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This Song Should Be Sent To Every Man Who Has Been Dumped

Dudes always sing about being the martyr and then how they were dumped by their lady unfairly and how they have been wronged. But when women do the same, their songs are called, annoying and naggy! Unfair really!

That's why when Asalah released this song about 6 years ago, it was so well received. Asalah has just come out of a troubled marriage with a jerk husband who has cheated on her...then went around and said "she ignored my needs". I do not think I overstate it when I say, that most Arabs sided with Asalah on this issue.

Along came her song that, I consider one of the finest love songs in modern Arab pop. The warm yet overpowering voice has its mark all over this song. This is rocking song with a rocking feel to it. It's not for the weak in heart or the one who does not want to move on. well done Asala

Assala - Asfa / اصاله - أسفه

Assala - Asfa / أصالة - آسفة

"Almaslaha" Ahmed Sakka & Eiz "اعلان فيلم المصلحة"

This is the movie in Arabic cinema that is the equivalent of the meeting of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in an action flick. The biggest names in male and female leads meet for this action packed movie. Ahmed Eizz and Ahmed Sakka meet in this movie that was not given permission to film during the Mubarak regime for being too real or discussing techniques that till now has been used by the security forces in Egypt.

On the female lead, there's Hanan Turk, and Zina. Together those two females one heck of a movie as they both have taken part of movies that made millions, plus the fans have come to love those two leading ladies.

"Almaslaha" or the Station, is the next big blockbuster from Egyptian cinema, the makers of this film are calling it the biggest flick to hit Arabic cinema in decades, and with that they are hoping to rescue the troubled movie industry in Egypt at this critical juncture.

I do not have a doubt that this will be a great movie, but I do have one concern, this could end up being a propaganda for the ministry of interior in Egypt--they very ministry that butchered tens or hundreds of Egyptian civilians as they tired to protect the Mubarak regime.

Enjoy the trailer everyone!

اعلان فيلم المصلحة بطولة احمد السقا و احمد عز 2012

Love This Song! Melhim Zein - "Enti Mchiti"

Lebanese boys sing, but Lebanese grown men rarely chose a career in music. Luckily one of those men has picked music or was picked. I am speaking of Melhim Zein, the runner up of Super Star's first season. He did well and ever since people broke into the studio in protest for his disqualifying and he has been making Arabic music better.

Here's one of his finest blues song about heartache and about the pain of relationships. Melhim stirked me as a guy who does not particularly enjoy music, or sinigng, it's job. But it's a job he is really good at. He is a shy soul any maybe awkward a bit too because he had a fight with another Melhim when they were in Qatar for a concert. He has also said he wants to quit this bullshit called music and sing religious songs..he is also married to the daughter of the former president of Yemen Ali Abdallah Albeed More here.

But all that does not stop me from enjoying his songs, this is one song of his--it's older, but it might as well be the best way to deal with breakup and with abandonment. The song's title is "You Walked Away"
Melhim Zein - Enti Mchiti / ملحم زين - إنتي مشيتي

Iraqis Party in Dubai With Hatem, Kazim, And Shazaa

Three icons of Iraqi music met in Dubai for a night for Iraqi music. The king of Iraqi blues Hatem el Iraqi, the czar of Arabic music Kathem Al Saher and the butterfly of Iraqi pop Shazza Hassoun had a sold out concert.

Needless to say the main group at the concert where the people of Iraq living and working in Dubai, but other Arabs and nationals know the value of these singers and were not reluctant to join in. Shazaa know pop and most Arabs adore her vocals and her songs. Hatem can make you wish you were in Baghdad with his original songs and new songs.

Kathem's songs are well known and his famous hits were everyone's favorite. Kathem will be living in Paris working on his new projects. I like these three singers and every day I grow fond of Iraqi music.

ليلة عراقيَّة تجمع الساهر وشذى وحاتم

زيديني عشقا بصوت دنيا بطمة Dounia Batma And Kathem

While the title of Arab Idol might have gone to an Egyptian, the real winner who went home the with love and passion of millions if a Moroccan lady named Dounia Batma, the girl she radiates class, glamour, and tarab. Not sure where in her few years on earth Dounia was able to learn the true makeup of a lady. However, the voice she was given from above is her true power.

There's simply no other young Arab star that I am excited about as much I am about Dounia. She was the runner up, and that was good enough, but her classy side kicked in when she did not speak smack about the winner, she wished her well. Dounia is self aware of her power and her vocals, but it hardly comes across as a diva, she just acts like one and behave normally.

One of her wealthy fans in the UAE, spent close to a million dollar voting for her through teams. Now, check out this footage of her cover of a beloved song from the slick Iraqi Katehm Alshaer

Arab Idol Ep 24 زيديني عشقا بصوت دنيا بطمة تغني لكاظم الساهر

Dounia Batma - Zidini 3ichkan دنيا بطمة - زيديني... by douniabatmaidol

The Lebanese, A War and Peace Hero Song

Assi Hellani is a proud Arab, he sang for just every Arab country and every Arab cause. But nothing seems closer to his heart than the issue of the day in his home, Lebanon. Assi is the blast from the past who still leads today's entertainment circles in Lebanon and concerts in the Gulf.

His daughter and his wife are also making news by their involvement with various charitable causes. Assi is a hard working entertainer who is an alpha male all around. He has the resepct of his peers and the love of the fans--few thing he is too old. But he does not feel old and neither does his music.

Hear the song for his appearance on the manager singing about and for the cool Lebanese. Assi to Lebanese pop is what Amr Diab to Egyptian pop, they are both fixures.

عاصي الحلاني - أغنية لبناني - من برنامج The Manger

Adidas Sponsors Occupation! Boycott Adidas Please!

Boycott Adidas Please!

The world famous sport apparel company was a prime sponsor for an all Israeli marathon held in Occupied Jerusalem. This is just stupid because most countries and most business know that the future of Jerusalem has not been determined. This is not politics, this is a universally accepted truth. Worse, the marathon took part of East Jerusalem, where the vast majority of the city residence live. So Adidas is actually dragging their countryy and with it the entire brand.

So when this company sponsors a marathon in an occupied territory, forgive me if I conclude that they support a morally wrong act. The Arab sport committees working through the Arab League have moved forward with boycotting this company and its products. During their last conference in Saudi Arabia, the decision was passed. (details here)

This is a boycott on a moral ground not a political one. This is a company choosing to sponsorship a sport event that clearly stares, Israeli Jerusalem on its promotional materials. So Adidas took a side, I did not chose this fight. While its true the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem only run when they are chased by Israeli soldiers, its still no excuse to make this political decision.

So, I know I will not be buying a new pair of Adidas Supernova. Adidas Sponsors Boycott Adidas Please!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Mahmoud El Esseily And Zap Tharwat Take On Drugs

It might be that the entire country of Egypt seems high at the moment, I am seeing more and more songs against the use drugs and other narcotics. This seems to be one of the few things the people agree on. Drugs kill people. Unemployment lack of opportunities lad people there.

Two dudes from two different ends, one does pop and romance, the other does socially aware spoken words and rap. Footage of their in studio collaboration just came out and a song will be released, telling people to chase after their dreams and not after drug dealers.

This is part of a larger campaign kicked of by Muslim preacher Amro Khalid. This will be an upbeat song from two all Egyptian dudes.

كواليس اغنيه كام واحد محود العسيلي و احمد زاب .m4v

Best Friends Or Business Amr Diab and Hamid

First, you must know that Egyptian singer Amr Diab has just recently lost his mother. There was a huge funeral and it was to place to be seen at. The security was tightened as droves of fans and onlookers wanted to get a glimpse of the stars who are coming to pay their respect.

Since, we won't have another Amr Diab album for at least a while, here is a song of his form 1998, the song was really cool. It's the collaboration of Amr Diab and one of his best friends Hamid El Shari whose best friend with everyone. Hamid does not really work with many stars anymore. He seems to prefer to work with new talents instead.

Though I know Hamid El Sahir is still in the business with his radio and his CDs. I know I liked this song when it came out, it was a fresh style back when Amr Diab really wanted to reclaim his spot when the 90s were good, the early 00s were awesome, but later he joined Rotana and everyone started to have an opinion.

حميد الشاعري وعمرو دياب - انت ياللي بحبك

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet The Syrian Vocalist Lena Chamamyan

This Damascus born singer whose interest in music like many before was revealed in her early school days and the concerts. Started her formal music education at the age of 9 and later she graduated from the higher institution of music in Damascus where she studding classical music. This vocalist who graduated in 2007, Lena Chamamyan will live to tell some many stories and tell them so beautifully. She studied and performed in Italy and the Netherlands.Later she went to Germany for Jazz training, later featured on each others albums and many concerts in Syria and Germany. Lena has helped bring many performers to participate in jazz festivals in Syria where classic music was mixed with oriental jazz and Armenian music to reflect the unique essence of Lena's style as a vocalist. Lena has concerts in Beirut where she partners with UNESCO. As for the voice of Lena, she is what you should think of when you want to hear an Arabic song in a movie about the Arab people. That means, the strong voice yet sweet, angelic yet never out of breath. She is the star of the show, but the accompanying music does not take a backseat either. She knows that and for that the musicians in the band give her their best. Lena continues to perform and work on her music, her album "Hal Asmarello" won awards and most of all the adoration of fans of Arabic Jazz and classical music alike. This album was followed by "Shamat", an album that I am enjoying at this very moment. Lena Chamamyan Lamma bada لينا شماميان - لما بدا يتثنى
Lena Chamamyan Live

Arabs Love Perfume So Does Fulla!

Have you noticed that 2 out of every three bottles of perfume or fragrance you see at the department store, has Arabic written in it. They only right Arabic and English. This is because Arabs love good smells, they care about it and they buy so much of it, why? Most Arabs live in a hot climate, and no one wants to smell awful. The hopes that fragrance would cover up the bad smells never get old. This is one of the reasons why big names companies hire Arab celebrities to market their scents to the people of Arabia.

The latest to join the lineup of stars selling perfume is Algerian Fulla. A lady that can sing, but now she is entering into the fashion business as she she based in Beirut. In a recent press conference she just had, she was very honest talking about the business and less about the art. She has a concert in Morocco. Fulla's name or Folla is the name of a flower that is beloved in Egypt. So there will be a line of fragrance.

 فلَّة تستعد لإطلاق عطرٍ بإسمها

Haifa MJK 2012 Album And Miss Universe

Haifa Wahbe is back everyone, she went away for 2011, but this year, she is on fire. Find her on twitter, Facebook and now soon to be released her cleverly titled album MJK Arabic acronyms for Miss Universe.

This sound slike a 100 percent Haifa Album, and I mean the Haifa of 2008 and 2009--the best Haifa. I do love the funky and colorful promo pictures. This might actually bring Haifa into more homes, as she s trikes once again with this relevant album. Her fans are going gaga for the first lady of showgirl pop, the kind few could actually produce.

Not much has been released, the promo is out, and we can check it out, but we only have a few seconds clip of the title song MJK--Malket Jamal Al Koon

Haifa MJK Teaser #2 / هيفا وهبي - ملكة جمال الكون

Haifa MJK Teaser / هيفا وهبي - ملكة جمال الكون

Samar Abd El Aziz, Syrian Pop Meets Lebanon

For one Syrian singer who wants to break into the Lebanese market, not much work needs to be done. That's the tale of Samar Abd El Aziz, a Syrian pop sensation. Her father is a well respected poet at home. She went south and met with a number of lyricists and composers to work on her album

Few months later, there was an album, according to Samar, the album and all the material in it was custom made just for her. That means romantic lyrics, mellow music and talking about the things only women see. Samar thanks the late Azzar Habib, a well known Lebanese composer and producer.

Here' are two songs from the 8 track album.

  1. Ma Betearef Tezaal
  2. Ensany
  3. Ghayer ElMawdoua
  4. Khawafouny Mennak
  5. Lahzet Hanan
  6. Rouh Edhak Beabak
  7. Shou Betlabbak
  8. Wain Kateb Esmy

Samar Abd El Aziz - Khawefouny Mennak / سمر عبد العزيز - خوفوني منك

Samar Abd El Aziz - Ghayer El Mawdou' / سمر عبد العزيز - غير الموضوع

A Yemeni Pop Star Who Rocked In 1985

Her name is Joori, and she is form Yemen. Few know about her now, and those who know about her might not be on the web. She was a pop star starting out in the mid 80s and crossed paths with Hamid El Shari, the music producer and arranger who always seeks new talents to work with.

Thus, they have worked together on this slow song that fits the 80s, think Tom Cruise and Keven Bacon rocking to it on a bike. The song is about leaving the homeland and living away. 26 Years later another Yemeni comes to the scene by winning the Noble Peace Prize
حميد الشاعري -- سافرلبعيد -- بصوت الفنانة اليمنية جوري

Bassem Sorsour, A New Egyptian Singer, Dated Style

In a market where the big names are too afraid to release new material, the new talents step in to fill the void, as their big competition is absent and the cost of entering the market is so low. Bassem Sorsour is one of those hoping to breakout while the big names are out of the scene.

I like the guy's voice, it's not the strongest, but his style of choice serves his voice, and his looks helps too. I hope he feels well about his performance, but I am not sure, he will sell albums--no body does right now.

As for his style it feels like a cross between Loai, Tamer, and Issaf, so it might feel tired for some--unless you are a teenager and looking for something to call is your own. Bassem is performing solo now, before that he performed with Seneer band, also with the same label.

Bassem Sorour - Faker Faker باسم سرور - فاكر فاكر

Bassem Sorour - Howa Ya3ni باسم سرور - هوا يعني

The Every Arab Man/Woman Song By 050 Band

I am no hero starts the song, I am just a farmer with a song, there goes the song by the hip Egyptian pop rock band where the guitar wins the gold. This is a song that feels like indie, it has the smell of activism all over it. The vocals on this song is a lot better than other 050 songs.

I do enjoy acoustic versions, nothing but the performer's vocals, and his guitar weeping. This might be raw for some people, but it's a treat for many others. No computers--or little for that matter. Live for the people as the song suggests.

050 Band - Manish Faris Acoustic / زيروخمسين - مانيش فارس

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gracious Diana Haddad Too Many Music Videos?

Diana Haddad got divorced more than two years ago, and at the same time her career started to take off. She has pulled a great comeback story, when she took on all those young pop stars who have dominated the market in her absence and her family commitment.

Her ex husband who was also her producer her robed the Arab listener form Diana and limited her to Gulf music where he has huge access. It might be that Diana's base in Dubai had much to do with that. Now, she is as free as a bird and her career seems to be back online. She is heading to Pakistan to collect an award.

A decent album released few months ago, few singles here and there, and boom Diana was all over the place. Songs in Lebanese, Gulf, And Egyptian dialects. But nothing seems to have gotten more attention than her Iraqi dialect....a song that she is now filming into a music video.

Diana called this song a Style song, Diana loves to talk up her work, and sometimes that takes out the surprise out of it. See the set and the urban dancers and with busiest woman director in Arabia, Nahla Alfahad. I like the song, I might not like the music video, but I conclude that my favorite Diana Haddad is back with force.

ديانا حدَّاد تصوِّر "ودي حكي"

Khaled Selim Shines A Light On His Classy Side

Abdelhalim Hafiz left us with an amazing legacy of romantic songs, the young Egyptians singer who died due to illness left all of sudden, but before he was gone, hundreds of songs and many movies featured him. The boy who dominated the charts, and sold concert halls, was a big deal in his time, but he is only a bigger deal now.

Many Arab sigers take up the challenge by doing covers of Abdel Halim songs, it's not an easy thing to do, and not all singers are able to pull it off. The latest to join the ranks of singers is Egyptian Khalid Selim.

Khaled has two sides, the side that sells albums where is hip, funky and enrgized. The other side is where he relaxes and takes a deep breath then amuse us with his cover and most of all his warm voice. You cannot really have the guts to stand in front of tends of musicians and not be able to perform Abdel Halim Hafiz songs in confidence.

I have included other videos for the same song, one by Amal Maher, a lady that gives every inch to her cover of the oldies. And the original by the man himself. Her's Mawood

Khaled Selim Maw3od /خالد سليم موعود

Mawood - Amal Maher موعود-حفلة - امال ماهر

Abdel Halim - Mawood عبد الحليم - موعود - كامل

Meet The Real Arab Idol Of Science And Activism

Arab Idols might be over, but the real Arab Idols have not had their share of time on TV. Karmin can sing and she can entertain, she is also 17 years old. I wish her well, but there are more real Arab Idol who make an impact on this world, through their work and through their achievements.

There a young Sudanese lady that works for NASA, a bright Egyptian scientist doing research on space with ISS, there is the Noble Prize winner who is under 35 years of age and there are the worthy activists on in Bahraini jail and another in Israeli jail. Talk about being real...nothing beats that.
محبوب العرب الحقيقي

MC Pirate: Folklore Hardcore ام سي بيراط (2012فولكلور

Boyz in the Hood days have been gone for long, but not in Morocco if one rapper has his way. This famously bearded rapper who actually can play instruments and has a music muse. I love his music as he incorporates music from the local scene and pair it with easy flow lyrics.

Sure cars, bling bling, basketball outfits. It's insane how similar the music video below feels to American rap--like of Snoop Dog, DMX and many more. Morocco strikes me as a country high in testosterone with millions of frustrated young man who want to be heard and rap provides one way. Get to know the name MC Pirate, he feel like he is the real deal.

I was never big on rap, or underground rap for that matter, but every now and then I tune in to the conversation. MC Pirate released his latest album and it offers a variety of tracks to suit all tastes and styles.


Mc Pirate - Bghito T7absouna - By Ego Psy

كام واحد | Mahmoud El Esseily & ZAP Tharwat | Kam Wa7ed

The singes are all there, most Egyptian singers are cleaning up their acts, and pretending to care about the youth. If not the youth, then they will sing for Egypt. This is because the country is not so ready for music at this moment. Also the Islamic traditionalist are on the rise.

But not to worry, two cool and active singers are watching your back and masking sure that you do not do drugs, so they have joined forces to get you not to do drugs. The music video has a decent cinematography, but the best thing about is is its lyrics. It's very heavy as it's packed with charged lyrics to get you to stop bring an end to your life by drugs.

The only two things that these two singers have in common is that they are both Egyptians and they are both excited about their joint project. One does pop, the other does spoken word.

كام واحد | Mahmoud El Esseily & ZAP Tharwat | Kam Wa7ed

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mohamed Alblan, Your Everyday Egyptian Pop

Few have the formula for success in this troubled music marked of Arabia. You can have what it takes like a good voice, a good persona, a brain and a good look and still not make it out as big as you thought you deserve to be.

Yet, the hope of making is big never goes away. Thankfully young people like Mohamed Alblan are not afraid to try. This is the guy who does pop songs and romantic ones, but he is also known for his house mix songs--something that mainstream Americans get sick of quickly.

I have reviewed the title song before and the music video, I was not too impressed, but here's the track list of Mohamed Alblan's album, bet you will find a way to give it spin on your mp3 player.

حصريا البوم محمد عبلان - هو ده الكلام

01 - Hobak Mansetosh
02 - Howa Da El Kalam
03 - Kont Aaref
04 - Alf Haga
05 - Saaltak
06 - Hewarat
07 - Baddeaa Menak
08 - Wana Maak
09 - Khod Einy
10 - Hobak Mansetosh ( Remix )

Howa Dah El Kalam - Mohamed Aablan هو ده الكلام - محمد عبلان

Rola Saad Sabah 2012 Cover Album رولا تغنى صباح

Rola loves to sing and to do cover of Sabah's songs. The Lebanses diva Sabah whose life has been the subject of a TV drama last year loves Rola back and have shared the stage with her more than once. Sabah filmed two music videos with Rola and Rola have appreciated the love of Sabah. Now, comes the Rola's turn to do awesome of covers of most of the popular classics for Sabah from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I think Rola has a good voice, and she tried to play up her chick girly side in her music, that comes in handy when you singer Sabah's old songs. Frankly, this was a disappointing album, it sounds like a karaoke one, not one from a professional singer. Some of the songs sound awful and butcher the originals. Don't buy.

02-Ashka We Ghalbana
03-Zay El Asal
04-Le Mejawaz Allah Yezeedo
05-Zakfe Zakfe Ya Shabab
06-Happy Birthday
07-Dakhl Eyounek Hakeena
08-Lamma Ala Tareek El Ein
09-Medley 1
10-Medley 2
11-Teala We Tetaamar Ya Dar
12-Ya Dalaa
13-Eyam El Loulou
14-Saat Saat
15-Yana Yana
16-Habibet Ummaha
17-Amourty El Helwa
18-Eateeny Ya Teita
19-Saute Petit Lapin
20-Ya Meallemty
21-Stop Taxi D'amour

The Kuwaiti Shams Coming Soonالبوم شمس قريبا - شمس

It's not everyday that you see an Egyptian production company pushing a star from the Gulf. Something Shams did right made her a fun pop persona all over Arabia. We see her new album promo coming with Mazzika who have been producing her music videos as well. Shams has always been bold, but the promo for her soon to be released album takes another side of hers....Shams the romantic.

Most of the songs hat you will hear in the promo are not dance songs, but gooey romantic soft songs where sweetness is permitted.

Shams album soon1 - Shams اعلان البوم شمس قريبا1 - شمس

24 Saah soon - Shams 24 ساعه قريبا - شمس

Lebanese Singer Sa'd Ramadan 2012 Music Video

A tree House, boys with guns, men in boots, picnic between the trees, the world famous Lebanese ceder. He is number one and she is second to none as told by the badges. Clothier, Campfire, and dance floor, then he gives her a ring. This music video exists in vacuum, there are no families just groups of friends who do what they want.

I like Sa'd Ramadan, the romantic charmer of Lebanese pop. But in his latest music video he is trying to expand his market share by breaking into the happy and dance songs. It's a rich Lebanese song, but the music video while tells a good story and have good cinematography, it feels like an earlier music video by Fadel Shakir who has worn this hat in a music video too.

The music video is cliche followed by another cliche, it feels unoriginal and it feels sophomoric. The best part about the music video is the end, where Sa'd's voice comes out singing his most popular hit, a breakup song about a guy who cannot bear the distance.

Sa'd Ramadan - Nawilah / سعد رمضان - ناويله

A Lebanese Love Story By Lebanon--His Name

Dude love the gal, they get married, she gets distracted and he feels abandoned. She is too busy for him, and we know this because she is on a laptop either working all day or chatting with follow friends on Facebook.

The name of the singer is Lebanon and yes he is Lebanese, but he really sounds good! I love to listen to the blues from this new comer. Lebanon avoids the trouble most blues singer have to face. First, some of them make you feel sorry for them, but then you hate them because it gets to be too much. Second, they sound like they need to go relive themselves in the nearest bathroom.

Lebanon - Mghayar / لبنان - مغير

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rakan, Not Your Average Saudi Guy

There are at least two Gulf based singers, one is from the United Arab Emirates, and another from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The one from Dubai, is the musician and director with a lot of talent.

The one from Saudi Arabia is the cooler one, and you can tell form his hair cut and from his choice of wardrobe. I was actually beginning to question if this singer is any good, until the last minute of the video when he sang something with not music. He is good.

He is speaking about his projects for 2012 and he seems to be excited it as his Quick Response QR filled music video seems to do the trick!

راكان يفاجىء جمهوره بأغنية العام 2012

Nizar Qabani Gets The Khalid Al Sheikh Treatment

For renowned Lute player, Arabic music composer and romantic singer Khalid Al Sheikh life gets better with the performance of Nizar Qabani's old poems. The Syrian poet has written some of the most celebrated love songs in the history of the Arab literature. So the late poem, has done it all.

Now an accomplished Kuwaiti musician sat his sight on performing some of those poems. He brought in his lute for the journey. Khalid has the warm and sobering voice that puts listeners at ease--think Marcel Khalifah's early days.

Those who enjoy yet understand Arabic poetry will cheer this song as it offers the passionate poetic lyrics, and the soothing music.
عيناكي - نزار قباني - بصوت خالد الشيخ - Nizar Qabani

Hijabi Gives A Rocking Cover To Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is one smart musician, she is the intellectual, self respecting musician who appeals to more than those who want to shake their booty. Although he music rocks and some of her hits you can most definitely shake it too, she thinks of herself more than a club remix queen.

Here's a cover of one of her most celebrated songs that speaks to people you would not usually think they can be spoken to. A Muslim Hijab wearing young man does a mean cover of the song accompanied by her piano and her vocals.
"Unthinkable (I'm ready)" by Alicia Keys

Lebanese Pianist Michel Fadel Dazzles

He is young, Arab and sounds French! That's the makeup of an all around Lebanese artist, known as much. He is no new comer to the showbiz. Marwan Khoury and Elissa, Nicola Nakhla and young Josef Attieh all consider him as friends, and they have showed up to his concert. They all have worked or collaborated with him in the past. But now, they are just adoring fans of his music

His show was sold out as it took place in the well known Casion Du Liban stage. As for the show, the pianist, composer and music arranger played 16 pieces that range form old Arabic classics and Western ones. He signed his name all over them....

There was a Lebanese theme for the concert, as the artist said in his interview with Elaph that the word Lebanese has been used lately in a more negative sense, he wants to bring back the positive. Maybe this talented voice and music coach can pull it off.

فنانون وإعلاميون يحتفلون مع ميشال فاضل "ع اللبناني"

Mc Dahab Most Real Song To Date Arrives

11 months ago the rapper behind this song thought he has a love story. But now he knows that was wrong. Now, we have that failed relationship to thank for this awesome rap/ romance song. Rappers do have an issues with emotions, not Mc Dahab...this young rapper knows how to express his emotions with words....and his words become lyrics to his songs that he brings to us and we share with you.

I have liked songs from Mc Dahab before, but I feel this one comes form his true pain and his latest romantic flop. The song is about a man who wants closure....he has moved one, but he cannot fully do so without heard his ex tell her side of the story. He felt he was wronged and he feels he oughts him an explanation....

It's songs like this that remind us that rap is not dead, and it still can compete in today's environment. Rap is a flexible form here and MC Dahab used it well to vent his blues in a manly manner yet very touching one.

The title is the the "greatest letdown of my life", this title makes sense because I know the rapper is still young and whoever lives more, sees more. Make room for MC's latest hit

Mc Dahab = صدمة عمرى. ( Real Story )

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Here's The Latest Shahinaz Appearance

For retired romance singer Shahinaz life away from the spotlight is easy. But this recently retired singer had released an album last year, a comeback album that was different from anything she has done before.

Telling people positive messages about faith, family and friendship with minimal music has a market in Egypt. So for Mother's day, an Egyptian school has asked Shahinaz to perform for mother's day, she showed up. Shahinaz still performs in Muslim themed weddings where the focus is not the music, but the spiritual soundbites.
شاهيناز فى حفل عيد الام بمدرسة ال عثمان

Video: The Role of Egyptian Women In Society

This is a tribute video for the achievements of the women of Egypt, their rights should be saved by the constitution and most all in the real life. This is a video with no actual narration as the pictures speak for themselves. The struggle of women in Egypt is well documents, they have witnessed all the moments in the revolution of Egypt.

Watch, understand and do not just stand in there, do your part to promote causes of women in your part of the world.
بهية يا مصر - حق المرأة في الدستور

Essaf And His Reaction Song For Egyptian Flick

Egyptain pop is not dead, it's just in the ICU at the moment and so is the revenues for movies. So you know when pop star Essaf who has acted in the past and well know for his pop songs and his sharp looks and trendy outfits sings for a movie, we ought to give it a look.

The movie is titled "Reaction" in Arabic of course, and the song is dramatic and romantic at the same time, about being alone and not finding the right one at these times. It's s elf pity song a guy gives him some advise on how to survive the dark days.

While, I might not find much greatness about Essaf's vocals, I cannot deny his good looks, and his sense of style. The guy knows how to dress and look like a million dollar. The preview for the movie is below, it looks like a dark suspense, sing me up please!

جديد || ايساف - انا مين || فيلم رد فعل 2012

اعلان فيلم رد فعل

Now You Too Can Hang Out With Myriam Fares

It seems that Google Middle East wants to get the word out about one of their latest creations, Google Hangout. They have tabbed a Lebanese celebrity to help them with the traffic and help get the conversation going. She has been talking about being ranked number one searched Arab star. That made her happy!

Myriam Fares, just announced that she will be hanging out with all of you losers from Dubai via Google Hangout! She will answer your questions, talk to you folks and tell you how awesome she really is.

She might be the biggest name on Google, but we still have a long way to go to get back to number 1 in sales.
Google+ Hangout with Myriam Fares

ميريام فارس: الشهرة مجدٌ باطلٌ

Tamer Ashour, Egypt's Complete Artist

Tamer Ashour is a charismatic singer from Egypt. He happens to be also a resourceful composer that works with the top names in Arabic music as he gives them his best melodies. But as a singer he has shown me that he is a genius. Started his career doing blues and dramatic songs. He was really good at them and you cannot miss the sadness in his tone.

But the blues do not bring you to concerts, so he broke into the happy songs, with the upbeat music. He owned them as well. He makes good choices, works with other composers to be fresh, and comes across as a gentleman. Yet, I find his better songs when he does happy revenge songs. He blends both sadness and happiness and serves you something that makes you feel better. Check out the second video below.

Tamer is a guy that most Arab guys tried to copy, he is not for boys, men enjoy his style and appreciate his sense of deep rooted affection to Egypt.
تامر عاشور يغنى بصوته لايف - بيت كبير

Tamer Ashour - Clip Tamer Ashour teslam

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Leqaa' Sweedan From Acting To Music

She is married to Hussein Fahmy, the playboy of Arabic movies from the 70s, and 80s. She is an actress and has appeared in more than half a dozen of TV dramas. She is a name I hear often in the news.

I never thought I would see her in a music video, and frankly when I heard the song, I knew this is not someone who makes a living from music. Her vocals are weak, but there's something exciting in her voice. The song she choose is dedicated for her mother. She might have done this as a favor to her mommy.

She is both Lebanses and Egyptian, so that flies really well with Egyptians.

Leqaa' Sweedan - Merabeyany Ala Eideiky / لقاء سويدان - مربياني على إيديكي

Friday, March 23, 2012

Maher Zain, When Islam Rocks Positively البوم ماهر زين - اغفر لي 2012

There are those who like rock pop and R& B and there are those who like Islam or are Muslims. For those cool bunch, there's a n album to pick, and it's by the rock star of Muslim music Maher Zain, a true citizen of the world....we have a preview of the tracks on the album that has been released on iTunes and such...I must say it's splendid.

Uplifting would be underselling it, awesome might not tell the entire story of this album where songs in both Arabic and English deliver the punches. Even those who enjoy the Egyptian dialect, there's a song just for them. The album's themes is forgiveness...but what Maher should received instead is a reward for his hard work and positive optimism.

Equally to thank Awakening Records, the record label who have spared no effort in bring this album to sounds like a top notch production...

Maher Zain - Forgive Me | Album Advert - New 2012

Karina Eid And Then Some, Listen To Baddak Titrikny

What do you call, a pianist, a composer, a singer, and a Beautiful lady? You call them all Katrina Eid. Because that's what she is.

Karina Eid was born in Senegal and raised between Gambia, and Beirut. Between the years 1990 and 1997, Karina studied classical piano. She also studied opera at the Lebanese Music Academy,and vocal techniques. She was also trained in Hollywood with a coach stars who worked with stars of the caliber Mariah Carey. Katrina can rock in both Arabic and English due to her training and upbringing.

While Katrina has the pop looks, she can really rock you and I bet of anything, she will be great with jazz too. Check out her music's really cold.

Karina Eid - Baddak Titrikny / كارينا عيد - بدك تتركني

Ayman Rateb Is The Reason Egyptian Pop Sucks

I once read a survey that said, most Americans hate Egyptian pop, and now I have finally learned why! Songs and music like of new comer Ayman Rated are to blame for this unfortunate bad PR.

Here's what they hate it, it really does sound like you are stuck in a horrible traffic jam. And no one likes that, it just evokes too many painful memories. If you understand, then fine, but if you do not, then play the music video below and tell me it does not sound like a traffic jam.

Not only does the song and its beat are uninspiring, it's also unoriginal as I feel I have heard this song ten years ago form Egyptian pop singer Hakeem. I think Ayman Rateb might be a cool guy to hang out with if you are drunk or stoned, but if you wanted good music, do not let him anywhere near a mic.

Ayman Rateb - Nawy Ahayarak / أيمن راتب - ناوي أحيرك

Nothing Reminds Me Of Mom Like Laila Mrad Does

This is kind of strange to see a singer who has passed away in the company of a singer that you like and still makes music. Three leading females of Arabic entertainment talk about their work. Laial Murad was the guest and she rightfully had the right to be and speak about her work.

Moroccan singer Samir Said sat in during the interview and so did Iraqi singer Susan Attiah. Both up and coming singers who know the great divas when they see them. Composer Baligh Hamdi was present, he was the talent scout who brought those three ladies together. The gifted musician was also a heart breaker himself.

This is a valuable video form many of us who follow Arabic music news,

ليلى مراد تتحدث لبليغ حمدي عن منير مراد بوجود سميرة سعيد وسوزان عطيية

I am Excited About Karawya' Album! You Should Be Too

A girl wants to rock, and no one should stop her or tell her how to do it. Fayrouz Karwaya has been rocking the scene of indie music of Egypt for few years. But debut album is about a girl wants to break free and free herself from the shackle of relationship and male dominated society.

I love her take on men, in a traditional conservative Egyptian society. This album says what needed to be said a long time ago. Fayrouz took it to another level and stuck it to the controlling men. I adore the lyrics and I appreciate the female empowerment lines...I will no longer reject my body when you see it fat. I am sick of the smell of your tobacco goes the song.

Fayrouz Karawya - Barra Menny فَيْرُوز كَرَاوية - برّة منّي

Chris Brown Gets A Muslim Cover

This was probably filmed at some American mall where teenagers spend a great deal of time. Teenagers are usually the fan base of American singer Chris Brown. So when Raef chose an American song to cover and adapt into a song about faith, he chose With You for Chris Brown.

Raef has made a habit of adapting American pop songs and turning them into songs about faith, mostly the Muslim faith. He filmed this performance in a local cafe, a hotspot in Egypt.

I am not too keen on Chris Brown, but I salute Raef for this cover and his work to put a good message in Chris's songs. All these covers--I can count at least three for Raef, make me look forward to Raef's own songs--his own writing from scratch.

Raef - With You (Chris Brown Cover)

This Song Is Like Steroid To The Arab People

The elusive dream of Arab unity, the real unity in land and emotions. Sure, we are the same people and we have similar interests, but politics drive us apart sometimes. We feel for one another to the extend the media makes us a ware.

So, there will always be interest in songs, poems and literature that calls for unity. This is the work of dreamers. On Arab Idol, it took the Czar of Arabic music to bring back those emotions by preforming a celebrated poem live in studio.

It was Kathem Al Saher's moment in the sun who strikes me a real believer in this song's message calling for unity and a revolution of science and building. We won't allow religion to drive us apart says the song--I wish this comes true.
Arab Idol - Ep24 - كاظم الساهر - بلاد العرب اوطاني

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Best Two Things About Lebanon

He is all about class, family tradition, and Lebanon. She is about incredible youth, strong voice, and Lebanon. They both met in a song about growing up. A handing the torch of sort between A Lebanese icon Wadie, and a Lebanese diva.

A father to daughter song, Najwa stood her ground and added to this track, this could be the most family oriented duet in the history of mankind. It took two stars who really strike me as a family. This is a way a women makes her voice heard. She shows respect to her elder, but tells him she she is now all grownup.

If you really cannot relate to this song, then you need to check with your cardiologist. The powerfully written lyrics, and the performance gave us on of those experiences that many will remember for a lifetime. The people who saw this song live, will always remember it.

وكبرنا - وديع الصافي ونجوى كرم

Reda's Personal Song For His Arab Mommy

I am a huge of Fan of Reda, the Lebanese singer who is well known in both Egypt and Lebanon as he sings in both dialects so well. Reda released a song for his mothers on her day. It's a good song, it's no golden award winner hit song, but it does really sound good and it lives up to the honor of mothers.

He delivers it in Egyptian--even though his mom is Lebanese. But the blues in it translate so well in just about any langauge. The song offers gratitude and debit for life from a song who knows how troublesome he/ she was to be brought up to where she is now. Thanks mothers of the world...

رضا - إلى أمي / Reda- 2ila 2ommi 2012

Ghada Ragab ft. Selami Sahin A Turkish Arab Duet

Arabs and Turks used to be the same people, sure they are not the same people, but they have always been close, and the link has been returning to track now with the current leadership in Turkey.

Thus two dream singers Ghada Ragab, an all Egyptian girl with a perfect set of vocals, and Turkish singer Selami Shain found a common ground to bring us this romantic song, in both Arabic and Turkish.

This is a beautiful collaboration without regard to borders and languages. There's the cute girl with flowers, and the man in a cap revisiting his old memories. Turkey is full of gifted musicans with the necessary Easter music school.
Daiman Maak- Ghada Ragab ft. Selami Sahin دايما معاك-غاده رجب وسلامى شاهين

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Forgive Me" 2012 Album By Muslim Pop Star Maher Zain

Go buy it, and get inspired. Faith can indeed make you rich in every sense of the word. The unstoppable Muslim pop star strikes again with an album seeking forgiveness. I believe this is his second album to date. I like Maher and what he is trying to do and how he does it.

This is a 17 track album with English, Arabic and everything in between. I am sure the same songs will also be released in other local dialects where Islam is a religion.

01.I Love You So
02.Number One For Me
04.My Little Girl feat. Aya Zain
05.Forgive Me
06.One Big Family
07.Assalamu Alayka
09.Masha Allah
10.Radhitu Billahi Rabba
12.So Soon
13.Muhammad pbuh
14.Guide Me All the Way
15.Mawlaya - Arabic Version
16.Assalamu Alayka - Arabic
17.Radhitu Billahi Rabba - Arabic

Maher Zain - Number One For Me | Official Music Video

The Most Famous Arab Pop Trio

To find it, you had to go all the way back to the 80s. Even thought the Band members are still alive and well, two have retried, and one still out there. The man behind the band is musician composer Ammar El Sharei is in the hospital in a critical condition. This is an all Egyptian ensemble, Mona Abdel Ghany, Hanan, and Ala Abdelkhaliq. They had the best music that manged to blend old school Arabic music with hipper Western elements.

The ladies have retired, Mona for at least 13 years--she is talking a bout comeback album with no romance, just messages and socially uplifting songs. They ushered the pop era of the 80s. they were young, hip and hungry. It was an experiment that did not last for long, however, their music is still relevant today.

I have included two video from theirs, one is commenting on new fads and trends, and how hard it's to keep up or keep sane. The second is about coming home after living oversees for some time. It's about dreams and about missing the motherland.

فرقة الاصدقاء / الموضات

أغنية الحدود - لفريق الاصدقاء ( عمار الشريعي )