Monday, February 28, 2011

Kareem Salama, A Star For This Time

Egyptian American country singer Kareem Salama was sent in a tour to the Arab world in a series of concerts to spread American will to those countries. Is also making a name to himself in American cities where country rules. Kareem Salamah is what you would have if Country singers wrote rock songs. He brings loads of charisma, charm and energy to all his music videos. While not a household name yet, but Kareem seems to be on the right track to build a bigger fan base.

Egyptain Club Ahly Hears It From the Fans

You know we wrote about the absence of soccer players from the Egyptian protests, they all went away and hid, and those who came out came out in favor of Mubarak and tried to tell the protesters to go home. The actress were present, the soccer players would not defy their pro Mubarak coach of the Egypt national Team Hassan Shahatah.

So when Al Ahly had a game yesterday, the fans where there and let their voice be heard, check out this picture, We followed you wherever you went, and you weren't there for us during the revolution. Yes, Al Ahly earned it and so did Al Zamalk that was a lot more pro Mubarak than any other club.

BTW, He is Also Libyan

Growing up in the Gulf and driving the car with my family moving from one town to another in our Mazda station wagon car, we do what every sane person does, open the radio.

That was in the mid 80s and the sky was the limits, back then we did not have to worry about cell phone, mp3 players, notebooks or that thing we now know as the internet. There was the radio, cassette tapes and TV. The first song I know I have sang to is this song, Lolaky Lo La Lo La. We did not know anything about cool Arabic music until this song hit the airwaves and all of sudden all the cool boys and girls worry singing along.

Since You Asked For Some Original Music

Many things call Lebanon home including many indie music bands that strive to make fresh music, and explore new themes. The combination of the people and the landscape facilitate such scene. Here is where Rabae Beirut enters the picture.

A band that took the name Spring of Beirut first started performing 2004, under the name of “Nadine and the band”, between the UNESCO Palace, Beirut, and the American University of Beirut, and then in many festivals in different Lebanese regions. Reaching Egypt, they performed in Alexandria and Napoli in 2005, and Paris in 2007 in the Arab World Institute.

Assi Hilani Sings 4 King Abdullah And Qaddafi

Arab singers are hell bent on sucking up to the powers at all costs. check out this once respectable singer releasing a song to celebrate the return of the King of Saudi after medical trip that lasted him three months.

While the majority of Arab singers are busy writing songs for Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, Assi went a different route. He does not care about those poor countries, his eyesight is on the place where the money is. He is celebrating the King of Saudi Arabia and talking about him like of they were buddies.

Did Actor Samer Al Masry Torture His Maid?

Popular Syrian actor is in hot water. Samer Al Masry, the Syrian actor known for epic roles as Al 3akeeb Abu Shihab from the all time popular TV drama Bab Al Hara is amidst news that his poor Indonesian maid has seen hell at his home. The video is graphic and might shock you that an actor who is so popular can be this cruel.

How Not to Promote a Talk Show

Watch this short promo clip for some talk show hosted by Egyptian actress turned TV host, you will never guess in a million year that this is a promo for some talk show. Instead the camera follow some pretty face around and ask her to do cute things.

Ghada Abel Razik Favors For Mubarak

We wrote many times on Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razik, but now she graces our Black list of Egyptian celebrities for Mubarak. not only was this actress vocal and opinionated on the matter, she talked about the now former dictator as if he was her lover or better yet sugar daddy.

Ramy Sabry: The First Sober Egyptian Song

Now that most of the parties have settled down and as more people to go back to work and life starts to get back to normal. Ramy Sabry, the charismatic young musician and singer has kept a distance from the revolution and the protesters. He was very cautious and no one picked a fight with him.

Najwa Karam, The Accused

Before Lady Gaga was making the news, Najwa Karam was doing her part of wearing fashionable outfits that rock the boat. The Lebanese diva has always been making great Arabic music, not a year goes by without Najwa releasing a hit song. For the past 15 years, she has managed to do so and dominate the Arabic music charts.

Majid Al Qassim Last Crusade

Syrian musician and singer hoping to soon become an actor Majid Al Qassim is dying for a comeback and working really hard to return to his stardom of the 99 when he was the next big thing. Majid started with a very clear mission, sing in Syrian dialect and earn new fans. That he did.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Faisal El Rashed 2011 Album Hits the Stores

01.Lak Shou, not quite a pop song, using Egyptian dialect on the beat of Gulf music is not the best use of resources. But at least there is that traditional Gulf dance melody.

Kadim Al Sahir Transcends In Qatar

When you are the biggest name in original Arabic music and when you have just released a golden album with dozens of gems, what do you do? You take the show on the road and tour your concert. This time The Iraqi composer/ singer made a stop to Qatar, this gas rich Arab country and party it up.


Thursday, March 3: "RESISTANCE THROUGH RHYMES" Free concert & presentation featuring Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, Logic, and Jody McIntyre

When: 700 pm

Where: Multicultural Community Center, MLK Student Union (MLK Building @ Telegraph & Bancroft)

The First Funky Pop Arab Song

No one has ever accused Egyptian singer Hossan Hosny of being a serious singer, he had a good hit and it last him ages. He is the one hit wonder man. He released this song in the early 90s and so many Arab men and women have since missed this song. It was meant for the says

All the girls love and and all girls are beautiful.

Soundtrack Treasures From Arabic Cinema

One of the best ideas Arabic cinemas had is marketing a movie though a song. This is not similar to marketing a song in the movie on TV in order to get people to go see a film. This has been done in the past since cinemas were first made available. I am speaking here about commissioning an artist to do a soundtrack song for a movie to help market the movie.

This is a first time song, they do this in America, some movies ask musicians to write music for a movie. But what I am talking about here is using a fresh song a first time release and putting those words into some footage from the movie and passing this as a stand alone music video where toward the end they say, this is form so and so movie.

I am impressed by this idea and it often helped me get a feel form what the movie is about. I chose two songs here form too different movies that I thought were special. One is from a 2008 movie and another form a 2007 movie. They are both wonderful songs that speak of different topics. The first is about best friends who grow up together and the second about a man who is bi-polar. Both come from movies I have seen and enjoyed a lot.

Te first song is by new comer Egyptian Soma who performed the performance of her life and the second by the mighty Egyptian Sherine. Let me know if there are any other recent songs from soundtrack that you think are special. Enjoy

سومة - اجدع صحاب / Soma - Agda3 Sohab

شيرين - المراية / Shirine - Elmeraya

Folk music legend Pete Seeger endorses boycott of Israel

Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel &

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)

Media Contact:


February 28- Folk music legend Pete Seeger has come out in support of the growing Palestinian movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel as a program for justice for Palestinians and a route to peace in the Middle East.

Seeger, 92, participated in last November’s online virtual rally “With Earth and Each Other,” sponsored by the Arava Institute, an Israeli environmental organization, and by the Friends of the Arava Institute. The Arava Institute counts among its close partners and major funders the Jewish National Fund, responsible since 1901 for securing land in Palestine for the use of Jews only while dispossessing Palestinians. Although groups in the worldwide BDS movement had requested he quit the event, Seeger felt that he could make a strong statement for peace and justice during the event.

During a January meeting at his Beacon, NY home with representatives from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and Adalah-NY, Pete Seeger explained, “I appeared on that virtual rally because for many years I’ve felt that people should talk with people they disagree with. But it ended up looking like I supported the Jewish National Fund. I misunderstood the leaders of the Arava Institute because I didn't realize to what degree the Jewish National Fund was supporting Arava. Now that I know more, I support the BDS movement as much as I can.”

Jeff Halper, the Coordinator of ICAHD, added, “Pete did extensive research on this. He read historical and current material and spoke to neighbors, friends, and three rabbis before making his decision to support the boycott movement against Israel.” Seeger has for some time given some of the royalties from his famous Bible-based song from the 1960s, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” to ICAHD for their work in rebuilding demolished homes and exposing Israel’s practice of pushing Palestinians in Israel off their land in favor of development of Jewish villages and cities.

The November virtual rally “With Earth and Each Other” was billed as an apolitical effort to bring Israelis and Palestinians together to work for the environment. Dave Lippman from Adalah-NY noted, “Arava’s online event obfuscated basic facts about Israel’s occupation and systematic seizure of land and water from Palestinians. Arava’s partner and funder, the JNF, is notorious for planting forests to hide Palestinian villages demolished by Israel in order to seize their land. Arava was revealed as a sterling practitioner of Israeli government efforts to 'Rebrand Israel' through greenwashing and the arts.”

Currently, the JNF is supporting an Israeli government effort to demolish the Bedouin village of Al-Araqib in order to plant trees from the JNF that were paid for by the international evangelical group GOD-TV. The Friends of the Arava Institute’s new board chair has recently published an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post that only cautiously questions some activities of the JNF, an organization whose very raison-d'etre is to take over land for Jews at the expense of the Palestinian Arab population.

Pete Seeger’s long-time colleague Theodore Bikel, an Israeli-American known for his life-long involvement with Israeli culture, recently supported the Israeli artists who have refused to perform in a new concert hall in Ariel, a large illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

Seeger joins a growing roster of international performers who have declined to whitewash, greenwash, or in any way enable Israel’s colonial project, including Elvis Costello, Gil Scott-Heron, Roger Waters, Devendra Banhart, and the Pixies.

And All The Boys Love Somaia El Khashab

Here is a slideshow of some footage of Egyptian actress turned singer Somaia El Khashab, she actually one star that has defined female roles on Arabic TV dramas and later on film. Somaia is clearly an Arabic look, the kind of Egyptian beauty the singers boast about. While her looks helped her launch her career, her talent helped her career thrive and last.

While she has some bold moments some might call them sexy roles, as the starlet never shies away form a role if it has some skin revealing moments. She has also danced enough times on screen to cement her stardom. But unlike many other TV stars, she has a plan. She has a dozen of movies to her name.

But Somaia El Khashab does not stop there, after all she is the Arabian Jennifer Lopez, speaking of curves, acting, and singing. She is also a celebrity that people relate to and adore. I can tell you this, when I watch an interview with Somaia, I feel she is real and she is like an open book, she does not try to be something she is not.

Somaia El Khashab سمية الخشاب

Thanks Goodness, It's Thursday In Kuwait

Saudi singer Waed, Iraqi Majid Al Mohandis, Lebanese Yara were the life of the party in Kuwait. With the exception of Yara, all those stars were the first time participants. Yara was her third appearance there, Yara came as a stand in for Egyptian singer Sherine who apologized due to the ongoing situation in her country. Yara saved the day and stood once again among her fans in the Gulf who embrace this talented Lebanese singer like one of their own. It was also a change to see Iraqi singer Majid Al Mohandis to be invited to Kuwait. The singer had to work had and prepare new songs to ease his audience with. He almost never disappoints and his ability to muse has never been questioned.

The February concerts in Kuwaiti are one of those events that I would like to attend one day, the are the most organized, best financed music event in Arabia. No Arab entertainer ever turns them down, they get scores of singers who want to appear on their stage. They often bring in the best voices and those singers who can perform live and entertain the people of Kuwait who would rather sit down the entire show and enjoy the music than get up and dance.

For Majid however, an Iraqi singer in Kuwait, this is huge. This big bash of a concert might be sending the wrong message. Arabs are being killed in the Middle East in their quest to bring change, freedom and democracy to their respective countries. And here you go in Kuwait there are concerts after another.

But this is not the fault of the people of Kuwait or the artists who would even singing funerals if the money was right. I blame the organizers who thought Kuwaitis do not really care about other Arab countries. But music can also bring people together and help them heal.

The Great Nancy Ajram Has Spoken

Forget Amr Diab, this is the song the people of Egypt have been waiting....The time Nancy Ajram sings for Egypt, the people listen and not only the Egyptians. She is the number one pop star, and perhaps the most recognizable Arab celebrity globally. She is freaking awesome.

I like Nancy Ajram and I let people know that, she is a smart entertainer who never goes cheap and never feels completed to show skin to advance her career. The boys love her and the girls adore her. The kids and their parents are among her fans. So the always youthful pop starlet knows how to make good music and no one knows that she has the best talent management company in the world.

The song is hardly politically,y it's about the memories of Egypt sipping tea and sitting around with the people chatting them all night long. Simple things sitting on the side cafe, sharing a joke and maybe a bite to eat. All these things make yo miss the Nile, the people and the land. For the Egyptians living abroad, this is the song that they will listen to and perhaps make them buy a ticket to go back to see the family and the new country of theirs.

Nancy Ajram - Wahshani Ya Masr / نانسى عجرم - واحشانى يامصر

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The "Dude" Assi Hilani Parties in Qatar

Assi has a great voice, and he has the chops and the persona to outlive all of his peers. He does engage in brown nosing every now and then. He is in Qatar doing some of that and singing to its rulers as he took part of a music festival. Why not, he is the voice of Lebanon who keeps it real by sticking to the traditions and the manly voice, known in Lebanese musical style.

I know we always talk about Arab female entertainers getting some plastic surgeries, I am beginning to think Assi gets some work done. Look at those checks and face. He is not getting younger, no one knows. I think he is just trying to keep up with the droves of young voices that covers the same music Assi does. Speaking of which he did introduce a new talent at the music festival Nadir, a new voice form Lebanon Assi is supporting.

Back to brown nosing, Assi loves to sing to the wealthy gulf sheiks. He did it in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and now he does it again in Qatar. I think this is dangerous as I see Arab rulers falling down one following another, Assi is not protected by singing to rulers and not people. One thing for sure, Assi loves Lebanon and it seems to be always on his mind.

Qaddafi Goes Viral W Zenga Zanga

So he is a made man, but many mad men have gone viral and this colorful lunatic Libyan dictator has been a master of one line zingers and funny quotes that Arabs and African shave come to expect form him.

Some creative people out there, took parts of his rant of speech given last week and auto tuned it to a very funny funky rap song that is actually entertaining. There are many versions of this song, this is the one i think has the most views.

Why would you want this funky dude to go away from the spot light? He is a national treasure and a aspiring comedian. It was some Israeli person who assembled this rap song to the beat of Pitbull "Hey Baby" proofing once again that Israel is the funniest country in the world.

القذافي : شبر شبر بيت بيت Qaddafi Zenga Zenga Song

Macy Gray, Go or Don't, We Love You

Ever since I came to America, and I have felt some sort of affinity with African Americans and felt that their music comes from the heart which I could always relate to. I related to the search of justice, and I certainly related to their feeling of being overlooked or at times dismissed. I am sure others around the world feel the same way, part of a global tribe that seems to be always on a quest for justice.

Throughout my time here, I have never had to tell my story to an African American, they sort of understand all the stereotypes and the false perceptions people have of a group of people. And this is an imagined sense of community, it has always been real to me. And as I lived in a conservative State and came to hear the often false and inaccurate portrayal of a people. While no one is perfect, this is why I would never engage in stereotyping people, cultures and religions.

So it came to a big surprise for me to find out that one of my favorite musicians was considering a concert in Israel. I mean this is Macy Gray one of the smartest and most sophisticated voices in American music, the Grammy winner know how to make educated choices that fit her style and voice. Some people were unhappy with Macy. Both people in the BDS movement and the ones on the right. Everyone wants here to do something opposite to the other. But those two parties miss that Macy is an entertainer not some politicians. If a Palestinian wanted to go to her concert in Tel Aviv, they will certainly be denied the opportunity.

I think the BDS is right to call for boycott and I think the message has been delivered. BDS showed some class, they did not call the artist names, they did not get personal like those who want her to go did. We first wrote and asked Macy not to go we did that in the nicest way possible in "Macy Gray, to Tell Aviv Don't Go" Even thought she said she will go, the racist who do not see Arabs as people, did the same thing to Macy and insulted her.

While Macy spoke out against Israel's policies of apartheid, discriminatory policies...etc. She decided that she will go to Israel and not boycott them. She made sure that Israelis knew where she stands on their politics, and yet by going there, she tells them you can enjoy my music too. I mean this takes a big person to do. It's not too hard to say I boycott, but if you say, I think you are doing wrong, but I won't deny you. After all they say music brings people together. Ray Charles did that earlier, but he also knew when to back down. You cannot lock people in and treat them as one group who believes the same thing and agrees on everything.

Look at one of the leading voices who claim to have Israel's interest in heart, commenting on Macy's opinion she had no problem calling Macy a bitch! I won't link to those clowns, but I must say is about love and with that kind of language, I doubt you have ever been loved. I chose to be a fan of Macy Gray... I would rather enjoy her album titled "sellout" than calling her one.

Haifa Wahbe Loves Her Mubarak

and the January 25th Revolution

The notorious Lebanese diva Haifa Wahbe has comments on the Egyptian revolution and since she is married to an Egyptian business man, she thinks she has it all figured out. At first she is asking the good Lord to protect Egypt because according to the diva, Egypt is the heart of the Arab people. She said that she was worried about the change and was deeply concerned for Egypt--her second home as she calls it.

So far so good, until the diva said the following, I am against insulting the former president and using harsh language to criticize him because he represents all the people of Egypt. Here is where I think Haifa is wrong, Hosny Mubarak did not represent the people, he represent the business people like the diva's husband. He abused his powers for over 30 years, so it's enough for him to have stayed in office for this long. There are some who surely like the guy--those who benefited from him and those who believe his tale of being the guy who defeated the Israelis in 1973.

I think Haifa know her place, but she is way over her head with those recent remarks....she clearly has not spoke to a young person or a poor unemployed person who went out to bring the regime down. Because God knows, the people in the music business did well under this former arrogant dictator.

Here is old song of how much she loves Egypt, she released it more than a year ago when Egypt and Algeria had their soccer match and rivalry that got some coverage.

Haifaa Wahby - 80 Million Ehsas / هيفاء وهبى - 80 مليون احساس

Iwan When Are You Making a Comeback?

Iwan is one of those rare Lebanese singer that have a complete sense of what it takes to make an Arabic song a hit. For starter he started in the business as songwriter by composing music for Lebanese singers such as Bassima, Fares Karam, Marai and Carole Samaha. When he decided to get into the singing business he released “Oul Inshallah” a very catch song that took the Middle East by surprise--inspired by a Greek song. Then in 2004 he made his debut album “Albi Sahran” which established his career as a singer.

Iwan was able to establish his fan base in Egypt and was revived as one of their own,
In 2006, Iwan released two single "Wala fil Ahlam" and "Libnani" which was written and composed by Iwan himself, the songs where directed by the always hib jad shwery and made a success especially "Libnani" which was released after the 2006 war in Beirut, the song and it's clip were about the beauty of Lebanon's nature, culture and musical icons. The thing about Iwan is his ability to attract both female and male viewers and listeners.

Now he has also gotten into the movie business as I was him in an Egyptian movie Haflet Zaffaf. He made a good impression on me. In short Iwan is one of the few singers who can truly bring out a hit from A to Z. He can write, compose and he can capture all those emotions that are often lost if you are not the person who wrote this song. I am unable to see what's holding Iwan back from making a comeback. Sure, it's a crowded scene, but he is a one of a kind star and he can stand his own ground.

Iwan - Wala Fe El Ahlam / إيوان - ولا في الأحلام

Friday, February 25, 2011

Samah Anwar Doesn't Want To Burn the Protesters

The Egyptian actress Samah Anwar called in one of those live TV shows and gave her opinion about the Tahrir Square protesters. Burn them all she said! That's right she said the authorities should burn those protesters @ Tahrir Square. To her credit she said, people do not have to share the same opinion. It's just her opinion to burn the protesters.

Some TV show had her on and now she is walking back. She denies having said that the way people have put words on her mouth. Now she is changing the story and giving a different story. It's a cheap attempt. Why not apologize and move one. This is like saying "I am sorry but you..." So that does not help.

Now she is making up stories and trying to justify her call to burn the protesters. She said she only wanted to burn the tugs not the protesters. This is not cool Samah, I really thought you are one of the smart ones. I think she is one of those people that really went out. She did not say I love Mubarak, she incite violence against peaceful protesters.

I understand you want to change your opinion now, but you cannot change the facts. She blames the state media, blames the protesters and everyone. She should just stop talking. Apologize and move one. You are not helping anyone by calling for violence and death of peaceful protesters. She is defending herself using Facebook and posting videos to explain her idiotic comments.

Ahmad Abdel Warth, an Egyptian actor who was present on the same interview. He gave Samah the run of her life. He said had I known Samah was going to be present, I won't have come to this interview. That was gold. The actress has gone nationalistic on us, like talking smack about Aljazeera, it was a lame attempt once more. She did not want the clip from her call to burn the protesters to be played.

Samah Anwar Interview on Protesters Samah Anwar | اعتذار سماح أنور -

Tunisian Latifa To Egypt, Land of the Plenty

Latifa is from Tunis, she has sort of let the whole Tunisian Revolution get pass her, but she wasn't about to let the Egyptian revolution get by without having a song of hers to commemorate the moment. To be honest some Tunisian voices have criticized Latifah for not doing/ saying enough about Tunisia. She has also been the singer of choice for the Tunisian dictator and his wife. It's not entirely Latifa's fault, she is the biggest star from Tunisia and Egypt is her second home. Latifa delayed the release of her album that was to be released on Valentine day in observance of those events in her home and her second home.

Listen to those really fresh lyrics from Latifa, even though there are more than a hundred songs has been released since the revolution Egypt, this one stand out. The performance, the lyrics, and the music stand as one whole package that beatifies the song. This is the equivalent of a painter working on a masterpiece portrait.

It's not an Egyptian song until you incorporate the instruments the people of Egypt have come to love, the flow and the reference of the pyramids, soccer games, and the common people on the street. Latifa took more than her sweet time to bring this song and it was wroth the wait. I cannot wait to hear her Tunis song. The title is Egypt the land of plenty.

Latifa - Masr Balad Elkhir لطيفة - مصر بلد الخير

Another Rap Song For Egypt

Egyptian rapper Karim Naguib is one of the boys, he feels like they do and cares about the things they care about. Maybe we need the Egyptian revolution so we can find out about young talents like Karim's

Per his facebook page, Karim is a new talent to smash the Egyptian R&B newly introduced trend. A 23 years old composer/lyricist/singer with a high calibre promising talent. Karim sings to youth like him about their problems and potential, dreams and hopes, and wishes for a better future.

Ear catching tunes with very touchin words that will appeal to many of the young generation. I say this is a good song, I love the flow and the beat. There is something different about Egyptian rap, in a good way that it always feels fresh as the Egyptian vocabulary is flexible.

Karim Naguib - Omrak / كريم نجيب - عمرك

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This One Goes to You Tunis

Because you lead the way, because you made it possible when all of us dismissed you, you said, "I will show you" and you were right Tunis, we were brought it all together you taught the Arab world and the rest of the world what it takes to bring an end to clowns and dictators....

You gave us the revolution, Egypt picked it, now Libya has to make a run for it...then it will go to Yemen and elsewhere. Here is the anthem that goes to you Tunis, your children have rocked the entire world and made us all believe again. Our parents were wrong and along came the young people to correct the mistakes of the past and say in one voice, the people have spoken and we won't be intimidated this time.

نشيد الثورة التونسية 14 جانفي

A Very Egyptain Beat From Mido Mounib

One of the C list singers in Egypt is Mido Mounib, the tanned skinned singer popular for wedding and folksy events. He just released his must hear song commenting on the Egyptian revolution, it seemed that everyone who ever had a song before January 25th, now must have a song for Egypt. The Nubi singer had previously collaborated with Mohamad Mounir on a local dialect song "Nayjeereh Beeh"

Fine, the more the merrier. Haitham Nabil, the charismatic singer wrote the music for this Mido song, which is kind of fresh giving that those stars have different styles and different fan base. This song is about the human connection becasue have when they walk and share a city together. The singer brings attention the volunteerism that swept though Egypt when people stepped up to handle jobs that was handled previously by the police force that went missing.

Glad to see Mido come back with this song as his fan base appreciates a song that uses their instruments and tell them tomorrow will be better by the grace of God. What these music videos have is pictures of the Tahrir square and other areas and a Christian priest holding hands with a Muslim one.

Mido Mounib - Ana Mashy / ميدو منيب - أنا ماشي

Rowaida El Mahrouki: "I'm Not a Hooker"

Rowaida El Mahrouki, the pop princess from the United Arab Emirates is sure a bold one, but she wants you to know she is not Ruby of the Gulf. Ruby is an Egyptian pop singer known for a number of popular and revealing music videos that got her fame around the Arab world.

In her statement, she denied that she looks like anyone else and that she is not too controversial. Rowaida said that Ruby is a successful artist who has transformed herself into a box office darling. For now Rowaida seems to be at peace with herself. Read the story here Rowida actually thinks there are people who are after her and trying to bring her career to an end.

I actually like becasue she does not let other people boss her around and pretend to be traditional and do all that nice girl stuff only to be revealed that she is actually a hooker. She is bold and nothing wrong with that, she is better than a hunder male stars form the Gulf who get away with tons more in their music videos. So get it stop picking on Rowaida please.

Ay Ay - Rowaida El Mahrouki

Habneky Ya Balady From Pyramedia

Pyramedia makes records for a number of up and coming Arab voices as well as half a dozen of household names. PYRAMEDIA Group is a media and an entertainment group of companies specializing in music, film, programming, publishing, artist management, events and advertising.

The company began its operation in Egypt nearly six years ago and has been able to develop an excellent market share in the country; it started with its ambitious plans in the music industry and now distributes over 500 titles on its label and over 200 video titles; it also distributes a large range of CDs & DVDs for other international companies and has recently expanded to add a strong range of publications and books imported from Europe.

So I get the sense this is an Arab music company that has a global focus without losing sight of the local market. This company is the brainchild of music producer Richard El Hajj. Just visit their website and you get the feeling this is a professional company that means business.

Watching the revolution in Egypt one of the company's young stars Mohamed ElTookhy voiced a song for Egypt starting the revolutionaries who tend to be all of his age and welcome the change. Two other artists who fall under the Pyramedia, Nader Nour and Mohammad Rahim who had their own song. This is a simple music video, a slide show of significant pictures and the artist recording the song at the studio.

Mohamed ElTOokhy - Habneky Ya Balady

One More Egyptian Slideshow 4 The Fallen

تامر عاشور - سألو الشهيد Tamer Ashour Saalo Al Shaheed

This time by Egyptian Tamer Ashour whose latest album was released during the revolution, embarrassing him by showing him as out of touch. Tamer did not shy away, and issued statement condemning the timing of the release of his album and added his voice of supporting the revolution and the fallen. It make sense why he would say that, timing is important in marketing too.

Tamer promised a song about the revolution and he delivered more than a week ago, now his mostly sad song gets a music video rendition, like many other singers before him, they are happy using pictures and videos from the actual events on and after January 25th 2011. The song is good due to Tamer's own style that can deliver sad songs, his voice is perfect for that.

Mostafa Mahfooz Final Battle Song

مصطفى محفوظ "واحد منهم" لثورة 25 يناير Mostafa Mahfooz Wahed Menohom

Mostafa Mahfooz the composer turned singer (seriously, we need more of those) gave some of us melodies to a number of Arab stars and helped them shine. I love his collaboration with Omnya Soliman, the Egyptian singer with Cashmere voice. He had had a half dozen of songs of modest success prior to the revolution, but now after the revolution in Egypt on January 25th and the 18 days following that.

Now the composer turned singer surfaced again sporting a beard and offering his wisdom through his music and words in his latest titled Wahed Menohom, one of their own. About justice and earning their rights back. Mostafa does not fail to mention that he took part of the protest and stood with the protesters. On the music side, this is actually some fine music, it plays like an epic movie soundtrack for some intense fighting scene where the hero goes to face the protagonist in the final hour.

Two thumps up for his tribute to the fallen man and women who did no wonrg other than asking for what was theirs. He is right the dignity and the rights have now come back to the people.

Oh Now Karim Mohsen Shows Up

One young singer I actually wanted to hear him sing for Egypt, by no mean he is not a household name, but he is popular with the teens and early 20 something music fans. He is the Tamer Hosny sidekick who just released his own album late last year. Because Karim Mohsen is musician by training, he feels the music and knows how to bring the best in his voice to pair it with his music. Karim Mohsen composed this song and that explains why he gets part of the video and Tamer doesn't.

Karim took a different approach he did not release his own song, instead he collaborated with Egyptian rapper Hossam L Hossainy, the rapper who released two song about the Egyptian revolution. This is actually a good song until you hear Tamer Hosny voice who insisted on inject himself into a hip song.

The title is a new dawn, Fajir Jadeed, and I like the chemistry between the two singers, they both got swagger. I like the pictures and flags too. The way the song goes it makes Egypt this beautiful girl that people want to preserve and protect from any harm or ill. This is a good song that will mean a lot to the younger crowd and makes them appreciate freedom and the accomplishment of the revolution.

Hossainy,Hosny and Mohsen collaborates on this one, do you see they are all derivative of the Arabic root word Hassan? They need a Hussein and then they would have all words related from the name Hassan. These guys are lending a hand to Tamer Hosny who is in trouble with the youth...he did helped therm out earlier so now it's pay back time.

Hossam L Hossainy Ft Karim Mohsen \ حسام الحسيني وكريم محسن - فجر جديد

حميد الشاعري - ليبيانا - Libyana- Hamid El Shari

Aside from the Qaddafi family, Hamid El Shari is rightfully the most famous Libyan who actually made a name for his country and himself by being the innovator he is in Arabic pop. He has made the career of more Arab stars than, one can count. He gave us more hits than there are numbers.

When trouble in Libya started 10 days ago, Hamid didn't wait and came out against the Qaddafi regime. He stood tall for the people and organized aide caravan to bring in medications and and food to the people of his country. He even made such bold statements, asking the Egyptian army to rescue their brethren in Libya.

But now, what a musician do, if not express his thoughts and sentiments in songs he releases to the masses. Hamid, the artist recorded this song to Libya titled Libyana, our Libya. About their legacies and sacrifices they and their fore-bearers made. The artist takes some time to praises the beauty of Libya--one overlooked aspect. This is a song in the Libyan dialect, something you do not get everyday.

A Poem, A Lute And A Blind Musician

The Palestinian raising star poet Tamim Barghouti wrote this song in January, and a young Egyptian musician Mostafa Said composed the music and performed in Tahrir Square during the days of the protest. This is a very real poem written by Tamim who is also Egyptian and has grown up there.

This reminds of me of the collaboration of two other icons, the Palestinians poet Mahmoud Darwish and the iconic Lebanese composer Marcelle Khalifah. The lute gives the poem a voice and makes it a lot more meaningful bringing this poem to new audience who are not too much into reading poetry.

The fact that the musician is blind and his flawless performance combined with his voice ensures that this song will be around for some time. The verses of this poem pretty much talk about the corruption and death that took place, it also goes deeper into history and using simple everyday language and that world famous Egyptian humor to drive the massage of change home.

يا مصر هانت وبانت اجندة مفتوحة بي بي سي BBC Ya Masir Hanit We Banit

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Forgot: Ayman Al A'tar Is Libyan

With the unfortunate events unraveling in Libya, an awesome country out-shadowed by its colorful dictator, I kept looking for mainstream Libyan singers, we wrote about Hamid Al Shari, the iconic music done it all figure. But it hit me while I was taking a leak, there few years ago there once was a young up and coming singer from Libya.

So I kept remembering, he won Super Star season two, this star is none other than the song of Libya Ayman Alatar in 2004. Released an album in 2005 with a music video...and then sort of disappeared, the star who was dental school in Libya at the time of the Super Star competition.

The star got his frist break of Libya's national TV singing a song for Libya Wa6ana Ya Wa6ana and ever since he has always tried to make it in the business until he took part of then popular talent competition.

The star's career was inspired by the singing of Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder as well as deceased legendary singer Zikrah. Ayman had the voice and some charisma that helped him win the title. We include his sole music video, it has been six years since we heard anything from this star. Ayman are you out there? What is the latest news man?

Ayman Al A'tar - Bahebak / ايمن الأعتر - بحبك

Marcel Khalifah Gives Bahrain the Middle Finger!

Marcel Khalifah just proofed he is the manliest Arab entertainer by turning down an the government of Bahrain invitation to take part of the spring music festival. Not only did he turn them down, he actually told them what he is not coming and gave them a lesson in freedom, justice and human rights.

He sent back a signed statement with some bold langauge, that he is deeply bothered by the oppression and the opening of fire at the peaceful protesters. In a gutsy statement, "I feel every bullet you fire at them, and every time you break a bone in a child's body, I feel it like it in my body." read the statement. I chose to be in the camp asking for freedom and democracy and non-violence. The statement read further, I do not take this stand base on my nationality and believe, I take it becasue I am a human before anything else.

Marcel Khalifah added his voice to the millions of Arab people asking for change and protesting their regimes. I sing to those Marcel Khalifah said, they made me feel like we can accomplish the impossible. The organizers in Bahrain really did a de-service to themselves by one having a concert during this troubling time. Two giving a forum to this fiery artist who says it as it's as he has been doing for decades.

Well done Marcel Khalifah

Al Shahroura Gets Her Own Official Stamp

It's now official Sabah Al Shahroura to get her own stamp in Lebanon to commemorate the most famous Lebanese golden diva who stared in dozens of movies and gave the Arab worlds hundreds of classics. This was the brainchild idea of the Lebanese Minster of Telecommunication and it was a celebrated move. Sabah for her part welcomes the move and thanked the minister.

Sabah commented on the current political situation and wished all the best to her beloved country that needs to make up her mind about what direction the country wants to take. As for the Sabah stamp it will be soon available all cities and towns of Lebanon, so hurry up and get yours now. Yes, no one sends regular mail anymore, just send them an email instead, but make sure to buy those stamps and send us some when you get them.

As for now the diva just survived another medical setback and has pledged with the media to let her die in peace and not circulate rumors about her death. We love Sabah and we are proud of how proud she is of her country Lebanon--even though dozens of rich Arabs and statement ask her to move away from Lebanon. she turns them all down.

Here is an old song for Sabah from one of her popular movies. You would never know this is an Arabic movie if you mute the looks like a bunch of some golden California styling girls taking a stroll on the beach and the golden sand.

Sabah Dawamah صباح _الدوامة ‎

Nawal Gets A Kuwaiti Homecoming

Kuwaiti native superstar, the lady with the golden voice and high level of sentiments throughout her long career. She might also be the Gulf Top female singer who commended a large and diverse base of fans in the Gulf and Beyond. The singer got married two years ago and moved to live in Turkey where she had her first born baby girl Haneen. But she left with some night to remember watch the video of her last performance right before she went into private life two years ago. (video)

I am a fan of Nawal since 2000 when she had a series of hit songs that became mainstream songs,

Nawal came to my radar in 2009 with Aghla Hoob (Below) a very touching romantic song with some one of kind upbeat music that takes you to that place. Now she is back into the spotlight for Kuwait music festival where she was the favorite daughter and it was quite the homecoming. Nawal did not disappoint and rose to the moment where she played the audience favorite hit songs of hers...the songs that make them proud to call this diva a follow citizen.

She did not quit as some said she have. She has not left Rotana, and she is working on her next album that's almost ready.

NawaL نوال الكويتية - اغلى حب 2009

Will Mohammad Foaud Take His Own Life?

In the darkest hour of the Egyptian revolution the singer Mohammad Fouad, know as the heart of Egypt and the Ibn Al Balad dude, is in trouble again. During a phone call to some live talk show he made a passionate plea to the Tahrir Square protesters to go home and the artists threatened that he will commit suicide if President Hosny Mubarak to resign.

Well Mubarak resigned, but Mohammad Fouad is still breathing he has not tried to take his own life as he promised he would if the dictator walks away. Fouad who tried to play coy with the protesters released three songs in the hopes he would make nice with them. He also opened his own studio and met with few people who claimed to have been part of the protest. Do you think it is over?

No, if Facebook groups have it, they still call on the artist to carry out his pledge and bite the bullet. Many are still calling him to do what he said he would do read here do not forget the comments, some of them are too funny.

It was clear that no one made the artist say those things, he chose his words and he chose to pledge to take his own life, now will he deliver? While I do not want to see anyone take their own life, but I do not particularly care for people who bring up the subject.

مكالمة محمد فؤاد التى ابكت الملايين Mohammad Foaud Call To Support Mubarak

Mubarak Writes His Names On His Suits

What do you make of this?

Apparently President Hosny Mubarak has his name written on his suits, bot like you know when you get them designed and the tailor writes your name instead of the brand. This one is different. The lines in his suits are made up of vertical letters that makeup the name of this dictator.

I do not really know what to make of it, other than either this mad loved himself too much or just has no idea what he wears! Which one is worse?

آخر كلام: بدلة حسني مبارك كان يكتب عليها اسمه

2011 Egypt Song By the Eighties Guys

No question about it Hamid AlShari is a man of every time, but the Libyan musician and his Egyptian buddy singer Ala Abel Khaliq are a blast from the past, all the way back to the 80s when Arabic pop was just taken off and trying to establish itself as the next big thing.

Hamid and Ala were the hot duo collaborating on a number of songs and late albums that defined Arabic pop reunited again just like the rest of Egypt reunited in the wake of the Mubarak departure. This time to were brought together in a song for Egypt and how they stood up in the Tahrir Square and protested with the protesters. It's a nice timely song from those two musicians who have a generational appeal.

It's nice to see that even stars who are in their late 40s not just the Facebook 20 something stars are now pitching in and savoring this moment. This is a moment of joy that all Arabs shared with Egypt. I specially like the part where they talk about the surprise that no one saw coming. Two thumps up for saying that the generation knows no fear.

يامصر وقفنا في ميدانك - حميد الشاعري Hamid ElShari Egypt 2011

BUSTED: Another Israeli Steals An Arabic Song

Listen to the Israeli song, let's call it Israeli song for a is a quiz, this is an Arabic song, they just stole the music and used the Hebrew Language....This is not new, we wrote about it here before (Israel Stole This Song)

Alright name the Arabic song from which this song was stolen?

I am sure the musician behind this tune was not compensated for his work, the Israeli artists do not care about stealing things...or do they? I bet if anything, the Israeli artist will say, oh, this is not stealing this is a tribute. The poet Faris Iskander who wrote the lyrics for this song accused the production company of selling the melody and used harsh words such as "Treason" becasue the production company is the only party that has the rights. But Rotana refuted those accusation and blamed another party for the wrong doing due to their membership in some publishing company that can sell the work of its members.

Sarit Hadad, is one of Israel's most acclaimed artist, many Palestinians actually enjoy her music--but not the stolen one. The Lebanese composer Slim Salamah distant himself form this Israeli singer and states that this is not the first song of mine the Israelis rip.

שרית חדד אור כוכב Sarit Hadad Steals Eliss's Song

The Least Lucky Movie

When you have a good indie movie and you know you have market interest in your movie due to the buzz it created before it even was released anywhere. That's what the producing company thought with Microphone, the first truly indie film about underground music scene in Alexandria Egypt.

They planned a release date, then the Alexandria Church gets bombed and people die. You delay your release date and then get the movie to theaters, three days an unprecedented revolution sweeps through your country promoting a curfew and later the closure of movie theaters in Egypt.

But what happens next is amazing, the cast members of your movies become the stars of the Egyptian revolution, Khalid Abu Al Nagga, the lead actor practically lived on Tahrir Square and had the most extensive videos library from the heart of the action. Hany Adel, your other lead released one of the most powerful post Mubarak song that was celebrated by the masses.

الإعلان الرسمي لفيلم ميكروفون - Official Trailer "Microphone"

When Arabic Songs Sound Like American Ones, We Win

I know some people who criticize Arabic music as boring and Karaoke music, meaning it's not creative and it all sounds the same. sometimes those accusations are true, but I think it's becasue those who issue those claims do not really listen to the lyrics, they just get turned of but the music. The same people like the older Arabic music, Fayrouz seems to always be an agreement even for those who do not speak Arabic.

But I have two recent songs that were released late in 2010 and I think those two songs are a breath of fresh air in Arabic music, they are creative, and bring up interesting subjects using some well thought-out music. There have been a lot of good music in 2010, but those song I think people who have distant themselves form Arabic music can enjoy. And if Arabic was not their language, the music is catchy.

The first song is the Ramy Ayach latest song part of his 2010 album Garamy. This song sounds like a different song in terms of the music. The melody it uses and the notes are fresh, in other words this kind of beat has not been done before. Most Arab songs feature some musical element you have heard before in another song like the demo, but Ramy went away from all that and came up with the music concept making his song sounds a bit more Western, but not that techno and house crap Arabs are in love with right now. I do not need to remind you that they lyrics are a new style too, so with this song you are not hearing the same I love you, you love me, my eyes miss you...etc. They words of the song play like a confession of a lover who has just had enough of his loved ones antics and he simply won't be taking any more of that. This is the kind of honesty girls wish men who have

انتى زعلتي رامي عياش Ramy Ayach Inty Zi3lity

The Guitar leads the way, making it sound like a Taylor Swift hit song, this is the story of someone who wants to make a move on a girl and he is just observing everything around her before he makes his move. With amazing details the Lebanese super star Raghib Alamah draw a picture of all the worries, fears, confusion a boy has before he makes a move. They story of his worries about his buddy who might be fallen for the same girl, then he watches over her as she goes back to chat with her friends...He worries that one of her friends would tell her not to fall for him. Then it all gets better as the girl he likes smiles at him, he knows he has her. But he has to make a move then his heard is telling him to be bold and approach her. This is a one of kind song that has the perfect combination of romantic music and magical story.
Ragheb Alama (Arab La Hada) 2010 راغب علامة - قرب لحدا

Duraid Lahham Hosts Qaddafi @ His Home

Duraid Lahham is one of a kind star, he is a fixture of serious Arabic comedy for those with a brain. The star who made his career mocking Arab leaders and and their brutal tactics is in hot water now as Mouammar Al Qaddafi made a visit to this star's home about three years ago, and we have a video of this night of music and brown nosing Syrian style.

unstoppable TV star Salma Al Masri, Wafeeq Habeeb (on the Daf?), Ali Al Deek, the king of Syrian folksy music. This visit took place on March 31, 2008. This is not a good time for this Doreed, you are one of those Arab stars that believe in something once called the Arab nation. You once made fun of dictators like the lunatic Libyan dictator. While you do not make movies or star in TV dramas, you once meant something.

Not sure what the circumstances of this bizarre visit and the very random selection of stars present with the Qaddafi's visit. Maybe he was made to accept this visit, but is this is true this is a greater insult toe Duraid who is a legend for many of us.

Lahham you were once UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to the Middle East and North Africa region in 1999.You were fired becasue you made comments likening the Israeli occupation to Hitler. You said the right thing, maybe used the wrong terms, but now this is a lot worse, what side are you on?

Lahham counterattacked his critics and shamed them for not mentioning this till now, he said he was asked to host Qaddafi who wanted to visit him at home. Duraid maintains that he has never sucked up to any Arab leader his entire life. We agree with this claim, we know Duraid is a good man, but it's sure bizarre to see this party at his home for the tyrant of Tripoli.

القذافي في منزل دريد لحام Qaddafi @ Dorid Laham Home in Syria

غوار الطوشي أغنية يافطوم

The 1st Movie to Cash In the Egyptian Revolution

They always made movies about corruption in Egypt, just about all their movies bring up the subject to a certain degree. But then there was the first movie to have been produced and shot all before the revolution that brings all those touchy subjects that lead to the Revolution in Egypt.

This movie is Sarkhit Namala, the shout of an Ant--the little affect, big things done by little people have. The movie marketers are savvy, they incorporated pictures of the revolution and the Tahrir Square protest into the movie to help market it. Having not known about this movie form before, I would have think it was inspired by the recent events in Egypt.

Protests, unemployment, the cheap gas to Israel, rigged election, violence, intimidation, the constitution, the high rollers, the tugs and the abuse of power, you name it this movie has it. I think the preview look good, I only hope the movie is at least half as good becasue I do happen to like the lead actor and I think he is one of the best actors in today's Egyptians cinema.

This one movie packed with funny real life on lines that are sure to make you laugh. The star of the film is well known for this style of comedic performance. My favorite line from the trailer, "you mean to tell me that we the people are lightening up Egypt, while our gas is lightening up Israel?"

فيلم صرخة نملة عمرو الجليل Sarkhit Namalah Trailer

Asma Mahalaoui Tunis Song "tahya al horiya"

Not much is known about Tunisian singer Asma Mehelawi or Asma Mahalaoui, other than the fact that she just wrote and performed a tribute song to the Tunisian revolution. The song uses the Tunisian dialect, exotic in a good way to all Arabs. Asma is an alum of the Star Academy Season 7. She has a number of Facebbok pages to her name, but one stood out an Anti Asma Mahalaoui pages there too. I think that she stirred the pot with viewers with her approach and open mind or otherwise known as wearing a bikini.

The title is Freedom Lives, more song need to be written about Tunisia, the started the chain of change sweeping across the Arab world. Aside for the persona, this is a good song for the most part. It sounds inspired by the events that took place in Tunisia last month. This is for everyone and it covers all subjects, from the fallen, to freedom.

asma mehelawi tahya al horiya

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Arab American Tribute To Egypt

This is a track performed by Arab American Artists Patriarch a band member of the popular P-Stine, Ghazi, Kaotiq featuring vocals by American Artist Anna. This song is in tribute to the peoples revolution in Egypt. This is the work of the West Coast based rap artists who declared they stand with the people of Egypt now and always.

This timely tracks comes as the success of the Egyptian revolution astonishes the world and earns the Arab people respect around the globe for what they have accomplished together. I love how rap and rappers are voicing their support for the people of Egypt, becasue the plight of the people of Egypt resonates with all segments of the society.

This track sounds like a twitter account that chronicles and resilience of the people of Egypt in Tahrir and other parts of Egypt. The artists' song will be embraced in the Arab world, as Arab media is reporting on it now as well as young Arab Americans are also tuning in.

Patriarch, Ghazi, Kaotiq ft. Anna - Higher (Tribute To Egypt)

The Last Great Sad Song From Ihab Tawfik

ايهاب توفيق Ihab Tawfik Garab Ba'a

Ihab Tawfik is one of those stars that you loved in the 90s, and enjoyed in the early 2000 and then you either tolerated him since 2005 or just dismissed him. The once golden boy of Egyptian pop who was God's gift to the masses of Arabic music listeners has more than dozen hit albums to his good name. But his comeback has been problematic since it seems he has not found something great to give.

Here is a really sad song that was a big hit from this smart singer, there are two kind of songs Ihab can perform. The first is the generic dance heavy pop song that lives on during the summer season. the second type is the sad dark song about being heart broken and in pain becasue you have either been wronged or been abandoned.

This music video is quite good becasue the scenes are amazing natural scenes from around Egypt, Ihab got into the song and he is singing his heart out and acting out doing it. The filming uses a fresh approach that shows you the beautiful landscape without distracting you form the song. The model is another story, it's the sexy Tunisian model turned actress, the Egyptian boys love her.

Nelly Makdessi Ya Habibty Ya Masr نيللي مقدسي يا حبيبتي يا مصر

Nelly Makdessi, the Lebanese beauty and pop singer wanted the people of Egypt to know they are on her mind so she covered an old Egyptian classic. Nelly choose to cover the all popular Shadya song Ya Habibty Ya Masr, the song of choice for the revolutionaries. Nelly is one of few non Egyptian singers to release a song in time of the Egyptian revolution.

Nelly Makdessi has been working on covering older Arabic songs to proof she has what it takes to sing, so this might be an attempt to bring Nelly to the news. But the Lebanese singer who is a brilliant show girl loved Egypt, it's the biggest Arab market. As far as the song goes, Nelly did a good job in covering this song. I think she has the voice hands down, and the time is right. Now, I can safely say that I look forward to her new album for the oldies.

Nelly Makdsi Ya Habibty Ya Masr نيللي مقدسي يا حبيبتي يا مصر

Nancy Ajram Wants to Sell You Makeup

When you are the number one selling artist in the Middle East, and when you have a global recognition, product endorsement is the only way you can go. Nancy Ajram is no different than the World's largest stars, she is a household name and more favorable than an other Arab figure living or dead.

So it comes to no one surprise to see Nancy in Ads, she sold up Coca Cola and has been doing a great job of it in those tasteful advertisements she has brought to life without taking away of her fame and popularity. Fady Kataya enters the pictures and gets Nancy Ajram to wear his makeup in stunning new pictures.

This is a whoe new territory for Nancy, she has been making the transition from cute to sexy and has been doing it without cheapening her soul. This a new line of makeup for a beauty lounge that has the name recognition in Lebanon. With Nancy business is beautiful.

Saber Al-rebaei The Tunisian Symphony Saber Al-rubaie

This is not a song, it's an intense symphony for Tunis by one of her own sons. This extended musical composition took few weeks to execute in a way worthy of Tunisia and its people who inspired the Arab people that change is possible. The Tunisian started something beautiful, something that the masses have been waiting for for ages. Saber Al-rubaie Tunis song leaves you wanting more of this style, but it satisfies your senses.

We were all touched by the act of those brave men and women who stood high and walked tall to overthrow the dictator. Their act have been replicated in other countries and for more to come. Egypt picked it and ran with it, now Libya Bahrain and Yemen all on the same steps. But not enough songs have been released to celebrate the Tunisian moment.

There are half a dozen of mainstream Arab stars who come from Tunisia, but it seems none of them had the time to release a song to honor the revolution until Saber Al-rebaei, the pop star and king of the mellow romantic songs just released his song for Tunisia, "the good land" in English, Al Ard Al Tayebah in Arabic. It's actually a well thought song, it's not rushed those songs usually feel. Saber took his time to give us this song that will live on becasue it plays like an honest conversation that an artist has before they approach a subject. Saber walk us through his line of thinking of why he is recording this song.

He sounds sincere, touched, and the music is well written, again this is not your average song this is an epic tale that took the collaboration of scores of artists. I enjoyed the exchange the singer has with the chorus. The original Arabic music is clear in this song toward the middle it gets better. But the Western influence is also present at the beginning of the song.

Saber El Rebaei Tunis Al Arid Al Taybah صابر الرباعي تونس الأرض الطيبة

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fayez Al Said The First Dude of Fresh Gulf Music

Sawt Alhob, the voice of love, the son of the UAE whose gifted music made the career of so many Arab stars, goes back to his roots. He sings a romantic song....the singer who usually opts out for the funny side in his music videos...this time he is going a different route.

Working with Nahla Fahd, the brilliant music video director who has gave the Arab viewers a number of music videos that tell love stories in different sittings. The director enjoys working with singer who can do the acting of the music video, and Fayez was no different this time.

This is wonderful collaboration from two talents individuals who respects their fans and respect their tradition. From what I saw I think this is a dark love story of two lovers who live in the same time zones, but live on different universes.You will see a younger looking Fayez, a more hip persona, a gorgeous model

فايز السعيد - صوت الحب Fayez Al Said Sawt Al Hob