Friday, July 31, 2015

@medomounib Presents Star Academy @Noormofficial New Single

Star Academy does not stop being the gift that keeps on giving. So many young artists have appeared on this program, so many stars were made and so many were forgotten. A few though have made it and have already established thriving careers in the entertainment biz.

Here's Nour Mohamed, also appeared on the program, what has yet to be answered, will she mange to hold tight and hang in there? Nour is young, cute, cheeky, and hip, so she has what helps with marketing. The vocal performance is good, not meant for awards and Tarab songs (it may) So she is ready to be a star from the looks for her new music video. I like her style and her simplicity, social media does make an appearance in her music video. So let the games begin and let the conversation begins.  

Ewe production & Medo Mounib's Pause production stand behind this track for the young artist. The single is included on the Hits 9 album alongside many singles by young and bright singers. I must confess Nour is doing all the right things in Egyptian pop. I like how running out of battery can cause one to lose many things. 
Nour -Talba Ma3aya l نور - طالبه معايا

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mohammed Assaf Flirts With Egypt In New Music Video #AywaHaghani

There have been many Egyptians who did songs for Palestine. Many and countless did sing for Palestine from Egypt and outside of it. For once, we get a Palestinian singer doing a sweet love song for Egypt. It feels nice to have one of our own doing a song for Egypt at those dark hour.

What I think cool is that Assaf did the song in a real street and people had no idea what to make of it. It appears that few appearing  in the music video did spot him and knew he is the Arab Idol in the flesh. It's pretty a near concept to explore. While it's true that all Arabs loved Assaf and voted for him due to his symbolic rise to fame and also to his bright talent.

The song itself was released on Assaf's debut album and it made some waves for him in Egypt with his fan base. But Assaf filmed a story from the heart of that country and from its streets among it's people. He lived the lifestyle at least for a day. After all Assaf did visit Egypt right before he auditioned to the Arab Idol that made him the mega star and ambassador he is. Assaf ditches the cool things and enjoys the simple lifestyle and walks among the people.

The Palestinian artists might be pitching in to help boost Egypt tourism efforts by telling stories and projecting what we often forget in the midst of all the political madness. The song offers some wisdom on life and some lessons on people. I like the cafe scene and how people got into it to sing along with Assaf. And then comes the Nile cruise with its well-known parties.  

محمد عساف - كليب ايوه هغني | Mohammed Assaf - Aywa Haghani music video

Listen: Kareem Salama Radio Rich - Acoustic Medley

A lot of good things in the States are in Texas, like the singer, song-writer American Kareem Salama who has been brightening the world and adding his own footprints on American country music. He is talented no doubt and Kareem is well-positioned to take this local art form and turn it into a true international art form.

I think more people should hear Kareem, there is something different about him, his soul and his music. Sure it's not easy to do something that has not been tried before, but resilience and perseverance pay. Hear his latest tracks "released today" which cheered me up.
An acoustic medley with samples from Kareem Salama original songs as well as "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, "Save Tonight" by Eagle-Eye Cherry, "Rude" by Magic, "How to Save a Life" by The Fray, "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice, "Time after Time" by Cyndi Lauper.

Kareem Salama Radio Rich - Acoustic Medley

Saudi Crooner? Turki Is Everything Your Love Life Needs

So many Khaleej based artists go by the name Turki, it's a royal name too. Here's one super talented Saudi singer that uses that name and he is doing well by that name. 99 percent of Saudi singers do not try to be famous outside of their country--there is plenty of money at home. But those who do tend to do it for the celebrity chair not necessary for the funds.

When you look up Turki, you learn many Iraqis share his songs on their forums and consider him one of their own. That's neat! I like him in this romantic style. He is a lot like these old Abdul Majeed Abdallah songs. Pure, innocent and unassuming love is there comfort zone. The music is pretty fine and it does help the song and the listener to keep focused on it.

The power of the Saudi song has always been reliant on its poetic lyrics, Turki sticks to that tradition and dazzle us once more.
Turki ... Ya Darory | تركي ... يا ضروري

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fares Karam (Rotana) vs. Mohammed Assaf (Platinum Records)

Two mega music companies are prepping for new releases for some of the hottest music videos. The first is a young Palestinian Arab Idol doing an Egyptian song. The other is for a Lebanese hit-maker who has consistently releases a summer dance hit every summer for the past 15 years.

Not sure what these two songs have in common with another, but they will be sort of important in the pop music scene. We sort of miss Mohammed Assaf, he has now to do great things to get our attention, mediocre songs do not work. Sure we are proud of him and what he has accomplished but if he wants to be a big number in pop music, he has to play by the rules and own it.

Fares Karam needs no introduction, The Lebanese bro and pro hit-maker released a mini album almost a week before Ramadan and now he is back marketing his two album songs with a music videos. Fares knows how to make a summer hit--somehow the music and energy stays the same the lyrics and topic vary. He is playing stalker for his music video--not cool anywhere but in the Middle East.   

محمد عساف - أيوه هغني - قريباً | Mohammed Assaf - Aywa Haghany - Coming Soon

Fares Karam ... Aal Tayeb - Clip Promo | فارس كرم ... عالطيب - برومو الكليب

The Egyptian Adele Attempts To Be Hip (Video)

Reham Abd Elhakim just released one of her music videos unto the world. Reham, I love her might opera-quality vocals. Perhaps she might not be the cool artists you had on mind, but when it comes to singing she is tough to beat. Though I like her many songs from various movies and TV shows. It's hard to forget her song that takes issue with the many faults that comes with growing up in Egypt. A touching song that resonated with all Arabs not just the ones in Egypt.

Reham is trying to do an image makeover and appealing to the young and hip. She already has fans in many of her tuxedo wearing fans who know her from the house of opera. I like how Egyptian she is. She is your text book Egyptian female artist.

I just think she deserves a better music video, than this graphic show that seems to be at least ten years old. Not her fault, but glad to see that Mazzika is featuring her at all. Singers who are more focused on their voice and less with their image and marketing are under-represented. Rehad did play the role of a young Um Kalthoom in that hit show in 1999. Her first performance at the house of opera came at the young age of 12.
Ahla Hedeya - Reham Abd Elhakim احلى هدية - ريهام عبد الحكيم

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Comer @Rana__Samaha Is Everywhere And It's Great!

The tall and slander recording artist Rana Samah released at least three music videos in the span of 30 days. Each of these songs tackles a different topic, and communicate a varying range of emotions. Rana is adored by her fans who are very vocal about this Egyptian artist.

Here's the latest music video from this inescapable pop star who goes on a picnic for her song as she awaits the days to pass by so that she can be reunited with her loved one. To be clear on this, no other star from Rana's peers and age groups have done as much work as she has done. She seems to spend a great deal of time inside the recording studio. She comes back with a new song and new energy and a pleasant character.   

One time, you compare her to diva Angham, the other to Nancy Ajram, then to Amal Maher but you know she is none of those gifted divas. She is her own star, paving her own path and in the process conquering millions of hearts along the way. One of her boldest songs came last week whens he sang to empower women and urging them to fight for their rightful places--anywhere they desire. 

I am impressed by Rana, she is prolific, and she has shown that she is active. I know many of her male peers are aggressive and this is why they get ahead, but Rana is really giving them a run for their money. We need more female artists like Rana.
Rana Samaha - 3aysha 3alyoum l رنا سماحة - عايشة ع اليوم

The Gayest Non-Gay Song Is Out Of The Closet (Video)

Two young and accomplished dancers Anthony Touma and Mohamed Attia became friends on the set of Dancing with the Stars. They took their friendship to the next level and recorded a summer duet that they co-wrote. In one hand Anthony Touma and Mohamed Attia wrote the lyrics and then Touma wrote the music. And all of sudden you get a summer hit that is actually exciting.

Attia has done many things in his life since he won the 2004 Star Academy--he won that show's first season. Attia did a number of singles and album but nothing really that he could call a legacy. Then he starred in tow movies, and right after that he hosted a show with gamers celebrities--it was good. In between he did a lot of political activism, lots of opinions and he is no fan of the military dictator running Egypt.

Let's focus on the song, it's a perfect summer song--lots of bikinis, watermelons lemons, music, drinks. I liked the single when it was released two months ago, now we get to see the pool and the water guns. Things are changing fast in the Middle East, we got the extremists on both sides. Where have the sun gone?

I must say the games played poolside are refreshing, make no mistake this is a party song that makes no secrets about flirting. Enjoy the very short shorts and the studs lurking around the pool. On the plus side, this is one of the few times, where the guy is actually a good dancer that can stand his ground. The end of the music vides leaves one laughing.
Anthony Touma Ft. Mohamed Attia - Kol Lela | أنطوني توما ومحمد عطية - كل ليلة

Monday, July 27, 2015

#MyMAYA Album Is Out! Erotica With Lebanese Maya Diab

01 – Biradini
02 – Da Mtallaa Eeni
03 – Ghmorni W Shedd
04 – Habbayt Nemshi Sawa
05 – Keda Bardou
06 – Kilmi
07 – Ktir Awi Keda
08 – Sabaa Terwah
09 – Ya Bayyaiin El Assal

Girls make everything nice, guys have to take everything and turn into something dirty. Take fro example Maya Diab's new song and music video. She asks him to huge her and press tight. Then the duo are in bed rolling in bed. I do not get it, I do not think this is necessary, but the fans have something to say. Then one song ends and another one begins and a new storyboard. The handsome guy brings her back to life and they end up together.

Maya Diab is a married woman and she is even being directed by another female director so this might be girl power in action. No doubt the location is captivating and the performance is new to Maya Diaib. As for the album, I get the feeling that she did not have any real music produces in the studio to tell guide her and challenge her to be the best Maya she can be.

I feel the album is average, what's missing is a genuine hit song that makes one happy and sends young people to the dance floor. While the album has some good songs, no lead song jumps to mind, lots of emotions and female sided tales. But also, Maya talks like one of these street kids at least in one song.

Maya Diab - Ghmorni w Chedd &; Kilmi / مايا دياب - غمرني وشد و كلمي

Laith Abu Joda Breaks The Internet For Habibi Yalla @LaithAbuJoda

Laith Abu Joda keeps messing with people's internet. Why? He is so popular that any song of his keeps people busy and generates so many social media actions necessitating new servers. The young pop star (all the way from Star Academy) returns with a new summer hit that will be the subject of envy from many of his peers.

This Palestinian rock star has shot to fame in a very short time-frame by singing his heart out for his fans. But he did that first by releasing a humanitarian song that made many of us cry. But that was earlier this year and now we are going to see the start of the season of love and romance. The brilliant music video released with the new song Habibi Yalla is all about energy and excitement. Laith does it again and opens Pandora's box for the season. Another awesome thing about the music for Habibi Yalla is the sweet fact it has been composed by the lovable Karim Mohsen.

The song is catchy and invites the listener to jump right in. It's smooth and has plenty of fizz. No denying this is one hip guy making music for those who want to shake it. So if you really want something cool this summer? Grab a cold beverage and watch the song below.

P.S. I am all hopeful for Palestinian pop--we sort of have a dozen young artists doing wonderful songs that cross into other countries and generate buzz. Among the millennial pop stars Laith Abu Joda stands tall as he claims (and I second that) to have one of the most dedicated fan base on the social media sphere.        

ليث أبو جودة - حبيبي يلا | Laith Abu Joda - Habibi Yalla

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mount Lebanon Song By The Proud Lebanese Musician Salim Assaf

The people of Lebanon are forever proud of their Mount Lebanon. It's a place that gave birth to too many brilliant men and women who have contributed so much for the world. Salim Assaf wanted to sing to this place, region, monument and show his pride.

So he wrote a song about the place he grew up. Salim does not stop there, he counts few places within the mount and their virtues. It's a party song that will blaze the summer in that country. Salim does the song justice and the topic seems to be one close to his heart.  
سليم عساف - الجَبَل / Salim Assaf - Al Jabal

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Video: Bedtime Kisses With Najwa Karam In Croatia!

Najwa Karam likes all things beautiful things, she releases a true surprise song and a music video filmed in Croatia and things look really good for her. The title is already attention grabbing--the night kiss--the kiss before bedtime to be precises.

You really cannot miss these gorgeous outfits of Najwa's She has been a stylish lady since day one, for this music video she does it with elegance. What helps Najwa stand out is that shes does not fear the camera, in fact she might intimidate the camera and the person behind it. Croatia stole the show and Najwa Karam have some kind of harmony. Not sure what to make of her favorite dresser-Zuhir Mrad. He gives his best work and she translates it into pure elegance.  

This song sneaked up on me and many others as it was only on the radar since April of this year. After watching the music video and the song, this feels like a welcome return to Najwa;s 90's songs. How about that slick Mawal? She kicks off the song with her vintage trademark that eases us into a smooth song that does not allow the music to overtake its flirty lyrics.

نجوى كرم | بوسة قبل النوم | (Najwa Karam | Bawsit Abel L Nawm (Music Video

The Arab Summer Hit Arrives And It Has Ramy Ayach's Name #Yala_Nor2os

Ramy Ayach has added the title of music composer to his very long resume. Hear his work in his latest hot popping dance single. A song about dancing for the dancer in you. Better yet, the lyrics for this song are the work of the sensitive soul Salim Assaf.

Yala Nor2os, is an Arabic phrase for lets' dance. Though this is a single release, the full album is coming soon and this song lands now to build up the excitement. Fady Haddad directed the pop star, but this is not an average music video. Ramy does not do average and he always like to innovate and standout. This is a real treat from Ramy who takes his work seriously and his image is something he is very protective of.

White and black dominate this joint  and Ramy looks upbeat and in the zone for this happy and energetic summer hit. He is there to party and bring out the party with this pop gold. Last song he had like that it came almost five years ago. Yes, there are models in shorty outfits, fast cars, and dogs. This is also an ad for a car company that is trying to cash in Ramy's coolness.  
رامي عياش - يلا نرقص / Ramy Ayach - Yala Nor2os

Friday, July 24, 2015

Huda Saad: Not Just Another Moroccan Singing Khaleeji @Hoditactic

Moroccan diva Huda Saad is one of my favorite rock stars. I loved her voice since 2009 and have admired her choices ever since. She was a winner picked by Rotana and groomed for success. But one thing is different about Huda Saad. She works on herself as she does not wait for her phone to ring to get to work. Huda is always finding creative ways to be relevant and stat fresh.

Take for example, at first she did sing and just that, in her next album she wrote some songs and then came the big pleasant surprise in her very own music composition. And of course she did sing in all popular Arabic dialects and styles. From her very own dazzling Moroccan to her cheeky Egyptian, to the convincing Lebanese and now to the bold Khaleeji.

In fact be releasing a new album with four songs in Khaleeji tracks, she breaks into a big business and with the help of Rotana is not flying blind. I love the album and I have nothing awful to say about it. I respect Huda for only including four songs on her album as opposed to seven or eight songs that one tosses away. Huda made good choices and I am amazed by all tracks, but I fell in love two seconds into this track "Ana Keda" as it has all the right elements in right doses and timed perfectly. I do too like "El Resalah" a very bittersweet song that allows Huda to make her case for stardom.

I think the Arab world has yet to see the end of Huda, she is one talent that deserves a larger audience. Huda does what pop stars should be able to do, but they do not. I like how she pulls one surprise after another. I think this is one of the few times when a non-Khaleeji artist does a great job covering this dialect musically.   

01 - El Resalah
02 - Asaab Lahazat
03 - Ana Keda
04 - Ma Deat

Listen to the album here
Huda Saad … Ana Keda | هدي سعد … انا كدا

Video: Wael Kfoury Looks Like A Million Bucks!

Wael Kfoury is a seasoned hit-maker. He is not the most popular celebrity among his peers--though the ladies adore him. His fans find him one of the best and finest singers to do emotionally enticing songs. He is seriously the cool dude who always looks good, dresses well and most importantly he sounds stunning.

It's been more than 20 years since the world have gotten to know this charming Lebanese boy from the village. Now he is a family man with a big contract with Rotana. So from his latest album comes the second music video whish appears to be filmed in some posh hotel room with a fancy piano.

Wael remains the artists who makes good songs in the same fashion he did 20 years, it's like everything changes, but he does not feel the urge to change. The music video from "Kifik Ya Wajaai" tackles the past, and people who are unable to move past an epic romance that was detained to fail. Wael pulls one magic trick and we really watch the music video and conclude, that the entire music video we do not get one clear shot or a close up for this handsome man. It's like he asked the camera man to film him but not to draw close to him.
Wael Kfoury ... Kifik Ya Wajaai - Video Clip | وائل كفوري ... كيفك يا وجعي - فيديو كليب

Rasha: Rotana Finds A Hip Egyptian Girl!

01 - Gaya Al Ayam
02 - Dalaa Al Dalaa
03 - Al Hob We Al Salam
04 - Albi Hedyah
05 - Min Khofy Aleak
06 - Fe Lelah Men El Layaly
07 - Enta Meano
08 - Mabaetsh Mesadaah
Here's a fresh pop album from a young artists who is breaking out with Rotana. She is Rasha and she seems cool and hip for that Saudi company yet they are working together. Rasha is a new comer and she sings like an old Egyptian soul making girlie songs loved by the masses.

Her debut album features eight tracks with various tempo, moods and topics. It's pretty awesome that Rotana still believed in young and new talents that are not from the Khaleej region. We do not get many songs like those of Rasha in today's industry....they all make electronic crap over and over. So this is a sane album at a very insane time.

Rotana is a big company, but they are not doing a great job attracting menials, they do well with older listens, but the menials who are outside the Gulf, feel the company does not cater ti them. Maybe Rasha is a first wave of trying to change that.

Listen to the album here
Rasha … Dalaa Al Dalaa | رشا … دلع الدلع

Thursday, July 23, 2015

WATCH: Amr Diab Swings Again In New Radiant Music Video #Gamalo

He returns and he is full of a swagger....the man who never ages, Amr Diab is back with his Spanish guitar song and a model young enough to be his own daughter. WE get to see him smile and use a futuristic gadget and yes fall in love with some awesome headphones that make him look as he sounds, cool.

I like the color contrast here, and the youthful and stylish Amr Diab. He is walking around and waving his hands and then the party starts....This was an okay song, but the music video makes it a pop classic. There is a lot of phone whoring around, and Amr shows his muscles and fancy ride.  

Amr Diab ... Gamalo - Video Clip | عمرو دياب ... جماله - فيديو كليب

Why Does Shatha Hassoun Copy Najwa Karam's Look? #Walhana

I like Shatha Hassoun and think she has an awesome talent and knows how to market it very well. No two people can argue about her talent, we know she has a capable voice and something warm about her. She did walk away from that Star Academy season a decade ago and established a brand and thriving career.

Now, she has met a lot of success in countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, and Dubai. She is also a big draw in Jordan as well. What disappoints me is that by watching her new music video, I could not help but notice she seems to look, dress and act like Najwa Karam. Also, whatever happened to her eyes? Shatha Hassoun here is talking up her affection to this pretty boy. She is selling herself short. And the music video feels a lot similar to few others we have already seen not too long ago.

I like Najwa to be Najwa and I love Shatha to be Shatha, even those hats remind me of music videos we have seen before form Najwa Karam years ago. So the story three dudes and three girls, some of them are funny but the ones who sing and look good are the ones whose story is being told here.

I am all for the beach for fun, I liked this song before, but do readers see what I am talking about here? It might be the director's fault or the makeup artist, even the stylist, but original always pays.  
Shatha Hassoun ... Walhana - Video Clip | شذى حسون ... ولهانة - فيديو كليب

Basata Band And Asalah Go Well Together #تساهيل

There's a top of the box office film in Egypt today "Wilad Rizik" a movie about gambling, thugs, crimes, family and friendship with four top actors in Egypt's cinema. the movies seems to have a well-crafted plot and a solid cast.

So to market this big film, the theme song had to be good. Such songs get used as a marketing tool when the song plays with videos from the actual film. The sweet kicker? the song pairs one local indie band in Egypt Basata Band with a Syria vocalist diva Asalah and the magic beings.

While Asala did sing with other indie bands in the past, she did so live  ten years ago. This time, her song is pretty neat and the band gives her great support allowing for the song to be great in the vocal department and cool in the hip elements. I like the lyrics about life and the choices we made in life. Enjoy this amazing vocal pairing, and I am happy to have learned about Basata.

This Cairo-based band injects some flavors and local character into the song as Asalah owns the vocal showdown and sings those street-smart lyrics yet inspiring.
حصريا | أصالة وبساطة باند - أغنية تساهيل من فيلم ولاد رزق

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

George Wassouf At Better Times (Video)

George Wassouf has seen better days and for some his best days may be behind him, but the Syrian cult singer will be remembered for a really long time not for his antics, his candor, but his style of music that is all his own. He is like no other truly. He is a brand name and his voice and style are a school a patent of sort.

I loved this man and have listened to his music with countless millions around the globe, his fans know he is nowhere near perfect, but they love him nevertheless. He is a smooth singer whose live performances are worthy of kings.

George Wassouf Law Nawet Qater 1996 جورج وسوف لو نويت قطر

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Iskandar Father / Son Release A Sweet Surprise!

Your favorite rock star might be your dad's age or maybe the age of your grandfather if you are younger than me. His name is Mohamd Iskandar who just released a flirty song for this season. While his last songs were about life and plastic surgeries....and there was humor. The new releases tries a different route.

Sure Mohamd Iskandar got those lyrics written by his own song who seems to be the only one writing for his old man. Together, the duo just made a hit song that's actually sweet and personal and maybe not as chauvinistic as their past few hits. Not sure about the beat, it feels simplified and not as upbeat as we have come to expect from an Iskandar household hit.

The title of the song gives it away, the first lady is the title and the lyrcis do make a woman feel like she is the first lady in her lovers' eyes.
Lyrics and Music By: Fares Iskandar
Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh
Mixed and Mastered By: Mohammad Al Mak hoor

Mohamad Iskandar - Al Sayida Al Oula [Audio] (2015) / محمد اسكندر - السيدة الأولة

Have You Met Rasha Yet? Rotana Gives A New Diva A Chance

Let's all meet Rasha, the latest addition to Arab pop stars. Rasha's new song has been released and filmed with Rotana. A music video by Rotana has to be a big deal. The surprise, Rasha is a new comer. While Rotana works with all the big names, they do not seem to do well with newer faces--those go to other music labels like Music is my Life and Platinum Records. Egyptian talents do not necessarily feel Rotana to be a natural habitat, and the same goes from young artists.

This is almost an expensive music video to make, Rasha pulls a stunning appearance and new dance moves in style. I know very little about this pop diva who seems to work as hard as those show girls in the West. As for the voice, I think the base and foundation are good, it just a little bit more character and flavoring.

But this can work, image is a big deal now and Rasha got that, it's almost that voice is an added values in today's music industry. Great images and some amazing cinematography here from a lady who wants fame and is about to get it.

Rasha ... Gaya El Ayam - Video clip | رشا ... جايا الأيام - فيديو كليب

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Event: Lost Origin Sound Series Sacred Voices of Syria Vol. 1

There’s a small sect of Syrian Sufis whose music has never been heard outside of Aleppo before now. Find out how a punk rock drummer and guerrilla preservationist mistakenly stumbled upon them and recorded these rarely-heard mystical, spiritual chants for the first time. Learn about their culture and spiritual traditions and how preservation can help keep musical traditions alive for audiences today and in the future. PR firm rock paper scissors, known for deep storytelling around compelling music, sponsors this Facebook chat with client Jason Hamacher. His upcoming release, NAWA: Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo (Lost Origin Sound Series Sacred Voices of Syria Vol. 1, out June 17), is just one result of years of extensive research and travel to and from Syria in order to track down and record the ancient liturgical music of that part of the world.

Join us on June 4 from 1-3pm EST as we host a live interview with Jason right on the rock paper scissors Facebook page. We’ll pose some questions of our own to Jason, and you’re invited to comment and ask questions of your own, in the first of our regular series of rock paper scissors Facebook Forums.

Event link:

Read more here:

Hamad El Amry Of The United Arab Emirates

He is one of the young guns of the United Arab Emirates, he is one of their brightest vocalists whose voice glows in the dark. I love Hamad El Amry's style. I think many will attest to his amazing vocals, and I love how he subscribes to the school of the UAE folklore style--he sounds a lot similar to another popular UAE artist Mr. El Minhal....

This is powerful and passionate poem performed with a tangy voice accompanied by the lute, and this does the magic. No complex process or filters, just a good voice, with neatly-crafted poetic lyrics and soothing oud. I am now thinking this is really how the UAE song sounded to me growing up in Dubai, they are different than the rest of the Gulf....and Hamad let them aim through.

اغنية حمد العامرى وفر كلامك

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ahmed Zaeem (The Egyptian Fadel Shaker) New Song Is So Good!

In Egypt, they dub him as the next Fadel Shaker, the local boy whose voice and emotions sound so sincere. I have written about Ahmed Zaeem few times already and talked about all his friends in the music business who believe in him and his talent.

This time Ahmed has outdone himself and opened a new gate for his career. Now, Ahmed's new song was released a day or two ago--timed for the Eid holiday. I played the song and asked my lovely wife and my music savvy brother-in-law to listen in. They were instant fans and they have never heard him before or any of his songs, but this song about nostalgia, moved them in the right direction.

But when I mentioned that people compare Zaeem to Fadel Shaker, they said they see it, but they also think Ahmed is a stand alone artist--which I agree. Well done and a good song that feels good to listen to and to play over and over. 
أحمد زعيم - ليالينا (Audio)

The Only Happy Eid Song You Will Ever Need!

The song is not about the Eid day but rather the eve of the Eid, the night filled with expectations and good spirit.spirit. Oum Kalthoud released this song more than fifty years ago and it has become an Arabic classic for that special day.

This time Tunisia pop diva Latifa takes the song and delivers an incredible vocal performance. She did not have to go reinvent the wheel, instead she did a cover song of this classic and that's the one song we will ever need. So celebrate this day and make the most of it with family, friends and loved ones.     
لطيفة تغني يا ليلة العيد

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Black Theama's Vocal Guests Upstages Them In "Bahlam"

Songs about dreams are a dime a dozen in every culture. They helped sell records, clothes, cars, phones, computers and soft drinks. So every artist has the urge to have their own song about dreams and aspiring to be something bigger.

The Upper Egypt (south) band of three dreams Black Theama did include a song about this very topic on their album released earlier this year. It feels like a religious song where they are praying with God while singing a locally themed song. Not much lyrics really, just a dozen words in total. The song is okay but the vocal artists transports you to some parts of Egypt that you have always wanted to see.

Black Theama's vocal guests takes you there and reminds you of the complex and rich musical legacy that country has. The song is also is available on at least two of three cellphone networks in Egypt.     
Black Theama - Bahlam | بلاك تيما - بحلم

Girl Power! Donia Samir Ghanem Ft. Hamaki | Awel Marra

Donia Samir Ghanem had a big surprise with her new show in Ramadan--she topped the ratings and became one of the best female-lead shows in a busy TV season. And to piss off her rivals, she ended her show with a sweet romantic song with one of the coolest pop stars Hamaki. What's neat, it's her name is on top of the credit and he is the guest vocal feature.

Donia is doing her fans proud and making sure she is a wholesome entertainer. She walked away from a popular show out of fear not to repeat herself and not to be just a prop for that ale actor. The new song rivals that of Disney's frozen. Enjoy this romantic song that features a very strong vocals and beautifully crafted lyrics courtesy of her buddy Amir Teima.

I like the palace and the setup for this song, there are minimal affects but the focus is on the vocalists.
محمد حماقي و دنيا سمير غانم | أول مره - Donia Samir Ghanem Ft. Hamaki | Awel Marra

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sami Yusuf Has A Lot More Than A Prayer

The Muslim singer Sami Yusuf with a heart of gold and a voice of an angel is releasing a new music video for one of his beloved songs. This once he is doing a special song that feels like in the Sufi style and tradition. There are drums and a supplication that borders being a song. Sami goes out for this song and does not hold a thing.

It's more of a Dua than a song like he made before, but it has a beat and heart. It's a personal track where a humble humans seeks fogginess and redemption from the almighty. It's a mellow track made perfect for the holy month or fast, prayer and worship.

I think Sami Yusuf is ahead of the curve in many ways, he paved to way to many more young Muslim singers to become global stars in they fashion he has become one. He is a trail blazer and a trend sitter, we still talk about his song form a decade ago where he traveled to Turkey, India and Egypt. He is now getting a lot into the mystical side of the art and something tell me they will be coping him in that London based production house. If you doubted this seasoned artists, look no further than his concert in the Palestinian city of Nazareth where a 100,000 fans attended his performance.  
Sami Yusuf - Autumn | لا اله إلا الله

Syrian Singer @MohamadBash Charms The World #Shoufi_Mafi

Bash is back and he is all loaded up with maximum level of charm. Syrian Mohamad Bash is one of those young talents who are stuck in the C list class of artists. But for his new music video he is playing tourist in some Asian city perhaps.

The new song is pretty interesting, it sounds like an Iraqi song from the title, but then the song goes in some foreign tongue. What's fresh is the arrangement of music here, it's pretty sophisticated. The Star Academy is taking pictures and videos with the tourists. He gives a shout out to Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian dialects.  

The director of his music video is also the same person that wrote the lyrics and music. So this is pretty new to me. The music video is low budget and made with volunteers. The new song shows what Bash has as a vocalist with big Tarab potential that is relevant for today's age.

It's a fresh song from a young artist whose talent should be shared with more people, I know his big smile opens hearts and doors for him.

Shoufi Mafi  - Mohamad Bash شوفى مافى - محمد باش

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

See #Gaza Like Never Before--Thanks To This Friendly Drone

Some young guys in Gaza, got together and came up with a drone concept, they launched it in the air around Gaza, and were able to capture their city in such an amazing way that we Palestinians were never able to see before--I am certain the Israeli army has such footage before.

The drone launched from a soccer stadium in the heart of Gaza and journeyed around town, bringing us joy as we look at Gaza's most developed part, the city and the water side. I am impressed by the talent who brought us this drone, and only hope that Israel does not find an excuse to bomb it..enjoy these images.

Arial images can be breath-taking. I think, the people behind this drone should go next to the refugee camps and bring us some never before seen images of those horrible places.

صور جمالية لمدينة غزة من الجو

Love In The Time Of ISIS As Told By One Syrian Music Video

I have been noticing more romance songs from Syria that allude to the war in that country. Romance is hard in conservative societies, but it's all but possibly during wartime. Hussam Jneed is releasing a new song where he is posing as a Syrian solider caught in war--sleepless nights for him for his lady.

These songs are popular even in peace time, and Hussam Jneed pulls a believable Syrian officer. It's one of those styles that young people enjoy and find it great for dance. The added value is of course to support that country's military.

Let's hope these two lovebirds get to enjoy each other's company one more time. But we all hope Syria will have better days than the current ones. It's only fitting the female to be a nurse to heal as the army does little in this department.

What's impressive the amount of action this music video shows--the Syrian army had to have a hand in producing this one. Indeed they are getting a thank you in the credit toward the end. You see the war captured beautifully. And you get to see ISIS types. You see the army protecting civilians and defending them under fire from terrorists. If this is true then sign me up for this army.
حسام جنيد - حبيتك بالحرب كليب - Hussam Jneed- habytik belharb

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Biggest Syrian Hit-Maker Releases A New Song @samir_mawla @attieh_rouwaida

Rouwaida Attieh thinks big, dreams big, and delivers big songs. The lady from Syria sets her sight on a new Arabi dialect to conquer, she is going after the Iraqi dialect with he new big release. The good news ever since she became a star more than a decade ago, she has to release one bad song. Each of her songs are carefully selected and nicely done.

So, when Rouwaida Attieh  offers a new song, you know you are right to be excited. For me, she is like a new Najwa Karam but from Syria and for the rest of Arabia. I like her choice and appreciate that she is one of the few pop stars from Syria who are calling for one motherland. The beautiful music video is filmed on fruit orchard and there are so many ladies working the farm....the new thing...Rouwaida Attieh  introduced a new dance for this song. She is not known for her dance moves, but with the releae of Abou Samra, she steps into this world.

This is a simple music video that takes us many years back and honestly remind me of my grandparents farming their orange groove in Palestine. This time Rouwaida Attieh is making her Iraqi fans happy as she sings for them. While she has done many personal and captivating music videos, and romantic stories this one is a fresh take. I do not love the male boss and all women workers, it's like they are a bunch of teen girls crushing over him. I have seen similar music videos by Nancy Ajram and perhaps Carol Samahe few years back (others as well) But Rouwaida Attieh takes a different route and keeps the song and the music video entertaining.

Rouwaida Attieh is now one of the coolest pop artists working in today's Arab world. She has worked hard to be where she is and to be frank, her talent is too big to deny. We must recognize the production team and the ones who filmed such a colorful story.
رويدا عطيه - ابو سمره / [Rouwaida attieh - Abou Samra [Official Music Video

Party Boy Toy Iwan Releases A Humble Song #Ramadan

Lebanese pop star Ewan or Iwan is not somebody you would mistake for a religious guy. He is many thing, a party firecracker, a pretty boy, a fun guy and hit- maker and a composer. But this Ramadan Ewan does a Muslim song--I had no idea he was Muslim. But nevertheless the song comes as a refreshing surprise from a hip singer.

Iwan delivered a solid vocal performance here as he sounds like he has never sounded before. A humble voice would not travel far in today's show business....but for this song Iwan pulls it off as he asks people to pray on the prophet of Islam. Iwan did record this song in Beirut, but what's making the song a hit is an Egyptian based music network.     
Saaet Safa - Ewan ساعه صفا - ايوان

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Late Omar Sharif Sang In Three Languages! Here Are The Videos

The late Omar Sharif is no longer walking among us, the beloved Egyptian-born actor is known around the world for his dashing looks, his acting career and his love for the game of "Bridge" But we must remember he has also done some songs. Sure he did not release studio albums, but nevertheless he did sing in more than one film.

In "Araqoz" or the puppeteer, a film released in 1989 in Egypt. This film is actually one of his classic films in Arabic cinema. Omar went crazy for this song he seems so immersed in the role. But this is not the only time he sang....he did it before for an American classic film "Funny Girl"

And if that's not enough he did the same song live on theater years later. And he also sang in French--a language he spoke like a native. So enjoy this little known fact and appreciate this true legend.  
أغنية أراجوز من فيلم الأراجوز

'You Are Woman, I Am Man' (Funny Girl)

Omar Sharif & Vivian Reed - You are Woman, I am Man (1981)

Mireille Mathieu & Omar Sharif.flv

Saturday, July 11, 2015

In Defense of Women @Rana__Samaha Sings Loud (Video)

Women do not have it easy, they faces a different set of challenges. In a place like Egypt, they work despite facing numerous challenges. Traditional roles are no longer working, yet women of Egypt and many places around the world struggle. Muslim or Eastern women have an added struggle since their societies are still conservative and lagging.

Rana Samah, the up and coming pop star form Egypt took a break from all the glamour and romantic songs to do a song for women, a song to empower females of Egypt. The good thing, the song works and actually offers hope, a message many females need to have. Do not limit oneself, reach for the stars, have a career, it's also okay if you want to be a mother too. Just make your own choices.

The song feels real and personal, why was I created, the song ponders? Then answers, I will be a role model, live my life and please my God. I won't hide and settle for a confined space, and I know I understand my religion and I know my place. I am not here for your entertainment and pleasure! Some strong words that needed to be said. Rana urges people to read the history books and see how the prophet honored the ladies in his life.

Well-done Rana, this is a song that you had to make and a song that will be remembered as a legacy song that will inspire young girls to stand up and pursue their very own paths. I know a lot of people misunderstand their own religion and take what suits them and ditch what does not. Rana goes bold and reminds people that women in fact have a role and there are no limits.

It's a sure thing that things are changing  (For example, females in Palestine have a lot more education than males) But the mindset is slow to adapt, Rana urges people to choose the right side and not hold females back for realizing their potential.    

رنا سماحة - مخلوقة ليه | Rana Samaha - Makhloaa Lih

 Rana Samaha - Makhloaa Lih Lyrics : Ahmed Hassan Raul Composed : Muhammed Fakhrany Arranged : Elhamy Dehema directed by : Sami Besat

Friday, July 10, 2015

@AshleyNemeh Christian Arab-American Does It Better

Cleveland has many good things for going for it, and now I learned of one more reason why this city is a big player in American music. Cleveland the hometown for rising Arab American vocalist Ashley Nehme. Nehme is a recording artist, singer and songwriter who works in between LA, NYC and Nashville. Her thing is inspirational music done in the name of Christ. I am glad to see more Arab-Americans showcasing the beautiful tapestry that exists among us.

Ashley has a beautiful voice that moves one's heart inches as it penetrates one's soul and stays there. Aside from a growing music career, Ashely has already established herself as philanthropist through her efforts at home in Ohio. I know that I enjoy hearing her voice and appreciate her style in music that reminds me of the great music it used to be made in classic era in 60s perhaps.

Ashley is upbeat and exciting when the song necessitates, and she is humble and meek when it works best for the song. An example would be her new song, Find Our Way where she sees so much wrong around her and she voices her concern but without giving in to the voices of surrender. Her music video touches on local and international topics that break one's heart and wet her eye. She tackles war, racism, injustice, army, women equality and few other timely topics.     

Ashley Nemeh - When I See You

 Ashley Nemeh - Find Our Way

Breaking News: Beloved Actor Omar Sharief Dies In Egypt

Omar Sharif, the dashing, Egyptian-born actor who was one of the biggest movie stars in the world in the 1960s, with memorable roles in “Dr. Zhivago,” “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Funny Girl,” has died. He was 83.

Sharif suffered a heart attack on Friday afternoon in a hospital in Cairo, his agent said.
It was announced in May 2015 that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

With the global success of David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia,” starring Peter O’Toole, in 1962, Sharif became the first Arab actor to achieve worldwide fame, thanks to his charismatic presence in the epic film — and the Oscar nomination he drew because of it.

In its wake he very quickly became a busy Hollywood actor: Sharif made three films in 1964, including “Behold a Pale Horse” and “The Yellow Rolls Royce,” and three in 1965, including his first lead role in an English-language production, as the title character in Lean’s “Dr. Zhivago,” for which he won a Golden Globe.

Thanks to his gentle continental accent and dark but hard-to-place good looks, the actor was not ethnically typecast: In “Behold a Pale Horse” he played a Spaniard, in “Zhivago” a Russian, in “Genghis Khan” a Mongol, in “Funny Girl” a New York Jewish gambler and in “The Night of the Generals,” a German major during WWII.
Watch a Fascinating Interview with Omar Sharif

Nevertheless, there was no little controversy about his role in “Funny Girl”: When 1967’s Six Day War between Israel and Arab countries including Egypt occurred, Columbia execs considered replacing Sharif; later, when a still depicting a love scene between the actor and Barbra Streisand was published, the Egyptian press began a movement to revoke Sharif’s citizenship.

Other significant late-’60s films for the actor included J. Lee Thompson Western “MacKenna’s Gold,” with Gregory Peck and Telly Savalas, and tragic European political love story “Mayerling,” in which Sharif was paired with Catherine Deneuve.

During the 1970s Sharif remained busy, but there were fewer notable projects. Standouts included Blake Edwards thriller “The Tamarind Seed,” with Julie Andrew, and Richard Lester’s thriller “Juggernaut.”

Since the mid-1980s Sharif returned sporadically to Egyptian cinema, where he got his start.
In 2003 Sharif won acclaim for his role in Francois Dupeyron’s “Monsieur Ibrahim” as a Turkish Muslim shop owner who becomes an avuncular figure for a Jewish boy in Paris. Although the role was perceived as representing something of a career resurgence for the actor, he had in fact been working regularly over the previous decades in film and TV and continued to do so after “Ibrahim.”
The same year he starred in the 23-episode French anthology TV series “Petits mythes urbains,” in which he played a mysterious cab driver; he also wrote for the series.

He had a substantial role in 2004’s “Hidalgo,” with Viggo Mortensen, and appeared in ABC’s 2006 “Ten Commandments” miniseries and NBC’s 2009 “The Last Templar” miniseries. On the bigscreen he was the narrator for Roland Emmerich’s “10,000 BC.” He also worked a great deal in film and TV projects not distributed in the U.S.

Sharif was born Michel Dimitri Shalhoub in Alexandria to a Melkite Greek Catholic family from Lebanon, though he later converted to Islam. He and his wife had one son, who appeared in “Dr. Zhivago” as a young version of Sharif’s title character. The couple separated in 1966 — a year after the actor moved to Europe — and ultimately divorced; Sharif never remarried.

Sharif became interested in acting during his school years at Alexandria’s prestigious Victoria College and was given his first screen role in fellow alum Youssef Chahine’s “The Blazing Sun,” presented at Cannes in 1954. Soon thereafter he married his leading lady Faten Hamama, already a major star in Egyptian cinema (they divorced in 1974). The couple made a number of films together, including the provocative melodrama “Sleepless” (1957) and a version of “Anna Karenina” entitled “The River of Love” (1960). His roles in these films, including the five he made with leading helmer Salah Abouseif, exhibited a vibrant sensuality that complimented a marked emotional intelligence. By 1956 he was appearing in international productions, beginning with Richard Pottier’s “The Lebanese Mission,” though it wasn’t until 1962’s “Lawrence of Arabia” that he began to appear regularly in high-profile projects.

The actor was famously a world-class bridge player. In November 2005, Sharif received UNESCO’s Sergei Eisenstein Medal in recognition of his significant contributions to world film and cultural diversity.

He is survived by a son and two grandsons, Omar Sharif Jr., an actor, and Karim.


Sexy And Stylish @Abdalslaam_alz Prays So Well

The song of Kuwait Abdel Salam Alzayed surged in the social media this week upon the release of his new supplication record "Ya Allah" or "O' Allah". It's a pretty convincing supplication that's hard to believe it's been captured on a record it sounds so authentic and so personal.

What's interesting is that Abdel Salam Alzayed is not even religious. He appeared on the 10th season of Star Academy and his performances while on the program guaranteed him a premium spot at his nation's biggest music festivals. But nothing beats this young artists presence in social media as he shares with his fans many details of his daily routines like the time he showed a picture of himself at the cloth store picking up a suite for his concert the same night.

Enjoy the supplication and join me as I hope may Abdel Salam's prayer may be answered. Who says people cannot look sexy when they pray!
انشودة عبدالسلام الزايد - يا الله - نسخة اصلية عبدالسلام الزايد يالله HD

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pictures: Amr Diab as a Family Man With His Two Girls and Boy!

When he is not being a rock star, when he is not selling mega complex venues, when he is not recording songs or filming music videos, he is a family man. This is an assortment of pictures of Amr Diab, the most successful male pop star for the past 30 years. He has three children, and they all take on their dad, they do look a lot like him, and he seems like a goo father.

Abdullah is his boy, and then comes Kanzy and Janna....they look about the same age to me, maybe the boy is the eldest. Amr Diab is many things to different people but people tend to agree he is the biggest name out there. He has more hits than one can count, and his fans adore him.

Amr has been married more than once, but he keeps his private life private as much as he can. He is very protective of his kids! He seems like a family man who despite his obsession with his youthful look and energy on stage, he is parent.

On a serious note, how would you feel if Amr Diab was your father? Do you have to work hard? Or do you have an easy sheltered life?

Amr Diab - El Leila "English Subtitle" عمرو دياب - الليلة


The Uninteresting Minister Ziad Baroud

Not sure why would 250,000 Lebanese people would appreciate minister of interior is nothing fresh. Meet Ziad Baroud, a Lebanese civil servant and prominent civil society activist. He served as minister of interior and municipalities, considered to be one of the most powerful positions in the country, from 2008 to 2011 for two consecutive cabinets in both Fuad Siniora and Saad Hariri's governments.

The thing about Ziad Baroud is that he is unremarkable in so many ways. He is not particularly charismatic; he speaks in a funny accent and is rather technical in his approach. I suspect that these unthreatening ‘qualities’ were at least partly behind him getting the job in the first place, sponsored by President Suleiman. While the Maronite scene is buzzing with young aspiring scions of political families, this young minister from Kesrwan went about his business, delivering an exceptionally well organized election process in the most challenging of conditions. From "Blog"

But not to deny people are in love with this young and charming politician. He makes sure to attend social events, and charm his way in cocktail parties. I do not know much about him, but he seems to really lose the present with his focus on the future.

Ziad Baroud

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Love You @azizelshaf3i But Don't Cry For The Wrong Reason! @NjMusicProduct

I never liked propaganda songs because one they do not feel "real" and often times they are done in a rush as in a knee-jerk reaction to some appalling event. And in any country where there is a dictatorship, the artists behind such songs are doing them either rout of fear or hoping to get access to the tough men ruling the streets.

It's not secret that I admire Aziz El Sahfei, one of the coolest singers and producers in Egypt. He is a composer and he is also an active supporter of an Egyptian soccer club--he released an album about how much he loves his team. Aziz did many songs for the love of Egypt in the past and many of them were good.

This time it's different as his latest songs are made in reaction to the attacks on Egyptian army officers who were killed in an ISIS attack in the Sinai desert. These are heroes should be celebrated, they are foot soldiers. But should not the song also talk about the dozens of causalities inflicted by the army in retaliation of these attacks--seriously some children got killed there too. You really do not have to wear a uniform to be celebrated.

Aziz and many of his friends joined for this group song to chime in. There are five singers who participated in performing this song led by Aziz El Shafei (lyrics and music too), Sharif Ismail, Mostafa Hagag, Fakharany, and the exciting new comer Saif Magdy. Sure the song does not change anything, but it might give some people closure.

Why are they choosing death? The song says, I would rather die? Why should that be a choice? People should live for country not die for it. The army is bragging here about their power, good luck bullying your own people.

As for the song, I love each artists who appeared in the music video, I am a real fan of theirs but unlike them I see all deaths tragic not just those for the ones I love.

اوبريت ما تتهزميش - Opret Ma-Tethzmesh

The Amazing Vintage Street Musician In Beirut (Video)

Street musicians are something you are used to seeing in Western capitals, they sing for change and some of them are pretty awesome. In downtown Beirut in the posh Achrafieh neighborhood a lute striking and folksy sounding street artists took over one corner doing his best renditions of beloved Arabic classics.

The old man with a lute has a great sense of humor too, his signs invites people to listen to his music and give him a tip as he is unable to find a full-time job. I salute this man for his performance that add a bit of culture and local flavor to otherwise an urban center.  

Let the man play his music and let those who want to listen do so in peace.
Street Singer in Beirut Achrafieh

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Self-Made 20 Something @M0hamedAref Keeps Making Beautiful Music

Young and sweet Egyptian singer Mohamed Aref does not need a million dollar contract to sing or to release excellent pop songs. He is happy to do it from the love of the game. This boy from Alexandria has been making a name for himself on the social media and has been getting all the right attention from the fans who come to appreciate his craft.

Few years I go, I started writing about Mohamed Aref and his new singles and every time I was impressed by his voice and choices. He credits his success and name recognition to YouTube where all his songs are to be found and enjoyed.

Aside from music, he is a student of hotel and tourism and he is only 20 years old. He also credits his mom for discovering him. At age 15 he took on singing in local clubs and parties and has even appeared on some ads. He would not sing his first song until he turned 16, he composed the music and the lyrics for his debut song. He looks up to Wael Jassar, Ahmed Saad, and to Amr Diab, but Aref maintains he is his own star and copies no one.

Mohamed Aref - Kan 3'sb 3no l محمد عارف - كان غصب عنه

Lyrics : Ahmed El-Rawi
Composer : Mohamed Aref
Arranger : Karim Bidak

This Saudi Physicans/ Singer @DRmohabomar Will Cure Your Soul With His Music

There's a famous Arabic physician who has stopped doing surgeries and operation on his patients to do a comedy show. And now there's another awesome physician who is perusing his other talents aside from caring for his patients.  Paging Dr. Mohab Omer from Saudi Arabia, Jeddah to a YouTube screen near you.

His soothing voice, calm style will put you at ease as he sings his latest song. It's people like Dr. Omer who bring about change, they do it slowly and certainly without alienating anyone. I simply found out about him because a cousin of mine who studied in Malaysia put up his link from his home in Gaza, and I picked it up here in the United States of A.

Abdulrahman Mohammed; Mohab Omer - Craziness مهاب عمر و عبدالرحمن محمد-أصابك عشق

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Urban Street Poet From #Palestine Mc Gaza

He calls himself MC Gaza where he lives he is a beloved activist and artists among his peers, he is a clever and fast one. His name is Ibrahim Ghnim and he likes to rap about Palestine and most intimately about Gaza and the siege. He comes across as a frustrated young man who has been trapped in a land that does not truly appreciate what he has to offer.

But somehow that does not scare him, he has been rapping for years, and the likes on his Facebook keep on coming his way. I do not know if there is much money in this industry at home, but he is certainly a celebrity locally. He concluded 2013 with a concert in the graduation for the British Academy of languages.

I wish the stage at this event was better coordinated....but he played his beats and stood tall doing his rap thing. when he opens his mouth he sounds like an urban poet who is both street smart and college smart.

.. Mc Gaza live show 26-12-2013

When Hussain Al Jassmi Prays, Advertisers Make Money

The millionaire singer Hussain Al Jassmi has a lot to pray about. Every Ramadan the singer releases a supplication for the season and it tends to get the prime time as all networks love to be in the business of Hussain Al Jassmi. He is the biggest pop star and Tarab star in the Gulf region but unlike many great singers in the Khaleej, he actually has huge fellowship outside of his home state.

So no wonder, his prayers is more important than yours at least for the networks. This once the artists looks inward and digs deep and shares with the world. So it comes to no one's surprise that the production on his songs come with a big price tag.

 حسين الجسمي - نسيم الروح (حصريا) | رمضان 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

This Anti-Song Song Is Hilarious--Thanks #Egypt

A trio of Egyptian friends who have collaborated on a number of box-office darling films released a TV comedy last Ramadan and one of the things she did right was take a stab at music videos and songs that are becoming too much or too lame. Here's one of their songs poking fun of Sh'abi songs with the many ladies they use as props, this time they did an Alexandria song.

They do it in good humor, but the offenders know themselves. Too many people dancing on screen wearing strange outfits and one thing is missing--good art expressed by real talanet.

اغنية عصفور الجنينة - ستات كتير | من مسلسل الرجل العناب

كليب شاجي وعصفور الجنينه | Asfour Gnena Ft. Shagy - مسلسل الرجل العناب

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mostafa Hagag - Sheikh Ramadan Funky Song @NjMusicProduct

Mostafa Hagag is a name we all should remember well. He is a new comer to Egypt's pop music and in less than two years he has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting voices. He is a bit of Baha Soltan with a little bit of Karim Mohsen...which means he combines a great strong voice that flexes and a charm-filled personality.

Hagag returned for Ramadan with a new song for the holy month about all the festive things that come with this month and all the good things we have come to love. Hagag takes a stroll down the Cairo streets showing off some of the cool things and the mode in the streets. There is plenty of food and drinks. Mostafa Hagag wrote the music for this song and for the first time we get to see him in the flesh.

There's something happy about this music video, something that makes the fasting month cool for the little ones and grownups. Another cool thing, the producer of the song is an Egyptian Christian. Even the song's title "Sheikh Ramadan" is clever.    
مصطفي حجاج - الشيخ رمضان - Mostafa Hagag - Elsheikh Ramdan