Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Here' Are Four New and Exciting Songs By Newbies

Here are four new songs but five different new artists from around the Arab world. the styles and dialects range, but there should be some excitement in the air for all the new comers who are working hard and doing their best for one's entertainment. You will hear voices from Khaleej, Morocco and beyond fighting for your attention.

So, let's take a quick tour and appreciate the fine voices and emotions to be found in these songs. Start off with that hit duet by Ibtissam Tiskat and TwoTone, swing by the emotionally complex track by Salwa Omar, then take a quick break by hearing Layla Iskandar sounding like a Latin dance track and finish your tour by slowing down with Sultan AlRashed who is glowing happiness in his latest fun track.
ويلي ليا - TwoTone ( مع إبتسام تسكت ) | Weli Liya - TwoTone feat. Ibtissam Tiskat

خلاص إرتاح - سلوى عمر | Khalas Ertah - Salwa Omar

صقاره - ليلى إسكندر | Saggara - Layla Iskandar

عشرة من عشرة - سلطان الراشد | Ashra Mn Ashra - Sultan AlRashed

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A New Palestinian Vocalists Is Born! Lina Sleibi Stands Tall @lina_sleibi

Lina Sleibi is a talented diva with a voice worthy of the biggest names in the indie vocalist scene. the young women form Palestine is out with a new song that feels like gold and sounds like diamonds. It's a beautiful song that feels warm and human by a young soul.

This is a fancy song for the soul, the kind you enjoy in the morning with a cup of coffee. I must say the amazing team behind the song worth celebrating. Fine art is no longer exclusive for the Israeli occupation. The people of Palestine will stand toe to toe and let their art speak for them. Lina Sleibi  is just one example and I expect great things from this bright star.

Lina came into my radar few months ago with her famous cover for the old country. Now, she steps a bit more with an original song that plays to her strength. Recorded and created in between Jordan and Palestine, the song travels the world thanks to the expansive fan base that Lina enjoys.   
Lina Sleibi - Atwaqa' لينا صليبي - أتوقع

Music and lyrics
Mohammed Alhasan
Mix and mastering:
Arif Amer
Abdullah Haji
Solo Violin
Ali Aloliwi
Saad Alaabar
Ayman Bergas
Mohammed Aseeri
Mohammed Alhasan
Recording Studio:
Take Time Studio - Bahrain
Kawar Studios - Jordan
Sound Engineer:
Ali Sameer
Haytham Kawar
Special thanks to:
Vivid Photography
Omamah makeup
Ahmed AlShams
Mohamed AlThawadi

Funny Video: Shady Omar 1+1 wahed + wahed

This is a hilarious song that has a music video. A romantic song with a sense of humor is just what the doctor ordered. The creative work of Shady Omar shows here as he surrounds himself by jeans wearing young women splashing him in water.

This looks like one hell of a party they had on set. The song is pretty hilarious and feels like a song that would play in college dorms parties. There are all these hipster characters on screen. I like the youthfulness and that the dancer is partying just like the rest of his models. Shady knows how to party and I like his arrival.

It's an amazing job to have a new comer with a cool music video like this one Shady Omar has done. This could be an Egyptian hit, its lyrics are catchy. I like the music too, and the set seems fitting for the song's theme.
shady Omar 1+1 wahed + wahed

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mohamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit The Arab Selfie Craze

Lebanese pop star Mohamad Iskandar continues to make fun songs about relevant topics--lyrics are often written by his song Fares. This time he took on the selfie craze around the world. He is a wise man, who makes any song about love.

He is not short of passion and upbeat. He talks about a number of matters, but he seems to set his sight on the female population. This is the new technology, phones, snapping pictures and caring less about the world and more about oneself.

This song is sort of been a popular summer hit--this summer was too short due to the toxic conditions in many Arab countries, and Ramadan.....but people want to party and Mohamad Iskandar has never left them down. Every summer he releases a song that brings him once again tot he front lines.   

Mohamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit (Official Music Video) [2014©] / محمد إسكندر - العالم جنت

Carmen Soliman‎‏ Not Happy With Old Plantinum Records

She is the only Egyptian singer with the Dubai based music label Platinum Records, and she came to them straight from Arab Idol where she won the first season. The young woman feels out of place in the company though she has many of Arab Idol past winners and runners up. Carmen has a busy season since she left the program with the title.

Hear her speak about the company that's supposed to be looking out for her. To her credit Carmen did not set home waiting for them to promote her, she worked on her own and she formed a strong partnership with Saudi singer Mohammad Abdo who took her under his wings.

I can see why she would not be impressed with them, I do not think they treat her right, they sure love Assaf a lot. I think she deserves better, she has a rare talent. She is looking for the new administration at the Platinum Records. She is hoping to start a new chapter.

كارمن سليمان | لم تعجبني إدارة بلاتينوم ريكورز | Carmen Soliman‎‏

Shayma Helali Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Shayma Helali is doing great things for Rotana, for once she is making them look good and cool without trying too hard. This Tunisian pop diva has a new single in that Khaleeji dialect and it's all about parties. Sure, it has a neat title even those who do not like Khaleeji music tune in to hear what this lady is up to.

I did not think this would be a dance song, but here it's and it's festive and exciting. Rotana values Shayma and it seems she has the connections to make her career a stellar one. Her song is about being stubborn and how she appreciate it. It's meant to be a cute song that gets people--especially young ones who are melodramatic

Shayma Helali ... Aheb Enady - Lyrics Video | شيماء هلالي ... احب عنادي - فيديو بالكلمات

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Young Khaleeji Singers Abdul Aziz Luies vs. Mohamed Al Shehhi

Not every young artist who want to sing gets a record deal. Not even in the rich countries in the Khaleej. There are way too many young stars (some of them are bright) But there are also the young stars who do not want to work in music. they may just want one song and get famous or do that song and then step back.

I found two artist from the Khaleej who are making good pop music and I like their voices. The first is Abdul Aziz Luies and the later is Mohamed AlShehhi. Different styles and different stories, just same entertainment value. The first song is about being sweet and in love, the other is about dancing to the lyrics of cat and mouse songs.
عندي إنت - عبدالعزيز الويس | Andi Enta - AbdulAziz Luies

يا عمري - محمد الشحي | Ya Omri - Mohamed AlShehhi

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Yemenis Are Coming! Habib Galbi Occupies Tel-Aviv

Israelis do not like many things Arab, but I know they enjoy using bad Arabic words, taking credit for Arabic favorites food, smoking hookah and now Arabic songs. In face for a long time, Israelis have embraced Arabic songs because many of them have lived in Arabic speaking countries like Yemen, Iraq, Tunis and Morocco.

This last summer it seems one song recorded and performed by three ladies from Yemeni origin has won over the peace-loving (wink...wink) Israelis. The lyrics sound like a folklore from Yemen, the music sounds like anything but.   
The surprise hit Habib Galbi - performed by a band of three Israeli sisters of Yemeni background named A-WA - managed to rise to the top of this country’s music charts, shattering records and all expectations. The song has also proven a major success abroad, with the music video amassing 1.2 million hits and attracting thousands of fans from across the Middle East.
The song is actually based on a tune that the group’s grandmother - who was born in Ibb, Yemen, but moved to Israel in 1949 - taught them, and for sisters Tair, Liron and Tagel singing it was the most natural thing in the world.
But this summer marks the first time in Israeli history that an Arabic-language song has managed to top the charts, and its positive reception across borders in countries Israel has been at war with for nearly 70 years has many experts wondering if the song is a sign of a cultural thaw and hope amid the increasingly bleak political landscape across the region.
Full article can be found here 
A-WA - Habib Galbi - Official Video

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Fresh Mint Song Is Old!...Moustafa Hagag Misses @NjMusicProduct

I liked this song as a song, but now as a music video I do not think it's that good. Why? Last year Mostafa Hagag was one of my favorite new comers to the pop scene, he has charisma that is clear throughout his song selection.

The guy did a song about fresh mint and his love interest who likes fresh mint. Cool song, then he filmed it as a music video and things did not work out I think. Nothing is fresh about the music video. Using flashy cars and dude clothes, jumping around the camera aimlessly. And then there is that dancer with great hair who looks like a body builder and doing things on her balcony that would be either strange in the West or an advertisement for a sex worker.

But it's not her fault, it's the vision of the director and the singer that went along. I still like Mostafa and like that he seems like easy going and not too pretentious. He comes across as a guy from a modest origins who made it. Maybe it's the pressure eon him to do what's popular by brining that sexy dancer and getting it on with her in public. Then all of sudden a bunch of guys come wanting to p[arty with his lady, and a little kid comes and gives them a bunch of mint--not flowers.   
مصطفي حجاج - يامنعنع الفيديو الرسمي - ( MOSTAFA HAGAG - Ya Mnana3- (official Music Video

"I Think Like A Westerner" Song By Tarek Issa

Here's is a young pop star who has an upbeat song about going made for his loved one. He is sweet and he starts his song with kisses and touches. Tarek Issa has no problem oversharing with his listeners. I like the beat and the music. Tarek sounds pretty good.

He has fallen in love with his home girl--he pledges to stay in love with her. As if Tarek has women from all over the world falling in love with him. As a dance song, I can see folks doing the Debka to his tunes. He also likes the Eastern ways of doing business. Yet the title of the song, I think like Western!

Tarek sounds like an expat but sings like one of these guys who have never been outside of his family's home.

طارق عيسى عقلي غربي / Tarek Issa 3a2ly gharby 2014

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Moroccan Song To Fall In Love With By @asmaabassite

At first Asma Bassite burst to fame by participating on Star Academy (2005) and singing there. Then this Moroccan vocalist took her fame to the MBC produced X Factorand there she withdraw from the program and made news. Asma blamed her withdrawal because one of the judges (Elissa) kept asking her to do songs that do not fit Asma's voice. Asma maintains that she respects Elissa but she should be the ultimate judge of what works best for her own voice.

I seems that Asma wanted to do more of Tarab songs, but the judge wanted her to do light pop songs.
Now, following in the footsteps of many of her countrymen, Asma doing a song with the Khaleej music market on mind. This is a light pop song that has a good beat--the kind that moves one's feet. I like the delightful Moroccan dialect. Asma has a candy like voice and I think she has a lot going right for her.

I detect the music style is for the Khaleej but the lyrics are meant for Morocco. I think the title is pretty clever, see and hear or just "listen!"
شوف إسمع - أسماء بسيط | Shoof Esma - Asma Bassite

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Sweet Salah AlZadjali Knocks Another One Out Of The Park #GHANNIET

Oman's most famous musician/singer Salah AlZadjali is back with a different kind of hit. A song so sweet and a music video so innocent that it's almost criminal not to watch. A cute story is hard to capture on video without coming across as a cliche. Salah and his team brought their song to live, told a good story and gave us an entertaining music video that feels authentic.

It feels like a music video made by friends and not models and crews. Salah cranks a hit about every two years. This time he goes with the romantic type. His first hit was everywhere four years ago, two years later he had a song that was dramatic. Now comes a song that mixes romance with a hint of drama.

Salah really looks lie a nice guy who finishes last. His music video captures him in real life being in love but awkward. It's sweet dream song that shows him falling in love with the girl next door. Salah puts on his acting face and plays the part well. He also sports a number of looks that make him cool. The music video shoes how in love timing matters. Salah gets caught in that cycle and the appearance of things can be tricky. He is singing because he could not channel his emotions using an other medium of communication.    

Salah AlZadjali - GHANNIET ( Exclusive Music Video) | (صلاح الزدجالي - غنيت (فيديو كليب حصري

Rotana Picks Iraqi Musician Anwar Dragh--He is Good!

Rotana is releasing a new music video for Anwar Dragh, a song about pomegranates. It's a nice colorful music video where nature takes center stage. This feels like a vintage song made best for Debka Dance--it sounds like something you would hear in Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. It's a nice dance song with vintage lyrics.

The singer is Anwar Daragh who is a composer that started to sing. And gladly he did a good job, his voice is pretty authentic and glad that Rotana picked him and released his album. He is a really good guy as I was told by a fellow Iraqi musician.

This song reminds of the pop songs that we used to get decades ago, they are not trying too hard and it sounds like an intimate song with little noise. Even the music video is relaxing.
Anwar Dragh … Fart Elroman Khedodah - Video Clip | انور دراغ … فرط الرمان خدوده - فيديو كليب

Rabeh Sager Celebrates All The Saudi Freedoms!

Rabeh Sager is a proud Saudi who made time to record a new love song for his home. I respect that. He loves his home and he enjoys its wealth and riches--unlike many non Saudi stars who do such songs for a paycheck. Rabeh is fitly rich so he does not do things for money. He is one of these authentic Saudi voices, really in an other country his style won't fly. But in Saudi and the Khaleej he is king.

It's Saudi national day and there is celebration all over the land and it's Hajj season and Eid, so there are many happy occasions to commemorate. Rabeh had a good year in 2015, which saw the release of his much anticipated album of more than 20 tracks. It was his first in more than a decade.
Rabeh Sager ... Ya Wajh Al Ard | رابح صقر ... يا وجه الأرض

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Arabia Hearts Moroccan Fadwa Al Malki @FADWAALMALKI

Here's a song and a music video that I knew nothing getting into. So I had no idea what to expect or what to look for. It's not like I know who Fadwa Al Malki is, I do not know everything in Arabic pop. But I like this Fadwa Al Malki and what she is trying to do. Sounds like a Moroccan star trying to do something fresh.

We know the top pop song in Arabia this year was Moroccan so, more and more are trying to channel this success. Fadwa Al Malki is a cool lady with a funky voice and a funkier style. So, she is a welcome addition to the music scene. This is a nice music surprise coming from the West side by an artist who has shown a lot of talent in her years of singing.

The music sounds like something you would hear on a video game, which is neat. Fadwa is not a new comer to music, she is been in the business since the late 90's--though mostly inside the Moroccan kingdom. She did make waves in Cairo in the mid 2000's. Now Rotana is working with her and producing her songs and music videos.
Fadwa Al Malki ... 7ila - Video Clip | فدوي المالكي ... حيله - فيديو كليب

The New Song By Old Ehab Tawfik Is Pop Gold!

Pop stars from the 90's refuse to die, and Ehab Tawfik is no different. He has been trying super hard to reclaim the number one spot for years, it alludes him. But he is promising a comeback with the help of the mighty Egyptian production house of Alam Alphan (with Mohsen Gaber on the helm) and Mazzika TV network.

I like Ehab, I know he is trying to make a living in the music business. So here's his latest single where it feels like a house song--something that was cool six years ago. But wait, the song takes a different direction 45 seconds in. I like it. The song has a faith rich title--nothing is too impossible for God. It's a song about an artists who is waiting for a miracle in love or career.

Ehab returns to his original style and tabs into his emotional reservoir. He does a decent job bringing out the sweetness and the hurt he has been feeling. It's a song that announces that he is nothing without his loved one. He is longing for that loved one, while his vocal performances is stunning, the music arrangement is confusing?

This song will be on Ehab's upcoming album. I like it and I think we may just have a celebrated comeback.
Mafesh Ba'eed Ala Rabena - Ehab Tawfik مفيش بعيد على ربنا - ايهاب توفيق

Roni Kassar Finds A Crush In College

Roni Kassar released a new single two weeks ago, and radio stations like it. It feels like a sweet song from a guy who has a crush on a college girl. Roni does a good job describing his lady crush in a non-creepy way. A sweet track with some upbeat tune.

Roni made a good song, not sure what comes next....hope he gets some gigs to perform this song along with his other tracks. He is a B list and he is contends with his status, hence, he makes songs for an A list. The title of the song is about happy accidents--we met by chance so random.

I like to support the little guy, but Roni managed to work with a household music composer Salim Salameh.

Roni Kassar - Sodfa Ltagena 2014 / صدفه لتقينا - روني كسّار

The Father Sings, So Does The Son And Now The Grandson!

Everyone in Egypt knows the iconic Sha'abi singer Ahmed Adaweya, he is a legend in singing folksy songs in simple Egyptian that made have been taboo then but now are considered classics. About ten years ago, the song Mohamed Adaweya launched his music career and he was pretty cool. In 2010 he did a song with his father that was decent and a second album. I am a fan for real.

During one of his concerts in Egypt Mohamed asked the audience to listen to his won song sing a live song for them. Ahmed Junior grabbed the microphone and fired away. The little kid is dressed just like his own father but named after his grandfather. The song of choice is a cover from his grandpa's past.

That was a fun moment and the audience and the band enjoyed it. The proud father was clapping for his son as he was delivering the song live. You have future kid!
الطفل احمد عدوية حفيد الفنان عدوية يغنى السح الدح امبو فى ساقية الصاوى حصريا

Monday, September 21, 2015

@azizelshaf3i Music Brings Together Touba & Nabil Nicely

Cool bike Nabil, nice ride Touba and an amazing location to shot this music video. No clue who these two artists are, but I like their new song. Nabil is looking so cool and rebellious, the lady is looking so stylish and innocent.

The song is about two people who are feeling both victims in this love story. As a song this song makes me feel it...there is a good mood and I am sold. This is a nice pairing for two new and upcoming artists who are signed with Free Music label under the supervision of Nasr Mahrous (directing here and wrote the lyrics). Aziz El Shafie wrote the music here and I must say I fall in love with his work once more.

I welcome the new arrival for these two young vocalists, I like their dialogue and their emotional depth.  This is an emotional track that people in a relationship will relate to. Someone wants to express every thought and feeling, the other does not feel the need to talk. The music of Aziz El Shafie allows them to communicate their emotions without music stealing the show. This is part of the brilliance.

TOUBA & NABIL - MENNAK LELLAH (Official Music Video) I توبا & نبيل - منك لله

I Hope @NabilMekkawy Doesn't Suck This Time! (Video)

New comer Moustafa Hagag released an album last year that we love din my family. One particular song we enjoyed over and over was his song about fresh mint and the hot vendor who sells them. You know mint is a basic ingredients in tons of perfumes.

I do not like, the lady in the balcony doing cheap dances to the masses--has little to do with reality. Then she is looking down on his loved one as she was gonna prey on him. Moustafa Hagag's outfit choices is a bit grey and not working out for me. I can live with the pink bike and the artificially looking set.

Not sure how much money the director Nabil Mekkawy was working with, but I have seen better work form hims beforehand. I still have not seen the full music video so I might be being rash. I do like the song, love Moustafa Hagag and I appreciate the talent of Mr. Mekkawy.

مصطفي حجاج - يا منعنع (برومو فيديو كليب) حصرياً | Moustafa Hagag - Ya Mna3na3 (Teaser) Exclusive

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tony Kiwan Serenades Yet Another Lady (Video)

Tony Kiwan has always been a flirty Lebanese force who likes to do his onw style and work on his own personal clock. While Tony has been a pop star for two decades, he remains one of the lesser known or lesser marketed talented in his country. Tony does not strike me as an aggressive self-promoter, though he has a good face, he seems to work within the radio era model.

Doing singles every now and then, not talking much about his work and concerts does not help. However, his fans know him and seek him out--they fly him all over the globe. Now he returns with a rare music video where he serenades his lady and makes her feel like the princess she is.

The beat is the safest you will get, it never bores you, the model is working on pulling the nerdy look--lose the glasses seems the message.

Tony Kiwan Chou Helwe طوني كيوان - شو حلوي هالعيون

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lebanese Ghady Is Feeling Very Gay Right Now!

Lebanese pop star Ghady is feeling very sexy right now and he does not mind undressing and sharing his body with the world where he leaves little to the imagination. Those abs are meant to kill! The Lebanese firefighter is not starting fires with his music.

Not only does he take off his own clothes, he has asked of his models to do the same thing. These revealing swimsuits are something new and the water and wetness is going places. This is a good song (other than the line about the prophet Jo is silly, but as music is is pretty decent.

Ghady grow up and stop using that fake tan. He is a good looking guy and he is making many ladies out there so happy, and with that lots of gay guys are savoring this latest music video.

Ghady - Btendam | غدي - بتندم

Oh, Janna! Amr Diab Teenage Daughter Sings Now!

So what her did the king of Arabic pop, but for Egyptian Janna, the daughter of the world-famous pop star singing is all in the genes. While it's true that Amr Diab had a song named after her in his last album. The teen wants to be a star of her own so she took to social media to perform a song in English.

She even speaks English not Arabic as if the world is watching. I do not have any comments on her voice or her talent, but Janna is hardly the first family member of a well--know singer to enter the business.
"جانا " بنت Amr Diab وهي بتغني .

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bollywood Meets Khaleej In This Epic Music Video For Abdallah Al Rowaished

Rotana just filmed a music video for Kuwait's statesman of music Abdallah Al Rowaished. Abdallah went to Indian and launched his song from a place and the streets of India. It's a huge production from an A list artist who manages to do something cool and give us a huge Bollywood production and incorporate it into his music video.

It's not secret that the music of India does play a part in shaping the music of Khaleej. But this time we get to hair a sweet duet and an Indian festival. seriously, this is a huge production.Rotana went out for this music video and to the best of my knowledge they have not turned it into one commercial like most of their music videos tend to be.

This is a good song from one hell of a musician. I think this feels like a 70 percent Indian song and 30 percent Khaleeji track. I love the actors, the dancers, the outfits and the showmanship. The little backstories keep the song moving and Abdallah is feeling the love. The set is wonderful designed and the music of Talal bring it all together. The storyboard or comics at the end are a nice touch.

Abdallah Al Rowaished ... Ma Sadag Khabar - Video Clip | عبد الله الرويشد ... ما صدق خبر - كليب

The Welcome Return of Hip Star Girini In "Da Habibi" @AbduGrini

Grini returns to much fanfare, this awesomely cool Moroccan hit-maker is back with a pop song that brings out the party in each one of his fans. He went with catchy Egyptian lyrics, kept his dope hair style and brought out dozens of young people to dance along. There's fashion and there's some cool outfits from this hip artist who sure can dance.

This feels like a whole new style of music to the star, it feels a bit like the funk from the 70s, it's a razzle dazzle...while the song is fast paced, the song is a decent showcase for Grini, it shows off a lot of his vocal talent aside from his hip appearance.

Grini is still cool even after ten years in the show business he still moves like magician who is unafraid to come across as a more of a Western performer than an Eastern one. But the director did a good job creative a sweet music video.

The song is worth the wait, we have not gotten a song from Grini in years now, this song is the right choice for a much needed comeback.  
جريني - ده حبيبي | Grini - Da Habibi

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Funnyman @GoRemy Goes To A Pastry Shop For His Baklava Song

Mr. viral or GoRemy has a new rap/song for Baklava. It's a funny yet another funny song from this world famous YouTube sensation. His sense of humor does not age (kinda of like Baklava) He plays a number of characters for the Baklava song.

His mom is back with her dance moves. Feel free to download his new song. From his hummus song to his Arlington rap Remy has done wonders of American pop culture injecting a bit of the old East in it. His humor, his songs are ageless and it makes me want to hear his next song and I am wondering what would he tackle next.
Baklava Song

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WATCH: Nawal El Zoghbi Bringing Sexy Back (And Fireworks)

Joe Bou Eid had his way with Nawal El Zoghbi and put his stamp on her resume. He filmed her latest music video in Romania and gave her the sexed up makeover she needed. The image is similar to her own look about ten years ago. Filmed in Romania and this is where the party is....

Nawal looks stunning in this music video filled with energy and festivities.  This is a big production and Nawal got in the best shape of her life to fit this bill. This is a party song that has so much fireworks....the frames are so fast chaining and each second has plenty of things going right for it.

I think this is how Nawal El Zoghby found her way back to the A list and the cool artists who are trend-sitters and hit-makers. She has always been a big name, now she adds a bit more sizzle. And Joe was the right guy to direct her in the music video and give her a new lease on life.

There are way too many locations, and too many outfits and dudes with shirts and it feels like a new year party meets a pool party and everyone is there to have a good time.

Ya Gadaa - Nawal El Zoghbi ياجدع - نوال الزغبى

The Most Perfect Man In Music Releases A New Single

Mohamed Nour is one of the best looking men in Egyptian pop. He really is. He looks like hehas been designed by a committee of women who wanted to create the perfect man. Handsome, but not over the top, muscular but not too much. He has hair! And his voice is the kind that makes one feels things. And did I saw he is tall and well dressed? And he has no problem talking about his emotions and what makes him happy and sad.

Did I forget anything else? And here's is new single from the lovable Egyptian pop star whose solo career is doing well but his resume with WAMA band is something to be proud of.
Mohamed Nour - Nehaya Tabe'eya | محمد نور - نهاية طبيعية

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Most Bizarre Entertainer in #Lebanon (Video)

No he is not a singer--at least that's not what we know him best for. He is a Lebanese hairdresser who spends his greatest time styling hair for celebrities, models and wealthy individuals around the Middle East. He is considered one of the top ten stylists in Lebanon by some magazine--it seems important to him.
We have loved him for years, but when he started singing and moving in a retro style on stage, people started cracking jokes as he was such an act. Audience were laughing at him and not sure how to deal with a guy who shakes it better than any female ever could. So far he was one song under his belt, but not enough jokes in the world can stop him from releasing few more. Hear him out talk about his latest songs, defending his choices and see a preview of that instant song that became famous for all the wrong reasons.

جو رعد: اللي إختشوا ماتوا!

Egyptian Women Are So Spicy Says One Chauvinistic Song

Her name is Bosy and she is a woman that is making a truck load of money in Egyptian entertainment. She started off as a singer, then she was a big hit at all these fancy Egyptian weddings. Eventually, movie producers courted her to sing promo songs for their movies, then she started to star in these films and the rest if history.

Bosy is promoting a new movie where she is accompanied by plenty of other women are either playing the sexy role or just dancing. So women have no roles in El Sobky films but to dance for the man, cheer him up or show him her skin. This is a challenge for you out there, name one good female character from El Sobky films.....

Bosy is dancing for a bunch of men--they only females you see in this promo are the ones who are dancing and the same goes for the men. Also, can you spot one good looking man? No, it's like they wanted to cast the least good looking men in Egypt but the hottest females.

And all of a sudden as a society in Egypt-they shy away from talking about street harassment and catcalls. Bossy, do these movies and songs you make help women? I do not think so. She is really in bed with all these jerks and criminals molesting women in the streets of Egypt.

Egypt is going to hell--and they are not the only ones.
اغنية " شطة نار / محمود الليثى " بوسي /- فيلم عيال حريفة " فيلم عيد الاضحي 2015

Behind The Scenes With Mohammed Assaf (Video)

Two months ago, Assaf released a music video that he filmed inside a refugee camp inside Lebanon. It was a good song, and got a lot of people talking about this Arab Idol. He is a talker for sure, he chooses the right words carefully like a seasoned politician. He knew his fancy life should not stop him from connecting with his people in Lebanese and throughout the camps in Palestine. Kids love this guy and so do the masses.

Watch behind the scenes and tell me, you do not see or feel the love....the guy is the man of the people, they love him and they come out for him, he parties with them, posed for pictures, carried their kids, and give them whatever healing he can afford. Sure, he is a business side, but he also does not overlook his people and their dreams.


Monday, September 14, 2015

"The Idol" New Movie Is A Biography of Assaf (Trailer Video) @MohammedAssaf89

The world-famous Palestinian Arab Idol returns with a new song. And it's the real money where it serves as an amazing vehicle for this plenty talented young artist. This once Assaf did the song he really wanted to do, not the one the studio made him do it. Asaf gave his album and it sold like hotcakes. But now comes the time for him to do the projects that he would be allowed to do.

This song "Mahma Sar"  a song where he unleashes his vocal muscles and sing about the person and the place he misses. While the music video focuses on Gaza and the beautiful face that we seldom see. The song is about love about memories we live. The song is pretty personal and Assaf seems to do his best to be the most passionate voice within him.

The music video shows the destruction in Gaza but the people's faces who have not been broken. This is supposed to be from an upcoming movie project where the lenses of Hany Abu-Assad captured this story. I guess this is the personal history of Mohammed Assaf as a little pop who came to be. I doubt this has filmed in Gaza, it feels like it has been shot inside Lebanon where plenty of the camps fill in for Gaza. There will be images form Gaza throughout he film...
محمد عساف - مهما صار | Mohammed Assaf - Mahma Sar

Music Lyricist, Composer and Arranger: Habib Shehadeh Hanna
كلمات وألحان وتوزيع: حبيب شحادة حنا
Mahma Sar – From the movie
The Idol – طير الطاير
Directed by Hany Abu-Assad
Written by: Hany Abu-Assad with Sameh Zoabi

Here Comes The Book! Dounia Batma In Tkhayaltak Ktheer @DouniaBatmaA

Dounia Batma may have a strange personality, but she has always had this warm voice and graceful demeanor. The young artist from Morocco who almost won Arab Idol's first season more than three years ago, is back with such a wonderful song.

Here song is about being late to realize the importance of your loved one that has moved on. Aside from a warm song that feels a lot classier than any others songs she has done in the past, she is looking stunning. That dresses she is wearing and earrings tell tales of her unrivalled sense of style and her huge finances.

The dialect of choice for the song allows for more people to make sense of this perfectly crafted track that blends romance with the blues. This is certainly a new direction for a talented pop star who is competing with dozens of other talents out there. It feels like a poem sang with beautiful music that moves one's heart.
تخيلتك كثير - دنيا بطمة | Tkhayaltak Ktheer - Dounia Batma

Now Hiba Tawaji's Sees The Children Of Refugees @hibatawaji @OussamaRahbani

Hiba Tawaji has a big heart. She now tackles the issue of refugees and homeless ones. This is a human song that is fitting to a number of Arab countries. Syrians can relate to this song, and so do Iraqis and Palestinians. Lebanese may feel it as well. This song is about the little children of refugees who can be seen driving around the streets of Lebanon.

Street beggars, washing cars, selling stuff on the side of the road...etc. Some of them even have jobs and have give up on their dreams. As a song produced and put together by the house of Rahabni, it shows some responsibility on their side. Ghady wrote and Oussama composed. It's a serious problem in Lebanon and sadly, the elite in Lebanon have no solution. The common man in the streets does not see this as a good sign.

This is a moving song that humanizes the little ones, Lebanon hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees, but it's a small and a not very rich country. To be honest Lebanon has done more for the refugees that these rotten Khaleeji states who have the means. I only wish more of those celebrities would do things for the little ones. These kids do not have to drown had we not felt so stubborn about political matters. There's no right or wrong, but when kids start to get hurt, we collectively fail.

I salute the artists for releasing this song now, I like how they made them no more faceless by naming one Rami, he became the subject of the song and his work in the bakery shop. Not sure what to make of the French subtitle, but I will take it. This is the magic of the house of Rahbani, they make their music with a timeless appeal. So ten years form now, this song would still be celebrated, twenty more? Sure. This way they does not make reactionary songs, just broader themes songs that speak to different people.
Hiba Tawaji - Awlad El Chawareh / هبه طوجي - اولاد الشوارع

Lyrics: Ghady Rahbani
Music: Oussama Rahbani
Produced By Oussama Rahbani 2015©

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Soccer, Women, Music And Pigs Make Up This Egyptian Movies

This Eid like every Eid, there will be few movies in the movie theaters around Egypt wanting to empty the pockets of film goers. El Sobky film production makes sure to have at least one movie competing for the box office.

El Sobky family has been making the same movie with the same loose plot for the last five years and the idiots reward them for it. A belly dancer with a heart of gold, a sexy lady that all the guys want to be with, a very nice guy who always does the right thing, and a sleazy character. Not to forget the music have wedding songs done in the Sha'abi taste and that comic relief. It's a formula that has been used and it works.

This time El Sobky family made the same movie but this time, they made it about soccer and some misfits ladies in shorts wanting to play ball.
اعلان فيلم " عيال حريفة - / فيلم عيد الاضحي 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Next Amr Diab Sings An Old Song Of Amr Diab's

Ramy Sabry has always been a big fan of Egyptian pop star--he is one of the tens of millions of fans. But Ramy has two things going right for him, he is a composer/singer and he happens to look a bit like the pop legend himself.

While those two artists have separate careers and have met a lot of success, Ramy has not escaped being compared to Amr Diab, in almost every other interview they ask him if he is trying to be the next Amr Diab.

Amr Diab has been doing songs for the past 30 plus years, Ramy has been doing the same for the past ten. One different remains, Ramy Sabry composes songs for his peers in the pop scene, Amr Diab has yet to do so.

See Ramy Sabry do a cover of a beloved Amr Diab classic during one of his concerts in 2013
رامي صبري اغنيه تملي معاك للفنان عمرو دياب - بورتو مارينا 2013
Tamally Maak - Amr Diab تملى معاك - عمرو دياب

Friday, September 11, 2015

Melhem Zein (The Guy Who Doesn't Want To Sing) Releases A New Song

Melhem Zein is a cool vocalist with a huge fan base. The charming Lebanese artist who seems to be liked by everyone speaks about being bored with the music scene often. It seems to me he is slowly transitioning into the business world.

Abu Ali is his other name and the down to earth star release a new song. A mellow track which is a departure for his loud and party dance songs he has been doing. Melhem has done a number of Iraqi songs that were well-received.

This is a new song from Melhem talking about what could have been, it's a dark song about sour love stories. I guess the music is cool, the piano gives the new track a classy feel and Melhem is good for that style. This song is a tear-jerker for those novices to love.
Melhem Zein - Lamma L Haki [Audio] / ملحم زين - لما الحكي

Abdel Fattah El Grini Refuses To Lose His Signature Hair @AbduGrini

Abdel Fattah El Grini did release many hits throughout his music career of ten years. The hip artist has something else heis well-known for-his hair. His Arab Afro is a brand of its own and the star often jokes that he sleeps in one room and his hair in another.

We have not heard from this pop star in a very long time, but it looks he is ready to give us a piece of him and it will be a new song. The awesome news, there will be a big name attached to the song which is Lebanese producer Hadi Sharara. This is great news for fans of this cool Moroccan star whose last gig was to host the Coke Studio show.

Here's the promo for his new single, and its filled with humor and the hair takes center stage. Let's wait to see this hit in the making and thanks Girni for showing a sense of humor about his hair that brings him a lot of questions.  
جريني - ده حبيبي - قريباً | Grini - Da Habibi Promo

@JaneKonsol Makes Swimsuits More Fitting In Nice Than #Lebanon

Jane Konsol sees herself as a dancer, an artist, a model, a stage performer and more. Last month this famous person threw a fashion show for her new line of swimwear. The coastal city of Tyre is where Jane grew up so the beach is really important for her.

No wonder Jane is all about showing off as she has participated in; Miss Lebanon 2009; Miss Intercontinental Berlin 2012 ,Miss Bikini Universe 2013 and my latest participation was Miss Arab Beauty Pageant 2014. So she is very comfortable showing some skin to the masses.

This explains why her swimsuits are so revealing. Anyhow she took over a city mall and threw this big show. Naturally there were tons of guys who act sophisticated or act as if they are some businessmen and not some sleazy dudes. I do not know much about Jane, she is now talking about some upcoming songs, I hope to see them and hope to like them. But welcome to Lebanon where people like to do a million thing all at once.

جاين قنصل | تطلق الـ Swimwear Line الخاص بها | Jane Konsol

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Listen: My Hot Lebanese Romance Chadi-Ibrahim "Mich-Kermalek"

Shady Ibrahim just made Roa's day....he is that really sweet voice, handsome looking, and manly man. I do not know much about him, but I like what he has to sing about. He has a smooth song where everything fits together.

The vocal quality of this star promise a lot of actually please the mind, the heart and the soul. Just look at his picture, and hear his voice, and you got a Lebanese summer hit to play in your car as you cruise with the windows rolled down sipping on a cold beverage. I like how he chances gears and allows his voice to offer a combination of sweet, tang, bitter, loving, caring and suicidal all at once.

Shady Ibrahim - Mech Kermalik 2014 / شادي ابراهيم - مش كرمالك

Arab Idol Runner up Ahmed Gamal Back With A New Music Video @IdolAhmedGamal

Ahmed Gamal did great things on the set of Arab Idol more than two years ago. He had that every young Egyptian man look and sounded so good. The young talented even could play the Oud and compose some music. But still he has not shown his potential. The smiling singer does keep his big smile coming and he feels like a seasoned pop artist.

I think this new song and music video fro him will do the trick. He sounds so likable and so flirty. It's a shame he had to whitewash his love interest. And he has put so much makeup on his face to look the part--it's like he is ashamed of his dark Egyptian skin. I have seen this music video storyboard if not a 100 times, a thousand times. So originality is missing here.

When Ahmed Gamal fans look like him, why does he go bring a foreigner to be his love interest? Is this not low self-esteem?  Also while he sings for Egypt and sings how great Egypt is--like his song for the Suez Canal. He felt the urge to go away form Egypt to film this music video. Why everything you see in this clip, you can find in Egypt why did he have to fly to Amsterdam?

Ahmed Gamal, you are a big talent, two words for not let people use you and do not forget your talent, you can do pop but also other serious songs, be the male Amal Maher.
Edhaky - Ahmed Gamal إضحكى - احمد جمال

A Hilarious Video! Indie Music Meets 90's Pop Kid

Egyptian singer Medhat Saleh has just shown that he is a cool guy. In a new promo video he appears along two of Egypt's hottest indie artists Zap Tharwat (rap artist) and Amir Eid (indie rock from Cairokee band) and together they made this hilarious video.

You see Medhat Saleh is considered the first pop artist and the first singer to release a music video--he did that in the late 80s. This video is promoting a new network called "IN" carried by a cellular network provider.

Then came 2011 and Amir and Zap shot to fame. Now the two get to be seen together making fun of each other and looking like good friends. Medhat plays the unwanted guest who wants to party with the cool kids. Then he does a bit of his beloved classic song.

معلش يا استاذ مدحت بس IN للشباب بس

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Egyptian Pimps And Hoes Sing In El Sobky Whorehouse Film

Women in Egypt are still likened to food and people are cool with it. Here's what is trending in Egypt now. A movie for the Eid is about to be released and to promote it, there is a song that feels like somebody has slapped you with a bag of shit on you face. In this song he calls the lady--let's call her that a piece of candy, a cookie, Jordan Almond and a pussy cat.

The song is with that Armenian dancer that's shaking all of herself for the pleasure of the massed in Egypt. And the guy whose voice is causing all the rioting is none by the Mahmoud Al Leethy. This is a trashy film with gutter quality cast. The plot seems to have some sports and ladies playing soccer and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

اغنية بونبوناية /- محمود الليثى " صوفينار / فيلم عيال حريفة / فيلم عيد الاضحى 2015

Momma Qammar Shows Off Her Hot Bikini!

Lebanese baby's momma Qammar or Ammar has not done a song for few years. She did appear in a film where she sang more than two years ago. but an album has not been released for her in some time now Qammar is still trying to get the father of her little man to accept to take paternity test. This seems like an old story that never gets old. the little boy is now in school and his wealthy alleged father still denies he is the father.

Egypt cannot force a man to take a paternity test in the absence of a contract. Since This business guy allegedly slept with Qammar without signing any papers which in the eye of the ludicrous Egyptian law, she is just a whore. Well, Qammar stood up and still fighting the good fight. Do I think what she did with the guy is right no? Do I think the man denying his own blood is right no! Both are at fault here, but the bigger sin is not to own up to one's action.

Marwan Gamal is full of shit....and now Qammar did something new. She held a photo shoot with a Lebanese publication where she was wearing nothing but a swimsuit showing off her body like that. This was not even a music video or a movie, just something Qammar wanted to do and share with the world.
Al Jaras - Singer Amar قمر ترقص بالمايو

Khaleejis Are More Prepared For Orgies Than Wars

I laugh when I see Khaleeji men act all tough and manly. Few tribes in Yemen is fighting back agasaint half a dozen armies invading their country. See, the Saudis and the Emirates have gone to war agasaint Yemen. The goal is to liberate the country from its own people and installing a friendly regime.

It's tough to deny this, but they have droves of weapons and fancy gadgets in those tow countries, Yemenis do not have anything, just the will and justice. This worked for them. In one day dozens of army officers from Saudi, the UAE and Kuwait perished invading their brothers. These army officers have brought death to Yemen,  not peace.

I do not mourn them. Their party crazed leaders who sent them to their fate re to be held accountable. They Khaleej thought Yemen would be an easy target, it wasn't. The generals in the armies of Saudi Arabia and UAE have never seen a real war and they are best prepared for orgies than for war. This is why they suck at it. Plus Yemenis, are willing to die for their countries, what are these invading offers willing to die for? They are not fighting to defend their own country, but rather fighting to install an out of touch regime that has been rejected by the people.

If this leader the Saudis want to run Yemen was any popular why is he hiding in Saudi Arabia and not among his people in Yemen? I do not hate Saudi Arabia, or any other country, I just hate it when they do stupid things.

I wrote this because I just saw a new song/poem propaganda piece done for the UAE's army and leadership. It's a show off piece. The funny thing is that there are tons of mercenaries fighting on behalf of all countries involved.
قدام يالقوات ( كليب ) - المجموعة | Gdam Yal Kwat ( Clip ) - Group

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meet "The Octopus Of The Oud" Abadi El Johar

He has the coolest titel among his Arab pears, he goes by "the octopus of the lute-oud" How cool is that? Abadi El Johar, also goes by another title "the ambassador of sorrow" because his brings a man closer to his tears. But his skills to play the oud is something not to ignore. He is a master in this and I love how cool his ouds tend to be. He owns 51 of them all at home and each of them serves a purpose.

Abadi El Johar is a Saudi and he has been singing, but he also likes to read old Arabic poetry and study the history. How did he decide to sing? A really personal story, his mom was being seein in hospitals in Egypt and since they spent a great deal of money on the visits to the hospitals, Abadi took an offer to sing in Egypt paying him a 1000 Egyptian pound. that allowed him to support himself while caring for his mother.

He wrote a dozne of songs and music for a list Arab pop stars among whom Asalah Nasri, Samira Said, Abbas Ibrahim, Aseel Omaran and not to forget the legendary Talal Maddah. Here is the man performing one of his songs live. No wonder he is a king-maker of Gulf music and his fane and respect has traveled outside the gulf where most of his focus has been.

عبادي الجوهر - شعاع الشمس

Back To School! The Best Music Videos With Schools!

September is the month to go back to school, for everyone else it's the Fall season and pumpkin time. I wanted to explore Arabic songs that take place in school--there are so many of them really. I just wanted to share them with you from my memory. These songs are classics and and some of them were part of films. What's curious is that Egyptian pop star Mohammad Fouad has two songs in this group.

I think this is a bittersweet moment for me, as I have not gone to school for a long time and I remember the best part about it it being one with old friends and favorite teachers. It was fun and now I see it. The songs below are some of the most memorable pop songs that either talk about schools, education or take place inside a school.

محمد فؤاد في أغنية عم حمزة

تامر حسنى . كريم محسن . مليش بعدك من فيلم عمرو وسلمى

محمد فؤاد - الحب الحقيقي (فيديو كليب) Mohamed Fouad - El Hob El Haqiqi (Music Video) l

Diana Haddad - "Waily" [Music Video] ديانا حداد - ويلي

شخبط شخابيط نانسى عجرم Nansy Ajram - Shakhbat Shakhabeet

Kadim Al Saher Ila Tilmiza كاظم الساهر - الى تلميذة

Yasmin Abd El Aziz - El Dada Dody / ياسمين عبد العزيز - الداده دودي

اغنيه استاذ حمام ليلى مراد

Monday, September 7, 2015

Listen: Legend Farid al-Atrash And His Best Songs

The Syrian legend, the lute player, the composer, the singer, and the heart breaker who is unlike no other, Farid al-Atrash is a big deal. He is not for everyone out there, but those who truly appreciate him, know good and authnitic voice and melody when they hear it. You have to reach a certain level of zen to begin to connect with Farid. To be honest, as a young boy, I did not think the he was that great, but then a uncle of mine whom we used to work together kept playing his songs.

Years later, I am a fan. He is also an accomplished actor with box office movies that have outlived the oldest person in your family. Here' are ten of his better known songs--try hundreds of them. His stature is too big and his career is too long to condense on one YouTube video, but this is a great start that will introduce you to this hardcore Arab singer. Keep on mind, his own sister was also a singer and have had a tragic life--Asmahan.

The entire family has a royal blood, and their music has made them kings of their time. Farid al-Atrash was not too keen on getting married--he has always argued that marriage kills the art. He passed away in 1974 after struggling with his heart--for the last 30 years of his life he had issues with it. He passed away in a Lebanese hospital in Beirut--after two days from returning to London. The legend was buried in Cairo.

لمحبي فريد الأطرش، اخترت لكم 10 أغنية جميلة من فريد

Listen: Nariman's Suicidal Love Song @AhmedIbrahim_II

I like a bit of Spanish guitar mixed with some French Harmonica....this is how Nariman sees it best fit in her new single. You know when you break up, you think you are not done. Or perhaps the feeling that you are unable to move forward with your life. For those who have lived that moment, they can tune in and check out Nariman.

Good voice for a dark song that lacks hope, the song that many may play before they take their own lives. But Nariman's picture is about hope....and she looks like she has a lot of live for. The producer who should get most of the credit for this delightful track is the Cairo based arranger Ahmed Ibrahim. This song makes splash for a young artist who is trying to stand out from the pack...she does. Will it last? I hope Nariman has a lot to offer.

ناريمان - الحال ده مش نافع

Sunday, September 6, 2015

All Tamer Hosny's Songs From His Movies (Videos)

This song was so rich and so wise, a song about life, it appeared in Tamer's first roles in movies. It was a song about life with all its high and low points. Tamer Hosny had to earn it then, and he did, he made a name for himself back then and it was fun. The film was "Halet Hob" produced in 2003.
Elhayah - Tamer Hosny الحياه - تامر حسني
Tamer Hosny - 3yono dar / تامر حسني- عيونه دار

In 2005, Arabia was due for a hit movie and a hit song that was given to us by Tamer Hosny, a film that was so cool, and so new to us. Sure there was plenty of romance, but there were a lot of fun factors that made that film memorable. "Sayd Al'atfy" There were three songs and two of them are now considered pop classics. One romantic song is a classic first dance song.
Tamer Hosny - kol mara / تامر حسني- كل مره
Tamer Hosny- nour 3eny /تامر حسني- نور عيني
Tamer Hosny - Baseta -

Here comes the 2007 and commercial films for Tamer Hosny, a movie that he had to make because it paid too well. "Omar and Salwa" was a turning point in the career of Tamer Hosny as a singer, now he was so safe and so well-received. There were four songs in this film, only one is a song that stuck around and considered a plus.

Tamer Hosny - Sotek / تامر حسني - صوتك

Ergaaly - Tamer Hosny / ارجعلي - تامر حسني

'Ereft Elly Feha / عرفت اللي فيها

Tamer Hosny - Allah Yabrakely feek / تامر حسني - الله يباركلي فيك

Came 2008 and Tamer Hosny was still hot, he teamed up with his pal and former co-star Zaina and together they made a cliche film "Captin Hima" The song is best remembered as the film that featured that song for which Tamer Hosny has to defend the song and perhaps even apologized for. The song and music video where he is pointing to various body parts of his female co-star.

تامر حسني روح قلبي Tamer Hosny Ro7 Alby
Tamer Hosny - Aktar haga / تامر حسني - اكتر حاجه

 تامر حسني عمرها حصلتلك

And yes in 2009, Tamer Hosny has done his first sequel in "Omar and Salwa 2" This is when they got married and have kids, but then there is jealousy. I do not think there were any hits in these songs! just songs where Tamer Hosny thinks he is too important and he is too many things. At this point, people start having their overload. The best song on this film is the one where new comer Karim Mohsen makes a comer and steals the show--giving birth to the next pop artist.

Dehktha Mabethazarsh - Tamer Hosny ضحكتها مبتهزرش - تامر حسنى

خنتك امبارح - حفلة - تامر حسنى

Tamer Hosny - Malesh baadak / تامر حسني - مليش بعدك

2010, we saw a decent film emerge from Tamer Hosny "Noor Ainy", a perfect film where drama, meets romance and comedy. Filmed in between Lebanon and Egypt, it was one of his best films and we did walk away with few good songs. Tamer Hosny had to work hard and come up with good songs, which he did here.

Lawel Mara - Tamer Hosny لأول مره - تامر حسنى

Ya Waheshny - Tamer Hosny ياوحشنى - تامر حسنى

Yana Ya Mafish - Tamer Hosny يا أنا يا مافيش - تامر حسنى

Clip Tamer Hosne - Awel Youm تامر حسني - أول يوم

"Omar and Salma 3" was released in 2012 and it was not a decent film. The same cast returned and there were few additions. More jokes and more weak plot. Anywho, here are the songs from this film, I think there were many songs in it, I think none of them are memorable.

Tamer Hosny - Bent Lazeena / بنت لذينة - تامر حسني

عاطشيف و فاتشين إللى هي (عاطف و فاتن) من عمر و سلمي 3

Garah eih ya 3eny - Tamer Hosny جري ايه يا عيني - تامر حسني

Tamer Hosny - Altely Nab3ed / قالتلي نبعد - تامر حسني

نص لمحه من فيلم عمر و سلمي 3 Nos Lamha from Omar and salma 3