Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Time When Amr Diab Liked Ice Cream Fi Glym / عمرو دياب - أيس كريم في جليم

When it came to being a movie star the King of Arab pop Amr Diab, failed. There are two theories for this. One, he did not try hard enough  The seconds, think he was no good at it. He made three movies and none of them made it big.

One of those movies he made was Ice Cream Fi (in) Glym. The song was a hit when I was a child. Not so much the movie. But those were the very early nineties and Amr Diab was big, but was discovering his voice. The movie had a great supporting cast, a perfect release time, but what was missing the fireworks.

Amr Diab would stop making movies and nails the song business--he would become on the thrones. The song you will see below, is from that movie where romance and comedy met. Let's just say he was no top gun

Amr Diab - Ice Cream Fi Glym / عمرو دياب - أيس كريم في جليم

WATCH:@LaraCScandar - Falling Out Of Love New Music Video - لارا اسكندر

The Lara Scander Experiment has come to full circle. This is a young woman with an international background (but Arabic background) who wants to rock out in English and Arabic. She seems much better at English and her songs feel energetic and exciting to her fans. Although her songs are often recorded and mixed.

Her album About A Girl had a number of songs, now comes a music video for one the songs in English, and it seems about a young woman who is doing what stereotypical women like to do, hang out in the closet and try makeup on for the one they love. She makes music vidoes in a different way--very similar to the Western fashion. Through it all, she has always manged to be sassy.

It's not easy to define Lara Scander, she has many styles, faces and languages--she could sing in four languages. She is a women in progress, and her fans like her this way, she always give them something new and fresh--her last music video was for her debut Arabic song. Just look how many fans she has on Facebook . Her fans are from all over the global map. I do think however that her fans tend to be younger who care very much for their look.

Lara Scandar - Falling Out Of Love New Music Video - لارا اسكندر

Mohammed Assaf Makes The United Nation Dance To #Gaza #Palestine

As a good will ambassador to the world on behalf of the United Nation, and the Palestinian people, he visited the United Nation headquarter in New York and talked about the plight of millions of refugees--he was one of them until he shot to fame. I know he has personally lived the Palestinian refugee story right before his rags to riches tale. One thing, many in Palestine expect their idol to help out in any way he can to get the word out on their struggle. So far he has done what he could, and people need to know, he is an entertainer not some political leader.

From what it seems the visit to the UN was a successful one, you can see the Palestinians representative in the UN clapping, and so do few other friendly nations to the Palestinian cause. A number of Palestinians in the international body's hall danced along, and the rest were clapping. I think this was a fun and the popular thing to do....I love hoe some delegates got up and cheered on the Arab Idol who has been rocking American concerts halls.

This kid is brilliant entertainer with a heart of gold and a strong message. I know he will be a good influence on the Palestinian struggle. The young artist got to meet with the UN Secretary General and had an intimate reception sponsored on behalf of UNRWA.

He is a young man who is trying to figure how to make sense of it all, now he is a celebrity wherever he goes, a day before he appeared on the audition for the show in Cairo--he was reported to have slept on the sidewalk. I connect with him there, because I too slept on the sidewalk on the borders of Egypt and Rafah. I too slept in the car in a hot summer night at the Israeli checkpoint near the border of West Bank and Jordan....he is one of us and note his fans admire his story.  

محمد عساف يغني في الامم المتحده

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Lebanese Cinema Finds Humor In New Film "Bebe"

There's a new movie in town, and it has no Arabic name. This is Bebe, which she is being dubbed as a Lebanese Romantic Comedy movie featuring Youssef Al Khal, Maguy Bou Ghosn, Sultan Deeb, Mirva Kadi, Jessy Abdo, Abir Aoun, Saad Kadiri and others. For more on the film, please visit their official Facebook page

The plot is about a 33 year old mentally challenged young woman leaves her home for the first time alone, with a bag of one million dollars in cash. It's a commentary on society. The actors interviewed in this movie seem to think this film will cure cancer. The premier night, had a festival feeling. There were dozens of Lebanese stars who want to see something different.

The movie has already broke Lebanese ticket box-office for any domestic film. As the report of selling 20 thousand ticket on its first day, producers were pleased. This record sale beats any film exhibited in Lebanon for the same weekend over the past years.

I won't be going out of my way to watch this flick, but I think it's a fresh start for Lebanese cinema to try making creative films. The film seems to want o say a lot of things about hypocrisy in each our our societies and they are using this lovable character to speak truth and commentary about social and political issues.

إيلاف في كواليس العرض الأوّل لفيلم BEBE

The Return of Cult Favorite Syrian Arab Star George Wassouf

The cult Syrian singer George Wassouf is not dead! This beloved Syrian star has a new single out, the the internet took it and ran with it. George was recovering from surgeries in Lebanon and later in Sweden. This song marks his first in more than two years and it seems to be recorded recently as the artist seems to be commenting on the state of life.

Not sure what has been going on with George's health but I know his fans are concerned for his recovery, and anxious to see him release a new album--in time. There are reports of his travel to Qatar of post stroke recovery. Other random reports of his support to the Assad regime and stories of  conversion to Islam--he appeared to be dressed in traditional men wear Muslims men tend to wear.

جورج وسوف - يا دنيا 2014

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eissa Almarzoug, The Cool Kuwaiti Kid From Star Academy Goes Back To Work!

Eissa Almarzoug has many fans during his brief stint at Star Academy, he is one of the guys form the Gulf and he was so cool, he did not take himself too seriously like people from that area tend to. This Kuwaiti kid know how to address the heart of the ladies, he is a gentleman. He was on the last season, the ninth season and a lot of people were upset by his departure.

He is the son of his mother whom he values form the pictures I have seen, but his smooth voice and style tell me he is a heart-breaker. He has this Arab look that makes you love him. I love his mature voice, his lyrics and the music. Nothing in this song needs to change. He comes across as a mature artist who has experience that takes some a lifetime.

His first single is about apologies, but it's not pathetic, instead it's heartwarming.

عيسى المرزوق أنا أسف 2013 Eissa Almarzoug

عيسى المرزوق انا اسف 2013

Red Bull Jihad In Syria And Malek Jandali Saves The Day!

I hope the seasoned and self-important Syrian composer Malek Jandali is reading this report from Elaph (a Saudi publication based in London) It seems that the foreign fighters who have invaded Syria to "liberate" it are enjoying a five star Jihad in that country while the locals scramble for bread. The report cites that foreign fighters enjoy Kit Kat chocolate bars, Red Bull, playing video games and surfing the internet.

But do not worry, it's all good pianist Malek Jandali got to raise the new Syrian flag while he was in Manila, Philippines doing his jihad through his golden fingers. What;s the big deal about a one minute video where Malek is on the stage? I doubt people in the audience know that difference between the two flags! Kidding aside, Malek is an awesome composer and a pride for Syria and Syrians. I hope he gets to free Syria and hope to see him go back to live in "freedom' and "safety" created for him courtesy of these foreign fighters.

Malek become a lot more known after the crisis started in Syria--in more ways than others he have benefited from the tragedy. But not to worry, he is already raising funds for Syrian children--no one knows where the fund goes (to the best of my knowledge)

I wish the artist well, and I am getting tired of this Syria thing already. Maybe Malek can go back to bragging about his American citizenship and the rights he has like he did when he was attacking that group in Washington DC.

Malek Jandali raises Syria Freedom Flag in Manila Philippines

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WATCH: فيروز كراوية - قلة المزاج / Fayrouz Karawya - Ellet El-Mazag

The it lady of indie music in Egypt, strikes again and this time she really means business. The indie-minded Fayrouz Karawya went down to the streets of Cairo and drove her car filming the new music video about the buzzkill in Cairo when people do not feel like doing anything at all.

She even went to play soccer for this joint, I do not know what to make of that tomboy look, but it works well with Fayrouz, the song is unlike anything she has done before. I like the gym bit, but she needs to try to workout a bit harder next time. The song as described by the artist, is a personal song about the state of mind we all experience.

This is a universal song about boredom and the different ways people use to kill time. This is a very raw music video, no story just the thoughts inside the singer and the directors' head. I do not think smoking is sexy. As a song from an indie artist, it does what it's supposed to do--make you think.

The title can be used to describe the general state of Egypt--no one wants to do anything anymore. Stalemate. The songstress came was born in the city of Port Said--the same place where tens of soccer fans were murdered.

فيروز كراوية - قلة المزاج / Fayrouz Karawya - Ellet El-Mazag

WATCH: Carmen Suleiman - Akhbari | كارمن سليمان - أخباري#

Egyptian Caremen Suleiman is not a girl anymore, look no further than her new music video where all things fancy have been captured. The music for the song is from Saudi legend Mohammad Abdo, and the llyrcis are a peom...filmed inside a palace.

Carmin is a well-funded star who has the backing of for concerts, I think she can do a lot more, I have not seen her much in live and interact with the fans during concerts. Carmin is going the predictable route, doing a Gulf song with the hopes it will make it rain.

There are two scenes the indoor one and the outdoors, they come with two different styles and looks. I do not love the song, and doubt Carmin is feeling it. I think the song reduced her talent into a karaoke song

Carmen Suleiman - Akhbari | كارمن سليمان - أخباري#

WATCH: Jannat ... El Bady Azlam ... Video Clip - Soon | جنات ... البادي أظلم ... فيديو كليب - قريبا #Rotana

Shot in Beirut for Moroccan pop star Jannat, funded by the Saudi Rotana and we have the teaser. This is from her summer album, and the first music video is making it just now...since Rotana shoots these music videos, you know they will have to feature some a drink, a coffee, a car of some cellphone.

The music video faced a lot of delays due tot he security situation in Lebanon. Jannat continues to jet in between Lebanon and Egypt.

Jannat ... El Bady Azlam ... Video Clip - Soon | جنات ... البادي أظلم ... فيديو كليب - قريبا Rotana

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

American @JenniferGroutt Fires Up Arabs Got Talent

The twenty three year old Bostonian appeared on Arabs Got Talent, the Arabia went wild. She sang a cover for the legendary Egyptian diva Umm Kulthum and the press won't shut up about her. She is Jennifer Grout . and yes, she plays the oud!  While she is no Arab, she clearly got the talent.

This is the story of American woman from Massachusetts is wowing the judges and audiences of "Arabs Got Talent" with her singing, despite the fact that she understands very little Arabic. Jennifer has moved into the finals of the competition which is shown throughout the Arab world and has been competing with performers from across the Middle East and North Africa.

This season has featured a Saudi stand-up comic, a karate-performing trio from Kuwait and a hijab-wearing rapper from Egypt, among many others. Grout, who is from Cambridge, Mass., is getting ready to return to the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where she will be one of 12 contenders in the finals of "Arabs Got Talent." "The first performance, nobody really took me seriously before I went on stage, just an American girl singing Arabic," she said of her Susan Boyle moment. "About 30 seconds into it, I think everybody was very surprised. I felt really proud, because the audience went from not taking me seriously to like, wow she's good.

Grout is through to the show's final on 7 December, with the judges first won over by her version of Umm Kulthum's Baeed Annak, a love song that is tough even for native-speakers to master – and then Oh Birds, by Syrian singer Asmahan. "You don't speak a word of Arabic," another judge, Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, told her, "and yet you sing better than other singers."

Arabs got talent Jennifer grout

Jennifer Grout جينيفر جراوت

Jennifer grout sing أم كلثوم -Arabs got talents-

WATCH: إعلان غنيلى من موبينيل مع عمرو دياب Ghaneely from Mobinil with Amr Diab

One of he biggest cellphone networks in Egypt hired the biggest entertainer in the land to help boost sales of their new service. For the first time, The superstar of Arab Music and the iconic performer who is the best selling Middle Eastern singer of all time, with 25 albums to his credit chosen by The Egyptian mobile operator Mobinil to boost [#غنيلي] service in cooperation with Rotana.

Amr Diab most famous Advert was Pepsi – Gladiator commercial targeting MENA with Beyonce and Britney Spears and he did not participate in any kind of advertising since Hayah water Adv Summer 2010. While the singer has left Egypt behind for Dubai, it remains the biggest mass market in the region and therefore an ad makes more sense.

There's humor and it shows Amr Diab enjoys a great deal of mocks  half baked talents who try to do cover of Amr Diab songs, when you can only click few numbers and have the real thing.

إعلان غنيلى من موبينيل مع عمرو دياب Ghaneely from Mobinil with Amr Diab

Monday, November 25, 2013

#Nigeria, The Go To Place For Arab Concerts in Africa

Of all places, I did not think I will see an Arabic pop concert in Nigeria--I did not know many Arab folks lived there, but now I know. Syrian pop star and former participant in Star Academy had a concert there in a Lebanese restaurant. It seems to have went well and to have been packed.

Myriam Atallah took the trip there and partied with those fun Lebanese and Syrians living there. At the Piccolo Mondo Restaurant. Among the concert goers is the famed Lebanese composer Smeir Sfier--no idea why he was in Nigeria either. As the Arab spring makes it hard and harder for Arab artists to make money, many of them go around the world in search of concerts, Africa has received dozens of Lebanese artists in the pat two years.

Mryiam seems to have wore two different dresses, which means the concert was not a 30 minute ordeal. Young people were in attendance and have taken plenty of pictures with the artist. I am happy to see them partying hard in Nigeria, and only hope for them to be working harder.

The Sad Iraqi Voice Of Bassel Al Aziz Will Bring You To Tears

Do not break up with an Iraqi, just don't. Because if you do, they will write the greatest love song, the kind that make you regret ever being born. Something about that country, it's rich history, complex society makes it the breeding ground for the finest Arabic blues. Literary  there are thousands of singers in Iraqi, and we hardly know all the good ones.

The latest voice to appear on my radar is Iraqi Bassel Al Aziz with his very dark song about love, breakups and death. These guys know how to be in love, how to break hearts. Unlike the Lebanese guys, Iraqis seem to be the ultimate people in expression their love--they might not be as passionate as the one in Lebanon. but if you want to cry, I would want an Iraqi around.

I just love "Yizal Lel Mout" death will remain goes the song. I must admit to liking the music video, and the song as one package. I had no idea who this guy is, but after hearing his voice, I am ready to name a child after him. I love how simple the music video, yet how well it translates the song. The song's lyrics belong to Qusai Issa, and the music is by  Narat AlBadir. The song was recorded in Dubai under the supervision of Fayez Al Said.

 Bassel Al Aziz - Yezal Lel Mout / باسل العزيز - يظل للموت

Have You Bought Your Tickets Yet? Carole Samaha - Al Sayedah ... 9 December 2013 | كارول سماحة - السيدة ... 9 ديسمبر

The biggest show on earth will debut on December 9th 2013. The same year when Lebanese pop diva and celebrity Carole Samah released her most celebrated album to date, the same year she was wed, and now comes her big show...the lady.

The producers are Rotana, and it seems Pepsi labeled itself as a partner. This is the Broadway grade show that has been in the works for more than a year. There will be music, dance, acting and some crazy stage stunts....and sure some kind of message.

The teaser for Al Sayedah where it feels like an ad for a hair product or a razor company, I guess we have to wait and see what is the big deal? Carole is an intellect entertainer....she has a good head on her shoulder and now she has been talking up about this show....This will be some high budget show that's well-rehearsed....lucky these Lebanese residence they get to enjoy this show. I know the show will be touring around the Arab World and maybe ultimately to the States...

I hope the critics let us in on how they really feel.....

Carole Samaha - Al Sayedah ... 9 December 2013 | كارول سماحة - السيدة ... 9 ديسمبر 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Arab Idol Ziad Khoury Is A Super-Nice Guy!

I caught up with Lebanese pop star and Arab Idol finalist Ziad Khoury while he was in town for an Arab Idol tour. Ziad joined Mohammed Assaf and Farah Yousef on their US tour. I met him backstage in Washington, DC. I approached him if he can take a picture with a Lebanese guy from Bint Jibil who was too shy to ask himself.

I found Zaid Khoury to be warm, down to earth and most of all someone who enjoys a great deal of personality. He replied favorably and chatted up with Abed- the local DC attorney who wanted the picture. Ziad asked him about his town and all that, Abed was shy he did not speak Arabic, so Ziad switched to English. And he made Abed's day.

I then was encouraged and asked him for a picture with me, he was gracious and said anything for the fans. Then we talked a bit about Arab Idol, the voting and how Roa voted for him even though she was form Gaza, he was really happy to hear that. Then greeted her, I felt good about him. He made time to talk up with people backstage. His Detroit concert was a big hit as hundreds of Lebanese folks came out to his concert.

Ziad sang for Lebanon, and the pride they all have, he also welcomed the non-Lebanese and he seemed a natural. I loved his style on stage and how he would wave to the screaming fans. But most of all, I like his personality. He does not have a big ego and he seems to be happy for his peers on are part of this tour....I know watching him on TV, I thought he is good-looking, but now I know he has the amazing personality that goes with it as well.

Ziad Khoury in Detroit

Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf Sings In Dallas, Texas Concert (Video and Pictures)

Arab Idol winner, Palestinian Mohammad Assaf is the envy of other Arab entertainers, he is selling out each venue in America, and bringing out people who would not have gone to a concert otherwise. His latest stop was in Dallas, Texas. There is a vibrant Arab community in Dallas and they are very rich, Assaf went their and his venue seems packed.

The young and charming Gaza native has already sold out in the Gulf and other Arab states where he has performed. It's crazy how much people love this guy, he is a very good showman who has a wonderful team around him, but it all goes back to his smile...his true money-maker. Think about this, Assaf and his Arab Idol tour will stop in places like Portland, Oregon, not a traditional hotbed for Arab concerts, but this is Assaf and he makes it rain. I feel bad for the winners of the Arab Idol first season, none of them came to America....Assaf and his runner ups have plans to perform in a dozen American cities.

His typical concert goers are not just Palestinians--the majority are but other Arabs and non-Arabs came out for him. Look at the pictures and tell me this is not a riot. I hope he gets to rest before each of his tours--he is accompanied by Farah Yousef (Syria) and Ziad Khoury (Lebanon) his pals form the second season Arab Idol. The Arab Idol tour is so organized, they even have the lead tour promoter Attif introduce Assaf and gets the people go banana for him--he does it so well and then Assaf storms the stage...

He really brings out the pride in his fans, they will bring out their Palestinian scarves and raise them in the air to his songs. He waved the flag, charmed the audience and most importantly greeted the ones who made it close to the stage....I love the stage setup in Dallas more than the setup in the DC stage, it allows for people to get up close to their idol.

Yes, his personal narrative and identity are a big selling point, but his voice, his persona and charisma makes you stay and enjoy yourself. Once you see him know he is a world-class talent who will only get better with time. In more ways, he is a national treasure for Arabia and Palestine. He made the cause cool....we can be for Palestine and look cool standing for our principles.    

Mohammed assaf in Dallas

Mohammed assaf in Dallas

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Arab-American Tony K Finds Some Zombies @tonykmusic

The latest song and music video "Zombie" from Hip-Hop Artist Tony K, ever been or seen someone drunk?, high?, or just on drugs? then chances are they are not themselves they are more like Zombies and this is what you will see in the latest offering from Detroit native Tony K this is a song off of Tony's upcoming mixtape titled YNOT coming November 19, 2013 join Tony's mailing list at to get a free copy of the mixtape when it drops!

Tony K channels his best Eminem impression, takes his flow and comes back with his very own signature style. I really think he raised the bar here, and cannot wait to hear what more people think about Zombie and Tony K's perfection. I have seen many Arabs and Arab-Americans take the rap route, Tony K seems to be going about it the right way. Certainly, having skills is a big help, taking a music career seriously does wonders.

It's sad the city of Detroit is turning into a ghost town, but talents like Tony K won't abandon their beloved city. It would take more than zombies to scare them away...

Music Video Directed by Tony K
Director of Photography: R. Elia
Edited by Tony K
Makeup by Elena Muntean
Model Geen Hanna
Song Produced by Johnnie Blade


Tony K - Zombie (Music Video)

Hello There, Have You Met Hader? She Is All In "Matehda" - Hader ما تهدى - هدير

There will be always some young person who gets to release a song and a music video, it seems that only 15 percent of these new stars stick around, the rest can lock themselves at home replying the music video over and over--hoping to get rediscovered.

This is the feeling I get when I watch Hader, the new pop lady from Egypt whose music video is currently being featured on Mazzia. She has something in that voice of hers that allows her to say, "I got something different" The music video might be something she may look at and say, "what was I thinking?"

The man behind the song is singer, and composer Diaa who took Hader as a challenge. The question is where is Hader from? Egypt? Morocco?  Her song is telling the guy to cool it, Hader will break your emotional bones if you cross her.

Matehda - Hader ما تهدى - هدير

Friday, November 22, 2013

WATCH: Shatha Haasoun ... Khatiya ... Soon | شذى حسون ... خطيه ... قريبا

Shatha Hassoun is teasing her fans with anew music video that looks like a horror film. No idea what the plot is, and no clue if the song will be in Iraqi Arabic. There's a little girl , a broken frame, some shouting and broken vase...then there goes the kitchen sink.

I hope at least we get a great song out of this!

Shatha Haasoun ... Khatiya ... Soon | شذى حسون ... خطيه ... قريبا

Dance Like A Lebanese Ahlam - Helm / أحلام - حلم

The dance troupe call themselves, Arabic word that stands for dreams, and their collection of dances they called them dream. And this is the word of one dance group from Lebanese with about different five dances they have performed and recorded a video of those moves to showcase their style--not sure what kind of business they can do. Do weddings hire dancers? I know city and town sponsored functions often hire dancers for show.

It's what it's, they troupe is not doing something I have not already seen. For all I know, they may have already appeared on so many Lebanese music videos as back up dancers. I think those are talented young men and women with some moves, and some impressive sense of style. I did enjoy the nature and the forward looking outfits. In between, the traditional Lebanese outfits, the Arab ones and the Ballet scenes  I am impressed.

This is how it must feels like to a Lebanese who likes to dance. I think they have created a number of painting that show hard work and dedication to their craft. It's sad as Dancing with The stars has a Lebanese version and all the Lebanese on the show dance everything but traditional dances.

Ahlam - Helm / أحلام - حلم

@fayrouzkarawyaa Makes Good Music And Some Bad Political Stands

I have always enjoyed the music and the free-spirit music made by indie artist Fayrouz Karawya. She comes across as a lady who has the talent to make music that appeals to both your heart soul and mind. She is what nerds would find interesting, she has the voice and the agenda young women and older ones would appreciate.

She writes a lot of her songs and material, to me she is a good role model. Now, I have an issue with her, she really lost me when she started getting political...taking sides in Egypt. Fayrouz was one of the voices that formed the liberal line about how the Muslim Brotherhood is bad for Egypt, and how the democratically elected president need to go. I think music should bring people together, and certainly Fayrouz has the right to state her opinions....but these change over time, but great art does not.

Now, Karawya had her wish, but is she happy with what she sees in Egypt? Is this is the dream of the liberal Egyptians? I don't think so. Egypt is not better off with the removal of the president, the army is jailing her liberal friends and the guys she sang for on her album. Now, she may have changed her mind, but why take a risk? you know some of your fans disagree with you...what did you gain from getting political?

I hope it was worth it, I doubt it helps your career, I know it did not help Egypt. Why did you release that lame song where you insulted everyone with a beard? Are they nor humans? Sure some of them are strange, crazy or whatever, but they deserve to be part of the process too.

Fayrouz Karawya - Haga Wahda / فيروز كراوية - حاجة واحدة

Fayrouz Karawya - Bataly El Methaly

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finally, Aziz El Shafie Has Hope For #Egypt اغنية عزيز الشافعى - حبة امل

He is one of the busiest composers in Egyptian pop, he has released his own albums about Egypt and about soccer. I disagree often with him on things, and his pro-army I refuse to welcome his hope-filled song? No, we are about hope, and never quitting and this is the song to do it.

He likes Egypt, and now he is telling young people to fight for what they want--expect the army will shot at them. He tells people to let nothing stop them or silence them...but then he does not talk about the corrupt few running the country.

I like Aziz and I know he has a good voice that shows in some of his songs, but I am unsure about the timing. Hope is good, and he is only about little hope or having a little faith....I do not see many reasons for people to be hopeful about Egypt because there has been something bigger than slogans and pop stars, injustice is not something to sweep under the rug. Now, I would be happy to see Egypt back on track again, but shame on those who are running the government--they are choking Gaza and its people.

اغنية عزيز الشافعى - حبة امل 2013

WATCH: Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا #OnFire

Tunisian pop diva who was the big it girl twenty years ago is still the same hot commodity she was always meant to be. Her new music video tells one of us that there is no retirement home for gifted pop stars.

She is smart, good looking, hungry, and rocking. This is what a celebrated come back should look like. Days after she signed with mazzika, the music video hits the airwaves and YouTube. Latifa is becoming the name three generations of ARAB known love and appreciate.

I like it and I know this new fresh and young look is godsend. The pool scene is kind of a bit cheesy....but fun nevertheless. The song starts fast, then comes the slow lyrics, and then the song pick it up.  Latifa is playing chess with her man, just like how dating works. The song is a riot and Latifa has what it takes to make it memorable. I love how the song changes pace, yet Latifa is all about the passion and romance.

Sure, she is older, but she does not have to be out of style or out of sync. She produced the song and the album all on her own which tells you, she has to be in charge and glad to see it worked out for well for this once Tunisian pop starlet.

Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Behind The Scenes With Mohamed Mouner

Mohamed Mouner is just like Egypt, full of conflicts, those conflicts bring out the best stories. Some are tragic and others are life-loving. There's certainly something about this rock star, he does not seem ordinary...if there were ever Aliens living in Arabia. Mouner would not surprised me had he been one. I say that I look at the man filming one of his music videos.

His crew took over an Egyptian park, and made a set for one of his music videos -the song where he confesses to have been very patient in this love story he is starring. Then, there's that dance scene with many party goers and a dope looking band. Mouner knows how to party, and he seems to been his head at the time. He does not care about how he looks to the folks on the outside.

Eqrar- making - Part 1 - Mohamed Mouner إقرار - محمد منير

Eqrar- making - Part 2 - Mohamed Mouner إقرار - محمد منير

Amal Maher Rocked The World Of Egyptian Pop

Amal Maher win over millions of fans in 2011, and in 2013 she is working to win few more millions this year when she is hoping to release an album. She is a first-rate family woman too, but she is a talented diva with a strong voice. She was working for five years before she hit the big times.

She done all the cover songs there is to do, concerts in Egypt, and the Gulf adores her live concerts, but she wanted to make so much more. Her first attempt in 2006 did not go very well, she has a B album. But it was not till in 2011 when she stroke the gold by working on album with collaboration with the best names in the business. she also was willing to try new things and they all seem to have worked well for her.

She is the drama free songstress, private is private and business is business. She is what the Egyptian music scene wanted, something with a good voice and good personality who looks good in high heels. She is one of three leading female ladies that dominate the respectable Egyptian song. In the last three years she had the most success.  Her hip makeover was well times.

Rabena Yekhaleik Leya - Amal Maher ربنا يخليك لية - حفله - امال ماهر

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can Myriam Fares Succeed Without Her Arousing Dance?

She is arguably, the most sensual and suave dancer among her peers in the pop scene. She is a smart business woman too, but think in 20 years would she still want to be doing those booty dance shakes on stage? Again, would you want to see her 20 years from now doing a sexy dance on stage?

To her credit she has been dancing for almost ten years and her career seems to thrive and the fans are more fond of her. Now, watch the dudes on this video leering at her on this live engagement for Valentine day in a Beirut concert. I am certain women enjoy that to a certain degree, but to what degree does it get creepy?

The trouble is that a lot of men in private comment and say nasty things about her dance moves, but in private, they are sending her all the likes and viewership. To be fair, I doubt any guy listened to the song or the words she was singing, instead they were tracking her like a heat seeking missile.

 I think Myriam is a smart woman with million of fans around the Arab world, but isn't time for her to do more serious songs, just to dip her toes by doing covers where she is looking classy and not revealing so much skin. This allows listeners to concentrate on her quality voice--if she has what it takes. Most artists of her era did this, and made it their fall back plan.

Myriam Fares - ميريام فارس ترقص و تغني اللهجة المغربية

Myriam Fares - ميريام فارس في حفل عيد الحب حقلق راحتك

Geroge El Rassi Sings Melhem Barkat

George El Rasi has some powerful friends in the music industry in Lebanon. Melhim Barakat showed up at his event and seems to have endorsed him, and so has Nizar Francis, and now he is out with a new work, and the new single was released at the Virgin Mega Store...I think George has finally found his A team, a producer Jaroudi house, and he got the music right.

Since I was a teen George had a friend in me, George started as the younger Geroge Wassouf, and he has done dozens of Lebanese songs. The composer Melhim Barkat spoke at the interview and had a good time with his eccentric antics.  This is an event that relaunches the career of a really talented singer who now works with a unique musician. His sister also showed us--she is a follow entertainer. The new song re-invents and re-introduces George.

جورج الراسي يطلق "مين قلك" بحضور الموسيقار

Monday, November 18, 2013

Listen To Slain Shafik Kabha Very Last Song Before His Cowardly Assination

The Israeli Police remain clueless about who opened fire and murdered the beloved Palestine 48 singer Shafik Kabha. Luckily, we have the very last song he performed in the concert right before he drove off in his car and was gunned down shortly after.

It's a sad song about going away and not being seen or heard from for a long time. It's a very powerful performance from Shafik, one of his finest live performances, the music is always a let down in these songs, but this time it was not nearly as bad.

May his soul rests in peace....this one will be among his lasting legacy

أغنية لا تنسانا يا أغلى الاحباب للفنان الكبير شفيق كبها غناها قبل أن يقتل في أم الفحم4 201

With "Wala Ala Balo" Amr Diab Became The Pop King

When I first came to the States, there was virtually no Arabic songs that was recognizable in North America, though one song was released then with Sting and Cheb Mami "Desert Rose" , it had Arabic in it and it was a huge hit. But as far as Arabic song and artists there were nobodies.

Then I started teaching Arabic and found that some of my students knew who Amr Diab was, and they found his music interesting-they also know other legends like Fayrouz. And all of sudden ca,e a catchy song form Amr Diab that made his intro to non Arabs a lot's the song below

Wala Ala Balo came in 2002 and it had all the right elements for a dance song, people really danced to the beat and it did help to have some guy do the raps for Amr Diab. I must say that was a cool song and it had a nice music video to go with it. If there is one Arab singer who knows how to make a hit song, it's Amr. I have to agree similar songs did not come easily from him.

I do like the Arab drums and Eastern flavors mixed so beautifully with Western styles. Amr really did his part here with the dancing and what's not. question is, can he make a cool song like this? Not with Rotana he has not.

Amr Diab - Wala Ala Balo عمرو دياب - ولا علي باله

Backstage With Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf In Washington, DC @ lisner auditorium

For starter he is taller than I thought, seems like a warm guy and makes an effort to engage people and relate to them. Gals and guys really and genuinely love him, he knows that. He makes the security guards crazy as he likes to be close to the aggressive fans...he does what his tour promoter tells him to do.

He brings joy our of people and his backstage is often too crowded....he tries to get five minutes before he gets up on stage without being asked for photos....and yes he asks for room-temperature water. When he gets up on the stage, he is really there.

Backstage With Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf Washington, DC

Sunday, November 17, 2013

WATCH: Men, Don't Cheat Song By Zein El Omar

This is a song I can enjoy. The new single from Lebanese Zein El Omar asks men to pull up their pants and never cheat on their wives. A cool song that puts cheaters to shame reminding them of their old folks wisdom. It takes a popuar man to remind other men of what's at stake.

The song has a cool beat, and a wonderful message that comes at time when casual sex is becoming a lot more casual. He sounds like a man of reason with a big heart, I know the ladies would welcome brings up the Prophet of Islam and Christ....I like such songs, it reminds people where they come from. Zein has always been a hit with the ladies, his voice, his style and his looks travel worlds, it's refreshing to hear him address loyalty.

Zein El Omr Bent El Nass 2013 / زين العمر بنت الناس ٢٠١٣

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wells Box: The New Egyptian Indie Music Label

There's a new music label that goes by the name "Wells Box", they are no ordinary music lable. They have a focus to work with indie artists and band that wants to promote something on top of promoting themselves. Think of them activists entertainers and religious performers.

According to their Facebook, it's a young label based in Cairo that has been quietly promoting a number of local artists. Their latest song is a religious one by Mostafa Atef, a song celebrating Prophet Mohammed. Titled Qamar or Arabic for Moon. A song showers the prophet with praises set to a very ancient Sufi folkloric melody. Atef has performed this song in some circles and now he gets a modest music video courtesy of Wells Box. I know those kind of songs tend not to offend anybody out there.

Wells Box seems to have no trouble getting their artists' work aired on a variety of media outlets including TV networks and social bookmarks. They also seem very crafty with graphic design, aside from making music, I think their skill in marketing and promotion is something with the droves of indie artists in Egypt need. Till now such artists have been on their own, a well planned concert might bring a lot of happiness all around.

Mostafa Atef - Qamar / مصطفي عاطف - قمر

Bodybuilder Performing At The House Of Opera

He is a car-racing champ, he likes to watch and star in action flicks, he is built to last and the gym sees more of him that anyone else it seems. But when he sings, he rocks and this is hardly his first time performing at the Egyptian House of Opera. This is the story of Khaled Selim, the Egyptian singer/actor who happens to have two great things an athlete body, and a strong voice.

He is a frequent guest at the Egyptian House of Opera, he looks like a badass, someone who can hurt you, but when he sings he sounds like someone you want to sit next to. He is a smart pop star whose albums conquer the top charts in music stores around the Arab world. But he has a softer side, he is a father of a little girl whom he cannot stop talking about.

He is one of those manly men who have what it takes to so very different things, a Renaissance man, a guy who could have been wrestler, but who chose to channel his inner emotions through music, his sweet voice and sweet emotions do wonders.  

خالد سليم ولا ليله ولا يوم / Khaled Selim Wala Lela Wala Youm

Khaled Selim Ba7'af Mn El 3'orob

Khaled Selim 3alm Tany/ خالد سليم عالم تاني

Friday, November 15, 2013

Every Single Album Released By Kadem Al Saher

His first album came in 1984, I am sure many of you were not alive then. And his last album came almost two years ago. Now this Iraqi legend Kathem Al Saher or Kadim/Kazim is the man. He is a composer by heart, a lyricists by feelings and a singer by profession.

He has certainly recorded a number of single and special songs that are hard to count for, but each of the albums he has released are listed below with their title and release date. I counted 23 albums--most of whom have either Iraqi style songs, or poems by Nizar Qabbani and other artists. 

He is formally an Iraqi entertainer, larger than life, but he has lived as if he is a responsible Arab citizen and a positive force in the world.

البوم شجرة الزيتون 1984 "The Olive Tree"

البوم غزال 1989 "Ghazal"
البوم العزيز 1990 "The Dear One"

البوم افرح 1992 "Be Happy"
البوم لا يا صديقى 1993 No, My Dear Friend

البوم بانيت الاعيبك 1993 The Jig Is Up
البوم سلامتك من الاه 1994 Get Well

البوم بعد الحب 1995 Post Love
البوم صعب عليا 1996 Hard For Me 

البوم اغسلى بالبرد 1996 A Cold Bath
البوم فى مدرسة الحب 1997 School Of Love
البوم انا وليلى 1998 Leila And I

البوم حبيبتى والمطر 1999 My Sweetheart And The Rain

البوم الحب المستحيل 2000 The Impossible Love
البوم ابحث عنك 2001 Searching For You
البوم قصة حبيبين 2002 The Story Of Tow In Love
البوم حافية القدمين 2003 Barefooted

البوم الى تلميذه 2004 To A Pupil

البوم انتهى المشوار 2005 End Of The  Road
البوم يوميات رجل مهزوم 2007 The Dairy Of A Defeated Man

البوم صور 2008 Pictures 
 2009 الرسم بالكلمات Painting With Words

البوم لا تزيديه لوعه 2011 Don't Tease Him

Kazem Al Saher Madraset Al Hob كاظم الساهر مدرسة الحب
كاظم الساهر - حافية القدمين بالفصحى من كلمات نزار قباني
 تحميل جميع البومات كاظم الساهر 26 البوم