Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mina Atta Perfects His Voice In A New Dark Romance Single @Mina_Atta_

Mina made waves on Star Academy and to my surprise he has one of the most dedicated fan base on the social media. They always let me know about their presence as loudly as they could. The young, tall and slim pop star from Egypt released a new single (written and produced by Amir Taema)

The title is straight out clever, A temporary state (status). The song is his calling card. The young artist is not talking about an album--smart not to work on one right now. Instead he is currently hosting a talk show with fellow Star academy graduate Rana Samah

It's a grownup dark romance tale. A change for Mina whose voice shows a lot of promise and his charisma has earned him all the love. The music in the song is pretty standard supporting role giving Mina room to hit the right notes. We are always up for a song that offers us companionship at the low points of our lives.

Mina comes from a rare breed of pop artists, his rise to fame made so many music fans happy as he is a member of minority group in Egypt that does not necessarily have it easy. Which helps explain the emotional reserve that Mina tabs for this song. The song summarizes "the funeral" phase of many love stories. Allow Mina to share his sorrow with you as you begin the healing.  
مينا عطا - حالة مؤقته | Mina Atta - 7ala Mo2akata

My Love Joins The Army #Syria Louna Fares' New Human Song

Louna Fares' love is headed to the army and she stands by her man and sings for him and his uniform. The Syrian songstress is out with a decent song that descries romance at the time of army draft. Army is in constant war in the Middle East it seems. No other army has been busier than that in Syria.

Louna tells her man that he looks good in a uniform and she promises to wait for him and prays that God will keep him out of harm's way. It's a sweet song that changes the conversation away from politics and faceless armies to individuals with lives.

I like the title and the beat. The song avoids the political crap and dives into the real human cost of war. Armies are made out of real people with families that cares for them. Fady Morjan wrote the lyrics and Aly Hassoun the music and production. You really did not need to know louna from Syria, you will hear it throughout the song.
.لونا فارس - عسكوري 2015 Louna Fares 3askoury

Najwa Karam Sides With Lebanon In A New Patriotic Song

The first lady of Lebanese pop Najwa Karam has spoken and when she speaks, we hear it loud and clear. This time she is not singing for the sake of romance, but this once she goes with Lebanon and its people. The song is written by her usual team Nizar Francis and Wissam Ameer did the music.

Najwa Karam is a proud lady from a proud people and this time, she sings for the state. She has sang many times before for the nation's army. I do not know if there's some national holiday in Lebanon, but the song comes now. Maybe since the government has not been working fully or that they have yet to have a president.

But none of that matters to Najwa as Lebanon soars high despite the lack of functioning government. The song came with a dedication to each citizen and person who puts his/her country first. This song is pretty safe for Najwa, but for those who like her in broader topics, she may left them behind with this one.
Najwa Karam - Kelmit 7a22 (Official Lyric Video) / نجوى كرم - كلمة حق

Monday, March 30, 2015

Arab Idol Haitham Khalaily Brings Out The Magic In North America (Video) @HaithamKhalaily

Haitham Khalaily is a talented young man with a strong voice and a good style. He also have a huge fan base that showers him with love and support. They are so proud of him and his songs, they should be. Haitham is also cursed as he tries to tell people he is not Assaf and Assaf is not him. So do not compare him.

If you had your own doubts about Haitham's skills, watch this live video from one of his concerts on his US and Canada tour. Haitham went with one of the hardest Arabic songs to fake, an old classic by the legendary one and the only Um Kalthoum. Al Atalal or the ruins, a song about a past romance. It's like taking a stroll down memory lane that's riddled with ruins of the past.

Haitham feels like an old soul coming from the golden years of Arabic Tarab music to remind us of the good times. He also comes package in a hip fashion that makes the social media falls in love with him as he makes out his path.  

I think he brings a rich texture to the Palestinian voice. Haitham comes from an unconventional background to win the hearts and minds of the Arab community. We need a bit of good news to face the flood of bad news coming from the area, Haitham's arrival to our shores may offer that breath of fresh air that reminds it, home can also brings smiles to our faces.

Will he stop in Washington, DC, I know I would love to interview him and see him perform live.
Haitham khalaily - هيثم خلايلة /Al Atlal -الاطلال/Arab Idol 2015 Canada and U.S.A Tour

Rare Video For Fayrouz Rehearsing For #Palestine "Land Day"

It's not everyday that Legendary diva Fayrouz sings. It's a truly rare opportunity to see her rehearse with her band. This is for her upcoming concert celebrating Land Day for Palestine. For me this is a treat, not only that I like music, I love Fayrouz, but I also happen to come from the Palestinian persuasions.

Fayrouz had many songs for Palestine, she sang for peace, struggle and war. Next to Lebanon, Palestine is important to her and it shows. Amazing work by the orchestra and the choir. Keep on mind, in the most recent concerts for Fayrouz, phones are not permitted and so recording. All that makes this videos nice surprise.

فيديو نادر للسيدة فيروز في تمارين احتفال يوم الأرض | Fayrouz

Sunday, March 29, 2015

WATCH This #Comeback Bahebak - Loai بحبك - لؤي

Loai from the 00's finds it in his heart to give us a music video and a new single. Not sure, but we loved this star more than 11 years ago, and has not had enough of him. Duo to trouble with production companies and contracts, he has been frozen. It took years but Loai is now a free agent so here's his new music video.

Romance is what the story here and the music video shows the pop star at his best. Loai's song is good and a worthy choice in those crowded times. It may not be a great track, but it's really nice. The shy guy returns with a new single and a new album is on the way. Simly, the song is titled "I love you" and there it goes.

The music video is not over the top, simple back-story and a cool Loai getting in the zone.

Bahebak - Loai بحبك - لؤي 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Will This Interesting Idea Save The Music Industry?

This is something you do not get to see everyday, Libyan native and popular producer of Egyptain pop Hamdi El Shari has really gotten sick of piracy. So he came up with what might be a smart idea to combat the theft of his hard work.

The idea is to sell the album on a 3D glasses, the album will be there, and so will there be a number of music videos, and behind the scenes footage. This I bet China made product will also have Bluetooth so the material can be enjoyed on TV or some devices. The front of the glass will also for the album cover art to be printed. There are headphones, and a screen in that glass.

This sounds like a good idea, it's individual, people won't like to borrow this around, each person would buy one of his own. Commercially this sounds like a goldmine of an idea, this way the artists hope to selll more albums, introduce a cool concept that has never been done anywhere in the world. And to be honest, people would buy the album to just see what's this deal is about.

Questions, how much would this glasses sell for? Will people be able to enjoy their music without having to cover their eyes? driving and walking safety? Hamid seems to be both excited for the concept, and worried as he asked people to pray for him and for this idea. Will other singer copy the idea? And the last question, will Hamid El Shari's album be a good one? His last was in 2006 and it was pretty awesome.

Update, it seems the artist has scraped the idea.

حميد الشاعري -- الالبوم الجديد على شكل نظاره 3d

حميد الشاعري -- الالبوم الجديد على شكل نظاره 3D

Egypt Bombs Yemen And Sings For Them Simultaneously

The cowardly armies in the Gulf and Egypt are bombing people in Yemen from their safe locations. Mostly undemocratic governments have formed a coalition to bomb Yemen. It's gross to see who this Yemeni conflict is being labeled as sectarian. I do not see it as so. There are a lot of legitimate concerts against the Hady regime who was okay with foreign governments bombing his own citizens. So aside from that it seems the government in Egypt has bribed some of her biggest cheerleaders to sing a song for the state of Yemen.  

It's a song riddled with bullshit and half-truths. These idiots artists you will hear and see enjoy living in countries that offer little freedoms. Yet, they are preaching these things. I think people in Egypt should shut up and get back to work. Let's see how appeared in this song, Hany Shaker who urged his government to murder its own people if they are brotherhood. Nadia Mostafa, released a song for the police in Egypt days after they slaughtered countless activists. Ghada Rajjab, who made great music in  Turkey and turned around to speak ill of the very country that hosted her. Rakan, who did you say?

The people bombing what do they have to offer them?

أوبريت "أنا اليمن" أداء نخبة من ألمع نجوم الغناء: هاني شاكر - غادة رجب - نادية مصطفى - راكان

Friday, March 27, 2015

Amazing Song! True Love Is Like Rare Coins Sings Composer Madian

I like the thinking and the logic in this new song by Madian. It's a super sweet song from a guy who has found the one love for the rest of his life. The song offers a perfect combination of emotional maturity and youthful excitement. This seems like areal song dedicated to Madian's bride. Madian is a bright young music composer in Egypt whose brand makes him on the top list of the industry.   

On their wedding night Madian chose to perform this song himself to show his love and commitment. But he really did show us a lot more of this true talent. I love his voice and how real and crisp he comes across. Mazzika released this personal song to the masses based on popular demand. Music news sites cited the song was meant to be for the wedding but since it was a big hit with the crowd, it got a studio release.

I like the footage from the wedding, it shows a big party, but the center stage was given to the new couple. Madian has a lot to offer and his voice will do great things.
Omla Nadra - Madian عملة نادرة - مدين

Vole By Celine Dion Gets The Hiba Tawaji Treatment

One thing is clear to me, either Americans do not appreciate the music of Celine Dion or they have decided to keep it as a guilty pleasure. The Canadian artist with an amazing set of vocalist is a huge draw everywhere. The world cherishes her and her music.

Just look at Lebanese Hiba Tawaji, she chose to do a sweet cover for one of Celine Dion's better songs Vole. I like what Hiba is doing, she sings in more than one tongue and she seems to give each language her very best. It's like she is walking inside a hall of mirrors. Her voice is always the same, but her style adapts and her persona changes to git the song.

Hiba sings amazing original song sin Arabic--her voice goes well with the piano, she has already took the French version of The Voice by storm earlier this year. Hiba has already released amazing songs in English as well.
Vole - (Celine Dion) Cover by Hiba Tawaji

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hala Fakhir Advises Egyptian Men To Marry A European Over Lebanese

I think this is supposed to be funny from Hala Fakhir, the Egyptian actress who is now hosting a talk show. It seems to be a cool thing to do in Egypt is to marry a Lebanese woman over one of the local ladies in Egypt. So it seems the thinking is to skip Egyptian ladies and go for the Lebanese who is foreign and not too foreign.

Hala advises the men of her country not to go with Lebanese due to the dialect differences whereas some references--some of the example is the word for refrigerator and the tires. I find it funny that an Egyptian woman doesn't stick to the ladies from her land.

Then she goes with the European nationality it comes with more perks and the ladies according to Hala keep up their health up to the 80s as they exercise. She also pokes fun of Egyptian ladies who at age 40 get many health woes. She forgets to say by 40, most ladies in Egypt have had at least four kids, but the one in Europe may have never had a baby.

I know this is meant to be humorous, but to be frank it's an insult to Egypt, its people both men and women.
الفرق بين الزوجة المصرية و الزوجة اللبنانية مع هالة فاخر

The New Ahlam 2015 Album Dares You البوم ابتحداك لفنانة العرب احلام

Diva Ahlam released a new album--everybody should listen to it. Why? She is the biggest female pop star in the region, she is also the most recognizable artist from the Gulf to most Arabs. The title for this album is "I Dare You" I do not know what the topic is but I know the diva has few enemies and she has never held back. I name Shatha Hassoun, Shams and Ragheb Alama, not to forget the entire body of the Arabic press whom she insulted.

Make no mistake this album will sell like cupcakes, she is a big name and people love her and her music. So, I am certain sales will not disappoint. I like the variety songs she has in this album. She even has a one light Gulf song that travels well outside the area where she is most comfortable with. Nine tracks are out in this album, and let's recall that this album's title is not original as another female pop artist who's based in Gulf used it in the 90s.

The why the album is being promoting is as a masterpiece as you will see below.

01 Kelmet Zaal
02 Abathadak
03 Malhofa Le Soutak
04 Alashanak
05 Meen Asar Alek
06 Thanek Elawal Ghalat
07 Fog Ma Tesawar
08 Kaani Omry Ma Habet
09 Ersi Ala Bar

البوم ابتحداك لفنانة العرب احلام - حالياً في الأسواق

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Event: The Rich Sounds of the Yemenite Musical Tradition Comes To America

Musical styles in Yemen are especially fluid in rhythm with a wide variety of metrical patterns derived from poetic language. Although the musical culture of Yemen is a domain that is scarcely known and documented, it has deep historic roots and is extremely rich in genres, repertoires and configurations, and modalities of performance and instruments. Yemenite music in general, and regardless of all the differences between layers of tradition and local and regional styles, has a particular attraction and charm, virtues which have been praised since ancient times.

Traditional music life in Yemenite towns knows no concerts or concert halls, with the most significant individual style of art music in Yemen based closely on poetry, including both classical Arabic poetry as well as that of Yemeni poets over the past centuries up until today.

Abdulrahman Al Akhfash's performance style embodies the Yemeni tradition that most often consists of a solo singer with 'oud accompaniment, and percussions highlighting rhythms in subtly expressive ways. Renowned across Yemen as a musician and vocalist, Abdulrahman Al Akhfash promises to deliver a euphoric performance at Alwan with Yemen's rich sounds, traditions, and poetry.

Al Akhfash will be accompanied by Ahmad Al Roudani, a percussionist and vocalist who studied at the Yemeni Music Institute in Sanaa. Al Roudani practiced his musicianship with masters of varied Yemeni vocal and instrumental traditions. In the mid 1970s, he became a member of the Yemeni National Orchestra. He now resides in New York and selectively showcases his talent in intimate gatherings that celebrate the diverse musical and poetic heritage of Yemen.

Saturdayat 8:00pm
3 days from now · 41°F / 27°F Mostly Cloudy
Show Map
Alwan for the Arts
16 Beaver St, 4th Fl, New York, New York 10004

Tickets: $20 General Admission; $15 for Students & Seniors
Available at the door or online* at:
(*small online fee is applied)
Doors open at 7:30 pm
For more information, including artist bio:

Yemen AbdRahman Al-Akhfash Ma7booby Sara7 MaGaly Music Video

Egypt's Top Manwhore Has A New Movie (He Slaps Women Around) @hassanelraddad

Hassan El Raddad is supposed to be an actor, but in more than a dozen of roles he has played, he has always played the same character. The good-looking guy who is a player and all women want. I liked him three years ago, but now I am sick and tired of his same roles. Let's not forget that he came to the movie business through his father who was an actor before him.

Watch the preview for this little talent hack play the same character over and over again. I guess there are three different ladies fighting for his affection. Hassan El Raddad's new movie shows him slapping many women on camera. Really is that their idea of being funny? Such acts do not advance the well-being of women in homes that watch the different households.

Why do accomplished actress accept to be slapped on the face on camera? Have we not moved beyond this yet? Here's the preview of Hassan El Raddad's new/old role of being a man-whore who likes to wear his sister's skinny jeans.

This movie is supposed to be a comedy, but for me it's either a drama for the state of Egyptian cinema or a Sci-Fi where Hassan is a charming guy.
اعلان فيلم " زنقة ستات / حسن الرداد / ايمي سمير غانم / ايتن عامر / مي سليم "

The Moroccan Lady Who Rules Gulf Music From Dubai

Asma Lmnawar made her mark on Arabic music in 2008 and 2009. Thanks to her awesome talent and the faith and support of Iraqi Kadem Al Saher. Her name was everywhere and her talent was the pleasant surprise coming from the West Side.

But starting in 2010, the Moroccan native wanted more, so she moved her residence to Dubai and from there she took over the Gulf music scene. Asma is not one of top five names who are making the best music in that corner. She is also one of three leading ladies singing in that dialect.

This is why new comer Esmail Mubarak released a duet with her last month. It's your average sweet romance form capable artists whose sentiments is the most precious asset. I think Asma's sweetness shins through here, but not her strong vocal muscles. I guess she does not have to be the strongest voice out there in each of her songs. Variety is good.
Asma Lmnawar & Esmail Mubarak (Official Audio) | أسما لمنور و إسماعيل مبارك - صمت الوله

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Giants Rabeh Saqer & Nawal Al Kuwaitia Transcend In A New Duet

She is from Kuwait, he is from Saudi Arabia, both are pillars of Gulf music. It's only fitting for these two giants to collaborate one a song. Comes the duet between Rebeh Saqer and Nawal. It's a poem turned into a beautiful song loaded with sweet emotions.

I am a huge fan of Nawal, I love her music ever since I was little. Rabeh is an acquired taste for me, but the man makes nice music. More of this music Rotana please, leave the commercially successful noise to the small times. Seriously, their lyrics are so rich and certainly romantic.

Rabeh Saqer &Nawal Al Kuwaitia ... Kol Ma Fi El Amr | رابح صقر و نوال الكويتية ... كل ما في الأمر

The Almost Arab Idols Come To North America For Tour

The handsome and shy Syrian kid who won Arab Idol last year is coming to North America in a tour. But he is not coming alone. Along with him comes the popular and charismatic Arab Idol runner up from the same season Palestinian Haitham Khalaily.

I think the idea of pairing them together is a clever one. They have huge fan bases and play to different audiences. I do not think either of them is exciting all by themselves in terms of marketing, but together they may do well. America and Canada have huge Arab communities who come from all sort of countries. Everyone likes people form their country for sure. So this makes sense too. Even Assaf shared the stage on his US tour with a lovely Syrian and Lebanese. Sure he was the headliner, but the others make the event like a good investment. It's not like the second season of Arab Idol when Assaf win and blew away some many people. These are both young and promising artists who good voices. I think what would help them better is having a female Arab Idol--it's perfect this way.

I think it would be a good idea to watch them live and perfect their craft. I do not know if there will be a huge success for the tour, but if they are good and if people know, then I can see them sell well and most of all entertain more.

Update: I really do like the artists I mention here, I do not compare, I think Haitham is a great singer, and so is Hazem, I was just making the point that the early bird gets the warm, the second has to try a little bit harder. I wish them all well. I welcome both Haitham and Hazem into North America. Their fans need them and if asked I will work as hard to help get the word out on their concerts.
حازم شريف وهيثم خلايله - جولة أمريكا وكندا

Monday, March 23, 2015

Nawal Al Kuwaitia Delivers A Knockout With "Bkaser El Denya"

Her name was just Nawal, then when another songstress with the same name emerged, Nawal went with a last name that associates her with her native country of Kuwait. Nawal Al Kuwaitia, is a diva with a word of class. She is a member of very exclusive club, women of native to the Gulf who sing.  She is really good and the fans love her music.

I like her new song from an upcoming album with Rotan. She seems to serenade her mane in her and tells him that she is ready to turn this world upside down to be with him. This is a big release of Rotana which is best equipped to handle the Gulf music market as they know the local taste and know all the big players.

Nawal Al Kuwaitia ... Bkaser El Denya | نوال الكويتية ... بكسر الدنيا

Jimmy's Plan And The Sad State if Egyptian Culutre

Egyptian teens and grownups like to enjoy their live as if they are living in a Hollywood film. A fantasy tale, this is what you get when you have too much many, too much time, and lack of a allegiance to local culture. So Sandy an Egyptian pop songstress whose style is more fitting for American high school than Arab and Muslim ones released a new movie.

She gave it an English name, and told an American story not an Egyptian one--nothing about the movie takes place in Egyptian narrative. It's like if Egyptian teens watch American movies--and love them so much that they want to make one just like it.

This is Sandy's first flick, and she was hoping for his turnout--she got lots of teens and young adults showing up, she did go to more than one screening and took loads of pictures, that were uploaded onto her official Facebook page. Nothing it original about the film, not even the outfits or the haircuts. Long are the days when Egypt gave us a decent movie--they still can. But in the meantime, we are stuck with lame films.

In her interview--video below, she is is not making any secrets about her copying the Hollywood model, she said Hanna Montana. Glad to hear that worked out well for her--zing. She is talking about roles that are relevant to hr age--she think she is still 17 years old.

Sandy - Min Wara Nadarty - ساندي - من ورا نظارتي

ساندي: أسعى في فيلمي الأول "خطة جيمي" للوصول إلى كافة أفراد الأسرة ونقصت 7 كيلو جرامات بسببه FilFan.com

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Listen To This Love Song "Bahebak" By Amal Maher بحبك - امال ماهر

I love it when vocalists with legendary talents do pop songs. Why? Because it's so easy for them to pull a great song effortlessly, so a pop song is a no brainier. So Amal Maher is about to release her big album and the music market is watching closely.

She gives us a second song from this upcoming album. Earlier this year, she shared a song with us and it already killed on iTunes. Now comes a sweet love song where she shy yet admits to her love in the best possible way. It's an Egyptian love songs like your love them.

It certainly takes more than a great voice to be a popular singer in any region. One has to be cool, and enjoy a warm persona. Good looks are a plus, and Amal Maher manged to make the transformation in 2011 with a hip album--after years of singing classical songs. In 2015, she wants to do it again.

Bahebak - Amal Maher بحبك - امال ماهر

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arab Idol Farah Yousef Dedicates A Song For Mothers of The Fallen #Syria

Arab Idol runner up Farah Yousef wooed people with her sweet and strong voice. She is a powerhouse when it comes to classical Arabic songs. It comes easy to them Syrian vocalists. Farah Yousef did not have great last six months. I hardly heard of her news.

She returns with a new single on Mother's Day with what seems like a homage song for all them mothers of the world. It's a good song, because of two things Farah's warmth and the soothing piano. This one Farah dedicates the song to all Syrian mothers and mothers of the fallen in Syria. I am sensing, Farah is going the Asalah route, (do you hear it?)

I wish there were more lyrics, but it may have served the song not to be about anything specific. It's a bold choice for Farah to talk about the mothers of the fallen in Syria. Many have accused her of being pro-regime not down with the revolution. Not sure if this is true, but it certainly did not help her with the Gulf crowds.  
فرح يوسف -- ماما

And The Award For Worst Mother's Day Song Goes @SandySandystar

Mom is sweater than vanilla and chocolate? No thank you very much Sandy. Really, this is the worst silly song and feels like a weak tea. Not sure what prompted Sandy to make this dumb song. It feels like a song kids who are four years old would like it. Kids who are six years old may feel it's below them.

Sandy's vocal strengths do not land well here and it feels like a rock star being held at gunpoint to do a really terrible song. Sandy knows little about motherhood, yet she poses like one who knows what it means. Boring! I am glad Sandy is playing some piano for the song, but it's a waste and its not worthy of the sacrifices mothers make.
Sandy - Ahla Min Elvanilla - ساندي - احلي من الفانيليا

Friday, March 20, 2015

Haitham Shomali Charms His Way By Playing Keybaord And Darbuka (Video)

Real musicians hate it when pop stars try to pretend to play musical instruments. Truth remains, very few Arab singer are musicians or at least play a musical instrument One of the young and charming Palestinian talents  is Haitham Shomali who has been known to play some live music for his concert attendees.

I like that, this is common in the West, and hope Haitham can start something great....I know Amr Diab sometimes does it, but when you do it live it makes the con cert so much fun and makes the artist seem legit.

In the video below, you will find the Palestinian-American artist play the keyboard and then the drum...he is great at both. This is how you made a good concert, not just sing and loud music, by interacting with the audience and exceeding their expectations.

.. Haitham Shomali plays keybaord;darbuka Concert 2013 هيثم الشوملي يعزف على الآلات.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Egyptian Orgy Song Arrives فيلم زنقة الستات

Some Egyptian film is pushing the envelop with a new racy song set up in a wedding with the voice of the slum's best artist Mahmoud El Lathy in the company of Hassan Radad, Emy Said, Aytan Amer and May Selim. And together they are dancing and singing like no one is watching.

This is a hit song in today's Egypt and it's really sad, but also fun. There are so much good about this, but this is sleazy for one bit. At least the guy is singing and dancing just like the ladies and the good news they are all covered.

A truck load of women, or a jam of women, a boat load of women is this title. May Salem adds a bit of sizzle to this song, I hope it's not just five ladies fighting over some dude. Amy adds the humor that's all her own. Aytan ads that Egyptian funk.

Enjoy this feast....I think the idea behind this film is both tried, expired, and boring....so let's hope they find a better story to tell and that Hassan Al Radad playing man whore for a long time now. It's gets old. It stinks that all Egyptian films that make money are about dancing and about singing in this fashion. Maybe it's the audience who wants this....if they see indie films, they may go see them But also indie films only show in limited screens and they do not get to advertise their films like these clowns.

اغنية ابعد عني" فيلم زنقة الستات " حسن الرداد / محمود الليثي / ايمي سمير / ايتن عامر / مي سليم

Not A Dry Eye In This House! The Stunning Tribute To Mothers Of Arabia

Wow, just when you thought you had the perfect mother appreciation song, you hear a new one that rocks your world. This time this fantastic and touching song from mothers came from an Iraqi pop star who is not a very busy artist....but his new mawal will have you in tears in a matter of seconds.

While the song is about his mother in Iraqi in those tough times, I can relate to it. He pays attribute to his mother like no one else has. A song to his mother who is caught in war zone. It's a very sad/sweet song that lands and stays in the listener' heart.

As smone who lives away form his mom and has not seen her in years, I miss my mother and miss spending time with her and allowing her to get to know me since I left so long ago. Reda Al Abdellah has a winner and this would be a CPR to his entire music career. As a musician he sounds like gold, as a son his mother hit the jack pot....as an Iraqi person he nailed this one. He does not forget his father too, his freinds and his siblings. It's a lot of nostalgia

Reda Al Abdellah ... Mawal El Saber Ummi | رضا العبد الله ... موال الصبر أمي

Shaima Hilali Saves Ibrahim AlHakami With This Deut

I do not enjoy terrible songs and I hate that fact that I will be negative, but this new duet feels like a pile of trash. A duet with Tunisian gem Shaima Hilali is always worth checking out, but when the money is on the table, artists worry about their craft last.

She sounds good here for sure, but the neither the song nor her fellow singer help make this a classic. Ibrahim Al Hakami won Star Academy years ago, and he robbed a Syrian talent from taking home the title. Ibrahim done well in the Gulf and he tries to do other songs as well, but he has yet to appeal to anyone outside the Gulf.

I like the money that got spent on this music video, the set, the location and the Bedouin feel and dance. Shaima manages to hold onto her talent when it's so hard. Plus she looks so good, and sounds as perfect as she has always done.

I do not hate Ibrahim, I wish him well. I just do not connect with him when I connect with some many stars from the Gulf. Maybe this song can help get increase his brand recognition. The song itself is about suing oneself for wronging the lady. A guy who admits he made mistakes or that he makes things worse, should get a trophy.  
Ibrahim AlHakami & Shaima Hilali ... AlQadiya - Clip | ابراهيم الحكمي و شيما هلالي ... القضيه - كليب

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Could This Be Jannat's Big Summer Hit? "Agbany Shakhsito"

We have an idea about Jannat and we know that we like her. Her record company Rotana released one of her songs as a single to be included in her upcoming summer album. Salamah Ali wrote the lyrics and Mohammad Yehia wrote the music.

About two years ago in May of 2013 was when the Moroccan hit-maker released her last album, it was such a sweet treat that beat the summer's beat. Jannat sticks to the same formula, a girl in love sings happy and loud songs and a lady that has been wronged in love and she is telling tales.

This sounds like her flirty songs where she confess to her love for this man whose personality she has fallen for. This style has worked well for the songstress and she often delivers the punches like she did in 2008 with that inescapable hit. This new song "Agbany Shakhsito" may do the same trick it just needs to get played on radio for more than a week.   

Jannat ... Agbany Shakhsito | جنات ... عجباني شخصيته

With Her New Song, Ahlam Reminds People Why She is Famous! @Ahlam_Alshamsi

Saudi composer wrote the music for the new single by the provocative songstress Ahlam. This Emirati hit-maker has a problem with speaking too much and firing from the hip. I may not like a lot what she has to say, but I admire what she has accomplished and how big of an artist she has become in a region so confused about its identity.

you have to respect her career and the money beautiful hits she has been making for the past 25 years or so. She may rub people the wrong way on Arab Idol, she may say some weird things on Twitter, she may show off her jewels and fancy possessions and make people jealous. She still has many songs, and it seems she is not done.

Check out her latest single "Malhofa Le Soutak" about longing to the voice of her loved one. She is going for the classy look with the black and those hats form the thirties of the last century. It feels a bit like Mad Men. The song itself is pretty sweet and romantic to the bone. Ahlam does put on her singing hat and channel her honey like voice.  

I like her second look here, I know the fans are excited about this release and so is her music label.  

م ملهوفه لصوتك | ahlam 2015 - Malhofa le soutak

Flash Mob At Mall of the Emirates For A Saudi Album

Flash mobs may have died off two years ago, but not in Dubai. The city serves as a hot place for such online focused activity. In the Mall of the Emirates, a group of young men and women put on a show for the audience and the whole thing was planned by Saudi company Rotana to help drum up support for one of their new album releases.

Rabeh Saqer released an album with 38 tracks and it's kind of a big deal since he has not released some music in about eight years. I am not sure how this stunt help advertise for the album, I had no idea and saw no signs for the new album. Still, it's cool to do these things and enlist the help of so many talented young people who like to have fun.

By local taste, Rabeh released a big album and perhaps a good one, it took him 3 years of hard work....so Rotana went out for this new album.
Rabeh Sager ... New Album Release Surprise | رابح صقر ... مفاجأة صدور الألبوم الجديد

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Listen To The Best Arabic Mother's Day Song @NJMusicProducti مساء الفل

There are many great Arabic songs for mothers (Mothers' day is on March 21 each year) We have a log history of good songs celebrating motherhood. This year, a new song gets a release and I like it a lot more because it's performed by teens who sound so cute singing to their moms.

Two male vocalists and one promising female vocalist deliver a sweet homage to mothers in a very Egyptian fashion. I love the young voices, the smiles and the energy. It's heartwarming to see grateful teens who are not glued to their social media profiles.

NJ Music Production did a fine job here and I am so happy to see them approach music differently. Mirna, the girl is a big star project waiting to happen and so is Saif Majdy. This is a good trio, and the future is green.
"Masa'a El-Fol"/"Various" l "مساء الفل"/"المجموعة"

@rekaaz Teams With Maher Zain To Challenge Us To Do Good

Rekaz is a new kind of not for profit working to instill good virtue in people. With the help of Maher Zain, they are getting some headlines. It's volunteer driven and they seem to want to do good things. For their initiative Maher Zain has supporting them with a new single, about the acts of kindness that we do and people will remember us by them.

It's based in Saudi Arabia, and it seems it's focused on males, not women. At least, the people who appear on their websites are males. So you know they have good intentions but also working with limitations. Sure, guys are evil, and they need help. In general, I like these organizations that teach good virtues without going into religion. I know the youth of the Middle East are troubled but they have different challenges. Youth of Palestine want freedom and something to do. The ones in Saudi Arabia, have too much free time/internet and little interest in starting a career.

Maher Zain is a global star and he is a good choice for this campaign. I wish them well and I come to enjoy the song and its message about our short time here so we need to leave a legacy all of us do. I hate for this to be some ploy by holier than though religious figures who want an audience by doing stunts like this. I hope to be mistaken.
Maher Zain - A'marona A'malona | ماهر زين - #أعمارنا_أعمالنا

Zap Tharwat Introduces Indie Music To Small Business @ZAPtharwatAXEER

Zap Tharwat is back with anew song that see him returns to his old self. He's partnered with other young talents for the new track. It's a song about unleashing what's inside, realizing one's potential. Zap Tharwat is one of the finest spoken words artists in Egypt, he brings people together and he is one of the biggest and most diverse fan base.

I like that he does not alienate people, and always seems to make room for anybody who wants to belong. His concerts are some of the biggest events among the educated young demographics who have had enough.

The song is sponsored by a new app meant for people to sell their used items and finding a bigger market. About time, Egypt builds a website that can help create jobs. I am glad this fresh artists is still making music in today's depressing state in Egypt. It would be so easy for Zap to find a new home in Europe, but he holds tight to his country despite all the difficulties.
Zap Tharwat Ft. Osama ElHady - Ana Batal Hayati | زاب ثروت واسامة الهادي - انا بطل حياتى

Monday, March 16, 2015

Houda Saad - Ma Baddak | هدى سعد - ما بدك The Most Real Songstress #Morocco

She is your average girl that has a wonderful voice and happens to be musically savvy. This is the tale of Morccan pop star and young diva Houda Saad, she is a real talent.

I know this is a departure for her streak of Moroccan songs, here she finds some romance and it looks great on her. Houda needs a serious manger, a home base in Beirut and things will turn up for her. Right now she is competing on some reality show about treasure island.

Houda Saad - Ma Baddak | هدى سعد - ما بدك

Mais Hamdan Pokes Fun Of Female Pop Stars--They Hate Her For It

Mais Hamdan may not have any friends in the music business because there is no female pop star that she is unable to impersonate in a comical way. In under five minutes, this Jordanian (family is from Nablus) was able to satirically give us a treat and a portrait of half a dozen songstresses that vary in range, style and age. She started with Nancy Ajram, went to Assalah, did a bit on Elissa, Latifa was next, followed by Samira Said, and there was Haifa Wahbe, and a detour to Nawal Zoghby....

And Najwa Karam was on Mais hit list. You can tell people dig Mais and her spot on tribute to the A list pop stars. I know Arab stars in public, try to have a good humor, but the hate that who gets laugh at our expenses....Mais tries to be cool about it and not insult people.

The best part of the show was when Mais was her very own, she did her new single and boy does she rock? This is her fifth single and she is only getting better.
ميس حمدان تفلد مجموعة من الفنانين | برنامج حديث البلد

Trashy Singer Saad El Sagheer Hits Female Singer On The Head (Egyptian Abuse On TV) @SandySandystar

Sandy is the world to her fans, she appeared on a trashy TV show with trashy singer, dancer, actor Saad El Sagheer who hosts the sadly popular show. This is all fine, then the guy wanted to show he is cool or tough and he did it by hitting a young woman on her head for laughs. This is not okay and it should not be okay.

I do not know why Sandy took the abuse on TV, but now she is speaking about it on her Facebook. Sandy argues that she complained about Saad's treatment and the executives promised her the show won't air the episode with her with that segment. That was six months ago, and when the show aired it, nothing was changed. And naturally people were upset with this treatment right on TV for everyone to see.

I think the idiot was trying to show that he is tough and that he comes from a tough area (Shobra) and he wanted to show that by showing that he disrespects women and he mistreats them. I do not think this is why the good people of Shobra do. Saad El Sagheer gives them a bad name....Sandy (and anyone) did not deserve this harsh and abusive treatment.

Really? Does anyone in the Hayat channel see nothing wrong with this? Are there no women in the network who can see that this is a bad idea? I am pleased to see the public response and the condemnation of this trashy singer. He is a piece of garbage and someone should have called him out on his piggish actions. Let's hope the channel will explain itself.   
سعد وسعد | سعد الصغير يداعب ساندى وهو بيعلمها الكلام الشعبى " ساندى بتقول محمد كوخا "

Somebody hit the snooze button please, The X Factor Returns!

MBC took over The X Factor  from CBC and the program just had its first episode and held a press conference in Dubai. The slick Mazen Hayek was there talking about their upcoming program. The event even had a guest band form the UK who won the British 2011 X Factor.

There will be bands and covers of foreign songs. You can be 8 years old or 80, it does not matter. This season has three not four judges, Elissa kept her chair, Ragheb Alama returns to these shows, Donia Samir Ghanem has a new chair. Ragheb is talking about his show and his friends. He is a savvy marketer and MBC is happy about it.

Maybe this will mange not to be the most boring show ever, or the show that the judges had little chemistry. Watch their press conference. This would be the fifth show, can people of the Arab world get a break? Too many shows, too many young people with big promises and little to do.       
راغب وإليسا ودنيا في مؤتمر إطلاق ذي إكس فاكتور

دنيا سمير غانم في حفل اطلاق The X Factor في دبي
راغب علامة خلال المؤتمر الصحفي لاطلاق برنامج ذا اكس فاكتور - دبي

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sabine Wants You To Get A Divorce, Thanks @sabine_fans

Sabine sees herself as an A artist and so does the new director for her latest music video where she is asking her man to divorce her. It feels like a funeral song, I am hoping it will be the song to take her into a new market. Sabine has not manged to close the deal with the fans. For at least three years she has been waiting for her big moment. So far, this moment has not arrived.

Said Marrouk makes neat music videos that generate headlines. It does not come cheap.....it costs money to book him. Said and Sabine are filming a music video about divorce and they know how it works. They are clear, they are not encouraging people to get a divorce. The message form her interview, if you are chocked and feel imprisoned, divorce is something to consider.

This song came from her album of last year, one of the darker and more mature themes. Not many sing for divorce, but when you do, it gets some people to blink for a second. I wish Sabine all the success in the world, cannot wait to see her divorce themed music video

سابين | كواليس كليب طلقني | Sabine | Behind The Scenes Of Talikni

Friday, March 13, 2015

This New Rabeh Saqer Album Has 38 Amazing Songs @RabehSaqer

For eight years there was a radio silence from Saudi musician Rabeh Saqer. In those very long years, the beloved musician did not release any new work. So upon his comeback in 2015 had to be perfect. A new album with 38 tracks is the biggest surprise we have seen this century. Rabeh likes to quit, this is not the first time he stepped away form music. He did it once before five years ago.

38 tracks, 23 poets, 7 music composers and 8 in the music production. It took three years for the album to see the daylight but when it was released it stole the thunder form many pop stars. The kicker 30 tracks got a CD release and 8 are exclusive on iTunes! I think this is Saudi focused album. Rabeh worked with all the big names in Saudi music, some talent even gave him as many as 6 songs on this album. Rotana made a big deal about this release and invested a lot of money as Rabeh is one of their elders.

There is also a surprise duet with Saudi legend Mohamed Abdu. I am not sure how many minutes the album will take to play, but I am certain there will be many songs for every taste. This is like the Wal Mart of music--something for everyone and every taste under one roof. There are three icons of Saudi music, Tala Madah, Mohammad Abdu and Rabeh Saqer. We must remember Rabeh's first album came in 1983 and he has more than twenty albums to his name.

This release is a big milestone for Saudi music, it says that the music has the ability to turn out songs for the local taste. It took a special kind of artists to have the courage to release this massive number of tracks. You have to know what you are doing and how to execute it. So here's "Awgeh El-Ma3na" for your own test.

01 - Abshark 3ayesh
02 - El-Donia Ma Tswa
03 - El-Rosas
04 - 1000 Mn Yashhad
05 - Allah 3alek
06 - El-Wa2e3
07 - Ela Mn Yahmo Amry
08 - Ana La Ahtaget
09 - Ana Mazelt
10 - Awgeh El-Ma3na
11 - Tswa 5er
12 - Teksar
13 - Kheleny
14 - Khames
15 - Rah W Ma Rage3
16 - Rag3na
17 - Remsh El-Maha
18 - Zahmet El-Donia
19 - Sga Allah
20 - Sahm
21 - Sa3b
22 - Dahayag
23 - Tareq El-Bedaya
24 - Talabteg W Aged
25 - 3la 7ato Ydeka
26 - 2ader Sho3or Ft(Mohamed Abdo)
27 - 2emat El-A5lak
28 - Kza
29 - La Tmnn
30 - La Hwla
31 - Lahza Hena
32 - Law Saael
33 - Malameh
34 - Wen Kont
35 - Yarab
36 - Ya Wa2et
37 - Yestahel
38 - Yehmak Amry

Rabeh Saqer ... Awgeh Al Maani - Promo | رابح صقر ... أوجه المعني - برومو

Samira Said Goes Back To Her Roots, New Release From An Old/Young Diva #Mazloom @SamiraSaid

Last year Saudi company Rotana surprised many of us by signing Moroccan diva Samira Said. They do not care all that much for names that have historical depth, the company goes after what sells, not a name whose name was big in the 80s, and 90s of the last millennium.

But Samira is a survival, she nailed the details of how to be a pop star in the throwaway age. She broke the records last year with her catchy single and futuristic music video. Plus, she keeps updating her looks and not speaking on everything. So her fans are forced to check in with her with every release.

Samira is going back to her roots it seems, making happy and fast Moroccan songs that are seeing a surge right now. This is what she did early on her career before she moved to Egypt. 30 years later she found her comfort zone. And it seems to be working. The album is forthcoming, but here's a single from it "Mazloom" or wronged. Maybe it was her career that was wronged for the past ten years.    
Samira Said ... Mazloom | سميرة سعيد ... مظلوم

Iraqi Majid Almuhandis Does His Own Music Diplomacy in Kuwait

Sadly, the word Iraq has become a dirty word in Kuwait, their next door neighbor. There's history and unease in both countries about one another and it has not changed for more than 25 years. The ambassador of Iraqi music Majid Almuhandis is doing his own diplomacy and releasing a new single titled "The Beloved Kuwait"

nothing wrong with songs like this, we need to fix what politicians ruin artists like Majid Almuhandis are best equipped to open a new chapter.  Majid had released many songs in the past and headlined dozens of concerts and events in Kuwait.

We cannot do diplomacy without wining the hearts and minds of people. Majid is doing a lot of great things, I find this particular song while self-serving is a nice gesture. So when it comes to Kuwait, Iraq has to wait...and do does Palestine.
. Majid Almuhandis ... Kuwait El Habiba | ماجد المهندس ... الكويت الحبيبة

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Timelsss Magic of Dhafer Youssef 's Music @DhaferYoussef

Here's a well-hidden Tunisian gem, a best kept secret in that magical Arab country.  The name is Dhafer Youssef and he is a celebrated composer, talented singer and a brilliant oud player. He is the man who stands behind jazz and Islamic music tradition. In between Tunisia, France and Austria he found his own path and came up with a Avant grade world music admired by all.

His career translated into six albums. But he is not the one to sit idle. Dhafer branches out to other cultures as he indicates an affinity for the music of India and Nordic music. He also takes credit for Electric Sufi style, something that draws many Western musicians.

In the track below, you will hear sounds like you would hear them climbing a remote mountain, the music is only a background and his strong yet subtle vocals lead the way. This is a lot like natural music, perfect for movie's sound tracks.   Dhafer's music is like a crossings where there is harmony by combining Sufi tradition, world, mystical, and jazz influences with Arabic lyricism

So get cozy and let this legend take you to your happy place, yes, his music is a lot like therapy it invites you to explore inward.

Dhafer Youssef - Soupir Eternel

Dhafer Youssef " Dance of the invisible dervishes" at Festival international de Carthage, Tunisia Dhafer Youssef Oud, Vocal Eivind Aarset, Guitar Husnu Senlendirici, Clarinet

Why Does The Winner Of Arab's Got Talent Speaks No Arabic? @SalahEntertain1 @ArabsGotTalent

Salah Entertainer took home the award and the title of Arabs Got Talent. Then the winner got to do dozens of interviews. Question? Why is the winter of Arabs Got Talent does not speak Arabic? Really MBC? He says he is Arab and he appeared on some French programs. But he is speaking English at the press conference.

Really? What language do they speak in Morocco/ Algeria? Maybe you do not have to speak Arabic to be an Arab? I thought this is what makes on Arab in the first place? Least he can do to speak Arabic...he says he is Muslims, can he not read the holy book? I do not now, I might be too grumpy right now.

He did give a shout out to the kid from Palestine and the struggle of the people of that land. He also gave a shout out to Egyptian Yasmina. I just do not get where in his background he got the English from? Does he speak French too? I bet he does. No doubt he is talented and has brought a lot of joy with his appearance. How can he make money? I think he will show up in some movies or music videos for quick cash.  
Arab's Got Talent | Press Conference | عرب غوت تالند | المؤتمر الصحفي

صلاح Entertainer: حياتي صعبة وأهدي فوزي لصديقتي التي توفيت

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This Week Only Free Arabic Music Concerts At The Kennedy Center's Mellennium Stage

3/11/2015 Al Andalusyun – Arabic Andalusian Ensemble featuring Hadi Eldebek (U.S./Lebanon)
Hadi Eldebek

Part of IBERIAN SUITE: global arts remix

Al Andalusyun re-creates the age-old heritage and transcendent art of poetry and music of Andalusia. Emerging from the unique cultural melting pot of the ancient Iberian Peninsula and fostered by centuries of tradition, their music not only captivates the ear and the soul, but is a symbol of integration and coexistence. The repertoire focuses on Arab Andalusian music, preserved and still practiced today in different regions of the Arab world. Hadi Eldebek is an oudist and composer from Beirut, Lebanon. He studied with oud and violin master Simon Shaheen and is a member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. Eldebek is joined on stage by Abdallah Moussa (vocals), Navid Kandelousi (violin), Zafer Tawil (qanun), Ramzi Edelbi (percussion), Nick Chbat (percussion), and Mohamad Eldebek (percussion).Come back at 6:00 PM Eastern time to view today's live broadcast.

3/12/15: Nathalie Handal and Hanna Khoury (U.S./Palestine)

Handal's most recent books include the critically acclaimed Poet in Andalucía and Love and Strange Horses. Khoury is a violinist trained in Arab and Western classical music. In a performance combining music with Handal's writings, they'll explore the vast Arab influences in Iberian arts and culture.
Hadi Eldebek - Brooklyn Philharmonic Outside-In Fellow Annual Concert (2012-2013)

Jad Shwery Wrote, Sang And Directed All At Once! For Agaza @JadShwery

Jad Shwery is a household name in Arabic pop music. He is a singer and a director that has touched more Arabic music videos and songs that many of his peers. He is constantly searching for new ideas and concepts to explore with his mic and camera. He might bold when he is behind the camera. He argues that he is empowering women and supporting their decision to take off their clothes for his music videos. But it must be said that Jad can also direct family-friendly music videos, but he does not do that often.

Take Bosy for example, a well-liked Egyptian Sha'abi artist she just teamed up with Jad in a duet which he also directed. For the first time, Bosy is showing a lot more skin by sharing her cleavage with the viewers. This seems like a club set up and it seemed like a fun set for this happy song. There are plenty of iconography going on. Like that almost named belly dancer head gear, the traditional lanterns and not to forget that Lebanese Tarbush.

Again, I liked the song and it was only a matter of time for this music video to get a release. This is kind of a random collaboration, an invincible Egyptian folksy diva and a Lebanese party boy. It's certainly a mutual arrangement. Each gets tot tab into the other artists fan base. Bosy is not known for her Tarab (not for lack of talent) and Jad likes to rap. So this is something you do not see every day.
Jad wrote the lyrics here, and I thought the music is great, we have Mohamad Yehya to thank for that. Plus Lebanese Nagham appears on this music video.         

 Jad Shwery and Bosy - Agaza (Official Music Video) / جاد شويري وبوسي - أجازة

Jad Shwery and Bosy - Agaza (Official Music Video) / جاد شويري وبوسي - أجازة
Directed by: Jad Shwery
Lyrics by: Jad Shwery
Composed by: Mohamad Yehya

"Love" The New Dark Emotional Single By Engy Amin From The Voice@EngyMohamedAmin

The MBC produced The Voice featured many bright vocalists. It's becoming a place where the serious talents go to get their names circulated and their talent given the seal of approval. While only one can take home the title, many have done well for just appearing on the program.

Take for example Engy Amin from Egypt. She just released a fresh new single where it's a lot more focused on her vocal flexibility, range and emotions. Engy Amin  has a new album, this is the song that will give us a taste. She has been working with a label company, but the song is now released via the Mazzika network.

I recall the judges on the program loved her voice and appreciated the size of her talent. Sherine Abedelwahab and Kadim approved oer her voice.
Mafesh - Engy Amin مفيش - إنجى أمين

Lyrics: Ramadan Mohamed كلمات: رمضان محمد
▶ Composition: Ashraf Salem الحان : اشرف سالم
▶ Music Arrangement: Sherif Mansour الموزع الموسيقى : شريف منصور

New Singer Ahmed Zaeem (Compare Fadel Shaker) Has Many Powerful Allies

Since Fadel Shaker does not feel like singing anymore, many young artists try to fill the big shoes he's left. Sincere romance that brings people's to tear is where Fadel Shaker's legacy is. Egypt is talking up a new artists from within whom they are comparing to the wanted and retried Lebanese hit-maker.

He does have a hint of Fadel Shaker, and he has some warmth and friendliness to his voice. The heart is fond with such soft voices that carries a consistent note without being boring. The name is Ahmed Zaeem and he is sure happy to be compared to the romance legend. But he is his own talent. Zeem has strong backers who believe in his talent. As he was discovered and introduced by Toma, one of Egypt's hottest producers. Zaeem has his own personality and his own character, but the likeliness of his voice to Fadel Shaker is a compliment.

Amonh his fans and supporters in the music industry are lyricists Ayman Bahgat Amar, Amir Taema, Mohamed Atif, and others. composers who like him include Tamer Aly, Walid Saad, Ramy Gamal and others. This is one hell of a team of supporters. So I expect greatness from Ahmed Zaeem. He has a lot of support from the finest talents in Egyptian music. I think the material of his voice combined with his relatablility tell of his potential to cross over into other territories.    

أحمد زعيم - حُب و راح | Ahmed Zaeem - Hob We Rah

أحمد زعيم - سلّم على الحبايب

احمد زعيم الاماكن للفنان محمد عبده

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tickets Soldout! Kazem Al Saher Concert And Wael Kfoury's

Iraqi Kadem Al Saher had a stellar new party, he was joined by another dude, Romance babe Wael Kfoury. The two sold-out the venue and it was a night to remember! Romance, poetry, upbeat, dance and more! These are two top-talents (one judges the voice and the other is on X Factor) So, not only do you see A listers at their prime sing, but also world-calls charming celebrities.
Beirut had witnessed another hot night, most Arab and Lebanese tourists flock to this capital to party at home. New year parties are almost never about class, but there is always interest in good art. Melhem who was supposed to have a concert in Dubai, faced a last minute cancellations so he was happy to have the time with his family.

Kazem had the night for himself, and Wael shared the stage with him. Melhim Zain who was in town sang with each of them. Kazem straight three hours where he performed his most beloved hits. He was later joined by his pal Melhem Zain who performed a song with him on the stage.
إيلاف في كواليس حفل وائل كفوري وكاظم الساهر في رأس السنة

When This Tunisian Sings To Libya, It's So Sweet!

Here's a short song by Tunisian diva Latifa. Songs in the Libyan dialects are so rare and songs with this dialect by A list artists are almost never heard of. But since Tunisia hearts Libya, comes this song from a lady who is familiar with the culture and has performed there on many occasions.

This sounds a lot like a folklore song and in fact it's a really good one. It sounds like a song my own grandma would have sang in Palestine. Well-done Latifa, do more of these songs....
لطيفة تغرد لليبيا - شوق ذبلنا شوق

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Cabo, The Diva And This 1993 Song

Below you will find a song that could have been performed as a classical Arabic by one of these divas, but Hamid El Shari made the song half classical and half pop but speeding things up and using electric instruments. The lady who sang it is Ameera, and unfortunately, I am unable to find a picture for her. Cabo is how Hamid like to be called and he is working on anew album that will be released soon.

While Ameera made the song special, the beat is the cool factor as this song was recorded and released in 1993--and back then it was the next big thing. So think about this, if you slow down the song a little bit, you will have to go to a theater to see this song performed by a diva in a nice dress and the song would last for about 15 minutes, but the pop version is under five minutes.  

أميرة - عامل عمايل

Fadel Shaker is BACK! And He Is No Terrorist...Okay?

The Lebanese crooner Fadel Shaker is not a popular figure inside Lebanon at this moment. He said some crazy stuff on TV and appeared to have gone to the violent extremist side. He remains wanted for alleged crimes and involvement with an armed militia. Beginning 2012 when he first said some silly things and then have shared his support for the revolution in Syria against president Assad.

Few months later he has been spotted taken part of demonstrations alongside some questionable religious figures. Then he took on some Lebanese political party whom he accused of attacking his home and stealing a million dollar worth of property. then some of his buddies got involved in an operation against the army where a number of Lebanese troops got killed. The question remains, was Fadel Shaker with them? Did this romance hit-maker carry a weapon against the army of his own country? This has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, we await more details Fadel Shaker emerged last week after a year of disappearance and mysteries. He sat down for an interview with a Lebanese network and defended his record. He seems to have some regrets and seems to know of the PR campaign against him. Why is he not arrested? It's tricky...according to the interview he is staying now inside a refugee camp in Southern Lebanon where the army nor the police have jurisdiction over there. There are a lot of opinions about this many and what he did or he did not do....but hear him speak his side of the story....it's all a misunderstanding. He does not have an account on Facebook (many fiery comments/ threats were shared there)

Still Fadel Shaker won't play music or sing on camera, so he might be done with music for now. He says that we was emotional about Syria like he was about the assassination of Rafik Hariri. He denies taking part of any armed struggle against the army. He does not know anything about the controversial Sheikh Al-Asir. He says he is now cooperating with a number of security agencies in Lebanon to clear his record.    
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