Thursday, April 30, 2015

Handome Shady Farah Releases "Ah Ya Leil"

Some pop artists are made for radio, but not Shady Farah who has nothing to hide with that full set of hair and killer gaze. This time he returns with swag and sounds like the best Ramy Ayach there's. A happy song is always welcome as we need more of them right now.

Cool thing about Shady Farah he wrote the lyrics and music on top of performing this single. It's sweet song dipped with honey and drizzled with warmth. This Lebanese pop star is doing all the right things and slowly his name is getting bigger and his songs are getting better .

I like the energy and the feel the song puts together.
Shady Farah - Ah Ya Leil (Audio) / شادي فرح - آه يا ليل

The Stunning Myriam Atallah Hot For "Shab elshababkly"

Here's a dance song that no one saw coming. Myriam Atallah  is the sort of star from a different breed. She is a cool lady who likes to flirt with the good looking boys. This song is pretty awesome from a pop star who is almost in the A list.

She filmed a music video for her surprise hit "Shab elshababkly"  in Beirut and things are looking good for this songstress. Make no mistake, this is a flirting song from a woman to that handsome devil. She is playing her cards right in this cat and mouse game.

 Myriam has been busy traveling around the glove entertaining her music fans who came from Syria and beyond. I like how catchy the lyrics and how ditsy the mood is. I think this might be a similar song to some of the late Sabah's songs.  
ميريام عطا الله - شب الشببكلي / Myriam Atallah - Shab elshababkly

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Carmen Suleiman One on One

She is everyone's favorite new comer, she was the first Arab Idol, and she likes to talk to Egyptian media and perform for the Gulf market. Carmen Suleiman joined an exclusive club when she released an album before becoming 20 years of age.

She said a lot in her interview with Fil Fan website, and she looked her finest as she took the answers from the interviewer who seem to love her as much as her music. Her album took two years to see the light of day--she has a high school to finish. Now, she seems to be set on her way to establish her own brand. 12 tracks came in her album.

كارمن سليمان: سأصنع بصمتي بصوتي.. و"أخباري" أقل هدية أقدمها لفنان العرب

كارمن سليمان تتحدث عن ألبومها الأول "أخباري" قريبا على

Your Grandpa's Rock Star Sabah Fakhri

Sabah Fakhri is no young dude, he is an old soul trapped inside the body of an old man. That old man is a rock star, and if you doubt that look him up--he has the longest concert on the record. Take that young pop stars in cool jeans, Sabah Fakhri has you beat.

He is not a local stars, he can go anywhere in the world, and have an instant sold-out concert. His fans are all over the map due to the unique traditional style combined with his mighty voice. Not sure what makes him go for a long time, but Sabah loves his craft and it shows. His concerts are like going back in time to the 1700 when music was a big deal in the Sultan's palace. Turkish, Iraqi, Moroccan and Syrian style. He knows how to make history alive again.

Sabah Fakhri remains one of the shrinking historic music figures who are still performing today. The last concert I recall for him was last year in the city of Beirut.

Over the past 50 years of fame and popularity as a singer, Mr. Sabah Fakhri modified and popularized the then-fading form of traditional Arabic music,Muwashahat and Koodood Halabiya. He is well known for his exceptionally strong vocals, impeccable execution of Maqamat and harmony, as well as charismatic performances. Luckily, he still has that fire in the belly and we feel it too.

صباح فخري مالك يا حلوة مالك sabah fakhri

Australia Hearts Syrian Singer Khaldoun Soudan

His fans and his voice send him racing around the globe for concerts. Syrian Khaldoun Soudan returns with a new single and it offers a lot of hope form this seasoned charming Syrian hit-maker. The son of Damascus grew up in a home and a city that appreciates art and encourages good voices to shine. I hear many voices in his voice, a bit of George Wassouf with a hint of Fadel Shaker and a finish by Rida/Wael Jassar. Maybe this time he is doing a song in Egyptian for a reason.

Khaldoun Soudan is in his 30s now and he has done many songs he is proud of. I like his latest, it combines many good things. He has a sweet voice and a non-threating personality. Sweet but not too much so, vocal strengthen but not shouting. Random fact, he seems to have a huge fan base in Australia where he has performed many concerts to his Arab and Syrian fans.
Khaldoun Soudan 3ishty Layali خلدون سودان عشت ليالي

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This Album Is Different Black Theama Returns From The Dead

Black Theama bank is not a band that likes to play it safe. Often times, they go the uncharted route and it does pay. The authentic band from the deep Egyptian south returns with a sweet album that allows each of the three vocalists to expresses themselves musically. From the get go, the album starts off dark with the cover art that speaks of reconstruction or nightmares maybe.

Two track in and he album finds its groove and the funk is out of the bag. I love the variety here in all aspects of the album. There's rap too, but none of the  14 tracks repeats itself. They tackle different themes and stories. Each songs has an impressive cover art that animates the song and helps create that feel. Sure, there's love, distance, country, God and everything in between. I like the humor that appears every now and then like in "Enta Fakerny Hendy".

The trio that makes Black Theama deliver a solid album that will cheer them fans up and get them racing to record stores and concert venues. This is how you make an Egyptian music album, wide range of styles from Nubian rhythms, reggae, hip-hop, and R&B, to music with other African influences.

Amir Salaheldeen, Mohamed Samy, Medhat Ali have a lot to be proud of for making this record.

01. Enta Fakerny Hendy
02. Kebert
03. Weenik
04. Kol Mara
05. Ousso Ousso
06. Set El Hosn
07. Lays Laha Mady
08. Akhbar Ahram Gomhoreya
09. Omaret El Nas
10. Ya Beban Ya Aliah
11. Ala Shut El Neel
12. Ya Prince El Layaly
13. Koun Saied
14. Ghawy Bany Adameen

Black Theama - Set El Hosn | بلاك تيما - ست الحسن

Selfie Here! Selfie There! You Should Selfie Everywhere! #LebaneseSelfie

This is Elissa with her brother and dog

Hind Abboud writting for a post about selfies in the Arab world entertainment industry. It seems that Selfies are not just publicity stunts for the Oscars and that guy who plays sports at the White House. Read her report

2013-2014 was the “Selfie” year! Since this action or phenomenon is trending internationally. Everybody can take a Selfie, Where? Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Saloons, Yards, Pubs, Malls… well actually, EVERYWHERE!


Surprise! Elissa Sings A Palestinian Song For The Arab Motherland (Video)

Elissa is not know for her highs sense of patriotism, she has done a song for Lebanon--some say it may have come too late. But when it comes to other Arab countries she could care less. That's changing though, it might be the Elissa 3.0 phase. Yesterday she shared on Twitter a message thart implies she has found the one and she has fallen in love.

Now comes a surprise out of the blue, she is singing a popular anthem, that was written be Palestinian poet Ibrahim Tokan. The poem dates back to 1934 and was composed by Lebanese composer Mohammad Flyfil. this was the national anthem for Palestine, before it was changed. Then it was the national anthem for Iraq. Syrians love the song and so do Lebanese, it's about the homeland and people wanting to see it live in peace prosperity. It's a perfect dreamer song as we witnessed the madness sweeping through the Middle East.

Elissa has done well in romance and dance songs for more than a decade, but this time she is doing something a lot bigger than she has done and the internet went crazy for this surprise that seeks and promote freedom. I like this side of her, she is not anti anything, but pro all good things.
اغنية اليسا - موطني 2015 | النسخة الاصلية

اغنية اليسا - موطني 2015 -

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jawad Al Ali Is The Coolest And Nerdiest Saudi

Jawad Al Ali is a popular Saudi singer, he is a first-rate pop star that has took his fame outside the Gulf region. What you may not know about Jawad he is actually an electric engineer by training--a graduate of the University of Pakistan. As a pop star he rose to fame in the late nineties and ever since he has been on the radar.

Now he scaled back on loud pop songs in favor of local songs for the Gulf market. It seems he is going for the nerdy look with these gasses. The thing about Jawad that many did not take him seriously, but slowly and over 12 years he was able to show them he means business. His fame brought him to the States and even to London. He was one of the early pioneering in incorporating Turkish music into Arabic pop. He also did them a solid by using Western beat to make Gulf songs more enjoyable to non-residents.

Jawad Al Ali...Akheran | جواد العلي...اخيرا

New Hits From Old Rock Stars! Medhat Saleh 2015 Album Is Pure Pop Gold

Medhat Saleh is a star for the ages, the Egyptian pop star whose music lit up the 80s and 90s is still rocking out as he releases a new album. The opinionated vocalist has a lot of juice in his 2015 album. I am amazed how much hard he works and how fresh he sounds with every album release. Medhat releases a new album every three years and he keeps it new.

take for example the eight tracks are all pleasant choices of songs that will brighten up one's day. But he went even further when new hits that even young artists are sitting in envy--listen to track number one and track number 2 and you are welcome. Both songs are below....while I love the album and each track, these songs are fresh and have not been performed before. Medhat went out and got a new lease on his career with these sweet songs that will have you shaking your head and moving our legs in joy.

Saleh is an amazing story-teller who makes solid choices and gets to stand out tall in this crowded music scene. Sure, he might not be hip, but he is always presenting some new material. He is a die-hard musician to the bone. He knows what fits him yet he keeps expanding that understanding. Like he just did with track number two in that lovably Egyptian dialect. He is the golden boy of the music industry and very few people will fight that. He is not going to shoot music videos, but what he will do is make the world a better place. Seriously, his voice makes driving one's car a lot more fun.

I had to write this post because I loved the album so much, while there are not too many stories on it, the man deserves credit fro hard-work that was done to please his fans. I celebrate his honesty about his failures when he wrote the music for an entire album that failed horribly. He said he was arrogant. He also talked about his seven marriages. The man has a gift in live performances where he just delivers a solid ten every time.

01 - 3yoon El Bent
02 - Gayeb Alby Ma3ya
03 - Estana
04 - Most3ed
05 - Mashe Fe Zelaha
06 - De Ghareeba
07 - Mats2lneesh
08 - Bokra Lama Yege (3ayesha)
برومو البوم مدحت صالح | استني | ٢٠١٥ | Medhat Saleh New Album Promo

مدحت صالح | ماشي في ضلها | البوم استني | 2015
مدحت صالح_جايب قلبى معايا بـ الكلمات 2015 Medht Saleh_Gayb Alby M3ya Lyrics

The Syrian Arab Idol Is About To Break Out! Hazem Sharif...Soon

The shy and good-looking young Syrian man who bagged the title for Arab Idol third season is about to release a new music video with a new song. Hazem Sharif just toured North America in a humble tour, but he has no original song to his name. He is about ti change that in a romantic song that is landing to planet earth soon.

Sure Syria is a mess right now, but it does not mean life has to stop inside it or outside. I like the one second we get to hear part of the song. Hazem is talented, he just needs to speak up and push himself a bit. Maybe this song will make him a star and maybe it won't. Hazem is no machine, but he has the voice to please your soul. The persona has yet to be defined, so let's wait and see.

حازم شريف - شوعاملي - قريباً | Hazem Sharif

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Stupid Arab Guy Song By Tarek Al Atrash

Guys do stupid things all the time. All guys no question about it. When it comes to attracting females, they lose their minds and everyone in their mind think they are the greatest. But seriously where does all this confidence come form?

Maybe  the new music video for the single by Tarek Al Atrash will help explain the low IQ guys have around attractive females. They are dropping like flies near sweet things. Please note the street harassment and catcalling females. Guys think it's cool--I doubt females find it attractive. Those grown men are acting like boys and juveniles as they stalk this young woman.

Really? Following the lady into the hair salon is not romantic. Tarek Al Atrash has a good voice, but who the hell does she think he is? I guess the message from this music video the crazy one gets the girl. all you need to do is stalk her and do her hair.  Tarek is based in Dubai, a long way form home. Ever since he did that song about cigarettes and he is living large.

Keep on mind according to the song, Tarek does not mind becoming Scarface for the one he loves.
كليب ضربة موس - طارق الأطرش Clip Tarek Al Atrash

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Most Random Song! Mohamad Iskandar & Moeen Shreif In "Soltan w Amir"

Two bros of Lebanese music get together and record a new duet. Watch Mohamad Iskandar joins Moeen Sherif in a new song. The one you do not see on this music video is the son Fares Iskandar who wrote the music and the lyrics.

I am clueless about this song, what's the subject? It just feels strange seeing these two guys talking about immigration and leaving the homeland behind. The two artists pledge not to abandon their homes despite growing in modest homes.  I like both artists, I just do not get this collaboration.

The song has a tricky title "A Sultan and a Prince" which makes the message all weirder. Maybe this is the title the artists think of themselves as.

Produced By: Fares Iskandar
Lyrics and Music By: Fares Iskandar
Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh
Mixing and Mastering: Mohamad Almakhour
Filmed and Edited By: Anthony Mrad
Mohamad Iskandar ; Moeen Shreif - Soltan w Amir [Music Video] / محمد اسكندر ومعين شريف - سلطان وأمير

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sandy's Fun Day With Freinds On Her Birthday

Sure, it might be narcissistic but this seems the age we live in. And Sandy is one of the prophets for this era. She celebrated her birthday with friends and she shared a video with the fans. There's nothing more than a group of young women giggling nonsense.

I like the ride they were on, it seems to be scary for a minute. But it appears the Egyptian pop star enjoys living life on the edge. I guess this video is only part one, there will be part 2! In this age pop stars feel that we must know about aspects of their lives, not just the music.
Sandy's Fun Day "Part 1 " - ساندي تحتفل مع محبيها بعيد ميلادها
Sandy's Fun Day "Part 2 " - ساندي تحتفل مع محبيها بعيد ميلادها

Here's A Singing Lady Doing Something Fresh Ralda - Yalla Yalla

I like music and I like new artists who make waves. Let's watch together a new song and a music video by Ralda and her dog. I like her voice, her style and confidence. She is a rock star who is comfortable in her own kin hence explains her many nerdy looks.

for sure, in the West, this would have been a hit sense it's catchy, repetitive and easy to get stuck in one's head. I like what I hear and what I see her. Not sure how much the name means, but it's actually a cool melody by this new comer from Syria. 

Keep on mind that Ralda has a legendary voice which was made famous by her famous covers for old songs by Om Kalthoum.

Ralda - Yalla Yalla | رالدا - يالا يالا

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Natasha All Grown Up Now In Her Latest Music Video

She shot to fame before she was even 16 years old, Natasha of Lebanon is out with a new music video where she has a job in the mall and playing bride. Sure a very silly concept indeed for the song by this talented recording-artist who has been picked up by Saudi Rotana who decided to have her sin in the Khaleej style.

Natasha got a nice location for this music video and it appears she is dreaming of the big day, though she might not even be older than 21. But who can set a limit on love?!! I do not love this song, but I still like Natasha and her voice.

Let's hope this song helps her get to where she needs to be. She is still fun to see and she has maintained most of her child-like mannerism. I think the song may deserve a better music video as this clip does not serve the song well.
Natasha ... Kel El Omar - Video Clip | ناتاشا ... كل العمر - فيديو كليب

The First Palestinian Pop Star Returns With A New Hit @MaherHalabi

The first recording artists to meet the criteria of pop stardom is actually the song of Arab 48 Maher Halabi. It was almost 20 years ago that he releases his first single and then came the music video and all of sudden the people in Palestine started being proud of one of their own.

Maher Halabi sang then about how he is love was forced to get married to another guy despite their love. A story too common among men in the Middle East. Now, Maher returns with a new single where she tells his love that no matter how bad her treatment of him is, it's still sweet. It plays on the saying that, your worst is still sweet. I like how the song sounds like across between Syrian and Lebanese styles.  

Maher Halabi - Morrik Helou [Official Lyric Video] (2015) / ماهر حلبي - مرك حلو

The Colorful Iraqi Musican From Austria Rita Mofsisian

The MBC version of The voice--produced by Lebanese Saudi venture introduced us to many talents, some are fine voices, some are original voices, some are amazing personalities, some can sell albums, some can take you to cloud 9 once they sing something. One of these voices is Iraqi Austrian musician and vocalist Rita Mofsisian  who sounds like one of the original Iraqi gypsy kings.

Rita is not short of confidence, and she knows she is not competing for votes, she just wants to entertain. She only got the attention of Iraqi super-stat Kadem Al Saher whose chair turned, the rest of the coaches, did not bother. Rita is native of Baghdad, who spend the bulk of her time in Vienna living and working on her music career. She explored a number of styles form around the world--she seems to be influenced by Iraqi oldies and Flamenco music. Aside from music, she had a degree in business where she used to hold a number of day jobs.

Her first song came at the age of 10 and ever since Rita has been singing when given a venue. In 2003, she started working on unearthing old Armenian and Iraqi folkloric songs. She has also an interest in Jazz and has performed in many occasions at her home in Vienna. This makes me think, her voice is a perfect tool for intercultural events and folksy festivals around the world.

ريتا موفسيسيان "نوبة مخمرة ونوبة مغشاية" - #MBCTheVoice

Tamer Hosny & Yasser Samy Steals From The Israelis, Get Caught!

In reality, it's the Israelis who often steal things from Arabs. First they stole the land, then they came for the food and now they are going after music. I've written before about Israeli artists ripping from Arab artists. But this time, an Arab director finds himself in the line of fire.

Tamer Hosny had a good song earlier this year. The one with the title 180 Degrees. The song has already gotten more than 7 million views. But then an Israeli company filed a claim against the artist of copy rights infringement. And it was soon after that the song was brought down.

This is funny on so many levels as Tamer Hosny gets a taste of his own medicine. He is notorious for tacking down any clips that he does not approve of. He is done it to me and to anyone who posts videos that might be unflattering. But it looks this time the director of his music video is in the wrong.  

The director borrowed home models for the home used in the music video and as it turns out it was an architecture design company based in what's now known as Israel. The designs appear three times in the Tamer Hosny music video. I love how the director Yasser Samy is not taking the blame too well and he is pointing fingers at his crew. Imagine this, he took credit for his work but the blame he won't take. He is making this about haters. Well, I like the guy but pleases stop stealing things and pretending they are your own.

The guy made a long music video, the song lasts for five minutes but the music video goes on to 9 minutes.

Caesarea Villa - Architecture Visualization

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Download Amal Maher 2015 Album "Welad El Nahardah"

The best and the most amazing album of 2015 just got released and Amal Maher is back with force and with the biggest names in the game.  The album had so many delays and the name of the album has changed at least three times, but when she is ready, she is ready. 10 wholesome tracks on this album. We have already heard three songs that Amal shared with us earlier this year.

Here are the 12 tracks and teach of them is a gem offering something real and something great. The nine names of the ten top music talents in Egyptian music have collaborated with Amal on this album that's hoping to resurrect what this diva has done in 2011 when she released a stunning album. That album was a legend as in its 11 songs were 11 hits. Making it harder to choose a favorite song. You can rest assured that there will be romance, dreams, darkness, and pure fun. On the five star rating, Amal Maher is either a 5 or 4.9. just ask the fans.

This is a big release for the company, the artists and those who like good pop music made by artists who can sing any style.  The internet went crazy and people are talking up the album in the social media. I am not surprised, this is the fruit of good work and making good choices.

01 - Seket El Salama
02 - Welad El Nahardah
03 - Ana Habbitak
04 - Bahebak
05 - Ayam Matetawadsh
06 - Zrofy Saaba
07 - Mahontesh Alaia
08 - Ghelet Ana
09 - Mafehash Badeen
10 - Zekrayatna
11- Ezay Fatitny
Seket El Salama - Amal Maher سكة السلامة - امال ماهر

▶ Title: Seket El Salama اسم الاغنية :سكة السلامة
▶ Artist: Amal Maher اسم الفنان: امال ماهر
▶ Album: Welad El Nahardah اسم الالبوم: ولاد النهاردة
▶ iTunes (US):
▶ iTunes (MENA):
▶ Anghami:

Download: The Amazing Balqees Stands Tall With Her 2015 Album

Here's the coolest lady making music in the Khaleej. Belkis is the biggest name in pop music right now. She has the youth, likability, the looks and the most important think the talent. And she just released a new album and it's worth every second of one's time.

This is the most diverse album money can many musician styles and genres that one has to play each of its 14 songs more than once to appreciate the true talent of Balqees. To be candid, this Yemeni native makes the Khaleej music a lot more interesting and whole new level of accessibility to new fans. No doubt it's about her sweet and flexible voice. It sounds like the perfect voice that one uses when they speak as they feel to have been wronged. This is the appeal of Balqees

Download the album Here

01 - Zai Ma Ana
02 - Mabrouk
03 - Amat Meat
04 - Yakhayi
05 - Enta
06 - Gharam
07 - Leh Sar Hobak
08 - Ma Dareat
09 - Yoi Yoi
10 - Elrogola
11 - Ambeh
12 - Eltaj
13 - Tetraba Fe Ezak
14 - Deejay

Download the album Here

 Balqees ... DeeJay - Video Clip | بلقيس ... دي جي - فيديو كليب

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Saber Rebai Dishes On Music, The Voice, and His Album

Aside from his music, he is known for his ex-wife and his current wife. He is Saber Rebai and he means business and entertainment. A Tunisian who is a rock star and now making the transition into an elder of Arabic music. He is a beloved artist within Rotana who booked every billboard in town. He also occupies a chair on the Voice.

He is a little drama sort of guy. I like to hear him speak, his dialect is pretty special. He has a new album out out and it seems to have landed well. He and the couches on the voice took some heat for not being warm toward Ricky Martin--Saber said they had their mics off that moment. I think Arabs are sucking up to foreign celebrities.

I like how he talked ab out romantic songs--pretty powerful song that shows his quality voice. He has a new music video as well.    

Saber Rebai Interview In Radio Delta صابر الرباعي في راديو دلتا

Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Another Diana Haddad Music Video! @DianaHaddad

The Lebanese-Emirati pop star likes to shoot music videos. It feels like she releases a new music video every three months. In my book, she is the artist that shoots and releases more music videos than most of her peers in any given region in the Arab World.

Money does not seem to be an issue, most pop stars in Arabia peg for sponsors, Diana does not worry too much. she seems to self-finance her music videos. This is why she is able to release more of them than even the great Nancy Ajram.

I love Diana Haddad, just not most of her music in the last few years. She makes music that gets her high-paying gigs in the Khaleej where she is home. She makes music for the fans out there, not the first fans who adores her almost 2 decades ago.

See her latest music video Al Ared Ghannat, a song that lacks a lot of exciting elements and feels like all over the place musically. Not sure other than Diana modeling around, what the music video accomplishes. I love the outfits for sure, I just do not think a song should be about lifestyle alone. Perhaps better Lebanese songs or even Egyptian ones are welcome at this point.

A word of unsolicited advise for the songstress is to invest more time in finding better songs than in coming up with concepts for music videos and outfits to wear. Again, this is coming from a fan who grew up listening to her music and idolizing her.
Diana Haddad ... Al Ared Ghannat - Video Clip | ديانا حداد ... الأرض غنت - فيديو كليب

The Unstopable Pop Artist Asma Lmnawar Shines In "Ahbabtoka Mondo Sighar"

Effortless Asma Lmnawar makes singing look easy. She is so talented in more ways that she knows to count and yet she seems like a hard-working singer who is out with a new song every two months. This time the Moroccan diva released a song for a TV drama and the song states the obvious....I loved you since I was young.....

 A sweet and predictable song that puts the listener at ease because each one of us has something, they've liked since they were little. The soothing music keeps up with the mood and the song delivers an exciting doze of.

Asma Lmnawar in very short years became a power player in Arabic music, and we know very little about her. Not sure how she did it, but her voice builds a good case for her and her versatile singing styles and dialects makes her all too popular.
Asma Lmnawar - Ahbabtoka Mondo Sighar Exclusive | أسما لمنور - أحببتك منذ الصغر (تتر مسلسل) حصرياً

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Most Chic Young Arab Singer Will Always be Adham Nabulsi @AdhamNabulsi

Adham Nabulsi might have as well took home the title of X Factor. Because though the young and bright singer form Jordan/Palestine has traveled farther in his music career than any other participant on the X Factor Arabia.

For sure, many liken him to the voice and style of Wael Kfoury--you have to admit the similarities. But they are two separate artists with their own strengths. I love the intimacy in Adham's voice. He makes you feel like you are the only one he is singing to. Not sure how he does it, but it feels real. He also changes his tone and tempo as the song goes. Thus making the song interesting.

For example, take his latest single, it's areal gem not just the song but also the cover art accompanying the song. I am so happy Adham is keeping up with his music career, he is also a fun guy to look at. In two short years, he has done all the right things and seems to be carving his name in big and bold letters.

Just look at his might when you check out his Facebook profile or his twitter. He is going places and only up.
Adham Nabulsi - Keef Bhebak Hayk / أدهم نابلسي - كيف بحبك هيك

Friday, April 17, 2015

Listen: Music Library : رولا سعد – دق الخشب – Rola Saad – Dogg El Khachab #Iraq

Not my business, what she wears, or how old she is but when Rolla Sad release a new song, I like to know about it. It's a new Lebanese song with an A Team--Smir Sfir is on board....and it sounds like an old Bedouin style. The lyrics are the work of Kareem El iraqi

The song is about knocking on one's door as making things official, and proposing to your's an Iraqi song that feels like a party....I like the mastering....

Rola has not managed to establish her brand, as in she is not known for any particular thing. she just makes music as she goes, no master plan. That does not make for a legacy. Take for example, we know a Nancy Ajram song right away, same for Elissa and Najwa Karam. but Rola is all over the place.

Song is Here

. Rola Saad ... Doq El Khishab - Video Clip | رولا سعد ... دق الخشب - ألبوم

Maher Zain Sings In More Languages In His Global Fame Pursuit

Maher Zain, the Muslim rock star from Lebanon by the way of Europe had this to say about a recent concert he had in Turkey.

"I had a really great time in Konya, Turkey - the city of the most famous and most read poet in the world: Mevlana Jalaudin Rumi. An Amazing concert in front of 20,000 people, and the organsiers were really wonderful genuine people. I got to learn more about Rumi and visited his Masjid too.... Overall a truly unforgettable experience.."
For your average Muslim rock star to be a hit-maker he or she has to sing in half a dozen languages....Arabic, English, Mali/Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi and perhaps others. Due to the worship nature, Arabic takes center-stage, but English is the way to go for social media. Local languages are great for concerts and promotions. Aside from his music, Maher keeps busy with his charity work as he is an ambassador for few household name charities.

Maher Zain - Radhitu Billahi (Arabic) ماهر زين - رضيت بالله ربا

Have You Met Mikayella Yet? You Are About To

Mikayella is a lovely Lebanese/Syrian pop star who is ready to give her Lebanese/Syrian peers the run of their lives. Why you may ask? She has a new single and she went for what's commonly known as the white dialect. The exact dialect that goes well with all Arabic speakers ears, it's the more pure and bland spoken form of Arabic. And the verdict?

Mikayella did a fine job. Good catchy and old-fashioned lyrics that draw the listener in and makes us imaging the Bedouin tent. It's a song where passion meets the strong vocals of Mikayella and it's a perfect combination. Welcome  Mikayella to the mainstream, your deserve to be where you are.
ميكاييلا - يا ويلوه Mikayella - Ya Weiloh

Mikayella - Ya Weiloh 2015 // ميكاييلا - يا ويلوه Lyrics: Alexi Costantine Music: George Mardirozian Arrangement: Mostafa Matar & Rimon Al Hajj

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Step-Mother And Daughter Team Up In A New Duet @Hala_alturk @DouniaBatmaA

When you are a music producer with a daughter that sings and is a rock star, you make sure she does what makes her happy while she does what she is good at. When you are the same producer and married to a lady who can also sing and has been called the Arab Idol, you make sure she keeps doing her music thing.

But Mohammad Al Turk brought his daughter and his wife together in a new music venture or call it a duet. The new duet for Hala Al Turk and her step-mother Dounia Batma is something of an internet sensation and a viral hit. Check out this new track that brings together two young artists. The second has not been released for than 24 hours and it has already been seen by tens of thousands.

The young and dazzling artists can be seen sporting the traditional Moroccan dress yet they sound very Khaleejy. Sure they have chemistry and friendship that is priceless. A good song is a good song. I am glad to hear that the family has sorted out its drama and they are more focused and energized as ever.

The song has been teasing music fans for months so the release was a big thing for their respective fans. The song offers nothing but love from the two ladies. I like the energy, the beat and the lyrics.

جديد دنيا بطمه وحلا الترك - آه ياقمر - 2015

The Marvelous Funny Girl Pop By Zee Zee Adel

Real girls make awesome songs. This is what I exactly thought when I heard one particular song on Zee Zee Adel's new album. The song showed a number of cool elements that cane make any song an instant hit. The song offers sizzle, cheekiness, catchiness, and persona.

I love how the song delivers a wonderful sense of humor as it blends what's commonly known as the Egyptian dialect with the classical one. Not many have done this and managed to keep a straight face. In the song Zee Zee declares the search is still ongoing for Mr. right!

I like the beat and I think Ahmed Brazely did some of his nicest work here as he wrote the lyrics and the music. I hope he keeps making more music and collaborating with Zee Zee Adel. Why? Her character and persona fit this song. I would be very pleased if she filmed this into a music video.

Though this is only one song from the new album, it assures the fans that Zee Zee holds onto her original flavor as she branches out into new music styles in her third album.

▶ Lyrics: Ahmed Brazely كلمات: احمد برازيلى
▶ Composition: Ahmed Brazely الحان : احمد برازيلى
▶ Music Arrangement: Mohamed Shafiek الموزع الموسيقى : محمد شفيق
Mazal El Bahs Garey - Zee Zee Adel مازال البحث جارى - زيزى عادل

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Check Out This Sweet Romantic Song By Mutref Al Mutref @Mutref

I like wedding bells like a girl. I like wedding songs. This is why I am upbeat about a new romantic by new comer Mutref Al Mutref. A very sweet song from a manly man who comes from a culture where it's a shame to confess to have fallen in love.

Mutref Al Mutref found really good models for his music video. They tell a prefect love story and they pair well together on camera. There's a Kuwait team behind the song as of the music is by the seaosned Mashal Al Rouj. Mutref  delivers a delightful wedding song that will outlast many of today's pop songs. It feels like a song coming from the heart.

I like everything about Mutref, he looks good, dresses well and lets the song take him, he does not have to be the hero of his own song. To the best of what I can find this is a new artist whose presence prior to last year was minimal. I like hoe the story changes gears just like the mood in the song. He seems to play the Oud as well. There's a big "Wow" from me that should go to Mutref for this amazing work for this breath of fresh air that promises and delivers greatness.

Update: The model that appears on the music video is none but the talented Kuwait actress Haya Abdel Salam who just got married last December in 2014. The kicker, she appears with her real-life husband in the music video. Husband Fouad Ali who is a Jordanian actor shares the screen and the duo act out Mutref's track.

Mutref Al Mutref ... Labeh - Video Clip | مطرف المطرف ... لبيه - فيديو كليب

Houssam Madanieh And How The Syrian Revolution Is Good For The Music Scene #Syria

Syrian pop stars are going mainstream with every passing day. It seems ten years into the internet thing and social media, and the music industry exes of this very important music have finally nailed the marketing down. They are sure talented....

Now, let's give Houssam Madanieh a listen. A young, hip, stylish pop stars is born every minute. yet Houssam seems to have done well before his name got out of town. He did appear on Super Star, a decade ago where he got his big break. Sure, the country is in crisis, it might be that the revolution is helping us get to know more pop stars form Syria. It might be that there are way too many Syrians around the world who bring with them their favorite music. This also allows for the local artists to go have concerts in more place....

It might be that before the revolution the regime tried to contain what folks can access and gave them a slow internet connection. Now all bests are off and more artists are finding new ways to market themselves away form the State sponsored channels that only select few. There are also more stories, and darker themes to sing about.  All of a sudden music from Syria became the next big thing among other Arabs who wanted to hear something different.

Houssam Madanieh - Al Ghorbeh (Audio) / حسام مدنية - الغربة

Zee Zee Adel Did a Lot of Growing Up For Her 2015 Album

Zee Zee Adel has finally released her third album. And it's bold in in more ways than one. First there is that haircut, that title "I am a Female". In the past I loved her 2009 album that was catchy and cool all at once. It seems this album is a bit more emotional, darker and mellower.

We all grow up and Zee Zee Adel may have grew a bit more than all of us since her last album. She is a rock star who have survived the past four years in Egypt. Now comes the year to thrive. I am pleased to see Mazzika pushing her new album. Any good album deserves attention....but all will be lost if the marketing does not keep up.

From the title of songs, Zee Zee Adel has a lot more personal songs on this album. I have yet to listen to all songs, but Zee Zee deserves the best. I do not see big names attached to the album, but that's not always a weekness.

Listen here

01 - Ana Gayah
02 - Ana Mabsota
03 - Ana Ontha
04 - Baheb Kol Haga Feya
05 - Enta Elly Badawar Aliah
06 - Eyoubo Keteer
07 - Kefayak
08 - Mazal El Bahs Garey
09 - Mesh Haamel Hesab Lehad
10 - Mestaghraba
11 - Sebt Nafsi Leah
12 - Shaylahalak

Ana Ontha - Zee Zee Adel انا انثى - زيزى عادل

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Karam El King" Movie Gets Arab Idol Mohamed Rashad To Sing Again

Mohamed Rashad, the young man who competed on the third season for Arab Idol just got a new gig. Rashad got to sing the promo song for a new movie "Karam El King" a movie about thugs with a heart of gold who interacts with good people. There will be belly dancers and comic relief and a plot of some sort.

The cast seems to be heavy on male characters, I like the song and the young artist. Why must every Egyptian movie have wedding party scene? Maybe not all of them but 8 out of ten films released in Egypt would have to have a wedding party. It's like they do nothing in that country but kill peaceful protestors and party at weddings.

The song goes nuts where guys are dancing on the floor and ladies in the balcony. I would wait to see this film. I do not think this is a memorable song or  movie. The lead are Mahmoud Abdel Ghani and Jordanian Mondir Ryahhnah.
اغنيه اهل الكلام -غناء محمد رشاد من فيلم كرم الكينج "بطوله محمود عبد المغني ,منذر رياحنه"

Even Ragheb Alama Cannot Save The Doomed X Factor #MBC

Ragheb Alama And Elissa are meant to be the big names on the new and improve X Factor. While I like these two stars, I could care less about this unoriginal show that can be best descried as bland. Sure the first season was lame and saw many departures of judges who did not get along. The second season was hoping to score big with the addition of Ragheb Alama (whose presence made Arab Idol a success) and new comer to music Donia Samir Ghanem.

Still though the show did not score well, Elissa made out with couple of guys to help the rating but it did not seem o last. I like Ragheb and think he is a rock star who has survived so many things and has managed to come back with something fresh. I think there are way too many shows that do the same thing and promise young folks the stars, but leave them homeless.

See these two interviews one with Ragheb Alama and another with Elissa. They talked during the press conference to help the X Factor media blitz. Here's a declaration, I will be surprised if Ragheb renews his contract. The show is doomed from the get go, it's just boring. Donia seems to be happy to be on set alongside artists who have been singing for decades.

راغب علامة لـ "إيلاف": وجودي بأكس فاكتر نزولاً عند رغبة الشيخ وليد الإبرا

Elissa managed to stick around for another season, but she is not a warm soul or someone who cares for others. she seems to be stuck too much into her head....she is a diva for sure, but I do think she is out of touch. She does not seem to take well to criticism (see the interview) She is almost ready to walk out.

 إليسا لإيلاف: أنا شطورة وما بينخاف عليّ

See Haifa Wehbe Set The Universe On Fire For Breathing You In @HaifaWehbe

It has been more than a year since we heard of Haifa Wehbe's new upcoming American music video, now it's out and it feels like a global song. Sure, it's a club mix, house's best record. haifa is singing in English and being Haifa exepct on a bigger stage.

While Haifa Wehbe is a global star, this works will make sure that people know why she is the big name she has become. I like her bold move with this very expensive music video that celebrates the world with some of the most fashion-forward outfits and music.

What a teat for her fans. I just love how everything adds up. There are a lot of good looking people, special effects, and dazzling outfits. Not to forget the catchy lyrics and music. This is a milestone in Arabic pop and for the career of the versatile Haifa Wehbe. I like her American team that managed to put this thing together. So many Arab pop stars have tried to do what Haifa just did, but they could not pull it off.

While the title might be tired, the music, affects and the space are not. This is an ambitious work of art that required Haifa to challenge herself to do things she has not done before.

Haifa Wehbe - Breathing You In

Monday, April 13, 2015

Porn Goes Mainstream In Egypt! Thanks To Dancer Bardis And The Sex Craze

Every hack belly dancer in Egypt wants to make more money. It has been shown that if you want to make a name for yourself in the many Egyptian belly dance circles, then one needs to make a music vidoe where they put on display as many of their body parts as possible. Artfully done? Forget it! Tasteful pornography? why bother. Go big or go home.

So this is why we are now meeting the next big thing in Egyptian belly dance and her name is Baradis and you can look at her body all you want, she will gladly show it off for your pleasure. While the Arab population are talking about morals, they are not watching what's being done in the name of entertainment on their TVs.

Sure, Egypt has lost its moral compass more than two years ago, so a little bit of skin and meat won't ruin it more than it has been ruined. So bring on the sex and keep their online activists busy in one hand while the other hand is busy. It's a shame......You will see a lot of bosoms, tights, butts and just about everything this young woman has. She seems to have been made wear a bra, she does not really want to. Then she does a very dirty job dancing with a chair and lollipop.

I am sure the original artists behind the song the late Soad Hosny is rolling in her grave. Sure some in Egypt will pretend to be mad with this piece of garbage, but that won't stop the young dancer to get high paying gigs in some of Egypt's best hotels. Not to forget these sort of music videos air on prime-time and readily on the internet. I am guessing this is the one freedom of speech Arab regimes won't fight.

كليب برديس ياواد ياتقيل

برديس  اخراج العالمي هيثم عنتر يا واد يا تقيل">ابداع الراقصه برديس اخراج العالمي هيثم عنتر يا واد يا تقيل

Here Comes The Golden Voice From Heba Magdi

I like it when a young artists shows their confidence and sings without the protection of music. This is why I find it cool what Heba Magdi just did. She is a cross-talented entertainer in music, theater, acting and ballet dancing. She started her career at the Egyptian house of opera where she trained with the best vocalists and musicians at the institute. She is not even 30, but she is doing all the right things

The new single is about how her love is a lifestyle and she sounds sweet. But aside from music, she has a hefty resume in TV as she has appeared on more than a dozen works where she wore many different hats.
Heba Magdi - Esloub Hayah (Vocal) | هبة مجدي - اسلوب حياة

Lyrics by: Ahmed Alaa
Composed by: Abdul Rhman Shawki
Arranged by : Gamal Fathy
Mix & Mastering: Mohamed Sakr
Digital Distribution: iLike Agency (
Heba songs playlist:
Subscribe to my channel:
Download Esloub Hayah from:

Fezo From Alkabeer TV Show Gets His Own Movie

When a secondary character on a hit TV sitcom get their own show, it's known as a spin off. Faza'a, Fezo or Faza3 the lovable guy from Alkabeer, that TV show on Ramadan. I liked him on the show, I liked the first and second season anything after that is just trash.

Fezo is now back with a new movie of his own being himself. I do not feel this movie will break any records or impress the critics, but it will help Fezo become a star after being a punching bag on that show. Here's the song that's helping get the word out on the movie. It seems to have a loose scrip where anything's something for the kids, a bit of misfit romance and some light drama.

اغنية فزاع جالكو..من فيلم فزاع

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Amr Mostafa Won't Compose For Amr Diab EVER Again!

Amr Diab does not need anybody, he is the king. He does not have to make good music, he has made enough and plenty. Firecracker and hack music composer Amr Mostafa felt the need to share on his Facebook account So out of the blue he had this to say

  1. I do not have Amr Diab phone number
  2. I have not spoken to him in more than four years
  3. I do not have any beef with the pop star
  4. I have no other accounts but this page
  5. I do not want people to like/hate me
  6. I won't work with Amr Diab again
  7. I will always respect him as a big brother
Glad he sorted this out for us. Amr Mostafa has not made a good song in more six made that popular stolen song that ushered in the reign of the Egyptian army old farts dictators. Let us remember that in between 1999 and 2005 Amr Mostafa has composed the music for about a dozen of Amr Diab songs--most of them were hits.

Amr Diab ft. Amr Mostafa ( El leila ) by M07amed 3li

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Shy Mouhanad Al Marsoumi Reemerges @MohanadMarsoomy

He was the shiest person on Arab Idol more than two years ago. He also seemed the least interesting young talent on the program, and perhaps the least charismatic one.  But when it came to pure talent and a stand along voice Mouhanad Al Marsoumi does well.

Thins would have been different if this was the radio age when what mattered is the voice solely. Mouhanad Al Marsoumi did not takes home the title to his country Iraq, but he earned millions of fans. For those who liked him, comes a new single form this talent. His new single is meant for the Iraqi music fans who live beyond that shattered country.

It feels like a real Iraqi song, sure the music is what's hip now, but the style and performance remind me of older Iraqi songs that seem more like a conversation than a yelling match, I like it and wish Mouhanad would make more songs--easier said than done.  

Mouhanad Al Marsoumi - Dakhilak / مهند المرسومي - دخيلك

The Brilliant Abdul Majeed Abdullah Delivers...Tanakud

Abdul Majeed Abdullah is a rare Saudi talent. What he has done to the local Saudi song is impressive, he made it something one in Morocco/Egypt/Lebanon/Sudan enjoys. He was able to do that for two reasons. He has a divine voice, and he seems like he really and fully means what he says--it's not a job to pay the bills.

Tanakud is his song, and it means contradiction. It's a single that's worth an entire album. No need to release an album where an artists can bury good tracks....release one great track each time and let the fans savor it, do not give them a buffet.

Abdul Majeed Abdullah is the coolest Saudi entertainer, I only wish he was more accessible to the media and the press.

Abdul Majeed Abdullah...Tanakud | عبدالمجيد عبد الله...تناقض

Friday, April 10, 2015

Twenty Years Later, Fatine Benaguida Retruns With A New Single @fatinebenaguida

The Moroccan Kingdom has many colors and they have so many talented artists and artisans. One of those artists that I just uncovered is Fatine Benaguida who is releasing a new single.

She has taken a 20 year sabbatical and returns now with an interesting release. It's a song she is doing for the younger folks. Last time she sang songs were 16 minutes, now they are 4 minutes or less. Fatine was a big deal in the 80s and this new release is actually an old song of hers reworked to fit today's music taste.
Fatine Benaguida - AL ADAMA MAMENNOUCH 2015 | 2015 فاتن بنعكيدا - العظمة مامنوش