Sunday, March 31, 2013

Watch: ليان بزلميط - بحبك يا فلسطين / Lian Bazlamit "B7ebik Ya Falastine"

The Ramallah native, the 23 year old up and coming pop star Lian Bazlamit has been thinking of bigger things than herself. Palestine, her love and her home. She has a new song that touches your heart and wamrs your soul. Something about the topic, brought the best we have heard Lian be. This is a personal song with a lot of heartache as one listens.

We still sing to Palestine since 1948, and will continue to do so. Lian is shaping up her career to be the best entertainer to come out of Palestine and continue to claim it as a homeland. Lian lives in Jordan at the moment where she goes to school.

I must show some respect to the lyricist and the composer, they have created a good thing here, something that Lian turned into a special song that will live on and be a credit to this young entertainers' career. She came a long way form her early days on Star Academy two years ago. She chose the right moment to release this song, land day in Palestine....every March 31, we are there.

ليان بزلميط - بحبك يا فلسطين / Lian Bazlamit "B7ebik Ya Falastine"

WATCH: Melissa Brings Sexy Back In Nanana كليب ميليسا - نانا

She is Lebanses but she has what it takes to be a pop sensation around the globe. She has the voice, the looks and the teams who want to work with her. After doing three songs duets with the likes of Akon, she is now ready to step on her own for the world to meet her.

This time she is not doing Arabic, but rather a song that Arab youth can appreciate along with the global audience--say the club around Europe and Russia. I dig the new look and to be frank, had this song been released in Europe first, it will be all over their radio stations. She worked with a London based team that took their work and the star seriously. There is also a foreign director who seem to know his way around the pop style music videos.

This is how it works, you just need to have connection with the producers and the radio people who can bring your song to play around. "Nanana" is the title and it's catchy song that locusts on the beat and the motions. There are too many cool looks, and I must admit, this is a good choice and hope the song travels. I do not think her new single lacks one thing.

It seems the song has been picked and well-received by the fans out there, it seems now she has more friends than enemies. People like successful artists and like to pick winners. Also this is a good exercise song, it gets your engine running. You cannot match the energy, if you had any more, things will start exploding.

Melissa Nanana - ميليسا نانا

Melissa Nanana - ميليسا نانا

Hear The Latest From Egypt's Two Biggest Divas

Two of the three big divas in Egypt (the third one is Angham) have just released samples or teasers promos for their upcoming songs--those songs will be released in their soon to be released albums or might make it as singles based on the market watch.

Amal Maher has found a golden song allowing her to show how much in love a person can be, and the other lady is Sherine and she is beautifully showing how much hurt one person can take in a relationship.

Really good songs and I love how those songs or the few seconds one hears are on the mark....they are just right! Amal had a great album two years ago and she did well in concerts Sherine is moving into the darker territory in the wake of her divorce.  Either way, those are two big hits from two ladies who are never short on hit-making.

سيمبل اغنية امال ماهر - خلينى معاك | جديد

شيرين عبدالوهاب - متاخدة من الايام | من الالبوم القادم

Listen: When Women Celebrate Other Women Assala & Angham In "Hessa"

One lucky princess in the Khalij had not one but two accomplished divas perform a song on her name. The well off folks in the Gulf area have always liked poetry and have always enriched those who write up something nice about them--they are very generous

This time, their generosity brought together two ladies of Arabic song, Angham from Egypt and Assala from Syria teamed up for this duet where they are celebrating one princess Sheikhah--female sheikh. A song about a very proud women by two of the proudest humans on Arab TV.

The song is about a person and her accomplishment, her high sense and her manners. It plays like a book of poems. I love the music, but I feel while this song does not have the average listener on mind, it still offers. If I was the person named "Hessa", I would feel very special right now.

I love how both artists brought their A game and have challenged their past to make one touching track they have made for someone special. They sound like they really adore Hessa and it shows.

Assala & Angham - Hessa / اصاله & انغام - حصة

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Best (Winners And Losers) On X Factor Arabia

I think X factor is getting to narrow their list of talented names. They are ready to show off their finest voices and show off. One of those is a guy with the name Ibrahim, he is Libyan and he is ready to make them proud--I like him. He makes good choices and shows a level of maturity when doing cover songs. He might be going home, Elissa and Wael were unkind to him. Hussein and Carole were supportive. He was hurt becasue Libya could not vote due to their issues with telecommunication.

ابراهيم - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The other lady is Salwa whose talent is hard to miss. She seems to have the face for it, she is ready to entertain. Her covers of those English songs are something of a novelty, she has it figured out. She has the stage presence and gets in the act. She does the rock star persona very well, though her latest performance left something to be desired. She is also the youngest contestant and she is from Morocco.

سلوى أنلوف - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Merayah, the band that knows what they want and have their own way of doing business. They are a boy band from Egypt who have the sweet and bad boy sides. I think they can do so much more than the soft song they performed. They are a crowd pleasing, but again they song did not allow them to show the happy side.

فرقة مرايا - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

He is the statement on the show and his name is Hussam, he has a strong voice, and a highly classy style. He has been singing fro some time since he was an 8 year old boy. I like this guy, he seems to have his quirks going right for him. He does the old man trapped in a young man's body so well. He is Lebanese and from the same area as Wael Kfoury.

حسام ترشيشي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Egypt gets her own lady on X Factor and her name is Marwa. She has that zen when she performer the oldies, she never races in her voice and she seems to need not to worry about her taking a breath. She comes across as comfortable and confident--thanks to growing in a music loving house\hold.

مروى أحمد - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

She is Moroccan and ready for prime time. She started singing in her school and has taken part of a singing show in Morocco. Now she is ready to perform something from Fayrouz. Iman is a strong contender. The judges seem to love her, she chose a song that everyone knows, so messing up in this song means she will go home--I feel she delivered it. She has the Wow factor!

إيمان كركيبو - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The guy who does not seem to want to be there comes from Jordan. He knows himself and not shopping around for an opinion from pop stars. He has something to share with the world. I like him fro that, he does not sell his charisma, but he sells high quality songs, this is Adham and I think he is a solid voice and he may actually win. I think the judges have challenged him to bring the best in him.  He is very good and Jordan will vote him in and push his brand.

أدهم نابلسي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

This is the most unique voice, he is a young Moroccan artist. I love his voice, he is very different and no one out there will be able to copy him. Think a unique George Wassouf, a voice that you cannot help but love even so you may not always understand it. The fans love this dude, and give him the votes. Certainly the boys love him. He is the candy of this show, he actually has divided the panle Elissa and Hussein are among his biggest cheerleaders.

محمد الريفي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The most talented band on the show, they are the creative force, they bring so much energy and charm , the band members are best of friends, there is so much chemistry. I love the Young Pharoz and something tell me, they are the number one band on the show and they are ready to smoke their competitors out. They are so smooth and Egypt has loved their style. The lady (Shahad) on this trio brings so much flavor in both English and Arabic. They put on a show each has their own talent that sells, but together they are something not to be overlooked.

Young Pharoz - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Ali or Aly from Saudi Arabia, he is 20 years old and he loves his family so very much. He lacks the stage presence, he is good, but I do not think for the big league. He choses to stay withing the Gulf dialect and he is already a star. He does not know this, people love him, he just does not know how to show how much he loves them back

علي حامد - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The Omani dude who is like a magician. I love this dude, he always thinks about the song is his last song, so he goes all in. The judges really like him and he is a crowd pleaser  he knows how to show love and appreciation. He does wonders when he holds the microphone. It's safe to say he will go far, because even people outside Oman\love him--he might be the second artists to be born in that country.  Another thing, he performs like he is a Western star focuses on the show part, and not just the song.
المنتصر بالله - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Another band with a very cool name, ninja is ready they come to us from the West, they have the hustle and flow thing going for them. They do rap, and each come with a story they have gone far with the Western bloc of the Arab world. They are all about energy and joy. They are fun to see them live, their fusion works to their advantage. I believe they are Tunisian. They took a challenge and turned a Lebanese dance song to their own style. Tunisians have to be really good to make it out and thoe guys are no different, they hit all the right notes.

Les Bledards Ninja - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

X Factor Guest Pop Star Mohamed Fouad Shines

Arguably, he is one of the most beloved and most real Egyptian singers, he is the home boy and the one who has always been close to the people. That means he never pretend to be something he is not. But for the past two years Mohamed Fouad was not feeling too healthy--he has spoken about his struggle with his weight and low energy.

But, you would never know that when you watch the man work the stage as he performed some of his better songs in a crazed in studio fans. He had the biker look, gosh we miss this fine entertainer and I am very pleased with his rocking comeback.

You cannot take certain things, like the love and loyalty of his seamlessly never ending fan base. He performed a number of songs including the sweet romantic one and the upbeat dance number. Note lip sync, that did not seem to hold back  Fouad from standing tall. Cannot wait for his new album that should be dropping this year.

محمد فؤاد - أغنية "إبن بلد" - العروض المباشرة 2 - The X Factor 2013

محمد فؤاد - بين ايديك - العروض المباشرة 2 - The X Factor 2013

نصيحة محمد فؤاد للمشتركين - العروض المباشرة 2 - The X Factor 2013

Models Washing Dirty Bikes On A Lebanese Beach

If freedom and democracy means getting young women to wash bikes for men as they stand by watching, I want no part of that. In Lebanon over the summer, some modeling agency and a bike shop held an event on the beach--a family friendly beach. Where dozens of bikini wearing skinny foreign girls danced to a loud beat as they pretended to wash already clean bikes.

The stupid marketing people, do not have to think anymore. Sex is their answer to any challenge they have. So when they wanted to amuse their demographic, overweight men with small private parts, they brought them the models to dance wearing next to nothing. Motorcycle agencies are trying to make a run for the Middle East. I hope those women showed up to their work and looked like they were having fun on the beach. I am certain their parents are proud of their child being objectified 

The good news the modeling agency is run by a well-spoken woman who is taking about her girls. The even organizer says, his event is creative. I disagree. Anyhow watch this lame video form Lebanon, a country that learns all the wrong lessons from the Western and Eastern Civilizations.

في لبنان: الدراجة النارية تُغسَل بيدّ أُنثوية

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Slow Day, Here Are Two Whatever Music Vidoes

I have no idea who these two young performers are, and frankly I do not care all that much. I only know that they got to appear in this music video and I didn't. Pyramedia is turning itself int a hub that makes music videos on the cheap--just in studio shoots with the artists standing and acting like he is having a good time. Not great songs by any measure, but may be entertaining.

Meet Talal and Adel Haky, the two artists who will be pretending to entertain you and I want you to pretend to be entertained! Ok, I will tell you about Adel Haky, he is an Egyptian guitarist who has lived in Spain where he has mastered the guitar. He has made song songs with Arm Diab. Adel makes music for Disney movies--the Arabic versions. This time he is singing too

طلال - مش هتغير / Talal - Msh Hat3'yr

عادل حقي - ليله / Adel Haky - Leela

Rotana, Contracts and Young Artists.

Shatha Hassoun renews her contracts with Saudi Rotana and expresses her love and admiration for the company and what it does. Shatha was pleased with the level of response she had for her debut album with the company. Rotana is pleased to be in the Hassoun business, she has shown herself as one of the most prolific names in pop music.

One of the most exciting voices in the Gulf belongs to Mansour Zayd from the United Arab Emirates. The company has produced her debut album and the young artists was impressed by the level of support his album has gotten. The new contract is singed and statements of mutual understanding and appreciation has been made. Mansour is working on his big album and has already worked with a dozen of artists.

La 7es Wala 5abar Mansour Zayed

DOWNLOAD: Lara Scandar "About a girl" Album البوم لارا اسكندر

If you needed a pop album recorded in between Cairo and Beirut that rocks the boat and do something different, then you have Lara Scandar Album "About a girl", this album is new in some markets but it has been released more than a year ago in Lebanon.

I know the artists and her production team wish things were better at home at the moment, but it seems they could wait no more and the album came out. There 11 tracks if you count the remix version. There are songs in three languages, Arabic, English and cute Italian song performed between Lara and her father.

Egypt also get a praise song by Lara who calls Egypt--the mother of the world. There are varying styles throughout the album, but the emphasis is on pop dance songs. However, Lara allows herself to be seen as a strong vocalist.

There are personal songs on this album that tell more about Lara and less about the listener  but I find the album entertaining and has a fresh feel. This might be the finest English pop album that comes out of an Arab country to travel the world.

01 - Mission Is You
02 - Egypt
03 - Taalou Ghannou Maaya
04 - Who I Am
05 - No More
06 - Falling Out Of Love
07 - Chains
08 - Amci Di Sempre
09 - See The Beauty
10 - My Friend
11 - Mission Is You - Club Mix

Lara Scandar - Taalou Ghannou Maaya | لارا اسكندر - تعالوا غنوا معايا

Carole Samah Upcoming Music Video كارول سماحة إحساس

Carole Samahe flew to Paris to shot her music video--to be released soon. Ehasas is that song and it's that tile song for Carole Samaha's most recent album. She teams once again with her favorite director--also French where they have shot a dozen music videos together.

The music video seems to be telling a story of a woman with an emotional void when she has dumped her former lover. The song create a sorrow filled mood, and I hope the music video captures such emotions. To her credit not only is Carole a great songstress, she is a gifted actress as well.

It looks simplistic--like most of her music video--she is the star and the song is right there in the center. Nothing too flashy, just the right elements. Watch behind the scenes from the filming of the upcoming music video, the cast and the set. Something about Paris that makes Carole race to to film yet another music video in that city.

EXCLUSIVE 'كارول سماحة - كواليس تصوير فيديو 'إحساس

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Listen: غنية ايهاب توفيق - تحس بايه جديد 2013 HQ new Ehab Tawfik

Pop star Ehab Tawfik has left Egypt behind and moved to Qatar where he can concentrate on his music career--more so in reviving his career. And the fruits of this move is are clear now as he just released a new song about feeling abandoned.

A dramatic song that tell you, "it's OK, I know how you feel", A very good song that brings the best shade of this once popular name and a hit-maker has been reduced to one title "that guy"! Now he has located his center and playing up to his strength with the new single "Tihis Be Eih" a new track for the lonely heart, yes the kind you play on your head as you walk back from a funeral.

The song is also about having faith, some force out there is looking out for you....

اغنية ايهاب توفيق - تحس بايه | 2013 | النسخة الاصلية

غنية ايهاب توفيق - تحس بايه جديد 2013 HQ new Ehab Tawfik

Listen: Ramy Essam - Gika رامى عصام - جيكا عايش

Ramy Essam, the activist who likes to sing and rock. Released yet another song calling for change and promoting the more secular parties in Egyptian politics--the very ones that failed to win. Ramy sort of have moved into Tahrir Square and made it his home. He has performed there many times, and have become the voice of the revolutionaries and the source of their entertainment.

He has his heavy base, and the song is in the third person using the voice of the Shaheed--the fallen. Where those who have been murdered in cold blood ask Ramy not to give up the fight and continue the protest till bring justice and freedom. This song I like, but when Ramy goes on the attack attacking certain factions he loses me.  

Ramy Essam - Gika رامى عصام - جيكا عايش

WATCH: Ahmed Mekky Funny Movie إعلان فيلم سمير ابو النيل بطولة احمد مكى

This will be the movie of the summer, the one movie that will be able to make 90 million Egyptians and a hundred million more Arabs to laugh will be the new movie by the funny man Ahmed Mekky.

The movie is stuck in the eighties and for those who are nostalgic to characters from that era. Street smart characters are nothing new, but none makes them so local and so random like how actor Ahmed Mekky makes them. And doubling the entertainment by bringing to the screen Lebanese songstress-cum-actress Nicole Saba.

I love the sidekicks, they always get a fair screen time and a fair share of funny one-liners. Ahmed has placed himself the king of one-liners and soundbites. This is the one movie I cannot wait to watch this summer when I visit Egypt.

The trailer shows a lot of pop culture knowledge and lampooning a number of songs and singers like Haifa Wehbe. Aside from that, the movie takes issues with a number of personalities like those talking heads, and the kids who like to brag about change and protesting.

الاعلان الثانى لفيلم سمير ابو النيل لاحمد مكى

إعلان فيلم سمير ابو النيل بطولة احمد مكى

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hot: Rashed Al Majid "2013" RBT Promo 1 | راشد الماجد "2013" نغمات الأنتظار

He might be one of the Khalij--Gulf my all time favorite stars. He is a rock star in my book, and he almost never ever speaks to the press. He is the voice most people of Saudi Arabia--even those who do listen to music love him.

Simply put he is Rashed Al Majid, the voice that won us over when he wanted to do pop music a decade ago. But now he gives us something else, romantic songs are his shtick. He is also the richest star, and has a while fleet of the fanciest cars.

Now, let's check out his new promo for the album that I will be listening to for ages, We have 22 sample of the promo. While he does have his own production company, he is happy to let them work with other lables to bring his music to more places.

I have come to appreciate the poetry of his words, his upbeat music and most of all the wise language he uses. He sounds like a gentleman making music for other sophisticated people. He is almost never mad, just either giddy or jaded.

Rashed Al Majid "2013" RBT Promo 1 | راشد الماجد "2013" نغمات الأنتظار

WATCH: Rakan "Shelmatloub" - Soon | راكان "شالمطلوب" - قريباً

The coolest and happiest Saudi strikes again, and he returns with a new teaser for an upcoming music video for his hit song "Shelmatloub" It's all about looking hip, sounding happy and dancing your bum off in the world of Saudi pop star Rakan.

He is the youngest and perhaps the freshest music video star in the conservative kingdom  It's no surprise that most of his music videos are filmed in Dubai. The teaser is rue to spread joy everywhere it goes. I love the urban and graffiti rich music video. The cool drums and the dancers all over the music video.

As for the outfits, they may have been purchased from some mall in downtown Philadelphia. This is how trendy kids in the Gulf are, and they only wear the best brands. Rakan is rocking the Arab fro look and he seems to have survived all the critics.

Rakan "Shelmatloub" - Soon | راكان "شالمطلوب" - قريباً

Will The Real Lara Scandar Stop Faking It

Lara Scandar likes to think she bridges the gap between Egyptian and Lebanese styles. In between Western and Eastern music. She has done some work to show she she is a well-rounded pop star for the Facebook generation. She has a mentor in Beirut so she visits often.

But she is also part Italian--she sings in Italian too, and she is partial a Californian, so she is all about the party. Lara Scandar is like the star companies want us to fall in love with, she can sell stuff. Her songs are the kind of empty songs about let's sing together, enjoy the sunshine. That's fine if this feels organic, you cannot really force

Now, she is with Herbal Essence selling shampoo, she sat with Elaph to talk about her songs, concerts and the products she endorses. She is also ready to talk about Christmas, the white kind.
لارا اسكندر تجول في شوراع بيروت مع صديقاتها

Dance To Joseph Attieh - Rayhin Beytna / رايحين بيتنا

Joseph Attieh used his time on Star Academy well. Among his peers he has survived the post show fame and focused on building up his brand. He is a cool, and a lovable entertainer. He is drama free and works in silence, he speaks when he have something new to say.

We now know, he can sing romantic/dance/and Tarab style songs. But he is also a killer drummer, and he has surprised many with his direction of one of his hits. But largely  he has done most of his songs using the Lebanese dialect--his own. He has largely manged to do two things, be the dream boat voice for the young people. and be that fantasy for the older women who still think he is cute.

This time he is back with a new single about happy couple who are asking for blessings as they move in together, hoping to start a family. Joseph chose this song, or it chose him in the Egyptian dialect. I love the beat, and how the song is planned out, there is the happy Arabic dance stuff, but also the club people will like it as it has some house mix.

 Joseph Attieh - Rayhin Beytna / رايحين بيتنا

Is This Dude Wearing A Pajama At His Own Concert

When your lead singer is wearing a cap and a full casual look, why not wear a pajama. Or at least that's what I think the gifted and hard working Turkish Clarinet player Hüsnü Şenlendirici is wearing on stage. Seriously, what's he wearing?

Maybe this is some rehearsal, but it's on film the Saber El Rebai is kicking it with the band who seem to be hanging loose. I know both Arabs and Turkish people are keen on looking their best, but this clip confuses me.

I have seen similar pants at the Target sales bin on Black Friday. I have no idea where this was filmed  but I think it might have been somewhere in Europe. As for Hüsnü Şenlendirici he has been doing a number of concerts in Egypt where he is a celebrated figure. He has collaborated this year with Ghada Ragib on her most recent dazzling album.

Saber Rebai, Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Aytaç Doğan (Soirée Privée)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Most Intellectual Rap Album "Khat Thaleth", A Tour Through Arabia In The Wake Of The Revolutions

Link To Download Album 
If you wanted to hear a smart and sophisticated political analyses delivered via touching rap songs, then this is the album you cannot miss on. This is the mature album where buyer's remorse are loudly expressed on the Arab Spring and the politicians who are making a killing off it. Palestine is in the center stage but other Arab countries where revolutions are brewing are featured.

While the political weight of hip-hop may have waned and become overrun by commercialization in many parts of the world, over the past two years certain areas throughout the Arab world have witnessed a new wave of politically committed rap. This album is about goring up so much since 2011, the demands of Arab street has not changed much, but politicians have. They have learned that dictators recycle themselves through the revolving door. Luckily, the album is for those who have had enough and are just pure cynical about anything they hear.

With diverse and technical lyricism, eclectic productions and an active listenership, artists have aptly assimilated the art-form and made it their own; picking up microphones as their weapons of choice, supporting, criticizing and, in some cases, actively participating in the Arab revolutions. This a curated album by some of the most prolific artists in this genre.

Following last year’s critically-acclaimed release of Stronghold Sound’s, Sembeh Ma Fa Fe, a landmark compilation of Guinean hip-hop and reggae, the San Francisco-based label continued on to Beirut, Lebanon, where Syrian-American producer, dub Snakkr (Munaqresh) has been based for the past 2 years. With the objective of putting together a new compilation, dub Snakkr connected with some of the most interesting and representative acts in the Arab hip-hop underground.

Khat Thaleth, Third Line: Initiative for the Elevation of Public Awareness is a comprehensive 23-track compilation that covers a wide spectrum of this new wave of conscious rap and features artists from diverse scenes like Palestine, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. The title, “Khat Thaleth”, refers to a third train rail or track, a metaphor for a third way of looking at the polarized political context in the region, as well as a reference to the "hijaz" railroad that used to connect much of the Arab world. Artists team-up, in most cases from different regions and countries, to deliver critical blows to the various political systems in place, and offer sharp social commentary as well as sober realities currently being faced on the ground.

The immense relevance of the unprecedented Khat Thaleth compilation in the Middle East is not only limited to the politically charged content of the verses (full English translations of the lyrics are available online). Artistically, the album also provides us with a glimpse into the avant-garde of some of the most musically adventurous artists and producers in current Arab rap, who smoothly mix their lessons learned from American golden age rap luminaries with their very own folk traditions creating a completely new school of lyricism and production.

I cheer on this album that brings out some of the finest musical styles form all over the world to celebrate a universal message of freedom. I love the very Syrian rap, about the revolution and murder in that country, there are no wrong or right when it comes to Syria--there are only chaos for all involved. The 23 tracks are a delightful tour of all what's hip and relevant in Arab rap. I adore the mixing and layering of the tracks, this is an album made on the highest professional standards by people who take their rap and their messages seriously.

Sometimes I think political science professors would make intellectual rappers, this is how their work would sound had they wrote this album. Frankly, the album captures the pulse of the Arab street to the best one could. America has at least one rapper who make such songs here, Lupe Fiasco. Now we can boast about artists from Arabs with similar political and musical chops.

As for the substance, the album is never too shy from discussing any controversial or polarizing policies or groups--they are an equal-opportunity critics.

Link To Download Album On iTunes!

Being Sexy Without Trying! Diana Haddad Does It

Diana Haddad was never a sex symbol  she was married at a young age and and had her two girls. Now she is divorced after being part of one of the most successful marriages in the Arab entertainment  She tried to stage a comeback, and she made a good album last year, but the album lacked focus and lacked one strong song with a great music video.

The Lebanese national and citizen of the United Arab Emirates has finally brought something back, her cool factor. Her most recent collaboration with Jad Shwery. Jad has made man music videos some of the are laughable others are over the top sexy. But the music video her directed for Diana Haddad is actually his finest music video to date.

Diana knew she was taking a risk with Jad, but he seems to be a fan of hers--the one who knows how far she would be willing to go. He seems to put her at peace and in a comfortable place. Their music video is pretty nice. I love the cool Diana, her outfits and her many looks--not one bad one. She has done most of the heavy listing with her vocal chords. She sounded exactly like she did back in 1997 when the world fell in love with her.

Her song is about Adam trying to open Eve's heart while he is in London and she is in Beirut. The lyrics are those of Faris Iskander, and the music is the vision of Salim Salamah.

Diana Haddad - Aklby Wafy / ديانا حداد - قلبي وفي

SubeeTube Finds Comedy At Arabic Weddings Songs

Arabic weddings are a blast, too many random elements come together to create one odd party that has so much politics. I have poked fun of Arabic weddings before, but no one does a better job lampooning different wedding songs and dancing styles, like the kid in the video below

Khaliji songs are meant for shoulder dancing, Egyptian sha'abi songs are meant for the dudes, old ladies dance with hands and shoulders, young women do the hip thing. You really need to see this video and ejoy the jokes as the comedian tells them. He makes one find dancer.

The on camera person is Subhi Taha from SubeeTube, an American Palestinian from Texas, the land of natural humor. Spot on Subhi!

Arabic Weddings

Monday, March 25, 2013

البوم مجد القاسم - عيد ميلاده Download: Maged Al Qasem New Kid Birthday Album

Cats, dogs, holidays, soccer, little siblings,, birthday party and the Eid. Are all the common theme of a new pop album meant for kids bought by their parents. The artist behind this album is Magid Al Qasem, the Syrian composer-cum singer.

He recorded his album with the help of his kids whose voices are part of the album. The album comes after years of work and delays. The artist got sick of the too many delays and let his album get a release date. He worried the music will be dated if the album does not get launched soon enough.

On other news, the artist thought the children of Arabia could use such an album at those dark times. I only hope the album is well-made. Cheap work does not hang around for long. This album has been recorded in Egyptian studios where Maged works and lives. He is trying to make a go of his career with the help of the little ones. As you can see there's a lot of green room affects, and little kids just standing in there.

Al Qasim is hardly the first pop star to do an album for children, but he is the first to do so this year. I wish the album and the artist well.

01 - El Cat Wel Dog
02 - Zamlkawy We Ahlawy
03 - Eid Melado
04 - El Kedb Haram
05 - El Seboaa
06 - Takh Tekh
07 - Bravo Aliek
08 - Reyady
09 - Nefsak Eah
10 - Akhoya We Okhty
11 - Gana El Eid

El Cat Wel Dog - Magd Alkasem الكات والدوج - مجد القاسم

Dancing With The Arab Stars Want Myriam Fares

The producers are working hard to bring the popular dance show "Dancing With The Stars" to Arab audience, they cannot have a dance show without the most famous and shameless dancer Lebanese pop star Myriam Fares. The songstress has a large fan base on the virtual world, as she has one of the biggest and most popular Facebook pages.

The producers and Myriam Fares has been locked in negotiation for few months now. Neither the producers  nor Ms.Fares are talking about the deal. Myriam has one of the busiest schedules, she is popular for wedding and private concerts. Will, she make time to be a judge on the show? No one knows, but she has done a TV stint with her game show quiz where she danced her tail off.

No one dares to question Myriam's dance moves, she has all the right moves, just YouTube it and find out for yourself how flexible Myriam really is. Will she dance for the show? The show will air on Lebanese MTV, a channel known for shocking people.

Myriam Fares, dancing Duo Celebrity

Assala Nasri Brought Down The House On X Factor

She is the elder songstress who looks and feels younger that her peers who are sitting on the panel of judges. None of them can deny how talented she is and how of an important figure she has been. While appearing on the X Factor Assala owned the night and stole the show with her fashionable outfits.

You can tell, her performance of her latest songs were well revived. I have seen her before interview Weal Kfoury on her hit show, but do not know much about the extend of her relation with the other X Factor judges. The lady looks great and her show was a topic during the interview--Assalah gave a shout out to the judges and complimented them. 

This Syrian lady knows how to bring down the house. Assalah risked a lot of coming to Beirut to film the show, but she did anyway. 

اصالة - شخصية عنيدة - العروض المباشرة 1- The X Factor 2013

Listen: Asma Lmnawar SAFI 2013 جديد أسماء لمنور صافي

Asma Lmnawar has the music culture of the West Arabia, and she took it all the way with her to the Eastern Arabia, and made so many golden hits. This time she has a fusion song in between Gulf style, Iraqi dance beat, Spanish guitar and Moroccan spices.

The new single from the Moroccan diva is Safi or "It's All Good". A better song from this top talent who has made a career in the wealthy Gulf nations. I adore the new look of hers---the glasses may tell a story like her elder Aziza Jalal  another Moroccan diva who wore them in the eighties.  I like the simple look and the dialect that is not meant for one market and not the other.

A good middle path song by a super talented artist whose limits have yet to be defined. I like the energy the artist and her back up singers inject into the song. This song is the kind that gets you to move your head along as the song plays.

The Jacksons Hit All The Notes In Their Abu Dhabi Concert

Nobody believes that the Jacobson are mourning the death of their most favorite and legendary brother Michael. But the now troubled family is touring the world sharing the legacy of their beloved brother. The leg of the tour took them to Abu Dhabi, a city where many rich people live and many people who like to be rich dwell.

This meant to be a tribute concert performing Micheal's great songs in sold out venues. Janet has already performed there. Michael is irreplaceable, but the Jackson Five where it all started, so Michael has always done well with his solo act.

This is the first time the Jackson's get seen together performing. Four Jacksons took on the audience by storm. Watch them give an interview talking about his legacy and his spirit. The Gulf a great place to sell any American product, the Jacksons are among this nation's finest export to the world.    

"آل جاكسون" كرَّموا شقيقهم في أبو ظبي

Arab Idol Second Season Should Have Waited

The team behind Arab Idol second season, should have waited till the X Factor rapped up. Arab Idol now has Nancy Ajram, and it's a big deal. But news about it has been buried as the demographics are too consumed with X Factor now.

Arab Idol is a fine show, do not know what Hassan El Shafi there to do, but the show is a serious one and has done well for those three who have finished on top of its first season. Perhaps the biggest story from the show was when this crazed Haifa Wehbe fan from Iraq took on the show and shocked people of how strange things can get.

Arab Idol - تجارب الاداء - هايدى موسى

Arab Idol - مقابلة رغد الجابر على صباح الخير يا عرب

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hala Turk Sets Jalast On FIRE

The Gulf people like to have a good time, they spend loads of money on their parties, the good news those parties are so much fun as the people spare no expense to make them special. But the bad news only dudes dance on camera. Women can sing, but cannot dance.

Dudes, do not mind those Jalasat they mix with ladies within reason. But the guys are the only ones who can show off their dance moves--just like they do in Dupont Circle here. I have always wanted to be there for one of those sessions. The clip below from the biggest produced Jalasat assembly. Watch Hala Turk and Mashael sing their song in both Arabic and English.

Something tell me those ladies are not your typical Gulf ladies, they duo have a chemistry where they play mother daughter. You do not get many songs in languages other than Arabic, but it took this very cute and clearly spoiled girl to break the mold

#جلسات_وناسة_2013 - مشاعل وحلا الترك "بنيتى الحبوبة"

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cheesing Things Up With Saber El Rebai

I do not personally know Saber El Rebai, but I know that he loves a good cry or at least his songs lead you to believe. It's like he goes out in the world, finds the wrong people, falls in love with them. And then he comes to us telling his tale of how he was wronged  Maybe we can help him the first time, but the second times he comes it becomes harder and harder.

The only reason he shot to fame was become to his happy and dance friendly song Sidi Mansour of 2000, but then he started making romantic songs, they were great. But such songs do not have a great feel to them, you won't play them on your car or race to see them in a concert.

Saber visited the Tunisian song again and made a number of good hits, but he is looking for something more durable so he dabbling into composing songs and writing more hard hitting songs that will be among his legacy. Cool is good for ten years, and then you have to look for another job. Whatever it's Saber is still around, and he moonlights as a judge on the Voice.

Do You Miss Elain Khalaf? Here's Her Greatest Hits

Pop singers may fade away, but some of their better known songs outlasts them. Even the most mediocre pop singer has a song or two that people have actually loved. That means, no fans might not come in, but the old ones feel the urge to playing such songs again for good times sake.

One of those pop stars is Elaine Kalaf, a Lebanese hot chick who has never outgrew her image of being a an eye candy. She appeared in the mid and late nineties and she made the leap to the new melinuem, but her fame did not stick around as much as she would have liked. For her time, she was bold. She did music videos in the bedroom, in the bathroom and just about any place you can imagine.

There was only her and three other pop singers from Lebanon, then all of sudden the floodgate has opened and we had a tens of them. That made it harder to a fun personal with an average voice to cement her stardom. Nevertheless, Elaine is still out there, making singles and trying to break into the Gulf music scene. She is battling depression and has seen a doctor. She is also worried about growing old. She has also met a streak of emotional bad luck where her fiance stole money from her.

While Aline or Elaine is working on a comeback with a new ten track album with songs in a number of popular dialects, she has not released new material lately. For good times, sake I have included two awesome and older music videos of hers and two more that came later.

ALINE KHALAF ألين خلف ـ دلع الحبايب

 يا صبابين الشاي - الين خلف-كليبات

Meny Leek - Elain Khalaf منى ليك - إلين خلف

Bardo Sodfa - Elain Khalaf برضه صدفة - إلين خلف

اغنية الين خلف - يا اخى لا | Aline Khalaf - Ya A5y La

Friday, March 22, 2013

Listen: Cute! Zain Awad Mother Song ست الكل - زين عوض-عيد الأم

She won so many awards at home for being a gifted Jordanian songstress, but her grandest award seems having the greatest mother. For that great mother of hers she just released a mommy the greatest song. A love song about the connection mothers have their own daughters. Zain has attended music school where she specialized in piano and vocals, also she has a B.A. in physical education.

Zain Awad has picked a winner, and it's a lovely song where the lyrics triumph the beat. A personal song from a young artist who has yet to peak. I love the back story the music video brings out. This is a winner collaboration between a new comer Wael Al Sharqawy who wrote the song and composed the music.

ست الكل - زين عوض-عيد الأ

The Manliest Pop Album From Fares Karam

Fares Karam would chop the head of the toughest son of a bitch and bring it to his loved one, he would fight a pack of lions, walk among snakes, and milk a beast. This is not me, this is one of the songs on Fares Karam 2013 album.

Do not act so surprised, this song was a hit song. And there 11 more songs just like this song on the album, do have no fear. Fares Karam will entertain you and bring you to the dance floor as you sing along his lyrics. The party album only man with the size of Fares can make.

Think about country songs, some of those songs can he funny, but if you are into this kind of thing, you would thing such songs are the greatest ever. I like Fares, he is one of those real voices, he does not try too hard to impress or blow his fans away. He is media shy, and this is hard to understand, but when it comes to making fun albums--he is never too shy to walk into a never before charted territory.

01 - Ajebni
02 - Al Asemah
03 - Am Dawir Ala Arouss
04 - Badda Asfourieh
05 - Bkhatrik
06 - Dadi
07 - El Raoucheh
08 - Elli Byekzoub Ala Marto
09 - Fawaa El Metre we Sabean
10 - La Mchilik Hafeh
11 - Marrou Al Ayna Bnayat
12 - Tfarkash Be Khyalo

WATCH: The Hairy Esaf Sings For Mothers

B list pop star Esaf has not released anything new in more than two years, and when he returned to the music business, he comeback with a song for the mothers.

Esaf has made films too, so he is no stranger to the show biz, this song has made some buzz for the young artist. I like the new hair, and how the song is very focused on it lyrics. There are a religious undertone in the song, Moses, Jesus and the Virgin Mary are.

The music is pretty basic, nothing too impressive and so is the music video. I do not see this as a classic, if you do not sing along, chances are, the song will not outlive its artist.

Esaf Gabal Faker

Lebanese Pop Breakout Star Natasha Needs To Focus

Yo, are a rock star. Just find your voice and your proper style and stick to it. I have been a dedicated fan since you released your first album more than four years ago, when you were a little girl that sang like a full-blown diva. Now, you are all over the map, doing Gulf songs for those who pay, and then flaying to Egypt for duets and interviews.

The Khaliji singing never gives artists a legacy, it does offer a big payday, in exchange for selling your soul. Egypt should be the place you launch your career from. Lebanon is too crowded and they might miss a good thing like you--even if it hit them in the face. You have been blessed with an awesome family that understands music, now, it's your turn to sing form the gut.

Your latest single, got picked by those who understand such heavy and senseless lyrics. Go back to catchy melodies , cute girly songs. You are a natural at those. Plus, you have a great voice for longer and more serious songs, you have shown that already. I think doing one good pop song that goes mainstream and hits-it big is much better than doing random songs here and there. you just chase those songs, they won't seek you--the almost never do.  

Do not worry about releasing an album, it's too much work, too much money and so little reward. just find yourself one good hit, live it and then bring it out. If it was genuine people will cheer you on.

 داوني - الفنانه ناتاشا

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Video Just Made Me Cry--With Tears And Everything

Ayman is the Palestinian political prisoner who refused food for 260 days, and finally the Israelis agreed to send him on exile to Gaza, away form his home in Hebron. He has been in Gaza for three days and his family had to walk through hell to get to the hell called Gaza.

See the moment he got to see his mother and see the real emotions caught on camera. Keep on mind, this is Mother's day, and this mother has not seen her song for a long time--he served 10 years in jail where he was sentenced to thirty.

The mother could not hold back, after all this hero to so many Palestinian is the one she gave birth to and fed. He is her little son is grateful to her and there is so much love. This video will touch your soul and send your eyes to tears. Mother, we love them, and they love us unconditionally.

عائلة الشراونة تُعانق أيمن في غزة

WATCH: Mothers Day Single May Kassab Omy / مى كساب - أمي

It's March 21, Spring is here and everyone in Arabia remembers their mothers. Including one cute Egyptian songstress-cum-actress. She just released a song for her mother on her day, and she sounds to be mean each word.

Some of us may hate our own dads, but we almost never hate them mothers. It' makes sense why we celebrate this day with passion. It's like an extra especial. Not the greatest song for mothers, but one of the newest. It's always a good time to say thank you when it's well deserved. May chose the right time to release the single, that went viral so she put together a quick music video for the song.

May Kassab Omy / مى كساب - أمي

Myriam Fares Parents Must Be So Proud Of Their Little Girl

I often wonder how do families of pop stars that overdo it on using sex as a marketing strategy feel about them. I am certain there's double standards, women are much easier target and i should not really be that way. I know I am mindful of that, and pick on guys as much as i do on women who make a bad music video or focus on the sex part and not the entertainment.

One curious case is the Lebanese songstress Myriam Fares. She has sold her body parts on camera, look no further than the way most of her music videos are filmed, Myriam does not tell the director anything off limit and she gives them what they want. Boobs, ass shots are abundant with any music video of Ms. Fares.

I really wonder how do her family members or her parents particularly feel about it. I know some of those people can look the other way if their son or daughter buys them stuff and gives them money. Myriam is a bright entertainer with a nice voice and a sweet personality. Maybe she is a good person and we are the bad ones pushing her to show more skin, bigger cleave.  

Myriam Fares - Eih Elly Byehsal / ميريام فارس - إية اللى بيحصل

Vote For This! Awakening Talent Contest - Mc Dahab - Egypt

Awakening Talent Contest is heating up as submissions from around the globe are pouring in. They are searching for talents they can sign up and work with on a contract. Naturally  they want someone who promotes good citizenship and the teachings of Islam.

There are many talented people out there from the greater Muslim community who embody those principles  they just need to have something that can be cold. I watched many of the submissions, and I find myself partial to a young Egyptian lyricists and a raper who in very quiet ways has been rocking the boat. Not only are his words fascinating  but also attends one of the most highly regarded Muslim University -he is a student at Al Azhar in Cairo.

He has chose  a song about the virtues of the Hijab. He has a lot more songs about life, standing up and being grateful to those who help us. I wish the video quality was a little bit better, but one works with what he has.

Awakening Talent Contest - Mc Dahab - Egypt

This Year's Best Arabic Mother Day Songs أجدد أغاني عيد الأم

It's the month of March and it seems Arab singers remember their mothers and release songs on this very socially day--celebrated universally in the Arab world. We may disagree on Valentine day, but on Mother's day we all turn into the best version of our selves.

For the first time, we have a real mother singing with her son on this day where both of them celebrate motherhood. Then a charming Egyptian singer-cum-composer Ramy Sabry releases his beloved homage song. And the party guy of Lebanon Joe Ashkar stands tall as he sings for his mother--he is a father. He released this song later in 2012 and it had an odd time, but it was coming from a warm place.

Set El Habayib - Ramy Sabry ست الحبايب - رامى صبرى

Joe Ashkar - Ya Omy / جو أشقر - يا أمي

Saad Ramadan - Ednyi Em / سعد رمضان - الدني ام
Sexy moms are out to get you with Naya! Naya-B3idik Ya Mama/نايا- بعيدك ياماما

اغنية مى كساب - امى Mai Kassab - Ommy


Diab Mashour And His Prison Inmate Song

The sixties and seventies were very kind to one folksy Syrian singer, Diab Mashour who has appeared on a Syrian play/TV show playing the role of the prison's singer. He is connected to Iraq by the river where they share common cultural antidotes. He is an image known for his nice and sweet voice recounting stories from the village. Diab plays the flute, the oud, and the violin 

He visited Damascus and played his song to then comedian Duraid Laham who loved his song so very much and asked him to appear on his show. He recorded his song sin Beirut and Jordan and remain classics to this day. Simple songs, the kinds your grandmother would sing you as she puts you to sleep

Diab traveled to the States to do concerts for Arabs there, he has even made it all the way to the Philippians. He composes his songs and performs them, and refuses to represent his older songs to fit with today's tastes.

ذياب مشهور ـ يابو ردين يا بوردانه

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Download Fares Karam 2013 Album البوم فارس كرم 2013

Oh, Fares Karam loved himself too much, he has two pictures of himself on the cover for his new album out today. What's better than one time Fares Karam other than another one? Once he is standing and another when he is sitting like a king. He is a king of Lebanese pop--there are too many imitations but he alone stood the test of time and has shown us that he can rock.

It's not summer season until we get an album from either Fares Karam or Najwa Karam, this time Fares beat Najwa to the punch. A dance focused album, think this is what would Justin Timberlake would sound if he sang in Lebanese. Fares maintains his style throughout the album, and stands tall as Rotana releases his album.

I find his songs catchy, and passionate all for once. The music is always the same, but the energy is what matters with Lebanese Debka style songs. They feel folksy, think river dance down south in the country. The album videos have not been released yet, I will post them once they make it, but the album is out now. So buckle up you are in for a ride. I know those world famous Lebanese lounges, hookah places and dance floors will be playing this track all summer long.

He is the blue-collar artist who refuses to stray away form his style and his motherland--he has not done many songs in other dialects.  Twelve tracks are a treat for Fares' fans, and I have yet to give the album a listen.

01 - Ajebni
02 - Al Asemah
03 - Am Dawir Ala Arouss
04 - Badda Asfourieh
05 - Bkhatrik
06 - Dadi
07 - El Raoucheh
08 - Elli Byekzoub Ala Marto
09 - Fawaa El Metre we Sabean
10 - La Mchilik Hafeh
11 - Marrou Al Ayna Bnayat
12 - Tfarkash Be Khyalo

Fares Karam NEW ALBUM Teaser / إعلان ألبوم فارس كرم

Fares Karam NEW HIT El 3asmeh / فارس كرم - العاصمة

Listen: Ommi - Mother. [Full translation And Vivian Mrad's Version فيفيان مراد أمي

The most surprising mother song of the year has to be the one with Vivian Mrad playing a Marcel Khalife song. You cannot relive the oldies, but you can breath a new air into them and bring in new fans to enjoy the classics.

Marcel's original song is timeless, I miss my mother's bread and her coffee. Most Arabs memorize this song from the activist singer and gifted musician who has traveled the world and performed at the most prestigious music venues.

Vivian Mrad is a pop diva with a warm voice, and this song shows she has some real talent. Aside form her dance songs, and gorgeous Photo-shoots, she can rock. I love the lute bit in both versions. Vivan's lasts for under three minutes, the original goes for more than nine.

Vivian really outdoes herself her and goes the length to show how much she loves two things, the first is her mother and the second this song which is for mothers.

فيفيان مراد أمي

Marcel Khalife - Ommi - Mother. [Full translation/

Listen: ديانا كرزون - ٢٠١٣ - شهرين Diana Karazon - New- Shahrein 2013

This is a largely forgettable song from a pop star who continues to fail in defining herself musically. Diana Karazon is one talented songstress  but tell me what has she done lately? When she started she had her songs that we loved. But then she now obsess over her image and disappoints in reminding us why we should listen to her.

She has even went to great length to make the news, not by making better songs--those are not easy to make, but by wearing outlandish outfits. This is the lazy trick, her new single has been tattled "Two Months" About the failed romantic relationship and jumping ship. I am not blown away,  she does not sounds like Diana Karazon no more  She is copying someone else's style. Still she sounds good and she offers an emotional weepy song.

ديانا كرزون - ٢٠١٣ - شهرين Diana Karazon - New- Shahrein 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WATCH: President Obama Is Coming Obama Jay أوباما جاي #Palestine

Activist in Palestine are poking fun of president Obama's visit to the West Bank, they are not mean or anything  just sarcastic at the man who comes offering nothing and changing little. They are bored and it's all a fair game to recount some of the pains people of Palestine live through daily.

This is a humorous song with, welcome Obama! The Ramallah activists are smart too, you can hear a voice in English saying, "I have seen enough, I must go, wait for peace" The biggest expense for the music video was the car rental where the actor playing president Obama rides.

The song talks about the crossing or military checkpoint separating Jerusalem from Ramallah or the west Bank. I like the geek guy with glasses, he might have his fans around the world as those geeks have a league of their own. It's sad, but true, this trip came form nowhere in a time where the peace process has not gone anywhere in five years.

Obama Jay أوباما جاي

Reviewing The Greatest Arabic Pop Album In البوم كارول سماحة - احساس 2013

01 - Ehssas, the most sophisticated and grown up track on the entire album. A bittersweet song from Carole who knows how to make those song best. I love the low key energy and the music takes you up and down in a beautiful race.  

02 - El Afrah, one of the happier songs and naturally you go to the Egyptian dialect for those. This song has legs, it will stick around and be played at each of our parties and happy occasions. This is new territory for Carole, she will be happy she chose this song and added it to her album--such songs have a longer shelf life. 

03 - Hakhounak, the most jaded song one person can hear. Carole actually wrote the lyrics. Smart and strong women do not like to be cheated or wronged. She is avenging that with this song, I will betray you.  They very words that can kill a man and send him to his destruction. A hurricane of emotions where Carole is very comfortable at being conflicted   

04 - Inta Tofl Kbir, written and composed by Marwan Khoury, I do not think this is his best work. But the song itself is refreshing. Too man men out there, live life as if they are big boys. It's time for Carole to expose them and take them to task. It's slow dance song that changes pace and has a Spanish influence. 

05 - Ohdonni, The very sweet song performed like a girl in love for the first time would have written it. A dreamy song that guys like to imagine their epic love to be like. I love this side of Carole, the dreamy side of her sounds very original  the lyrics are a delight. A nice break from the darker songs. Huge me or embrace me is the tittle her, and this alone tells me, the song is about someone's need to feel warm. 

06 - Ana Geet, pop is not dead as long Carole gives it her time. This is a cute song with a catchy beat meant for the younger fans who like clubbing. Love means to compromise just to be close to the one you love. Looking forward helps, and the song calls for just that. This is a winner track. 

07 - Wahshani Belady, the Arab Spring broke far too many homes, and drove so many away from the motherland. And those who have been away are thinking now to come back home. Coming home songs are a dime a dozen, but good ones with a sweet dance beat are hard to come by. Carole has the right song and I am in love, about loving the homeland, the people form there and wanting to take a walk down memory lane. The music fusion is exicting and is done right,One of the top songs on this album and an instant classic. 

08 - Yaoumayn Shahrayn, the sweet dose has another offering, Carole channels her most delicate soul and dives deep down to bring the most sincere love potion out of her lyrics. A Lebanese style all the way, the sweet, unconditionally loving despite the distance. I love how the music flows and allows listener to close his/her eyes and think of whatever brings such memories to life. 

09 - Mosh Maakoul, Dick Dale would be very happy to see someone from Lebanon is this sophisticated to incorporated his own surge guitar music. By the way Dick is Lebanese. The song also takes the Spanish flamenco flavor with lyrics about life and living life to the fullest. This might be a call for women to do more with their lives as life can be a very sweet thing as we travel through it.

10 - Mosh Tayaak, The spunky song has arrived and it is the perfect tongue in cheek moment. I love this song, about how crazy and stupid can love make us. I love this song and I would ask fore more please  the lyrics are accessibly, fun and will make all girls happy to be ones. I like the positive humor and crazy feel Carole brings in this song. The song goes, I cannot stand you, I do not love you, because I am crazy about you...preach one!

11 - Khedni Maak, a cover of one of the most celebrated Lebanese diva, the late Salwa Qattrib. It's hard to live in the shadows of such legends, I feel the song could have been done better. But the song introduced a whole new generation  to an older yet better songs. The cover game is tricky, and I feel Carole has a lot more to offer that what I am hearing in this cover. Carole did not get through to me here. 

12 - Wou Taawadet, this song came out last year and made waves by rocking the slow music scene  I like this complexity of love--love can be a very dark and risky thing. This is a breakup song form the first rate. This track offers peace to those living with a broken heart. Pick yourself up, and march on. Carole ruled out in this song not to mentioned the amazing music that accompanies such mighty lyrics. 

13 - Ma Bnethammelsh Baad, A song that plays like a conversation between two people who loved one another, but cannot stand the differences. Breaking up is possible, but the song gives a glimpse of hope. It ain't over yet. A mellow song going for sad. A sobering track that brings a balance, love is not all parties it's fare more complex and the naive should keep away. 

Carole Samaha - Mosh Tayaak / كارول سماحة - مش طايقاك