Friday, May 31, 2013

WATCH: Official Music Video "Eyyam" Warda AL Jazayria - HD / وردة الجزائرية - إيام

A team of Algerian talents, and family members of the late Algerian icon Warda got together to bring out her last song, this was never released before. And to be true to the song, this had to be a very fine production worthy of the late diva. The song and the music video were released in the first anniversary of her departure. Her son and his sister took over the project and they seem very protective of their mother and her legacy.

The song is about the days, and the pain one sees. The song is about do overs and second chances. Had we knew our ends, we would not have been mad with people. Thins would have been eased and fixed among family and friends. A good song with incredible lyrics.

The surprise was the use of the animation and in reverse footage about the time. I love the affects and the fine blending between the real and the virtual stories. Well done folks, they have made a song that makes one wants to watch and learn. The music video shows family members caught in fights and Pickering not realizing that all of us have numbed days here. .The Algerian flag flies high and the so many stories told deliver an emotional experience. Not to forget the epic war scene and the transition.

The director came from a background with cinema as he is a movie maker who felt honored to be in charge of this project. Aside from that, the acting and the talents accept nothing but their finest performance--even the little girl. Algeria is making a big step in honoring one of its one of the better known icons. There are moments where it's not a shame to tear up as you watch the stories unfold.

This song closes one of the proudest chapters in the Arabic song! It's the chapter where the fireworks fly high into the sky and never leave.


A Music Legend You Must Know Ellie Shweiri ايلي شويري

Ellie Shweiri is the son of Beirut, he was born and came to sing in the era of Oum Kalthoum and Mohammed Abdel Wahab and other legends, he is one of the shaper of Lebanese song early on. He is a beloved hit maker of Lebanese song with amazing Arabic melodies that he crafted.

Ellie has also sang many songs for Lebanon and its beauty. As his mom was dressing him up to go to school, they would listen to the old songs on the record player. His home was surrounded by olive trees and natural scenes. His career took off in Kuwait when he was visiting and ended up in the radio playing his songs with the help of other Egyptian and Kuwaiti composers.

In 1963 he would be on a music festival with his band at home. Then he met the beloved Lebanses composer Romeo Lahoud who promised to give him a role in one of his plays, then he would meet the house of Rahabni who will help him get his name out there as he honed his talent. He would act and sing in 25 plays with the production of the Rahbani brothers.

Years later he would go it alone and record his own work and express his frustrations with the 1975 civil war in Lebanon. He would meet Sabah and he would collaborate with her. Then the Syrian government calls on him for concerts. He had so many of them and his fame and lifestyle improves.

He has a sweet voice made for flirty romantic songs, he would also give songs to Magda El Roumi, Sabah and Samira Tawfik seek him. His best pal is composer Melhim Barakat as they share a lot in common. He is a legend among his peers, and his true talent lives one shaping young minds. He has more than 1500 works, addressed issues of romance, humanity, and patriotism.

Ellie comments on issues of the day like he did in January 2012 when he blamed Gulf money for ruining Arabic music heritage. He strikes me as an Arab nationalist, he is a dreamer who belived Arabs Muslims and Christians can create a wonderful world together.

ايلي شويري _ رقصت الحلوين

ايلي شويري - يا ناس حبوا الناس

ايلي شويري : وصلوا الحلوين

Thursday, May 30, 2013

WATCH: Najwa Karam - Ykhalili Albak Clip BEST Music Video / نجوى كرم - كليب يخليلي قلبك

The number one Lebanese diva who counts among her fan base, the young and old. the home boy and the pretty boy, the guy and the gal, Najwa Karam has a new music video out and no surprise she looks at her finest. And the music video follows a sold out concert in Morocco's largest music festival.

You cannot really overlook her fashion and her style, she always knows how to rock the boat and her outfits are often classy and stunning at the same time. She is the diva Lebanon loves so much, yet she does not get up on one's face about her stature. A great comeback music video that will cheer up her fan base.

This is a love song where passion and innocent love meet, I love some of the sets in the music video, they have so much colors and go well with her red dress. Najwa is one of those pop stars whom the camera fears not the other way around. Did you see that white dress and gorgeous makeup work she sports? Not to skip the fun dances that keep the music video energizing.

And at the end, she lives up to her name, the sun of the Arabic song. I think this is the best work I have seen for Lebanese director Fadi Haddad who has hits and misses.

Najwa Karam - Ykhalili Albak Clip / نجوى كرم - كليب يخليلي قلبك

WATCH: The Gender Song #قصي - حواء | Qusai Feat. Ayzee - EVE

Saudi rapper who rapped in America continues his way of bringing about the inevitable change by bringing out a song about them ladies. It's a smooth rap song about the role of genders in one man's life. It's a complex subject and rappers have historically have no been the greatest to talk about women.

Eve, is the title of this song. I like the Ayzee he brings something fresh and something more R&B to the track. This is a good single from a guy whose roots are well known but also knows the role of women should be strengthened. There are so many ladies in the music video but they maintain their respect and dignity throughout the song.

I like the tribute and I like how he recognizes all the achievements of them Arab women. And the freedoms they have secured.  
#قصي - حواء | Qusai Feat. Ayzee - EVE

Listen: Shamya 2013 Single اغنيه شاميه - بلاش كلام | جديد 2013

Not feeling this new breakout single by Egyptian new comer pop Shamya. I do not like people who sound to whiny. I do not enjoy people's loss and misery, she has a good voice, but this song does not help her show that.

I feel she sounds like Mona Abdel Ghany and Fayrouz Karaway. A grown up voices that sings about women stuff -not girls. Her song plays like one would look at the rare view mirror. We are all wiser once we have been screwed over by someone or by an event. Having said that, this is a warm voice with a chance to do something good. But it has become a lot harder now to get peoples attention.

اغنيه شاميه - بلاش كلام | جديد 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Listen: New Wael Jassar Ayam (Albi w Albak) | 2013 | جديد وائل جسار ايام

The underrated romance hit-maker Wael Jassar is the sort of entertainer who works in silence, records a solid album and gives it to the producing company to do the magic. He does not talk too much about his work, even through he could if he wanted to. Instead he allows us to first enjoy the music he made. And yes he makes heartwarming songs that come from the deep.

This is the first thought when I gave his new album teaser listen. The lead song that has been making the rounds is "ayyam" or days. Your hear and mine have become like mountains that are never meet to cross paths. This song touches your soul pats your heart gently as it lets reflects on those super sweet yet heartbreaking lyrics. Those loving lyrics are made to perfection with the convincing voice of the helpless romantic Wael Jassar has always been able to exhibit.

Wael Jassar - Albi w Albak 2013 / وائل جسار - قلبي والبك

Download: Adel Mokhtar New Album البوم عادل المختار - الافندى

The Arabic word Mokhtar is means the chosen one, and Adel has that as his last name. When it comes to Iraqi pop he is OK, but when it comes to be part of the biggest Arabic music production companies he is the one. Rotana signed Adel and pushed him toward the Gulf market.

Iraqi pop has been making a big splash in the past five years--thanks to friendly audience and big music studios based in Dubai. So, they keep bring out their stars and the Khalij enjoys the similar yet exotic musical taste Iraqis have developed.

Iraqi blues is what I like, Iraqi dance songs is what most seem to appreciate. Adel Mokhtar is bringing it all together on his 9 tracks album whish has just been released.

01 - La Tr7am
02 - El Afandy
03 - Ya Raby Ya Satar
04 - Oreidh El Youm
05 - 3la Kefey
06 - Hamoud
07 - El Boneh
08 - Toley Ya Lelah
09 - El Moshkla

عادل المختار الافندي

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LISTEN: "The Voice" Mourad Bouriki--Ya Sayidaty -{Classy }- مراد بوريقى - يا سيدتى

There are few Arab male singers who are good at serenading a woman and making her feel a like a million dollar by making other women feel jealous as we celebrate that given women. The Iraqi singer Kathem has done well in this style and so has his country man Majid Al Mohandis. There are other names who are lesser known but they do well in serenading a women they love.

Now, there's a new kid on the block who can make a women feel like a princess with a place he made out of his heart. I am speaking of the Moroccan winner of the the Voice--first season. Mourad Bouriki who is starting his career just this year. The guy has a classy voice like the ones they are good at in Damascus. He is the very old school, the real Arabic music prior to the invention of those modem music instruments and technologies. The song reads like a love poem from a very ancient (yet lovely) time. 

A great choice for this skillful artist who has the friendship and talent of a half a dozen artists combined in one. He shows a great deal of class and grace as he lets the song and its lyrics lead him--he does not get in the way.  By the way Morocco also one the X Factor with their unique talent Mohamed Al Rifiy. 

Mourad Bouriki--Ya Sayidaty --- مراد بوريقى - يا سيدتى Shiwaw

مراد بوريقي يغني يا سيدتي

Monday, May 27, 2013

WATCH: Cyrine Abdel Nour - Habaybi {HOT}/ سيرين عبد النور - حبايبي

The Lebanese entertainer with the most perfect face, the cross talented actress, songstress and so much more Cyrine Abdel Nour is out with her new music video for the song that released few months ago about the loved on in her life. It's a happy song about those who make our life worth living.

The drama is present in the music video and the fancy shots make it a fairy-tale not your average music video. Cyrine brings out her good looks, energy and best positive outlook in life to make this song stand out--she really has not made a new song in years, so it makes since for the artist to go out for this song that hit it big.

I do not know where they filmed it--but my guess somewhere on the Mediterranean. The styles and fashion for the artist is another testament to her  high class taste.

Cyrine Abdel Nour - Habaybi / سيرين عبد النور - حبايبي

The Intriging Rap Of Mc Gaza

Rappers get little respect and appreciation in Palestine, yet the never stop rapping about Palestine and the issues of concern to them. Mc Gaza is one of those young men living in Gaza and rappi9ng about his frustration. He loves a place that has never shown him a good day. A place that did little for him other than toughing him up.

I think Mc Gaza is really talented with the flow and the rage. He is fast dropping those dazzling lines of his songs. I am a fan of how he comes us with those poetic and clever raps he crafts. He has little resources and virtually no support yet he is quietly building his fan base using the social media as a primary outlet.

See him rap about coming back to Gaza, with all its imperfection and misery, home is calling.
Mc Gaza - I'm Back To You (video)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Take This Macho Song By Zein Shaker

Becasue he did a song about a transgender whom he married, we know about Lebanese singer and musicians Zein Shaker. He is smart to do that song and now his name is out there, the free publicity works. Now comes his most mainstream followup song.

A song about a macho man who would do anything for the approval of the lady he loves. A typical Lebanese passionate song with a dance beat. I will walk like Bou Ali does--Bou Ali is the caricature for the manly man in Arabic culture. I would tear down this world for you, and give you my man word sings Zein. 

The song is fun to dance too, but guys may like the lyrics  but I find it hard to imagine women like such song.


Friday, May 24, 2013

What's Your Favorite Song By Elissa?

I have taken a car ride for thirteen hours and so I was able to listen to a lot of great songs--Roa likes the Lebanese happy songs with a hint of sadness I like most songs, until they start to shout or the music gets too noisy. Some nice and soft songs work well fro the road, but then sometimes you need something that keeps you alert and not put your eyes or your mind to sleep.

But among the song selection I planed, was one particular song by Elissa that stood out to me. It might be the right moment or the sitting, but I felt the song was one of her finer choices where one can see she makes you believe the lyrics and the emotions she invokes. She has made scores of good songs, some of them get weaker with time, others only sound better with time.

You might not even be a fan of hers, but surely, she has one song that speaks to you.

So, the song is below and before it a piece of poetry and then the song comes--Law Baseet Odamak---I'm Right In Front Of Your Eyes. I found the song to be very real and the poetry right before it kicks in, sets the mood. What do you think of this song and what other worthy songs of her that you like? Please share.

لوبصيت لاليسا بالشعر

Download: Omeima El Khalil "Zaman" Album 2013 زمن أميمة خليل

She is a gifted and versatile Lebanese diva with the warmth of the sung and the intelligence of a think tank. She is known for her music and her live performances that put listeners at ease while serving them doses of sophistication and class.

This time she is out with her fourth album, Zaman or time. She was well known for her work with Marcel Khalifé whom she met at a young age. She was one of his main vocalist and together they made great (and timeless) music. Now with the help of her four musician friends who helped her come out with the best music formula for this truly impressive album. This year, she would have been performing live for 27 years!

Oumeima’s first live performance, was at the age of 16 (1981) in 16 American States. One of the poshiest performances she was involved in was at “Places des Arts” in 1992. She sang in many countries such as: America and Canada (5 times); Europe (Twice); Australia (once); Africa (once); Moscow (once); Algeria; Tuisia; Morocco; Emirates; Libya; Bahrain; Oman; Kuwait; UAE; Egypt; Sudan. Oumeima had countless performances in Lebanon: Beit al Dine; Unesco Palace; Assembly Hall (AUB); Pierre Abou Khater Theatre USJ…

This time she is the sole act, wrapped in real live music. She is singing one text of the celebrated late Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish. The album has nine songs the lyrics and the music are the work of many seasoned Lebanese and Syrian composers and musicians. Beirut received her album with cheers and excitement  Watch her speak on camera about what she feels. Her album addresses the dreams, romance, frustration and chaos

Tabaa El Wosta (الطبقة الوسطى (04:05
Niyalak (نيالك (03:05
Rasayel (رسايل (04:11
Thilalouna (ظلالنا (03:42
Hatha (هذا (05:31
Fi Akher Al Ashyaa (في آخر الأشياء (04:49
Leh (Revisited) (ليه (03:51
Bint W Sabi (بنت وصبي (05:50
Arifou Biladan (أعرف بلاداً (04:41

To download the album Go Here

Oumeima El Khalil - TABAA EL WOSTA أميمة الخليل - الطبقة الوسطى

 أميمة الخليل تطلق ألبوم "زمن"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Khalij's Finest Chick Pop Import

Nihad aba Rudy is a young talent from the Gulf whose effort to make good music has not gone unnoticed, but she needs to do more. If you Google the artists, you should be ab;e to find their picture and their bio without having to work too hard.

I cannot even find a correct way to spell her in even in Arabic. She made a dazzling song for those who like to dance. She has the voice many young Lebanese songstress would like to copy. She can also boast about the exotic look she has.

As far as the lyrics are concerned, they are not that original. The music arrangement did its job keeping the song loud.

نهاد ابارودي - الشوق جاني / فيديو كليب 2012

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

O Mohammad Operetta أوبريت هذا محمد

Light operas are meant to be huge, they are often used in Arabic to describe a song where at least three vocalists sing together. There are many of them and artists usually donate their fees to make such a huge productions possible. Arab entertainers record them, when there is something going wrong, war on Iraq/Palestine/Lebanon/Syria or somewhere else they care about.

They have also made them for religious reasons, like the one you will see below, a song in defense of prophet Muhammad. Those are the voices of some big names in the Gulf area, like Mohammad Abdu, Hussien Al Jassimi, Fayez Al Said as well as others. A large number of Munshdeen Capella singers who sing religious songs have helped with the project. The music belongs to Fayez Al Said.  

The music is kept to minimal, in order to draw in the more orthodox Muslims. It's a poem that sing praises to the Prophet peace be upon him. It reads like a poem. This is not a new song, it was recorded on February of 2012. The production is for the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

I think the song wanted to be made quickly, so no other Arab singers were invited to record along side the Khaliji artists. It tells some of the highlights in the prophet's life, his struggle and his message.

أوبريت هذا محمد أداء أسامه الصافي - حسين الجسمي وآخرون

Assi Hallani Sends #Egypt Some Love

The Egyptian House of Opera is the big league for Arab entertainers, most would give a leg to perform there, because of its history. Many awesome Arabic names have stood there toe to toe next to Egyptians legends of music.

I feel mediocre Egyptian names can stand on its stage, but for Arab ones they have to do something out of this world. Assi Hallani was one of those names who stood on that stage, and see her do a cover of a beloved Egyptian patriotic classic about Arab unity.

Assi Hallani is a dreamer about Arab unity and he has sang for it on his own terms, he is a proud Lebanese but he has always talked about the aspiration of the Arab people. See him channel his innter Abdel Halim in this classic about swearing by the sky and the soil of the land.

عاصي الحلاني - أغنية أحلف بسماها و بترابها - دار الأوبرا Assi El Hallani

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fayez Al Saeed, Great Composer, Weak Singer

The UAE's most serious music talent Fayez Al Said tries to be too many things at the time time. He may be good at wearing too many hate, but the reality is far too complex. He is a busy composer--his melodies are the best thing to come out of the UAE's music scene. 6 out of 10 songs made in the Gulf, he has put his golden touches on.

With his new album out, he is pushing a new music video for that album. A lackluster pop song that falls flat and feels bland. It may be popular with some of his fans in the Gulf region, but a good song should not be limited to one region and not the other--there are many good Khaliji songs that make it out West. In the local scene  they have to come across as the conservative and traditional homeboy, but for the ones viewing them for the outside  they want to be hip and relevant.This kind of bipolar attitude complicate the marketing.

Fayez is a cool guy and he tries too hard to come across as one, but he does not really need to try that hard. We get it, he likes the club, scene he likes to dance and look good. Something about males in that part of the world, they would rather be goofy than be good. He has had better songs, but this song might be made for merely his fans.  

 فايز السعيد - دق هيوة / فيديو كليب 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

WATCH: Amr Diab - 30 Years of Success

Amr Diab is the one pop star from a different breed. Here's a video that chronicles his past success for the last 3 decades. Since he was a young man, how you wanted to be big times, and how he pulled it off. I love hte interview portion with the people who knew him back when he was a skinny guy who had a dream.

Amr Dian is Mr. untouchable. We can agree or disagree on his last two albums, but love him or hate him, he knows how to sell an album, a concert and promote products. He has not aged, and he looks ripped like hell, whatever he is doing he has been doing it very well. Egypt loves him along with them hundreds of millions around the world know and respect him.

Amr Diab did well for the musicians who work with him, but as for introducing new talents he has done little. Do you know any singers whom he has helped make it? No, but I know tend of musicians whose work with Amr Diab made them sexy. He is also a sharp dresser, he know his way around the camera--directors hate that, but he knows his business.

Throughout his career he is the pharmacy that we go to to cure some of our ills or preserve some of our joys. He is a dealer of whatever emotional state we are experiencing. There are other talents out there, but so far the only next Amr Diab is the one and the only Amr Diab who is about to released his final album with Rotana.

Amr Diab - 30 Years of Success"English Subtitle" عمرو دياب - 30 عاماً من النجاح

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The New Year Song By The Legendary Mohamed Abdu محمد عبده العام الجديد

A real princess wrote this song for the most respected Saudi star. Mohammed Abdu is the artist of all Arabs, he has been making music for four decades and each time he sings he tells a great love story unlike no other. The UAE native poet and Sheikha Fatima Bint Rashid Bint Said Al Maktoom (commonly known as Ghayahib الشيخه فاطمة بنت راشد ال مكتوم غياهيب) wrote a poem for the Saudi legend.

Their song is about the new year and it sounds like something we have heard before. Ghayahib has given other songs for Abdu before, as well as Abdel Majid Abdallah, Rashid Al Majid, Mansour Zayed, Hussein Al Jassmi as well as others.

A song about what to come this year, as time passes love either grows or dies. The song shuts up all those people who have said Abdu is quitting or not feeling up to new songs. His song is about loyalty and commitment. I have always been a loyal fan of Abdu's he sings his heart out and connects with his listeners in a unique fashion.

محمد عبده العام الجديد

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Heart Warming Eulogy Songs By Shi'ite Muslims The art form is known as "العزاء" أو "الشيلات" أو "اللطميات"

There's a little known art common in places like Iraq, Iran and wherever Shi'ite Muslims live. This art form is a way to retell a story of the murders of many members of the house of the prophet on the hands of a group of delusional Muslims.

The art form is known as "العزاء" أو "الشيلات" أو "اللطميات" Latmyyat or Shilat. And they have no standard language. They tell the story of the final hours and the heroic stand those men and women made during a battle they did not chose. I found out about this art form because it seems that many A list Iraqi singers have been ripping music from those songs and making that music into pop songs.

The believers gather on certain dates and celebrate together as they mourn the death of those men and women. They sing their stories and plea on them for help. Those are heart breaking stories of the story of Hassan Hussein and their father Ali and their grandfather prophet Mohammad. People slap themselves as they hear those stories others cut themselves as they try to connect with the stories.

Those are often poems performed by a person with good voice and then a group backs him up vocally. They sound like well-written eulogies for great men and women.

 لطميات 2013 خادم اهل البيت وليد العبودي

علي الفاطمي _ عباس البطل 2012

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Happy New Year Song For Arabs By Dolly Shahine

The Lebanese Brazilian pop songstress Dolly Shahine is about to usher in a new year. To ring in the year, Dolly Shahine has released a fun song for this occasion. I am impressed by the new single and Dolly sounds at her best in a really long time. She was made a star to do these kind of songs and she has delivered a song that will be around for some time.

I love the Arabic lyrics  not so much the English part, but I am certain Arabs who speak English will be heads over heels for it. She is wishing change to come, people to fall in love once again. Just have a little bit of fun and forget all the pain.I like the portion about her wish to see people breaking their fear from one another.

The Happy New Year as the song has been titled is rightfully.
دوللي شاهين- سنة سعيدة

Malak El Nasser Gets Serious and Dramatic

How many Tattooed and bold young Jordanians songstresses do you know? Chances are not many, but Malak El Nasser is the only name that comes to mind. I have come to known her for her dance songs, she has at least four hits out there, cute dance songs really.

This time, she wants something different, dramatic songs with the blues and that's her new song for usher in 2013. Yalla Ya Habibi is a plea song, a cry for help asking the one who has been ignoring you to take your call. What a pity really!

Malak has ruffled some feathers with the censoring authority, but they might be too intimidate by her good looks and body type. I happen to really dig her style ever since she did that duet with Jad. That song was dope. The new music video is no different than the oen she made last year, in both she plays tourists walking around nice places. However  she is not singing for a man she loves, but for her own son who has been away from here

Malak El Nasser - Yalla Ya Habiby / ملك الناصر - يالا يا حبيبي

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Average Song For That Super Awesome Life Partner

People of the internet are loving this new single by new comer Zain Adel. This is a song about the life partner and how they make one of us feel. It's your typical pop song, a catchy beat with straightforward lyrics that we have heard in everyday life.

I think Zain is a cool guy with a sweet voice, his biggest fans won't be the seasoned listeners of the tough critics but rather the young and life loving souls. They have turned out for him and positively commented on his video in glee.

Zain can connect with those young people out there and make sure they are his fan base. Keep on mind Zain had a number of songs for Egypt (see here) and has asked people to support it at those times.

زين داود شريك حياتي

Amr Diab Crazy Hair Day Edition

I think it was 2003 when Amr Diab filmed a music video in London and we saw a whole new shade of crazy hair from Amr Diab. I know the press made fun of the hair and likened the pop star and kin of pop to a famous Egyptian actress that has a similar hair--they were right.

Amr Diab did not do the crazy hair ever since, but then last month he was in London celebrating with the UAE a day of friendship with the United Kingdom. He was seated next to David Beckham, the famed footballer and celebrity. But the one thing that stole the show the strange Amr Diab hair. His hair looks like its doing its own thing.

Was that braided hair and what's that object on his hair? A very stupid look really. I know Amr Diab doe snot shy away from new things, he is a fun person and a bankable hit-maker who now lives in Dubai. But the hair thing was a loser in my own conclusion as the press had a field day with it.

Ana Ayesh - making - Part 2 - Amr Diab انا عايش - عمرو دياب

Ana Ayesh - making - Part 1 - Amr Diab انا عايش - عمرو دياب

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sa'd Ramadan The New Romantic Kid On The Block

Saad Ramadan is a clever young singer with a lot of talent, he has no albums to his name, but he is a hit-maker in the traditional sense. He does singles and those singles do wonders to his fans. The guy put on a good show, and what's better than an incredibly handsome man who can carry a romantic song.

Look o further than his new single which is meant for the superstitious people of the Arab world. Arabs fear the evil eye and they blame all their troubles and woes on them. And this is why Saad Ramadan is talking about the evil eye that ruined their seemingly perfect life with tons of equally good looking friends  riches and an awesome villa.

I have come to learn Saad is no stuck up person and he has a great sense of humor--he often tells jokes on his Facebook page. I really believe in Saad, I think he is one classy young man whose style is made perfect for him. I hope he keeps going in those tough times for every Arab.

Sa'd Ramadan - Ein W Sabet / سعد رمضان - عين وصابت

Funny Tamer Hosny Music Video On Cellular Etiquette

The trouble with Arabs is that one they talk too much and two, they interfere in one another's business. They just do not leave people alone. But in West, they seldom have people to talk to--so they hire a counselor  a therapist to hear them out. I think the right formula is somewhere in the middle. Judgement free listening and compassion.

Now, you are ready to watch the music video with Tamer Hosny who is having a little issue with his lady, she wants to know what and where he is. He wants his space it seems. So, they go to visit with their friends' home and spill the beans about their romance and woes. Tamer Hosny does most of the talking here, and his lady does not get to talk.

The issue is the way they talk to one another--her mobile phone is busy, she sends a message call me. He ignores her message. This is the phone tag issue most people in today's world know much about it. She is a bnit jealous think he is with other women--when he is at home taking a nap. Too bad, neither Tamer Hosny nor his lady are in high school. Tamer bores people to death with this tale.  

I did enjoy the comic affects throughout the music video, this is a new technology and I find it works for this music video.

Akalemha - Tamer Hosny أكلمها - تامر حسنى

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WATCH: The Most Awkward Interview On Sister Soup

The three sisters who are hosting Sisters Soup had a guest, and it seems that neither party liked the company of the other. Saudi Waad seems to be an awkward person who has little respect for the presenters. She seems to be off. The three sisters who host the show Mai Selim--sings and acts; Mais Hamdan--sings, acts and hosts she also tells jokes. And the lesser known sister Dana. The show airs on OSN and MBC and the first season had 17 episodes.

I felt that the three ladies had to have Waad on and she seems not to be there. Nobody seems to be want to listen, each side the hostesses and the guest wanted to talk and talk. They kept interjecting one another. This is a high estrogen interview and the show has some fun segments. I am not sure if they show sucks or Waad is lousy guest. Waad has a fashion store in Beirut, and she sings--but I do not remember one hit of hers.

Waad trashed non Khaliji singers who do songs in that dialect. She seems to be angry at many Lebanese ladies who have made songs in that dialect. She seems to think no one understands her own dialect. Waad seems to shout a lot and lacks courtesy toward her fellow entertainers. It might be that she lacks tact or social skills, but the hostesses tried to keep the show flowing.

Sisters Soup - Ep5 - Part3 / وعد في سيسترز سوب - الحلقة 5 - جزء 3

Sisters Soup - Ep5 - Part5 / وعد في سيسترز سوب - الحلقة 5 - جزء 5

Her Name And Her Look Might Not Be, But She Is An Arab

There is a raising star in the skies of Lebanon's pop scene and she goes by the name Stephanie Fakih. You are allowed to wipe out that dumb look on your face as you try to figure out if her look is natural  She is. There's a saying where anyone who speaks Arabic is an Arab--even those with blues eyes. Fakih is a new pop personality and her young age--she is 21 shows a lot of promise and area for growth.

But this pop songstress is really one, she is Lebanese. Just look her her thick eyebrows, that's a giveaway for more Arab girls. Here's the kicker, she is the daughter of Lebanese expat who lived in Africa--where Stephanie was born. She just had a sold out concert in Morocco, filming a new music video in Tunisia, and has recorded a song for the King of Saudi Arabia. To top that she has already sang alongside the Lebanes super star Raghib Alama who seems to be a fan.

Stephanie Fakih - Ghayarli Omry / ستيفاني فقيه - غيرلي عمري

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Download: DJ Black Shadow Remix Volume 1 Album

DJs are a dime a dozen, good ones are really hard to find....every DJ thinks heis great at what they do, but only one guy stands out among them all, I have come to know him DJ Black Shadow, he makes mixes of songs that you wouldn't come togehter. He has his way of blending English and Arabic songs in such a fun way.

I appreciate his talent and his touches to songs that may be overlooked had he not used the remixing skills to bring out attention to them.

I do not listen to Western songs often--the ones I mange to escape anyway, but here is a sampling of Arabic and English pop songs from Akon, Niki Minaj and Pitbull. The surprise is his work on Nawal's song. She is a big talent but her songs lack the cool factor this way they are such.

01 - Hamada Helal - Shouf Mn Emta - Ft Niki Minaj - House Style
02 - Elissa - As3ad Wa7da - House Style
03 - Rihanna - Diamonds - Reggetone Style
04 - Nawal al Kuwaitiya - Qissat 7bi - Gulf Style
05 - Pitbull Ft Akon & David Rush - Everybody Fucks - Club Style
06 - Marwa Nasr - Beet Wa7ed - Slow Jam Vs Snap Style
07 - Cheryl Cole Ft Will.I.Am - Lets Get Down - House Style
08 - Table No 21 - O Sajna - Bollywood Rnb Style
09 - Tyga - Bitch Betta Have My Money ft YG & Kurupt Ext Hiphop Style
10 - Esraa Al Aseel - Abu AlBanat - IRaqi Style
11 - Notch - Dale Pa Tra ( Back it Up ) - Reggetone Style
12 - Kat DeLuna ft Elephant Man - Whine Up - Re-Edit Club Style

LISTEN: سمبل رامى صبرى - برتاح | Ramy Sabry - Bartah Simpl

The composer who has become a rockstar is coming back with a new album of seven tracks. Ramy Sabry was on my mind as the next Amr Diab...he was Mr. cool going on Mr. Emotions, his fifth album will release this summer--it has been delayed a number of times. But the teaser and samples are out.

Mazzika is pushing this album for good reasons, Ramy's albums are well made and well produced. They are never rushed and always bring me joy and high qaulity entertainment, real lyrcis rom the heart--nothing silly and upbeat fresh music that pleases the soul

1 - 2rabny Leek
2 - Ahla Men El2awel
3 - Barta7
4 - Bets2al 3liya
5 - Law Kan 3lik
6 - Wana M3ah
7 - Sadaa 3nek

جديد | رامي صبري - لو كان عليك 2013 | جامدة

سمبل رامى صبرى - برتاح | Ramy Sabry - Bartah Sample

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Arab Idol Trio's New Classy Hit Song #كارمن سليمان , #دنيا_بطمة, #يوسف_عرفات - عظمة على عظمة

They are talented, and they are young. They won Arab Idol, and their names are Yousef Arfat, Dounya Batema, Carmin Suliman and they want to give us a history lesson on Arabic music and the figures who made it the thing we love--or hate.

They have a pan Arab list of names most Arabs know and resepct. This song has been in the works for close to six months, but it released few days ago. It has a fun feel, the young folks will love seing their celebrties, but the older ones will like the walking down the memory lane.

It's nice to see the three young artists come together for this song, I am certain the producers at MBC's music arm paid some serious cash toproduce this song and it has already been showered with Youtube love.

#كارمن سليمان , #دنيا_بطمة, #يوسف_عرفات - عظمة على عظمة

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#MJK Haifa Wehbe Goes To Erbil Iraq

The Iraqi city of Erbil has placeditself as the alternative capital of Iraq. Dozens of Arab stars go there forconcerts, this time they had a great time with MJK, Haifa Wehbe. Her concert was an appearance with Hatem El Iraqi who rocked the night next to the pop lady of Lebanon. This was a funconcrt and it was not cheap.

They held a press confrence and spoke about being there, and how much they love the city, its people and the dialect. Haifa said she may release an Iraqi song if she has the right material. Haifa promised to put forth a good show, not just a concert.

 هيفاء وهبي لأول مرة في أربيل مع حاتم العراقي

Cairokee Sold Pepsi, Switch To Coke Now

Money changes people, and no two other people disagree on that. I was surprised to see Pepsi Egypt bought the rights from one of the indie rock band Cairokee. They used this song to sell Pepsi  The song asks people to express themselves. I figured, there's no shame in making an extra dollar if you work hard and do not change your core.

But now in 2012, I am seeing the same band is doing a promo video for Coke through their Coke Studio. Not sure what that means. That will mean they no longer like Pepsi, and that the Coca Cola company has played the band.

Cairokee appeared in a video alongside the Barbadian songstress Shonetelle, they are performing a rendition of Knocking on Heaven's Door. As Cairokee moves slowly toward a fully commercialized band, I am feeling their songs are losing their soul. Instead of activist tone, they are about personal growth and intellect.

Maybe the band thought they will have a bigger audience and gain exposure in new lands--only to be disappointed by how little views the video below has on YouTube. I would love for the band to promote an Egyptian brand and products, not some non-Egyptian brand. No one would speak ill of them if they make a little money, but also help make Egypt a better place.

Shontelle & Cairokee, Knocking on heaven's door, Coke Studio بالعربي, S01E07

Pepsi Egypt new ad 2011: Express Yourself

Hassan Ramzy Delivers The Nile Delta Blues "One of Us"

Something that sounds like that world famous Mississippi River Delta Blues, but he is near another delta, the Nile Delta. He is good with a guitar, and he is not trying his hand on singing. I think he is luck...what you think of his original song "One Of Us"

Hassan Ramzy is a growing Egyptian musician who mainly plays guitar and sings. he prefers almost all types of Acoustic, Rock and Blues. He writes and composes his own music but also likes to cover other artists. Biography I've been playing music since about 2004. I say he's got the blues fever and has managed to bring it to tell an Egyptian story.

Hassan composes and write his own songs, as well as cover many others. I am currently Majoring in Psychology, but hope to pursue a career in music! So he is doing music as a hobby now, but if the math is right, he will be doing more of it. The story he tells her is a cry against President Morsi.

Hassan Ramzy - One of Us (Original Song)