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Faris Karam, The Lebanses Dude

Lebanese music has always had a place for party music like "Debka" dance songs, there are currently a dozen of stars who do this genera of music You got your Melhim Zain, Mohammad Iskander and others...but none of them is as prolific, energizing and hip as Faris Karam. Faris doesn't worry too much about branching out and doing love dove songs, he is here to party and no one has partied like him for the past decade.

Faris Karam is the most popular Lebanese singer that the young Arabs living abroad embrace, his concerts are in demand all over America, Canada and Europe. But he is also big in Latin America and Brazil where there is a significant Lebanese/Syrian/Palestinian population who appreciate this style of singing.

While Faris Karam is much older that his Tanoora song, the one hit song that even those who do not speak Arabic have memorized it becasue they have heard it every time there's an Arabic party or a wedding. Faris made other popular songs since the Tanoora, like El Gerbah, and Alhamdilah and he continues to be the life of the party. Faris Karam stomped by the UAE for the Burj Steps shopping festival party. Right after the UAE, he has a party in Syria, then back to the Kuwait for Hala February festival and then the US/Canada tours kicks off.

Fares Karam Khetyar Ala 3ekaza فارس كرم

PeleBoY is Back With Freinds This Time

Detroit Iraqi Italian rapper and our friend here at Hot Arabic Music PeleBoY is out with his latest rap hit. This time Rouce Da 5'9" lends him a hand on this gangster track. Why not, they are both Detroit natives and know the tug life inside out.

Again, there are many rappers out there and at times it seems this style is dying, but songs like this remind you that there is still something out there to be told, stories and tales to be remembered in those tracks. Yes, it might not be for everyone, but for many out there, rap seems everything.

So here is the PeleBoY latest track and remember to engage with the artists via their social pages. Maybe one day we can see PeleBoY on the Jersey Shore kicking it with the Situation, the rapper has what it takes and he has never been ashamed of it.

PeleBoY Feat. Royce Da 5'9" - Hands Up

The Black List: Egyptian Celebrities for Mubarak

This is El3ar Al 3ar list, the list of shame in Arabic for all those Mubarak apologists and sympathizers who have also hated, defamed or called for the killing of the Tahrir protesters,
Sure before January 25, 2011, there were almost no one who dares to criticize the Egyptian dictator Hosny Mubarak, now a lot more speak out against him and a lot more speaking for change. I have complied a list of brown nose celebrities who are still sucking up to the president and have forgotten the lives that have been lost. Those celebrities need to remember one thing, it's the love of the people who made them celebrities not the regime. It's the people who form their fan base, not the politicians. Maybe the people are wrong to celebrate such celebrities becasue they celebrities seem not to appreciate that and instead place bigger value on people in power more than common people who are your power.

Those opportunistic jerks want to slow down the momentum and now after all this they come out talking about the protests and urging the Egyptian youth to go home....To these intellectually disabled celebrities, everything good happens in Egypt, it's becasue Mubarak did it, the bad things he is not the one to blame. I do not get it! No one says that stars should all agree or think alike, but they do not have to bail out a rotten regime. Now here is my list with a link to a story that ended those Egyptian clowns into my shit list:

  1. Randa Hafiz, wants the youth to go home now and not to speak ill of the President. Randa even says she is a working girl and has been working since she was 16. that's almost as laughable as Lady Gaga claim to being a freak. Here is the link
  2. Shazaa, the Egyptian singer wants the youth to go home and stop messing with the stability of Egypt like it was ever stable--she means keep the status quo. She went on Facebook calling it a conspiracy against the president for the Jews! I did not know your music makes people that stupid. Here is the link
  3. Talat Zakaria, the Egyptian clown who had a meeting with baba Hosny few months ago now comes out and say the President told him back then that neither he or Gamal-his son will run for office. Now the clown remembers that. The funny thing Talat thinks he is the spokesperson for the President now. Here is the link But more recently he has been using dirty tactics by claiming that crazy sex and drug parties all over the Tahrir square. Of course Talat forgot to mention he had a pornographic birthday party for his daughter Omimah. They have also said, Tahrir square protesters are also Muslim brothers members, so sex parties at the Muslim brotherhood watch sounds silly (watch the video of those outlandish claims). Link
  4. Tamer Hosny, the Kanaye West of Egypt that one that always has comments about everything and anything is now making phone calls to TV networks asking the youth to go home and stop the protest. Maybe now they can afford to go to one of your concerts where girls jump all over you. Never mind most of the intellectual youth in Egypt hate your gut, you can keep the teenagers. I would like to remind this A list celebrity "A for a$$hole" while the brave young men where standing tall in the Tahrir square he was in a concert in the Netherlands. Here is the link
  5. Mai Kassab, the Egyptian singer turned actress wants to have it both ways, she says the people have just demands and she hopes the new government can make them a reality. Mai also happens to believe the moon is made out of cheese. Maybe she should stick to making B movies. Here is the link
  6. Ghada Abel Razik was the first Egyptian actress to voice her unequivocal support for her president Hosny Mubarak. And she has also boycotted whoever called to bring him and his regime down. the porn grade actress called people names and insulted her peers who disliked the president. Maybe the President will allow her to make full pron motion pictures now as she voiced her support. Link Here But this is not that easy, here is why she lead the pack who stood for Mubarak and insulted the protesters...her daughter was appointed as a pilot by the Ahmad Shafiq, the current Prime Minister in Egypt and former head of the Egyptian Aviation Authority. Who commission the actress to lead the efforts to defame the protesters in exchange for hiring her daughter, even though Egypt Air was not hiring at the time. Link
  7. Amro Mustafa, is a smart musician but a stupid person. He took part of a demonstration for Mubarak. He is a mouthpiece for the regime and in his past he tries to work the with Egyptian ruling party to do propaganda on the school children thought music. The apparently high singer called the people at the Tahrir square a fifth column and hang up the phone in anger. Maybe you should go back to Spain where you spend most of your time making music and let the sane deal with life. Link Here
  8. Zeina, the gorgeous Egyptian actress that has never acting in her life, instead she always behaves on camera and play the cute girlfriend to some dude. She participated in a rally to preserve the mighty president. Zina thinks that Hosny is her father and the father of all Egyptians. Aside from the weird daddy issue Zina clearly has, It's easy to say that when you do not ever talk to poor people and when you get people to shop, cook and clean for you. Link Here
  9. Adel Imam, the always horny and almost never funny anymore Egyptian actor was the first to call the protesters names and insult them, then he came back and denied those quotes. Sure for the past 20 years he has been singing praises to King Mubarak and his band of thieves. So sorry Adel, but you actually said those things and have praised Gamal as the next guy. Here is the link
  10. Ola Ghanem, Egypt's closest actress to a porn star, fears the brotherhood coming and wants the protesters to leave. Ola who is married to an American businessman spends most of her time outside Egypt and when she is in Egypt she is busy making movies where she almost always takes off her clothes and enrages in sexual acts. I can see her fear of the brotherhood, it's not good for her kind business. worse yet, she says the tug attacks on camels and horses was not a big deal and the foreign media blew it out of proportion! Link
  11. Hassan Shehata, the coach for the Egyptian national soccer team organized a rally in support of Hosny Mubarak, he even got on top of the car and asked the president to stay for more years as a president. Sorry old zombie man, where have you been for the past 10 days? Hassan claims to be talking for millions of Egyptians. If this is true, where have these people been? Maybe you should go back and re-learn how to win in soccer. You can blame this solid Mubarak man for the absence of the soccer player from participating in the protest. Why? Shehata would make sure that anyone who protest Mubarak will never wear the Egypt jersey on a soccer field. Here is the link
  12. Ahmad Al Saka (Saqqa, Sa'a) the phenomenal box office champ and perhaps most respectable actor has lost his way. He says he is neutral on the matter, but he does not want President Hosny to leave right away. Not sure why that would be? I think Ahmad seems to be out of touch here with the majority of the people protesting and he risks a lot. No one asks him to share his opinion, but it seems he is in the minority. Yesterday he changed his tone and trying to fix their mess by saying that the protesters should rule Egypt Link to video. Look no further than the comments on the news story to see the trouble he is in Link
  13. Ibrahim and Hossam Hassan, the twins who over see Zamalik Club, the second most popular sport club in Egypt led a protest against the protest and chanted in support of Uncle Hosny. Prominent soccer players such as Ibrahim is the bigger losers of twins for calling in and ranting on TV with what could be the most idiotic thing ever been said about anything. Say it isn't so, but people are not like soccer ball, no one should kick them around. Here is the link
  14. Shikabala, Ahmad Hossam Mido and Wael Jum'a tried to tell the protesters at the Tahrir square to go home. They urge people to go back to work, maybe if the people had work, they might not have protested in the first place.Some of them appeared on TV to push the Mubarak agenda. Link
  15. Essam Al Hadary, the trouble maker goalie who just been suspended for his trouble with his former club Al Ahli came to the defense of uncle Mubarak and took part of the Mubarak support rally. The goalie who changes clubs faster he can change his shirt is out of luck on this one. Essa Al Hadary's job is not let any ball pass him, he seems to have let one get pass him this time Link
  16. Most if not all soccer players have stayed away from the protesters and have either asked them to return home or have just given Mubarak the benefit of the doubt. Abu Treika, the most popular soccer player in the Arab world who is also Egyptian showed up on Friday with flag and he prayed next to the protesters, few hours later Mubarak was out of power. Maybe he should have appeared in Tahrir sooner? But most people know Abu Treika had no love for Mubarak to begin with. Up and coming player Geddo seems to have managed to survive this by donating blood and not taking part of any protests. Link Link
  17. Mohammad Fouad is known as the heart of Egypt, made a phone call appealing with the protesters to go home. He seems to be heart broken and wants the protest to stop. Foad offered to kiss the feet of the protesters to get them to walk away. He brought Gaza, Palestine, UAE and Saudi Arabia into this, I think he was crying. His phone call was rather strange. He loves his Hosny Mubarak and wants him to be respected, he even sounded like a cheerleader for the now former dictator. His voice is not in the minority and the man he defended ran way just like that Link
  18. Mohammad Nour, the cute boy band singer wins the gold, he actually took the time to record a song apologizing to the President ans asking him to forgive them for they have sinned. Like all those who have seen the worst on the Mubarak regime do not count. This guy lives in an alternative universe. I do not even have the stomach to hear this gibberish song, life is too short. Tell that to Khalid Said, the young man from Alexandria that was tortured to death for no reason. Link
  19. Shams Al Baroudy, the retired Egyptian actress who happens to be a pious figure and a God fearing figure is also a Mubarak fearing/loving person. Her and her husband actor Hassan Yousef want the people to apologize to the president for hurting this feelings. Why do these morons treat the president like a little girl/boy who cannot stand the heat? Here is the link
  20. Tamer Amin, the Egyptian talk show host who has done more damage to the State sponsored TV in Egypt than any other host. If they State wanted to spread a lie about the protesters, if they wanted to discredit them demonstrations, they all go to Tamer Amin who would repeat those accusations like a parrot. He is one of those Mubarak foot soldiers and this the protesters hated his gut and his bogus charges. Link
  21. Samah Anwar had the harshest words for the protesters "Burn them with all you got", bombs, nukes anything to get them to walk away. I usually refrain from criticizing people who have not done anything significant in years, but her comments make her one of the top loser as she has yet to apologize for her call to bring more death and destruction upon the people of Egypt. Was she trying to be funny or was she that stupid to make such comments? Link to video
  22. Dalal Abdel Aziz, the Egyptian actress that has a broad fan base due to her very long history in movies and TV dramas. She cam ion full support of President Mubarak, not just that she brought in her family into this. Her husband is Samir Ghanim and funny man and her daughters who are fairly popular in the Egyptian entertainment also voiced support for the dictator. There are even reports of Dalal Abdel Aziz calling the protesters on Al Hayat TV a bunch of gays and homosexuals, but I cannot find the video but here is a Facebook page with that accusation. Link
  23. Ahmad Ezz, the actor not the politician had no love for the Tahrir protesters, he took part of a Mubarak support rally and wanted to go to Tahrir to tell the protesters to go home. Now he is going back and changing his word, but I think we all know what you meant Mr. I am too handsome to have any thinking of my own. Too bad, I thought you an an actor with an independent persona Link
  24. Haitham Shaker, the draft dodging singer who was imprisoned along with Tamer Hosny for forging army letters stating they have served in the army while they have not. Took part of a rally to support the Mubarak regime. Haitham's most recent hit was titled, Asli Qadeem, "I am Old School" just the way Haithm likes his dictator I guess. While he did not say anything mean about the protesters, feel free to see his picture in the support Mubarak rally. Link
  25. Mona Zaki, I cannot really figure what what she is saying on live TV she spoke for Mubarak and for the Tahrir Square. She really loved Mubarak and she does not like the protesters lack patience, and their stubbornness. She also had nice words about the protesters. It seems that she is speaking from both sides of her mouth. Link

محمد نور حقك علينا -اعتذار للرئيس مبارك

سماح أنور تدعو لحرق الثوار بميدان التحرير - Samah Anwar

إبراهيم حسن مدير الكرة بالزمالك يسىء لشباب التحرير ثورة 25 يناير

ميدان التحرير اضحك مع التليفزيون المصرى Tamer Amin Defames Tahrir Square

عادل إمام : عمل ايه حسني مبارك علشان يتشتم Adel Imam on Mubarak

Actor Ahmad Ezz الفنان أحمد عز و عمرو أديب Speaks Against Tahrir

Mona Zaky Live call in support of Mubarak

Arab Celebrities and Photo Shoots In Style

See photo shoot sessions are no longer exclusive for models and wealthy Hollywood celebrities. Elaph does a fine job covering this story and interviewing a number of Arab female stars during their photo shoots. But somehow they only found female celebrities taking pictures, no dude celebrities. But not to worry the photographers are almost all dudes.

Maya Diab, Myriam Faris, Pascale Mashalani, Carole Smahe, Amani Swissi, Arwa, Sherine, Rouida Attieh and few more lining up to take their pictures which they use for marketing and promotion. I think makeup artists, and stylists are the true stars of those photo shoots as without their work those pictures would be dull. I know for fact that lighting plays a major role in making a picture stand out. While Rome burns, these folks are taking pictures that will help them sell music that no one is buying right now.

Arab Stars Photo Shoots Sessions

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Please Meet Shahed Yaseen

She does not usually like to talk about her nationality but with her exotic look you have to wonder where Shahed Yasin comes from. Here is what I will tell you, she is an actress and he been acting for the past few years...mainly in TV dramas in the Arabia Gulf region.

TV dramas like "الساكنات فى قلوبنا"(The Women) "الحريم" (Those who occupy our hearts) "بين الماضى والحب" (The Story of our love) "قصة هوانا" (Between the Past and Love) where she played pivotal roles and continues to lighten the Arab TV. Shahed likes her privacy and very few people get to know her most intimate details about her life.

Now let me ask based on the picture alone can you guess what county she hails form?

Magdy Saad Brings Attention to the Poor

Every three years we hear from Magdy Saad "Madgy Sa3d"with a song that he sings about a subject he feels and lives. While he does not get the big name recognition the big concert deals, that allows him to remain close home. And this he is able to tell the stories of the people living on the margin of history, granted there are a lot of those anywhere you look.

El Ghalaba, "The Less Fortunate", is a dramatic song about a very social issue, they very issue that is destabilizing countries right now. The Egyptian star has only released one album that was quite good. I am glad Magdy and not someone else did this song, I would hate to see some wealthy Arab singer who lives in hotels and dines and wines around town to deliver this song. Not only it would have been a meaningless song, but it will also be insulting tio many of us.

The song is by Magdy Saad, and the clip is from the 2008 Al Safa'h, "the serial killer" about a man who gross up in troubled circumstances and goes down one wrong path after another. The movie was too dark for me, but this kind of movies do not get made in Arabia, so it was a good change to see a twisted dark movie about the mind of a criminal.

Clip Magdy Sa3d - Elghalaba | كليب مجدي سعد - الغلابه

Lower Your IQ with this Egypitian Movie

Ghada Abel Razik is the most demanded and most paid female actress on TV but that does nto say a word about the quality of the work she is involved in. Here is a clip from her latest sleaze infested movie Bon Siwaree "كليب حطه يا بطة . اداء غادة عبد الرازق و نهلة زكى و مى كساب .. من فيلم بونسوارية" I like female lead movies and I think we should have more of them, but not the ones that play to the stereotype and make it harder to produce such movies in the future.

This is a traditional silky song that was taken and butchered in this music video where bad langauge, weak pronunciation, gibberish and some English get rolled in one serving of silly going on sleazy entertainment. Yes, three girls who are short on talent go through the trouble og running the business of their deceased father.

I may end up watching this movie if I felt the need to lower my IQ and insult my senses, but I feel I have seen this story before only a million time. And with all the skin and sleaze we saw in the movie, the producer says, (I quote) "I made this movie for a religious reason" that's what the producer said when he was called out on this movie.

غادة عبد الرازق حطة يا بطة

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tony Hanna, Decades Of Razzle Dazzle

As a fan of Lebanese old school music and its figures. I came to know of Tony Hanna, a man the age of my own father with a hint of Michael Jackson. Honestly, I knew his songs before I know even he existed. I got to see him at first in an old Salwa Katrib song in 1974 where the performed together (see video below) and then late in 2010, Qatar had a festival to honor Lebanese music where half a dozen of Lebanon A list stars, Najwa Karam, Melhim Barakat, Melhim Zain, Ayman Zabeeb and of course Tony Hanna.

Tony known for his awesome mustache, designer cane, and fashionable suites and outfits. Kudos to the man his charisma and on stage energizer bunny powers. So now I am determined to leanr more about Tony and his life where he was born and rared in a small village in the Lebanese mountains. Later, Tony Hanna moved to London, England where he lived there for five years and then Tony moved to Detroit where there is a large Lebanese concentration. Tony called Detroit home for an impressive 20 years.

Later in his life Tony headed back to his native Lebanon back to his small village. Known for his 70s debka performances with a large score of professional dancers whom Tony led in singing and dancing to a traditional Lebanese beat. Fans around the world turn out for his concerts in droves, anywhere there are Lebanese people, Syrians and Palestinians, Tony will entertain them. Many US and European cities, as well as to Paris, London, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentine.

يابا لاله من شردلي الغزالة ؟ " طونى حنا " الدوحة

خطرنا على بالك .. ياهوى ؟ " طونى حنا " الدوحة

طوني حنا

طال السهر وليالي العيد / طوني حنا وسلوى قطريب 1974

Arwa, The Oprah of Arabia

Arwa started to sing few years ago. The new girl from Yemen was a tough sell as her country has very few stars in its history. But that did not stop her, she recorded an good album and then it was releases to a big deal of success. The beautiful entertainer had some spark about her, something that drew people to her as she is natural in every sense of the world. (Hear Arwa here and here)

In her music video, she is not acting, she is just being herself and we liked it. In her interviews she came across as a nice girl that you like to meet one day. Then someone had a great idea, put the starlet in TV and give her her own show, "Akher Man Ya'alam", in English "the last to know" and that was a very good move, the show was praised by viewers, guests and TV producers....Arwa made the news with her stars and helped them gain new ground.

Then now comes round three, Arwa gets a high profile TV show in a format of a reality TV where the stars get to live in "What If" moments. We do not know much about the concept, but it seems that MBC TV is pushing hard to market it and you can see the promo for it below. I think Arwa is a great TV personality, she is great looking and an ideal interviewer who does not get in your face or try to be mean, so people talk with her and feel fine.

I know in my book, she is the finest import form Yemen and wish more stars were like her. She does not work hard to appeal to you by any other means other than her persona...she let the other TV personalities show their skin and use provocative language, she is bigger than that.

Arwa's commercial for "Lu" / أروى للإعلان عن برنامج جديد لها لو

Faris Karam vs. Najwa Karam

So Najwa Karam and Fares Karam have a lot in common, they are both Lebanese and they both share a last name. They also both dominate a singing style that's distinctly Lebanese. They are celebrated by many and in a way they both represent the best of Lebanese art. In a way they know how to start a party. They both are on contract with Rotana, the music production powerhouse. But that does not mean they are buddies.

In fact they despise each other. Najwa Karam got upset when Faris said he is the man who brought Lebanese traditional songs into life....Najwa to her credit has been doing that for the past 20 years for Faris' 15 years. Then they started a cat fight who is the voice of Lebanon. Najwa Karam is known to be fiery and someone who does not take a backseat to nobody.

Fares Karam seems like a nice guy, he had a series of hit songs that had global success and present he said he did not want a fight, but who knows, just watch this reportage by Elaph about the feud and the back story of how some Arab stars refuse to take the high road and continue to pick fights with their country men and women over turf.

Arab Celebrities Phone Bill

See what happens when you ask a number of Arab entertainers (singers, actors, composers, lyricists and comedians) one odd question. How much do you pay in phone bill a month?

While most of those celebrities were surprised by the random question, most of them had an answer, needless to say some were clueless about it. The number you hear very often as an answer is 200-500 dollars a month. Some even said 18 k a month! I find it hard to believe if not possible at all. Of course some celebrities like Egyptian singer Sherine, she said she doesn't know! Her husband pays.

An interesting video that shows a moment with Arab celebrities when they are caught off guard in a very human moment away from scripted answers.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Joseph Attieh Channels His Own Cowboy Lover Boy.

Can you imagine waking up on the beach to find a cute boy standing next to a table with a flower and a gift in his hands welcoming you? Then he busts out a lovely song for you eyes! Then your friends show up with presents and cheers. Then you guys both play with horses all day and sure you ride them! Love each other and show us that on screen, then the party starts. and a gorgeous sunset takes over you.

First, this is a good music video if you were a girl, this will be a music video you want to watch, but then it will raise your expectations and you would think all guys are as charming as Joseph "they are not!" a bonus tip, Joseph little sister appeared on the music video part of the party people on the beach.

I did not like the head cover or whatever the young singer placed on his head. There ic clearly some waxing that took place. with that in mind, I think Joseph is a hard working young man who might as well be the nicest guy in the business. He still got few years ahead of him so I hope they will be least as bright as hard he work to make them be.

Joseph Attieh - Habiby El Gharam / جوزيف عطية - حبيبي الغرام

Write it Down, I am an Arab Says Darwish

Watching the masses of Arab people protest in solidarity with their brethren in Egypt and Tunisia, I am reminded that we are all the same and that our trouble are the same where the plight is common....get rid of the dictator and end oppression.

This plight has never been expressed in a better fashion that the way Mahmoud Darwish expressed it with his words in his infamous Sajil Ana 'Araby. It comes to mind every time I think Arabs are different from each other...the more different we become the more things stays the same. As hundreds of thousand Egyptians march tomorrow morning at the Tahrir Square, millions of hearts in the Arab world will be with them and all eyes will be on Egypt.

There are many great pieces that channels Arabs frustration with the status quote since the 70s poets like Ahmad Matar, Darwish, and Foad Nijim have been shaming the Arab regimes and calling them names. Nothing changed until now. For fans of Arabic poetry and of this world wide famed poet, I present this poem with the people of Egypt on my mind as their plight is too real.

سجّل أنا عربي - محمود درويش

سجّل أنا عربي - محمود درويش

Watch this Tunisian Love Song During the Riots

The Best song from a lady with a warm voice that was able to keep her head up during the riots in Tunisia, she performed this song live in front of hundreds of demonstrators in Tunisia who sat and enjoyed her song that spoke so chillingly about life in Tunisia and what sparked such riots that lead to the dictator to run for his life.

No one seems to know who this lady is or what promoted her to deliver such an emotional song in a peaceful vigil for those who have been killed. The upside of the song is hope, she managed to find hope and talk about her country without hating or blaming people. She just delivered this song from freedom from the heart and it reaches your heart at first instant.

Alarabiya news crew filmed this moment that will live on to remind us that the people of Tunisia are intellectual citizens who know to peacefully take on dictators and violence with love and optimism. The singer managed to paint a splendid and an original picture of her home beloved home country Tunisia.

Allumons les bougies pour nos Martyrs

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mena Fadaly Photo Gallery & New Song

Egyptian dudes love her, she is the Egyptian babe, for many in Egypt she represents what's beaitful and what's sexy. From playing the girl to go after in just about every commercial movie out there, into becoming a celebrity of her own way. She is like the American Paris Hilton and Kim! She is a brand. TV shows love to get her to appear on their shows. As just about every girl out there wants to become a Mena....she is the cute girl that dresses well and comes across as the natural girl...

But that's only half the story, she is now officially a singer and she chose a type of songs that invokes memories of a great Egyptian movie icon, the late Soad Hosny. The song sounds like the 2011 version of Ya Wad Ya Ti'qeel! It's not a bad song, it's cute simple and pop-ish. At least Mena knows here style and her strength she is playing to them. and just becasue you asked me to, I found the best collection of pictures for the young starlet and put them there for you to use and not abuse. Remember, she has just got engaged.

اغنية منه فضالي قالي تعالي"> Mena Fadalyاغنية منه فضالي قالي تعالي

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mohammad Diya Composter Turned Singer

Mohammad Diya did not know he had a good voice until he thought he can sing. He is a composer by profession and has collaborated on a number of pop songs that you came to love especially by Asalah like Ya Magnoon(see here). He comes late to the composer turned singer, a umber of famed composers have preceded him. I mention Mostafa Amar, Mohamad Ra'heem, Amro Mostafa, Karim Mohsen and now Ramy Gamal.

I would think that a composer getting into the singing business is a good move as most singers in the West are well versed in music, write their own lyrics and make their own music. Very few Arab singers cam claim that, many of them are just you do not get that feeling the singer is talking about. You get a good song with a good tune, but it's almost never perfect until you see the artist being in charge of the entire song (Try Marwan Khoury).

So now, you know I am not sure what to make of this song by Mohammad Diya, it's slow and serious subject, not my favorite style personally. I like more upbeat songs, but I know there are fans of this style of singing especially the sensitive dudes out there. I can say this about the music video, it feels like a very mature subject to tackle.

محمد ضياء بخبي عليك

The Best Song On The Love of Egypt

The finest and the best song about what's great about Egypt, for the past four decades this song has been the rallying cry for Egyptians. When we think of people loving their home, this song comes to mind and the pictures of the people of Egypt standing to salute their county and their flag.

The slideshow that accompanies the iconic song reminds us of the great sights in Egypt, a tour in its history and thought its streets. And now we see the people on the streets marching to bring about change in their home country. Most of the citizens of the world stand united behind the people of Egypt who are doing their best to bring an end of the rule of the pharaoh.

Delivered by the daughter of Egypt and princess of her time Shadya, the Egyptian diva that retired years ago. However, Shadya songs never get old and this song of hers will be forever the most popular song ever written about the motherland. The lyrics, the music and the vocals are unmatched and likely will remain so.

Ya Habibti Ya Masr Shadya

The Egyptian Dream Song is a Letdown

So many songs have be recorded and released to the public in the wake of the terrorist attack on the Alexandria Church that brought down 24 victims. Songs are good and tend to help bring some peace and comfort in troubled times. We covered pretty much all those songs, but not this one. This one is all about dressing in dark and doing a candle vigil.

The Egyptian Dream got a lot of coverage about the making, but I think it took them too long to release it on TV so people lost interest and kinda of had enough music about this subject. A dozen of Egyptian singer and celebrities came along to make this song a reality. But no star here can be counted as an A list entertainer, they love Egypt and that all what mattered. Notice, the young ages of most of those performers who are hungry.

So the cast and the crew went out in the desert and filmed this song, while they worked on the voice and mastering of the songs. While the lyrics are powerful and meaningful for the most part, the song will sadly go unnoticed. Some great talents and voices that rarely gets heared came out for this song, and I hope to hear them in better times. Their massage of unity between Muslims and Christains reamin timeless.

The Egyptian Dream الحلم المصرى

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where Did Rola Go?

Rola Saad, is "used to be" a big pop icon, but in 2009 she was , missing and not give any interviews. Not sure what's happening in the Rola Saad land, but they need to get her out and singing,or face some serious point of no return lack of interest from the common fan. She enjoys a great deal of good looks and those eyes are killers. You can say what you want about plastic surgeries, but this is the reality of the business nowadays.

She also needs to stop her fights with other pop stars like Haifa Waehbi over a song, and stop Pickering with Carole Samah about her upcoming role as Sabah. Yes, Rola you are a good friend of Sabah's and you wanted that role so bad...move on. Focus on your craft and the fans will flock back and tune in.

To remember happier times, here is the most awesome music video from Rola Saad where a good performance, bold stage presence and powerful voice all meet to give us this cheeky baladi song about the girl that knows her affect on men. It's a fairy tale poor to riches story, from working in a sweatshop to becoming a stage queen.

Rola - A'n Eznak Ya Ma'alem / رولا - عن إذنك يا معلم

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bolder Marwan Khoury

Marwan Khoury the Lebanese hit maker, lyricists and composer is sought after by those who know Arabic music. When he is not singing, he helps make others standout in the crowd. Marwan Khoury is a gifted musician, but he needs some tips on conducting interview. He keeps media at arm length and rarely makes an appearance. He comes across at awkward, a loaf, and sometimes too urgent.

I love his music and I think he is a true innovator in music and can deliver emotionally charges songs in such a sweet and aromatic manner. He seems a bit older now and seems to want talk more about the business not the music. He talked about his upcoming single and highlighted the work of one of his nationalistic songs about Lebanon, he is not worries about the country, he is worried about the human.

The surprise was his endorsement of the people of Tunisia and their riots to kick out the bad leaders. He had some candid words on politics, and the needs for his country men. He talked about democracy in his home and urged people to protest for their own interest not to make politicians popular. He is a true intellectual spirit that does not shy away from the people and their causes. Yes, he makes awesome music, he writes beautiful lyrics and now I know he is Bold.

Meet Ahlam 2011 Makeover

Arguably the best female voice in the gulf for the past 15 years, the one that gets in trouble for her honesty and criticism of other stars espcially those who try to sing Gulf songs when they are not that good to begin with. Like many I thought the UAE singer has gone to retire as she seems to be busy with her family and pregnancy, but she begs to differ. I was able to get few pictures of Khabar 3ajel website for the seasoned singer and I tell you she looks a lot younger and she seems hungry to claim her throne as the Gulf number one female voice.

Those pictures do tell us that Ahlam has a sense of fashion, style and glamor, but my question is will she make good decisions in her songs?

What do you think, does ahlamd have what it take for a comeback?

Myriam Attallah Parties With Raghib Alama

The Arabian super Star Ragheb Alama made a quick stop in Syria at a party to release his album in that country, Ragheb is kinda of a big deal in Syria so lots of his fans and people in the music business turned out for his party. CD Leader the music distribution company in Syria planned the event. The album "Sineen Rayha" was well received by fans of the superstar and has generated interest and market share for Ragheb.

Myriam Attallah, the charismatic and upbeat graduate of the popular TV show Star Academy (Season 1) was present at the party and took some good pictures with the star of the show, she was naturally pleased to be at this big event to celebrate the super star. She also spoke about her upcoming album that will be released with 8 tracks on it, she recorded them all and now she has the time to party with the likes of the legendary super star.

In the near future, Myriam Attallah will get her own album released and there will be a party for the release. Here are the pictures of the most natural looking Arab female singer that has grace and charm! Looking forward for tomorrow and expecting delightful music for this very capable voice that has a golden set of vocal chords. It does not hurt that she is a student of theater and has a stand alone acting career.

Yuri Mrakadi: Better Music, Less Persona

Yuri Mrakadi came out of Lebanon more than a decade ago and for the past six years has not said a word or given an interview. He made a pleasant movie with Hanan Turk and then he was missing in action. No one knows what happened with the man who looked like British singer George Michael. Yuri has always sounded like a wise soul that know what to say and say it in a new way, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. He was a bit controversial when he came to the spotlight and many were not able to make sense of his style.

But it has been a long time and now I think Arabic music listeners have seen lot and have adjusted their can thank Star Academy show for that. So Yuri won't be a stranger to the music scene nowadays. Here is his latest song, and it's dark indeed. Mature it's and it sounds like a good rock song. The vocals of Yuri are back where we left off, and his style has changed, he looks a bit older too. The new look is slightly more ordinary and shows a toned down singer who wants you to focus on his song, and not his persona.

Yes, there is a model running around the sand and Yuri is standing in a dark room suffering his pain away asking for a second round and one more time for them to be together. The inscription on the model is good, but not the first time to be used in Arabic music videos. Here comes Yuri for your viewing pleasure

Yuri Mrakadi - Hada Mesh Ana / يورى مرقدى - حدا مش أنا

Listen to Haitham Nabil - Sefr | هيثم نبيل - صفر

If you think all pop music is the same, you might be right. But pop singers can sometimes be as bold as rappers. Here is the new pop star Haitham Nabil "Hytham Nabil", the guy with a very tender voice and a mellow style was perhaps the only pop singer in Egypt to come out with a new song asking people to stand up in Egypt. He asked them to protest, but in a civil manner and he put out a song titled Zero about the people. The slide show adds a nice touch to the song.

It's a very short song, it's like one musical note, but many verses about the people with a cause, rights and not giving's a call to do the right thing and ask for what you deserve, otherwise you will add up to a zero. Haitham also calls for unity and that all powers and people form different walks of life ought to march. From a pop star this is a declaration of war on injustice, poverty, corruption and abuses.

Haitham Nabil - Sefr | هيثم نبيل - صفر

Another Indie Band Gets a "Microphone"

This has a vintage feel to it, the latest music video for Y-Crew, Egyptian band to appear on clips from the upcoming Egyptian indie film "Microphone" starring Khaled Abu Al Najja and Yosra Al Lozy. The movie explores music bands in the great city of Alexandria and they feature live footage from performances and songs from little known bands

I like this idea, we do not know much about indie music bands in Arab countries,. we tend to confuse them with pop stars and other singers. but there are those little band here and there doing some great stuff--intellectual stuff too and expressing the pulse of the common man. At some point, you will think you are on the streets of an American city where street rappers turn on a mas crowd of onlookers.

This movie is like the Woodstock for Egyptian bands, and it does have a hippie spirit to it. And the fact that so many young people turned out to make this project a success speaks volumes of the power of the grassroots. But rappers do not skate or do they? Yes, the urban kids love to skate and they love rap too. This is about urban life and street art where they represent a true reflection on the local culture of a place.

what I did not like is the smoking, there is tons of it, and just when American and European productions have walked away from showing tobacco in their work, I think the movie should have less and none at all.

Y-Crew - Ehna Zahma / واي كرو - إحنا زحمة

Here is the latest reportage of "Microphone", the first indie film that talks about an interesting subject that happens to be fresh!

Because Egypt Matters Plenty!

This is the rap song with a very touching sideshow about why people of Egypt are fed up and they will not be taking it anymore. A very powerful rap that touches on the reality of life in modern day Egypt. The rapper’s name is Ramy Donjewan, a very Egyptian and a patriot who took the mic and declared his voice and that all troubles him. This could be a very Egyptian comeback, by Egypt for Egypt.

Of course the people of Egypt might not be able to read this, as reports coming out that their internet has been shut down, in order to break down the line of communication.

Ramy Donjewan – ضد الحكومة

Another version with Arabic lyrics

The Palestinian Boy Who Made Najwa Karam Cry

In the new show Arab Got Talent where the Lebanese diva Najwa Karam is a judge one of the young contestant is a little Palestinians boy from the City of Jerusalem Essam Bshity ( عصام بشيتي ) came to deliver a poem and after the warm reception from the judges, Najwa broke into tears after the delivery of Essam who did a fine job in his poem about the little children of the old city Jerusalem.

Najwa Karam stated that at that very moment she remembered a very old friend of hers, a poet who passed away in 2003 and gave the diva more than 50 songs she sang. The poet is none other than the Lebanese poet ( الشاعر اللبناني عصام زغيب) whose last song to Najwa was Kibrna, a song she performed with legendary Lebanese singer Wadie Al Saffi. Sure both the young poet and the Lebanese poet share a first name.

that speaks volumes of Najwa Karam and her loyalty to all her friends, during the filming they had to cut filming short due to the crying scene and then returned shortly once Najwa took a hold of herself. "read here" Seriously the young Palestinian poet did a fine job watch the emotional moments in the clip

الطفل الفلسطيني عصام بشيتي - Arabs' Got Talent

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where is Tamer Hosny When You Need Him?

Tamer Hosny, the dude, the guy who could get hundreds of young men marching in the streets to see him and hear him talk and sing...has been missing in the recent days. While the people of Egypt have been taking to the streets their plight and madness about a wholesale of issues that pertain to them. But Tamer Hosny has been quite about this whole demonstration and strike deals that has been on the mid of many Egyptians.

Where are you Tamer? do not you love Egypt? And don't you think these young men love you? Are you too chicken to say something or perhaps release one of those ready songs you have in stock? What are you made of? Are you happy with the way things have been going in Egypt? or are you just busy? It's a shame this young man who is too worried about his own image and has been silent and quite himself, very unusual for Tamer who never misses an opportunity to release a timely song.

I know you have a concert in Netherlands and you are there now partying it up, but had those events taken place in a nearby Arab country, you would have a song ready to go, but why not do a song for Egypt? the people that made you a star in the first place? Are you worried they will take your stardom away? They won't be able to. Are you afraid they will ban you from TV? even so, you have other outlets. Have you made up your mind? Will you stand tomorrow Friday with your country men?

Maybe you should send a Facebook message to your millions of fans urging them to do the right thing? But I guess somethings never change, you are just another small time hypocrite who does not want to take a stand. Let the loyal citizens of Egypt know who is on their said and who is not. You only care about Tamer Hosny and only Tamer Hosny. Sure you make good music, but this is about your character.

أين تامر حسني ألان؟