Monday, April 30, 2012

Maryam, A Hot Punk Rock Egyptian Chick

She is punk rock and she is worth it. Name is Maryam, an Egyptian indie singer who performs original music that spreads positive and sometimes cynical messages about the homeland at this critical juncture. Maryam has made her early career coverings old songs of the popular folk singer sheik Imam.

Now, she is working on her own material. Check out her latest live song, reminds many of us of the many untabbed young talents in the country of 85 million awesome people.

Maryam- Toul El-Tarie' مريم - طول الطريق

يا بلدي طول الطريق
بابلع ترابك ريق
و يوم ماعطشي اتسقى
كان سم في الأباريق
علّمني كتر البكا
أشحك في عزّ الضيق
و اتعلّم التريقة
ع الدنيا و المخاليق
و لحدّ امتى بقى
أطفي الحريق بحريق
يا سفينة متزوّقة
جوّاها ألف غريق
زهقت منّك بقى
و حاشوفلي أي طريق
مع إنّي طول الطريق
بابلع ترابك ريق

Listen: Assala - Hadret Elmawkef اصالة - حضرة الموقف

Assala is back in the news and this time not because of her stands in the Syrian revolution. She has a new single out and it sounds that we are getting 100 percent of that awesome Assalah voice that we grew up listening to. Her latest single is a Gulf dialect song that Assala does so well in. She brings her stunning performance to a dialect so rich in colors and so rich in poetry.

The A team behind this song include Misha'al for the lyrics, and Sumo for the music. Assala owns this song and blows minds away with hit song. She gives life, it's a warm song about missed opportunity. One took more than she have given back and then moved on. If you ever wanted a bittersweet song for the year of 2012, then you have arrived to your destination.
The violin that kicks off the song sets the feel and mode for the rest of the song.

Assala - Hadret Elmawkef اصالة - حضرة الموقف

George Wassouf Best Of Album

There has only been on George Wassouf and for that the Arab world has rewarded him for being himself. George is not talent if you do not like his voice and his music. Those who do not speak Arabic or casual speakers of Arabic, won't appreciate him as much as Arabs do. His voice can be described as if your mechanic insisted on singing for you and your mechanic has horse.

Yes, this bad. But this is not an album to skip, one simply has to add it to his collection, this is decades of Wassouf music. Frankly, you cannot afford not to purchase. Make sure if you listen to this singer, most people who like him will like you and do all their powers to reach out to you. It's like a club of fans for this rare talent.

While the Arab world is not well known for stoners, George would be the kind of music buzzed listeners would certainly enjoy. I do like a lot of those songs on the album, I have memories. Here's a little story. On the way in between Arizona and Utah--the drive is 8 hours we listend to one album of his of 2002, all the way, the album had 7 tracks and we had a guy who does not speak Arabic. He did not seem to mind, and he is well know to be a jerk too.

01 - Alb El3asheq Daleiloh
02 - Dol Mesh Habayeb
03 - Habet Armi ElShebbak
04 - Habibati Wal Zaman
05 - Kedah Kifayah
06 - Lessa ElDonia Bekheir
07 - Ma Teolou Leeh
08 - Rohow Loh Wisalouh
09 - Saber W Radi
10 - ShoKran
11 - Tabeeb Garah
12 - Yalle Jamalek

2011 Jarash Festival Jordan - George Wassouf - مهرجان جرش الأردن - جورج وسوف

MC Dahab Prophet of Doom On Egypt

"Get ready to get screwed" raps this young Egyptian rapper Mc Dahab.

I know that most are unhappy about the latest political moves in Egypt. Many see such moves are designed to undermine the Islamic candidates who have the best chances to win the presidential election. While, I am not fan of Islamic rule as seen by the few who have a holier than though mantra. I do not vote, and I want those who vote to make their choice.

Mc Dahab is watching all these things and he sees that everybody is piling on the candidates that he happened to like. Yes, we both see that there's a nasty games that is being orchestrated in the dark. I like the lyrics he comes up, for a young guy he is well versed in both history and current events. Islam, politics, Hosny Mubarak and Islamic rule.

Unlike many songs of Mc Dahab, this song can only be understood and enjoyed if you have been watching the latest development in Egypt, or if you are an Egyptian. This is a partisan song as some will see it. I do commend the rapper for writing this song, it should be a no brainer. Those who have murdered people and assisted or approved of the Mubarak regime murdering people, should not be allowed to run for president.

There's a poetry in this song and there's also rage as the rapper feels his dream and the dreams of many are about to fade away to make room for people who have come from the past brining with them all things we have hated about the past.
Mc Dahab = إلبس يا شعب

Sunday, April 29, 2012

البوم كريم نجيب - بلد شهادات Karim Naguib Balad Shahadat

Naguib is one talented singer, and he has one rare sense of humor. He does keep his eyes over Egypt and her youth. He titled his album "A Country Of Certificates", mocking or paying tribute to the fact that you have to have a good education to get a decent job.

Karim is an educated singer, but something tells me he is frustrated, like many of the youhg in his age. The cover tells another story....he is wearing a bunny outfit, some of those jobs that pay well but require little education. He makes good music, some even fresh concepts for pop music anyway.

This is an album that you would want to buy if you want to do research on the youth of Egypt.

01 - Hayah Mn Gheir Malameh
02 - Omrak
03 - Helemt
04 - Haghanny.FT.Amina Khairat
05 - Lamma Tekoun
06 - Lesa Faker
07 - Tayeh
08 - Tafha
09 - Kan Yama Kan.FT.Amina Khairat
10 - Ana Fa2r
11 - Balad Shahadat

Karim Naguib - Hayah Mn Gheir Malameh / كريم نجيب - حياة من غير ملامح

Karim Naguib - Omrak / كريم نجيب - عمرك

Karim Naguib - Hayah Mn Gheir Malameh / كريم نجيب - حياة من غير ملامح

A New Voice Called Rania Does Chick Pop So Well

The name Rania is popular, but as of right now no pop star has claimed it. Until one gal claimed it. I am happy about it, because she sounds exactly like the Egyptian chick pop I have always to like. Tamer Ashour composed the music, this is a guy I like his work.

In fact this is how I come to know about this song, he uploaded it to his official channel. The song is funny in a funky way. She tells him, if you want me to enroll in a private school to better understand you, I would do. I would do whatever you want to make this thing work....she does it in a humor filled way that radiates love and emotions from a girl who wants to do her homework...
Rania-Lw 2sed 5er - رانيا - لو قاصد خير

Myriam Faris "Fawazeer" Dance Show

Myriam Faris loves to dance and she has always said as much. She uses her music videos to show off her dance moves. I would argue you that Myriam Faris is one flexible dancer, and her pop songs have allowed her to bring us some dance moves.

But must videos were no longer enough to keep up with her dazzling moves, so two years ago Myriam did a fawazeer show. Those are the shows that have a Vegas feel to them, dance lights and outfits. And end with a question. Watch this clip with dance moves that only Myriam can pull off.


Yusuf Islam, The Man, The Legend And His Faith

No one seems to have a clear answer why few years ago America did not let in the guy who sang "The Peace Train" into the States. Just look at this incredible footage of his appearance in South Africa for AIDS Day concert. It might have to do with his name, it's too common or it might be with some officer making a bad call.

Yusuf has been a force for good in Europe and around the world. While he continues to make decent music, he has also been known as an activist and a spokesperson for his Muslim faith. While many Muslims might be wary of AIDS, Yusuf did not shy away from it and he performed as a concert to raise funds and awareness.

London is the home of Yusuf where he remains engaged in issues that matter to his brethren as well as to issues that matters to the world. Yusuf is beloved by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
Yusuf Islam & Peter Gabriel - Wild World Live Nelson Mandela's AIDS Day Concert

Cairokee On Coloring Eggs and Jamming With Zap

Coloring Eggs is popular around Eastern, but in Egypt it is also popular around Spring Festivals--an ancient Pharaoh practice. So when you are literary the hottest rock band in Egypt and you want to throw a concert, you bring out the eggs.

The concert that's being promoted has been called off due to security concerns, but the video where the band has a jamming session with Thrwat Zap will be around for some time. This is a humor filled clip where the lead from the band talks about the virtues of eggs.

This is what they call creative advertising. It makes people want to share it and with tit the announcement for the event.

Cairokee vs. Beed Sham El-Nessim!

Sarah Al Hajiri Has Talent and Money! Fulla Gets Both

Saudi poet Sara Al Hajiri writes touching poems, those poems sometimes get adapted into songs. Sara is not doing it for the money as she has turned herself into a producer where she makes cash rain to see her poems turned into a work of art. In face she has been ruthless if a song she has written gets a terrible music video, she commissions a remake and she has done this once with Iwan.

Now, the latest name to sing one of her poems, is a woman, not a little girl. Fulla is an Algerian singer who has a strong voice and some acting chops. Together they have a full package of a sensible lyrics and a strong voice from a lady who can best express those feelings of resentment.

This is a black and white picture about a woman who has been betrayed by the love of her life. Female director Mai Elias told the story beautifully.
ضيعتني - فلة الجزائرية - Daya3tini - Fulla

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty In Pink With Mohammed Mounir

This concert was a big deal for people who like Arabic music in Egypt, they are not making mushc of it anymore, and that pisses of many people. Luckily, we had an album that just came out few days ago, with Mohammed Mounir who had a concert to talk up the album. But what was cool, the pink pants, Mounir appeared in. Mounir has always chosen skinny jeans, like the ones females wear...he makes it look easy.

This is a concert where everyone has fun, including those on the stage who get into it, and get their minute in the light. However, I must pick a word with Mounir who has sold his soul to Vodafone, who has paid to sponsor his tour. For a guy who sings about the common man and for him, Mounir need to think twice about such moves.

I am not anti business or anti artists making money, but certain things should not be put for sale....Mounir is a phenomena that Egypt owns not some foreign company who wants to empty the pockets of the local people.

محمد منير - هييييه هيييييه - حفلة العين السخنه

محمد منير - الدخله حدوته مصريه - حفلة العين السخنه

You Will Like Medieval Times Show, I Know I Did

I know it's not exactly music, but music is often timeless and so is certain things that happened in the past. For those who like the good old days and like to be part of something fun and different, I recommend the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. A Dinner show in the King's court where knights battle one another foor your entertainment.

The company has 8 castles in North America, Washington DC/Baltimore, South Carolina, Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey and one castle in Ontari The concept is simple, you are in the court of the King of Spain in the 11th century. This is a show that has nothing but positive reviews online by both adult and children attendees.

There are horses, knights and food under one roof that will take you back in time while entertaining you and allowing you to reflect on the simple things of life that many take for granted. I have been to many shows where dinner is also served, in Las Vegas, Florida, New York and many other places, this one if different as you feel the excitement all over the place. And yes, it's OK to be rowdy.

The food they serve is also good worthy of Kings and those he allows into his court. As you thrill to a rousing, two-hour live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry. The castle runs three shows a day and offer special deals for groups and school. For more info, please visit their website and you can thank me later.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Behind the Scenes

Big Egyptian Dorks By Hussein And Moody Imam

They were young, charismatic and it was the 80s. Egypt was a fertile ground for experimental pop. Bands were a thing of the 80s Egypt, but ever since Mubarak has exited, they are making a comeback.

Moody and Hussein Imam were part of pop band, and their outfits are bright and now dorky. However, for the time they were a hot ticket. While They are still around in the entertainment business, they do not make music no more. One does act and he has a decent career.

This clip was part of the celebration new year party, the lyrics are lame and I am sure the artists would conquer.
عصام عبد الله واغنية وماله لحسين ومودى الامام

Sabine, Classical Music Sounds Good In Arabic

Sabine is Lebanese, I do not need anyone to tell me that. What else, I do not need other to tell me that she is dreamy. She is good at it too. Sabine has a soft spot in her heart for classical tunes. She does look like a twin of early on Nancy Ajram, but she is a star of her own and her style of choice.

The song starts like a computer chat with her boy, it's about the little things in love people know, the song is pretty good. It does not sound like your average Arabic song, it does sound Western. In all fairness the song lyrics are rich. That's because Sabine has already worked with the A list names like Marwan Khoury and Ghassan Rahbani, and has plans to sing with Ziad Rahbany

Sabine - Binye W Beinak Ya Hallail / سابين - بيني وبينك يا هالليل

Fayrouz "God Is With Us" Hymn For Easter

The one video I cannot embed has mostly been released on the Fayrouz songs, her channel does not like to share with others, the would give you the link, but not the option to embed. The channel is run by Fayrouz's daughter Nagla

Her song claims "God Is With Us", she remade this hymns for Eastern, she has done similar sons for Christmas. The song is about faith from the lady that has been placed in a sainthood place for many. This song is about Jesus and his mother, the Christian faith is all about this story and the Arab Christians have always been in the place where the story has begun.

Someone once said, I do not want God to be on my side, I want to be on his, I think this makes us all better.

Samira Said, The Rock Star Who We Miss

For a Moroccan to make a career in music it seems easy. But it was never so in the 80s when she kicked off her career. Luckily she has friends who wanted to help her, but nothing helped her shine more than her vocals. They are very flexible and she welcomes any new idea.

Samira has sang Tarab songs, then she moved to the 80s romance, and she ruled that genera. But in the 90s she moved to pop and kept rocking the jukeboxes and radios around Arabia. But she is nowhere to be seen lately. She does not give press or concerts. As far as I know she remains in Egypt.

I remember her slow songs, she had her Whitney Houston moments as she has dabbled into various styles, and duets. Tragically, Samira is a star if you have not grown listening to, chances are you are not going to enjoy her music--not the older work anyway.

Alah Yesahilak - photo - Samira Said الله يسهلك - صور - سميرة سعيد

Nasene El Alam - photo - Samira Said نسيني العالم - صور - سميرة سعيد

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amal Maher Plays The Piano Too

Concerts in Egypt has come a very long way!. American concerts are no different the Arab ones. Finally, on stage performer can enjoy a light show in the background, well dressed backup singers who dance along too. Perfect sound wiring helps too.

But I am all sold when I saw the piano and saw Amal perform on it. You probably know I am a big fan of Amal's work and concerts. I have not seen enough of those clips, this tells me that Amal's label believes in her voice and her ability to make them money. Hope you like this clip, where live music is made right in front of your eyes.

Eteqy Rabena Feya - Amal Maher إتقي ربنا - حفله - امال ماهر

Mohammed Mounir All Funk Live Marika "ابن ماريكا"

Mounir had a great time at his most recent concert, but so did have the band and the audience. While the show is a delight, it brings the best and the most out of people as Mounir keeps it alive and kicking. The dude of funk and rock and all southern Egypt music is touring the country right now. This is one of the cooler songs that only Mounir can make. Others have tried to make this kind of songs, most failed. But Mounir always delivers a hot song.He is simply, the rock star persona of Egypt. He does pop too, but his approach to pop music is much more radical than most. He owns a genera and injects his attitude into his life performance. The way he behaves and moves on stage makes you want to dance and that's even without music. The lyrics he uses for this song end with the "ika".....and this is music. You might to be well versed in Egyptian Arabic and street slag to get this song.check it out. محمد منير ابن ماريكا حفلة العين السخنه

Good Morning Palestine Song By Mais Shalash

Here's a song they do not make enough of in Palestine. A song about the land, and not its politicians and political parties. Not sure who is singing this song, but I feel it's some child. Wait a minute, her name is Mais Shalash. She is a Palestinian girl born in Kuwait and is well know for Nasheed--Muslim hymns.

She has reached the age where she is no longer a child, and some people thought she should hang her microphone, but the Muslim clerk Qaradawi said, she can still sing. Mais still does good music that keeps both Palestine and Islam in her heart. Seriously, old men are the root of this world's problems.

Mais has an easy on the ear voice that is sweet yet sad, which makes her perfect to do songs for Palestine. As most Palestinians adore their land but hate what it has been turned into.

صباح الخير يا بلادي ميس شلش

Gaza, beach, folks song

Gaza lays on the coast of the gorgeous sea, like many Palestinian cities, the scene from the beach are hard to forget. In the summer time, it seems that the entire local population moves to beach. For really long time, the beach has given Palestinians many reasons to celebrate, it provides nourishment and entertainment to them. But it also brings death in more than one way.

Many drown in it, and drift even to Israeli shores, where their bodies are retried and sometimes given back to Gaza. There also the Israel navy boats that arrests and fires at Palestinians fishers boats--many have been killed by this fire too. However, that seems to do little to scare off the locals form the beach. they still flock to it in droves and enjoy what it has to offer.

Here's a local song about the waves of the sea, it's a local band and the slideshow offers some incredible footage of life in Gaza. This song is done in the Islamic style as you hear no musical instruments.
انشودة .. غزة عمواج البحر .. لفرقة الاعتصام

The Last Funky Hamid El Shari Song

In the mid 2000, Hamid El Shari released an album where in his title he has given away that he prefers the tanned colored skin. Of course most Arabs are either darker or tanned. I am interested in the place where the filmmed the music video, it seems like an in-house studio somewhere in Egypt.

The street does look like a European place, store fronts and urban dress code. Hamid had to work harder on his hip/funky look, but he pulled it off. Notice the club scene and the concert layout.
حميد الشاعري - روح السماره

Adel Imam Won't Be Going To Jail Any Time Soon

Adel Imam has always found someone to mock the holy cows of Egypt. He mocked, the people first, then what they hols scared. That in itself is not a crime,  until you offend someone who claims to be religious. Now, they are going after him in a court of law. I do not think Adel Imam will be going to jail anytime soon, if anything this whole ordeal might help him make a comeback with his new TV show.

This funnyman knows a thing or two about controversial, he took on issues like terrorism in Egypt, then religious extremists, and Israel as well. He made a movie or two that criticize the government and certain policies. But his funniest roles where when he mocked the else of society and business tycoons. He did so well criticizing politicians and government types.
I think such lawsuits come form that fact that Adel Imam was so close to the Mubarak regime and he had nothing but kind words to the dictator.
عادل إمام لـ"إيلاف": سأطعن بالحكم الصادر

Listen This Christian Hymns in Arabic

This one is about the calcification of Jesus according to most Christian faith. This one comes from Palestine too. The hymn is read in a church and it sounds so good. This is an art that has been around for ages in the land where the entire journey has started.

In America, it's not uncommon for mainstream singers to start their career in the church's choir. Not too many Arabic singers I know have started from this route.
Today Was Hung... (In Arabic) اليوم علِّق على خشبة

Arafa El Bahr "Teaser" --A Drama Not To Miss

Arafa El Bahr is an Egyptian TV drama with none of the distractions. It has the respectable actors who know that they are just one part that makes the drama great. The plot that discusses real issues. And most of all the director who respects his work and respects his crew.

Nour El Sherif is an actor with a brain, he makes movies that challenges the narrative. I see some issues like those of the Christian and Muslims strife. Then there are the poor people and fisherman who bring the fruit of the sea. I know it has become hard to sell TV projects where the stars are from the old breed.

Arafa El Bahr - Teaser

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Artist Reads A Telling Poem About Egypt

Crisis and political instability do many strange things to people, like inspire them to write and read poetry where beautiful words bring the best emotions and best descriptions to describe the frustration, anger and rage people have at those tough times.

Watch this clip for Sabry Fawaz reading a poem about not being a knight, and not being a corrupt soul, this is a poem for the regulars. Sabry comes from a theater background, he is a writer, director and actor. His most memorable rule was playing the role of Baligh Hamdi, the celebrated Egyptian composer.

قصيدة مانيش فارس للفنان صبري فواز

Will Tamer Ashour Get His Comeback?

Tamer Asour knows a thing or two about sad songs--he probably has given the Arab world half of them. Tamer Ashour made a nice song about Egypt on mother's day, its was the bomb.

He has been remaking his older songs with new music--he can do that because he is a composer to begin with. Checkout this remade song of his. It's about shifting blame in a failed relationship.

Tamer Ashour Betlone Leh . بتلومنى ليه

Amer Zayan, The Pretty Boy Who Loves Himself

This is a beautiful and dramatic song that Amer Zayan poured his heart out and thus made it a big hit. But then whoever made the music video for it forget that he was making a music video for a sad song and instead turned the concept into a fashion show, pretty boy shooting a catalog for Banana Republic fashion store.

The lyrics tell of a story of betrayal, a hard working man falls in love with a girl. The girl loves money and leaves him because she would not want to wait for him till he makes it. Instead, we get two good looking people who spend their time equally on the mirror checking themselves out and sending kisses to none but to themselves.

Again, the couple seems to live in a mansion, not in some small house. Wait, the weird gets weirder, this hard working man Amer takes a shower in his clothes looking sexy when he was supposed to look heartbroken. Then he has dance parties too. He spends his time in bars, not in some dark factory.

Congratulation Amer, you made a music video as a guy, that has only been made be female entertainers.

Amer Zayan "Ana Chab W 3am 2assis 7ali"-{official music video} -عامر زيان

How Many Arab Dance Choreographers Can You Name?

Maya Nehme is one, do you know any one full Arab dance choreographers who don't suck? I know in the past they have imported talents from England and some cities to give Arabic music video some cool and hip element. But in Lebanon, there is that little spunky pop star Maya Nehme who has a dance studio.

Maya is a singer, but in her style of music, dance is key, that's why in each one of her music videos, she works to choreograph new movies, she recruits young local dancers who practice for days to take part of her music videos. dance choreographers do not usually do it full time, they have lives and real jobs. But to do something you like is what we are told when we are little.

This time, another well know Lebanese talent is lending a hand, Charles Makriss. Charles has a hip hop background, but he now works with original, creative, diverse dances which has become his brand. Despite his religious Christian background, Charles has manged to do something fresh at his his home. He is a singer/songwriter himself which brings him closer to Maya's world. maya nehme and charles makriss

Haifa Wahbe #MJK Tops iTunes Charts #36

There are millions of albums on iTunes, but there are only 200 best selling albums mostly from the States. But one Arab star has manged to climb the charts and claim the 36th spot on the list. Haifa Wahbe had that honor to be the first Arab entertainer and contender on the global music scene.

The album has not been released yet, but the talk about it has yet to stop! MJK is the creative title for Haifa's latest pop album. The social media is going gaga over Haifa and now over her new album. This must be a heart warming news for Haifa and her team who deserve credit for reaching out beyond the Arab listener, Haifa now does claim a large world following.

 Get ready, you have not seen the best of this pop star idol yet...she is just getting warmed up.

Haifa MJK - Bokra Bfarjik Official Teaser

Esam Karika, Egyptian Sleaze Seeking To Please

Esam Karika is fine with you not loving him. Karika is the Egyptian answer to rap music, but with local twist. He likes loose clothes, he also likes to surround himself with plenty of women and when he sings, he works hard to make sure you do not understand what the hell he is talking about.

I have embedded a music video of his where the outfits, the dancers make up the bulk of the music video, not the song. He titled his song, high heels in reference to women wearing them and seducing him--or his little mind. In Karika's world, women dance on top of his cars, and try to get his attention. His music video tend to offer some humor and some sleaze, but no originality.

El Kaab El Aali - Esam Karika الكعب العالى - عصام كاريكا

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arabs Got Talent - S2 - Ep2 - Haspop

Arabs got talent even, if they do not speak Arabic like the case of their latest guest show. He dances like a robot in a way that's unknown to many Arabs. He is a father of two cute kids who support their father in his appearance on the talent show.

Hassan lived in France, but he is Moroccan, he seems comfortable with English. His urban dance is popular in many capitals.

This handsome Arab had to stand for judgement in there after he delivered a stunning dance segment. Never mind that at least two of the three judges strike me as to have never danced in their lives. These guys were kind to him and has given him all thumbs up to allow more of us to see his stunning dance.

Arabs Got Talent - S2 - Ep2 - Haspop

Fayrouz Karawya Live Concerts And Then Some

Few days ago, Fayrouz Karawya released an A an album, the hard work of six years, she has done away with politics and instead sang for her ideal soul mate, after all she found he is just a regular guy who cares fro others and lives a good life.

To celebrate her album, she had a concert at the hottest Egyptian concert venue at the Sawy Cultural Wheel. Watch a clip from that appearance and see her deliver a live experience where her vocals are and should be the star. The second song is about a love mine...kinda of cool?


Fayrouz Karawya - Mangam Hob "LIVE" فيروز كراوية - منجم حب

Mohammed Mounir Screws Over Shando

Shando is a popular singer in Egypt, I liked couple of his songs and I have seen movie where he appeared. He is cool, hip and trendy. Shando wanted to sing with the master of Egyptian songs, Mohammed Mounir whom he considers to be his teacher. They both come from the same region and have much in common. Mounir is a big name, and tends to work alone.

But few months ago, Shando had a delightful song, he has the rights for it. "Ya Roman", Mounir really liked this song that Shando brought it to him. Now Shando tells his side of the story. Mounir first wanted the songs for himself, and he offered to buy it. Shando wasn't selling the song, and wanted instead to perform it as a duet with Mounir. Shando says that he has turned down offered from other artists to do the song with him, he named Tamer Hosny.

Then Mounir recorded the song with him, and things looked well. When the track came in Mounir's latest album--a good album by the way, Shando was in shock. The Song was introduced as by Mounir, and he has only given Shando 6 seconds of air time toward the end of the song. So in essence, those who mixed the song, made Shando look like a backup singer. Needless to say Shando feels he was mislead and that he was wronged. I would be too. This is not strange in the business, it happens many times when you work with egos.

Cannot wait to hear Mounir's side of the story if he chooses to respond to the press release by Shando. This is a really good song, too bad the drama has to surround it.
محمد منير - يا رمان | النسخة الاصلية | 2012

Shando - Abd El Hady / شاندو - عبد الهادي

America Has Invented The Phone, We Arabs Sing About It

Shadya has authored many hits in her long career of movie making and singing. She can be considered the first Arabic pop star who offered light entertainment and catchy songs that has good and original music. Shadya has made good art popular on TV, radio and movie theaters. She did not want to be an idol like so many women before her. But that has not stopped the fans from adoring her and her music. She has retired now and walked away form it all, but before then she made us love Arabic music.

Known as the first actress that can sing and the first singer that can actually act. One of her little known songs by the young souls, is a duet she made with Abdel Halim Hafiz el telephone. A love story mouse and cat game where they the couple do not call one another and the second think,s they should initiate the call. This is a universal mindset that most who have ever cared for another person have experienced.

On a side note, it's a fact that most Arab business that make money nowadays are cellphone companies because Arabs talk to much and take a long time to get to the point--other cultures deals with that too. But I do not know of many famous songs about telephones. I know this, I like this duet.   

 النليفون شادية .

Wael Jassar As A Boy Singer Years Ago

I did not know much about the history of Lebanese romance pop singer Wael Jassar prior to his hit song of 1998. I thought he came from nowhere, but the reality, he has been singing long before that song hit the airwaves.

Wael Jassar Official has just shared with its subscribers an old album of this then young singer. He sound nothing like he sound now. He did sound good in his all Lebanese music style, like that of the late 80s and so on. Most of the songs in the album are Lebanese folklore songs. Which reminds me of another young boy who did those kind og songs George Wassouf.

Do not miss the vintage look the album cover has.... those are classy songs that live on, not because of a particular performer, but because they are timeless gems preserved by live music.

Wael Jassar - Ya Ome Ahqan / وائل جسار - يا امي عشقان

Wael Jassar - Kalmet Wad3 / وائل جسار - كلمة وداع

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kibreet, The Egyptian Movie To Blow You Back To History

This movie take years to make, once a teaser was released online, the film caught fire prompting the director and the crew to make the movie better, so they went back and made a good movie better, and money helped them do that when investors saw they can make money from this action packed movie worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster flick. Egypt can use this time now, they need to think at a time whey they truly were one, they had no way but to trust each other.

The young filmmakers wanted to tell a little known store about sacrifice where the little guy held the big guy at gunpoint and did so selflessly. I love a good story, and a I love it more when it tells a worthy story, no matter who the victor is, people are people.

Watch this feature of interviews that talks about the historical event, interviews with people who were there, the team of the movie, and better yet the teaser of the flick that has been making everyone want to buy tickets in advance. If this movie makes it right, then we all will be looking forward to more movies, as film experts with special affects wanted to give their  time and expertise for clopse to nothing to make this movie look at its best. 

 أكتر من سنتين من التحضير لفيلم كبريت

Women Rights In Egypt Shouldn't Be A Privilege

The women of Egypt are drumming up support to their causes and their standing in the upcoming Egypt, they want a bigger role and a presence in the political arena. Luckily, the constitutions afford them that right, but reality tells a different story due to a number of factors. They led protests stating that they won't be pushed around, they are 50 percent. They are taking on the Supreme Military Council of Egypt and the brotherhood.

This is the right way to do bring about change, not complaining, drumming up support and making coalitions with other groups. Women rights should not be a political football. The video shows an assortment of activities and women who want the same thing--political rights and the right not to be harassed.
 There are women who come from all walks of life, the conservative background, the liberal ones and the independent ones too, this is a call to unity. I love the diversity of women in the video and theiy unity tells me Egypt is in safe hands if more women were in charge not a bunch of old men.
 بهية يا مصر دستورنا حقنا .. و حنكتبه كلنا


I Thought Nicole Saba Looked Good Here

Nicole Saba in an elevator with the one she has a crush one, she whispers or sings in her ear and he cannot catch her moving her lips. Aside form the prolonged elevator ride, this song was probably the second music video from Nicole who has always had this pop funk personality.

For this music video she added the wacky side to her job description, but that was really cute. She is the life of the party in the music video and the guy she liked happens to look like a young Omar Sherif. The director is another famous picture director who knows who to manufacture cute.

Ya Shaghilny - Nicole Saba يا شاغلنى - نيكول سابا

Lara Scandar Will Make Someone Rich

Lara Scandar comes form a mixed background family, but there's noting mixed about this girl. she takes her art and her work seriously. Lara has surrounded herself with smart people and it seems her fans are in love with her. Watch this clip of hers promoting her new album in Beirut with the help of her producer Jean-Marie Riachi.

I feel Jean-Marie is trying to do with Lara something similar to what Nancy Ajram is. Think about it, Lara is young, charismatic, she singers in half dozen languages. And she is glamorous. However, that glamour might not be a big sell with the man on the street. Nancy reach the common man by wearing what they wear and talking like they do, and better she seemed really good at it.

Thus, I feel that both the artist and the producer are among the elite. No question about it, they are both talented.
Taalou Ghannou Maaya - Lara Scandar

MJK Teaser! The Pop That Only Haifa Can Make

Haifa is a cool cat, and that has served her well, but she is no dummy. She has shown that she is a smart business women with a lot of strong opinions, but as an artist she has an image and that image works well for her. She makes it look effortless and the fans--young and old appreciate that about her. Her new album, titles MJK abbreviation in Arabic for Malikat Jamal Alkoon--Miss Universe. Something about glamor, youth and dazzle that attracts Haifa to this business, it's a creative title.

 It brings back memories with the queen of Arab pop, she is good at what she does, and her team is mindful of who she is and what style first her best. Haifa was largely missing last year, but it seems the sabbatical has helped her refocus and regroup. Now comes her big album that offers a Haifa style entertainment. The pop with gillie feel to it, there's an art that Haifa has mastered which is make songs that appeal to both kids and grownups. Sure there are those who think they can see through her, but that never stops half a dozen of other wannabe Haifas out there form copying her style or trying too.

I have liked songs in the past from Haifa, the are the light ones that can be easily classified as cute songs, that way they are light, catchy and hot. She has released dozens of those songs and those are always popular in her concerts. Say what you say about Haifa, but she is no elitist, she comes across as the girl next door. She answers when people call her Hiafa, she doe snot want to be a diva, it's enough that she is popular and adored.

 Haifa MJK Teaser #3 - Bokra Bfarjik / هيفا وهبي - بكرا بفرجيك

Nights From The Alhambra With Loreena McKennitt

Not Exactly Arabic music, but close. Alhambra Spain is very dear on the Arab people, they gush over this once magical place where Arabs ruled for near 800 years. The mention of Alhambra has a nostalgic value for most Arabs--even the non Muslims of them because for most Arabs, being just and firm was the reason they last for as long.

Spanish people have a soft spot in their hears for the enchantment this city creates in people's minds and souls. Check out this tour where music plays a big part of this journey where Eastern and Western musical instruments are fused live on stage.

Most comments on the video are noting the magic in the performer's eye. This is a long night of music, there are many clips of the magical musical journey. Hard to believe that this is the work of Canadian singer, songwriter, accordionist, harpist, and pianist, Loreena McKennitt and is her first live concert DVD. Loreena is gifted and the world knows as much.

Nights From The Alhambra-The Mystic's Dream-1of18

البوم شمس الكويتية - صباحك خير 2012 Morning W Shams

The album of Gulf funk that you have always hoped for, just got dropped in the market with little fanfare online. But the excitment is all over TV nowadays over this Kuwait gulf star who has rocked the boat too many times.

Shams has recently said that those who have a problem with her, should get themselves checked in a mental hospital. She has also said, that she comes from Mars as refuses to be from one country and then that country feels like she represents them. I like that....boldness. 

This is one loud album that offers a variety of exciting tracks coming form one strong and bold woman who actually has a brain and looks good in high heels too. There are tracks in most Arabic dialects and most Arabic styles form the dance Lebanese to the rumba Gulf beat, the Indian beat, the Iraqi and the Egyptian styles are all present.

Magnonah - photo - Shams مجنونه - صور - شمس

02-Sba7k 5eer
04-24 Sa3a
05-Etha Ganet
10-Shlon Anam
11-Kant Ghal6a
13-Mdal3a Nafse

Malek - photo - Shams ملك - صور - شمس

Eza Ghaneet - photo - Shams اذا غنيت - صور - شمس

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arabs Who Rock Like Persians

Ragheb Alama is a super star, luckily he still has kept his good looks so far. The Arab Idol judge is so hot that he is the only one on TV that people like to see when they tune in. He has become Mr. Nice Guy, in addtion of being Mr. Businessman!

He still makes music and rock the sence with it as he goes, but no on single of his has genrated so much love and fame as this one below, released in the early 2000 with Persian singer Andy.

Simple and catch lyrcis, youtful beat, dancers and club lights. So c'mon guys says Ragheb and Andy, will you join in?
Yalla Ya Shabab - Ragheb Alama يالا يا شباب - راغب علامة

Ahlam Is Not Crazy, She Just Wants 2b Number 1

The UAE gave birth to many stars, but none of them has made more news than their very own girl Ahlam. The pop singer form the Gulf who has always made cool and catch music, better, her music video are often fresh.

While many has grown old since she has become a star, Ahlam does not have to play by the same rules, she is a star, and it's so hard to give up your star power if you still you can make it.

While Ahlam's career has had its ups and downs, she is finally to be found at the judge panel for the might show Arab Idol. She keeps it colorful and her on screen antics sometimes can be easily labled crazy, but how else will she make the news? She has not made any worthwile songs lately
Leh Metdayek - Ahlam ليه متضايق - احلام

Where Has Pop Star Fares Gone?

Fares made half a dozne of decent pop songs with romance, but then he is not anywhere to be seen? Could it behe has retired? I rememebr liking this guy in the early 200, but I know he has been around even before then. Accroding to the internet has has released an album this year.

Do not know much about his background and with his name, you can be certain, it will be hard to find any info on him online. For all it is wroth, here's one of his little known songs. He is the dreamy voice from Egypt with a subtle handsome look.
Etkalem - Fares إتكلم - فارس

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crazed Arab Fans And Google+ With Myriam

Celebrities do not do anyhting for free, and Myriam Fares is no different. She has been pimping Google Plus and their hangout. She even spent few minutes for some horny teenagers and awckward ones indeed. But do not take my word for it, see the video.

I just do not believe Myriam sincerity, however, I do think she really like this Google product. They hand picked her to talk about this Hangout and she might be a good choice. Fans from Dubai, Iraq, Dubai, Saudia, And Canada tuned in.

Myriam fares Google+ Hangout

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hasna Zlag, The Other Girl Of Moroccan Pop

When she first made it big, she was Hasna--that was 2005 when her billboards were all over the city of Cairo for her album Bamba. Years later, we see she has given us a last name Zlag. She can sing pop and I have come to like what she offers in her albums, but this is not 2005. There are dozens of Moroccan ladies of pop who can sing too.Hansa is making the move toward the Gulf as she will be releasing a song in collaboration with Talal Salamah, the Saudi singer. Hasna is a is deal locally too as she is a frequent guest. Here are few of her tracks. حسنا : قلبي بخطربانيت : حسناء زلاغ و صابر رباعي بمهرجان يا سلام بأبوظبي

Jenin Jenin, The Movie That Rocked Israel

Israeli soldier murder Palestinian often, and few of those murders get reported. But in April 2002, the game has changed as visionary Palestinian director Mohammed Bakri set his camera on the aftermath of the brutal massacre where Israel was not even trying to hide that they murdered civilians including many children.

The film told the story so well, and it was so well made that Israel went after the filmmaker by legal courts and in intimidation. The movies stood the test of time, and shocked the Israeli public who thought their army was moral!

Israeli destroyed 9 percent of the camp, killing more than 50--the Palestinian number stands at 500. Of course, Israel banned the UN from sending a fact finding mission. This is a personal account, not a propaganda tool, as Israeli talking heads like to baost. Anyhow, the movie is below, you can watch the whole film and think of yourself. I know we have shown the movie around the country.
Jenin Jenin

Give Jalal A Listen, Will You?

Give it Jalal dropped on us all of sudden. The guy who sings romance and the blues like so many other young and talented Arab singers. Not much is know about Jalal, he is young and and he is charming. I a guessing he is from Lebanon. This sounds like a dated song, but it allows Jalal to show case his talent and his vocal skills. Once you hear the song, you get a Deja Vu as it feels like you have heard this song before. He delivers a good song, he makes it such. The range of his voices changes rapidly bringing you some weird joy from his pain.a listen, you won't regret it. Jalal - 3m shoufik / جلال - عم شوفك

A Rock Star Like Melhim Barakat "على بابي واقف قمرين"

If you were to ask me, what is one of the most memorable music pieces in Arabic/Lebanese music for the past 20 years, I would have to put Melhim Barakat's music that he composed for this classic hit of his.

Barakat seems to have really gotten board with the business, there are simply too many mediocre talents out there. I know this song was so hot, that no one around was singing it. The music he composed is so magically charming, and it offers so much instruments as the notes bring joy to one's soul.

Aside from the music, the lyrics of the song are so beautifully simple. Many might think to themselves, I can write this kind of stuff. But so far no one has manged to com close to this classic. As far as performance goes, this was one of the few times, Melhim put everything he has on the line...he is so good in this song, he hits all the notes. His song connected with all listeners, the young get a dose of energy and quick lines, the old, get musical satisfaction and get in the tarab zone.

ملحم بركات-على بابي واقف قمرين