Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jamal Yaseen Fun Filled Music Video

Jamal Yaseen (Jammal Yassine, Jamal Yasin) is one charming young singer, he is Tom Cruise charming. Not sure why he rarely makes the news, but this pop guy is one savvy singer. His warm voice, yet playful demeanor set well with people--young and old.

check out his latest music video, I have not liked his previous music video, even thought the song was good (the music video was about creepy stalking) but with this new music video about waiting for your loved one to make the right move--or approve the move that you have already made.

The song is cute, the dancers are fun to look at without going over the top and the back story we all can relate to and I mean everyone married and single can see the story happening to them.

The kind of flexibility Jamal's voice enjoy helps him appeal to both the sophisticated listeners and use music close to the average citizen.

Jamal Yassine- Ana Mistanni 3aleik جمال ياسين أنا مستني عليك

Layal Aboud, Sex Alone Doesn't Make a Star

Get this off my chest, Layal Abboud can sing and should continue to do so. But someone needs to tell her to tone it down with her body stuff. This young Lebanese singer does any scene she thinks will save her career, even the bathtub scene included.

Put her name on Google and it will suggest to add the word hot to her search inquiry. Take this music video, she is wearing the cat women outfit. Her cleavage claims a big portions of any shot. Not sure what the end game here, 20 years from now, Layal will regret that stuff as she will be married to some business guy from the Gulf.

Am I wrong? I just want talents to be judged on their talent not body parts. Beside that, the song is dramatic one about breakup, but here she looks like she is ready to go clubbing already. Here's a comment on the video--it has lots of dislikes too:

i cant even recognize layal anymore..its a shame she was pretty before she messed up her face and got cheek implants and lip augmentations...her nose looks so

Layal Aboud - Ma B'eish / ليال عبود - ما بعيش

Asma, Come Visit Egypt Please

Egyptians did a revolution and moved us all, now they want our help. We should all make time to go visit that country and help bring it back to speed...we are not asked to do much more. Just come see it, spend some cash and have fun. Take a tour with Asma as she goes around the streets of Cairo.

That's the best thing you can do, and that's why singers like Asma are doing their best to get you to come visit Egypt. While Asma doe snot have that powerful voice, her message is a powerful one. As a song this is a failed one, but as concept it's relevant.

Keep on mind, the people of Egypt believe that if you go once to their country, you will be coming back for seconds.
Asma - Law Geet Masr / أسما - لو جيت مصر

Fouad Fares Has More Dislikes Than Most Like

Why would An Arab singer would want to do an R&B song in English beats me. The lyrics are so expired and redundant, and speak no less of the accent on the song. This is a terrible song by all means. Fouad Fares (formerly know as CJ) is very focused on the club scene--he filmed his first music video in one, but no one picked the song.

No hard feelings, but Mr. Fares you cannot just use a bikini model and bank on that alone to launch your career. While the song's title is in Arabic, the entire song in English with one the title being uttered every now and then.

Fouad Fares - Leh Mannik Hon / فؤاد فارس - لية مانك هون

For Henein Mashael Goes Back In Time

The Bedouin people knew how to tell stories, there's little one can do when you are out in the middle of a pile of sand. So Singer Mashael is doing just that for her new music video with the boy of her dreams.

This is a good music video that goes back in time, instead of going to London as most singers in the Gulf like to do, she just wanted to tell a love story. While the son is not a hit by all means, it might be popular with those who listen to Gulf music, I know for me the music is a letdown.

جديد فيديو كليب مشاعل حنين 2011 3 - Mashael Henein

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Styling With Ahmed Mekky-Facebooky

Ahmed Mekky is taking on a subject most celebrities wish to tackle. Fake Facebook accounts that uses their name. Worse, some of those pages have people posing as Ahmed Mekky. This is a funny treatment for this subject that has given some of those entertainers headaches.

Not sure what to make of Ahmed Mekky's latest rap. He is exploiting some of his characters, and adding the bad boy character to that mix. There's some animation too, but the prelude to the song is taken from other rappers books. The process of coming up with a beat.

احمد مكي - فيس بوكي Ahmed Mekky-Facebooky HQ

Monday, August 29, 2011

Myriam Fares New All Gulf Album

Props to Lebanese singer dancer Myriam Fares for keeping on making his songs better and her albums a work of arts. This relentless Lebanese entertainer has built a kingdom for her in most Arab countries, she toured and performed in Iraq; she is a mega star in her home Lebanon; the Egyptian are crazy about her and her shows; the Gulf and Morocco loves her local songs with dazzling performances of local dances as well.

But as for her next album, the people of the Gulf are in luck as the album is made with them in mind, it's made using local dialect. She already done pop and Lebanese Egyptian songs, now she is venturing to where the record sales are the Gulf where people still actually purchase music.

01.Min Oyouni
04.Ya Sariah
05.Ah Youmah
07.Sid Al Koul
09.Kather Al Khayal
10.Min Oyouni (Music Instrumental)
11.Khalani (Music Instrumental)

Kammah Kam Leila Album

For all we know Mohamed Elkammah is a California surfer dude, he is got the hair the swagger and the looks. But this young Egyptian singer is releasing his full album this Eid season and it has 13 tracks (the number 13 doesn't matter, I am guessing)

This is a love album with some techno elements and house. music written with the young on mind by some middle aged lyricists most likely. This time when Kammah gets a concert he has an album to sell and his own songs to cover and boast about.

for much of the album songs, you get the impression Kammah sounds like those other generic pop stars, I think he is at one point close to sounding like Loai. But to his credit, Kammah is still fun to listen to.

01 - Kam Leila
02 - Na2la Fi 7ayaty
03 - Snen Msh Hnshalk
04 - 3shan Broudik
05 - Fadel Eh
06 - Sekety Sahla
07 - La7zit 3nad
08 - 3ayz Ab'a M3aki
09 - Hawana
10 - Ro7t El.Makan
11 - Allah Ykhaleky
12 - Azma W Ht3ady
13 - Di Akhretha

Zain Al Omar, The Mellow Lebanses

Zain Al Omar, The Mellow Lebanese is the charmer of the ladies, his secret is his good looks and those eyes of his. He has never tried to use the sex appeal like say Joe Ashkar. But Zain is for sure the mellow romantic guy of Lebanon. He has been around for some time now, and this eid he is releasing his album.

Zain Al Omar is the star that a different generations ladies can enjoy at the same time. While he rarely gives interviews, most of his time is either performing in Lebanon and Syria or making new music.

01 - Walha
02 - Tayr ELSama
03 - Kol ELMarahel
04 - Karjit Me
05 - Hokm ELHob
06 - Betgine Magrooh
07 - Bahawel
08 - 3aqly Taar

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mohamed El Kammah 2011 Album

If you are 25 of age and do not watch Star Academy, then you wouldn't know who Mohamed El Kammah is. He is a pop singer trying to make it big in Egypt, he is a celebrity among other singers, but he is not that big of a name outside those circles.

He took part of the popular show Star Academy and left some impression with the viewers. Has he managed to translate that into commercial success, not really. I guess, he has the name recognition, but that did not mean he sells records. Now with his new album due soon, we have to wait and see.

The looks and the style are doing wonders for the young star. What's missing is a unque brand, the kind that sets you aside from all the other pop singer who know little about the music itself.

01. 3ayez Ab2a M3aky
02. Fadel eh
03. 3ashan Brodek
04. la7zet 3enads
05. Di Akhretha
06. Sekty.Sahla

Mohamed El Kammah - Kam Leila / محمد القماح - كام ليلة

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hany Shaker, A Grieving Father Revisiting His Past

Hany Shaker has been ding romance and melodrama for as far back as I can remember. But now he has something to be sad about, he has lost his daughter Dina to cancer. So now comes this song about those memories and the past.

This is another song that fits in many stories and about so many. Hany is standing alone in this battle about faith and love. You get the idea this music video was made for his daughter and to honor her memory. Dina has been survived by a twin too.
هاني شاكر - احلى الذكريات 2011

Canadians Are "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"

Filmed in Morocco, Scotland, and England. Taken from a novel by Paul Torday. British businessman and dedicated angler Paul Torday has found a way to combine a novel about fishing and all that it means with a satire involving politics, bureaucrats, the Middle East, the war in Iraq, and a sheikh who is really a mystic. Torday makes it all work in a most convincing way using memos, interviews, e-mails, and letters in clever juxtaposition.

Will this be one of those movies that live up to the book, we have to wait and see. Emily Blunt, Ewan McGregor, Amr Waked are among the cast of dazzling actos bringin this novel to live.

Filming "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Huda Of The Mountains

When a singer in Arabia says, I am from the mountain, I right away think, "oh, they are Lebanese" But when you say you are from the mountain in Egypt, it means you are living the tough life--often the outlaws are the only ones living there.

Huda is not trying to hide that, she titled her album "I am from the mountain" Checkout her second track, it's a duet with sha'aby singer Abdel Baset Hamouda. I am beginning to think this Huda is actually from Egypt, there are too many Arab singers with that name and they sort of all look related.

01 - 3een We Nenni
02 - Ma Tes2al Ya 3am 3alia (FT Abdel Baset Hamouda)
03 - Medly
04 - Ana Men Gabal
05 - ELWad Dodo
06 - ELa Ana
07 - Malaksh Hal
08 - Ya Mebasbasaty
09 - A2olo Eah

Islamic Style Wedding Music

There is an entire industry out there for Islamic appropriate entertainment, they have TV networks, TV shows, movies and music that deemed to be good by a number of scholars. When is comes to music, the traditional school does not like any musical instrument, they relay solely on the vocals and occasionally a drum--those were permissible at the time of the prophet.

There are a number of wedding songs written and performed at wedding styled in the Muslim code. I know there are popular in many parts of the Muslim world. The music usually included a prayer for the soon to be couple. An expression of joy of this happy occasion. No dancing, maybe only standing in circles and waving hands. Some of those songs will talk about the good looking male, and the virtuous young woman he is about to marry.

In occasions, those weddings feature martial arts, and theater plays. There is a lot of fun food and drinks at those events and many bearded men. This is what passes for "Haflat Islamiay", an Islamic party. I have to admit, those are often fun parties without many of the questionable social behaviors--like young men taking drugs and drinking alcohol in public.

أناشيد افراح المسلمين قبس من نور السنة. الجزء الأول

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arabic Calligraphy Meets Palestine

Ahmad Dari sings and tells jokes about Palestinian political stalemate. He also has a nice gift of hand writing Arabic worlds in some dazzling calligraphy. This is a real gift that used to be a big deal once before the invention of printing and now computers.

For this video he writes Palestine in Arabic in his best curve hand writing.

Ahmad Dari, Calligraphy. Palestine. أحمد داري، خط عربي، فلسطين

Monday, August 22, 2011

For Libya, This Day Was A Good Day

Congrats Libya, you might as well be joining the free world. While there will be many challenges ahead, the future looks bright. At least they will not have to be led no more by that mad man. Qaddafi is still loose, but not for long.

This is a cool song with some fine pictures from the front ,lines. Today is a good day, and I do not have to use my Ak. Libyans used AKs and whatever they can put their hands on to get rid of the Qaddafi regime.

Today we celebrate, tomorrow we go back to work.

Today Was a Good Day - Libya Rebel Remix

Mohammad Saad Sing is The Arab Weird Al

His movies are often silly, shallow and idiotic, but they make millions. What makes movies by comedic actor Mohammad Saad succeed is his persona. He always has a song to promote his movies, the song tends to be the funnies thing about the movie.

Mohammad Saad sings those songs with his voice that the fans have grown to know and love. He does not try to be a lover boy, but rather he works to sound like your mechanic and the guy who brings your coffee...he answers your questions what if those people want to sing.

Here comes his new song to promote the movie Tik Tik Boom about a thug who wants to get married but in the night of his wedding, the revolution starts. The title is funny, the prince of the universe.

اغنيه برنس العالم لمحمد سعد - من فيلم تك تك بووم

Native Deen Launches "The Remedy"

Native Deen is an American band based in Washington DC. But unlike many of the DC band's this band is different. They differ as they chose to talk about faith, love, justice and worship. This is a band that dedicated itself to do good through their music. Joshu, Abdul-Malik and Naeem are the three gentleman who make up this band and form the look of things, they are best friends as well.

They are known for their Hip Hop, and for many Muslims they are know for their Nasheed--Muslim songs. They are know by me for their uplifting messages, and their support for many Muslims living in the world with poverty and adversary. They give voice to those who have none and travel with the sun to perform wherever they are needed.

I like the large n umber of quality songs this band can put out every few years. I like seeing them travel around the world to Jakarta, Palestine, Egypt, London and see them take their show on the road. They are one of the few bands to travel to Palestine and perform there. It takes guts and it takes real commitment. Since I live in DC too, I am hoping I can interview these guys one day.

Here's a link where you can purchase the album
  1. The Remedy
  2. Only fear Allah
  3. Bismillah
  4. Mercy to Mankind
  5. Ahad " story of Bilal "
  6. Gaza
  7. Greatest one
  8. Hungrys ones
  9. I am Near
  10. My Faith My voice
  11. My lord
  12. Our Earth
  13. Packed at All
  14. Ramadan is here
  15. Ya Taybah

Native Deen -- Ramadan is Here ( Official )

Zain Bhikha Shares Some [HOPE] 2011

Zain Bhikha comes from South Africa where music can be find in every day life. This singer/songwriter is releasing his latest album Hope at the end of July 2011-just in time for Ramadan. This band that is specifically popular with English speaking Muslim countries. No wonder as Zain is an Indian South African, so English runs in his veins. A know association with the world class Islamic songs Yusuf Islam.

Zain's music took them everywhere, making them one of the top Nasheed (song of Islamic orientation) artists in the world, and number one in South Africa. The band is founded on the principle of making inspirational music that has political, social and personal messages. Islam is part of the band's identity

He is known to be the voice of local concerns with universal value, and sees his music transcending all boundaries and barriers. Zain was one of two South Africans featured in the Top 500 Most Influential Muslims book -this is a big deal. When I heard Hope, I was instantly reminded of the Lion King. But Zain is no stranger to that either. His performance with a drummer and several backup vocalists who are most famous for being the African singers in the famous Disney cartoon movie The Lion King.

Bhikha's music almost exclusively follows Islamic themes, with only voice and drums being used, since the use of musical instruments other than the voice and the drum is an area of debate in Muslim jurisprudence, considered harām, or "unlawful" by a portion of the Muslim community.

Performing in cities like Dubai, Durban, Capetown and London. This is his 7th album since the he released his first album in 2000. I just cannot have enough of their African music, making it a lot more relevant to my interstates. They have always made good music in South Africa, now they are making it even better with some [HOPE] this time around.

1. One God
2. Muhammad
3. Sizomkhonz U'Allah
4. C'mon Everybody
5. Ellahi
6. Guantanamo Bay
7. Heartbeat
8. Thula Sizwe
9. Broken
10. Heal the World
11. The Woman I Love
12. First We Need The Love


It's Not Mother's Day Yet, But This Song Will Do

My dear mother has left me a year ago. Here's a Palestinian artist, that has took some time to sing a song about his deceased mother. This is a tragic song about a son who remember the better days with his mother who gave so much and took nothing back.

I know those songs were very popular during the intifada, as the fighters and revolutionaries would sing them as they live on the run away from their home. They would do that becasue if those guys go back to their homes, Israel would get back at them.

I remember those songs would often be played at political and social functions. This is one heck of a song, if you miss your mother and long to those days. While your mother might be still alive, make sure she knows that you love her and let her know this by both your words and actions.

ياسر عودة -موال أمي الحنونة / Yaser Awde- Mawal Omi El Hanouni

Hessen Zakaria, Somone I Really Like

Hessen Zakaria has a 2011 album, but little is known about it. He is the man for the blues, those sad melodies Arab youth with broken hearts reach for. His vocals are style serve this genera well. There is demand for those kind of songs, not all of us like pop.

Pop does make you happy, but we are not always giddy. There are those among us who have little joy in their hearts and they like music with that sad tone. While his music is pretty awesome, I believe he composes his own music. So this is the whole package, the vocals, the style and the enjoyable music.

اغنية حسين زكريا - فقير غلبان

اغنية حسين زكريا - يابختى بيك

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mohamad Bash "Cannot Stop You"

Mohamad Bash is making two things clear. One, he likes Bashar Assad. Two, he would sing in English if that meant he can be your man. That's what the young Star Academy alum. He is one of their better talents who have the fans and he has the interest to pursue his music career.

While his Arabic songs are fine, his English songs are missing something. On the upside, there's no shortage of website and images for Mr. Bash. I blogged before about Bash, in his provocative song, your love have sent me to my destruction me. This Jordanian Syrian singer will keep on rocking.

Mohamad Bash-Can't Stop Missing You/محمد باش- كانت ستب ميسينغ يو

Moustafa Amar Sings For God and Egypt

While like most singers of his generation said nothing about the Egyptian revolution, Moustafa is making an effort. This Ramadan with a prayer song for the motherland and the people this Ramadan. Amar even sends his best wishes to the youth of his country.

Not sure if that means anything this late, but no question about it, Moustafa loves Egypt as much as the next guy.

Doaa Ameen - Moustafa Amar دعاء امين - مصطفى قمر

Diana Haddad "Zay Sokar"

Diana knew how to make a pop song back in the 90s, but as of right now she makes more flops than hits. Here's literary sweet song of hers, the title is "Like Sugar", it was a break from her Gulf safe songs that fail to appeal to anyone living outside that area.

But for a star of her size, she knows she has the fan base and the name recognition, but for how long exactly? She has not given something exciting in about 5 years now. Not to put her down, it might be her personal life, it might be her inability to score new songs in her home country Lebanon.

Diana Hadade - Zay Sokar Ournia.Org ديانا حداد - زي السكر

Goldie Sana Musa Palestine Oldie

Sana Mousa does classical Arabic songs that are of interest to Palestinians, her song "Your Eyes" does just that. Little is known about Sana, but the magic in her voice should be clear to everyone. She is young and she is more than capable of covering old songs about the land, and the loved one.

Coffee is also present in those songs, it's about the old days, where hospitality meant having a pot of coffee always brewing in your tent. I am glad I came across this singer and hope to find more of her songs that mean the world to me.

سناء موسى - عيونها

وعيونها يا طيري وتقول فنجان،
فنجان بالقيهيوة ممتليه
يا عيونك سود حلوة يا عيونك،
وسنونها يا طيري وتقول مرجان،
مرجانة على اللولو مختلية
يا عيونك سود حلوة يا عيونك

Saudis Are Fun Even When They Are Not

In Saudi Arabia, they have a government commissioned department for enforcing vice and virtue on the public. You would be chilling with your lady and then, some bearded guy shows up asks you to show documents that she is either your sister, mother or wife. If she is not a close relative to you (someone that you cannot legally marry), they they will beat you up and take you to jail.

They have few fans in Saudi Arabia, they are known to over step their jurisdictions and they have abused those powers in the past. The government there, cannot do much about them, because this is part of the deal, let Wahabe do their thing with the the public and the house of Saud will be given free hand in governance.

While those guys are no fun, it does not mean that you cannot have fun at their expense. Check out this Pakistani guy calling them and giving them a hard time. He is pretending to call them reporting an indecent act, he asks them to send enforcement, but the way he talks makes little sense. And lots of fun.

الخان مرخان تسحيب بالهيئة

Donia Samir Ghanem, A Rare Egyptian Talent

I am a fan of Egyptian Donia Samir Ghanem, her acting is close to perfect, and her personality is one of the finest of those working female entertainers in Egypt. While she comes from an all around family of entertainers--both her parents are seasoned iconic actors.

But for some time now, Donia has been working with funny man Ahmed Mekki as they shared the big screen twice and together they starred in TV comedy Al Kabeer Awy. This year she starred in 365 Days of Happiness a romantic comedy--it was an unlucky movie released during the revolution in Egypt.

The thing about her is her charm, but also her voice, she has some amazing vocals too. While she has been featured with a promotional song for her movie "Teer Inta", she has started singing for lampooning Arab singers and that went so well. Later she started doing covers of old Songs, like the one below.

Donia Samir Ghanem - Oyoun El Alb

Wael Jassar 2011 Album Is Here Now, Listen

Wael Jassar is back with a new album, this guy has not made one bad song since 1999. So when his 2011 album is out, I am the first to buy it. Not only does he make good music and better lyrics than most Arab singers, he is a serious person.

The title he chose is this "Every minute is personal" and I say very track here is so as well.

This is a very personal album heavy on romance and love. Wael is safe in that area, his attempt at pop has always stayed withing this range--the sad notes and the happy ones, and every time he is a winner and so are we. Mark my word, this album will be the album for the Eid and summer combined.

01 - 2al Fakerny
02 - Fe Khatwetak Sekety
03 - Fakerny Ansak
04 - Resalet 7ob Marmia
05 - Meen youmo
06 - Kol De2e2a Sha5sia
07 - Lama Tegheb
08 - Ne3esh EL7ob
09 - 3omry Ma Nesetak
10 - Meen Fena EL Masdom
11 - Mawgo3
12 - Khaleny Zekra
13 - Lel Asaf Ben7eb Ba3d
14 - Khodeny Ma3aky Meshwarek

اغنية وائل جسار - مين فينا المصدوم


اغنية وائل جسار - خلينى ذكرى 2011

اغنية وائل جسار - للاسف بنحب بعض 2011

اغنية وائل جسار - قال فاكرنى 2011

اغنية وائل جسار - فى كل دقيقة شخصية 2011

Edward Can Sing, But He Really Doesn't Want Too

He can Sing, we know he had that 2001 hit song Linda, a light pop song with a Spanish Guitar, but Egyptian entertainer Edward, just doesn't want to sing anymore. It might be that' there's little money in that business. One thing is certain, Edward is serious about his acting. He is  in every Egyptian comedy, and the guy who can play goofy sidekick like no other.

This actor has tens of movies to his credit, that range from romance to comedy. Mostley average flicks with some humor where Edward plays the same character over and over again. But at least in some other movies he did something different "Hassan We Murkus", he did the annoying goofball guy he wants to get married to a girl who does not care about him much. In "Assal Eswed", he did the down on his luck guy. I saw a hint of acting there too.

Edward never seems to want to go back to singing, he is a box office dude, he is the sidekick, the comic relief for most of the movies he appears in. I do not think he has challenged himself enough. He is just happy making money behaving in front of a camera.

Last known song to Edward came in 2008 for a a very good movie "Cabaret" where he plays an aspiring young singer who steals the thunder form his former boss. His characters often lack the depth, but this is hardly his fault. but it's a lot more about humor than singing. He did well then.

Edward - Teb'ed Any / ادوارد - تبعد عنى

Hamaki, You Need To Make A Comeback

Hamaki might have been missing this summer due to health concerns. But his 2010 album is still making waves and this dynamic and animated pop singer is collected yet another award from the FM radio. Those are the better days. Not sure what Hamaki has up his sleeves, I know he said he is taking it easy.

He has also gotten engaged too. So a comeback would be harder, but unavoidable. Hamaki is a charmer, see his interviews. He speaks no ill of others, and they rarely attack him. He is the kind of guy who does this for the fun of it. While he is not a musician, but rather a performer that thrwos some of the better concerts.

His last songs were about the new Egypt and how much it means to him to be an Egyptian. His songs were proud and were also careful to remind people to put Egypt in their hearts and minds as they go on their business.
Hamaki - Intro FM Award 2010

Please Visist Algeria, It's Lovely

Algeria is a vast land, most of their tourists come from Europe and not enough Arabs visit this very gorgeous land with such down to earth people. Check out this virtual toru of some of the wor,ld famous attractions Algeria has to offer. Yes, there's the beach, but there's a lot more to than meets the eye.

There are the evergreen mountains, the captivating skyline, the historic places, the food, the culture and most of all the hospitable people. Make sure to check out the soccer scene, there are some world class athletes.

algeria i love you

Zain Mobile Bastardize Sesame Street

Corporations got no shame, what they have a lot of is money. Money is how they booked the adorable kid from Bahrain Hala Turk to record a cover of the old classic song for the popular children program sesame street.

Zain Mobile is an Arab mobile service company that is functioning of half a dozen Arab countries in the Gulf, Jordan and few other paces. Not sure what they are trying to say with this new commercial. Are they trying to tell kids they should have a mobile phone too

حلا الترك افتح يا سمسم دعاية زين 2011 حصريا

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baraka Band Best Cover Band In Egypt

As far as I know, there's little info on the cover band Baraka Band, a band does covers of old Egyptian classics like those of Sheikh Imam written by controversial leftist Ahmad Foad Najim. Established in 2007 by Wesam Sultan, guitarist and Maryam Saleh, vocalist. Hossam and Gorge will later join the band.

I did find an old video of theirs doing cover of Bahya, a timeless classic. This Alexandria band will be putting their name out there as they took part of a concert organized in honor of Ramadan.

The band is focused on singing poem by local poets who talk about everyday's life in Egypt. Politics and humor are all over their work and of course they are comfortable with rock music.

Baraka band - Baheya فرقة بركة - بهية

Watch Maradona "Viva Palestine" Video

The big dog of Argentina soccer will be calling the UAE his home for some time as he will he the coach for a local club there. On one of his first nights, greeted by fans and youngsters, he poses for pictures. He seems to be getting comfortable and getting to know both the field and the people.

Then someone comes with a Palestinian traditional scarf "kafiya", he wears it, and declares "Viva Palestina". This is definitely heart warming to see for many followers of this iconic soccer payer turned coach.

Sure, I still remember his pictures near the wall near Al Aqsa Mosque when he was visiting Israel in the early 90s. Maybe he is not a bit more mature and ready to tell the truth. Maybe we Palestinians have changes and made it easier for public figure to declare their support to our cause.

مارادونا يرفع علامة النصر لفلسطين Maradona supports Palestine

Tak Tak Boom, Another Brainless Egyptian Comedy

Egyptain funny man Mohammad Saad was funny for a year, it was 2001. But someone has told him he is still finny. However ten years later and this one character actor has not manged to do any other character than the one he did in 2001. That says, this guy is no talent. While I admit some of his movies have funny parts, the majority of them are close to torture.

Same old tired dialect, same physical comedy bits and same shallow plots. This is going to be the Egyptian Eid it seems, just comedies and brainless humor. Maybe the entire country is in the mode of wanting to laugh. However, it seems there are some references to the revolution in Egypt. This still could end up being Saad's finest comedy since 2001, it will make money for sure.
تريللر فيلم تك تك بوم بطولة محمد سعد

Friday, August 19, 2011

Essam Karika Answers My Question

If you have ever wondered about Arab singers on tours, you can get your answer straight from Essam Karika, the composer turned singer wonder boy. In the show he is hosting this Ramadan, he shared the trades of the secret.

Essam has done concerts overseas, In Tunis, Morocco among others. First the star has to pack his bag. In his luggage he puts couple of suits, few jeans and underwear. And don't forget his razor--if he is a guy. Then the entertainer's manager of spouse take them to the airport.

Arriving at the host country, there is a nice car waiting for the star, takes him/her to the hotel suite. The duration of the trip is usually three days, day of arrival, day of the concert and the next take is the departure. At the hotel suite, the media and the fans gather up with the artist. Day of the concert early in the day the singer goes for the dress rehearsal and sound check.

Most of the time the singer takes their band with them-A list singers can afford to bring all their band, but others will at least bring 3 to five band members. Sometimes a singer would bring his family with him making a vacation of it.

Then comes the concert, usually the singer is obligated to sing for a minute of 1.5 hours. What comes after that is up to them and up to the crowd control people. The day after the concert according to Karika, is interesting. If the concert promoter makes his money, he would be nice to the entertainer, if he loses money then he would not even bother and send a nice ride to the singer to take them to the airport. Sometimes if the even loses money the promoter would ask the singer to pay back their hotel expenses. But that's no all, most concerts make a profit or break even.

برنامج عصام كاريكا الواد العفريت الحلقه السادسه عشر

Magida El-Roumi, Slips And Falls

Beloved Lebanese diva Majid El Roumi was watering the planets in her Beirut apartment, when she slipped on some water, fell to the ground and then was later hospitalized. Her manager maintained the legendary singer known for passionate twice over love songs is doing well.

She did not have to go to the hospital, they just wanted to make sure she is alright. Not sure if this is news worthy, but it has been a slow news day.

majda roumi habibi

Al Haram Street Movie Stink Bomb

Al Haram Street in English would be The Pyramid Street has always been the party street in Cairo. Nightclubs, casinos, bars, theater, and all sorts of adult entertainment goes on that street. Most people in Egypt don't like to come near this street as it's a tourist trap.

But Al Sabaky Film group is making a movie about this street where sleazy people, and low lives use sexual references any chance they get to give you a laugh. All around this is looking like a disgusting movie. I think it does hurt the image of Egypt to have such characters featured in movies.

Again, this might be just a movie, I could be reading too much into it. But here;s what I know when actress Somya Al Khasab read the script, she turned it down and said this movie has no plot and it's all about dance outfits. This movie will be out in theaters in time for the Eid, I am hoping ti will bomb, but the reality suggests, these kind of movies actually make money.

اعلان فيلم شـارع الهـرم فيلم العــيد .. سعد الصغير

Darine Hadchiti Ambassador to the Elderly, Congrats

Darine Hadchiti is every Lebanese man dream, she is sweet, upbeat and she is very Lebanese. She is one of the hottest singer for Lebanese at home and way from home-Canada and Australia love her too. But today's post is not about her music, but rather about her new gig.

Darine will be the ambassador for those fun loving elderly people that you will see dance along with her. Other than the interesting intro she was given at the event, all around this is a pretty neat thing to do. Her Lebanese style brought these elderly to the dance floor.

I give tremendous respect for the young ones who take a minute to think about those who have been young once. Not sure what Ambassador Darine would do exactly, but that means she will perform at this elderly home attracting young people to get to know about the home and maybe volunteer and donate.

دارين حدشيتي سفيرة جمعية المسنين | Darine Hadchiti Elderly Ambassador

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halima Boland, Scandals and Rumors Everywhere

Halima Boland (Buland) is back in the news, this time it's a lot more personal than all the previous times. This celebrity TV host from Kuwait who is known for her love of attention. Here's what we hear:

Her doctors advised her to have an abortion as her health was in danger due to her pregnancy. Health complications as a result of the pregnancy, Halima's health would be in danger. So she took their advice and had an abortion. This is something permissible in Islam. The news has surfaced even before she make them public and people wanted to make a big deal of it.

Then there are those leaked audio clips of hers that has been picked by many media outlets. According to sources, Halima has some insults to the people of Saudi Arabia. Halima argues those clips are fabrications and they have no real claim. She has threatened to sue those who are behind those clips. She called in a TV program and made her case, she also cried too.

Halima loves the people of Saudi Arabia and has going with full force fighting those rumors. I am not a fan of Halima's but I think this time she is right and her critics have no shame. Those people who use phones and Bluetooth to do others harm.

بكاء حليمة بولند على الهواء بعد فضيحتها

Shahinaz 2011 Album "Dificulty Will Pass" Soon

Egyptian singer Shahinaz came to fame in 2000 when she won the title for Star Maker show, she made it big and her name attracted many fans. Then 7 years later and two albums released, she called it quit. She wear the traditional head cover and left the world of pop forever. She has also married and reportedly happy with her new life.

Then a year into her retirement, she released some socially uplifting themed songs, about friendship and life. then she came this year with a new album that will be released soon. With 8 tracks talking about the history of Islam and its early figures. Nothing can wrong. I also feel the cover is pretty cool. While the album hasn't been released yet, the net is going banana for the cover already.

Here's something you might find interesting, the label that is producing the work of Shahinaz is owned by her husband so he is not sparing any dimes to make this album a golden one. However, we have no confirmed released date yet. This will be Shahinaz's first album since 2006 with her hit song "Insany", "forget me". Forgetting that lady with the warm and powerful voice is nothing but easy.

الصعب هيعدي
انت اللى القلب عارفك
بتهل علينا
تحيتنا السلام
خلفاء راشدين
شروق وغروب
شهر الهدى
طلع البدر علينا

شاهيناز ولا زيك فى الدنيا يا امى Shahinaz Mother Song 2011

Ahmad Shaker, Egyptain Actor With Good Looks

Egyptian actor Ahmad Shaker doesn't do easy roles, while most actors in his generation behave and not act, they say just simply lines and do what they do in real life. Ahmad on the other hand is into complex roles. His biggest TV roles was doing Farid Al Atrach, the legendary Syrian composer. Ahmad Shaker's portrayal of that role is flawless.

This Ramadan this well educated actor is taking a role that has almost never been done before, taking in the biopic TV drama about a world famous Egyptian scientist "physicist", Moshrafa Moshrafa. While there are very few world famous Arab scientists, Ahmad found no trouble in taking this character in "A Man For This Time" "رجل لهذا الزمان" and bringing it to life. Moshrafa was the youngest PhD to be hired at the time, just under the age of 30. He was a big advocate for developing nuclear based energy in Egypt and that's why his death is the subject of many conspiracy theories.

The show has received robust reviews and a lot of praises for the actor whose credential for the job is his interest in science, country and being able to speak English.

The TV drama focuses on eduction and how politics corrupts it, it also shows what needs to be done to build a proper country away from religious influence and political pressure. There's a lot of history in this work, it took a year and half of hard work to bring this drama to air. And the great thing, they actually filmed in London.

One thing Ahmad Shaker doesn't do is, movies. He says the type of movies they are making in Egypt are of commercial nature, cheap laughs and some sleaze and you get a box office hit. Ahmad doesn't do that he acts and likes to do serious movies. He might be appearing in one soon, but not soon enough.

برومو مسلسل رجل لهذا الزمان.

A Creative and Fun Way To Tell A Syrian Story

Syrians are resourceful people and they are among the most talented and creative Arabs you will meet. Check out this cool storyteller telling the story of Syria and the movement in that land. sing symbols, and references to the regime and its men. songs can only do so much, but stories are often welcome by a a lot more people.

Storytelling is an ancient art form, Syrians are known for it as their distinct dialect makes a tale a lot more fun. The animation is pretty cool too, and the harshest words are saved for the religious figures who have offered support for the Assad regime.

The tale is told in the style of a thousand and one night as the suspense factor is saved till the last minute.

أبوعبدو الحكواتي -

Abdel Halim Hafiz Also Recorded Prayers

The Arabic Elvis Presley had his spiritual side, while many saw Abdel Halim to be a playful young man with a lot of adventures in his life. Hard not when his music made women feel like princess and made men feel like romantic gentlemen. So, you rarely hear or get to see something of religious nature about this talented and iconic Egyptian singer.

But I found actually a collection Cd for his prayer "Ad3yah", he recorded on various occasions and to be frank this is some great work with some thoughtful writing. The music is your typical religious themed traditional instruments with as little affects as one can get away with.

I hope that the work of this man will help redeem some of his low moments. While he died as a result of illness, his work will cure the ill of heart.

01. Nafadt Ayni Al-Manam
02. Ana Min Turab
03. Al Touta
04. Ad'ouk Ya Same' Du'aya
05. Wa Rahmatka Fi El-Naseem
06. Beyni Wu Beyn El-Nas
07. Wul Haba Fi Al-Ard
08. Khalini Kilma
09. Waraq El-Shagar
10. Bein Sahbat El-Ward
11. Ya Khaliq El-Zahra

Aziz Maraka And His Raz Music

Raz Music is rock Arabic jazz comes from Aziz Maraka and his buddies. This young man who studied music in the US and has perfected his craft. As rock music has seen better days and since he is Arab and he loves old Arabic music and Western ones. Then he came home and started working on raz. This is his thing and he launched on the internet, took some time, but now it's hop and a real thing.

I got give Aziz some credit for his work on this type of music, it's easy to imitate and use templates that others have left for you, but he came up with a new concept. He came up with the idea as Jordan lacked its own music, and he used to play Lebanese songs of Fayrouz. Now thanks to Aziz and his buddies, there's something fresh.

Jordan has had always had underground music scene for western music fans and alternative music. Aziz has traveled to perform in the US, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain and of course in Jordan. Thus raz going public and in the age of the internet. This singer, producer, and music writer will keep on rocking. Watch this interview and learn about this universal music with a local twist.

Aziz Maraka on Future News (Akhbar Al Sabah) Part1- August 2011

Aziz Maraka on Future News (Akhbar Al Sabah) Part2- August 2011

Maher Zain Takes Chicago By Greeting Cards

I am a fan of Maher Zain's he makes good music and only sings uplifting lyrics. This Arab European import has been building his fan base one Facebook invite at a time. Now his Facebook is one of the biggest out there and those fans come from the die hard types, where they would stick up to their star.

Now comes his most recent music video Ya Nabi, where he walks the streets of Chicago finds his Muslim brothers and sisters and hand them a card that reminds them to pray on the prophet. This is a nice video about bringing people's joy with doing those very little things.

Egyptian singer composer Hamza Namira has helped Maher put this very cool melody for the music video. This is a music video where Maher looks good doing some good work and he is asking you to do the same.

Maher Zain - Ya Nabi (Arabic Version) | ماهر زين - يا نبي سلام عليك

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Say Omar Jad-Jagal, You Say Who?

Omar Jad Jagal has one song about his little village in Lebanon and his adventures in that town. This is a typical karaoke grade song, but when Roa heard it she made sure to tell me she is a fan. "Can You Keep It Playing", she said. It turn out he has released an album summer 2011, but somehow we got to miss it.

I said ok, but I don't know where Omar Jad comes from, I do not have a clue where he is going. But I get the feeling his a wannabe flirt. Watch some of his pictures on the net where he is singing at private parties and the ladies go crazy for him.

Omar Jad-Jagal El Daya'a 2011/عمر جاد-جكل الضيعة ٢٠١١