Monday, March 31, 2014

The Voice - Backstage Final - ذا فويس الحلقة الأخيرة - كواليس (Video)

The festivities were launched in the Lebanese capital, and when a young, charming and talented Iraqi guy won, Baghdad picked the party and so did the parts of the world where Iraqi communities live.

Backstage on The Voice, there was lots of celebration and cheers among the winners, it was a big mess with a lot of media, interviews and good times. While some think Sattar is not the greatest voice, some would have given the trophy to his country men--the finalist on team Saber. But the fact, this is a well-timed winning that helped cheer Iraqis at home and abroad. Just take a look at the back stage with Music Nation was present and saw the festivity, interviews and even talked to the judges.

Happy to see Iraqis get a smile, and so did the producers and bodyguards. Sattar was in cloude nine standing next to Kadem Al Sahir.

Sattar & Celebrating Back Stage With His Family and His Fans The Voice Final

Interview With Sattar The Voice Winner

Mr Mazen Hayek Interview

The voice - Backstage Final - ذا فويس الحلقة الأخيرة - كواليس

Like Father, Like Son...#Egypt Mohamed Adawya

He is the son of a famous Egyptian and legendary singer and he happens to be really good at singing too. He is his own man who made his career away from his father and after his made a first album, in his second he collaborated with his father. Mohamed Adawia is a cool singer who seems to care about the youth.

Most songs about Egypt do not talk about the best thing about any country, it's the youth.  Adawia is talking about them, and their trouble of sitting on cafes with no hope of a better future. He takes no sides in the struggle here, but he did not like the false prophets of either side. He spends a great time with  the youth in his concerts around Egypt at different universities.

محمد عدويه / صعبان عليا يا مصر ٣٠/٦/٢٠١٣ 30/6/2013

Ahlam, The Most Interesting Woman In The Music Business

How come a talented singer with such a sweet voice, and larger than life talent make lame songs that feel like nothing. To me, this is Ahlam from the past ten years. She UAE gave birth to one songstress who is the diva of that she is a judge on Arab Idol, and she makes all the news by her flashy outfits, funny coordination and random comments.

Ahlam is fitly rich and she farts music is something fun she does--she is booked for private weddings where she is at home. She is also a family woman. Noe of the songs she has been releasing are exciting, but her voice has always bee good.....take for example the latest single from feels like hot mess.

Ahlam - Khadne Ala Gd Aqele ( Audio ) / أحلام - خذني على قد عقلي

Sunday, March 30, 2014

#MBCTheVoice Crowns Iraqi Singer Sattar Saad And Rick Martin Performs

The glorious city of Baghdad partied till the early hours of the morning when they saw their home boy Star Saad, the 20 year old son of Iraq be crowned on the Voice. As well as being entertained by the contestants, Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin who took the stage to perform his new songs “Adrenalina” and “Come With Me.”. The MBC produced show filmed in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Iraqi singer Sattar Saad was crowned winner of the “The Voice Arabia” on Saturday during an intense finale which drew millions of viewers across the Middle East.

The finalists - Syria’s Hala Qaseer, Egypt’s Waham, Iraq’s Saad and Simor Jala - belonged to teams headed by prominent Arab celebrity singers: Lebanon’s Asi al-Hilani, Egypt’s Shirin, Iraq’s Kadhem al-Saher and Tunisia’s Sabir al-Riabee, respectively.

Saad’s victory, which sparked celebrations in the streets of Baghdad, earned him a record contract with Universal Music Group. The wake-up call was when noe of the Iraqi TV networks reported the story with one exception. Mohammed Kareem, the presenter made the announcement and the party was on. What was cool that one of the main judges on the show and the mentor for the young star was Kadem Al Saher--an Iraqi himself.

One thing for sure, this was an Iraqi night...Flying the flag for Iraq, Sattar Saad won the Arab version of reality TV singing competition “The Voice”

#MBCTheVoice - "النصف نهائيات - ستار سعد "يا أمي

#MBCTheVoice - ستار سعد- أكد يللي

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Winner The Voice 2014 Star Saad #MBCTheVoice

Iraqis had 50 percent chance of winning the title of The Voice, and they did...Star Saad, took home the trophy and it brought some joy in the lives of many in Iraq and outside. He also was under the banner of Iraqi coach and judge Kadem Al Saher. The 20 year old charismatic singer, he is certainly the youngest on board and compared with other shows he is still very young.

Star is a decoration guy who worked in the family business, but he found his heart in the music biz, and now he gets to have his moment under the sun. The stage was a mess, and it felt like the fireworks were missing, but the guy who so happy and had his country's flag. One thing, the guy who won the title before him has yet to breakout.

Star has a manly voice, that excels in singing the blues... he also sings for Iraq and his voice makes tears cheap when he does the mawal, you cannot go wrong.

 Winer The Voiec 2014 Star Saad لحظة فوز ستار سعد من العراق فى برنامج ذا فويس واغنية الفوز the voice Staar Saad فوز ستار سعد فى الموسم الثاني من برنامج ذا فويس

#MBCTheVoice- الحلقات المباشرة - ستار سعد "موال صدق مخطوبة يفلانة -- على المحبوب ودوني"‎ ‎ ‎

#MBCTheVoice - ستار سعد- طيارة

#MBCTheVoice 2014 Star Saad ذا فويس ستار سعد موال امل منك

"The Most Dangerous Gal In Egypt" By Mostafa Ebrahim

Mostafa Ebrahim has a very good voice, and I am a fan, what is a let down in his new single (perhaps debut track) is the music. It sounds cheap and the production and mastering are weak. The only bright spot is the dancy drum beat in the middle.

I like the title of the song, the most dangerous gal in Egypt is about one hell of a women who is pretty attractive, and makes guys want to look, makes them question what the guy next to her has to offer her. The song is about girl who seduces men without breaking any codes or laws, a love song of sort and Ebrahim did well, it's enough for him to see the song posed in a number of file sharing sites in Egypt. Plus, I dig his look it reminds me of that Koran pop star from last year.

مصطفى ابراهيم - اخطر بنت فى مصر | Mostafa Ebrahim - A5tr Bnt Fe Masr

Listen: Assala - Fahmoh / اصاله - فهموه

Gulfe music fans are excited these days, unemployment in the music industry sent their way many respectable names of the Arab world--they already got an album from Egyptian crooner Hany Shaker. One their proud moments was to get Assalah to sing for them, and she already released not one albums but two albums in their regional dialect.

She also does release many singles, she just did another song....where she is asking the do-gooders to reach out to him and explain how this love thing works and how much she loves him. It's not the kind of song that makes you want to throw up, the vocal performance of Assalah is always good, this time the music was a big help.

In other news, Assalha has been talking smack about her sister who recorded a pro-Assad song. Assalah hate the regime and what he has done to Syria--her words.

Assala - Fahmoh / اصاله - فهموه

Friday, March 28, 2014

Talented Musician Salim Assaf, The Next Marwan Khoury!

In very short years, and in a quiet fashion, Lebanese composer Salim Assaf has transformed himself from a beloved and a popular composer among pop stars of Lebanon, into a first-rate singer and lyricists. He is a composer, lyricist and a far as I know he has yet to do a live concert, but he did do tons of interview and studio singing.

Today, we witness the release of a new music video from Salim Assaf whose words are so romantic and whose music is so he just added one more thing, a stylish and well-dressed bro! Now he may come across as a jaded lover, but it has always been his style

As a composer he had to have a good voice to play out the songs as he plays them for the interested artist. Now, he wants more, and you know he deserves more.....he is now an artist walking around the city of Paris with all these locks....he had one of his and there it in the river---he is fed up....and a man who has a million wounds. I like the rhythm of his songs, they are lively. And even the songs he composes and gives away fly high....

   .. Salim Assaf- سليم عساف- مش خايف- Video Clip.                  

Nicole Saba: Daugther Comes First When I Am Not Working!

Nicole Saba is famous for many things, an actress, a songstress, a celebrity and an entertainer. Now she had something honest to say, had I not been  too busy, I would be a servant at the service of my little daughter. Now, she is working on a TV drama with Tamer Hosny. This is her return to drama after 3 years of sabbatical.

Nicole is a smart entertainer whose Egyptian presence is hard to deny, she is a big name in Egypt, she has already made half a dozen films. She came along way from being one of the four cats more than 15 years ago. She has done well doing the Egyptian girl roles, and she is boasting about that. Keep on mind she used to be in the same band with Maya Diab who is upping her game.

She has a new single to be released in Lebanese dialect and the song is in the production.

نيكول سابا لإيلاف: أنا تحت خدمة أصابع قدميْ إبنتي إذا لم أكن مشغولة

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ahmed Ezz Is The Father Of Zeina's Twins! The celebrity scandal

Everything I hear and read tell me Ahmed Ezz is the father of the twins, he is trying to deny, deny, deny and blame the media once, blame the mother of his children....and it's all not working. He is buying time and trying to win based on a technicality.....if you do not have an official marriage certificate, a DNA test cannot be ordered. I know he will be shown wrong when the DNA test is taken, I think he is also hoping to bribe his way out of that one and get some lab to say it's not his kids--welcome to Egypt

His combative and idiotic attorney has been making the rounds in the media and attacking Zina and implying she is a girl with no morals. We know that a friend of Ahmed Ezz came forward and shared private messages where this playboy has confessed to his relation with Zeina. Also we now know the courts in Egypt are questioning the two doctors whom he hired to abort the babies. We also know that Zina would only lose if she was laying--no woman would made shit like this up out of fear of public humiliation. She was strong enough to taken on these bullies and tell the world the truth....

I have no doubt that Ahmed Ezz is the father, he is so cheap, and so hot at the same time. His looks and his antics are the secret of his he just got millions for an upcoming show--he does not want to alienate some of his biggest fan base--the ladies. But he has now done so much damage to his brand with the airing of so much of his dirty laundry....he is married to more than women--Angham is on the list. He probably has taken money from some rich ladies who think they own him--so he has to deny this marriage. He knows the truth but he is hoping to fool us-I have yet to meet someone who is sympathetic to his cause.

Ahmed Ezz must be hiding away in the corner now after being publicly shamed by his nemesis - and supposedly secret wife - Zeina! The Egyptian actress was finally able to prove that Ezz really IS the father of her twins. The actor profusely denied her claims of fatherhood for the past few months, but has now no option but to step down from his high horse and take responsibility for his children. This guy is so stupid, he thought people would take his side? I don't believe a word coming out of his mouth.

Now Ahmed has refused to take the DNA test--an innocent man would step forward take the test and share the news with the world. But he thinks it's a crime to father twins, he miscalculated, it's a blessing and let's hope they will be able to forgive you as they grew older. Ezz, had a chance to make thinks right, but his arrogance and growing man in a male-dominated community he thought he could get away and the girl would shut up...Zeina took him to school and dragged him through the mud to get him to recognize his own blood.

Tell me if you disagree with me.....sure Zeina shares some of the blame but she is not the one who walked away from the twins--she fought for this and took a risk--but most talking heads came to her side. Zeina hand in there and know that many of us have placed their faith and hope that you won't do harm for the women movement.

Maslaha Trailer -


Leaked: The Very Last Romantic Song By Fadel Shaker "Nisetha" 2014

He may be a mad man, a wanted criminal in Lebanon, but the legend won't go away. Lebanese crooner Fadel Shaker has been singing for more than 15 years, non-stop romance that broke records and traveled worlds. Though in the last two years he stopped doing soft romantic songs, he retried from the music industry.

Then he joined a cult, started going to rallies, talking politics and defending the Syrian opposition, speaking trash on the Assad regime. that made him unpopular with some groups, since most do either support Assad or make no comments. Then Fadel started posing with guns, and he was rumored to be in a war with gangs and then he was surrounded in a mosque where a number of Lebanese troops were killed. Then a video surfaced of the romantic guy talking about two was unclear.

Aside from that he kept making songs with religious messages and with no music--Islamic style just percussions. But it seems the music industry wasn't done, a new song surfaced for him--it was never heard before and it's a beautiful track. An original song coming from a hit-maker that we thought has finished....A delightful song about the past the nostalgia. It's actually not a short song.

Lyricist Ahmed Mady is the talent behind the release of this song, this son was recorded a while back, and composed by Basim Yehia and arrangement by Bilal Zain. The song was first released via twitter. Ahmed seems to like Fadel and is asking to give him a chance, not to sentence him to capital punishment. In the post below, he says that these forces are even erasing the song every time I post it.

فضل شاكر - نسيتها | Fadel chaker - Nisetha 2014

Fadel Shaker Nesitha 2014 فضل شاكر نسيتها

Najwa Karam Is Number 1; I Like Elissa; Nancy is Nice; Haifa is Strong!

I like when celebrities give their nice opinions about their peers. Elaph caught up with Dominique Horani whose face seems frozen most of the time.....I like how she talks about her albums....Hers do not seem to sell much really, but she does not she does not seem to get a lot of big concerts....but that does not stop her from being a celebrities and a divorcee who has a tough spirit.

Dominique is not writing songs, and talks about her own touches on each of the songs. She talked about how people fought her when she started singing. She does not mind if her daughter gets into the business but she will be right next to her.....

She did a lot of sexy music videos where she was dressed close to nothing, but she kind of mellowed down. C'mon get to the opinion piece about Elissa, Nancy, Najwa, and Haifa.Dominique seems to really like Najwa Karam....she is a big fan of her strong personality. Not a big fan of Elissa, or Haifa it seems.....Nancy is a nice lady and Dominique approves.

دومينيك حوراني: نجوى كرم الأولى، بحبّ إليسا، نانسي طيّوبة وهيفا كتير قويّة

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Listen: محمد حماقي - أجيال بتسلم بعض | Hamaki - Agyal Betsalem Ba3d | اغنية النادي الاهلي @elahlynews

Egypt's premier soccer club is a celebration mode, and Hamaki from Egypt has a song for them. Things in Egypt generally suck right now, and sports has suffered a great loss since they do not play as many matches.....but the fans got nothing else to do.

Another impressive thing, is the club's ultras they have been involved in the political battlefield, they are a force not to mess with....they are so organized. This is a sport song with fighting words, club spirit is all over the song. It comes from an A team of musicians. Wacky Amr Mostafa composed the music, and Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote the lyrics.

The is song is about the family that includes generations of fans who pass on the torch.

محمد حماقي - أجيال بتسلم بعض | Hamaki - Agyal Betsalem Ba3d | اغنية النادي الاهلي

Zee Zee Adel The Under-Marketed Pop Golden Diva

Videos posted by Rotana Channel do not tend to do as well as those posted by other music production companies' channels. Not sure why this is....but when it comes to TV music network, Rotana does OK. Now, one of the new voices that was signed by Rotana years ago, is none other than Zee Zee Adel, the lady from Star Academy.

Rotana does not tend to hire new faces, they prefer seasoned and more established stars, but they tend to book few of them. Zee Zee and Huda Saad were among those few. Egyptian Zee Zee while very talented, she was like a flash. She shot to fame in 2008 and 2009, then it was over. I cannot tell you the last song she made. She has the looks of Shakira and Byonce all combined.

This might be due to the instability in the Arab world--namely Egypt and due to the sluggish music market. Zee Zee has not done anything major in four years--this is like eternity. She did release a song about how much she loves Egypt. She is a funky voice and her music videos show that...she also does warm songs, but I feel she has so much to give--after some training of course. I give you the best two songs and best two music videos she has made to date.

Zee Zee Adel Hob Mush Mahsoup Alia زيزى عادل - حب مش محسوب عليا

Zee Zee Adel Waad Alaya زيزى عادل - وعد عليا

Ne7na Bashar / زياد برجي - نحنا بشر @WalidMassih Cranks A Hot One For @ziadbourjiii

He is a playboy, one of the finest the Lebanese capital ever saw. And he is releasing a new single where he is singing the blues on the human race and the loveless life he is experiencing. We are only humans goes the song, and he is the composer behind this song about the sad state of the human race and the interactions one see on daily basis.

Ziad Bourji is also busy working on a song for the beloved Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf, who was on his studio for recording. This is not a love song by any definition, I like this style, but I find myself unable to enjoy it more than once in a while. The impressive thing is in the fact that Walid Al Massih has arranged the music.

Written by Ahmad Madi Composed and Sang by Zaid Bourji Arranged by Walid al Massih

Ziad Bourji - Ne7na Bashar / زياد برجي - نحنا بشر

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Go Buy The New Nancy Ajram Album No 8 So She Can Live In A Bigger Home!

Poor Nancy Ajram, she needs a new home, bigger cars, and more vacation time. So guys please pay-up for her so that she can have a better life than your own. Nancy, the wife of a low-key Lebanese dentist, and the mother of two little girls just released a new album. It's her 8th album, and she simply called it No 8! Who is counting anyways?

I like Nancy and the company that produced (marketed) the album, she always settles with platinum records. So make sure you get an original copy, never mind that most the Arab world is on fire, never mind, unemployment is higher than the summer temperature.

Aside from that, Nancy made a good album--she really has only made one album since she became a star and replicated the experience so very well.
 البوم #نانسي_عجرم # 8 حاليا بالأسواق | #Nancy Ajram # 8 Album

Nancy Ajram - Ma Tegi Hena - Official Video Clip فيديو كليب ما تيجي هنا لنانسي عجرم Nancy Ajram

Listen: Pascale Machalani - Nabghek | باسكال مشعلاني - نبغيك #Algeria

Pascale Machalani has already filmed the music video for new song, she want a different route--the song is in Algerian dialect, a popular dialect yet inaccessible to many.

Pascale Machalani is working on her Gulf dialect album for that affluent market, where she will also sing in Iraqi. Not sure what Pascale Machalani has been up to, since her marriage and the baby she seems to have taken a sabbatical from her music career. I like the new track, it's actually, it's upbeat and offers a distinct flavor. 

Pascale Machalani - Nabghek | باسكال مشعلاني - نبغيك

Monday, March 24, 2014

Listen: Hareth Munir - Sebtny w Msheet .. حارث منير - سبتني ومشيت

I have found a guy who makes it fun to listen to pop music once again. Yes, he gets your heart to race as you, he is a boy band all by himself. I know he can be irresistible. He comes from the land of a thousand really good yet under-represented pop star, Egypt and he means business. He has a rare name of Hareth Munir, and he is here to play.

Just look at the cover page for his single. About him he fails from Der Alzour - Syria--so close to Iraq. However Harith’s talent was not discovered at that stage, it all goes back to his childhood and his family from his Mother side because all of them studied music.

As he used to sing for his school’s & University's anniversaries & celebrations. Harith the child had a great ability to listen to any type of music and play it on a number of instruments Piano, Guitar and especially Oud. You kind of can never tell if he is Egyptian or Syrian. He puts on a convincing Egyptian dialect. I will call it his breakout dance and it's fun choice. Listen to him or take him on the go...he is worth the 4 minutes. You may get hooked.

Hareth Munir - Sebtny w Msheet .. حارث منير - سبتني ومشيت

WATCH: Dominique Hourani - Delara / دومينيك حوراني - ديلارا #Mom

Dominique Hourani loves her little girl "Delara", perhaps she does not love her father as much-- not enough to stay with him, but when it comes to her little angle she is willing to do anything. This mother's day for example, Dominique Hourani made it about her little girl. About a fancy birthday party she threw for her girl.

No surprise there, the song is an original song, and you see the little girl have her moment, dancing for her mom. Not sure if the song is about the mother or the girl, but this seems like a fun party. It feels like a Karaoke song, production has a low value, perhaps the outfits and the makeup cost more than the song's production.

The song will be on Dominique Hourani upcoming album which is set to release this year.

Dominique Hourani - Delara / دومينيك حوراني - ديلارا

Listen: رنا سماحة - واحدة قريبة | Rana Samaha - Wa7da 2oryba

She is a student of music with a high taste. She made waves when she participated in the ninth season for Star Academy. Rana Samah maintains that sweet voice, honey -laced vocals. She sings for her mommy on her mother's day. It's a love letter from a daughter to her beloved mother. Rana performed well in this song, but it might be too's a hit song, but it's not the happy kind.

It's a song about loyalty, and family. The music is simple, it carries the song, and backs up the young vocalist. More and more of the young talents make the mistake where they put their lifestyle, cellphones and fashion ahead of their music career.

رنا سماحة - واحدة قريبة | Rana Samaha - Wa7da 2oryba

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shima Al Shayb Is BACK! Remember When She Was A Little Girl?

Shima Al Shayb  was gone for over ten years, that means she was missing from the music scene. The little girl who did amazing covers of beloved oldies from Oum Kalthoum, releases an original song. Remember that album she released in the mid nineties and it sold millions? Shima is back with a beautifully written and equally performed track.

This is a song she recorded for mother's day and I wish it had better marketing to make sure everyone gets it on time. But in the States, Mother's day is in May, so there's always that. The song is about traveling away form the mother, but keeping her as the compass....that guides the way... It's a love song for the mother.

Shima has a mother who is also a famous songstress in Egypt..Fatmah Eid gave birth to Shima, and now Shima is saying thank you. I appreciate the music and the composition, it makes me think I am listening to a classical piece.

شيماء الشايب - مهما خدتنى المدن "بمناسبة عيد الام"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oussama Rahbani On Hiba Tawaji, Politics, Woman And #Lebanon

Oussama Rahbani is a Lebanese musician and composer. He is the son of the Lebanese composer, musician and poet Mansour Rahbani. He is an intellectual whose opinions carry a certain weight around Beirut and beyond. His latest is the mega album for the dazzling Hiba Tawaji. It's a huge production, and he took her under his wings. Off course she is a big talent, the songs are about classical love, women liberation (rights), and one song for the Arab Spring--cannot wait to hear it.

Oussama Rahbani is a guy who has lost faith in the Arab Spring and the mess one sees, he is a dreamer and sees the big picture. He is with change, but not the scary extremist and violent change. He is not telling people to bring the mold, I am hearing saying about no discrimination. I like the collaboration between him and Hiba, they seem to make a power duo.

He is also a big deal on Lebanese theater, he is a cultural force and he seems to have his favorite festival is in the gorgeous city of Byblos.

He composed for Zenobia, a musical play Mansour Rahbani followed by The Return of the Phoenix, performed at the Byblos International Festival, at Casino du Liban and in Dubai. In 2009, came the turn of a remake of the musical play Sayf 840 by Mansour Rahbani along with Ghadi and Marwan Rahbani performed at Byblos festival, and at Casino du Liban. In 2011, he produced, composed and orchestrated the album La Bidayi w la Nihayi featuring Hiba Tawaji

أسامة الرحباني: لبنان المنفذ الوحيد للتيارات الفكرية المتضاربة في الشرق الأوسط

Friday, March 21, 2014

WATCH: SAMIRA SAID | MAZAL | OFFICIAL VIDEO | 2014 | سميرة سعيد | كليب مازال #Diva

In few short hours, Morocco's number one diva Samira Said's latest video traveled the universe and back. Watching the music video and my first thought was AMAZING! this is a well-made music video where top notch--but not over the top technology was used. Samira Said and the director did a stunning job. The futuristic outfits are captivating....the wax shoes are original. She showcases a number of looks that rival those of Madonna and Lady Gaga. I do not recall a more exiting music video than Mazal. It offers the right amount of all the elements that make a music video something to want to watch more than once.

The Director got the most out of Samira, she looks to have turned back the clock and revealing so much force. I like how this clip, shows Samira the hip years, it's not a Lebanese thing to look younger and rock our. Samira did it with a wonderful song in her own native dialect.Again this is the first original song by her in five years, and it was released late last year.

Well played Samira Mazal is the best song you made since 11 years ago when you had that Yoom Wara Yoom instant hit. Seasoned you are, and so happy to have gone back to your roots where you were compelled to look forward with something original. Props to the team behind the music video, but also credit goes to Samira for trying something new and quite honestly fresh.

SAMIRA SAID | MAZAL | OFFICIAL VIDEO | 2014 | سميرة سعيد | كليب مازال

WATCH: Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Video) / محمد فؤاد - ياما

A comeback just took place in Egypt, the star of Mohamed Foud is brighter than ever. The man who lost his own mother not too long ago, is back with a song dedicated to them mothers. And he is pouring his heart out. This new song of his blends romance with family.

He wants to marry someone who among many things, respects his mother, and the kinder she is to his mother, the crazier about her he will be. Fouad is really one of the reasons Egypt is attractive. Foaud was a has been just few weeks ago, and now he is a top tier star once more.  
Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Video) / محمد فؤاد - ياما

Terrorist and Madman Fadel Shaker Releases A Happy Mothers Day فضل شاكر يا امي

How can the Lebanese terrorist, and public enemy number one release a song while he is being chased down by the Lebanese army. Former romance hit-maker Fadel Shaker still got the soothing voice, what he seems not to have is a brain.

He got himself from being a popular star into a criminal wanted for murder, and perhaps will be executed upon surrender. Is her in Syria fighting for the cause he loved so much? Is he inside the camps in Lebanon? Or did he already find a way to the Gulf?

Here's a sweet song from this man whose voice can cure your soul, a wonderful mother's day song/poem.
فضل شاكر يا امي

Listen: Rappers Like Their Mothers Too MWR - Ya Yoma / يا يمه (Mother's Day Song)

The rap group MWR releases a new track this mother's day. I do not think of rap as a style that radiated gratitude for mothers. but I suppose it's a vehicle to deliver sentiments. I like how the song is in peasant dialect from the villages of Palestine.

I am not crazy about the music, but the lyrics are true to life. The song is about giving thanks for the woman who gave birth to the artist, and he is hoping folks would find value in it. Mik Eraif produced it it for the MWR trio Richard Savo, Mahmoud Shalby, and Waseem Okor.

MWR - Ya Yoma / يا يمه (Mother's Day Song)

Happy Mother's Day! The Only Song You Need

Set El Habayeb is the title we like to call our mothers, the selfless human that keeps on giving. So we have to be nice, and kind them by giving back, and most Arabs get to have a day where they express gratitude. March 21st, is that date for us. Other nations have different dates.

No matter what you do, no matter how young or old you are, there's one beautiful song that said it best. "Set El Habayeb" composed by a legend, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, sang by Fayza Ahmed, a legendary female voice with so much emotional and complex back story. The song will get you to ear up, and no matter how tough you are it gets to you....why because makes you think about your mother even before you were able to comprehend what goes around you.

Happy Mother's Day.....

"Set El Habayeb" By Ranine Chaar ست الحبايب غناء رنين شعار

ست الحبايب شهد برمدا عيد الأم

ست الحبايب يا حبيبة - فايزة احمد - تصوير نادر

Mohamed Abdel Wahab - Set El Habyeb ست الحبايب

Thursday, March 20, 2014

@NancyAjram and @BouEidJoe Put on A Sex Show For Arab Kids (Video) #Watermelon

I like the new Nancy look, I like that the director's camera focuses on her butt, boobs! I also like to see one of the cutest pops songstress of our generations moves around like a cheap hooker. I also enjoyed how she tries to sex up her customers, watermelon and that police officer. Of course, I would have to be a pervert for these statements to be true.

She is no longer Nancy Ajram, this is the work of someone like Haifa Wehbe, and Merriam Faris! Nancy has two little girls, yet that does not stop her form filming this raunchy music video. Lebanese director who made a movie where people have sex inside a church, directed this music video. So this is not his only sin in productions that are not suitable for children. I am certain Nancy Ajram's own kids are proud of their sexy mommy. This music video is funny--in the bad sense. All of it is surreal and Nancy seems to be trying too hard. Even the signs are sexually suggestive and it feels like soft core porno.  

Joe Bou Eid got paid, he made what he does best, a fusion of bright colors--he seems to like red, and sexy babes. This was one challenge for him, this is his craft and this is what he delivered. When he did it in the past it was either classy or in a movie theater---this time he takes a grownup universe and makes it accessible to little kids at home.

It's not entirely their fault, the audience share some of the blame here. I really could not watch this music video twice. Nancy is feeling intimidated or threatened so she turned up the heat and got her the sexy version out. This is a Lebanese over-sexed music video shot to please Egyptian men. Question, would Nancy let her two beautiful daughters watch this music video?

 فيديو كليب نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا 2014 Nancy Ajram

Download: Nancy Ajram #8 البوم نانسى عجرم - نانسى 8 2014

She is ready to release her 8th album, the album that took four years to make. 15 tracks and it's impressive as it feels we are back to square 1 of Nancy Ajram--back to the cheeky girl who acts tough but she is buttery inside. She is all sexy back and that lean figure of her she has nothing to fear. Back off yong pop stars wannabes-Nancy got this.

Dressed in where she is selling sexy watermelon and all the boys want to get their hands on her melons. She found a new character she played 12 years ago and revived it. The director has a clever vision and Nancy Ajram went the extra mile. She even collects tips from people as she dances, surrounded by customers.

Nancy Ajram knows where the money is, Egypt. So most of her albums come in Egyptian, where she sells the sexy lady for these sleazy guys. Now, in Lebanon she is a star, and she gets gigs and concerts, so you get that since she lives in Beirut she has more time to work on songs. The kids in the Gulf who make it rain will also get a treat. Nancy does an album that lasts her about four years, she shoots music video in groups, so at least three of these 15 songs will get music videos--they are commercials.


01.Ma Tegy Hena
02.Mosh Far2a Keter
03.Sherek Be Omry
05.Tsab2 El-Reeh
06.Rahnt 3alik
07.Show Ha El-Qassa
08.Naam Be Alby
09.Etnen Eshab
10.Ma Aw3dak
11.We Bakon Gay Awda3k
12.Ba2a Kol Da
14.Ya 5ayen
15.Bel Raha

 فيديو كليب نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا 2014 Nancy Ajram

Mohamed Assaf's Mom vs. Ragheb Alama's Mother (Video)

Lebanese pop star Ragheb Alama poses with his old lady and showers her with love, she looks like a nice lady and the song is proud of hi mother, Hajjah Wafeqah. It's nice to know a little bit about the iconic Lebanese singer and see him as the song not just the rock star and celebrity he is.

Our favorite Arab Idol, Mohamed Assaf made time to release a personal song for his mother, I think he was doing something and the idea hit him, he did a cover of the one and the best mother song "set al Habayb" It's worth mentioning that Ragheb has a special relationship with Mohamed Assaf as he seems to have taken him under his wings, he was his biggest fan and supporter on the Arab Idol fan

Happy Mother's day.

محمد عساف يغني "ست الحبايب" ويهنئ والدته ومشاهدي احنا TV بعيد الام

Mubarak Minion Amr Mostafa Releases A New Song For The Former Dictator

Too much time, a hero of peace and war, too long of a history, he kept the integrity f the land and refused to leave Egypt. Sorry, did Morsi run a way? No, he did not even have a chance to go to the bathroom, they just threw him in abducted him and placed him in jail--no one knows what his crime.

Amr Mostafa is a smart musician, but an idiot as a human being. He might be upset with the people who change colors, and dance for any leader that rules them. Just look at those who danced for Sisi, now they made him into a god, a cult of worship. This is the problem, we do not see these people as human brings, we think of them as Gods--blame the media for much of that.

I do not know why Amr keeps on beating a dead horse? Aside from that he has not done any good songs since 2011, and his peers do not like his combative style. Mubarak is a free man, and history will judge him, but talking about how great he was is Amr's right, but he cannot pretend that the man did not do many wrongs

اغنية عمرو مصطفى عشان بطل - اهداء لحسنى مبارك

حصريا اغنيه عمرو مصطفي وعشان بطل إهداء للرئيس مبارك

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mohamed Fouad "Yamma" Perfect Mother Song! Happy Mothers Day, Mom / محمد فؤاد - ياما

You are the light of my eye opens this song. This is a song from man who knows how to make an amazing hit song, he is the guy who picks winners. He is Mohammed Fouad, the guy next door who can rock all night, but also you may spot him at your local mosque or grocery store where he would say hello.

Mohamed Fouad is an everyman's hero for everyday in Egypt. You cannot not fall in love with his warm voice, personal style, and grownup logic. This is a new single from the guy who makes a wonderful album once every three years, and then disappears. To see you smile, mom, it's worth all this life. The song's chorus is worth it and it colors the song, saves it form being dull or falt.

The music belong to the hit producer and composer Walid Saad, but the real talent is that for the writer whose name is Hany Abel Karim, mixing has the golden touches of Hany Mahrous. Well-done Fouash, you are a legend who has not done himself and to his music career damage. A lovable guy whose heart is in the right place. At this time, there are not many reasons to fall in love with Egypt, Fouad and his new song give me one hell of a reason to fall in love again with the motherland....

Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Audio) / محمد فؤاد - ياما

Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Audio) / محمد فؤاد - ياما

Happy Arab Mother Day! Songs You Can Skip

Cabbie driver if they were to sing, they would be something very similar to Egyptina oddball singer Essam Karika. Essam started as a clever musician and composer for Egyptian pop star, then someone told hi he should sing, he did. And he came with a look unheard of in the area, bright colors, and a headgear--always have one.

This time when he is not hosting lame talk shows, he just released a song for mothers across the globe. At what seems to be his home, he invited a number of young wannabe singers to perform a song at his home. Lots of interesting haircuts, makeup and colorful fashion. Essam even shoes images of himself editing the song, in the meantime, he plays the lute.

The song's title "Everything But not my mother...." it's where we draw the line....while I love my mom, I won't be sharing this song with her--Essam's ego did not allow him to share the names of these young singers. His name is all very the song that he does not even make noise in.

Kolo Ela El Om - Essam Karika ft El Magmo3a كله الا الام - عصام كاريكا

Adham Saloum, The Sexy Palestinian Musician

Haifa, the magical Palestinian city gave birth to many talents. The latest one of those is a young singer with the name Adham Saloum. The guy likes complicated love songs, his style feels rightfully cross between Syrian and Lebanese styles. The guy has a style worthy of a hipster and looks the part as he tries to pour his heart out.

This is a classical song that feels right for this young man to sing. I do think he has plenty to offer. However, he is a composer and a musician then a singer. He write music that feels good, but he has a Turkish influence in his compositions, yet his style is very Lebanese.

Samt El Matareh is his debut song, it's his baby as he wrote it, composed it and sang it....more and more we see real musicians getting to become stars.
Adham Saloum - Samt El Matareh / ادهم سلوم - صمت المطارح

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Listen: My Single Ladies Of The Gulf Song By Yara اغنية يارا - بنات الخليج

It took one pop star from the Lebanese land to dazzle those folks in the Gulf--they have taken her as one of their own, and to be fair, she has not made one universally beloved song since she moved there. But this time, she doubles down and deliver a dance song meant to count the virtues of the ladies in that part of the world.

I like this, the ladies of the Gulf might be rich, but not too many songs are made for them to make them feel good about being themselves  Yara has the looks, and the confidence of those pop stars, but she is standing firmly with other lades with this localized version of a song.

While the song is about women, see the dudes are the ones dancing and you do not spot many females--if any in the party hall. The song is about a guy who is going home but before he heads home he wants to find himself a bride from the girls of that area.

Songs are meant to take us, shake us, and make us think in new ways about the world around us. This song does none of the above for me, but this is only because I am not that target audience. I wish Yara good luck with her new album which will drop this summer.

جلسات_وناسة_2013 - يارا "بنات الخليج "

Listen: Assi El Hallani - La Wayn 2014 / عاصي الحلاني - لوين #Sucks

He calls himself the knight of Arabic music, and it seems to have stuck around some circles in Lebanon. Assi Hallani who currently is one the judges panel of The Voice. The man, as I like to call him, he is a corporation just released a new song that will give you some pain.

I say that and I mope his once legend who seems to have no idea what he does. He is now about soft romance when he was about rugged man romance and that made him a hit-maker. His single will make you long to 20 years ago when he was Assi, the cool Lebanese guy. Now he has become a guy who likes tans, hair regrowth regiments, and botox. Now, he is not the only one.  

Dude, Assi, you do not need to release crappy songs bro, take it easy and we will remember you. Such songs do nothing to help you...stop trying too hard to be everything for everyone. The older people love you for who you are, the young folks do not care.

Assi El Hallani - La Wayn 2014 / عاصي الحلاني - لوين

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Amazing @hibatawaji In #Khalas Epic Proportion هبة طوجي - خلص

Sultry vocalist and pianist Hiba Tawaji developed her unique blend of jazz and traditional vocal pop with hints of bluesy country and contemporary folk due in large part to her unique upbringing. She returns in an amazing and beautifully shot music video. She is telling a love story in the overtime. A couple who is trying to squeeze in a last romance before they part away.

Hiba Tawaji never putting her vocal talents on the back burner, Tawaji worked toward earning education. The lure of the folk coffeehouses and jazz clubs proved too strong and she was soon inspired to write her own songs. Yet, she draw the attention of the Rahabni household who can spot a classy vocalist from a mile away.

Here was Hiba who has been taken under the wings of an internationally renowned musician placed her in the awkward position of defending her music from those who dismissed her as another pretty face and/or another riding the coattails of her musical royal heritage

In 2011, Tawaji released her highly anticipated debut album, La Bidaya Wala Nihaya pairing once again with Oussama Rahbani. Hiba released one first track of her upcoming album where she shares the musical kinship of two artists you’d throw into the same playlist, and even in this mono-genre world in which we listen, you’d be hard pressed to find a festival that would put them on the same stage performing back-to-back sets. So the fact that the most popular indie jazz/pop musician maybe ever. Khalas is an anomaly of epic proportions. Stir in the mix that her music of choice is a straight-up cover album of one of your grandpa’s favorite bands and you’ve got a lot of nonsense going on here.

In the case of the beautiful if slightly monotonous "Khalas" and the album will be a collection of songs reinterpreting of Fyrouz. This is done in a way that prove that nonsense can be the recipe for quasi-successful musical harmony. This is a concentrated dose of down-tempo despair that focuses on country standards gloomily hinged on poverty, heartbreak and even murder. Luckily, they gor a seasoned French talent to direct the music video, thank you Fabrice Begotti

Hiba Tawaji - Khalas (Official Videoclip 2014) / هبة طوجي - خلص

Saber El Robaei New #Gulf Single Is Pretty Good

Saber El Rebai released an album earlier this month, Rotana booked all the billboards they can find to push this album. Still, no record that the album is a huge success. Now, comes a new single from the Tunisian man himself.....surprise, it's in the Gulf dialect.

Saber sounds happy to be doing a worthy and Tarab style song that allows him to show off his quality voice that often does not get expressed in pop songs.

اغنية صابر الرباعى - من زجاج | النسخة الاصلية | جديد 2014 أغانى

Raffoul, The Palestinian Eminem Arrives, Are You Watching? He is Catholic

I am over the tears for Palestine thing, I like to be positive and move into action. Do something. Political rap song are a bit dated and tired. But for the young folks living the camps, they still want to sing about the struggle. Raffoul Saadeh wanted to put his personal touch on the Palestinian narrative and to him rap was the only viable vehicle.

I think the beat can use some help to keep it interesting. The lyrics of the song are mighty and range into Arabic and American pop culture to raise the issue of justice. Raffoul draws images from the struggle as he sees it. There are so many, he is native to the wealthy state of Connecticut, but went back to live in Jerusalem with his family--naturally,m the Israelis are not to helpful.

Raffoul is a Palestinian Catholic who went to school here in Washington DC at the Georgetown University where he was keen on interfaith dialogues. When he is not rapping, Raffoul works as a Pro Bono Paralegal with the Public Service Initiative at Squire Sanders in New York City with a dedicated team focusing on challenging and complex pro bono matters, including death penalty cases, vindication of innocence and litigation involving violations of constitutional rights in impoverished areas of the countries.

Raffoul - Tears Over Palestine / رفول - دموع على فلسطين

Sunday, March 16, 2014

"General Sisi's #Egypt Is A Scary Shit hole" Ahmed El Sakka Sings!

I think the only thing General Sisi has not done now is to take back the January 25th 2011 revolution. He has let the Mubrak off the hook, have arrested the leaders of that revolution--most of them are jail. The criminals are out of jail bullying law-abiding citizens.

The army is making heroes out of their own, the police who did most of the killing are the heroes--and the citizens can go fuck off. They are now using little kids to make their points, officers of the army and the police are the only worthy heroes, everyone else is out to get money. This is lame, but this is one song the current regime aired during one of their many official celebrations. The sad twist, a beloved Egyptian actor Ahmed Saqqa joins the crew and adds his voice to the song. He forgets that most of the deaths are sanctioned by the police in his glorious county' ministry of internal affairs.

To sum, if you get killed by the army or the police, you are a criminal, corrupt they are not, aggressive and murders they are not. Which is very untrue. Now, most of them are decent folks, but bad apples are shooting unarmed people around the squares of Egypt.

They have already done campaigns to apologize to Mubarak and his deep state allies, people like Ahmed Maher rot in jail, thousands are six feet under....but that's OK Sisi has a big dick--sorry, but this the world of his fans! God forbids, you are a journalist, God forbids, you have an anti-generals song, God forbids you have a different for your life.

أحمد السقا يشارك الطفل سيف مجدى فى كليب أغنيتة "أبن الشهيد"

Hiba Tawaji Will Blow Your Mind Away This Year! @hibatawaji


Hiba Tawaji is getting ready for 2014. This is the year she releases a new album where she creates a perfect middle--the commercially successful albums meets the classical and high-taste type. If any young talent out there can do it, Hiab Tawaji is that name. The daughter of Achrafieh district in the heart of Beirut. Tawaji is a Lebanese singer, actress, and director and she in three languages Arabic, English and French. She stands at a crossroad of music that include oriental music, pop music, jazz, funk, and opera. She is already a respected coloratura soprano with a four octave vocal rang

Because she is getting the help of the Rahabni house, the talents who made village songs popular in urban centers, so this should be a familiar territory. She is a committed young artist who logs in the time to perfect her talent, in music, direction, piano or theater.  "Ya Habibi" will be the title, and it has 15 tracks. Most of the songs have been written and composed by Oussama....But there are other poems by Mansour and Ghoday Rahabani.

Hiba has already shot a music video in Paris for one of these songs. Hiba's approach is similar to the French and Canadian style. In very short years, she has shown that she takes her career seriously and is willing to travel the world to hone her craft. And she already has the right team in the music-making is where she can benefit from.  Such talent is hard to go unnoticed.

I project the album switches between soft tunes and more upbeat, groovy ones. She makes personal approach to Arabic music. Stay tuned....

هبة طوجي: جديدي يجمع ما بين الرائج تجارياً وبين المستوى الفنيّ العاليّ

Hiba Tawaji - Khalas (Teaser) 2014 / (هبة طوجي - خلص (اعلان

Hiba Tawaji - Zat Ellafti / هبة طوجي - ذات اللفتة

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lian Bazlamit Of #Palestine Dips Her Toes Into Gulf Music #Dance

Doing a variety of songs is a sign of a clever and a resourceful singer. Now, if you are young and have been Palestine-centered and your name Lian Bazlamit, you need to dip your toes in broader genera. This is why the young contestant in Star Academy--few years ago went the Iraqi route.

This is a pop-ish song from the dance floors in Iraq and the Gulf, in a way this is a song with Iraqi melody and Gulf lyrics. Lian has been in love with the reaction she got from the fans at home and beyond. She is now talking a bout a possible duet with a local Gulf talent. I think it's clever for her to do different songs and try to break into different markets. Nothing tops the money from Gulf gigs....not even the states.

Lian is a native of the Hebron district, grew up in the more liberal Ramallah part of town, and went to school in Jordan.

ليان بزلميط انا اعلمك || النسخة الرسمية 2014

WATCH #Arab Idol Judges Bullies A Young Egyptian Woman

Being mean on TV may get ratings, but watch this young Egyptian woman who wants to be a star. At the start they were mean to her, and had some harsh words for her. It's true not everyone can be a star, but for Hajir Hamdi this is all she has and she wants to be validated by those big names of Arabic pop. I know she will have to go home at some point, but the first yes is important for the self-esteem.

Even the Egyptian on the panel gave her no! Nancy, Raghib and Ahlam eventually gave her the the yeses she needed. I did not like the pegging portion of the audition, but some people may relate to that.  Hagir or Hajir is not very good, but as you can see a bit of the audition process qualify to be bullying of this young woman. At the end it was all smiles and all is well

 Arab Idol - تجارب الاداء - هاجر حمدي

Friday, March 14, 2014

Listen:Alaa Zalzali - 7asses Fiki 2014 / علاء زلزلي - حاسس فيكي

Alaa Zalzali is not a boy anymore, he is a man who has seen enough in life, so when he sings he better know what's up. I like the release of his new single, after a year of dealing with death in his family, he is ready to sing again, ready to amuse us for change.

Alaa Zalzali wraps his head around a lot of things, but his latest song where he is telling her she feels her and gets her. I love how this song is about how much love he has for this lucky lady. It's a happy track from a man who knows what it means to be truly and fully in love.

On other news, Alaa wrote the music in addition to singing, Amro wrote the lyrcis.

Alaa Zalzali - 7asses Fiki 2014 / علاء زلزلي - حاسس فيكي

Thursday, March 13, 2014

: البوم دنيا سمير غانم - واحدة تانية خالص 2014 Download: Album Donia Samir Ghanem

It's now a reality, the Donia Samir Ghanem album is out, most of us have been waiting for this album for a year. Donia did it right, she released almost the entire album in singles, she created one hell of a buzz and that kind of publicity is worth money. Donia is already a songstress even thought has not released an album. Now that changed, she is a vocalist with an 11 track album.

This way she has the music industry in her pocket, God knows she has the Egyptian film industry on speed dial. Now, there are about four songs you have not heard before....Now, the neat thing about this album is guy wrote all these lyrics. He did two things, wrote songs for Donia as we know her and come to love her, the free-spirited lady who does whatever the mood dictates; and the other lady she could be, the sensitive and emotional lady who cannot move beyond this love. Both characters worked well. Amir Taima did it

Please buy this album, if you want to listen to it, the link is below....You do not buy it because Donia needs food, you buy it because it's the right thing to do. This is a debut album released in a critical time--singers are leaving the industry and finding odd jobs to make a living.


01.3alek 7abiby Kalam
02.Yom 3ady Geddan
03.Law Kont Makanak
04.Wa7da Tania 5ales
05.Meen 3aref
06.Mesh Ba2ya 3ala 7aga
07.El Wad El Lou
08.Shaghlin Balko Leh
09.Qesset Sheta
10.Bet Sa3idya
11.Ana Wenta Leba3d

دنيا سمير غانم | انا وانت لبعض - Donia Samir Ghanem | Ana Wenta Leba3d Roznama Records

The Classy Diva Of Damascus: كوكتيل رائع من اجمل اغاني مياده الحناوي Cocktail songs Mayada El Hennawy

She is a Syrian Jewell who has stayed in Syria and has defended the choices the people of Syria make, she is a patriot and she is more than that. An iconic diva of romantic songs  for the past fifty years. She is the original classy lady of Damascus. She is Mayaday El Hennawy and everyone else who sing can never claim that stature. Her exotic yet very Syrian look helped her stand out at the get go, but her voice kept fueling her career.

Each time, one of her songs airs, I was being told an epic love story, I was hearing terrific music, and I was having fun. The song is about a man and a woman who are in love, and who sacrifice love for a higher purpose. This is immensely appealing, each of her songs is an emotional climax for the soul. This is why her songs are among the first things things Syrian immigrants would pack in their suitcases, she makes them feel home and spark the fondest of memories.

Her songs are ever fresh, such music she makes and makes available for the listeners is the kind one can grow up with and grow old with. Most of her songs are nothing short of out-of-the-body experience. This is the magic of Mayaday who appeals to men and women in different ways. This is her voice, passion, grace and class at work all at the same time. My list of other out-of-the-body classical songs is a short.

Here is a dozen of her finest and most memorable songs, short segemtns of those songs are included to give you a sampler of her true talent.
 كوكتيل رائع من اجمل اغاني مياده الحناوي Cocktail songs Mayada El Hennawy

مياده الحناوي » اغاني ذهبيات » انغام الحب » بدون توقف ♥♥ انا اعمل ايه ♥♥ انا باعشقك ♥♥ الحب اللي كان ♥♥ فاتت سنه ♥♥ نعمة النسيان ♥♥ مش عوايدك ♥♥ اول واخر حبيب ♥♥ ساعه زمن ♥♥ حبك ماينتهيش ♥♥ اشواق ♥♥ جبت قلب منين ♥♥ كان ياما كان ♥♥ اكتر من الحب ♥♥ اول ما شفتك حبيتك ♥♥ سيدي انا ♥♥ حبينا واتحبينا ♥♥

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On Arab Idol @MohammedAssaf89 New Single #Lebanon 3 Music Festivals

Palestinian Arab Idol and pop star Mohammed Assaf is currently in the Lebanese capital working on his new and debut album. Assaf is also working on a new single that seems to keep his Palestinian brand a live "Ya Halaly We Ya Maly" “يا حلالي يا مالي, it sounds like a party dance song. But the good news is in the writing. The lyrics will be for Nizar Frances--the popular golden lyricist.

The music is the works of Rowad Ra'ad, though I am sure it will be more folklore flavored. This song will be his second original second in the post Arab Idol season. In other good news, the charming and seasoned Lebanese composer Ziad Burji, a song that Ahmed Madi wrote. In all cases Platinum Records found a pop star who help them move records, and sell concert tickets while doing good.

Assaf has confirmed that this summer he will be taking part of the biggest music festivals, as he will be performing in Jarash Music Festival, Carthage Music Festival, as well as Mowazeen Music Festival in Morocco.

In other fronts, Assaf is the breath of fresh air the refugees in Lebanon needed, he is one of them and speaks with their voices in a place that has grown tired of their presence.

Mohamed Assaf ARAB IDOL 2013

@carnegiehall Presents an Evening of Traditional Sufi Music with Asif Ali Khan Qarral


On Saturday, March 22 at 8:30 p.m., Asif Ali Khan, a musician widely regarded as the reigning prince of the Sufi music known as qawwali, performs in Zankel Hall with his eight-member qawwali ensemble. Khan is from a family of renowned Sufi musicians and was the student of the celebrated late qawwali master Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. (Khan was once hailed by the maestro as one of his best students.) An icon in his native Pakistan, Asif Ali Khan is one of qawwali music's finest living exponents, and is becoming a powerful figure on the international stage as the traditional music grows in popularity. While praised for his inventiveness, Khan remains faithful to the sublime traditions of this devotional music with songs that often build from a meditative and trance-like state to a thrilling and energetic spectacle. Of his craft, Khan says, "we aren't singing as much as listening to God's instructions with our souls." This concert is presented by Carnegie Hall in partnership with Robert Browning Associates LLC.

Dating back over 800 years, qawwali is an energetic musical performance of Sufi Muslim poetry that aims to lead listeners to a state of religious ecstasy—to a spiritual union with God. The music was popularized outside of South Asia in the late 20th century. Deriving its name from the Arabic word qaul, meaning "to speak," qawwali is a musical vehicle by which a group of male musicians—called qawwals—delivers inspirational Sufi messages to a traditionally male assembly of devotees. A typical qawwali ensemble consists of one or two lead vocalists; a chorus of hand-clapping qawwals who sing the refrains; a harmonium player, who supports the fixed melody as well as the melodic improvisations of the soloist; and a percussionist, who articulates the metric framework using a dholak (double-headed drum) or a tabla.

About the Artist
Asif Ali Khan, a favorite student of the late, great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, expands on the legacy of his teacher with his brilliant inventiveness. Since Nusrat's death in 1997, Khan has participated in tribute concerts and recordings dedicated to the memory of his teacher, while developing a style and presence of his own. Remaining faithful to the 800-year-old traditions of devotional Sufi music, Khan has also become hugely popular on the international stage. His own style of qawwali—based on the Punjabi Ang form, similar to the style of his late master—boasts full-throated vocals and energetic rhythms, switching from meditative and trance-like to thrilling, ecstatic crescendos. To hear his voice soar above the call-and-response choruses, rhythmic hand claps, percussion, and harmonium of his accompanying eight-member ensemble is truly inspiring, even to those outside the Sufi faith. With raw passion and emotional intensity, Asif Ali Khan’s magnificent voice recalls the inspiring words of his late mentor Nusrat: “In this atomic age, when everybody is after material gains, music can give spiritual calmness and peace of mind.”

Program Information
Saturday, March 22 at 8:30 p.m.
Zankel Hall
Asif Ali Khan Qawwal, Lead Voice Raza Hussein, Harmonium and Vocals Sarfraz Hussein, Harmonium and Vocals Ali Khawar, Tabla Imtiaz Hussein Shibli, Chorus Waheed Mumtaz Hussein, Chorus Shah Nawaz Hussein, Chorus Manzoor Hussain Shibli, Chorus Umar Draz Hussein, Chorus
Asif Ali Khan

Eizza Almarzoug Is The Coolest Kuwaiti EVER! Here's Why....

Eissa Almarzoug walked out of Star Academy, a better artist than he was, he was certainly a bigger name. Luckily for us, his latest single came with the music of Fayez Al Said, so we know it will be cool.

Eissa is a Kuwaiti artist who like to record and release upbeat tracks. I know there are many young artists in the Gulf area, Eissa excited me the most among all the new breeds. He is super cool, and he looks the part--which the hardest thing to do for most Gulf musicians. He is a singer for the fun of it, not planning a career in it so far. He also plays the lute--oud.

 His voice is like a perfume that goes all over the room once spritz. I like the dance melody, and how he feels about his loved one--she is like my oxygen.

عيسى المرزوق اوكسجيني 2014