Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Palestine, the Animated Music Video While many Arab pop singers are too busy making music videos about their failed love and long lost lovers, Awakening Record, the England based reputable worldwide company had different stories to tell. Awakening Records works exclusively with Muslims artist making music with a purpose. Sami Yusuf, the popular mega star recognized worldwide for making Muslim themed songs hip again. Other Stars include Hamza Robertson, and now Maher Zain. Maher Zain recently released his album “Thank You Allah” a Lebanese who immigrated to Sweden with his family at the young age of 8. Maher has released a music video that has been called the Worlds first Palestine animated music video and it’s quite interesting to watch. If the quality of the video, and the comments on the video were any indicator of his success, I think Maher is up to a great start. I like the mature nature of the animation and the intense and dramatic atmosphere the music video creates. I do feel that the song originally was written in Arabic and then translated into English, but that did not take away form the sad story that is being told.

To hear samples of “Thank You Allah” album, here is the promotional video form the Awakening Records company

I realize that some might protest the concept of Islamic music, or even the concept of a Muslim superstar, sort of those Christian Rock and Gospel music, but this is a trend that is actually is starting to take shape in the Arab and Muslim World. There are reports of a number of Imams in countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait who release music albums dealing with subjects like Palestine, marriage and even President Obama. Clearly like everything in life there is always a mix of cheers and jeers, but a good song is a good song. Awakening Records might take the advise of the Washington DC based Muslim band Native Deen as they sing “Not Afraid to Stand Alone

Make Room for Carol Samah

i9orzw10Carol Smaha, the Lebanese entertainer has released her latest album three days ago. This is her first in more than three and a half years. “Hdoudi El Samah”, which translates to the sky is my limit. The thing that makes Carol unique about most other Arab singers other than her superior and powerful voice is her ability to make various songs in almost all Arabic dialects and then make sure that those songs are mega hits and do so without the backing of a major label. Carol is constantly on the move, she is always filming something, staring in a play with the Rahbani, appearing in Sea of the Stars movie. She seems to challenge herself to introduce new music to her fans, songs that will make her shine over hundreds of half baked talents that occupy in the Arab pop scene. Unlike other Arab starlets she does not prostitute her celebrity status to sell fnas beverages, jeweleries and now cellphones. I think this album is meant for those who are emotional mature, a group that Carol is best equipped to connect with.

Few days ago rivals of Carol accuse her of using foreign talented and try to score points by pointing out Carol’s constant collaboration with a French director and his production company as appose to giving her business to some Arabic director. Carol came out and argued that the French production company charges fees that are a lot less than with Arab production companies charge–her rivals know this is true as making a music video in an Arab company can cost a fortune now. As a fan of Carol’s and a constant follower of her collaboration with the French production company, I bless that union and wish to see more music.

As far as the songs on the new album, Carol had me at the first three single songs and the rest of the album got better and better as every song feels like a unique experience and not just made to sell CDs. This comes because Carlos has three and half years of work in this album, not 12 months the Average time stars give themselves to deliver an album. In other words, one cannot rush creativity and put forward thinking on a deadline. Here is my take on Carol’s album:

01. Hdoudy El Sama
, a new style of music where the female singer tells her lover in the most affection manner that she is out of his league.

02. Khallik Behalak, the sincerity of Carol’s voice and the passion she uses addressing her loved one is one of a kind.

03. Ma Bkhaf, I love the song’s style and Carol’s look in the video. I like the fact that in this song, she is telling her rivals and critics that she is unafraid and indeed does wants and says what’s in her heart. (Video Below)

04. Ala Soutak, a sweet sincere song in which Carol flirts with her lover and how his voice that gives her comfort and truly gets her.

05. Meen Allak, using her sweeter side to talk things out with her lover whose even when he tries to be harsh, he fails.

06. A’oul Ansak, calling in your lost love to take a trip down memory lane is never easy, Carol reminds you how hard breakups can be.

07. Awel Ma Abeltak, Carol has a gift for making her fans relieve experiences they had in the bast by touching all the right notes.

08. Nadeit, Telling your loved ones that you have finally realized how great they are is never too easy or never too late. I should take notes from Carol.

09. Zabahny, a great song in the Gulf accent that not only earned her new admirers in the Gulf (they pay top dollars for concerts and by original CDs) but the average listener can also enjoy it. (Video Below)

10. Rag’alak, a song that Carol released this summer as a single, Carol’s voice makes listeners wish their loved ones loved them as much as she loves her lover. (Video Below)

11. Jeet – Majnouni, a song that Carol released last winter as part of the Sea of the Stars sound track, it’s a cute fun song (Video Below)

12. Yama Layali, the first single that Carol released more than a year ago, as always Carol transforms the song into a mature emotional experience that connects well with listeners across the board. (Video Below)

13. Ali, a spunky folklore song with a hint of Broadway and splashing fun times. (Video Below)

Enjoy those videos…In less than 12 months Carol has established an entire media library, check out her styles.

Kadim Al Sahir: The Redemption Album

Kadim Al Sahir: The Redemption Album

By Hanitikazim

Kadim Al Sahir, the legendary Iraqi musician has released his latest album, and to my surprise, glorious it was. As someone who followed Kadim Al Sahir’s two decades long career, I am proud to report back to you that our star is still at the top of his game. His album, Alrasim Bilkalimat, “drawing with words” proofs yet that Kathem still has “it”. With nine songs that offer something wonderful to each of his loyal fans. When I first read about the album that comes after Kadim’s mom’s death, I was cynical as his previous album was not up to par. Not until I read the comments of the people who listened to the album and I felt Kadim might have just released the album of redemption.

Take for example, the title song Alrasim Bilkalimat, a jewel of Nizar Qabani perfectly brings back memories of all Kadim golden songs. Think a breathtaking blend of all his previous hit songs (Madrasat El Hob, Ana Wa Layla, Ashhado, Zeediny) but with fresh lyrics and imaginative music that Kathem personally gave life to. Kadim also includes another Nizar Qabani gem “Habibty” where you find Kadim asking his loved one how to answer questions about his love. While Kadim wrote the music for some of the songs on this album like he always does, he collaborates with other musicians to avoid repetitiveness.

Kadim also realizes that not all his fans like his take on Nizar Qabani’s treasures. Thus he includes a duet “AlMahkama”, the courtroom where two lovers are in front of a judge presenting their cases. The song is serious breath of fresh air that keeps listeners interested to hear the entire song where the start of the song is as explosive as the end of it. Asmaa Al Minawar, the Moroccan starlet who performs the song goes to show Kadim’s respect for his art and working with artist who add to his musical history and not to his bank account. The song talks about jealousy, past relations, forgivness, fairness, female/male wants…etc.

Iraqi fans who Kadim won over by his last all Iraqi themed album can also celebrate as his album features two Iraqi style song “600 Bosa”, “600 kisses” and “Ween Albab”, “Where is the Door” to remind them in Iraq that he has them on mind. Another song is Aljareedah, “the newspaper” an original topic on life, news and the crazy world. “Oskot”, “be quite” is another song where Kadim delivers a sad melody where he is talking to his EX about what upsets him. “Mo Tabi’e” “Not Normal” is the song that Kadim faults a male lover for not being honest with his girlfriend.

I share this album with all Arabs, Arabic and Iraqi Music fans, and the new converts. Most Arab singers can carry a song, few can even write music but I have yet to see a contemporary Arabic singer who does it so well for so long as Kadim Al Sahir. With this album Kadim sticks his tongue out to all those whos has said, original Arabic music (Tarab) is dead. This album is a triumph, give it a listen.

A Gaza Bachelor Party (Videos)

go-to-gazaWith very few fun places to visit, a sky high unemployment, and too many lost dreams and broken promises, the young people of Gaza do not let all that stop them from having a jolly time. Obviously Gaza does not have night clubs, and the folks who want to get their groove on have only one way to do just that, A Gaza Bachelor Party! Since I have special interest in researching dance parties (see 18 Signs of an Arabic Dance Party) and when in Gaza, do as the Gazans do, so I attended a number of those bachelor parties for friends and relatives. I always brought along my tiny HD camera to take some footage. This is a video for a bachelor party in my neighborhood in Beit Lahia taking place in mid October and everybody in town has come to the party. I have always gone to those parties with my nephew Ahmad who seems to know everybody and can get me out of trouble as needed. Hamas does not actually interfere in those parties, they sure do not like them, but the only way to get Hamas to crash a bachelor party is to either hang Fatah banners or play Fatah songs…if you are do so….Hamas police will show up and take care of business. To my surprise, as long as you are not promoting Fatah, your party will go on in peace. Not just that, you can even have people get high in your bachelor party and Hamas won’t care much…just refrain from singing to Arafat and Sameeh Almadhoun

Notice the Palestinian flags in the videos, making bachelor parties a feel of a patriotic event, clearly, Palestinians mating is more dangerous to the Israelis than the rambling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, dance away! Enjoy the Sausage Fest!

Gaza Bachelor Party

Gaza Bachelor Party Short

The Band

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Cute Arabic Singer

Maysam Nahas has a fiance, that fiance is a dentist and two weeks prior to Valentine Day this Dentist and lover wrote a song for his lovely fiance, she shares this song with us to mark the day lovers all over the planet celebrate. Maysam has not released a song in a long time and that can be attributed to her breakup with Rotana, the Saudi owned music production company. Bahebak however, bought this young singer some airtime as her song was the official song for Valentine in the Arab world.

I was never big on Maysam, it's not my kind of music, but I am sure she has fans all over, her youth, looks and warm voice can go a long way. I do not think we needed a music video for this song, but here you go Maysam gave you one for your viewing pleasure.

Mayssam Nahas - Bahebak / ميسم نحاس - بحبك

Ramy Sabry, the Post Amer Diab Singer

If there was a post Amer Diab era, there would be a need for one male star that will be the greatest, I know it's been said that Tamer Hosny will be the Star once Amer Diab, the greatest lead Arab singer that turns anything he touches into gold. I think Tamer is great, and he sells albums and movie tickets, but I do not think he has the heart and the appeal that Amer Diab has....while Amer Diab conrinutes to make music that pleases his fans...I see a star already on his way to become as great as Amer Diab....drum roll...

Ramy Sabry is already half way through his journey to become that the voice of a generation that star, he has already releases two albums that rival each other in being great and provide a variety of songs that appeals across the board. Mr. Sabry is a true musician, he does not just sing words, he makes music; he is smart and cultured in that sense. He already has one song with Asalah, and has written music for a number of Arab singers on top of releasing those albums. Ramy is the guy you have to like because he is a nice guy and you can see him humble even though he is in the spot light and often in sold out concerts in Egypt....if you really ever doubted this guy's talents, wait and listen to this song....if the music does not move you, then Ramy Sabry's voice will win you over. and keep in mind, Ramy has the fashion sense that many other Arab stars lack, he knows what to wear and he is never over or under dressed for an occasion.

Ramy Sabry - Gowwaya Hat'eish / رامي صبري - جوايا هتعيش

Elissa Blazes This Egyptian Summer

Fresh from winning a number of awards last week, Elissa, the Lebanese diva had a concert on the Egyptian side of the Red La Hacienda resort....from the looks of it, I think this concert was a success, just look at the crowd.

Elissa now has one of the largest library of romantic Arabic songs that make sense, no other male or female singer can substitute for her voice, passion and words. She clearly dominates the romantic genre, I have yet to see a female Arab singer to challenge her on the throne. Her hits and commercial success can be attributed to her style of singing, the moment Elissa sings she communicates to you that she believes her words, the lyrics of the song take a new meaning ans not only does she sing, she performs, and her real performance makes you a believer. Many female singers in the Arab world can put out a good album, few can perform in Elissa's territory.

This vidoe is a montage of the songs she performed at the concert, glad her fans were there to enjoy a good show in the midst on summer heat. And Yes, hands down Elissa dresses for the occasion, good choice to go casual

Elissa La Hacienda Medley II اليسا

Latifa Takes us on a Tour of Dubai

Rememebr Latifa, the most famous Tunisian import, yes that one that has been making music for longer than you rememebr? Here is something you do not know, Latifa might as well be the only Arabic singer than can sing in all Arabic dialects.

She sang in Egyptian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Fus'ha (classical) and now she takes on the Gulf dialect. I would be jealous if I was an Arabic singer, why? Latifa still have the voice rocking, she has the charisma, the online presence and the business savvy. She also no short on looks either, it makes sense why many female Arab singers hate on her, but you know what, she is still good.

so if you want to see Dubai, cool cars, and stalkers this is the one video for you....this son was part of her 2010 all Gulf album, the title is "At7adah" or I challenge (dare)

Latifa Atahadda 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nassif Zaytoun and Syrians Know How to Party

Nassif Zaytoun, the Syrian young singer fresh of the Star Academy who managed to win the title of best student in the 7th season of this popular reality talent show. Here is a video of the festivities that took place upon his return home to Syria where he was received warmly by his family and his friends. The young singer is one of a kind as his humility and his talent are unmatched in the age of social media it's hard not to blow your own horn Nassif seems not to care too much about that from the footage you see. You can also see his peers from the same program happy for him or pretending to be.

Honestly from day one I saw Nassif and once I heard him sing, I told people he should win, he is a real talent and seems to be on the right track. Yes, he is Syrian where genuine Arabic music is still being made connecting with decades of fine Syrian music. At the moment Nassif seems to be the most famous scruffy looking Arab clebrity, let's hope his next venture into the music world meets success. Here is a world of advise, do not work on an album, make a new single to remind people why you won on your own terms.

ناصيف زيتون في اخبار روتانا بعد فوزه بلقب ستار اكاديمي

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Asalah Goes Gulf All The Way and That's OK

Asalah Nasri, the legendary Syrian singer that has a voice of an angel insists on focusing heavely on releasing Gulf region themed albums. On a business sense, this is a good decsion, but she risks alinating her fans for have listened to her for the past 15 years and so. I know the Gulf dialect is about the only region that is still purchasing their music albums as apposed to downloading them off the internet. The good people of the gulf are still buying concert tickets and Asalah and her team know that. I know few hate her for her personal life story, some hate her for constant fights with other female singers, but at the end of the day most of us agree on her one of a kind voice--even if it's at time seems to be commercialized

I love to hate the album, but you know what there are really good tracks on it, do not take my work for it...listen to this, it just does not get any better than this...really Asalah is making money while adding to her career and enriching the Gulf dielct in the process. You cannot hate that.

asalah - ela mata 2010 "Till When"

اصالة - الى متى

I love the energy, the music and notes. It's not breaking news to recognize that Asalah has been one of the best female voices in the Arab world (Angham is the other voice); they both have maanged to be relevant and consistently good.

Here are the list for the tracks on the album with 9 tracks you will find what you are looking for:

01 - Qanon Kifak
02 - Ela Mata
03 - Shof 3ozr
04 - Sharha o 3atab
05 - Bas De2i2a
06 - Te3ebt Aradiek
07 - Shakhs Yotaham
08 - Sem o 3asal
09 - Ya Rasy El Ta3ab

Assi Showcases Guns of Arabia

Assi Hilani, Lebanese singer and guy who thinks he is an Arab knight (he has fascination with horses and all things old school) just got his latest music video where he is singing about his gun....yes his firearm. This should be some country song as I do not think any other genre will include singing for your firearm.

you can see Assi on a horse going after his good looking love interest, singing about his loves one and protecting his homeland. You can also see Assi leading some resistance group to liberate his home and then finding time to get married, sing and dance with the brothers. Not to worry it seems he was killing canon using French troops. not sure what the massage here, but I think Assi is trying to capitalize on the success of the popular Syria show Bab Alhara (the neighborhood gate) that revolves around the same concept.

عاصي الحلاني - بارودتي / Assi - Barodati

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tamer Hosny's Album is Upon Us

Here is review of Tamer Hosny's latest album. A medium size disappointment as I was unable to find anything new in what will be this year’s biggest selling album for the Runner up King of Arabic pop.

I know Tamer talked about playing a bigger role in the production of this album, he wrote lyrics, music, arranged music and done it all but this is the bad news. That’s why I am beginning to think the title of the album is incorrect Ekhtart Sa’h translated to “I made the right choice” instead it should be titled, "I wanted to make the right choice" because that's what Tamer tried to do and from what I heard so far he has met little success for a guy whose album sells at a premium.

I do like the goatee, the shorts and new casual look Tamer has in this album,. the white suit outfit was getting old and a summer makeover is in the right place.

Sweet Melody Ya SaLaM سويت ميلودي يا سلام, this must be the Euro trash year for Tamer Hosny to incorporate a club mix in English and Arabic. This song makes me think that the Arabic speaking world is not big enough for this Arab star and to his credit he must be the headrest working Arab in the show business. Movies, Music, promotions, concerts...etc. I do not think he can do more than what he has already done. But this song is a flop in my book and do not think Europeans will be rushing to shake their stress away on his music.

Yom Wra Yom- تامر حسنى يوم ورا يوم It feels like a cheap knock off European music, sure the lyrics get better, and the female voice saves the song from being boring. 3alya, the new singer is a welcome addition to Tamer's album. To his credit Tamer does try to help young stars as much as he can, he also benefits from that too. Amer Diab has not helped many.

كم واحد فينا Kam Wahid Feena this is the song Tamer wrote a warning to, he asked his fans not to enjoy this song near their loves ones as it might get them in trouble, the song that sings for passed love and having to settle for less than perfect love story. It plays on the doubts lovers have for their love and how real it is as skepticism will celebrate this song. The crazies might also find an excuse for their lack of trust in their loved ones. But most people in the middle East do not have those extensive love experiences Tamer sings about in this particular song.

Gowaya Ehsas- تامر حسنى جوايا احساس, this song is confusing, sure Tamer's voice is good, but listens get lost who is living with whom? The music is old, not like old and good, just not creative. And for an instant I imagine Tamer getting bored and walking off the set before this song was done.

Ein Shams- تامر حسنى عين شمس, this song was supposed to be a good one as Tamer bragged about it, I just do not see it.....I have heard this Tamer before, telling a story of his crush. Tamer gives the Arab stalker guide for being a creep while going to a college in Egypt. If you are a girl and think this song is cute, think again. I like the beat of the song, and the Tamersque style where he has an imaginary dialogue with the girl he is smitten by.

Sehet 3a Sotaha- تامر حسنى صحيت على صوتها OK, Tamer is trying to mess around with his voice in this song, you can hardly recognize his style anymore. Maybe I just do not listen anymore to what his lyrics say, as they sound the same after a while, that's why I find this song same old, same old

Tamer Hosny Ba7lam Eih, OK this is a new song in which Tamer sings for his older fans about wanting to have a kid with them and settling down to bring up this kid. Of course Tamer is also flirting with the mom as he is telling the lady in his song, "You will become a mother" nice and cute, but can she also be a doctor or a lawyer? But for now Tamer cares about this kid to have his look. Tamer uses his extra sensitive voice to bring out this song. And if you like the music video, you have Tamer to thank as he is also the director of this music video.

Tamer Hosny - Ya Wa7eshny, This is the kind of music that is better served in a soundtrack for a cheesy romantic love story with teenagers. I do not know, but I think Tamer must be a fan of Taylor swift and her style as I am seeing a lot more similarities of the stories they both tell and the music. I must say, I like this song; it reminds me of Tamer Hosny earlier work in his early days before he was a mega star.

Three weeks ago, I heard Tamer songs playing in my apartment hallway, and I wondered who is listening to his music, I even wondered if there are any Arabs living nearby. I found out that our next door is a single young Latin woman that is a fan of Tamer and his music. I thought it was both faltering and interesting. with this new album in the year of 2010 I find many things missing in this new album, I have not found one catchy song like his earlier albums with the title songs like “Ya bint Al eeh”, “Ya Ta3bah Kol el Nas”, this album is made for the helpless romantic and the Arab countries are no short on those so Tamer's career is safe.

In the meantime, if you are fan of Tamer's music (I am most of the time) I give you his song from his latest blockbuster movie...this song was not in the album, but it should have been there it would have made the album a lot more interesting.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mohamed Mohy Takes it Back to Day One

Arab singer Mohamed Mohy that his singing style made him huge in Egypt, a country where respectable singers go to launch their careers. Mohamed Mohy star was born before the birth of the internet celebrities, making him one of the few singers that were known for their singing and not just their music videos and their scandals.

In this clip you can hear him put his distinctive voice on an Egyptian movie preview for Zaman Elkobar, "The time for the big times", the movie seems to be a court drama, about betray and being done wrong.

Will Mohamed Mohy be a star in this age? not sure, i mean I was never a huge fan, I like some of his older stuff, but his latest album "Mazloom" that came out two years ago was a treat. This song is also nothing short of being good as his sings about the helpless of people who are feeling little faced with the big times who rob them from their dreams. Trust me the Arab street is the perfect place for those type of dramatic and sad songs as more often than not we find ourselves helpless in front of life challenges and whatever it throws at us. It's worth it to know that this particular singer does not chase TV stations to have an appearance, he hardly talks to the press which is refreshing in the time of self promotion.

Mohamed Mohy Zaman ElKobar محمد محى زمن الكبار

Monday, June 21, 2010

Amal Maher Takes You Back to the Good Old Days

No one sings Oum Kalthoum songs like this Egyptian lady did back in the 60s and 70s. But for us who love Oum Kalthoum and love her music, no one brings her style to life as much as Amal Maher does, this Egyptian talented singer grew up with Oum Kalthoum songs all over her life and that shows every time she takes on the stage to bring to life to the way Oum Kalthoum songs are meant to be enjoyed.

there are many great Arab singers, there are even more singers who try to be great by singing Oum Kalthoum's songs, few can do it....but for few years now I have yet to see someone who can deliver a song like Amal does, why? Because most singers who think they have a good take on those legendary songs, ruin it by trying to make it their own, Amal does not care for that, she sings ....and she did that last week in Holland where she had a tv appearance, now she is doing it now again in Qatar.

Amal Maher ." Darit El-Ayyam "2010 Part 2

أمال ماهر - سيرت الحب 2 - لكوكب الشرق الراحلة

Hamada Helal Brings Back His Mojo

Hamada Helal, popular Egyptian singer turned actor thinks he still can be relevant in the age of shrinking CD sales and over saturated music market. Hamada is back with a new dramatic song that will be featured in his upcoming album which will be releases once the World Cup ends. Not too excited about this song, but those who know Hamada and in his earlier days might rememebr that Hamada and his style.

Hamada has proven to be close to the people of Egypt heartbeat, he he sings for their soccer team and lives their challenges and triumphs. In a way he is the voice of the common man in Egypt, the middle class Egyptian and you can see that in some of his videos.

On another note, if you missed Hamada's last movie where he stars as a boxing champ, you really need to see it, it is such a treat as you can see Hamada worked hard for the part on his ripped body and tough look, the soundtrack for the film is also good...see it.

hamada helal - 7aytna حمادة هلال - حيتنا

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tamer Hosny Wants To Have Your Babies

Here is a song I find creepy, but know that Arab girls will find something sexy about...Tamer Hosny, Egypt's playboy singer is out promoting is new movies and his soon to be releases album with a song in which he tells the model he wants her to have his babies to he can sleep next to the baby.....if you do not find anything wrong with this song, then me and you need to talk....

Now I am sure 16 year old high school girls will be "Wow he is so cool", I do not doubt that cheesy college kids in the Arab world will find something to like about this song since they have appointed Tamer Hosny is the spokespersons for their generation.

Here is the song and you be the freaking judge, but remember the scruffy look Tamer opted for tells you he does not really listen to his wife as no one in her right mind want a guy who does not shave to come near her.

Now knowing everything you know, would you have his babies? If your answer is yes, then you might be 15 years old who has no respect for her parents nor have she learned anything form him. If you say yes, you might be a gay man where married is permitted.

Tamer Hosny - Bahlem Eih / تامر حسنى - بحلم أية

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shadia Mansour is on My Hot List

I thought Arab rap band are doing a good job breaking into this almost dead genre. There are so many Arab rap bands that it's hard to know all of them. Egypt, Morocco and Palestine lead the way as the biggest rap names come from those countries....but it was not until I heard Shadi Mansour, the Palestinians fire cracker rapping female, that I known how big this genera is. Here is a promo video from Shadia Mansour's song about the Palestinian Arab traditional cover (kofya) she is fighting back against the capitalism of a symbol that for long have stood for resistance.

I think Shadia Mansour is up to a great start, she is the talk to the rap community in the Arab world, activists love her...and I sure hope you fans dig her gives it a listen

Shadia Mansour, First Lady of Arabic Hip Hop, is set to release the first single from her upcoming debut album entitled "El Kofeyye 3arabeyye" Lyrics written by Shadia Mansour, Music written by Sandhill, Produced by Johnny Juice. The song features M1 of Americas Underground Political Duo Dead Prez. M1 traveled to Gaza in 2009 with Existence Is Resistance ( and also felt there was a dire need for a song representing what this scarf really meant to the Arabic nations

Not only does Shadia Mansour rock the boat with this song, never before has Arabic rap been so passionate, never before was it this good looking!

Singers Are Going it Alone

Haitham Shaker, Egyptian singer turned actor gives an interview where he talks about his latest music projects and his new movie. I like his honesty about the status of the music business in the Arab world and the challenges they are facing....he also talks about his deal and what the future hold for him.

I think Haitham Shaker is a good singer with a good voice, but I have yet see him in a hit song, all his songs are OK, but I have not seen him turn out in a the meantime his best Pal Tamer Hosny dominates the charts. Now Haitham will be producing his own albums and I hope he can deliver and release a song that makes him stand out.

Update: two years later and the company has yet to make an album, plus Haitham Shaker took part of a pro Mubarak rally, a stunning idiotic thing to do.

Interview with Haitham Shaker لقاء مع هيثم شاكر

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arab Celebrities & World Cup

Do you want to know what teams your favorite Arab stars root for in this world cup?

Here is a link in Arabic with an extensive list of those stars and their pick.

Here is another article on Masraway about Arab celebrities and the World Cup 0f 2010

With few exceptions, many of the Arab celebrities choose to support one of the 4 safe teams: Brazil, Spain, Italy and Argentina. Messi is a popular choice and is loved by most. One roots for? another for France! But the majority seems to be with either Spain or Argentina. No one interviewed in this article seemed to give Algeria a chance of winning.

A Song for Algeria by أمل بوشوشة

Team Algeria has been doing horribly for the past 6 months, they lost a game against Slovenia, they should no class and they played dirty....I am sort of like "C'mon" I know Egypt would have been a better team....but that does not stop Arab singers from singing for Algeria the only Arabic team in the world cup 2010. If the Algerian players needed a song to relax to and get them to warm up to a game, this might be the song to do it. But when they meet the UK tomorrow, they might need more than a Algerian win will be unlikely....

Amel Bouchoucha "أمل بوشوشة", the Algerian native wanted to share her song about the love she has for her country's team. I find it ironic when the Algerian team said we are representative of the Arabs in the World Cup, but the only time they said that when they were LOSING

By the way, I have much respect for the country of Algeria, the history, the people and their resilience, but I think their soccer team is not representative of their aspirations.

Amel Bouchoucha Batal Al Alam Arabi Fifa World Cup 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hani Shaker Gives You What He Has Given for Decades

Your mom loves him, your sisters adore him, your brother in law hates him, but you really enjoy his music. Growing up you heard his songs and now you are all grown up, but Hani still have few good songs up his sleeve and yes he makes good music videos that serve his songs well. If you ever had a lost love, if you have been wronged in the past then Arab doctors must prescribe a dose of Hani Shaker to cure the broken heart.

The music video has a pretty face, a nice church-like setup, a home and lot of words of wisdom for the broken heart. The song titled After you I have nothing, I am nothing without you....yes yes, but no one can create a mature emotional experience like Hani, keep up the good work and I hope his new album is better than his last one where Hani seemed to lose his voice and try to make an album out of thin air.

Hany Shaker B3dak Malish new 2010 هانى شاكر - بعدك ماليش

Egypt's New Leading Ladies

Omnia Soliman, the Egyptian and Arabic sensation is talking about her latest work since the release of her "Mish Howa" album three weeks ago. Mai Kassab, the pop singer and actress also gives an interview where she tells of her new work and what she is working on...she is producing her own album right now and in negotiation for a production deal. Mai and Omnia appeal to different fan base and have varying talents, but they both are loved and celebrated by their growing fans. I think Egypt is trying to fight back and claim their place on the map of Arabic music as Lebanon is now the new powerhouse.

ويضم الألبوم أغنيات "بتحنيلي" كلمات جمال الخولي وألحان تامر علي وتوزيع عادل حقي، و"متتعودتش" كلمات وسام صبري وألحان تامر علي وتوزيع عادل حقي، و"كل حاجه" كلمات عوض بدوي وألحان وليد سعد وتوزيع مدحت خميس، و"بتقول ندمان" كلمات هاني عبد الكريم وألحان وليد سعد وتوزيع مدحت خميس، و"أنا كنت بحلف بحياته" كلمات وائل توفيق وألحان أحمد محي وتوزيع طارق توكل.

Interview FilFan.Com With Omnia Soliman

Inetrview With Mai Kassab

While I think Omnia has the better voice and the bigger talent, Mai Kassab enjoys more stardom as not only does she make music, she also makes movies and soap operas. I really wish them both success as they are hard working singers who are seem down to earth.

من ناحية أخرى، انتهت مي كساب من تسجيل جميع أغاني المسلسل التي ستضمها لألبومها الجديد، أما الأغاني الآخرى فهي أغنية "وحشتني" التي تم طرحها كأغنية منفردة في عيد الحب.

وكذلك أغنية "بيفوت العمر" كلمات أيمن بهجت قمر وألحان محمد يحيي وتوزيع نادر حمدي والتي تتناول فكرة العنوسة، وأغنية "بستناك" كلمات نصر الجيل وألحان محمود خيامي وتوزيع خالد نبيل.

وأشارت إلى أنها ستواصل إنتاجها للألبوم بنفسها لحين حسم المفاوضات التي تجرى حالياً بينها وبين إحدى شركات الإنتاج.

The Latest in Arabic Music, Spring Update

Many Arabic songs have been released the past few months, it is not the summer yet, as most Arab stars are holding out on releasing their albums and much anticipated songs. Here is an update on the latest hits and misses.

A number of Arab singers make a song for Palestine, اوبريت في طريقك يافلسطين – ملايين translated on the way to Palestine, I like a number of the singers in this large production, but to me it seems that the song tells the Palestinians to go get themselves killed while the stars of this song party it up safely in their home countries. Thank you guys for this song, but it takes more than a song.

Popular Arabic show “Star Academy” season 7 is out and there are a number of promising stars from different Arabic countries, when the star are not making the news in manufactured scandals, some make good songs. Many contestants now do songs in English, like Arabis is not good enough anymore. Here is one contetant that has what it takes voice wise.

Want to know why Egypt is awesome? Here is a powerful song by Loai, Egyptian star, the song played in a popular movie about an Egyptian soccer star who makes it big and helps bring cheers to the common man and woman in Egypt. I really like this song, it makes me think of home.

Ever wondered if there is an Arabic Lady Gaga, the search is over we found her. Carol Saqer, Lebanese singer that makes serious songs with mature music themes and she has all the stage enrgey that can rival Lady Gaga–no she won’t show you as much skin. But here is Carol, the Arabian Lady Gaga.

Who did what? Not sure what to make of this guy, but he seems like he is from LA, but I think he is from Morocco, there are lot of babes in his music video, I have no idea what he is singing about.

Meet Abu Leef, Egypt’s newest sensation singing about King Kong, Facebook, breakups, kids, passports, and other obscure subjects. He is the number 1 selling singer in Egypt now. I am not sure but I like his King Kong song where he is telling his girl he is not a metro man as he thinks he is King Kong and he can play Ping Pon with his hands tied to his back.

Rajaa sings about mothers and she managed to make an awesome comeback as she has been getting less songs and less publicity, it’s a actually a good songs that came to celebrate motherhood. March 21, is the day most Arab countries celebrate mother’s day.

Remember the 90s? then you would know Pascal Mashalani, the Lebanese beauty and former Miss Lebanon is trying to organize a come back, she has failed to resurrect her appeal for a decade now, she is still popular in North Africa, maybe her new song will succeed in giving her some air time?

A Tunisian star that does an Album in the Gulf accent and pull it of? Here is Latifa’s latest song Kol Wahed in the Khaliji accent. Look I like Latifa and I like how outspoken she is about her support for Palestine and Iraq, but not sure if I am ready to see her doing Khaliji yet.

The saddest Arabic song by the happiest guy Joseph Attieh, the young Lebanses singer releases an album in that album he has Mahmoum (Preoccupied) among other songs. People celebrate his song and the music video serves the song.

I like Carol Samaha and no surprise that I also enjoy her latest music video, Carols and her team knows to create an experience for each and every song she makes. It’s good to know that she is the busiest Arabic singer at this moment as her concerts are on demand in the Gulf, Morocco, Egypt, and her home country Lebanon. Carol also is doing a lot of charity work

OK, a new Egyptian singer that has some fans, I am not too sure if he can stand out in the crowd, but for now he seems to be doing fine. Here is Haitham Nabil

Rashid Al Faris gives us the most romantic Arab song in a long time, maybe it’s the always energized and Hijab wraing UAE born female director that stood behind the scenes and made sure to capture the spirit of the song instead of making the song a sidekick to a mediocre music video. I showed this clip to an all-American female freind of mine and she said, “Why do they always make the white girl look like a jerk?” I thought that was not the impression I was looking for. I enjoy both the song and mellow music video. Rashid reminds of of Keane

Yara, the Lebanese singer released her much anticipated music video that everybody literary has been waiting for. The music of the 30s have never been hotter, I do not thing any Arab singer has been able to use that sort of music and put out a good show, no not since Fairouz. Yara insists that she is the best female Arabic singer who respects her fans and her profession. She is the ultimate good girl as she has never used her skin to get ahead….she only uses her voice and her natural charisma and beauty.

Sameera Saed, the Moroccan star and hit maker has been making hits since the 80s still got it…she is sort of our Madona, here watch her on stage as she performs her latest hit. I cannot wait to listen to Sameera’s latest album due this summer. I bow in the presence of relentless musicians who give the young stars a good run for their money.

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Arabic Music Videos Early Summer Roundup

Mostafa Ammar, the Egyptian pop singer is back with a new album titled “Hya” translated to “She is”, or “it’s her” I reviewed the album of 14 songs, I found two I really like, and the rest if largely forgettable. “Hya” and “Ya Nihar Abyad” are those songs I like. In “Hya“, Mostafa flirts with an Arab girl where he counts her attributes, the eyes, the skin color, the smile and then he is trying to figure from which Arabic country she hails….she ends up telling him I am an Arab girl. I think it is catch song and has the potential to be a hit as similar songs that count individuals Arab countries have had a lot of success. Glad to see Mostafa who is dubbing himself as the King of Arab Pop is taking a break from making movies and soap operas to come back to his first craft.

Nawal Zogbi, the Lebanese singer is gearing up for what promises to be a good summer for her and her brand. Releasing a number of singles that were all well-received, she is about to release her new album. This album comes to be Nawal’s first post divorce album where she has parted from her long time husband and music producer. Here is a clip from her song “Fouq JrouHy”, a sad song that she head to defend when journalists painted it as a cry of helpless woman. I am more excited about her other new song “Amana” or as it was also called “Salhouny Aleeh

Rola Saad is one heck of an entertainer. Rola does not really have that much of a distinct voice or talent, other than sharing the stage with legendary Lebanese diva she has not been able to add anything to her career. I think Rola was going for sexy in her song “Shyfak Odamy“, in away venturing into is an Elissa and Carol Smaha territory. Not sure if people will embrace this song, and I am not in high school anymore. Rola did performed in some World Cup concert in South Africa, but it seems that Nancy Ajram is the official Arab singer in the World Cup as Nancy released a world cup song few days ago.

Speaking of Nancy Ajram, you know she is not going down without a fight, early January she released a single song with her new production company “Salimoly Aleeh“, it was a good song and a safe choice for Nancy who is recording a new album to be released soon. She has been busy with many concerts across the Arab world, Cairo and Lebanon to name few. In the meantime, Nancy and her brilliant manager still doing a heck of a job marketing herself and endorsing various products. But somehow I feel that the Arab world is no longer obsessed with her and her stardom, it might be because ADD is on the rise or it could be that her marriage and baby took away from her fan base.

Kathim Alsahir, the Iraqi musician has been a big name for decades now, while not making brilliant music, he is too busy fending off attacks from other Arab stars who love to hate in him–especially the ones from the Gulf. But to his credit, he never get in pissing matches with them, he just outsmart them and make a better album and sell a gazillion record leaving those hating stars to pick their noses. Here is a song for newspapers where love is the news. Aljareedah is a new subject that Kathim treats in such a fascinating way. Yes, some of the graphics are out of place, but the music video and the model are pleasant experience.

Fady Andraws, the Lebanese singer that makes the Arabic news once in a blue moon has released a new music video that seems to be made for Western (European) audience. “Itla’ey Miny” translating closer to the exorcist where he i=s asking his lover to leave his body and mind. Cool music video with awesome footage, I am sure sport fans would enjoy this treat.

Walid Tawfic, his name reminds me of everything old, but that’s not a bad thing. For more than five years Walid has been trying to make a comeback under which he can be cool again. His fans including myself were discreetly asking him to call it a quit and stop re-packaging his old songs. Walid released a really amazing music video with lyrics that make resonate with many Arab generations about life, friendship, politics, change and cynicism. I am glad to say that Walid proves he is only Alpha male that has finally found his groove.

Lian, a young Palestinians singer answers a question I have heard for years, can Palestinians rock? Lian said “YES”. Watch this video from a concert in Ramallah last month, Lian sings for the Kaffyah and struggle in nice doses of historical soundbites. Just like the tales of your grandparents, people in Ramallah enjoyed her gig.

Wael Jassar, one of the few Arab singers who avoid giving interviews, Wael also avoids making the news by spreading rumors and fights with other singers, all around he is just a nice guy who makes worthy music. While most of his songs are about love and romance, he did well as his fan base is rather large for a Lebanese singer who is not too big name when it comes to concerts. Wael Jassar wanted to sing about something else other than love and romance, so what do you sing about in Arabic? He made an entire album with religious themes about the profit and the history of Islam and its early days. Guess what? He sold more albums in Egypt and Lebanon than anyone else. He admitted his reluctance to make such an album but he said the words he sang were not insulting to anyone. For me the best success of the album is how Weal combined Shiite figures with Sunni ones in such a beautiful manner. You can bet that this upcoming month of Ramdan you will be hearing more of this album.

Summer is also the season for Big budget Arabic movies, there are few big movies that will be released in days, luckily, the movie trailer is not a mainstream practice in the Arab world. instead they release a new song with shots from the upcoming movie. Ahmad Al Saqqa, the Egyptian actor who might as well be the Arab World’s biggest and most popular male star who does awesome action movies, solid drama movies and yes he also made romantic movies will be staring in “The dealer” here is the song from this movie that I will be watching. Yes he is a bankable star, think Will Smith.

Tamer Hosny the hairiest and best selling Egyptian singer and actor. What do you get every summer in Arabia? A romantic comedy stared by Tamer where he plays the cool, jealous dude who beat up ten guys using his left hand while giving you a back message with his right. Not a single movie made by this guy can be made without having scene where he assaults or harasses a woman. To his credit, he is a huge star that writes his own stuff (music, lyrics, scripts) For that he will be receiving a big award in New York in the middle of this month.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One More Reason Arab Singing Legends Are So

It's hard to find a humble Arab singer nowadays, in the time of self-promotion and 24/7 me time....listen to this interview with Oum Kalthoum
ام كلثوم

The greatest Arab singer of all time gives an interview in which she tells interviewer the way she listens to her music is different than the way the fans listen to it

She says she is a critic of her own work...she does not tell him "I am Awesome! "...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Are You Ready for Him?

Tamer time is about to be all over the place, he is gearing up for a long summer of party times....but I think the world cup will keep us all busy and ok, who does not like Tamer Hosny? even those who hate him, they confess they love his music...even those in the age of his dad confess that their kids love him...Yes, I know he is annoying at times, but he makes good music....he is not living next door to me....thanks good, but his music renews itself.

Hate him if it makes you feel better, but you cannot, cannot escape his music, his face is all over the Middle East, turn on an TV in Arabia and you will either see a music video, one of his movies, or an interview with him playing.

كليب تامر حسنى بحلم ايه