Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tamer Hosny Finds Out His Wife Bassma Boussil Was Previously Married

Music Nation broke the news that may shed some light on Tamer Hosny and Bassma seems that the Moroccan songstress and former contestant on Star Academy was previously married to one of her friends who appeared as well on the Star Academy Show. That was Yehia Sweis from Jordan.

I cannot verify if these documents are authentic, but if they are then we now learn this may have contributed to the news of the celebrity divorce. There is no shame in getting married Bassma did nothing wrong here. She does not have to apologize to anyone. The only person that matters right now is Tamer Hosny and her little girl. He is the only one that knows the extent of their relationship.

Not much is coming out from the Tamer Hosny camp at the moment, I think tomorrow we will find out.
يحيى صويص & بسمة بوسيل ناديت وينك

Algerian Vocalist Fulla Introduces The World To Her Plastic Surgeon!

She has a great voice, a true blend of styles and a crossover appeal. The Algerian songstress who shot to fame in 2001 is back under the spotlight talking about her latest and her new album. She has a talent scouting show for kids--she will be Mamma Fulla on an Algerian French network.

She even got to say "I love children", she did another cool thing. she told the press about her upcoming and even introduced her plastic surgeon--she is the first perhaps. This is a Lebanese surgeon who loves himself and looks like a guy you would run into at some party while he blows his hookah.

I think she is neat to do this, instead of hiding, I like her approach. We are under constant camera close-up and I want to be the best. I think the plastic surgeon will benefit from the press and the raving endorsement.

فلّة الجزائريّة لإيلاف: أتحضّر لأكون "ماما فلّة" قريباً!

BREAKING! Tamer Hosny Divorces His Beloved Wife Bassma Boussil

Egyptian bad boy and singer Tamer Hosny is reported to have divorced his Moroccan wife songstress Bassma Boussil. There are a number of sources that confirm the news, but there are also at least one source that denies that report.

Let's begin

A new reports here states that this surprising news came as a shock to many--just like the marriage hit so many hard. According to the report, the couple are in agreement and they remains friendly and this was a mutual decision that they have both reached. The celebrity couple have a baby girl last year which they named Talia.

This was so sudden that members of their own families had no idea and even their closest friends were left in the dark.

The couple wed in a small ceremony in Cairo hotel that was attended by very few people--we have not really seen pictures. None of their respective friends form the industry were present. Tamer has refuted any rumors that there is trouble in paradise, and he has even threated to sue a newspaper that talked about the relationship.

Bassma Boussil has never spoke to the press since she became Mrs. Tamer Hosny. It's like he put her under a gag order. We already know that he got his friends to stop production in her debut album.

Now, there is at least one site Filffan who tired to reach Tamer Hosny to comment on the news, they were unable to reach him. However, they have spoke to some relatives who denied the news of the separation. There also news about tamer Hosny buying a huge home recently for his family--smoothing that was a major news story in Egypt leading Tamer Hosny to defend such humongous house. Another report on the same site denies the rumors. Bassma's mom denies this rumors. According to her own account, the mom has spoken to Tamer and he denies the rumors to her.

Marriage Tamer Hosny & Bassma Boussil / 2012 عرس تامر حسني و بسمة بوسيل


Khalid Selim Latest Soft Song Lands Smoothly الملامح - خالد سليم

Egyptian pop star and actor Khalid Selim is a many of many talents. He grew up in the Gulf, yet his hear beats Egypt. He is a classy guy who has been blessed with a beautiful/strong voice that has so much flexibility. So he can basically do anything, the pop dance and loud tracks, and the emotional broken heart type.

He is a convincing, I like everything about the music video, but not the smoking part. Not clear to me where this was filmed, but it looks really nice--some resort town in Egypt perhaps. These shades of his are something. This time he is not trying to be cool or trying too hard at least. But he still has his bulky look for the gym. Now he is letting the sentimental slow song do the work for him. But I do not get if he was sad why is he on the beach in some resort?

I get the long walks on the beach  

.. El Malameh - Khalid Selim الملامح - خالد سليم

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Awesome Voice Of Ahmed Zaeem @AhmeedZaeem

No clue who he is, but I know the guy is a rock star who grew up in a good home where he was raised on listening to good music, allowing him to grow and formulate his own path. He sounds like a talented Egyptian Fadel Shaker.

On the plus side, talent is good, but what's important is that Ahmed seems to have the faith and friendship of Tooma, Egyptian finest record producer and arranger. The two just made a hit song for the ages a timeless song as timeless as one starting pop star can dream of. This is a smooth song that each member of the family can fall in love. It's a song about innocent love and longing to be one.

أحمد زعيم - سلّم على الحبايب

Indie Band Cairokee Wants To Blow Themselves Up! The Sad State of #Egypt "#نفسي_أفجر

Indie rock band Cairokee wants to pull the plug on their life. They really want to blow themselves up out of frustration. Now, they dream about blowing themselves up in the streets. not because they want to go some place better, but because the place where they live does not seem to be getting any better.

The video showcases the sad state of Egypt as a society. Drugs, sexual harassment , chaos, illiteracy, kids smoking, men slapping women, chaos and essentially a whole country that has gone to the restroom all at the same time. They kept away from politics, but it's hard to see this is not a shot at the deteriorating state of Egyptian society and culture. Women dancing in the streets in a suggestive manner.

Well for the sake of good art taste, I hope Cairokee does not blow themselves u[ and that they hang in there. It's like watching an entire country get dumber all at once. This song was released earlier this year, and the release time is actually can never be better. Many people picked the song and ran a hash tag on the social media to wish upon seeing an end to some negative behaviors in their beloved country.

كايروكي نفسي أفجر Cairokee Nefsy Afaggar

Listen: اغنية محمد كيلاني - اضمن منين / When Artists You Love Do Sones That Stinks Kelany - Adman Mnen

Here's a song that lacks anything interesting, no flavor, no cool music, nothing new about the music production, and most of all the lyrics are a big meh. For a favorite singer of mine Kelany just made one big sin. Releasing a song that no one needed, giving us a song that sounds boring, won't help carry him this summer season.

I might be too critical, but I think this is a guy who has a lovable voice, and a relatable style, and charming personality, this song kills all that. He is still young, but certainly will recover from it, singles can be thrown away once the artist make a new song that brings what we like about him back. I think of this song Adman Mnen is that it's like a crappy present that was not even placed in a nice wrapping.

اغنية محمد كيلاني - اضمن منين / Kelany - Adman Mnen

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Best Arabic Music Video Goes To This Lady Rock Star #Morocco

She is Samira Said, and you are not. She is Samira Said and the world has to see what she has to offer. The Moroccan diva in my judgment may have starred in the coolest and most incredible music video. There are plenty of music video out there, but in the Arabic scene, they tend to tell stories or dazzle the viewer. The ones who tell a story tend to be dull and predictable. The ones who are meant to dazzle you confuse you and ruin the song for you.

Samira Said and her self-funded team made a music video that not enough money in the world can buy. Rotana may spend millions on a music video, but it won't be this good. There's a vision and there are people who want to do something fresh. Samira helped by being open to trying new things. It all worked for the best and gave her one hell of an image that we have yet to see. Samira looked good, but the music video makes you think about a number of things. For example, this is one reason the song was picked for consideration in a global contest for top 40 songs.

 SAMIRA SAID | MAZAL | OFFICIAL VIDEO | 2014 | سميرة سعيد | كليب مازال

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Listen: مهرجان حكاية حارتنا غناء سادات وفيفتى a buffet of all shitty pop

Mahrganat or Mahrgan is the new Egyptian art form--naturally some people hate it and some don't get it. It's similar to ballads told by those good country folks whose culture has been oral. There are so many artists in this genera, those are big stars who get to do big weddings and promotional marketing. They are good at picking a theme and weaving stories around it.

They tell stories that are foreign to people who do not grew outside the slums.  

مهرجان حكاية حارتنا غناء سادات وفيفتى 2013 جامد اوووي

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sinai Desert Needs More Than This Sweet Song #Egypt

The Egyptian government has done little to build in the Sinai desert, they sort of overlooked it, and in some cases they have some restrictions due to the peace treaty with Israel. I know that the government uses Sinai for a number of things, for starter it's a vast land with lots of resources, minerals and riches. Even salt, they grab it from there. So the locals see these gigantic trucks taking away their riches and moving them away.

Second, the southern part of Sinai is a popular touristy attraction for Russian, Israelis, and affluent Egyptians. Most of the locals do not approve of all the nudity, partying, and drinking that takes place in their backyard. Now, they like the jobs and the money too, but they feel conflicted about it. Now you would think the government would build schools and hospitals in the desert to service the local population. They really do not. What they do is build resorts, clubs, and hotels that its use is restricted to the police and army people who have little to do with Sinai. Once again, the locals do not appreciate being kept out.

Then there is some cultural differences, dialect is different, and tribes are a key part of the landscape. Kids from Cairo does not understand that. This once again another reason, they themselves do not feel safe in this marginalized land. But here's a song with a number of A list celebrities from Egypt singing for how awesome and important Sinai is.  

حميد الشاعري - سينا

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hamaki Might As Well Be #Egypt's Biggest Singer! @Hamaki

Egyptian hit-maker Hamaki held a sold-out concert this Spring--just like every year. Hamaki seems fan driven, he is loved by them from mall walks of life. While Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny fans duke it out and talk shit about one another. Hamaki is having all the fun. Neither Tamer nor Amr Diab have had this kind of success. This is a mass driven business. Hamaki works hard to release a  new album each year.

He gives the fans what they want, he has an active fan club that celebrates him and pushes him to the edge of commercial success. See him do this thing in this live concert, Hamaki is a cool dude whose fame survived being married and making that news public. He is a star Egypt loves, and he keeps them guessing with his outfit choices and haircut. But most of all it's his voice and personal warmth that carries him all the way to the top.

Hamki gets along with his peers, and he is a friend of most of these singers in Egypt and outside. See how toward the end of the song he gives credit to the composer whose none other than Mostafa Amar. I like how his fans are both young and old, dudes and ladies. He is also a safe and bankable star despite the turbulent times in Egypt.

..حصريا لالتراس حماقى :- اغنية ادينى بدوب من حفل موسى كوست براس سدر 20-4-

حصريا لالتراس حماقى :- اغنية بقت عادة من حفل موسى كوست براس سدر 20-4-2014

See Aziz Elshafhi Compose His Most Romantic Hit To Date

When a composer writes music for a song, it starts simple. Grab an instrument and start humming the lyrcis, keep at it, until you get something that works. Lute is a popular go to instrument in Arabia since the 30s and this is how most songs are born. Now Aziz has composed tens of songs for A list pop stars to name few, Ehab Tawfik, Tamer Hosny, Hisham Abbas, Nicole Saba, Arwa and Diab. And we talk about main hits here.

Now some of you may understand that how much I love the new single from Egyptian composer who started to sing few years ago--and has released at least two album. I was delighted by his song "le7a2te" or "That was quick!", and the sentiments it portrays so eloquently and beautifully. And off course I was in love with the music video because it stayed true to the song, its emotions and the direction. I did not feel it competed with the song, but rather complemented it.

I love how Aziz is considered one of the official singers for Egypt's leading soccer club "Zamalek" He is passionate and he has released so many celebrated songs. Yet, he still can performed a romantic song that melts your heart. So he can sing for the masses and start a riot in a stadium and can turn of the fire with his voice. Not too many can do that effortlessly.

Back tot he song, I was moved to see how his most recent song started. He shared with his fans the simple start that created perhaps one of the most romantic songs in recent memory. I know for people like me composing is a mystery to non-musicians, but I would go further to say that I believe it is equally mysterious to many fine musicians as well. Composing music is not much different from writing a paper, short story, novel, etc.  Here are a few things I can think of It is important to create a space in which you are comfortable writing, and to sit down in that space regularly and write. Divine inspiration is all too rare.

ميكنج عزيز الشافعي اغنيه "لحقتي" غناء علي العود

عزيز الشافعي فيديو كليب "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" Video clip

Thursday, April 24, 2014

WATCH: Melissa - Wala youm ( Official music video )

Melissa is drop dead gorgeous former bikini model who has been singing for the past ten years. She has her fans, but she likes to dance and wear futuristic outfits that are too tight. But this time, the song is actually worth it. I like her voice her, and her style here.

It's a new image for her, but it looks like she pulled a better voice out this time. And She is gearing up for this summer season where she mostly performs in Lebanon festivals. Perhaps she has other venues outside, but do not read much about them. Also, I do not recall ever seeing hr in an interview, or doing some public image thing. Could it be that she is a private person?

Fadi Haddad directed her and he essentially did what he always does, give the stars what they want on a budget. He does the easy thing and sometimes it works. This time the song keeps up with the many frames you can spot.

Melissa - Wala youm ( Official music video )

Hussain AlJassmi Cranks Out A New Single وتبقى لي - حسين الجسمي

The UAE native, Hussain AlJassmi regularly cranks out one single every few months and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. The beloved and respected singer and social media savvy entertainer returns with a new song that sounds like a fighting song, but it's not.

Hussain collaborated once again with his friend and compatriot Fayez Al Said whose voice can be heard in the background. Thanks to Fayez's efforts, everyone wants to go Dubai to record in his top-notch studio. Making music for the natives of the Gulf is not about making money but instead is about spending money. There's real money in the Gulf and people like music and like celebrities to sing their lyrics and poems. So, their money keeps Arab singers from all over the Arab world interested in recording songs in the local dialect.

In places like Dubai and Saudi Arabia "I will take the money and sing that...." as oppose, "here is some money and let me record this song" what they would say in Cairo and Beirut. Hussain sounds great as he always does, but I am sort of used to hear his louder type songs pop flavor. Poems are no longer his forte. He is a clever singer whose fame is perhaps larger than the Gulf. He is a big ticket in Egypt ever since 2007 and moving forward.

وتبقى لي - حسين الجسمي | 2014 (النسخة اﻷصلية) حصريا

Porn Stars For General Sisi.... المفيد المختصر للمطربة بوسي #Egypt

Bosy is her name and she is one of the fastest raising pop stars in Egypt, a queen of Sha'abu music. A song so dominated by males for years. bosy came into the scene. She is the Missy Elliott who renovated pop for women, Bosy did the same thing in Egypt.

I do not like the fact she keeps singing for Sisi, she is attaching her name to him. Does he want her support? Does he want her voice? Does he want her image with these often times revealing clothes she wears--in Egypt this is a huge deal. I am certain he is welcoming these voices of artists who want to support him. But the thing is, almost every single high=profile supporters of his have tax issues.

Bosy's song is about keeping it short and simple....sisi is her man, the right for her country. In her mind he is the answer....but in reality he is the only option there other guy is sane enough to run against him. It's like running against a cult figure whose base is made up of misinformed and misguided people who are too tired (or perhaps incapable) to do any thinking.

Bosy makes money singing at weddings and playing like a tough girl image surrounded by slum types.

اغنية المفيد المختصر للمطربة بوسي حصريا في برنامج اخر النهار

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Palestinian Reconciliation Might Not Be Real But This Song Is!


Palestinians were all smiles this morning as the good news that they have longed for seems to be happening. A national reconciliation government might be born in few weeks. I am happy as well, this is a timely move to make things better for Palestine. I know if things go well my family in Gaza would do better and the people will not have to suffer unnecessarily. Palestinians are one people we should have one flag and one government.

A young vocalist Mais Shalash released a song about this very subject five years ago, an inclusive song. the young and popular vocalist whose best songs tend to have an Islamic and no music vibe has a good voice. She started as a little girl and now she has outgrown her childhood fame.

She still sings and makes life better for many, but she seems to be on a limited engagement. I have to wait to see if this this unity government will be born and if it does will it last? I hope they hold an election, it's about time. Neither Fateh nor Hamas is strong enough and neither of them have legitimacy. 

جديد ميس شلش وحده وطنيه

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Palestine Style) #Gaza Bs Ya Zalma Production

The team who did the funny Gaza video BasyaZalma where they did a satire version of the Van Damm truck ad returns. This time that release a new video celebrating the global hit Happy by Pharrell Williams. Once again, they talk about issues facing Gaza...from border closure, lack of cooking Gaza, electricity, fuel, political gridlock. One thing is the ATM, where dozens of people often line up once their salaries are made available.

See half a dozen kids from Gaza celebrating in a cool way the things they are happy about. They seem to stress the issue of political division with that mural. I am glad that happy dance has made it to Gaza. I like the soccer bit, and the Debak group. These guys do well for themselves, and highlight issues facing Gaza and the rest of Palestine. Note how the rival Spanish teams dance together. Energy is high in this video, note how there are no females in the video--and that might be doing women a service.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Palestine Style)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Party Like a Good-Looking Kurd With Parwaz Hussein And Husband Goran Salih @ParwazOfficial

She is not Arab, she hardly speaks Arabic, and she came withing inches form winning the title for Arab Idol. Parwaz Hussein shined on the stage and her amazing songs in both Arabic and Kurdish were memorable and have inspired so many Arabs and Kurd to dream of living in harmony. Parwaz shot to fame and ever since she stood and audition for that show and the music scene in Kurdistan has not been the same.

Now, she is a her among her people, who admire what she did and how popular she made the local song, as more and more Arabs should appreciation for her art and the culture. In her part the government of Iraq showered her with praises and the local government of her district showed up on the program to show support. Parwaz loves her people and she has been rewarded handsomely for her participation in the show. While there scores of Kurdish bombshells, she is one whose fame extends beyond people who speak her language.

Parwaz was well known for ability to communicate emotions not just words and lyrics. Her songs manged to get through to people who have understood nothing of what her mouth uttered, but understood everything her heart sang. Not only does she sings, but also her husband is a celebrity in his own right. He shares the stag with her and the duo make good music. See the couple perform a romantic duet and blaze the stage. The Arabic lyrics for their song is also included.

Parwaz Hussein Goran Salih KURDmax 2013

Arab Idol - الأداء - برواس حسين و زوجها - كوران

لا تعشق عیوني، فقلبي آنا منزل الهم و الاحزان
لا تخطو بخطواتک الی منزلي، فطریقي صحراء وملئ بالاشواک
لاتعطیني قلبک البرئ، لا تذبلي برعم حیاتکي
لا تبتسمي لي، و لا تفشي سر قلبک لي
آعذریني، آعذریني، لا آستطیع
آذا لا آستطیع الوصول الیک، فلن اسمح لنفسي بآن تحبني
فآنت لا تعلمین شيء عن آحزاني
آرجوک دعیني لوحدي، فالوحدة هي حیاتي

Somya Darwish Releases The Sassiest Egyptian Album

Despite the lack of production support, stable country, and despite all odds Somaya Darwish has released a pop album that delivers sass from the album cover to the last second in the 9th are in for a treat from this chick of pop.

I first liked Somaya two years ago when I first heard her single "Itmaskin". So please understand my happiness over this new album from Somaya "Gededa" I like the quality voice here, it's like the ealier work of Sherine, same shade of brown and high level of cheeky fun.

Somaya releases her mixed taped and mixes funk with the blues, it's a great album given that the artist had to do it mostly alone without that big budget. Marketing was not even something to talk about...there is none. I felt that three of these songs spoke to me, but this is my taste, you may like more. I like the I am girl and proud track

Listen to this album here
01.M Elakher
04.Mashoftsh Keda
05.Kont Ayesh
06.Men Maslhty
07.Ayza A3esh
08.Ehlwt Elayam
09.Ekhtrt Tezeny

برومو البوم "جديدة" سمية درويش | Promo Album "Gdeda" Somaya Darwesh

سميه درويش | كليب انت حياتي - Somaya Darwish | Clip Enta Hayati

Monday, April 21, 2014

Top Best Arabic Songs This April Are...

According to some music chart in Lebanon, here's the rank of the hottest Arabic songs released in the month of April 2014. It's not a big list but it's inclusive of several new and old names, Lebanese and non alike. Male and Females, naturally these songs will gravitate toward the Lebanese taste

 Listen Arabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 19 April 2014 أفضل اغاني عربية

Listen: The Selfie Song By The Wise And Lovable Mohamad Iskandar 2014

Every summer, the Arab world gets a fun single from Lebanese hit-maker Mohammed Iskander. The cool thing about this rocker is in that fact that these songs of his are the work of his creative and innovative son Faris Iskander. Life is changing get on with the program, Iskander sounds like an old soul-- a goat whose wisdom defies ages.

Iskander the elder maybe keeping on with technology, but his son is far more connected. The father has been blessed with a strong manly Lebanese voice that allows him to sing common sense. This time he is talking about people with cellphone, point, click and shot. He is a critical voice in this madness season. He is about the old times, before people were so obsessed with sharing and documenting every instant in their sorry lives.

The song is about modern-day problems, people preferring to be with their phones than with a real person. they would rather Facebook you and send you a smiley on Facebook than smile in your face in real life. I think this needs a larger discussion, but let's hope people will find time to check this song out on their smartphones.

Clever topic, a timely one indeed...and Mohammed Iskander sounds on fire. The song is already making waves online and on radio stations in Lebanon, soon enough it will be the song of the summer--made so by the viral social media.

Mohamad Iskandar - El 3alam Jannet 2014 / محمد اسكندر - العالم جنّت

Why The Big Deal Over Syrian Singer Hussein Al Deek?

I give him that he sings lyrics close to the heart and the common man about life and love. Hussien Al Deek, the son of a popular Syrian folksy singer who had his fifteen minutes of fame about ten years ago. As millions of Syrian abandoned their home in search for a better life, more Syrian artists are getting on the road and holding regular concerts in Lebanon and Jordan.

Hussien is a charismatic, life-loving artist who is young and well-dressed, he has a party voice, the kind that blazes a party in instants with his energetic Syrian Sha'abi style. I just do not think there's so much to his voice. I do not feel it strong enough, or special enough. Like it does not stick out from the thousands of other wannabe artists singing this genre. Sure, his name is important, but soon enough he has to do something unique. I did notice plenty of billboards for one of his concerts posted alongside the Lebanese highways. There are other people who enjoy this music, Iraqis find it refreshing and so many in Palestine do as well.
Hussein Al Deek - Chefto Sedfe (Audio) / حسين الديك - شفتو صدفة

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Egyptian Music God Mohamed Mounir Just Got Married

He is an Egyptian music God who came from the South, upper Egypt and has made life better in that country since the seventies. For a famous rock star, Mohamed Mounir has never gotten married, by his own admission he had had many female friends. He is a big deal in Europe where his concerts are attended by Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

Now the happy news came, Mounir who is well in his fifties has finally found the one lady that will share the rest of his life with--better late than never. She is Egyptian also from the same part of Egypt as he is Nuba. And she lives in London.

Mounir has even carried this one step further as he got engaged to Dalia Yousef, the Aswan native. The new couple made it official on Friday, April 18th, 2014. Mohamed Mounir shared the marriage certificates and few items to confirm the news. His millions of fans are happy, and have danced, sang and celebrated their idol's matrimonial.

Mounir was reported to have refused to wear a suite for the ceremony. Twitter celebrated with a special Hash tag to mark the occasion.

Mohamed Mounir - Madad Ya Rasulallah

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Listen: To The The Oldest Music Notation In History! Brought Back To Life

Syrian composer & pianist Malek Jandali's album "Echoes from Ugarit" is based on the oldest music notation in history. Discovered on clay tablets in Ugarit, Syria dating back to 3400 B.C. Music by Composer & Pianist Malek Jandali with The Ludwig Symphony Orchestra.

Ugarit, Syria is the birthplace of alphabet and music notation. The interpretation of the music notation of Ugarit is a challenge and several "reconstructions" have been published. The evidence that both the 7-note diatonic scale as well as harmony existed 3400 years ago flies in the face of most musicologists' views that ancient harmony was virtually non-existent or even impossible. This has revolutionized the whole concept of the origin of Western music.

This Ugaritic hymns was arranged into a melancholic piano work preserving its rhythmic structure and building a musical bridge to the past. The song of this woman's marriage was filled with pain at not having children for her husband and her family. Apparently, the song is a lament, "the plaintive cry of an infertile woman" seeking the answer to her barrenness from the moon goddess.

Those musical notes were discovered in 1950-1952, and it wasn't until the seventies when they learned those notes are nothing but worship music. Two researchers were able to translate the notes with the help of notes found in Iraq that explained how to compose them. Syrian research Raul Fataly was credited to have done the scientific research. The music is supposed to have been written for Nikal, the wife of the moon God.

الموسيقار مالك جندلي - أصداء من أوغاريت: أقدم تدوين موسيقي في العالم اكتشف في أوغاريت - سوريا على لوحات مسمارية تعود إلى الألف الثاني قبل الميلاد

Echoes from Ugarit: The Oldest Music Notation In History!

Friday, April 18, 2014

WATCH: Assala - Shakhsia Anida - Official Video Clip - فيديو كليب شخصية عنيده - أصاله

Assala just shaved few years of her life with the release of her music video, it's like cheeks are getting younger--perhaps naturally perhaps not. Assalah is a wholesome entertainer whose big heart and emotions get her in trouble--like the time she talked about Syria.

The song is about being a stubborn soul, a resilient force who does not take no for an answer. Assala goes for the music mentor role--spot the many young artists who appear next to here. she likes the music business, but she seems to enjoy hanging out with similar-minded artists the young and the old alike.

See her walks the desert, and at home relaxed, all in energy. She is like an elder who Arabic music who can connect with the past and the present--something her voice and talent allow her to do with ease. So, here goes this pro tip--stay positive and keep trying your dream will be a reality or you will be a better person for trying. This song is more about Assala's personality than anything else. She famously dumped her husband who cheated on her, started over with a guy who seems to love her and adores her music.

Assala - Shakhsia Anida - Official Video Clip - فيديو كليب شخصية عنيده - أصاله

Checkout This Video #Happy #Gaza Version of #Pharrell Williams #Palestine

Happy is a state of mind, and nothing exemplifies this for me like this video from Gaza. This Pharrell Williams song travel worlds in its way to become the global hit it has become. Young people in Gaza took to the streets to film this song and be part of a global sensation. Boys and girls want to have fun, even in a besieged place like Gaza. they may not have electricity, roads, or freedom of movement, but one thing they have to have is their smartphones to stay connected.

I am impressed with their dance moves, they did a good job living up to the music video style and spirit. They even got their local Debka troupe to do a number in the spirit of one hell of a global world that's happy. Keep up the good energy.

.. #Happy (#Gaza version) - #Pharrell Williams

New Epic Love Music Video By Charming Joseph Attieh 'Welak" @AttiehJoseph

An app-maker in Lebanon is stepping up their game in the Middle East, and they are answering the call from a rival who has signed up stars from MBC by signing cool talents like Joseph Attieh. The cool stud from Star Academy few years back,  the artist who already has two albums to his name, and a huge fellowship around the Arab World among the young and blessed.

Joseph Attieh challenges himself with a new style and a new look for a well-budgeted music video. He also films in great location sets, and looks the finest he has looked in a long time. While the song feel Lebanese, the dialect travels beyond that lovely country. The crossover is mesmerizing, I like the white dialect, the touring around the city in ripped jeans is in style. It's a guy has a crush on a girl and keeps running into her here and there--I love that this is not stalking. I love the Johnny Rocket part of the clip.

Joseph has always been a favorite of mine, he is young but he knows the music industry well, he makes clever choices and goes away for a little bit, and makes a splash when he returns. Dubai was a nice choice, I had no idea this was filmed in Dubai--a city that saw my birth.

Now I like how the music video ends, but not how the story ends with that predictable hug. You do not just go for a hug if you just met your crush. But Joseph saves it when he stands with back to the wall and singing. Bassam Al Turk did a fine job here by not overdoing anything--just organic scenes. I love how the lyric writer Emile Fahd and composer Wassim Boustany are not A listers yet, but their work is worthy of such a list.  

Joseph Attieh - Welak (Official clip) / جوزيف عطيه - ويلك

Listen: Angham New Single By Actress Samah Anwar 2013 أنغام - حبيت و أتغير حالي - حصرياً

The real talent behind this song is actress Samah Anwar who turns out to have a knack of composing  songs. Saham Anwar is one of those intellect entertainers, she is a friend of Egyptian romance and pop diva Angham. So they collaborated on an interesting sounding game that feels like a throwback to the Arabic music form the late seventies.

I like this song very music, it's so mellow so relaxed and this is something the Middle East could benefit from right now. It sounds like a song a bird would sing as he breaks free or looks over what he has seen reflecting about it. I hope to see and hear more of Samah Anwar-we do not have as many female musicians as we do males. Thus this song is a 100 percent the creation of Egyptian women. It's a song meant for dreams, sound like rosy song that manged to keep the tradition of Angham alive.

أنغام - حبيت و أتغير حالي - حصرياً

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Egypt To Ban Porn Star Haifa Wehbe Movie "Halawet Rooh" (Updated)

Every Arab's favorite porn star Haifa Wehbe is finally dealing with reality as her new movie that sort of bombed in theaters has generated a lot of criticism. Not only from film goers, critics, fellow actors, intellects but also from an Egyptian NGO that cares for women and children. Aside from that, Twitter has been leading an attack on the Lebanese temptress, as she has half a dozen hash tags attacking her, the producers and all the actors in the film. You may recall that two actors in the film were talking and joked about how awesome that rape scene with Haifa and how luck the actor was to be raping Haifa--look it up, we blogged about it ten days ago. Plus something about that very ugly producer Sobky who used to be a butcher before he turned into smut film producer.

Other personalities are upset that the film has turned Egypt into a country of hookers, belly dancers, sexually-derived nation that preys on the poor. The head of the Egyptian government decided to pull the film from theaters and re-evaluate it with the oversight body that reviews films in that country. In their press release, they stated not to have seen the film but has heard and seen all the criticism about the film that's making sexual waves in Egypt. Another leading independent voice and a professor in Al-Azhar University has been urging movie makers to fear god in the films they make. However, there are some voices in Egypt that does not defend the film, but defend its right to be shown. Al Azhar itself--not a big fan of them at the moment, joined the fight against the film and sided with the government call. On the other hand, Ayman Nour one of the few rational voices in Egypt has attached the government decision "over reach and stepping over the jurisdiction of another government entity"

Dick-faced Egyptian business man, Naguib Sawris, stated, ""Halawet Rooh" will make the highest DVD sales in the country. Nothing wrong with people buying it and viewing it as adults, but keep on mind there are little kids in the movie that are being used as sexual props.

I do not talk pride in attacking an female entertainer who we have celebrated in the past and called her a clever business woman, we have always been supportive. but this time it's different, she starred in a movie where a little boy is in love with her, and other boys are leering at her and making a lot of sexual references as she dresses, undresses and danced for them. We certainly do not support censorship because it's stupid and can be used to stop certain films from coming into theaters. But this time, the movie seems to have a lot of sexual material that serves nothing to advance the plot....this is nothing but an attempt to make soft-core porn mainstream in Egypt. All people who went to see the film, are also patterns in the crime for enabling such jerks that ruined the public taste and rob children of their innocent years.

Haifa who seems to be spending a great deal of time on a different planet was quoted to have attributed these calls to "Jealousy". Ever since her divorce Haifa seems to have lost her mind, in more than one occasion she has stooped to a new low, like that interview she did and used a numbe rof offensive references and gestures. While she tried to joke about it and say she is larger than her foes, minutes later Haifa started talking nice, and said she has nothing but respect for the government of Egypt--after the mocked them on her Twitter. The smut film producer is upset and filing to stop the government from stopping his film from running public taste and corrupting little boy--this is the nicest film and cleanest one I have ever shot.

اغنية حلاوة روح - كاملة - من فيلم حلاوة روح - هيفاء وهبي

Hit-Maker @karimmohsen Is Giving The Verstile @MarwaNasrMusic A Vocal Makeover

One of the most hip music composers in Egypt met one of the coolest female vocalists in Egypt and together they seem to be working on a surprise song for the fans. Karim Mohsen has his own music career, but above all he is a composer and a technician who knows how music works with different lyrics. Marwa Nasr is one of the most lovable ladies in the music scene in Egypt.

Marwa is working on a new album and she is seeking some fresh take on her music persona...Karim Mohsen was brought in and he does not disappoint. See a glimpse of the duo working on a new track. I am a big fan, and that built the excitement on the social media. Karim has a true golden touch, I loved what he did on that Asalah song last year.....I know he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. There is chemistry and dynamics relations that help advance music.

It's the little details that make the different between a good song and a great one. The lyrics are about a proud woman who thinks she has what it takes and no man can say no to her.

Marwa Nasr ; karim Mohsen / Making - Meen Da Eli Rafdny " Soon " ".

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Shit_Happens Listen: Bahaa soultan" Ana Mesh Handam I بهاء سلطان أنا مش هندم

Bahaa Soultan released a new song, a single from his upcoming album. We sort of did not miss him this year....he released a random album with social messages, and before that and after he was singing for the army to murder his fellow civilians. Now he is about to release the new album and I like the lead.

The lyrics are from his pal and producer for life Nasr Mahrous, who seems to have creative control over all elements of the album making, from lyrics, to recording to filming a music video for the hit songs. It's a slow dark song, I would have loved it if it had different music, it sort of kills the mood for me and I am like what the freak? I need a pillow.

I may like the yrcis that fight regrets and urge one to move on--do not dwell on the past. I like the message, but if you do not have good music, then you are wasting a good song

.. Bahaa soultan" Ana Mesh Handam I بهاء سلطان أنا مش هندم

Hassan Raddad, The Prettiest Egyptian Boy Toy

According to many ladies and media sources, the hottest male actor in Egyptian cinema is actor Hassan Raddad. The star of many TV dramas and movies, who will soon be starring in a Ramadan-timed show alongside Myrima Faris, the Lebanese songstress.

He is a handsome guy who always seems to dress right. He is an eye candy who went to school to study business in Cairo and then studied art. So he is back doing the media run talking up the show and the new project. Hassan shot to fame in 2006 when he appeared on a movie, a year later he starred in a TV drama along side Egyptian actor Nour Shrif. Keep on mind Hassan started in a film with Haifa Wehbe in 2009. So far, I have not seen him challenge himself beyond the good looking guy looking for a spouse roles. Some people talk smack about his attempt at comedy.

حسن الردّاد لـ"إيلاف": مشاركتي لميريام فارس ليست ردًا على هيفاء وهب

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WATCH: Nancy Ajram And Cheb Khaled World Cup Song Brazil 2014

That soft drink company hired Cheb Khaled the music legend from North Africa, France, Europe and the world. They paired him with Nancy Ajram with number one selling pop star from the Arab World. A song for the world cub in Brazil, dance, beat, spicy food, tourists, global outlook, and music.

The song is about dreaming big--you will be big in size if you keep drinking that soft drink. This is a big budget marketing ploy that does not feel real--it's the work of advertising exes not an artist. Family, young people, cool phone and people who like music. This is nothing really....a song about dreaming big. I love Cheb Khaled, Nancy is more of a guest here showing off her hair.

Know this, the company wanted to sell big in Egypt--the biggest Arab market, so they went for the stars who can close the deal. Really where is Amr Diab? None of these people who appear in the music video seem to understand Arabic. The lyrics are those form Amer Taema and the music is for Hassan El Shafei who also sits on Arab Idol judge chair next to Nancy Ajram.

Remember Algeria is the only Arab soccer team competing in the world cup--Egypt missed the boat in a sad display late last year against Ghana.

أغنية كوكاكولا الرسمية لكأس العالم #شجع_حلمك - نانسي عجرم و شاب خالد

Palestinian Political Prionsers Inside Israeli Jail Crearte Their Own Version Arab Idol @ArabIdol

Some of them are not going to ever walk free again, some of them are their for charges that make little sense. Some of them have been abducted and thrown in Jail that the Israeli occupation. Now, they may have lost their freedom---they still have their sense of humor.

Check this funny video from the behind the walls of their jailhouse, they are singing and entertaining one another, I like the Arab Idol style set they have....the onlookers are their fellow prisoners. I think this was filmed during their recreation hour. This has a comedy flavor and even the cover song for Abdel Halim has been turned into a satire. One of the prisoner did an satire take on Nabil Shouail.

We do not really know which prison this really is, not all prisons are created equally. Not to forget had it not been for Mohammed Assaf, the winner of Arab Idol's second season, they show would not have been of interest to them. While on the program, Assaf sang for them and even a letter form inside the jail cells were read on the program.

فيديو مثير لأسرى فلسطينيين يقلدّون "آراب آيدول" بأغاني ساخرة ومعنويات عالية ..

See How Aziz ElShafhi Just Reinvented Arabic Romantic Songs @azizelshaf3

It feels to my ears as of Egyptian composer cum singer Aziz Elshafie just reinvented the Arabic romantic song. How so, he got you to break a tear, without sounding sad or pathetic himself. Aziz managed to follow a different formula....act surprised by the betrayal and the quick rebound his ex just had served him. Often times, singers want you to feel bad for them....Aziz does it differently, he puts himself in your place--the onlooker and he talks about what he sees when the relation goes south. The song is great because it builds an experience from this song, not just cool music and sensible lyrics, but an emotional connection that goes both ways.

Even his music video is unlike anything else, he tells a story without telling it himself--when he sings he is in black and white....then he walks around picking up the pieces and parting away with his fondest memories by letting go. So Aziz he is both the star of the clip and the commentator done in such a classy way--red roses and a fancy red Mercedes. I love his performances, it's both refreshing and exhilarating. Taking a trip down memory lane is all too common in such songs, but the music video does it in an different way that never loses focus of the original song. For me, what did it is harmony in how everything fits so well to advance the song and the emotional bleeding.

Aziz comes across as an innocent man, the guy who never saw the end coming, she took him by surprise and rendered him speechless. He is not angry not even jaded, just taken aback by the cruelty. The way the song is made allows you to see the man, and the voice not necessary connect them to acting which tends to lower the standard. Aziz got the right song, composed it and then filmed a music video where his voice would make you cry out of sympathy of rage over the human race or at least love. Some credit goes to singer/actor Hossam L Hossainy as he is credited for creative direction.

He is lovable, vulnerable tender soul that is about to survive his heart being crushed by the person he loved the most. She was his first and his very last at least that's how they promised one another. I like how the song feels like an indie love western from the Irish creations. The box one uses to collect after being fired from a job resembles the box Aziz carries...except he found himself departing away not from a job but from a love tale.

 عزيز الشافعي فيديو كليب "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" Video clip

Monday, April 14, 2014

WATCH: The Return Of An Icon Latifa - Bel Arabi [Music Video] 2014© / لطيفة - بالعربي

Latifa is how you now spell an unstoppable force, a trend-sitter, and a fashion icon. Tunisian Latifa wants to take over 2014, she got our attention in 2013, and she still has some games left in her all spunky and chic look. Forget the the same star who was big in the late 80s and early 90s...Latifa is playing in a new ball game....a fashionista she is....  

You are only as old as you feel, and that 20 something model does not exactly hurt...graffiti makes you cool anytime...and these cool shades are saying something. Latifa even breaks in a dance act....she is taking pleasure in driving her man insane. This was always one of the catchier song sin her full reloaded album...a simple track with loud music and funky.

This is a song that both guys and girls will be drown to, it offers different things, and Latifa shot to the skies with it. I love the energy and the makeover....releasing this music video will certainly breath a new life in her astonishing album as the summer approaches and brings with it all the music festivals.  

Latifa - Bel Arabi [Music Video] 2014© / لطيفة - بالعربي

Move Over @HaifaWehbe Nesreen Tafesh, The Other Beauty In "Halawet Rooh"

Here comes Nisreen Tafesh, the daughter of a Palestinian poet and an awesome Algerian mother. Nisreen went to school in Syria and married a guy from the UAE, but we know her from her many complicated roles in both Syrian and Egyptian TV and films. Nisreen came to fame in 2002 when she played a role on a historic drama. Nisreen has even tried singing, she has one song.

But she is back in film as she starred in the unfortunate pornographic film--thanks to Haifa Wehbe and men's obsession with her. Nisreen does most of the acting in the film. Nisreen starred in a more than a dozen of TV dramas and few films. She is also a member of a band that started in 2010.

In other major news, Nisreen has been picked by an NGO PCRF to be their ambassador to the world.

نسرين طافش زوجة رجل إنتهازي في حلاوة الروح

WATCH: Melissa - Jounieh Concert مليسا في حفل جونيه

She is a pop star and that means she has more than a voice. She is an image, dance moves, and showmanship. Her name is Melissa and Lebanon. She is no A lister, but her fans know she does different entertainment. Jounieh is this nice upscale superb where many families chose to live close to Beirut, but property value is still relatively affordable. So, this is a large community living in the mountains overlooking the captivating coast. Just do not get stuck in traffic in the wrong time.   

She has the looks, the fashion, and the outfits. Watch the screaming fans in Lebanon greet her as she does her act. This must have been some big party, and there are droves of concert goers who want something that feels local, but rivals those global. Then she gets to speak about her hit song where she performed in English.

She talks about her upcoming projects, and she may have a duet in store, and the good news, there is a new album of twelve music.

Melissa - Jounieh Concert مليسا في حفل جونيه

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rindala Kodeih, The Lebanese Director From Hell

Rindala is one of the few active and popular directors in Lebanon. She is working with a number of projects on TV, movies and upcoming songs. She seems to think there are people plotting against her work. She is a big proponent of Lebanese cinema and projects. I do not like how she dis other Arabs working in the trade. She does not like people in Lebanon badmouthing others.

I like her personality and her crazy takes on life--she is an entertainer who likes to work with many names. I have not noticed much about her work, but she seems like a big deal at home.

Rindalaرندلى قديح لـ"إيلاف" : هناك كثير من الدخلاء يحاربون الممثلين والمخرجين اللبنانيين

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Lovely Angela Bechara-Kfoury, Arab Idol New Judge Wael Kfoury Wife @Kfouryangela

For a long time, she did not exist and news of her was kept a secret by the artist Wael Kfoury who wanted it to be unknown about his  personal life. Wael is a heartthrob and a babe slayer with his voice, look and style. So it made sense for him to deny rumors that he had married...and we the public did not know he was married until we heard from Elissa who said two years ago...Wael has a son, stop linking him to me.

Kfoury was married in Cyprus, in a civil ceremony, to Angela Bechara and kept their relationship and marriage secret for a while from the press. The couple have a daughter named Michelle who was born September 10, 2011. She was given her name from the feminine equivalent of her father's real name.

I respect their privacy and know that in time we will know more about the lovely Angela. Wael is now celebrating joining Arab Idol as a judge.....He left X Factor and now it's a big deal he is on this show at this time. Ragheb Alamah left and Ahlam is happy about that. In Fairness Ragheb is happy for Wael. 

You can find and follow Angela on her twitter 

P.S. This picture may not even be for the Angela that married Mr. Kfoury! I do not see much about her....when she is ready maybe we will get a closeup. Coming out in in this image obsessed world, will make life tougher for a fmaily that wants their personal life separate from their work.  

Wael Kfoury - Saalouni / وائل كفوري - سألوني

Singing Upriver! Hatem Al Mansour Heads To The Arab West!

Here's a new song from a totally fresh's a warning song. He tells his loved one that she should stop pushing him away and avoid long distance before it's too late. The song is a creative fusion between the Gulf music style and the Moroccan style. I like the emotional appeal and maturity of the artist. This is his third of fourth single to date....and the production is for Voice Media House....

Hatem Al Mansour will be delivering two more songs really soon. Hatem will be holding concerts in Morocco, the Gulf and Tunisia....this Gulf artist is one of the better known music producers and arrangers in the Gulf region. He has already worked on famous songs for the likes of Abdallah Rouchid, Myriam Faris, Diana Karazon as well as others.

While most artists in Morocco are going east to the Gulf, it's something to have one Gulf artist ship himself out to the Arab West and make a name for himself.

Hatem Al Mansour Daba Tindam 2014 حاتم المنصور - دابا تندم

Friday, April 11, 2014

#Egypt Propaganda! The Poor Are Asked to Build...The Rich Get Paid @Amal_Maher Tooba Fo2 Tooba

I love Amal Maher and I will always love Egypt....I have fallen in love with Egypt since July 3rd. But Amal Maher is trying now to bring back some of the love for her homeland. I think thought she is talking to her people, telling them do not mind being screwed by the guys on top and just love Egypt and build it!

I like that, but these things you do for your country, some asshole politician or greedy businessman will take credit for. I ask you this, do these politicians and businessmen do anything for free to help Egypt? Amal Maher can afford to sing for free, she gets to sing in big places and do private and public events. No question, she loved Egypt. But it's unfair to ask those on the bottom to make sacrifices, while the guys on top are running free.

I like Maher and as far for this song, Amal sounds very passionate and convincing hear, it's like she wants to roar about all that love she has within her. But as a topic, it feels tired....the elite of Egypt should find another jackass to ride on.

Amal Maher - Tooba Fo2 Tooba | امال ماهر - طوبة فوق طوبة

Amr Diab Likes This Guy, Do You? Mohanad Zohair 2014 Albumمهند زهير

Yes, his name is Mohanad Zohair, and he won a singing completion that Amr Diab announced on his social media last year. The loud music is not helping me enjoy Mohanad's voice, he seems to have a good thing going for him, but that techno crap is not serving the song.

He made an album and shared it with the world, it seems that team Mohanad Zohair  took a year to produce this album. He is an Egyptian with a decent voice, who wore a cool tie and a suit. I hope the other songs on the album vary in styles. In the seconds you get to hear his unfiltered voice, you come to love him and connect with him--which is personal.

He was on Arab Idol, and then ended on Amr Diab Academy--a competition he won masterfully. He took home the title among thousands of contestants. and this he got to work closely with respected figure in Egyptian music Hamid Shari, Amr Tantawi as well as others. To top it, Mohanad got to perform live with his idol and mentor Amr Dian in April 2013.

Here's his entire album on this link

Mohanad Zohair - Hannait |

Listen: عزيز الشافعي اغنيه "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" song

Broadly speaking composers make better songs that those who are not educated musically. Aziz Al Shafay is one of those young composers who are slowly moving into the singing circles--I am guessing when you have what it takes to be number one why would you settle for the being on the wrong side of the microphone.

Dreamy voice and a proud Egyptian style is what he is all about. Aziz is not an A list singer, but he is close to being an A list composer. He is one of many, but I tend to enjoy his songs.

اغنية عزيز الشافعي - لحقتي / Aziz Al Shafay - Lehe'aty

عزيز الشافعي اغنيه "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" song

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Ugliest Egyptain Actor Rapes @HaifaWehbe In Movie “Halawet Rouh”

Haifa Wehbe starred in a million dollar movie, it's a big box draw as everyone wants a peak....she is back with a red hair doing press and going to primers.....the stars and producers lined up all behind her--not one good looking person among them.

It's an adult movie really, but all the money does not make a class act-Egyptian producers did what they do--paid a Lebanese to show them some skin. This Lebanese entertainer did what she always does, get paid for everything.

they talked about the ten hour rape scene--guys were laughing about the rape comment. Thanks Haifa Wehbe, you are helping them women. Her fellow actor said he was crying out of joy about the rape scene with Haifa!  This was filmed in Lebanon as the movie is already making money before this publicity.

I don't begrudge Haifa, she created a market where people bash her during the day and fall in love with her at night. The movie is breaking records, and the promo clip where she dances, had already been seen in 24 hours by a million plus viewers. Hakeem got to dance with her and talk about how sexy she is.

هيفاء وهبي لـ"إيلاف" : أشعر أنّي في حلم !

WATCH: #محمد عساف - يا حلالي يا مالي | Mohammed Assaf - Ya Halali Ya Mali

He could have filmed this music video anywhere in the world, but Mohammed Assaf opted to film it inside one of the refugee camps inside Lebanon where thousands of Palestinians call it home. It was a clever move for the young artist to lay roots inside the camps as he lives spends a great deal of time in Lebanon for work.

See the flag fly high and Assaf do his Debka on stage and have a block party inside the camp with hundreds of the local residents. This is really cool, he brought out the joy in the local community, sang for them, kissed babies and took so many pictures.....He is looking good and well-dressed for the occasion.

Aside from that, he brought out his shouting voice--something popular in Lebanon. So he is a pan Arab star who is going great things for his people and for himself. The Kuffyah is a nice addition, and Assaf seems to be blazing his way into new markets. I love the roof top shoots. He does not forget to thank people and fans, they really love him and it shows. This is a master move, a song that will make him hot again--almost a year from his first appearance on Arab Idol. Now he is going local to remain global.
#محمد عساف - يا حلالي يا مالي | Mohammed Assaf - Ya Halali Ya Mali

Tamer Hosny Gets Caught Lying! (Video) @Tamerhosny

during his program where he talks about his "history" and "legacy" as god's gift to Arabic music, Tamer Hosny forgot to tell the truth at least about one incident. The hit-maker talked about being invited to the house of the late Egyptian crooner Abdel Halim Hafiz. He said the family invited me to celebrate the late singer's birthday.

Then Tamer showed footage of his visit to the gravesite for Hafez! And then he is touring inside the private home messing around with the collectibles and a number of items that supposedly belonged to Abdel Halim Hafez.

The family of the late singer issued a press release, saying we never invited Tamer Hosny to our home, we do not celebrate the birthday of a dead man! How could we? The family shamed Tamer Hosny for his lie....It seems that Tamer visited the home when one of his journalist friends begged the family of the late artist accepted his visit. That visit took place in 2008. The family feels betrayed by Tamer Honsy's lies, they want the world to know--we did not invite Tamer Hosny to our home, he invited himself.

they also advised the young singer who used to be cool once to learn for other respectable stars of the likes od Hany Shaker, Aly Al Hajjar, Mohamed Mounir, and others.

Remember when Tamer Hosny released a song or two that were a favorite for sexual predators who used them to harass young women in the streets? Now Tamer has a baby girl, welcome to the world he helped create.

زيارة تامر حسني لمنزل عبد الحليم حافظ من برنامج رحلة صعود H.D

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Lebanese in Algerian is AMAZING Pascale Machalani- Nabghek @pascalbachalani

Pascale Machalani, the once popular beauty queen and pop star all the way from the nineties got married few years ago and started a family. Now she is back and I am so pleased with her choice of comeback song. Unlike the popular thing to do now is to go to the East--Gulf for songs, Pascale Machalani went westward to Algeria.

And that brought out a beautiful song Nabghek--we want you that is in Algerian. The song has French, just enough to make it to more ears. I tell you the truth, my eyeballs love looking at this music video as Pascale Machalani brings back her hair and good natural look--that we missed for at least two years.

Pascale Machalani picked a winner and the music video shows off a lot of nature and great cinematography...I love the dress it makes things fancier thing a but more. The gypsy feel and look attempted in the music video comes out to serve the music video and the song. It's all about the outdoors and Pascale Machalani takes advantage of showing off some legs. This is a song that can never be boring or dull, it's just well-made and I love the group dance by the fire toward the end. Welcome back Pascale Machalani

Pascale Machalani- Nabghek