Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Iconic Diab Mashhour, We Love You And Love You Music #Syria

The name is Diab Mashhour,, he is a Syrian singer known best for singing in the old folksy style for the Euphrates river.  His songs were often incorporated on TV shows, and dramas. He shot to fame in the seventies when he sang on Duraid Laham shows.

For many, he is a legend, and beloved singer who had only the best and most simple songs that sounded so traditional yet so entertaining. At first he was a local singer, then moved into radio and he was certified as a singer in Damascus. He is so popular that he toured the world bringing his music to all the 21 Arabic countries, and best he traveled to the States, Greece, Spain, Briton, Philippine, Thailand where he had concerts.

He is still active in the music scene to make his fans happy....his style and dialect offer something unique beloved by pretty much all Arabs. He is one of these Syrian artists who talk a local culture and made a huge name for himself doing so. Syria loved him and his fans adore spending time listening to his oldies. Looking at this video I can tell he is a fun guy who does not mind moving on stage as sings.

دياب مشهور - هلا عيني . Diab famous - Hala eyes

ذياب مشهور - ويل ويلي دلعي


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