes 18. So there is a lot of freedom to explore any subject one wishes.....as long as they announce that this will be a mature subject and this way the America and Europe makes things work. Of course in prime time TV before 10 PM when kids are awake, certain words, subjects cannot be aired until later at night.

But not in Arabia, here is a music video that airs in prime time on channel popular with minors, you can see drugs, sex and joints while listening to a song about drinking beer 'Stella', smoking hash, and an expose of what types of drugs one should use. This is drug and alcohol indoctrination to the young soul. All this is part of an effort to market a movie about a sleazy bachelor with a good heart.

You know what's more dangerous? the fact there are using an adorable little girl in the movie as prop to help attract the young ones to watch this movie. If this is a movie for grown ups as it seems from the song and clips, why are they pushing this little girl in marketing? Is there nothing wrong with that? I am not comfortable with this movie, the plot and the langauge. Do not get me wrong, I have seen worse movies and movies that deals with more mature subjects....I just do not like sleazy material to be thrown at the little ones in this fashion. Yes, I still hate censors, because they do more damage than good, good taste is in order...so that we are not making Arabic TV programming into the Wild West.

Mahmoud El Husseiny - Demagh Ara'eish / محمود الحسيني - دماغ قراقيش

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where has This Madeleine Matar Been Hiding?

This week was a good day for the fans of Madline Matar, as she is making her back to the foray of Arabic music with a smashing good song....it's so good that it's making comparative Arab female singers envious of this hit. I like the mature voice that Madeleine exhibits here.....it's naturally to expect that a singer can make good songs, but with nowadays changing of talent and marketing, it seems to be especially hard

She has always bee a B list singer, but this song is defiantly the work of an A list singer, a singer striving to be taken seriously, a voice that shows so many things that have gone unnoticed for years.....the lyrics are the work of a genius...a brain that understands the working of the female mind, the loving female brain that it.

Whatever Madeleine Matar was sitting to do with the song she seems to have accomplished that, she is more than her good looks and cute music videos...she is a voice that commends respect and attention. It might be too soon by I think Madeleine has finally found her style, and her zen where she can sit herself apart for scores of other talented Arab voices.

تعالا على نفسك شوية واسال عليا
وإن كنت زعلتك في حاجة إنساها ليا
متغيبش يوم عني ... متشيلش يوم مني
فهمني غلطي وقلي بس عملت ايه

تعالا شوف بعنيك في بعدك ايه بيجرى
بموت بدال المرة في اليوم الف مرة
حاسة إني مش عايشة ... وبجد ليك وحشة
أيامي وانتة بعيد أعيشها لمين وليه .....

كلمني أسمعلك ... إندهلي ارجعلك
تجرحني مش خايفة... ده انا خايفة على زعلك
لو خدتني بذنبي.... وتقسى على قلبي
ديه قسوتك أحن من بعدك عليه

بهرب أنا من الناس وأخبي دموعي فيا
مش عايزة حد يشوفني يتصعب عليا
الوقت أهو بيجري... إرجع عشان خاطري
واللي غلطت فيه.... ياريت تسامحني فيه

Madeleine Matar مادلين مطر - كلمني اسمعلك

Ramy Ayach: The Big Guy is BACK

The Arabian heartthrob is back to pamper you ladies of Arabia just he did in the 90s, only he is more mature and a bigger household name. He wants to be your man, your sugar daddy of sort...he releases a song that everyone loves, three days later comes the music video which takes the song into a new territory..an awesome one indeed.

I absolutely love the music and the beat, they do not make music like this anymore...Rami manged to find away to make good music that appeals to both men and women, to old and young....Ramy refuses to age, and refuses to settle for anything less perfection and that's what you will get in this music video which keeps simple, no distraction or boring stuff you came to to accept from Arabic pop music video, it keeps you moving.

And it doe snot hurt to incorporate few of the traditional Lebanese musical instruments. Here is the song, with passion Ramy you are pulled off one more time.....keep up the good work. Beautiful music video and landscape...worthy of this hit that will be playing around for a while. When you speak of using your feeling as an ink to draw hearts in the sun, and ask your loved one to more than love you....you deliver both lines as a master of the craft.

Ramy Ayach - Efrah Fiki / رامي عياش - إفرح فيكي

Bee Gees Sell Big in Lebanon

Bee Gees were once popular in the 60s and 70s the trio of brothers sold many records when they were into soft rock, and later disco I do not hear much about anymore in the Western Media, but it seems they are still popular in Arabia at least in Lebanon where Robin Gibb just headlined a concert. So it came no surprise to notice that most of the concert goers are old timers who remember the good ole' times. Lebanon is unique that way because at some point of their lives everyone from that country have lived or worked in some foreign country so you know they got culture.

See they had a dozen of tourists come form Russia to attend this concert the lead man Robin pleased even thought he is passed his 60 now. Thanks to two companies that have worked to bring this blast from the past to Lebanon, Music is My Life, and Detailer Managements

The Elissa Appeal Affect

I asked a long time female fan of Elissa this question, Why do you like Elissa?

She answered, Elissa for me is about emotions....they way she communicates emotions is very effective and rare. Synergy is a great business tool, but it seems that Elissa has this affect on people as she knows how to deliver a massage, a deliver a dose of emotions like no other voice can. Elissa has a good voice, not a great one....but to hr credit her voices has matured overtime and she has admitted to have gotten better. Of course Elissa happens to be a beauty and with that she is also bold in her music videos (at least the earl ones) Her production company lover her too because she moves records and concert tickets.

For those fans, I give them a song from Elissa's latest album where she makes a believer out of you, she gives you access to her heart where you can hear her out and stand by her.... maybe in some other life Elissa can be a lawyer because her ability to convince you of her plight is amazing.


" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/tSfFtkz6N0I?fs=1&hl=en_US&color1=0xe1600f&color2=0xfebd01">

So Long Nawal Al Zoghbi

Nawal Al Zoghbi had an interesting career, her blondish hair makes her the golden girl of Arabic music....just like tens of Arab female voices she came to the scene in the early 90s. She is one of three female voices that came out during that era and still be popular and commercially successful. The other two are Najwa Karam and Diana Hadad. Nawal al Zoghbi still rules pop music and light songs. She never tried to be something she is not....she has been making good albums for years and has been making awesome music videos too.

Her latest album came out more than two years ago and it was a hit, thus production companies started knocking her door because they wanted to be in the Nawal business. Last year she had a sad year she she got divorced from her long time husband and manager. This was a shock to many of us because she was a model wife and had a happy and beautiful family (Diana Hadad also gets divorced). So you know not a good year for Arab female pop singers. On the business side, Nawal is ready with a new alblm and I have never seen so many people ask for it as much as I see now....her fans really want her album and they are bugging her about it.

As we still wait for the album, we revisit one of her best songs in recent memory, a catchy tune with a fun music video where Nawal looks like a million dollar. We do like the storyboard and the concert sitting.

Nawal al Zoghbi - Bieinak نوال الزغبي-بعينك

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rememeber These Guys?

If you are a Palestinian or have been close to the Palestinian cause, then you know these guys. You do not even have to like music, you can be anti-music person, but you still know of these guys and memorize a score of their songs.

Al-Ashqeen, Al 'ashqeenالعاشقين came to live in 1977 from the heart of Syria Damascus, it came together when a number of talented young Palestinian men came together. They kicked of their career by singing the famous works of notable Palestinian poets of the likes of Mahmoud Darwish and Sameeh Alqassim, but their most famous and timeless song was the work of little known Palestinian poet Noah Ibrahim to commemorate the execution of thee Palestinian leaders in Akko prisons.

Al-Ashqeen group's work came in handy during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon of 1982 and the death of countless Palestinians and Lebanese. They have many records and songs that chronicle the Palestinian journey and struggle and resistance toward self determination

They just reunited by executive order from the Palestinian president and have put a shows in various Palestinian cities in the West Bank, of course politicians flocked to take part of this historical event.

فرقة العاشقين ... من سجن عكا

فرقة العاشقين ... من سجن عكا

Maya Nehme, the Arab Kisha Dazzles

If you are looking for bar hopping towns where scores of beautiful people hangout and enjoy being night owls, no need to leave Arabia. See here is where I and you might disagree. Beirut is an interesting capital, but in this larger than life city, you can find pretty much anything. A posh bar in close proximity to a mosque, western dressed young men and women next to conservative dresses, party in one place, a political rally in another....one thing for sure this city is alive and will always be so.

Maya Nehme, the hottest up and coming Lebanese singer and the graduate of the hit show Star Academy has been making the rounds in her city's clubs and venues, here is a short clip from her performance in one of the bars, I am being told this is appearance at BANK Club BATROUN singing Her new single HABIBI. I am beginning to think that Maya Nehma sounds lot better in live performances. As you will soon discover she is also a good dancer and she has shown a sense of fashion. Congrats Maya as we hear she just got engaged in Cyprus ! Mabrook

Maya Nehme Habibi LIVE

Friday, November 26, 2010

Meet The Cute Kids of HotArabicMusic.com

Meet The Cute Kids of HotArabicMusic.com

Big Arab Celebrity Gala @ BIAF

See Asalah, Carol Samah, Ghada Abdel Razik, Asma'a L Minawar, Yehia Fakharani and scored of other Arab celebrities form TV, cinema fashion and music. This is self promotion yes, but it doe snot mind to see a load of the biggest players in Arab entertainment to show up in one place one party. See those who got awards, those who looked good and those who just smiled and acted like they are important. BIAF Awards brings a large cast of the brightest and most visible of entertainers in Arabia in one place that sure will be loaded with gossips envy, and politics. .

All rolled up in one joint in an celebration where stars, courtesy of Elaph who managed to interview a dozen of stars attending the gala. I am guessing in few years Arab celebrities and entertainers will be able to pull something like OSCAR and Golden Globe Awards, they are already close to those events, as they fashion designers tend to exhibit their work using the bodies of the stars as live mannequins.

Rolla Saad Banned From Singing in Egypt

So it seems that the Egyptian union of musicians in Egypt is a bit busy banning artists from appearing in concert in that country. As you can see in the letter Rolla was banned from without giving in reasons. But it seems that disagreement between Rolla Saad and her country woman Haifa Wahby over this song "Eih Da Eih Da" as Hafia seems to have wanted this song and Rolla beat her to it and here the song to watch. Now they union is saying to have ruled in favor of Haifa as the owner of this song which Rolla Saad continues to sing. That might be true, but I happen to believe that Haifa is a very powerful player in Egypt as she is a popular figure, has lots of resources and in top of that she is married to an Egyptian business man. Both Rolla and Haifa has been caught in public feuds for years now.

This ban caused Rolla troubles as she was headed to Egypt to take part of a benefit concert to help children with cancer in Alexandria Egypt, but she was unable to participate. But before that the union raised Rolla's dues three folds for no obvious reasons.....

The song is in the light Egyptian style, the one you play in parties....it says say forget the trouble and enjoy the minute. The case of the music video was a good choice as they look real, Rolla shows off some of her dance and cute moves that will be liked by Egyptian listeners.

Rolla saad issued a statement from her office stating, "I have donated all my fees and even my travel expenses to take part of this charity concert, only to find out that the musicians union send a team of ten people "police, lawyers, and agents" to stop my appearance.

To find out more about this story, click here

Rola Saad New 2010 "Eih Da Eih Da" / " فيديو كليب رولا سعد "ايه ده ايه ده

This Man Puts Fireworks on Steroid

I have seen many fireworks exhibits around the country, I have seen them in the Middle East, in Florida Disney World, Washington DC 4th of July, And Stadium of Fire in Utah as well as few other places. I have always enjoyed those fireworks like millions of people do.

But I have never thought there will be a day that I see fireworks in a different light, an Egyptian talented young man Ahmed Essam is shaking the world of fireworks with his fascinating fireworks arrangement. Mr. Essam makes fireworks do what he likes them to do....and yes he make them dance. Spectators are in for a treat as it seems that there is a war going on, not just simple fireworks. You get the impression that you are in the show. His work with the restaurant complex in Egypt has recently entered him it into the Guinness World Record.

Ahmed Essam was not always a huge act, he got his early start by adding fireworks affects to Egyptian concert which helped take concerts to the next level as before his work, concerts were just a mic, a star and a band...nothing else. Ahmed comes in he adds the lights and engineers the fireworks shows adding them to the stage. Mohammad Mounir has been one of his biggest fans, in a way helping him launch his fired up career.

I am sure many have done similar things like this in the show business say in China and Las Vegas, but the scale at which Ahmed operates is tremendous. See for yourself and enjoy the show.

Ahmed Essam 2010

Khaled Selim Stares @ Your Soul

When the melody is soft, the music is relaxed, and the singer is not running around, you are able to tell the quality of the voice singer, as the raw material form which their music is made is exhibited without distraction and without a cover. That's why Soul and R&B have their fans, because it lets listeners have have a peek at the singers' soul.

In Mawhoum, Egyptian super star Khaled Selim goes back to the basics and show us a rare side of him, his softer side where the music is the background, and his voice takes the lead. As a singer he performed in the Egyptian opera, making him one of the few singers to do so and serving as a testimony to the quality of his voice.

Khaled's previous music videos was upbeat and energizing, this one is a lot more mellow, and Khaled gets to show some of his acting chops (he also acts) I like the vintage feel the music video has, the words and lyrics are writing in some shots. You feel that Khaled is staring at you and addressing you in this song in a magical way. The dark affects serve the song well as this is a person still haunting be the shadows in his past.

Khaled Selim - Mawhoum / خالد سليم - موهوم

"Bon Swareeh" The All Female Cast

I like spoof, I enjoy satire and I love a good farce....I am big on music and when you get me music and mix it with a good spoof I am in cloud 9.

Ghada Abdel Razik, the most popular TV actresses turned mega star is out promoting her new movie (Bon Swareeh) out in mid Dec of 2010....she sings and the song plays like a joke. Like most viewers I enjoy a good joke and the joke even funnier if told by a pretty lady. That's what Bon Swareeh does, it gives you jokes told by a pack of funny female leading ladies of Egyptian cinema.

If you are familiar with Egyptian folklore, you will enjoy the beat, if you a re hip dude and like to drop English words in your conversations, you will also find this song funny. If this movie succeeds commercially, this will be one of the few leading male-free film to become a box office. We do not know if this movie will be well received by movie goers. But if the film does make a good return on investment, 2011 will be a promising year for female leading roles.

غادة عبد الرازق الهانس فى الدانس

ادة عبد الرازق الهانص فى الدانص

كليب غادة عبد الرازق الهانس فى الدانس من فيلم بونسوارية بطولة مروى اللبنانية و مى كساب و حسن حسنى .. انتاج محمد السبكى , اخراج احمد عواض , يعرض 22

Thursday, November 25, 2010

May Hariri Latest Misses

May Hariri might as well be the most naturally beautiful female singer to come from Lebanon in ages. She is also a mother which makes her a hot mommy. Her career has been a journey of successes and setbacks. Her most famous story was her ill fated marriage to the popular Lebanese legend Milhim Zain.

In her latest music video that came out last week she takes on the female mechanic, yes that's high heels wearing mechanics. May comes in a different looks including dancing next to a giant telephone. The music video is what you would expect from May as I do not think it serves her career well. As someone who thought her Jaani music video as creative and close to the heart as it gets. I mean the music and the clip itself offered a new experience. The music is not that original so that leaves the lyrics....they are just fine. I think females can relate to this song as they hate to play the phone games and hate the wait. Overall if you are a fan of May, you might enjoy this music video, as for me I feel I am left wanting a bit more or perhaps something different.

I do want to salute May for her efforts in signing up to join the all female aid ship leaving Lebanon and headed to Gaza...very few female stars would care to do that. Good publicity won't hurt either.

May Hariri Khato Miskarكليب مي حريري خطه مسكر

Timeless Gospel By Oum kalthoum

Everyone who has heard of Arabic music knows this legend and knows her style. All Arabs respect her and value her timeless hits. No other Arab icon has enriched Arabic music as she did...no other Arab musician has this religious following as much as she did. The woman that ruled over all men, kings, presidents, generals and sultans....the one and the only Arabic voice for the ages is Oum Kaalthoum.

Yet not everyone knows her religious themed music where she coved a number of poems and Muslims hymns celebrating Islam, its history and it's figures. Of course the time she came in was a bit more religious than now, but she chose to cover Islamic subjects in few of her songs. In fact she started as a little girl singing at weddings and covering Islamic hymns.

Here is one of her cover of the timeless nasheed that was sang to welcome prophet Mohammad (PBH) as he came to Madina. There are thousands of people who have covered this song, from Cat Stevens, to Sami Yusuf, it remains the one Muslim song that everyone memorizes by heart. This one by Al Sit or Oum Kalthoum is special.

Oum kalthoum-OM KALSOUM-Taleal Bedru Aleyna

Toni Qattan is ill, Wish Him Well

Toni Qattan is a source among many Jordanians as he seems to be the first mainstream good looking male to make it big in the music scene in Arabia. He is a charming young voice that seems to be well liked by the youngsters and the ladies for his looks and the type of songs he chooses. When he is not singing for his loved one, Toni is celebrating his country Jordan, writing a song for Palestine or headlining a concert. He has one asole album that he's released in 2008 to a resepctable reviews.

Toni has been somehow missing from the scenes for about a year and his fans started to ask the inevitable question about his whereabouts. Well, Khabar 3ajil reports that Toni is actually sick and has been staying home or in the hospital to get treatment. The revelation states that Toni has some liver dysfunction that might be due to his family history. The news were made public on the popular talk show of Mazin Diab whose friendship with Toni allowed him to break the news. Fans and Jordanian stars were shocked and wished him well and a speedy recovery. few even donated blood units (O+) to Toni.

for more of his music videos and songs click here

Toni Qattan - Rah Terja' Falastin / طوني قطان - رح ترجع فلسطين

Whatever Happend to My Asalah?

Asalah Nasri might not have the best personality among Arab singers, but she does have the best voice, a gift of almighty and the special attention paid to it by her father. I have liked all of her songs and so did my older cousins and my sisters. My parents also enjoyed her cover of the oldies.

Asalah was the number selling female singer in the 90s with a number of hits and songs that vary in style between pop, classical and tarab style. She was also huge in 2000 and she shined when she took on the Gulf dialect, but then she went all Gulf dialect on her fans, her first Gulf album was a hit and everyone appreciated, her second was a mixed bag (Qanon Kifak). Yet in 2008 came a really good album by Asalah where this song Nos Hala came and it brought back all the reason Asalah was Asalah to us, see her exhibit her voice chops in a perfect marriage with the lounge music she used in this song.

Asalah still gets news coverage, but most of it now her fighes with either the renowned Egyptian Hilmi Baker, Salim Al Hindi, the executive at Rotana, not a good idea if you are a serious singer. I will always be a fan of Asalah, and so will hundreds of thousands who come from all age and gender groups...we just need to be sure of it and that's why we cannot wait to hear her latest..

Asalah Nos Hala - أصالة نص حالة

Yasmin Abd El Aziz Is Box Office Darling

Yasmin Abd El Aziz is superwoman of Arabia, she is the hope for female lead cinematic roles. For decades the lead role of all the major Arab blockbusters has been a male. Most of those movies the man takes credit for the success of those movies and he gives secondary roles and supporting ones to a number of female case. Never in the modern history of Arabic film has a woman been able to carry a movie and make it into a blockbuster making millions of dollars.

You name is box officer favorites like Ahmad Saqqa, Ahmad Hilmi, Mohamad Hinidiy, Mohammad Saad, Adel Imam and Ahmad Eiz has always played the leading role in their movies, a huge cast of female actresses have propped them up, but never taken full credit for the success of the movie. Gada Adel, Zina, Mina Shalaby, Noor, Mai Eizdeen, Dina Samir Ghanim Ghada Abdel Razik, Hind Sabry, Mona Zaki, Hana Turk and Yasmin Abd El Aziz. Now those are all fine talented actresses by with few exceptions they have all played secondary roles in which they support the hero. Playing mostly the lady the lead actor falls in love with. To be fair few of those names have taken the lead in films (Hind Sabri in Jeneenat Al Asmak and Mona Zaki in E'Hky Ya Shahrazad) and their movies have been well received by critics and viewers alike, but those two movies have never been a huge commercial success.

Not until someone took a chance on Yasmin Abd El Aziz and gave her the lead role in El Dada Dody. A family comedy about a reformed babysitter that gets intermingled in a web of trouble with criminals after her and cute children and their antics. The movie was a huge commercial success in the of 2009, it was the dark horse of the season. It beat many of the films where the established male lead actors' movies came second to Yasmin Abd El Aziz's movie.

Many actors and show business execs were quick to dismiss El Dada Dody as a one hit wonder, that Yasmin will not be able to pull another commercially successful film. Yasmin followed soon with a post Ramadan movie in the Eid season of 2010 with El Talata Yeshtaghalonha, a comedy about a geeky girl that looks like Ugly Betty that manages to ace her high school diploma and get the highest score in the republic. Then she goes to college and falls in love, and there in college she meets all sorts of characters (the party punks, the activist Marxists, the conservative religious) and of course she runs into various troubles and hilarious scenes. Needless to say the movie was a hit and families flocked to see it in theater. Yasmin established that women actresses can carry a movies and make millions with that she refuted what has become a fact that women cannot take the lead. With that now Arab female roles will see a surge. Other seasoned actresses started sending Yasmin some love for opening the gate to them and showing them what it takes.

Yasmin's Stardom did not come from thin air, she has been making movies for years and in 2007 she has even co started in Alraheena "The Hostage", along the handsome Egyptian actor Ahmad Eiz. This movie was a huge commercial success and in away helped launch the career of Ahmad Eiz as a leading male.

The formula for a movie where a female actress leaders should be like the one Yasmin Abd El Aziz used, she is cute and guys like that so they will love to see her movies. She is childish and funny so you know gets lover to see her. She is wonderful in physical comedies, the one thing that makes a movie fun for the entire family is the clean physical comedy. Unlike many lead male roles, Yasmin does not do dirty jokes or sleazy lines either so that makes viewers comfortable. So in order for a movie to be a box office success the Disney formula woks magic. Securing the children, families and adult demographics guarantees you a blockbuster. Yasmin Abd El Aziz has recorded a song for each of her films and those songs helped promote the movie. She plays up her childish spirit and natural cuteness running around with cute children in dazzling colors. Those are essential to give families an idea about the film and its plot. As someone who appreciates good music and comedy, I enjoy the way Yasmin delivers her comical lines and her confidence by not being self aware.

So Thank You Yasmin.

Yasmin Abd El Aziz - El Dada Dody / ياسمين عبد العزيز - الداده دودي

El Talata Yeshtghalonha / ياسمين عبد العزيز - الثلاثة يشتغلونها