Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally, Some Indie Feeling Arabic Song

Alaa Wardi has done it all via his YouTube channel, now he is back to the normal entertainer, not the viral one. This time he is getting help from a young lady with a lot of charisma Angie Obeid. This Saudi Arabian national singer, song writer, composer would come along to rock the Arabic viral entertainment.

This is a love story coming from a musician who cares for the details, it really feels like it has been made by some indie singer in New York who has a great voice and has the feel for story telling.

The song has landed on Youtube with this touching message

I believe there's someone out there for everyone, someone waiting to love and be loved, someone who will accept you the way you are without asking you to change, someone who will love you as much and as passionate as you love without expectations.. Someone somewhere is waiting to start a new life, wonder if we'll ever meet!!

I wrote this song with my friend Angie after we figured we both had this idea in common, and we decided to share it with you all cause it's a song we all can relate to somehow. We hope that you like it.

Alaa Wardi & Angie Obeid - Fe Shi Makan

Team Tamer Hosny Targets Amr Diab

I think we all need to enjoy a sense of humor about this new pictures surfacing on the net where Amr Diab picture has been placed on a rooster. The album in Arabic is Banadeek...someone twisted that word to become Ana Deek--which means I am a rooster. I think it's funny.

Some even put Amr Diab as a seller of tissues, also playing on the title. Those are all funny attempts, they might even help push the sales. A reported 50 thousand copies have sold, a tiny number in Amr Diab records. some even think the album lack anything new, it's just recreation of the old songs that no one hated. But lacked on giving us anything we really loved.

We are not even sure it's the fans of the young Egyptian pop star or used to be so Tamer Hosny who are behind this picture, but if they are then they are really helping sell the album and getting more people to pay attention to it.

The album is a good one, it will see more than any other album of course, I have yet to wait for a music video to see if the whole Amr Diab comeback is in order. The songs are quite good, diverse and tend to be on the faster pace.

banadek ta3ala Amr Diab 2011

Thoughts on The Warda 2011 Comeback Album

When you get a chance to give the Algerian diva Warda's new album that was released late September, you will know what I am getting at. Warda, is a legendary diva that need not to bring anything new, she has been a star and she will always be a star that made waves and gave us some of the finest romantic Arabic songs.

now 2011 is the year the album was made available, her first since 2001, so it took 10 years to bring this six track album. Needless to say I was excited to play it. Roa and I are big fans and so is both our mothers.

Here's my issue with the album, I think Warda wasn't challenged enough on this album, no one has stod up and told her to make it better. In my opinion, I think the sound engineers are to blame for this mess of an album. Warda does not sound like herself anymore. she sounds tired and her voice sounds week.

Take Amal, song on the album, the music is pretty good, but the lyrics are sub-par, and so is the rest of the album. I think there's a real missed opportunity to make something nice. Another one Ell Da'a Min 'Oomry, Warda seems to be struggling with singing, at times I thought this is it, she can take this line and run with it, but it's yet another letdown.

In all fairness the album is good, but for Warda is bar is high. This is not a verdict on Warda, she is a diva, it's easy to blame Rotana who produced this album. Maube they should have gotten some visionary with strong opinions to take charge of the album to bring the best in Warda.

The album gets better on the second lesson, there are at least 2 good songs in there, one of them you can even dance to.

Warda- Amal 2011/وردة- أمل ٢٠١١

Having Fun With My Neices

In 2009, I visited my family in Gaza after the Israeli attacks on them, my cousin was murdered as she was fixing mint tea. But the spirit of the people in Gaza has yet to be broken.

I have many nephews and nieces in Gaza, these are three of my favorite, they are all sisters, three adorable little girls, that I like to carry on my shoulder and dance with them, they seem to like my singing too.

I tried to teach them English too, it worked so well until, i have taught one of them to say "I Love You", hear for yourself what she will say when I teach her to say "I Love you", it's pretty funny.

The Cutest 3 Sisters in Gaza بنات ماجد المدهون

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iraq Loves Their Own, Hatem Al Iraqi

The mature man of the blues, the guy who will stand right there next to you as you deal with your emotional needs when you are at a low point of your life. Known as Hatem Al Iraqi, the singer sho is not pop. He is Iraq heart and soul.

With that strong manly yet tender voice of his, we know he is up to the task of bringing us real entertainment value to and from Iraq. Not only does he sing, but he is also very informed about the music part of his career, he composes. His young son Qusay has made an effort in breaking out into singing.

Now he is working on his latest album and he is shopping around for a company to produce and release the upcoming album through and it seems he is edging toward singing up with Rotana, the Saudi company.

Hatem is working on his album in a private studio in Dubai, he might be heading to Beirut to meet with the company's bosses. Hatem has actually worked with other stars on their album including most recently Shatha Hassoun--he has composed a song.

حاتم العراقي & رباب - ماتدور الدنيا Hatem Al Iraqi and Rabab

The Handsome Stalker Syndrome

This is a beautiful song by all accounts, and if you look at the YouTube comments, even those who don't speak the language or understand the song connect with it. the feelings and the story are universal.

Now back to planet earth for a second, Nancy Ajram is both rich in real life and rich in this music video. the music video is a commercial for Damas, a Jewelry company all over the middle East that pays Nancy Ajram tons of money to promote their line of Jewels.

Aside from that, there's a handsome poor kid who works in a restaurant and has one of those scooters--he looks non Arab, maybe Italian. Nancy leaves all reality behind and falls for this guy, he stalks her of course and there's some cute things. then the rest is history.

Stalking, culturally speaking is not as bad as people would like you to think, unless you are not a person the gal desires of course. When it comes to the middle East, if someone likes a girl, then they want to know where she lives as they have to propose to hear before they talk to her--that's a tradition that has been changing of course.

Now, had this stalker been an ugly guy or someone a bit older, would that make a music video? Not sure it would. But the commercial music video takes little form this wonderful song.

Nancy Ajram - Elly Kan / نانسى عجرم - اللي كان

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Abdulmajeed Abdullah, The Gulf 's Number 1 Song

Abdulmajeed Abdullah knows a hit when he seems, this non pop singer from the Gulf who was one of the first pan Arab stars to make it big in places beyond the Gulf. This man who offers warm songs that sound very personal and often appeal to listeners outside the Arab gulf.

The music was composed by the hottest and business music composer Fayez Al Saeed, seriously does anyone else make hits other than this gifted singer/composer. If you were to count the last big hits form the Gulf, then you find Fayez standing behind them. Shatha Hassoun got her best hits from him and so did Kadim Al Saher who took some of his music this year.

This is a hip song that offers the fast beat and meaningful lyrics that warms your spirit.

عبدالمجيد عبدالله قامت الساعه 2011 Abdulmajeed Abdullah Gamat Al Sa3ah

Najwa Karam Rocking (Live) Entertainment

She is the pride of Lebanon and the joy of the Arab world, she is a true diva, it's amazing that this is a star that we grew up with and now she seems to be on her way to become a legendary diva like so many of her predecessors.

If you want to be taken seriously in Lebanon you cannot make it far without that famous Mawal, the slow melody that tries to catch up with the strong voice of the singer, just right before the music kicks in and the song pick up the pace.

Najwa Karam had many hits songs through her career and they always sound fresh--even though the music might sound like a template. However, the fans love this lively and interactive star that rocks the concert hall and brings so much energy to those events. Her strong presence and personality only add up to her aura.
Najwa Karam Badak Terja3 (Live)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Funny Arabs @ MikeEatsnax From Dearborn

Mike Eshaq is a gifted funny man of Arab decent who lampoons both the Arab and American culture and does it so well. As a writer and a filmmaker he can make funny viral videos as he has done so every two weeks. While there are many funny Arab American comics, few of them can do what Mike does.

Directing a funny clip it involves writing, casting, and location scouting. So Mike does all of that in addition to being funny himself is no east task. I have subscribed to his newly created channel that is a spin-off of his previous channel.

While all his clips are humorous, his new challenge will appeal to a larger segment of the people here in the States and abroad. Here's his website to get info on Mike and his work

BANNED: Dominos Pizza Commercial

Things To Do To Have Fun In Saudi Arabia

Who says that you have to be from a certain country to have an awesome YouTube video. There are a bunch of guys in Saudi Arabia who are out to have fun. While I am not tempting to try doing what these guys are up to here in the video. I have done this befor eon water and I think water might be kinder than the sand if I was to fall or the car to speed up.

Like all things in like you roll with what you have, you do not let them stop you form having fun. Sure you can go to the mall, but there is so much to do in Saudi Arabia outdoors are rich.

Next up is sand surfing and sand skiing too. Why? because four wheeling does not count as fun no more.

التزلج على الطريقه السعودية ! Sand Tubing in Arabia

Ramy Essam, Here Comes The Egyptian Mariachi

Mariachis are cool, ever since they started appearing in American movies. Now comes the turn of Egyptian entertainers to give us a Mariachi looking dude called Ramy Essam and he is out for justice. Not the kind of justice that sends people to the graves, but the social justice.

And to make his music and message better he has gotten help from half a dozen hot Egyptian actors who were leaders in the first day of the Egyptian revolution (Jihan Fadel, Khalid Aboul Naga, Assir Yaseen). This had to be a rock song and rightfully the singer is called the voice of Egypt. I would add he is the pulse of Egypt

The message is this, give me bread and social justice, and we are all Egyptian united.

Ramy.Essam.Esh.Horia.Adala.Egtmaia رامى عصام - عيش حرية عدالة اجتماعية

For The Rest Of Maher Zain's Life

God knows that Maher Zain has a good voice, and he also knows what on this gifted singer's mind and soul. As for us human, we must enjoy his music that comes with some religious messages about being a good person and being a positive force in the world.

In the age of social bookmarking Maher is King. I like more of Maher Zain and i want more Maher Zain's of the world to be part of this force. I must say, the guy sounds real. He doe snot seem to be doing it for the money.

This time, I get the sense, that this song of his is very personal, it's about love a passionate Muslim lover who is about commitment and love and asking for Allah's blessings.
Maher Zain - For The Rest Of My Life | Official Music Video

Amr Yousseft "Let's Get Back To Work" Song

There is about a million Amr Youssef out there, one of them is a good looking Egyptian actor with green eyes. So when I did a query trying to get a picture for the singer being "Yalla" a new Egyptian son about getting back to work and the sky is the limit, I had no such luck. Good song with an uplifting message that more people need to get back to work and turn the wheels on the economy.

Yalla - Amr Youssef يالا - عمرو يوسف

Diva Warda 2011 Ablum Is Out

There are few living divas that come to us from the golden age of Arabic music--the 60s and the 70s. I speak for Warda, the Algerian singer that conquered Egypt and from it the rest of the Arab world, with her very warm voice and passionate songs. From romantic movies, to full house concerts, leaders and peasants enjoyed her music and she has not stopped singing.

Luckily for us, Warda is still making music and her much anticipated album has been released with 6 tracks--they should be called gems. There has been so much talk about this album and now we can put our hands on it and give it a listen. This is something you and your mother can enjoy--sure your grandam would be welcome too.

01.Ya Hob Min Yeshtari
03.Ellidaa Min Omri
05.Adet Sana
06.Damirak Mustarih

Hiba Tawaji: The Reincarnation of Amy Winehouse

Late soul and jazz singer Amy Winehouse has passed away recently in tragic and mysterious fashion. As a big fan, I miss this lady with that signature strong voice that takes us back to the 40s when the music saloons where the place to go to listen to this kind of fine music.

This morning I was listening to an Arabic album by the young and ever wonderful singer Hiba Tawaji and for long now I have been an appreciator of this young voice and her choices of songs that sometimes rock the boat and challenge the pop and karaoke Arabic music that's all over the airwaves nowadays.

Listening to this song of hers, it hit my Hiba is an artist of her own but something tells me about the way she sings, and the style she carried herself and the bold approach she uses to experimenting with music that Hiba is very similar to Amy Winehouse as both make awesome music, and both have strong stage presence. Take the song where Hiba is singing for the Argentinian Tango and the revolution. This is a song where the music is very Amy Winehouse.

Maybe I am reading too much of it, but glad to know that the Arab World--Lebanon still offer us some serious music. I think Hiba will do so well for Arabic music, she music the kind of music the West adores, and she sings about the topics that matter the most to all Arabs. This is not an easy thing, this takes brains and Hiba with her mentor Ousama Rahabay.

check out the sample of the album all tracks are covered in about 45 seconds and you get to preview the kind of music Hiba makes. There's Jazz, Rock and Roll and a hint of the R & B.

Hiba Tawaji - Album Promotion /هبة طوجي - اعلان البومها الجديد

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tamer Hosny vs. Mohamed Khairy

Not sure who is the original artist behind this song, but someone put a montage of two pop singers doing the same song. I take that back khairy has a music video for this song that was released few days ago, the timing of Tamer Hosny doing a cover of this song tells me he is trying to get back in the news when this month seems to be the Month of Amr Diab. Khairy might be one of those artists on team Tamer.

In one hand, you get the all mighty Tamer Hosny, and on the other hand you get the up and coming pop persona Mohamed Khairy who I must say owns this song and delivers a good song filled with emotions.

However Tamer Hosny makes it a lot more pop, which is cool. It might be that we are very familiar with his voice and style.

Team Khairy argues Tamer stole the song and released it. Team Tamer argues the song was leaked and Tamer has no interest in releasing this song.
اغنية (بتعصب عليكى) بصوت تامر حسنى و محمد خيرى

Mohamed Khairy - Bt3sb 3leky / محمد خيرى - بتعصب عليكى

Oldies You Ought To Know: Georgette Sayegh

So Lebanon is still a hot spot for Arabic entertainment, it has also been so for such a long time. Back in the 50s and 60s it seemed like the place was even a hotter place for good Arabic music that was ground shattering.

One of the names of that era is Georgette Sayegh, a young and beautiful Lebanese talent that had it all back in that time. Took parts of so many shows, plays and music. In that time, plays were the best outlet for releasing new songs. TV wasn't big then, people had radio too so that was another outlet.

Here's a song by this lady where she performed this funny song with Wadie Safie about two people each one of them thinks the other person has hearing issue. The 4 cats--the original cast covered this song more than 24 years later. Not much is known on the internet about the fate of Georgette Saygh.

ياابو مرعى لجورجيت صايغ ووديع الصافى Georgette sayegh

4 CaTs Abo Mar3y Song

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Khalid Agag, Mother's Day Song & Army Officers

Unlike many people in the West, mothers do no wrong in the East. We celebrate and honor them and we cry when we have to leave them. Sure we all miss them, but I think in the East, as you grow feel you are in charge of your mother's welfare.

So this is an old song by Khalid Agag for his mother as he is camping out in the army and misses his old lady. Some would miss their significant other as well, but Khalid dedicated this song for her.

الست دى امى ، خالد عجاج Khalid Agag El Sit Dy Omy

Most Arabs Were Confused By Najwa's Video

There are few female Arab entertainers who have the kind of strong willed personality Najwa Karam has. since the early 90s when she became the Arab star and no one has ever manged to cross this diva. Her voice is second to none, her personality takes orders from no one and her style and sense of fashion is years ahead of all the others.

Now comes this year she is also the host of the high rated TV show Arabs Got Talent where she virtually entered all Arab homes. But this summer also came her new album where the title song I thought was grade, only to learn that I am in the minority and most seem to dislike. Not sure the fast paced beat, the bold lyrics, it might even be the 3D affects with those strange glasses.

I have to admit the music is a bit much, but it's also exciting. I like that kind of music, it helps me run and walk fast. Sure the part where Najwa Karam makes out the drum beat is a bit too new for most. It could be part of the the words where Najwa says she will no longer sleep unless if she will be sleeping next to her man.

It's what's, what did you think? did you like it?

Najwa Karam Mafi Noum - نجوى كرم مافي نوم

This Song Gave Nawal Al Zoghby Her Comeback

Nawal Al Zoghbi is the golden girl of Arab pop, before Nancy and all those young singers that came to fame in the early 2000, Nawal was the the girl that has brought it. Every man's dream girl. Nawal had a keen sense of style and fashion that rocked her time. Now she also had her loving family too.

Between 2001 and 2005, Nawal's career was struggling, she couldn't keep up with the droves of Arab female singers who would stop at nothing to get a piece of the pop cake. Since Al Layal of 2000 and Nawal lacked a serious hit--she had Eiineik Kadabeen. But in the summer of 2005, Nawal had staged her comeback and revamped her image.

With Rohy Ya Rohy Nawal had more than a hot single, she has a whole image, an entire operating to push her back to the center stage. The cool and punk look worked, and hte fans made this song their summer song once again. And it did work....since 2005 and Nawal has been back in the spot making good music better and headlining many concerts.

Rohy Ya Rohy - Nawal al Zoghbi

Big Egos @ Arabic Airport For Celebrities

Fame is awesome and traveling to various lands to do concerts is even better. Upon landing in a new country comes with a lot of fun perks, check out this video of Doha, Qatar where droves of Arab celebrities arrive for some a concert.

Yara, Fadel Shaker, Latifa, Majid Al Mohandis all arrive and the fans race one another to great them and shake their hands. This is not Egypt where people are so animated and so crazy about celebrities. This is a conservative Arab country.

Also there's a video of the Caesar of Arabic music Kadim Al Saher in his visit to his home Baghdad, that was a trip that had to be secured by all means. See how much those army officers love this truly talented musician/composer/singer. Note that it's always men in charge of those things so a female celbrity might not find a peer to greet her with smooches.

استقبال الفنان ماجد المهندس مطار الدوحة Celebrities At Doha Airport

وصول الفنان كاظم الساهر الى بغداد. Kadim Al Saher Arrives to Baghdad

Amr Diab's First World Class Music Videos

He is the trendsetter in the Arab world, and most find no shame in copping whatever style Amr Diab sports. The man of style and good looks as he has been know since the late 80. As we are about to get his new music video, I stated to think this guy had many wonderful music videos. But what other music videos of his that are still awesome even by today's standards?

For that you had to go back to 1998, 1999 and 2000 where Amr was the unstoppable awesome guy of music and fashion. He had the back to back hit songs that literary rocked the Middle East and gave the new satellite TV much material to work with. Again Amr Diab had scored of fine and entertaining music videos that were cutting edge at the time they were released, but when you go back to watch them now, they filed tired or outdated. Not these ones!

Amr Diab - Awedonny عمرو دياب - عودوني

Amr Diab - Amareen عمرو دياب - قمرين

Amr Diab - Tamally Ma'ak عمرو دياب - تملي معاك

Rashid Majid 2012 Album

Call him the prolific singer from Saudi Arabia, but you will know him as Rashed Al Majid , he is now talking about his new album to be released his album. I have come to see the singer release dozens of singles. He is fitly rich so working hard he doesn't have to do. His work is always big in the Gulf and those private parties he headlined keep on coming.

راشد الماجد يا جنوني 2012. جديد وحصري

راشد الماجد - قدر Rashed Al Majed \ 2011 .جديد -

Khalid Selim Engaged And A Revolutionary

Khalid Selim, the young and charming well built Egyptian singer who has branched out from pop into acting and other cool music genreras. His vocals are so good that he is just about the youngest mainstream singer to be invited to perform in the Egypt opera and he has done just that.

Last week, Khalid Selim has gotten engaged to some young lady that has nothing to do with the entertainment business. They had a small private family ceremony and the couple looks happy surrounded by close friends and family.

Khalid has been out of the spotlight ever since the revolution happened, but I managed to find a song of his that he recorded as a duet with a female artist Iman to celebrate the revolution. I am surprised, I had no idea about this song and I think more people should give it a listen. So Congrats to Khalid and hope his music doesn't stop.
ابن الثورة خالد سليم / ايمان عبدالغني

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just a Reminder Elissa Has Not Died Away Yet!

Have you heard anything for the emotional Lebanese singer Elissa lately? I have not! I heard she was going to visit Egypt and there were droves of Facebook pages against her visit. Elissa loves her Egypt, but she has said something dumb few months ago. According to Elissa she was commenting on the revolution in Egypt, "Egypt has lost some wisdom after the revolution."

This headache made Elissa delay her new album, Elissa has been releasing a new album every two years since she came out of her hometown in Lebanon. This might be the year she does not release an album--she is Rotana's best selling artist. I do not know what Elissa meant, but I know it was not her place to comment on a complicated mater that is a work in progress.

Elissa Tesada2 Bemeen - اليسا تصدق بمين

If Not Amal Maher, Who Else Can Cover This Song?

This blog makes no secrets about our love and admiration for the vocals for Egyptian diva singer Amal Maher who leaves no stone unturned. This signature voice does covers for any Arabic song, I thought she only does Egyptian ones. I have heard her do an old Gulf song and she owned it.

Now, I just got a clip from Amal maher concert in the Gulf where she is doing a Lebanese song for none buy Fayrouz! That's a diva covering a song for another diva's song. Make sure to buy her new album everyone--it offers a lot for everyone out there. If you are happy, you will get your songs, if you are sad, you will get yours too.

آمـــــال مــــــــاهر :: أنا صـار لازم ودعكن . .

BUY Amr Diab 2011 "Banadeek Taala" Album

I need not to say an introduction for the king of Arab pop. His album is now out, and mark my work it will be the best selling album from the date it has been released till January 2012.

Pop is cheap to make, good pop that you want to hold forever is not easy and it certainly not cheap. So when Amr Diab releases his album, he rolls a wide campaign that will take on the streets and the airwaves of a place. Billboards, radio and TV will all be taking part of this assault.

Will the album be the greatest, too early to tell, but will be good and it will offer some high production and some of the finest creative juices in the minds of those teams of composers, lyricists, and marketers who put this gigantic album together. And Yes, Amr Diab will be bringing his A game.

01 Banadeek Taala
02 Halla Halla
03 Madrrsh Ana
04 Allumak Leh
05 Maak Bartaah
06 Yareet Senk
07 Mally Einaya
08 Heya Hayaty
09 Youm Matbelna
10 Aghla Min Omry
11 Aref Habiby
12 Tagroba Wa Addet

Amr Diab vs. Tamer Hosny Round 2011

Amr Diab is about to release his much talked about album "Banadeek Ta'ala", and everyone is waiting for it. However Tamer Hosny the pop singer of Egypt whose trying to be the king of pop while Amr Diab is still the dominate player in the music business.

Tamer Hosny could have been the king of pop had he not been an idiot and gotten himself involved with the anti Egypt revolution talks, and at some points confrontations with the revolutionaries at the Tahrir Square.

But Tamer is a figheter and he won't just set back and let Amr Diab take all the media buzz so he is back to making new songs and releasing them just in time as Amr Diab is releasing his album promo. Amr Diab doesn't not talk to the media much and he never commented about Tamer Hosny--that way he just saying that he could care less about Tamer.

There's also the fact that Mohsin Jaber, the man who was behind Amr Diab awesome songs in the late 90s and early 2000 is now working for/with Tamer Hosny so there's the business rivalry too. Tamer Used to do ads for Pepsi, just right After Amr Diab has been doing them. Then Amr Diab started making ads for water and taking shots at sodas.

Tamer Hosny just wants Amr Diab to recognize him, Tamer always says he loved Amr and he is like a big brother to him. I like both artists, sure Tamer has a sleazy side for him, but Amr seems to be just way cooler without even trying to be do. Amr has a broader appeal, those are 40 can relate to him as well as those are 20. However, it seems that Tamer Hosny does well with teens and 20 something.

Amr Diab - Banadeek Ta'ala "TV Promo" عمرو دياب - بناديك تعالى "برومو

تامر حسنى - بتعصب عليكى Tamer Hosny - Bat3asb 3aleky

Friday, September 23, 2011

What Sets Aside The Hooker From This?

Her name is Marishak becasue all the other Arabic names have been taking, so everyone out there is looking to secure a name to build it into a brand. But are some Arab directors trying to hide it anymore? They keep blurring the line between family wholesome entertainment and adult material.

Don't take my word for it, watch this clip and see the sexualization of everything about it. Everyone knows the saying that sex sell, but it does not have to be sleazy sells. I do not care one way or another but with a weak voice like of this singer has, we are all doomed. After all it's all for the fans.

Marishka Alawy كليب ماريشكا - علاوي

Akmal, Pop Can Save Him

Akmal is a big deal in Egypt, he is the man of style, call him the trendsetter whether it's in pop or outfits, he is a celebrity. Released his album back in July and it was what you know about this guy a mix of romance dance and pop. He never claimed to be the best singer out there, but he is popular in concerts he knows how to work a crowd.

Sure most of them are girls, but it seems to me the dudes of Egypt dig his style. As for making music videos, he does OK. I cannot remember something magical about them.

So for his latest hit single from the recent album he got a nice car, a girl and some new style, they headed for the desert and then for the sea on a boat. Nothing that has not be done before. My only thing is this, the person who did Akmal's makeup needs to look for another job...Akmal's face when he is driving looks strange

Akmal - Aady W Shaghal / أكمل - عادي و شغال

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sisters Mai Selim & Mais Hamdan Do It All

Two sisters are like companions for life, they are both entertainers, there's nothing they cannot do. Between acting, singing, telling jokes and hosting prime time TV shows, these two Jordanian singers reared in the Arab gulf and made it big in Egypt.

Mais hosts a show and sings, but this time she invited her sister Mai to be on her show and there the two sisters did a fun duet folksy style telling a humor filled song that local cab drivers in Egypt hold dear.

Some hate those two gals why? they are everywhere, they are hard to miss. That upsets some people.

Mai Selim & Mais Hamdan Medley Shaعby @ 100 Masaa

This Blog Loves Zayne Knight

Fans of the British Egyptian up and coming singer Zayne Knight let us know over the past few days that they really adore him. There's something of a loyal fan base for Zayne. This is something really to be proud of. Not many Arab singers have this kind of loyalty who would take the time to respond to criticism of their beloved singer.

It's good to be Zayne Knight, if all those fans buy his songs and purchase his album, he is in a good shape and he seems light years ahead of all those pop singers that both look and sound the same. So in regard to our previous review about the teaser for his upcoming song Shake It, we were unhappy.

Like everyone else we make mistakes--I know I do. So if you feel we were harsh on Zayne, then I am sorry you feel this way. Not to get into it again, but this is an open forum, we like debates and encourage them. This blog is for Arabic music, to get it out there and establish some resource in English for people who want to learn about the culture and the art of our home.

We should be encouraging the gifted youth entertainers, not pile on them, that's why I am glad to say that I look forward to seeing Zayne's new music video. Maybe then we will have an educated opinion about it--sure as we repeatedly have said on the past on this blog, teasers can be tricky.

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 SYTYCD

Reda "Aysheen" Album Made With Love

Reda comes form Lebanon and he has never stopped there. Breaking into the Egyptian market few years ago, and doing a soundtrack song for an indie movie last year about poverty, bad circumstances and lust.

Reda has the voice and the grace most today's artists lack. He is a quite person, but when he sings everyone hears him. Now we should listen to Reda becasue he offers high quality songs that he voices and lives.

He seems comfortable in covering sad and melodramatic songs. And that's the feel for his 2011 15 track album with Arabica music production company.

01 - 3aysheen, you can be sad and dance as well the techno beat is everywhere now.
02 - As3ab Ayam 7ayaty, slow Tarab song, it's about love not being jaded.
03 - Ya Zamany, the confusing and uncertainty of love have this song, Reda changes notes well
04 - To23od Teb3ed 3any, ditto
05 - EL3eshra Mabethonsh, karaoke grade music makes a good ringtone.
06 - Nesena ELNas, slow song about life wisdom
07 - Eah Tany, like the opening of the song, the album is beginning to sound the same.
08 - Darbet Ghadr, I like this side of Reda, sweet and flexible yet has some decency left.
09 - Shaklo Bay3ha, fresh title that most listeners will like! Too jaded! It could be much cooler
10 - 2alb ELBalad, like this light pop-ish song
11 - Allah Bey3awad, this song was done in Lebanses, a change from this Egyptian styled album
12 - Ostora, the song only Reda can deliver with style and sorrow.
13 -Raby bey3awad, this song was the soundtrack for AlShouq "Lust" an indie movie flick
14 - Adeny Meshet, sounds like half a dozen of other songs on this album, made for the blues
15 - Leeh Tegheb, I am a fan, this is a song that sounds different than the rest of the album. I think Reda should strive to work on changing his style. He should not have to be a one trick dog. Not with that voice of his.

Buy Amal Maher's 2011 "Aref Menen" Album

If you want a good strong voice that offers warmth and deep meanings, then you you need to pick this album up.

If you look for an artists that commits so much time, energy, talent and money to make his craft better, then pick this album

If you want a visible female voice that can entertain, teach and impress you, then pick this album.

If you want good music with high production value where Egypt puts the best of its entertainment talent together then pick this album.

If you want to reward an artist that has what it takes and reward yourself, then pick this album.

Simply said, this album is one of a kind, you don't get the kind of entertainment anymore, and you know Amal Maher --she has always been awesome-has not been as great as this album makes her to be.

01.Rayeh Beya Feen
02.Feek Hetet Ghorour
03.Eteqy Rabena Feya
04.Ana Bardo El-Asl
05.Mosh Hamnaak
06Salmt Mara Aleik
07.Enta Le 3'ary
08.Men El-Sana Lel Sana
09.Damery Byanebny
10.Awel Mayshofny
11.Aref Menen

Rayeh Beya Feen - Amal Maher رايح بيا فين -

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Egyptian Country Fair Courtesy of Higazy Metkal

all things are local and this is the career of Hegazy Metkal, the old school Egyptain folks singer who refuses to wear anything else but his famous traditional dress and head band. He keeps his look real and the same goes for his music.

A horse, a guy who blows fire and local dancers, toss in few kids on a merry go around and a confused looking singer and you get a country fair. That's what I call keep in it real, not making karaoke music and putting on a pair of jeans and some bright color t-shirt.

Here's a guy who gets it, in the age where everyone strives to look the same, and sound the same, Higazy is standing alone, but he is also standing tall.

Hegazy Metkal 5alo Ya 5alo كليب حجازى متقال - خالو

Yet Another Pop singer Named Mohamed

Mohamed is rightfully the best and most popular Arabic names, it's specially big in Egypt--I can name a dozen of Egyptian singers with that name. So now there's a new pop singer that has been naming waves most recently for about two years.

Mohamed Khairy is that singer, he is back with a new music video where he is lecturing his gal about life. Of course he is giving reasons why he loses his cool with her. This is a real song, but it would have been fairer if it was a dialog between the two people.

As for the music, it's not groundbreaking. But at the end of the day, this is a pop song where everything end up working out at the end. Cheers!

Mohamed Khairy Bt3sb 3leky كليب محمد خيرى - بتعصب عليكى

Arabic Movies Remakes American Ones

Stealing the idea of a movie is not new, and it's not exclusive to one culture or country. Even Americans borrow concepts for movies from other countries. Yes, a lot of remakes too. I can name "The Departed" from a Hong Kong moves "Internal Affairs", My Sassy girl from a Korean movies with the same title.

but a lot of other countries even mimic American movies, they take the plot and localize it, make it proper for a particular culture. Sometimes the remakes is good, sometimes it's lame. But I have seen few of those in Arabic movies--Egyptian movies too.

This is not a bad thing per say, but it has to be clear that this movie is not original, most people who watch American movies can tell easily. I know Bollywood does that too in browning script concepts from Hollywood.

In all fairness, some of those movies are not a rip off, they just have been influenced by a certain movie. There are thousands of movies about blind man, but a movie about blind men. But a movies about a blind man who has served in the army points toward "Scent of a Woman" who has served in the army. sometimes those who watch American movies read too much into their knowledge and try to find connections that might or might not exist. such people feel good when they sound informed movies buffs.

Here's a sample of recent Egyptian movies that have been taken or inspired by American movies.

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE لمارلون براندو وفيفيان لي. فيلم "عريس من جهة امنية" مسروق من:
father of bride.

فيلم "خلي بالك من جيرانك" مسروق من:
Barefoot in the park من بطولة Robert Redford و Jane Fonda.

فيلم "التوربيني" مسروق من فيلم:
THE RAIN MAN للعبقري دستن هوفمان وتوم كروز.

فيلم "ويجا" مسروق من:
Jumanji لروبن ويلمامز.

فيلم "امير الظلام" مسروق من:
Scent of a Woman للمثل الاسطوري البتشينوو.

فيلم "شمس الزناتي" مسروق من:
The Magnificent Seven العظماء السبعة.

فيلم "عصابة حمادة وتوتو" مسروق من فيلم:
fun with dick and jane.

فيلم "الامبراطور" لاحمد زكي، مسروق من:

بعض الأفكار في "الإرهاب والكباب" من فيلم:
dog day afternoon للبعقري البتشينو. "مرجان احمد مرجان" لعادل إمام مسروق من فيلم:
back to school سنة 1986.

"سلام يا صاحبـى" مسروق من فيلم:
Borsalino 1970 .

فيلم "جاءنا البيان التالي" مسروق من فيلم:
i love trouble.

فيلم "ما تيجي نرقص" ليسرا وايناس الدغيدي مسروق من فيلم:
shall we dance وايضا Chicago.

فيلم "تيتو" لاحمد السقا مسروق من فيلم:
Léon the professional للممثل الفرنسـى جون رينو.

فيلم "الرجل الابيض المتوسط" مسروق من:
nothing to lose.

فيلم "حبيبى نائما 2008" بطولة مي عز الدين مسروق من فيلم:
Shallow Hal بطولة Gwyneth Paltrow.

فيلم "حرب اطاليا" لاحمد السقا مسروق من فيلم:
Confidence نفس الفكرة مع التغير بعض الشـيء.

فيلم "الشبـح" لاحمد عـز مسروق من فيلم:
The Bourne Identity فيلم "شجيع السيما" مسروق من فيلم:
The Hard Way لمايكل جيفوكس.

فيلم "الحاسة السابعـة" مسرووق من فيلم:
What Women Want لميل جبسون.

فيلم "فرقة بنات وبس" منقول بالمسطــرة
من فيلم كوميدي شهير لجاك ليمون.

"ليه خلتني أحبك" لكريم عبد العزيز مع حلا شيحة وحنان ترك من فيلم:
جوليا روبرتس "My best friends wedding".

فيلم "الدادة دودي" مسروق من فيلـم:
من فيلم Msound Of Music.

"اسف على الازعاج" لاحمد حلمى مسروق من:
A Beautiful Mind بطولة راسل كرو.

"1000 مبروك".. بطولة أحمد حلمي،
من فيلم GroundHog Day.

Kadem El Saher On Freindship

Kadem had many great songs, most of them are either about the love of his live--the one he has and hold to and the one that got away. his other popular songs either have a humanitarian or political nature about Iraq or Palestine.

But his other popular songs are about friendship, and the tales the come with it. Many Arab songs have been written about friendship and betrayal or watching your friend's back. The music that Kadem work with it, can be classified as Arabic music, sticking to the basics of old classical music with few Western elements.

This is a song that meets those two elements where good music and friendship are put to a test. This is an epic song 47 minutes of magic, so make sure you have enough time in your hand before you click play.
لا يا صديقي - كاظم الساهر

Homophpbia In Arabic Music

The subject of homosexuality almost never makes to Arab entertainment. Few movies have dealt with it, most notable is Youcobain Building movie where there's a gay journalist. But here's a song , a recent one indeed that brings up the subject of homophobia, as the groom is getting ready to learn how to dance.

His pal says, Consider me Your he seeks to teaches him how to dance. then the groom loses it and pushes his friends away. Even thought a lot of practices of Arab men can be border gay, kissing and holding hands.

This is not a cultural statement, but one about the arts. So the not so gay singer who has homophobia goes around with his bachelor party where they feature an almost naked exotic dancer. this is also not part of the Arab culture, but why let the fun stop? The gay guy might just be a bit more conservative and discreet about his business than those guys who cannot hide their love for the ladies.

Malaksh Daawa Beya "Original" - Samo Zaen مالكش دعوه بيا - سامو زين

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mohamed Rahim, My Guy Crush

Mohamed Rahim is one of the better known original young composers, he is the go to guy for a soft and tender guitar hit that will climb the charts. He gave Elissa half a dozen of her popular songs.

But he also has a stand alone music career with the Pyramedia company that is working hard to establish hit feet as a singer. We already know he can write music, his voice is also quite impressive.

Mohamed Rahim - Erg3 Yalla (Ah Ya Leel)

Mohamed Rahim - Agml Ma Shafet 3een (Ah Ya Leel)

Abd El Fattah Greiny Cooler Than You All!

It takes a hip Moroccan pop singer Abd El Fattah Greiny to make what I call the coolest Arabic music video you have seen in a really long time. The song is about having good intentions, and the intention is to give you a really trendy and a catchy song.

Abd El Fattah Greiny best himself this time around, he opted for something fresh, and that we we all got with this music video. Before he did a lot of love stories and was cool in those too, but this time around everything is awesome. The colors, the hair style and those bright outfits.

Borrowing from recent Arab viral videos (Alaa Wardi), American rap/pop a Capella songs and the hottest entertainers, Greiny has figured out a formula. Even the back story with the Melody man is pretty funny if you are familiar with the character--they have a full feature film playing in Egyptian theaters.

You don't have to have a million dollar to make something that people will enjoy, you only need some fresh concepts and be willing to try whatever it takes.

Abd El Fattah Greiny - Law Bas El Neyah / عبد الفتاح جريني - لو بس النية

Is Milk And Honey The Best Arabic Song?

See a lot of commentators swamped my blog defending a singer called Zayne. on this blog. I knew nothing of his song, I only had issue with using a belly dancer as a prop that has nothing to do with the reality. It's so stereotypical and so tired. But Zayne is not alone. Here's another group that has little knowledge of Arabic culture, but that did not stop them from bastardizing the culture. While everyone has the freedom to express their speech, I have the same right too.

I doubt that, but that doesn't stop some people on the internet from arguing that this techno dance song that makes little sense in Arabic yet alone in English qualifies to be the best Arabic song.

I have seen terrible songs in my lifetime, but this one is not terrible, it's just weird. Getting some dark person dressed like an Indian to sing Arabic doesn't qualify as an Arabic song. Hear me out, this this song mute the volume, play any Greek, Russian, Persian, Turkish song and the song will be OK for that song too.

The ladies are fine looking, specially the Britteny Spear wannabe, sure that's what you get hot in Europe, Germany in particular.

Per This:

Milk and Honey is a German Algerian duo consisting of Anne Ross and Manel Filali. German music producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen formed the duo under the Warner Music Group label in 2006. Their first single, "Habibi (je t'aime)", reached the 16th place on the German singles charts and remained on the charts for 12 weeks.

Best Arab Song(Milk And Honey) "Habibi (je t'aime)"

Listen to Best Of Haifa 2011

She married an Egyptian, she is Lebanese, her business is in Lebanon and she is the first rate celebrity. she is rightfully the hardest working celebrity out there and she knows how to close a deal. It's amazing how far she went with very little. Most Arabs like her, but I think now her challenge is to get her label Rotana to beef up her album, she is done recording it but the company has been lazy releasing this album of hers.

اجمل أغاني هيفاء وهبى اجمل ماغنت هيفاء وهبى

01.Bos El WaWa
02.Mosh Adra Estanni
04.Ya Hayat Alby
05.Alouli 3ano El Kalam
07.Ma Sar
08.Ma Khedtesh Bali
09.Tigy Ezzay
11.Salem Halek
12.Ana Haifa

Haifaa Wahby - 80 Million Ehsas / هيفاء وهبى - 80 مليون احساس

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Ramllah Guy Makes A movie About A Gazan Guy

With so many talented people and no virtually outlet to shine, the local artists in Palestine are getting creative. Thus comes a short film about a Gaza fisherman. Ever since the activity known as Parkour or PK for short has emerged and the young of all corners of earth have embraced this sport/activity.

A Film About a Gazan Parkour Team.
The idea for this film came to the filmmaker Moha Mugha, when he watched young Gazan parkour artists perform their death defying athletics amidst the bullets and grenades of a harrowing political conflict.

The film is produced to honor the courage and vitality of all the people of Gaza, who are suffering under gross living conditions imposed from outside, and the unquenchable human spirit.

Behind The 8 Ball - Short Film

Mandatory Libyan Song And The Man Behind It

Hamid El Shaeri (capo)The man behind the upheaval of Arab pop, the one who made the Arab song lighter and have a youthful flavor has been singing for his motherland Libya since the 80 when he worked there in the radio. So he did not shy away from the protest in his country, declaring his support to the people of the land from day one.

Check out this song of his, made in 1987 and then a recent interview with Hamid El Shaeri talking about Libya both the new and the old one.
حميد الشاعري - ياساسي وراسي - اهداء الى بلادي

حميد الشاعري -- حوار عن الثورة الليبية