Monday, October 31, 2011

The Black Theama Song Even The Deaf Will See

Here's a rendition of real time images in Egypt mushed together by Black Theama. Black and white cartoonish treatment of real images. The technology has been around for some time, it was once used before in movies like Scanner Darkly. But this should be the first time such a clip makes a major release.

Not really impressed with this special affects, it seems to be rather unclear and speaks less about the title of the song...."I have a Secret" The video has nothing to do with the band, I do not even think you see them in the music video. The clip showcases random movement of this Egyptian life.

Black Theama - 3ndy Ser | بلاك تيما - عندي سر

Jeita Grotto The Wonder - Glory to Lebanon

Lebanon has the good looking people as well as the beautiful nature where is comes in abundance. The people of Lebanon with their celebrities are making a pitch for a cave named Jeita to be one of the world's wonders.

About a dozen of Lebanese celebrities has endorsed the effort with videos urging people to vote or by taking the message to the social media. This is one of those things that you hear little about but one you hear about it, you are obsessed with it. I have been once before on a mountain cave before--in the rocky mountains, but this particular one offers a lot to please the eye and heal the heart.

Jeita Grotto The Wonder - Glory to Lebanon

Lebanses Sabine Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Sabine used to lampoon other Arab singers, she has the voice that can take on any singers and deliver a song in their voice and their style with all the mannerism. But that's another Sabine in town now, and she is ready to film another music video.

The music video is all about girl power, there's a female director her first time directing a song. Sabine is a female and the song is about how guys hurt women without meaning too. Guys be nicer to your lady.

Not a music video yet, but the filming of one in some nice Lebanese location.
سابين تصور " آخر همك " في بيروت

Cima Ali Baba, First Arabic Double Feature

The double feature consists of two feature-length segments, this was a trend back in the early days of cinema, they give you two movies for the price of one, and yes there's an intermission in between. It was brought back by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. in the Grindhouse Death proof film combo.

This time Egyptian funny man Ahmed Mekky is bringing it to Arabia. with one movie that has two acts of two unrelated movies. The first is about space and star wars, the second is about a rooster who rules over an animal farm. So far the trailers look really funny, but that doesn't mean the movie will be great--usually Ahmed Mekky delivers the good stuff. the space saga is where a common man with a fast mouth and a low IQ has been abducted to experiment on him, so far it has generated the most buzz.

I am impressed by the makeup, the special affects and the customs, this is some tough work. We will find out soon in time for the Eid if this movie will be worth it.

تريلر ١ فيلم احمد مكي "سيما علي بابا"-Ahmed Mekky Cima Ali Baba 1

تيزر ٢ فيلم احمد مكي "سيما علي بابا"-Ahmed Mekky Cima Ali Baba Teaser2

Pause 1 Brings Back The Brightest Young Voices

This is one of the last good ideas, bring out all those past alumni of the Star Academy show, the ones who can really sing, but have little luck making it on their own without the backing of some big music company. Pause was this company that thought of the idea.

They did not want to bring names that few of us know, they chose the names that we already know and love, and packaged single from them on one album--14 tracks of good songs where relative youth and energy give their best.

You will know at least half of the names on this album. From Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Morocco You get all those young voices. I know this is an album I am looking forward to taking for a test drive. You will never know what you will get, but at least you know it will be at least 50 percent good. I know I love at least five tracks on the album, I am sure you will find something to match your taste.

01.Tahra Hmimich - Aywa Bahebo
02.Hani Hussein - Mesh Manqoul
03.Rania Naguib - Tefla B Teta'allem
04.Mohamed Bash - Rah Ansaky
05.Ra2ia - L'elmak
06.3abd El Aziz - Mashkour
07.Shady Hassan - Aqoul Ansak
08.Dyala Ouda - Mestabya'a
09.Mohamed Ramdan - Koul Shey' Naseeb
10.Nasser - Thawret Wattan Araby
11.Noha Shabha - Malo Beyya
12.Moody Jamal - Kan Weddy
13.Michel Rema7 - Terekny Rouh
14.Medo Mounib - Ana Mashy

Album Pause 1 Live Concert - Promo

Egyptain Singer Ahmed El Attar

Ahemd El Attar loves the business and he loves more performing in live concerts. However, there are millions others with his style. I think he managed to make few music videos and get his name out there to be on the C list of Arab pop singers.

And he shall stay there, why? the pool scene was his only tool to get his music video to play. The ladies are naked and he is fully dressed in black walking around like a child in a candy shop.

Ahmed has the kind of voice, you want your wedding singer to have, but filling a venue with screaming fans takes a lot more talent.

Law Tebed Youm - Ahmed El Attar لو تبعد يوم - احمد العطار

Samer Gabro Loves Bashar Assad

Samer Gabro is Syrian, we love Syrians! However Samer Gabro chose to record songs expressing his love for the gifted leader of Syria--while hundreds has been murdered. That's not an enough reason to dislike this guy--after all he may say they made me do it.

Samer is one of the handful Syrian singers who chose the folksy style, that's the drum beat similar to the Lebanese one. the lyrics have to be passionate. Think this "If this guy doesn't stop looking at you, I will gauge his eye out and murder him" I am guessing you get the idea now.

The music video won;t be earth shattering, as the low budget seems to offer little entertainment without a visionary director who wants to make something special and break into the business.
Samer Gabro - Weinoh Ely Beyhebak / سامر كابرو - وينو اللي بيحبك

Dominique & Aly El Deek The B List Duet

Dominique has an unlimited budget and she wants the fame so bad. Ali El Deek was big five years ago, now no one know who he is. He can still sing so they have reunited once more for a music video--song. She is good looking, he has none of the looks, but he can sing to that folksy Syrian beat.

Dominique enters the room and sucks all the energy from it. Aly gets up and sings for her, flirting with her. Their voices are not compatible to say the least. I love the customs and dance, it's a plus. I do not like the prince outfit Aly wears, their dance seems to be artificial too.

Over all this song is forgettable, and the one ones who will remember it are the ones who appeared in it. Aly has lost me a long time ago for his sucking up to Arab dictator first Gaddafi and then you know who.

Dominique & Aly El Deek - Gai Abaly / دومينيك و علي الديك - جاي عبالي

Hamaki VS Ramy Gamal: Battle Of The Dudes

Hamaki lives in a country called pop and at least 9 of his songs were performed using the music of a young composer Ramy Gamal. But there was a time when Ramy Gamal wanted a little bit more out of fame. He wanted to be known to the listeners as well as the singers.

I know most singers hated it when their composers enter into the singing business, some even swear never to work with those composers again and treat them as rivals. But I think the listeners are the only winners here. A composer brings out something a singer can rarely exhibit.

Iwan did it, Melhim Barakat did it earlier, tamer Ashour, Mohammad Rahim, Walid Saad, Amr Mostafa and Mostafa Amar all did it. I think you are less likely to see a singer composing a song--it takes some much training. Watch this clip when Hamaki brings out Gamal for a duet, introducing to his fans

Hamaki VS Ramy Gamal At Om El Donia Concert

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marwa Ben Sghaier: Great Voice, Little Recognition

The gal can sing, here's an older clip of hers where she can be heard doing an old cover with no music. This allows us to see the real flavor of the vocals of any given artist. This is what a young woman with a wonderful voice can do, she can sing, entertain and preserve her self respect.

Marwa built her name up from scratch doing incredible covers of Fayrouz's best songs that everyone remembers so well. Had her performance on those songs been anything less than solid, she would have been forgotten and her career would not have taken off.

Marwa Ben Sghaier -مروى بن صغير- سوى ربينا

Marwa Ben Sghaier- مروى بن صغير- سنرجع يوما

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amr Diab Epic Fail With This Ugly Song

Ever since this song was released we have been mocking it and we will do so until Amr Diab explains this nasty song about his love for little girls. This is terrible song a king of the size of Amer Diab should not make.

He is talking about taken a picture with his eye for this little girl, then he says I am a good guy, if it weren't so nothing would stop me. Dude, you cannot be talking about a little girls' body this will land you in jail--anywhere. But again Amr Diab is a bit older now, maybe he is looking for someone younger.

Someone with a twisted mind put a slideshow to go with this song--thanks to a tip from a reader of this blog. Again, Amr Diab made an average album in 2011, it does not compare with his old stuff--really it doesn't. But it's made much worse by this ethically socially and cultural offensive song.

سنك يزيد سنتين

Friday, October 28, 2011

Majid Al Mohandis Love Till Death

The king of Iraqi and Gulf inspired poetry driven songs Majid Al Mohandis is making the rounds with this awfully touching song of his. This is one song for the ages. Sounding like a wise yet desperate helpless romantic Majid nails another song.

The rich songs of the Gulf are as much about the writer and composer as much the singer. The Gulf has no problem finding people who can express themselves when in love--big time Shaikhs and Emirs find their muse in writing poetry. Of course they are not big time poets until some A list singers take a song or two from them.

That's where you will find the I love You All The Way song of Majid, released by UAE radios where Majid spends a great deal of time there. This Iraqi singer composer who has citizenship of Qatar and now that of Saudi Arabia, he seems to be a mature singer that both the young and old embrace.

ماجد المهندس احبك موت / 2012 . 2011 . نسخه اصليه

Biafra Goes Where No Other Punk Rocker Has Gone Before

American musician turned activist has lost a lot of money by dropped out of a planned Tel Aviv gig. Jello's curios mind did not settle for others opinions on an issues he made sure he gets his own facts. I found the account of his journey to Palestine and Israel to be breath taking and enlightening for many. His trip has been document by both pictures and videos to make his works speak louder.

Jello Biafra - Thoughts On Visit To Israel

So now I have been to Israel. I have also been to Palestine. At least I got a taste of the place, but not in the way I originally hoped.
Many people reading this know the uproar and complicated reasons my band, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine pulled out of a July 2nd show scheduled in Tel Aviv. In many ways I really wish we had played. But I also share most of the boycott's supporters' feelings about Israel's government, the occupation, and ongoing human rights violations.

Few months ago we along with many others have called on the singer to cancel his planned concert to Tel Aviv. He ultimately canceled the Tel Aviv gig, but unlike many others he did the next best thing. He took a trip to the area on his own trying to make sense of it all. His analysis and take on the whole ordeal is one not to be missed. After all this is not just a gifted musician, he is also a staunch activist. He could have just done the concert and gotten paid, but then that would throw away all his years of quest for justice and fairness. I applaud his courage.

Biafra concludes his trip with this

As I said in my previous statement it would have been so easy for me and the Guantanamo School Medicine to quietly decline the Israel/Tel Aviv offer and no one would have been wiser. Naïve or not, we thought that in our own small way, if we showed up we might be able to do some good. Opinions swung back and forth every day as hell got hotter, even among individual band members.

I do not regret speaking out. It has been quite a learning experience along the way. I can't very well shut up now. It is like I've been covered with someone else's chewing gum and I'll never be able to scrape it all off. As my friend said, "It gets in your blood", and it has definitely gotten in mine.

What does it mean to be pro-Israel?

What does it mean to be pro- Palestine?

Who is David? Who Is Goliath?

Everyone has such a strong opinion and every person's is different – another sharp quill on that damn porcupine.

Read in details here his account

Joana Mallah In A Touching Arabic Charity Song

Somalia is calling, the hungry get little while most complain about having too much food, and too much weight. Luckily for those Lebanese singer Joana Mallah heard their call and recording them a song asking people to give.

The thing is this, political songs come and go, Arabs always record those kind of songs whenever there's a war or some crisis. But Joana has no interest in recording political songs. She went for a humanitarian one instead.

The song urges people to give and be more charitable, those are the children your children. As a song, I think Joana's vocals could have given so much more, not sure if it was the song or the music, I feel Joana usually sounds better than what I am hearing, but as a message this song gets an A plus.

Joana Mallah - Bel A'taa / جوانا ملاح - بالعطاء

Thursday, October 27, 2011

IRAQI Pop-Rock Band Set For Virginia Concert

The coolest pop-rock in Arabia will always be UTN1. Ever since the Arab spring started, there has been a surge in band’s popularity. Arab countries like Egypt have so many new bands now, and it has enriched the field building a new audience tired of being spoon-fed the same,old karaoke pop. Lebanon and Jordan are going through similar musical upheavals too. While many of those bands focus on political and social matters, UTN1 offers indie rock response to breakups and new found love.

UTN1 or Unknown to No One is an Iraqi band formed in 1999 in Baghdad, Iraq. Such early start makes this band a pioneering group that sings in both Arabic and English, and for forming under Saddam Hussein‘s regime. It was founded by Shant Garabedian and Artin Haroutiounian who are of Iraqi-Armenian descent. They were later joined by Hassan Ali Al-Falluji , and Akhlad Raof
And those band members bring it with their swagger and near perfect vocals creative a rich feast for both the eye and the ear. I love the drum/guitar bit in most their songs, that what makes this band unique–it’s not just a bunch of singers like most Arab stars–they are musicians too. UTN1 is an Arab garage band is the Arabic embodiment all the things I like about American pop. Even though UTN1 has been born in the old Iraq, it has come to give a voice to a whole new generation of Iraqis and Arabs.

Their last performance was in Phoenix Arizona part of their US tour, they are set to be seen next on McLean Virginia for tickets

Lebanese Pop candy With Amer Zayan

Amer Zayan proclaims to his loved one, I am still young and still figuring things out and building up my life, I'm alone. My father is not some rich dude. Those are the words that make Amer Zayan a new and an up and coming Lebanese pop star.

Amer doesn't sound like a broken spirit, he sounds like a fighter who would not sell his soul or dignity for anything in the world. He is very obvious Lebanese in accent and style. He also speaks about faith and moving on with his life.

This is how artists should make their intro to the world of Arabic music, this is a song guys will like and ladies will certainly understand and respect the dude who is trying to make his way out of bad circumstances. His looks of course are hard to miss, but I know this song of his will be his biggest yet.

عامر زيان - شب وعم بأسس حالي / Amer Zayan- Chab w3am B2asis 7ali 2011

Singer Sandy And The Ugly Betty Look

Sandy is a good looking singer by all accounts, some might even call her hot--I think she just shows more. But I have always liked her pop songs, she is the Egyptian best hope for hot singers who can sing. Lebanon has many of those and Egypt cannot be upstaged.

There's a new promo for Sany's new music video, Aiza Aaolak, I want to tell you, it seems like one of those high school love stories where the nerdy girl with the big glasses falls in love with some guy. I like the promo and I think this will bring Sandy back to her roots--light pop with a music video that guys like and lyrics that only girls can relate to.

Update: the video has been released, it's made in the same fashion they make movies about high school in the States. The babes get the jock, and the girl with glasses get dismissed. She lives next door to him and gets to see him up-close and personal. And then comes the prom secnce. Now tell me this, if the guy had your picture in his bedroom would you be frightened? Why does Sandy think it's OK for her to have that picture. As for the cast, I think few of them are Arab looking, which makes the story weirder. The end comes as a surprise....


ساندي- عايزة اقولك - قريبأ sandy aiza aaolak - soon

Tareq Al Attrash Arabic Porn And Cigarettes

Ladies in Bikinis setting by the poolside, lilting up and smoking some tobacco across the pool from some handsome dude with some shades. I love the song and hate it at the same time. For starter, it promotes smoking to the wrong people, it makes it sexy and I won't be surprised if it was not underwritten by one of the tobacco distributors in Lebanon.

Then the girls are all bust covered up, the dude is covered up a lot more than the females. Then comes the Jacuzzi moment, one guy with three girls--I am sure he will say I am not for polygamy but as a lifestyle he seems to indulge himself. Wait, they are sipping from margaritas looking glasses.

Then comes a warning that smoking causes dangerous health risks. But this message falls short of being a serious one. This is the playboy mansion antics, and I am pretty sure the dudes fantasy about the kind of music video.

Tareq Al Attrash - Al Sigara / طارق الأطرش - السيجارة

Hamada Helal Amn Dawlat, The Arabic Pacifier

Movies with kids or made for kids make a lot more money than other movies, becasue the entire family goes in and buys thickets to the show. To make an original movie fro kids is sort of hard..they always remake older stories.

Hamada Helal's last role was a kickass boxer in his movie released in 2008. This holiday season he is making a comeback with a new movie that combines humor and action in one plot. Yes, this would be similar to the Vin Diesel Flick The Pacifier where tough guy is commissioned with protecting the little ones.

Even the poster is suggesting the link...will this be a funny movie? I think it will be Hamada is a good natured actor with an incredible smile. On the plus sides, the kids really like seeing him in movies too.

There seems to be a focus on kids, but there's also few sexual innuendos in here and there. And since Hamada is a singer to begin with, there has to be music and live entertainment by the lead guy. all other females have to play a supporting role where he gets all the best lines.

تريلر فيلم حماده هلال " أمن دولت " Trailer Hamada Helal Amn Dawlat

تيزر 1 فيلم حماده هلال "أمن دولت" Hamada Helal Amn Dawlat Teaser 1

Egyptian Folk Singer Hakeem 3.0 2011 Album

Hakeem apologized this year for his statements during the revolution supporting Mubarak and attacking the protesters and it seems apology has been accepted. So now comes his album, this might be his tenth album or so.

I dig the new look that hopes to bring Hakeem up to speed with the cool kids. The dude knows how to fire up a crowd and even though his style is local, his fame is all over the Arab world--thanks largely for his funny music videos. This is a delightful album indeed that offers the usual dance beat you come to expect from an Egyptian singer

there are also those heartache songs about the messy breakups and all the things your ex says he did for you, which you threw away according to him. but most of all this album offers music, light lyrics and festive tracks all around. Something Egypt could use right now.

01.Ely Raba
02.Elahi Wenta Gahi
03.Arba Horouf
04.Ya Mazago
05.Wara'a We Alam
07.Yani Ya
08.Ya Halawtu
09.Kolaena Wahed
10.Akher Sazaga
Hakim in Toronto during luminato festival

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here, Have a Million Marishka On Us

Yes, you too can be a singer, an artists anything you want to be. this is the fault of Marishka's parents you told her she can be a singer. It might not be their fault, it could be the fault of some greedy TV producer who thoughts Arabs can accept another female entertainer.

The likes and dislikes are a good indicator of how popular a singer is, looking at the rate, Marishka might have to do something differently, improve herself or just quit the business. But maybe she can do something else that does not involve singing for example hosting a TV show for example.

I also happen to think that her name is pretty cool, it would be a shame to lose that. But if she is not too careful she will lose her it with those cheap looking music videos that do little to advance her career.

Marishka - Million / ماريشكا - مليون

Singer Mohamed Effat, The Almost Amr Diab

Meet Mohamed Effat, one of Egypt's newest pop stars, but unlike all the other the guy sounds like a legend. This legend is Amr Diab, if you did not know the name of the singer, you would think, it's the voice of Amr Diab you are hearing when in fact, it's Mohamed Effat.

This is not a terrible thing, I think this is how Effat sounds in real life, he is not trying to mimic Amr Diab or copycat his style, he is just like that. even the choice of songs and music are very close to that of Amr Diab. Effat has the look of a fighter who wants one more round.

Watch even the muscles remind you of Amr Diab. I think Effat will be around for some time, but I think it all depends on how long he can stand the business. He has already taken part of a group album with 3 other singers--he had the most songs on the album.

Mohamed Effat - Men Gheir Hawak / محمد عفت - من غير هواك

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old School Yemni Bedouin Arab Romance

Bedouins Are making a comeback this year, just ask Saudi artists Mohamed Batrfi the guy who wrote love songs that do not harm. Mohamed Batrfi released his first album in 1989 after years of working on the Saudi TV. his last album was also his fifth after that he stopped releasing new albums.

Influenced by local singers like Abu Baker Salim and Abdelrab Idris--the legendary singer who oversaw his first album. Mohamed Batrfi's connections to Yemen and its artists go back in time as he tries to work with local artists and take them under his wings. After all this is his native land and in 2004 he headlined concerts in Yemen once it was chosen a cultural capital for Arabs.

Mohamed Batrfi has done the concerts all over the region, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but he feels he has gotten bored. but we can see one of his old music videos that help us remember who he is. This is an old school concept romance like your grandparents in Arabia used to do it-nothing too flashy.

Qasdi Men El Zain Nazra - Mohamed Batrfi قصدى من الزين نظره - محمد باطرفى

Egyptain Singer Fayrouz Karawya 2.0

Transitioning from cool pop into heavy weight brainy songs driven from the poetry of Legendary Egyptian poet Salah Jaheen takes some heavy thinking. That seems to be the decision taken by Fayrouz Karawya, the hottest hipster singer in Egypt at this moment.

Fayrouz knows the boys like her, but this time she is going after the men and the other highly educated women looking for some wisdom with their entertainment. Read the online comments and you will realize, people are already talking about the change in Fayrouz's voice to live up to this song. So far everyone is in love with the track.

finally the historic city of Port Said has found its diva. Fayrouz started in 2006 a music experience that focuses on creative an emotional experience rather than show the quality of the voice. I think in this song the lyrics are in the center stage. I hope Fayrouz gets to come out here to the States and perform at stages like the Kennedy Center--she do Egypt some good.

مقدرش أنسى البشر- فيروز كراوية
مقدرش أنسى البشر- فيروز كراوية by Fayrouzkarawya

Rola Missing Creepy Music Video

Rola Saad wanted the fame so bad that she is willing to change looks as often as she could. Rola strikes me as an angry person who likes to pick fights with other female singers. Haifa Wahbe over a song and copying of styles, Nancy Ajram over reports of her hiring a Turkish model that Rola has worked with in the past. Carol Samahe over the role of Sabah in the TV drama.

But she has few successes in here and there, with those pop songs and romance songs she makes. Rola went to Egypt to become a star, but Egypt was too busy working with other talents, so she had to wait a bit.

This is a music video for her in her early days before she become a household name, a cheap budget music video with a creepy look and less than fashionable wardrobe. This comes in time for the American Halloween--October 31, 2011 So have a happy one

Leih Taaml Keda - Rola ليه تعمل كده - رولا

Hisham Abbas, Cool In the 90s, Lost In the 00s

Hisham Abbas was the fresh boy of Arab pop, the singer who never seems to take himself seriously and for that he was loved a great deal. If you know him from his 90s music videos, you will known that he is the first pop star to incorporate funk in his music as well as his videos.

I think his career peaked in 2000 with his global hit Nary Nary, that moved mountains and was remade in dozens of other languages. Then comes the big question, how do you follow that smashing success. Few can and that seemed hard for Hisham Abbas.

He never stopped making his music, in face he made few good singles here and there, but I think his fans have grown and Hisham style hasn't grown at the same pace. There is also the competition of dozens of others young singers who are hungry for fame and glory.

But Hisham is not done yet, I think he has at least one global hit in him left to bring out. To remember him in good days, check out this humor filed music video about a cat and mouse love affair. Abbas never loses his smile. Keep on mind, the model in this music video is India, she was Miss India and asked Hisham Abbas to appear in his music video becasue he was a popular dude after his Nary Nary that took India by storm.

Qol Alia Magnon - Hesham Abbas قول عليا مجنون - هشام عباس

Saber El Robaee, The Man Who Made Tunis Cool

While he was not the first Tunisian singer to make it big, he was the first to take the song of his home and make is hip. That's Saber El Robaee, the good looking singer who shot to fame in 2000 with his all popular Sidy Mansour hit song.

Before the Tunisian song was local and not too popular or known to the other Arabs out there. Along came Saber with his charm and good looks. Using the Tunisian dialect or words of it and wrap them with upbeat dance music that offers plenty of attitude.

But he also made other Egyptian and Lebanese songs that tends to be more romantic than any one could muster. But he kept coming back to his Tunisian songs, check out this Barsha song, Barsha in Tunisia means a lot and that's how much Tunisia likes Saber--a lot.

Barsha - Saber El Robaee برشا - صابر الرباعى

Monday, October 24, 2011

Can Myriam Fares Keep Her Clothes ON?

Myriam Fares can sing and can dance, but what she has not been able to do with her latest album is establish herself as a singer who can do Gulf songs, she really failed and her album sales are disappointing. But she knew that and kept her head up and got back in the zone to do damage control.

To recover from the less than flattering press she appeared on Najim Al Khalij, a talent show for the region, her clothes seemed to be missing and the entire people over there hammered her for her choice of clothes. But her music were good one more time. The spotlight seems to have left her for the moment, as it seemed no body cared much about her all Gulf album.

Now word on the street that she is working on a music video for that she is preparing her next dance with the help of international choreographers. There is also a new single that was not included in the album--this is the tamer Hosny approach that makes little sense.

My question to Myriam is about her choices. She is free to wear what she wants and I am free to comment on her outfits. But the real question, can this young and dazzling singer maintain her fame by keeping her clothes on? Or is that asking the impossible?

Myriam Fares- Gasayed مريام فارس- قصايد

Star Academy 7, The Year Of The Boy Rocker

check out this clip with two of the hottest alumni of Star Academy program. This is one of those moments that the show hits it big where a good picture, two voices and a great tv production. Zaytoon and Ramadan capture the moment wit this romance.

The song is about a guy who found no loyalty and faith in the heart of his loved one. the song says that gal is like the month of October where the weather is tricky and changes quickly with no prior notice. Gotta say this is some awesome poetic words to express the dark romance.

the song belongs of Lebanese one hit wonder Moeen Sharif. The Spanish music kicks of the song and then comes the romance and dance.

Star Academy 7 ناصيف زيتون محمد رمضان شو بيشبهك تشرين

Moein Sherif - As3ab Kelmy أصعب كلمة - معين شريف

El Général, Hip Hop, and the Tunisian Revolution

Hi there, Hot Arabic Music readers. I go by the name of Ulysses (@ArabRevRap on Twitter) and I'm studying Arabic and Middle East studies. I have started a blog,, to translate and analyze Arabic hip hop, help people improve their Arabic skills, and explore the academic, journalistic, and social media coverage of the Arab uprisings. Hani has very kindly offered to host my work and my song translationson his blog (thanks!), so I hope you enjoy my perspective. I'm happy to take your translation requests (hit me up on Twitter or at ulysses [dot] rap [at] I'm not a native speaker of Arabic, though, so I'm always looking for people to help with new translations or to correct mine.

So why exactly is Arabic hip hop worth your time? Well, for starters, hip hop has become a universal medium of social and political expression for young, dissident, and marginalized peoples. It's helping the people of Arab world, most of whom are younger than 30, find new ways to raise their voices. It's important not to overstate the influence of Arabic hip hop on the Arab uprisings. Arabic-langauge hip hop is an underground phenomenon, not a mainstream one like Al Jazeera is. There's no hip hop "industry" to speak of in the Arab world. Arabic-language rap artists must promote their work online or sign with Western record labels. Despite all this, the genre's popularity and influence are growing remarkably fast. Rappers in Tunisia and Libya have shaken the most nightmarish of regimes to the core. Arab hip hop is blowing up because it speaks so powerfully to Arabs' desire for dignity, human rights, and a brighter future.

With that said, here's my first major blog post. I hope you like it!

El Général, Hip Hop, and the Tunisian Revolution

Like many people, I first took notice of Arabic hip hop because of El Général and the Tunisian Revolution. The story has practically passed into mythology now. For a few critical days, a 21 year-old rapper from Sfax had a more powerful voice than the dictator of Tunisia himself. On October 23, Tunisia will hold the first truly free elections in its history when it elects a new constitutional assembly. El Général's story illuminates, with a vividness that few others can match, how Tunisia got to this point and where it might be going from here.

On November 7, 2010, Hamada Ben-Amor, a young rapper from Sfax known as "El Général," posted this jeremiad against the regime of Tunisian dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali on Youtube and Facebook:

Mansour Zayed Makes The Good, Better

When you are the most handsome singer in your country, the youngest and the best dressed one too, there are few things you can do wrong. But Mansour Zayed, the singer with a strong and a romantic dreamy voice seems to have not err. By making one of the best Arabic music album with 15 track of solid songs and now comes an amazing music video that focuses on the song and the singer

Playing the romantic card, fixing dinner, looking sharp as a razor, bringing a red rose and putting out your best smile, you sure get you the right one. The song is dance focused enough that it could have gotten a music video with a hundred backup dancers, but instead Mansour goes for the more intimate approach. I call that the fireside music video.

This is a very smart way to make yourself stand, both conservatives and progressives in Arabia will cheer this video.

The Most Exotic Looking Iraqi Singer, Ivan Najy

When your name is Ivan and you are Iraqi, you must have a compelling life story. But Ivan means music and he wants to keep that way. He came a long way to become one of the biggest names in young Iraqi music by building a solid online presence and making a number of music videos.

This is not the official music video, but it actually goes well with the song, it's his latest hit song, and you cannot mistake it for anything but Iraqi all around. "Madry Shuja" don't know what happened to him/her says the song

ايفان ناجي - مدري شجا 2011

Icons You Should Know: Saad Abdel Wahab

One of the golden boys of the 50 era is some guy you have never heard of, this is Saad Abdelwahab, an Egyptian singer that had it all and looked good while he was taking part of a romantic comedy.

I think in the 60s and 50s, Arab producers wanted only good looking actors who can als0 sing to star in their movies. So if you could not sing back then, then you won't be heard. Of course you can tell jokes and be a sidekick by to star in your own movie, you had to sing and have that dreamy personality.

Saad is the nephew of beloved Egyptian composer and singer Mohamed Abdelwahab. One of the most famous contributions of Saad is his work on the national anthem for the United Arab Emirates, he made the whole thing up and sang it too. He worked there as a consultant, but not before he had starred in seven movies.

He starred along names like Lebanese Sabah, and Egyptian Tahya Karaoke, Majdah and Ahmed Ramzy. but still he does not have the name recognition most of these people have. Luckily for us, you might have heard this song of his Al Donia Rishah--below.
سعد عبد الوهاب - على فين

سعد عبد الوهاب - الدنيا ريشة

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's Wrong With You People? Qaddafi's Death

"What's Wrong With You People?" is what Jon Steward has to say when he saw the gruesome footage of Qaddafi as he was being dragged in the street bleeding and eventually dying. I am sure Jon is not the only one who faults the Libyan mob for the death of Qaddafi. God knows there are Arabs and Muslims who hated the man, but also hated the way he was treated.

Now, the trouble with the Jon Steward comments are huge to me. Here's why, the death of any one is a big deal while we mourn the crazy and bloody ones less, but something is wrong with us if we cheer the death of anyone.

I am sure had footage of the death of Osama Bin Laden and the operation itself been released Jon won't be saying those exact words, he and others feel justified in their actions. I wish we see footage of Anwar Al Waki car after the drones has struck him and sent him to his fate. I am sure all these men have done evil things and have asked for that end.

But no luck, such images will not become public, they classify those videos and even the freedom of the press cannot unlock them. Why? Such images are gruesome too and will give you the creeps. Now Qaddafi's death was filmed using cellphones and other devices, that document the moment of truth. But Jon living in his New York loft will have no problem judgment those man from Mistrata--the very city that Qaddafi promised to raze and bring death and destruction.

I am not happy either about those gruesome images, but Qaddafi wasn't trying to kill me, he has not killed anyone I know or care about. So I defer judgement to those who know him best--his people. So those who criticize the death of Qaddafi usually have a different attitude about it, but when it comes to behavior they are no different than the ones that pulled the gun.

Friday, October 21, 2011

12 Must Haves for Hipsters

Hipsters are having the time of their lives this year, from the streets of Cairo, the Suburbs of Tunisia, the Squares of Madrid to Occupy Wall Street protestors. It seems the world is having a hipster outbreak of great proportions. It seems to me that hipsters of the world have more than rage at bankers and politicians in common:

  1. A French Press, that's right, hipsters think they will save the world one French Press at a time. Fair Trade Coffee, if you have the French Press, you would need the coffee, here is where the fair trade people come in to sell you a feel good coffee, where you can brag about how awesome you are, thinking about those poor farmers. Making your own coffee sort of earns you the right to condemn "Corporate culture."
  2. Organic Tea and Pabst Blue ribbon bear-- not together. Hipsters might not be big on coffee that's where this comes in. Hipsters spend big bucks on their boutique tea with exotic flavors. Tea infuser is another devise hipsters flaunt in their kitchens.
  3. Skinny Jeans seems to be the national uniform of hipsters wherever you go. Nothing screams louder that you are a hipster as much as those skinny jeans. Go ahead and tell me how much you paid for them, no I won't be surprised. Messenger bags that come with a really long story.
  4. Slow food, organic food and farmers market, just a reminder that hipsters are hated by everyone including themselves. Anything labeled and marketed as made in small batches. Now, we are like to eat healthy, but we like to do it on our own terms. A farmers market brings out all those hidden hipsters in your town, like that little honey that brings in the bear. Next time you want to brag about your involvement with community sustained farming, make sure I give a damn. Grass fed beef sounds nice, I have to admit.
  5. Your reusable shopping bag just makes me want to throw up.
  6. Fixie bike and start acting like some kind of the chosen one as if God gave you this lane. They expect the world to be peaceful, try and cut them and unleash some "peace."
  7. Your collection of independent movies is kind of nice until you open your mouth and start making political statements, I lose interest in both your movies and your naturally low IQ.
  8. What the hell is an Earth friendly sole? How dare you speak on the behalf of the entire earth? It's good to know that you bought a pair of Tom's shoes so that a kid in Africa can have shoes too, but why do you need to announce it to the world?
  9. The whole T-shirt, ribbons, and wrist bands activism is getting old, no one cares about what worthy cause you support now. And do not think of sending me a Facebook invite to join a cause either.
  10. Fair trade diamonds. It's great that you saw that Leonardo DiCaprio movie about diamonds, but do not drive your spouse insane about your unreasonable demands. But now to think about it, if you found someone who would marry you with all your creepy activism, they deserve you. Thanks goodness, most hipsters are too poor to purchase diamonds.
  11. A subscription to Netflix with at least 4 documentaries in your queue, a Hulu subscription where you catch the latest episode of your all-time favorite show Modern Family/Mad Men since you are too broke to have a cable.
  12. Vintage photos and pictures of some old ethnic guy smoking a hookah, a pipe or drinking that south American mate.

Bonus underground music made by people wearing skinny jeans and look like they don't care.

Thrift Shops, if you build them, they will come.

Hat Tip: Joseph Abushawish

Watch Ahmed Mekky Cima Ali Baba 2011 Movie

The funniest Arab actor of this moment is Egyptain actor Ahmed Mekky who also happens to be a rapper. This Eid he is back with a new movies, this time his movies goes up in the sky. It's a space odyssey with jokes. This is like one of those dozens of movies they have made in the States lampooning star wars.

This time the jokes are in Arabic and in a very local sense, custom written for Egypt. I must say the affects don't look cheat at all, the crew seems to taken their job seriously. why not when Ahmed Mekky is the largest box office star. He has the fans waiting for his latest project and for the past three months we have been hearing about this movie.

I hope this is really funny, and worth the wait. What I also hope of Ahmed to take in some feedback from his crew. You cannot pick winners all the time unless you listen to your inner voice and compare that with what others say.

تيزر فيلم احمد مكي " سيما علي بابا " - Ahmed Mekky Cima Ali Baba Teaser

Best Voices In Egypt Meet For A Duet

If I say Ahmed Saad, you won't know who I am referring to. But if I say Sherine, chances are, you will know the singer I am referring to. That's becasue Sherine is the best and hardest working female voice in Egypt--she says she is number 2. Her career extends from 2001 till 2011. Not a single song of hers went without buzz.

Ahmed Saad is new to the game, I would say I have come to know of him three years ago through his songs in the movie Haifa Wahbe starred in. Then the gigs started coming and his voice graced more movies. He does those blues songs and he sounds like a broken man, a bird that cannot fly no more.

There was a time when they met on a tv show and performed a song together, and if you have seen the show you know that those two voices are compatible and the artists personality seem to fit one another. In face they have appeared in concerts before and now they just canceled their planned concert to the States.
احمد سعد وشيرين - قلبي عليك

Hear This! Mustafa Amar on Facebook

Moustafa Amar is wasting no time claiming his favorite nickname, the King of Arab pop. He used that name for Facebook and he called his YouTube channel just that. Last week he took on the internet and released what I call a creative video promoting his new Facebook page.

I am sure there are tons of fake pages for this once huge entertainer, but this makes it official Facebook wins, it's not the 90s anymore and it seems that Moustafa Amar has just come to terms with that reality.

Moustafa Amar on Facebook | Teaser

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Song Made Mostafa Amar's Stardom

As a young composer Mostafa made a lot of singers popular and famous. This Alexandria boy wonder, wanted to become a star on his own merits, so he started singing and that took off right away.

I remember it was the early 90s when the teen girls of the Arab world got to know of this good looking romantic man of Arabia. My female cousins will send me to the music store--remember those? to pick up his latest cassette and if I can try to get a poster for free.

20 years and this singer now turned actor is still around, doing what he does best entertaining, sure competition is stiff, but he still got his looks and energy. This is the song of his that sent him all the way to the bank laughing and gave us this light pop singer who moved between romance and pop with ease.

The path of that song of fortified his path to fame and fortune.

Mostafa Amar مصطفى قمر سكة العاشقين

Amr Youssef 2011 "Yalla" Album Released

Amr Youssef album is out in Egyptian market for you to purchase and enjoy, a 10 track album with romance and love and lots of guitar, the artist even poses with one on the cover. This is Amr Youssef's first album.

This is a mix album that offers various songs on love and even there's a song for moms. I have not heard this album, but the singles I listened to were fine.

1 - Bahebek Ya Balady
2 - Yalla
3 - Erda
4 - Sadaqetna
5 - Ya Thawrageyah
6 - Men Seneen
7 - Shofy
8 - Mesh Ghariba
9 - Omy
10 - Hagat Neoulha

Ba7ebbek ya Balady song-Amr Youssef أغنية بحبك يا بلدي-عمرو يوسف

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Arabic Bridesmaids Music Video

So you might have heard of the hilarious American movie Bridesmaid, a tale of the bridesmaids for an American bride loaded with humor. Arabs also love wedding, but the bridesmaids is not a common practice, so party is what Egyptian pop singer Suomaia.

Suomaia is one of those young singers that belnd local music with pop and make music video that offers humor and spunk, but little sex appeal--Egyptians female singers are good this way. A girly music video that guys can also watch and relate too.

The song is titled "Not Easy" and that's the motto of all Arab girls--at least the ones I know. Enjoy
فيديو كليب سمية الجديد مش سهلة

Pause Music Production Upcoming Concert Lineup

Pause a new Egyptian music production company is putting together a concert this weekend in Egypt at the Cultural Wheel. They tabbed their biggest young names to headline the concert. Jordanian Rapper Nasser, young pop singer Rania Naguib, Moroccan Tahra Hmimichi, Palestinian Dyla Ouda, Hani Hussein, Egyptian Noha Shabha

Those are all young voices that have competed in Star Academy to modest to great success. This could also be a fashion show by just looking the pictures you know jeans is the way to go. However, this concert will be worth it and I am certain it will sell out--those singers have their own fans and the tickets have been reasonably priced.

Album Pause 1 Live Concert Promo | حفل نجوم ألبوم بوز 1

Stephanie Fakih, One More Lebanese Entertainer

Stephanie Fakih is having the time of her life, Rotana, the powerhouse in Arabic music production has hosted this young singer and honored her in a night of music, chatter and good food.

Stephanie is young, but her thing is, I don't want to be owned by one production company. she is a free spirit this way. That's smart move that can help an artist to build their name and career while working on their craft.

I like this soft light song that shows some good start, if you can keep up with the ever changing looks/styles today's singers have to go through, you might actually enjoy this one.

Stephanie Fakih - Ghayarli Omry / ستيفاني فقيه - غيرلي عمري

Here's Shiraz, Arab Not Persian Pop Singer

If you are in for some family friendly Arabic porn, then you got your goal. This is what singer pop sensation Shiraz offers in her Sahhart Ayouni song that features some guy names Adam Clay. The title means, "You Made My eyes Sleepless".

This is a pop song vaguely karaoke version of those European beats that young people take drugs to. Shiraz doesn't disappoint either, she spends the bulk of the music video revealing her skin and taking off some of those fancy outfits, in the hopes to make herself your favorite star.

Let's get one thing straight, had there been no computers, Shiraz would never sing and had their been no YouTube, she should never record a music video like that making herself look desperate. The girl is really good looking and I am sure she doe snot need me to say that.

This should be the business card for Shiraz to break into making Arabic porn, she seems not to worry about anything at all, she looks naturally fake. Of course those million plastic surgery won't hurt.

Shiraz & Adam Clay - Sahhart Ayouni / شيراز و آدم كلاي - سهرت عيوني

Khalid Abdel Raham, Classier Than Ever

One of the few classy dudes of the Gulf music is Khalid Abdel Raham, someone you might not have heard about if you are 20 years old. While his music makes him to be one of the few classy singers in the Gulf region. Khalid is not the kind that would chase after your money, and quite frankly he does not care about the business.

His thing is Tarab, where classy poetic lyrics meet solid original music that's meant to be enjoyed when you want to be alone or when you want to enjoy a great deal of charm.

Being a fan of this Gulf singer means, you are a finer taste for good music and all things that bring you joy in this life are mean to be consumed slowly, just like this album of 9 tracks. This makes Khalid Abdel Rahman, the singer that other Gulf singers listen to and get inspired by his work and words

01.Rafe3 ELZo2
02.Enta ELnazar
03.Ya Heah
04.Set ElSetat
05.Ma Taralak
06.Ana Da5elak
07.Wesh 3ad Yefre2

Lebanese Singer Nour, Classy And Lady Like Album

Nour is one of those new age singers coming from Arabia to rock the local pop scene with good music, sure they can be light those songs of hers, but that is not reason to stop if you think there's value in that. Not sure what her nationality is, but I am feeling she is Lebanese by her choice of songs and music.

As far as the voice goes this is the Yara version of Magda El Roumy and both are Lebanese. So cross those two singers and you get the idea of where Nour stands. She is not short on quality voice and she even has sang in the presence of Wadie El Safy. Now she steps it up with this album of hers where original material allows her to stand on her ground and be a star by the virtue of her work.

01.Men El Alef Ela EL Ya2
03.Ghomorny 7abiby
04.Ma Bady 7ada
06.Sho Sa3by
07.Alby b Amrak
08.Ya Shaghel Albena
09.Seed El Mela7

الفنانه نور برنامج اغاني عمري 7-05-

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Salah Al Zadjali: First Mainstream Omani Singer

the Arab Gulf loves music and high value poems that speak of passion, love and loyalty. And then the pop stars who take a serious note, but make their music light enough to be liked be the young ones, played on the radio and offer some meaning that the adults can also appreciate.

A good romance story is all it takes for making a music video in the Gulf. This handsome singer for the tiny country of Oman where pop is not a big deal and TV is only watched for local news. Thus comes the first mainstream singer from that country to please the rest of the Gulf.

The music video offers some youthful look, good looking models and droves of young studs. This is a really good song that reminds of me of Iraqi musician/singer Walid El Chamy. I really appreciate the retro look and the sense of humor Salah Al Zadjaali have shown in this clip. Do you detect some India Bollywood influence in this music video?

كليب عيار - صلاح الزدجالي Salah Al Zadjali Ayaar

Egyptian Bushra Does It So Much Better

She is an actress, turned singer turned producer and her name is Bushra, one of the few Arab singers who can claim one name that needs no last. Bushra is one of the hottest and hardest working entertainer in her country. Get this one of the movies nominated for an Oscar this year--consideration phase is the one she starred in 678 about sexual harassment in public transportation in Egypt.

She is also working on a comedy movie for the Eid alongside seasoned actor Mahmoud Yaseen. When she is not acting, she is producing something with her company New Century that has come to give the best real movies that offer entertainment and sometimes a message.

Now though she is revisiting her music career, working with a number of big names in Egyptian music to put together her upcoming album. To warm up things for the album, she released this single few months ago and now she is releasing a music video to go with it an dyes there is a new look.

you get some humor in this Howa Meen (And Who Is This Guy?), there are outfits too, but I think the song is not as hot as other ones. It speaks to younger listener and offer little tarab! But she doesn't disappoint for a second there you get a glimpse of the real Bushra and how she sounds at her best.
bushra howa meen

Gilad Shalit Gets A Palestinian Song To His Name

Two Palestinians amateur singers and musician put out this satire song about the release of the Israeli solider Gild Shalit. The song is heavy on satire that shows the biased of the world toward the one Israeli dude they cares about him, but failed to worry about the 1000s of Palestinians in Israeli jails

Shalit has come home,

we do not have to worry about him n more

His father was happy and his mother was overjoyed.

Tel Aviv went crazy over this big deal

Countries of the world were happy and giddy about this deal

Shalit is free, he is not Awad nor Hanna--Arab names

هاي رجع شاليط، احمد داري ويوسف زايد، Ahmad Dari, Retour de Shalit