Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WATCH "O Lord" Sara Sahab - Ya Allah / سارة سحاب - يا الله

Sarah Sahab has a new supplication and it makes sense for her to release it in Ramadan. The internet does not know much about Sara, and neither do I. But since her song/prayer airs on major music netowrks during the month of Ramadan, here's her prayer.

Sara Sahab - Ya Allah / سارة سحاب - يا الله

Rapists Love Robin Thicke ‘rapey’ "Blurred Lines" song

Some have condemned Robin Thicke’s new song “Blurred Lines” as sexist and even “rapey,” but the singer said on Tuesday that the track was actually a feminist manifesto.

In her piece last week, PolicyMic’s Elizabeth Plank called out the song’s lyrics and a video filled with naked women to make the point that Thicke had “misogynistic intentions.”

One line says, “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your *ss in two,” while Thicke continually repeats “I know you want it” in the chorus.

“So, let’s recap. The lyrics are rapey, the video overtly objectifies women and the only people worthy of clothes are men,” Plank wrote. “I’m sorry, why are we arguing about whether a video that pretty much defines sexism is sexist or not?”

And even Thicke admitted to GQ that the video was intended to be controversial.

“We tried to do everything that was taboo. Bestiality, drug injections, and everything that is completely derogatory towards women,” he said. “People say, ‘Hey, do you think this is degrading to women?” I’m like, ‘Of course it is. What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I’ve never gotten to do that before. I’ve always respected women.’”

After Thicke performed “Blurred Lines” on Tuesday, NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer noted that “some people think that this is a song that sends a message that men objectify women.”

“I made a bad joke early on,” Thicke laughed. “But the idea was when we made this song, we had nothing but the most respect for women and my wife — I mean, I’ve been with the same women since I was a teenager. So for us, we were just trying to make a funny song. And sometimes the lyrics can get misconstrued when you’re just trying to put people on the dance floor and have a good time, but we had no idea that it would stir this much controversy and that kind of stuff.”

“When you looked at it later did you did you kind of get what people were saying?” co-host Savannah Guthrie wondered.

Robin Thicke Defends "Blurred Lines" Music Video | POPSUGAR
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

Hamza Namira Dares #Egypt To Dream Together

Right before he was a household name, Hamza was a shy boy who liked to write music as he looked over the sea. His 2009 was picked by so many people, because he dared them to dream. He also wrote most of the music for his album.

Then in 2011 it was an entire ball game he hit the big times, and his album was produced in both Egypt and Turkey. And then he toured Europe performing and reminding people can still make music that's not pop. Hamza performs on all those stage like the super skilled musician he is. He is one of the few indie names who are actually as good of a performer as he is a musician.

Hamza Namira - 7afla - - حمزة نمرة حفلة اغنية احلم معايا

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WATCH: The Real Myriam Klink Stand Up? #Lebanon

She is one of Lebanon's most news making young woman, a model who has a lot of opinions to share with the world, like her most recent declaration, "I am the most beautiful woman in Lebanon"

This would be something, we can overlook, but knowing that this young woman has released a conflicting music video. In that music video which she has titled "Klink Revolution" she dances in front of her grandfather's grave.  No lyrics, nothing, just a sleaze fest. Not knowing her, she looks like your average plastic pop star who tend to come from some Beirut family. She seems to spend her time watching bad TV shows and trying to utilize that to her service.

In her most recent interview with Elaph, she had a lot to say:

As for that music video she spoke on the record, that her three minute clip music video has helped get her name out there, others have not reached that level of fame in years. Klink argued that even Russian and Turkish news picked up on her music video. She added, that she has changed the way the West look at the Arabs as conservative, an image her music video has shattered.

She was interviewed by Elaph, when she was asked about giving herself a title QMK or (Queen Myriam Klink). She ruled out her copying MJK title my Haifa Wehbe. She is a big fan of Hiafa whose stardom she cannot deny, but they are not to be compared.

Klink concluded that she has happy to live in a democratic country where she is allowed to work in whichever profession she chooses. She is a model, but has entered the music video business for fun. She has other things she is working on like advocacy on behalf of women, youth and the environment. She has also brought up the topic of running for parliamentarian election.

QMK - KLINK REVOLUTION - Official Video Clip - Music by Osane

ميريام كلينك: أنا أجمل نجمة لبنانية وحاربوني غيرة مني

Monday, July 29, 2013

Listen: UTN1 - Iraqi Medley / يو تي إن وان - ميدلي عراقي #Iraq

The boys are back in town, the Iraqi boys are back in your town. Very few music genres can touch your soul and ticket your spirit like Iraqi music. That unmistakably Iraqi melody shoots straight to the heart and the boys of UTN1 know how to make Iraqi lyrics  sync with modern-day musical tastes. Here's a melody of their finest original Iraqi songs.

While the songs are exclusive to the band, the feelings they inspire are universal. Most Iraqi songs are about home and family, but to my ears, I hear a lot of pain that is both loud yet unspoken, UTN1 captures those stories from the motherland like so many before them. The one thing they do differently (and do well) is make Iraqi music appealing to those who do not know the back story. This is refreshing as they tour in North America/Europe and share their music with wider audiences.

Iraqi music is a global music know as the diaspora has never found comfort in any other music than the ones made at home by their peers. So, let's invite good music into our homes, and allow it to land in our hearts as we collectively pray for a better and brighter Iraq.

UTN1 - Iraqi Medley / يو تي إن وان - ميدلي عراقي

Listen: Fadel Shaker Is NOT Dead, here's his new song فضل شاكر يعود في "تأهب مثل أهبة ذي كفاح"

The Lebanese crooner cum violent extremist is out with a new song to debunk rumors of his death. He is doing a song or (Nasheed) that was circulated ten years ago be the king of Terror Osama Bin Laden. The lyrics are taken from a poem that predates Islam, by the poet Jasas Bin Murah. The song has a line about Iran, Fadel Shaker types blame Iran for their pitfall.

Fadel Shaker is Wanted for the Lebanese army on charges of murder and half dozen other crimes punishable by law. This is a very sweet poem about being right and being the underdog--not sure if it applies to Fadel Shaker and his comrades. The song is about being free and it appeals to follow brethren to join in. I would rather die than live humiliated.

The song says, I am banned from visiting my own country, all those sell-outs and naysayers try to assassinate me, the fingers of the low-lives are pointing my direction and that's because I sing the truth and seek my dignity with a gun. He thinks he is some kind of hero, whatever you think of him--this is a very emotional poem.

حصرياً 28-7-2013// نشيد تأهب مثل أهبة ذي الكفاح // للمجاهد الحاج فضل شاكر حفظه الله

"تأهب مثل أهبة ذي كفاح" للفنان المعتزل فضل شاكر

Sunday, July 28, 2013

First There Was Love, Hate Is What Followed Anwar Nour - Krahini - أنور نور - كرهيني

Hate me as soon as you get a chance, you really do not have time is how the new single of Anwar Nour kicks off. This song by yet another devilishly handsome looking young man with a romantic way. I love the portion where he blames the society for being cruel. This is true....they will prey on people's lives. They beat the man when he is down.

Now, this is a song we do not get often, because its level of honesty is refreshing. Then the radio interview intermission is clever  sometimes we really do not know if we are in a relationship or not--yes that's why they have the it's complicated button.

The song aims to tell a story that has been told in many tongues. Lyrics have been crafted by Fares Iskander and the music belongs to Salim Salamah--this duo is the A team from romantic songs. I am impressed how a young star was able to land both talents for his single. This is a catchy song with a serious emotional dose, I come to appreciate the varying notes Anwar strikes.  

Video Clip Anwar Nour - Krahini - أنور نور - كرهيني

Saturday, July 27, 2013

WATCH: Ahmed Galam New #Egypt Song كليب مين هي مصر - غناء النجم أحمد جمال

He is Egyptian and he stands tall, this is Ahmed Gamal, the runner up and star of Arab Idol's second season.This young musician performed this song once before on the Arab Idol stage and he made many people cry. As more and more Egyptians cry real tears this time, he released a music video to go with the song and remind them of Egypt uniqueness.

I am glad to see more and more Egyptian artists come to their censuses and realize, Egypt cannot move forward without all its people--not just the elite. A clever song, at a critical time, it shows the true colors of this young singer...Ahmed Gamal has more maturity than many of his peers who have been in the spotlight for ages.

The flag takes center-stage, the people are in under the light--the average folks. Nour El Deen Mohammad wrote the lyrics. Gamal has been performing around Egypt ever since he has gotten back.

كليب مين هي مصر - غناء النجم أحمد جمال

Most Awkward Interview With Houssam Madanieh

Artists are strange, some of them know how to be a social butterfly, others are as awkward as hell. The interviewer tell him, we have missed you....he breaks the awkward silence by saying, "I miss me too" Then the interviewer tries to figure out a good approach to get the musicians to speak.

Houssam Madanieh is the Syrian name who took part of the beloved hit show Super Star, he has released two albums and has worked with Rotana. At the moment he is talking about the pains of Syria.   He is talking about his album not being available for purchase, even though the company liked the album--which he has worked on for two years.

The 2009 album was supposed to be good, but for some reason it did not get its deserved marketing. Houssam seems to be in pain over Syria, but if his music speaks, he is saying, do not let the strangers dictate things on us. I like the old world flavor the artist's voice comes wrapped in

The folksy sounding artist is talking up a new single he is about to make available. I love the lute striking skills that accompany his voice. 

Houssam Madanieh - Interview At Musicnation حسام مدنية في مكاتب

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ms. Lebanon Meets The Virgin Mary In Rony Berbary Song

People of Lebanon who come from Zahla, Zahlé (Arabic: زحلة / ALA-LC: Zaḥlah; also transliterated Zahleh) is the capital and largest city of Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon. The third largest city in Lebanon, after Beirut and Tripoli. 34 mile east of the capital Beirut, close to the Beirut-Damascus road.

The city has been dubbed "the City of Wine and Poetry" It is famous throughout Lebanon and the region for its pleasant climate, numerous riverside restaurants and quality arak. Its population is predominantly Catholic and known as Zahlawis. So when one of the home girls won the Miss Lebanon title late last year, one young Catholic singer is recording a song dedicating it to her.

The song is about how awesome Zahla is, how pretty Miss Lebanon is, and how the Virgin Mary is protecting the young woman. Rony Berbary is not household name, he just likes the city and proud of his home girl. God knows, they come from an awesome city in Lebanon.

The song has been written by his own father. Rony 's face lightens up when he talks about his town, I think it's cool to have such pride in God, country and follow citizens. As for the song, it could have benfited from better music and a stronger musical performance.

 Rony Berbary - Interview روني برباري

Lebanese @elissakh Should Stick to Singing Or Marry Lt. General Sissi #Egypt

Elissa is back at it again, getting into political commentary....for starter she is Lebanese and as far as I know she is not a political figure or someone with training in political science. She likes to dance, sing, shop and enjoy great food of places like Turkey.

But as Egypt gets ready to figure out what to do next, Elissa is taking side and taking to Twitter to support an unnamed man Lt. General Sisi--the new pharaoh of Egypt. She loves the man so much and I am sure the old man is happy to meet Elissa in person to see how much she loves him.

Here's what this aging Lebanese pop/romance diva has to say about Egypt. We all have opinions, but unlike Elissa, I see Egyptians as one people--not worthy and unworthy like she and her entertainer friends tend to do.

Elissa - As3ad Wahda Video Clip / فيديو كليب إليسا - أسعد واحدة

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Download Greatest Hits Because I'm an Arab @HotArabicMusic #Palestine #rap

Download Link

Mik Eraif, the manger of the rap group MWR is giving away the band's greatest hits album, free of charge for readers of Hot Arabic Music and their friends. He has asked me to share the download link with the world. He knows his rappers are worth your time and he wants to give you their album for free.

The dropbox link is below, and hope you like this album. This is a good album, and I have come to enjoy the various styles and talents that came together to bring it out. With more than twenty tracks of different songs about different topics, I know you are in for a treat. Keep on mind, while many of their tracks are about Palestine, many of their fan base happen to be Israelis who see eye to eye with some of those lyrics.

Download Link

MWR & DAM - 3aref Nafsak !!( il Mic Jambak )

The Freshly-Minted And Sweet MWR "Because I'm an Arab"

Gone are the commercial rappers who can release an album with upward of twenty tracks.

Fourteen years ago, they met and now this relationship has been tested with time. In 1999 when they first got together after years of friendship, four young Palestinians, living in Akka, Palestine, joined together and formed one of the first Arab hip hop groups: MWR. Mahmoud, Waseem, Richi and Charlie (dj Chuck) do not mince words. The lyrics they wrote expressed eloquently the unique experience lived by Palestinians living within the borders of Israel. While they are the natives of the land, many Israelis wish to reduce them to a museum material. This Pan Palestine and Pan-Arab band group has shown that they are some of the most serious rappers in the region. If you are inclined to question that opinion, please tune in and give "Gazwa Harfeya" a dazzling rap song where speed, delivery, flow and beats are top-notch. (Lyrical Invasion) By Mahmood Shalabi Featuring Tamer Nafar & SAZ. Tell me, how much you love the incorporation o the drum.

Thus that create too many stories young people around the world can relate to. Essentially they live as third class citizens in their own homeland. Typical to young people all over the world, American hip-hop has been a great influence on the group's music, as has its Algerian counterparts. MWR uses music both as an effective method of self-expression as well as a tool to draw attention to the plight of the Palestinians.

I feel MWR has gone to school to raise their collective IQ in order for them to make such a smart and saavy album that has so many shades and colors. They rap for young people and for college educated folks about their plight. Rapping almost entirely in Arabic, they sing about racism, poverty, drugs, the Israeli occupation, and the lack of support from the Arab governments. Their political focus and sharp, often biting lyrics, combined with strong hip-hop beats and an unforgettable stage presence, have earned them fans around the world.

"Because I'm an Arab" topped the charts for two weeks on a Haifa radio station, and MWR was named band of the year. The group has appeared on CNN, MTV EUROPE, and other television networks worldwide. Most recently, they performed in France. This was, in fact, their first trip outside of the country. Additionally they have appeared throughout Palestine - their performance at a rap festival in Nazareth last year drew thousands of people. For more info on the band, as well as links to some of their press, and songs you can download, go to official site

MWR is so proud of their native city of AKKA, to which they dedicate a song on this album. You just do not make an album like this in a night or two. This strikes me as the fruit of many months of labor where creative forced came together to produce such a feast. The jewel of the album the last track or track number 22 - Ashanak Arabi (Because I'm an Arab). It sounds the crispiest among a creatively curated album. The song speaks of their frustration growing up in Israel where they go to sub-par schools, and live in much worse conditions that their fellow citizens. It puts faces on the well-known stories of discrimination inside Israel.

A broad coalition of U.S. community, social activism and artist groups have collaborated to bring MWR to the country. We see this as an opportunity to build bridges between communities of resistance, and to bring energy and inspiration to these movements. As far as we know, this is the first time a Palestinian hip hop group has toured the US. This is rap group that makes it easy to be introduced ( and perhaps fall in love with) Palestinian rap.If you are interested in some fresh beats, your search ends here, the album is loaded with many of them.

These guys are sweet when it's helpful--a song for mothers reveals that (07 - Ya Yoma (Mom).). Cool and trendy and great for live concerts and parties--01 - Eftho Al Bwab (Open Doors).  and angry as hell when they have to be (21 - Law Kan Beade (If I Had) By Waseem Akar Featuring WE7.). For kicks, they also offer wisdom when the sing about money (11 - Masari (Money).) Not to forget being funky and daring with (14 - YaMashAllah (God wills).)

"Because I'm an Arab" (translated lyrics)

"Why are we living in a time without happiness and hope?
when you're looking for a job they gonna fire you
they turn you down and say you're not qualified

and why? 'cause you're an Arab!

wherever you go they want you to show your ID -
without cause
why can't we be equal
why are we not treated as humans?

instead of setting free the most beautiful doves of peace
they invent effective devices to kill
instead of looking for a way to peace
they ask why the youth is wasted
why are we living in a time without happiness and hope?

A policeman sees me, immediately arrests me, asks me
some racist questions, and why? Because I'm an Arab."
MWR interview for CNN news Channel

MWR & DAM - 3aref Nafsak !!( il Mic Jambak )

عروبتنا بخطر - غزة - rap arabi - Mwr - راب عربي عكا

The Fresh Face Of Iraqi Folklore Is Melodic Band #Iraq

Three best friends from Iraq formed up a pop band in 2011 and has generated a buzz in Arabia and outside. Ali, Waleed, Mohammad make up the band. They are very Iraqi music is getting a hip makeover by Melodic Band.

While they are very new comers, but I like what I hear from the trio. This is a fresh take on the oldie and goldies of Iraqi music is not unnoticed. I think, they have shown an amazing learning curve in their under two years in the industry.

قريبا كليب فرقه ميلودك اظل اهواك

Dars El Mahabeh - فرقة ميلودك - درس المحبه فيديو كليب

WATCH: نانسي حوا - كل سنة / Nancy Hawa - Kul Sana #Haifa #Palestine

She has that dramatic voice best equipped to tell the Palestinian story through a mixture of love and tragedy. She is the daughter of the enchanting city of Haifa--known for its scenic beaches. Nancy Hawa takes us on a tour to the parts we rarely see. Her soundtrack provides a narrative for that city.

While I love her mellow style and bluesy sounds, I have come to love the music video and the way it was filmed. Nancy is one of half a dozen Palestinian artists who live within what is now known as the state of Israel.  Among whom are the likes of Dalal Abu Amneh, Ceder Zyton, Reem Al Bana and many more. They mystery of their beautiful voice and touching stories might have something to do with the captivating nature, and being forced to live a complex identity and a deeply rooted affliction.

Nancy Hawa is well-traveled, she performed in Casablanca and collected an award there. She continues to entertain her fans both Palestinians and Israelis who appreciate her style and adore her grace. People come for her music, but stay for her charm.

I like how cassy artists like Nancy Hawa are, they do not involve themselves in porn-grade material like most pop artists do. Instead they reach back do retro songs form the past yet have a forward sight. Jazz meets, blues, meets poetry. This is the formula why so many Palestinians artists tend to do better than Palestinians living in the occupied territories. Her breakout song is "Kul Sana" is about love and friendship.

Before going solo, Nancy Hawa used to perform with Salma Band, a popular dance troupe, which gives away the fact of her perfect talent in live performances accompanied by a live orchestra. However her first public performance was actually at a friend's wedding where she accompanied by her dance troupe. Before this week, she has been doing covers for songs by the likes of Magida El Roumi. But now, she has a song she can call it her own. Her's her third solo song that reveals a lot of promises, you be the judge.

نانسي حوا - كل سنة / Nancy Hawa - Kul Sana

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Made This Tamer Hosny Fan Mad---read her comment

From a Tamer Hosny die-hard fan who had this to say about the artist and myself. I find those comments interesting.

Tamer Delarosa Once popular singer?? Enta ahbal (Are you an Idiot?)?? He is the only Singer in the arab world that has over 6 million fans on Facebook, the only one that has reached over 138 million views on his youtube Channel.. His latest album has reached over 20 million views so far on utube, and over 66 million downloads on He is currently working with the biggest name in the world such as Shakira, Akon, jLo, snoop, chris brown, pitbull, Rihanna, T-pain and alot of more dominating worldstars (and you accuse him of paying them and all that bullshit)...alot of people has always something to say about this artist, jealousy wont make him less popular, so 7terem nafsak (resepct yourself) and choose your words wisely before you pick on the biggest star in the mideast! And if there is an artist that can take à joke about himself then it is Tamer, didnt you ser Omar w Salma 2 where he joked about his eyebrows and chesthair, and have you actually heard Tamer say in a filmed interview that he wants to sue those who mocks him, no, because the newspapers makes up all kind of shit, exactly as you are doing, if you want your blog to get famous then try to feed us with some honesty..

تامر حسني و الأكل المغربي - Tamer Hosny And The Moroccan Food

WATCH: This Song Mocks Tamer Hosny Of Egypt بالصور شعر الصدر يُغضب تامر حسني وجمهوره من محمد هنيدي

Once popular singer and a golden hit-maker in Arabic pop, Tamer Hosny continues to be a punchline in Egyptian pop culture. Funny man Mohammad Hineedi who has a humorous show played a character similar to Tamer Hosny. We know this because both the popular singer and the character brag about their chest hair and manly tributes.  

I do not know if the intent was to offend the singer or mock him, but it seems that a large fan base for Tamer Hosny has taken offense to the show. The song is titled my "chest hair" and goes into details about the hair and how natural it is. But this is a very long joke.

To be frank, I thought the title was bizarre, but then when I read the headline about Tamer Hosny I felt it's justified. The thing about Tamer is that he cannot take a joke and has in the past threatened to sue those who mock him.  

بالصور شعر الصدر يُغضب تامر حسني وجمهوره من محمد هنيدي

اغنية محمد هنيدي - شعر في صدري 2013 pRoFMaZziKa

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Listen: Arab Idol Winner Mohammad Assaf Recites Koran محمد عساف يتلو آيات من القرآن الكريم

Mohammad Assaf has a good voice and the world knows it. He is the Arab Idol winner enough said. Now the charismatic young singer has made it available an audio of his voice reciting verses from the holy Koran. A timely audio to answer some of his critics who are happy to pile on this young man.

His recitation is pretty peaceful and he sounds very good reading those holy verses. Good job Mohammad for doing that, God bless and keep up the good work--do not bother with those voices. It comes with the territory.

محمد عساف يتلو آيات من القرآن الكريم

Listen: اغنية مى كساب - مهما حصل | رمضان Mai Kassab New Single #Ramadan #Egypt

The don't worry, be happy song is here and an Egyptian lady is singing it for this month of Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem or Happy (Generous) Ramadan is a magical song. It's a sweet gone mellow track with so much flavor in it.

Mai is not the strongest lead female vocalist, but she has made whatever skills she has to work for her. She is a popular figure among so many young people in Egypt both men and women. I like the positive message, whatever happens, try to enjoy it.  The song is about the tough days in Egypt and here's Mai trying to tell them not to worry and be happy. A timely message indeed.

اغنية مى كساب - مهما حصل | رمضان

Shamandora, Mohamed Mouner King Of Live Music

Mohamed Mouner does concerts different. his understanding of live performances is close of the Western one, it's not just a guy or a girl with a mike and some nobody in the back making noise. It's a complete show. This might be partially due to his African affinity.

Dance and music made by local instruments make up the show, a different flavor that people flock to attend. Unlike many singers whose idea of concert is some cute outfit--a a pair of jeans and open shirts. He does live music on the spot. That maneas no lip synching.

That's why Mouner is a big ticket in places outside Arabia, he gets it. He works hard to connect with the people at the venue. He is loose that way...and thus his music comes unforced. This concert was filmed in 2003, in Europe.
Shamandora - Mohamed Mouner شمندوره - حفلة - محمد منير

"When James Brown Sang In Arabic "Leila / حكيم و جيمس براون - ليلة

Hakim is cool enough that he shared the stage with James Brown once, not too many Arab or international stars have had this honor. The Egyptian party firecracker and well rounded singer has not been making music for some times now, but he is not out. However, he does not seem to want to reclaim his center stage status among many stars who have followed in his footsteps.

One more thing, Hakim had also performed in Central Park in the heart of New York City. He is an icon in  North African music, with fanfare the star  nicknamed the Lion of Egypt, at Central Park Summer Stage. Why? He is still the "king of shaabi music," referring to his rhythmic street pop. New York is filled with many young Egyptians whose quite ways are helping to rebuild an economy.

Hakim music tends to combine traditional instruments and folkloric melodies with urban dance beats and a propulsive contemporary vocal style; it emerged in the late 60s. Thanks to his American producer, Miles Copeland who had him singing duets with everyone from James Brown to Latin pop diva Olga Tañon, but today he's once again without a Western label.

Hakim is a proponent of cross-cultural unity. He was one of the first artists to update traditional shaabi with electric instruments, and he has collaborated with Western artists. Fittingly, the highlight of this thoroughly enjoyable show was "Ah Ya Albi," a duet with the Dominican-American R&B singer Karina Pasian. (The Puerto Rican vocalist Olga Tañon sang the original recorded version.)

Some of Hakim's music is disagreeably slick or driven by distractedly huge programmed beats, but his voice and his pop-star charisma can outshine the glossiest arrangements—and in his live shows he strips away much of the studio lacquer.

Hakim & James Brown - Leila / حكيم و جيمس براون - ليلة

Hakim - Aal Beyhebbeny / حكيم - قال بيحبني

Asma Lmnawar, A Diva Or A Wedding Songstress?

Asma Lmnawar, one of Morocco's finest voices from the past decade is giving away his talent. Talented she is, she has all the right ingredients of a super diva. Her voice is so passionate without being overbearing. Warm without being to sobby.  Magical without being too woody. In short she is the right balance of all makings of a pop diva.

Talent alone does not pay the bills, she has bills to pay and a family to provide for. So she left all thing since songs most Arabs adore, and put her voice to a good use, making music for the Khalij--Gulf. If what you are good at does not pay the bills and does not make you feel good, then leave it.

Asma must have her way exactly for her songs to be so perfect. She is truly loved. I find it to be unhelpful to transform from being a mainstream star into a wedding singer for wealthy families in the Gulf region. Not that, I hate money, but a little balance goes a long way.

She is the female performer whose extremely talented without being imperious. She can be a drama queen as her talent permits somewhat uncouth behavior. However, Asma seems to be very proyfessional and and has a low tolerance for incompetence. Again this title is not something I throw around easily, a diva is NOT just some no-talent pop singer who thinks everyone should acquiesce to her every whim. Asma is a class act, who has not time to waste with half baked talents.

حصريا أغنية أسماء المنور - أدري

أدري أسما المنور 2012 - 2013 بدون حقوق + كلمات

Monday, July 22, 2013

WATCH: #Egypt Army Propaganda Karim Mohsen - Leya El Sharaf / كريم محسن - ليا الشرف

Some men like to wear uniforms, and pretend they are bigger men when they talk about guns and armies. Pop stars are no different, actors act as tough guys, singers make music videos for and with the army. This is not limited to Egypt, but more and more one sees this happening after the generals of the army kicked out a democratically elected president and continues to detain him.

But, that does not seem to stop entertainers from signing praises to their country's army. They sing for the tough guys and show them train....this is nice. Question, when was it last time these guys went to combat? No question, Egyptians love their army--it's the least corrupt entity and everyone is welcome to serve. The question is about politics, not patriotism.

Karim Mohsen--is a favorite of mine joins the forces and sing for the army--his song reads like a press release from the army. The song also celebrates police officers--the ones who shot hundreds of people in January 25th. I take issue with saying that he respects the old man--but no one in the state run media seems to extend that courtesy to Morsi.

Karim Mohsen - Leya El Sharaf / كريم محسن - ليا الشرف

WATCH: The Muslim Brotherhood Gets Its Own Jon Stewart (And He Is Funny Too) #Egypt

Bassem Yousef hated Morsi and mocked him every chance he could, now he is trying to distance himself from what he has been saying for more than a year. What has been dubbed as Egypt's Jon Stewart now is changing his talking points and even attacking those who attack Morsi. Too bad he did not do it before the army took over.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood wants to tell jokes too and for that, they have a new celebrity who has a new show  with jokes and tons of humor. The show host Khalid Attieh is new at this, but I like the clips he puts to good use. I expect he might be doing few more of those. He is animated and he looks clean, I have actually enjoyed his material. This might be some serious contender unlike the previous copy-cats. I think the bit he had against the Salafi party (Al Nour) that sided with the army.

I like his style and enjoy what he has to say about the situation in Egypt, his all-Egyptian style of comedy reminds me of Bassem Yousef in 2011 when he was a scrappy show. Will Khalid do more YouTube clips? I say, his first video was a hit. As for those who say he is copying Bassem--he is, but did not Bassem Yousef copy Jon and did not Jon copy someone else?

Khalid is telling the jokes that Bassem Yousef does not have the gut to do. While I admire him, I think this phase more people disagree with him than before. Thus Khalid Attieh has a chance those folks.

انقلاب | الحلقة الاولى | العصابة | مع خالد عطية

WATCH: Sa'd El Soghayar - Wahawy Ya Wahawy / سعد الصغير - وحوى يا وحوى #Ramadan

He is one of the sleaziest entertainers in Egypt. The singer, actor, TV host Sa'd El Soghayer has few friends. Conservatives love to hate him, liberals are ashamed by him, yet he is still a successful name in Egypt. Someone has to like him. I do not think he has anything special to offer, but his fans are people I know little about and they seem to follow him wherever he goes.

He returns to do a take on a classic Ramadan song--he makes the month so much fun and you would believe that if you were an eight year old. He dances, he sings and he looks cute doing his thing and serving others. To his credit, when he is not dancing or singing with overweight belly dancers, he is donating money to feed the poor around Cairo.

Ramadan is fun and what makes it so is the sense of community, the dishes and service. Soccer, reading the holly book and visiting with family. He even kisses a guy with a beard, and gives a police officer a date.

Sa'd El Soghayar - Wahawy Ya Wahawy / سعد الصغير - وحوى يا وحوى

Sunday, July 21, 2013

WATCH: Mohamed Eskandar - Wadda' El Ozoubeya / محمد إسكندر - ودع العزوبية

A song about kicking to the curb bachelor life for good. The Lebanese rock star Mohamed Eskandar is back with a new single, and it came out during the month of Ramadan. I am a fan of his and enjoy his choices of songs. What I enjoy more is his choice of music videos....he is always Lebanese.

This time he is not the star, he is just the singer. There is a young guy whose about to get hitched with a bade. And i's a party this summer with the safe hit-maker who makes sure to release a single that makes folks ready for the dance circles.

It's a wedding song that keeps the dance beat Eskander has always felt comfortable in.

Mohamed Eskandar - Wadda' El Ozoubeya / محمد إسكندر - ودع العزوبية

Saturday, July 20, 2013

American Pop Stars Imagained With Arabic Names, Checkout This Funny Chart

Someone with too much time on their hand, listed 15 of the biggest pop sensations from the globe. And gave them all Arabic names close to their stage names. Those Arabic names are all real 100 percent, and some of them are spot on.

Some of those names are funny, but the names are real...checkout Justin Arabic he is something like Mohsen Taban lak.. Pitbull goes by Bulbul/ The list includes  Keisha and a personal favorite of mine Evanescence

Pitbull - Feel This Moment ft. Christina Aguilera

Aly Hussain The Other All Egyptian Star

Aly Hussain could have spelled his name Ali Hussein and there would be no need for spell check. But who am I to tell one of Egypt's finest male voices what to do? Aly is your unconventional artist. He could have been happily working as a busy wedding singer, but he was seeking something bigger. He is an artists not just a performer.

I give him my respect for that. The shy sounding guy who comes from upper Egypt has made waves a year prior to the revolution in Egypt. I was hoping his homeboy Mohammed Mounir would give him a hand by sharing the stage with him, but so far Mounir seems not interested.  

Aly makes good music, his voices turns even average songs into a warm fuzzy emotional affiar. He has about a dozen romantic songs. I like the kind of choices he makes and think he is a nice guy with a real talent that only few have. Most of us see him as something more than a guy with a good voice, he comes from rich musical culture that often goes unnoticed.

If I am Aly, I would try yo get booked in Lebanon or do a duet with one of those talented all Lebanese voices and meet him in the middle. This would give him new wings

على حسين عاشق ولهان

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ragheb Alama Works On Renewable Energy

Lebanese super star Ragheb Alama has found another thing to do with his time--renewable energy. Ragheb Alama is one of the United Nations climate change ambassadors, and under that capacity he was attending the international summit on future energy in the capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi.

The summit was held near a garbage processing facility, one of the initiatives the city has undertaken. Renewable Energy has been a popular term in the Gulf where certain government are racing to lead on this emerging field. Among projects is the recycling and reducing waste.

Ragheb Alama has a reputation among people in the show biz, he is a bit of a ladies man--I have not verified this personally but I hear stories. I am glad to see him placing his energy somewhere where all hands are in deck. Ragheb Alama presence and star power bring an attention to this timely matter.  

The Fresh Mint Song Is Meant For Arabs

Mounir is a brand in Egypt, the rock star and local music hero keeps on making them hits, and upbeat concerts. He is a winner in every field and a player in every sense of the word. He is the perfect entertainer with many opinions on live politics and business. He has been making music for 3 dacades and has always given us good if not great songs.

He has groupies and roadies who adore the legend and his show. He has a school of his own really, cream of the crop. And his formula is well known bu few can crack it....make simple songs about everyday stuff, get inspired by the music of the streets and the rich heritage. Bring your A game and work with only those who know your history and stature.  

Mounir is the perfect vessel for a broad message of unity, defiant self-respect and personal liberty, themes that the pop star returns to over and over again in each of his best selling albums. The artist born in the overlooked towns of southern Egypt is writing music for the People of the World, so his message needs to be clear as he stands perched upon the massive, gaudily ornate platform he and his collaborators have constructed for this moment.

Above this music Mounir addresses freedom in its many forms. The track he makes are sweet and sharply composed. He is funky, and even slows it down, employs a new beat pattern, ditches the hard bass-kick and travels to a more nuanced place. But after such an extensive rollout, a few clever lines and a choice hook, drum fill, vocal run isn't nearly enough. Mounir is all about pushing musical boundaries as he has political ones.

This is an all Egyptian self-made man whose personal life is a mystery to far too many of us.

نعناع الجنينه - Auc - محمد منير -Ultras MouniRian-

Thursday, July 18, 2013

WATCH: The Seizure-Inducing Younis - Ya Allah / يونس - يا الله #Ramadan

Every Ramadan, we get some new singer doing a spiritual Ramadan song, this year, we have young Younis and he is here to pray and worship on screen in the hopes you would too. This is not the kind of song to jam to it, but a song of reflection.

This is a good attempt by a sweet guy with a decent voice--the camera movements will make you dizzy. I am serious, it's insane how quick the images change. You may get seizure from it. I welcome Younis to a long line of under-employed artists, but I know the deed he had on mind hit the mark. I also like his name it's a religious one Jonah and his well known trials of life.

Younis - Ya Allah / يونس - يا الله 

The Tricky Iraqi National Anthem: Its History & The Four Languages

The House of Representatives in Iraq failed to bring to a vote an approved new Iraqi item. The one thing which derailed the bill is minorities asking to include something of their language into the national anthem. The Iraqi Kurd wants something in Kurdish, both the Armen and Turkmen of Iraq also want something from their mother tongue and so does the Armen. Arabic stems to be no longer the acceptable language of Iraq no more. The disagreement stems from the 10 years old policy of power-sharing and quota system that has been in affect.

The current proposal recommends choosing a portion of one of thee Iraqi poems (Mohammad Mahdy Al Jawary محمد مهدي الجواهري), (Badr Shaker Al Syyab بدر شاكر السياب ), and (Mohammad Mahdy Al Baseer  محمد مهدي البصير)  It also proposes a one line poem from the Kurdish language and the anthem will end with Long Lives Iraq. If this bill fails, the entire national anthem will be in Arabic with the end Long Live Iraq sang in all these other languages.

The vote on the national anthem will be delayed, which led members of the Parliament to conclude, "we do not have a definition of our national identity--to which we are meant to make sacrifices" The last minute bit by the Turkmen and Ayzidi to incorporate their languages into the national anthem. The proposed national anthem is in both Arabic and Kurdish. Up to that point, there was a conscientious on the bill among the representatives. However, due to the new request, voting will be delayed.

This is lame because there are more than 200 languages spoken in America, yet the national anthem is in plain English. It would be a crime to try to add another elements to it to please certain groups that has pride in its mother tongue. If those politicians won't agree on the language, how would they agree on the strategic stuff? The national anthem is pretty important and the debate around it is crucial because it helps define and shape modern Iraq. But this debate has been going on for more than nine years, mind you. In less than a decade, Iraq went through five national anthems.

  1. 1921-1958 Iraq's King Faisal had a royal anthem
  2. 1958-1963 The Anthem became a republican one "MawTTny" My Homeland
  3. 1963-1981 The Bath Party used an Egyptian poem and composed by Kamal Al Taweel "Wa Allah Zaman Ya SlaHy","Long Time My Weapon"
  4. 1981-2003 The new anthem "Wattan Mada Ala Alofiq JanaHan" written by the Iraqi poet Shafeeq Kamaly and composed by Lebanese Waleed Ghalmyah 
  5. 2003-Now The national anthem is MaTTny, the lyrics are those of Palestinian Ibrahim Toqqan who wrote it in 1934.
السلام الملكي العراقي The Iraqi royal Salute

موطني - نشيد العراق موطني ،، علي العبيدي

السلام الجمهوري العراقي - النشيد الوطني

البوم لطيفة - عزتى Download: Latifa @2013 Gulf Album Is Here

This is supposed to be her biggest album in about five years, and the press is talking it up so much. Tunisian diva Latifa new album is marketed big times in the Gulf, the primary dialect used in those 16 songs. The good news, there are 16 tracks, so something will surely please one's taste. The better news, Latifa is back and wants to be in the game after years of inactivity.

The thing about Latifa is how well known she is. When she started her career--she was big in the Tunisian song at home, she landed in Egypt in the late eighties and early nineties where she broke the bank in Egyptian songs. In the mid 2000, she found herself in Lebanon doing an exclusive album with the Rahbanis--she shined from miles away. Now she is hoping to do just that with the Gulf and she has treats for them with those dancy songs loved by the masses.

As for the team behind this album, Latifa worked with the A team of music composers, and lyricists well known in the Gulf for their excellence. It's an honor for many of them to collaborate with the iconic diva from Tunisia whose heart beats Arab. The twist, is a new Libyan song for Latifa included in this album, there are not many of those around. The smart thing for Latifa is producing her own album with her own label--this was she had more control and she can perform those songs in public all she wants.  

I hope this album stands out and hope Latifa brings back her glory days, since 2011, I feel she has gone down in popularity and market share. She is a true talent whose heart is in the right place.

Download the songs 
01 - 3ezaty
02 - Astfezak
03 - Yeslm 3leek El 2lb
04 - Ya Bela
05 - Y7z Fe Nafsy
06 - Raga2
07 - El Shouq
08 - 7abeb El Ro7
09 - Azkorak
10 - Sadakny
11 - Ya Ahl El Hawa
12 - Yk7lha 3maha
13 - Asmar
14 - Getak
15 - Al Dafa
16 - Nark 7attab

Latifa - 3ezziti Album | لطيفة - البوم عزتي

Download the songs 

 مقاطع حصرية من كامل أغنيات الألبوم.
أسمرخالد بوالعينينحسن حامدعلي أباظة
عزّتيصالح العنسيحسن حامدعلي أباظة
أستفزكخالد بوالعينينحسن حامدعلي أباظة
يكحلها عماهاسعود شربتليعبد الله القعودطارق عاكف
يسلم عليك القلبأحمد الصانعحمد القطانعلي أباظة
يبيلهمنصور الشاديناصر الصالحعمرو عبد العزيز
حبيب الروحعيد المريخيوليد الشامي 
يحز في نفسيحمود الشمريحسن حامدعلي أباظة
جيتكسليمان الترهونيمحمد حسن 
 نارك حطبمنصور الشاديناصر الصالحعمرو عبد العزيز
يا أهل الهوىبدر بن عبد المحسنمحمد شفيق 
صدقنيمبارك الحديبيحمد الخضرأحمد أسدي
الدفاسعيد البرعميخالد بن حمدأمير عبد المجيد
رجاءًعبد الله بودلةمحمد شفيق 
الشوقأسير الشوقحسن حامدعلي أباظة
أذكرك وتشوفأسير الرياضحمد الخضرعادل فرحان

The Syrian Noor Araksousi Adele Of Arabia!

Some people who followed the Voice thought she would win the title, she had one thing going for her--a strong voice that can reach the sky. She is the Adele of the contest and the judges loved her so very much. But then she switched to Arabic and classical songs--she shocked them with her smooth performance. Her voice is perfect for experiencing different genres of music like Arabic, Jazz, Funk, Pop, and Rock music and she has shown she can sing and live without air for our entertainment.

Why not, when she comes form Syria, a land well-known as a powerhouse in producing voices that sound authentic and capable of doing so much more than your average pop song. Well Noor Araksousi did not win the title, but she will appear in concerts along with Kadim Al Saher when he takes the stage in Lebanon. While Noor started singing inside Syria in 2006, she shot to fame when she appeared on the Voice earlier this year.

I wish we had more time, and more resource to get those voices out in the world. Noor is a true supernova that has yet to release an original song--cannot wait, the song will come after Ramadan. check her out with the video below. Kadim was her mentor on the Voice and he seems to have taken an interest in her career. She stands tall among the stars and they know she is one of those voices even artists love to hear her voice.

نور عرقسوسي "Someone Like You" - #احلى_صوت #MBCTheVoice

نور عرقسوسي "You Lost Me" ‏- #MBCTheVoice

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Listen: Rashid Al Majid New Single راشد الماجد سموم و دموع

Rashid Al Majid has his own recording company, and he packs so much talent that he can record a new song a week, and sell very well. He is the statesman of the Gulf song, he is not old, but he is mature and seasoned. The older singers in that part of the world respect him and the young ones feel that they can relate to him. Because, he dominated the Arab pop charts when he felt like it, but then scaled back to do local songs for the Gulf market.

He is not interested in being popular in larger markets. It's enough for him, that he pulled a stunning sales and introduced the Gulf song as a hip alternative. Prior to his arrival, the song is all about poetry and local melodies that lacks energy and excitement. Now, he falls back with the new single titled "Tears and Poison" a sobering song with a mellow melody.

In other news, Rashid will be overseeing the production of the new album by the Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf. This is a collaboration many cannot wait for. Something tells me, Assaf will do an original song for the Gulf dialect.

راشد الماجد سموم و دموع

Listen: CairoKee "Will Carry On" New Single اغنية فريق كايروكى - مكملين

The mighty rock band from Egypt Cairokee has a hot new single, about keeping on--all of us will keep on. The song feels indie and calls for unity, but it's really vague and its popularity will stem from that. Each side will find this song about them.

Among the many bands which emerged after the Mubarak regime collapsed, this band stands tall. They have survived it all and have manged to make money and never lose a fan. They have done many ads, appeared on top TV shows, performed around the world and maintained their indie feel.

I know for fact, they were not fans of the Mursi regime, but they chose to be on the side of all people of Egypt. Unlike many entertainers in Egypt. This time, they bring out a strong vocal guest, Nesma Haraky, a beloved indie artist who has collaborated with Cairokee in the past. This song is a poem by the street poet and winner of Arabs Got Talent Hisham El Gokh--see the poem version below.

The sad part, this is a really good songs that is being used to sell soft drinks in Egypt during the month of Ramadan.

كايروكى ونسمة هركى - مكملين | النسخه الكامله

اغنية فريق كايروكى - مكملين CD Q 320 Kbps النسخة الاصلية

هشام الجخ قصيده مكملين علي موسيقي فريق كايروكي