Thursday, June 30, 2011

Egypt's Cairokee Searches For a Leader

It's safe to say that had Mubarak stayed in power, we would not have heard of this Egyptian independent band who released their album few days ago to much buzz. With great vocalists and musicians, Cairokee is Egypt' hottest band and most intellectual of them all.

They saw the lack of leadership in post Mubarak Egypt so they made a record with the titled "Leaders Wanted" A very true to power song about how the country used to treat its citizens who beg to differ. It's a very touching song and now gets its own music video.

It's like a movement it starts with one person, then an other and they keep in coming, the snowball affect that what brought down Mubarak. Now with Mubarak almost out of the picture, someone needs to stop in comes September, the country will choose a leader. It's a great country with great people, they deserve a leader from within who is a reflection of the people.

The focus of the music video is not on any affects by the message of the song takes center stage, they colors are dark, maybe touched by the ongoing events in the motherland. The prelude of the music video gives a brief history of presidential departures in Egypt. The song pulls no punches, if the leader does not look out for the people's interests' we will kick him. Great song all around.

cairokee 2011 Matloub Za3em امير عيد مطلوب زعيم

Ahmad Dari Palestine Sept. State Spoof Song

So in Palestine and outside, the people of Palestine have been given a deadline, by September 2011, we will get a state, the UN has to give us one by a UN vote. There is a debate inside and outside Palestine. There is support a lot of it and little opposition and US veto (I would love to see them try)

So a number of Palestinians singers took the issue and wrote a song satirizing the UN vote in a conversion between a man and his loved one. This is a very creative and a well written song. The animations are pretty rad too

Ahmad Dari (Dary) the name that posted the video, he is also one of the two artists, the female vocalists is Misa'a Handeelah. Ahmad has also wrote the music and brought this song to life. Enjoy the song

Ahmad Dari.Sep State. مستني دولة بأيلول. أحمد داري

Shitty Egyptain Movies: Fokkak Menney Song and Outtakes

Egyptians movie makers are making use of those outtakes they do not know what to make, get some young charismatic singer to sing a song on those outtakes. Fokkak Menney, leave me alone, or do not bother me is the title of this light comedy. The singer is Hany Farouk and I doubt anyone outside Cairo knows who this guy is.

The song is meant for local consumption to get the poor kids living/working in Cairo to surrender their Egyptian pounds for admission to the theater. Using sex appeal, dancers, sexual references, music and some jokes to market this movie. This is a Sha'abi song that will get some radio time and be a summer song for many wedding. Why? the title is kind of cool, everyone wants to be left alone in Cairo.

Fokkak Menney song 2

Tralier Almusafer Is Here, Will It Bomb?

When you have your lead actor attack the movie director, and the co stars, you know this cannot be a good business decision. The Traveler "Almusafer" is the movie that was supposed to be independent and serious Egyptian cinema back on the map. We were told this will be good, but then something happened and Omar Sheriff was unhappy about the whole movie.

Omar Sheriff said the dictator of the picture is immature and has no idea what he is doing with the editing room. Then he turned around and called Khaled Al Nabouy, the other stat in the movie a light actor who wants to copy everything about me. There is that Lebanese beauty Cyrine Abedel Nour who is filling in for the babe role. To her credit thought, she has done a significant a number of movies and tv roles. She has also acting with Khaled in a Lebanese movie before.

Well this could be good, but from the looks of the trailer, I am left with more questions than answers. This is a Port Said tale of being part of a place. There is a number of questionable scenes cock fighting, forced sex scenes. I get the feeling this is a movie made for awards and film festivals. The cinematography says as much. That's not bad, it just does not make money that often.

Tralier Almusafer "Traveler" 2011

Iraq and Arabia Adore Rahma Riyadh

You know a smart and a promising young star when you see one. That's the feeling I got when I first came to hear Rahma Riyadh from Iraq. She took part of Star Academy season 7 and made it big. Iraqi singers have it harder than the rest, but with that comes a lot of opportunities.

Rahma has been establishing your fame in Iraq, Lebanon and the Gulf! Iraq is her home, the Gulf welcome good singers who can cover songs in their local dialect and Lebanon welcomes anyone that can make someone rich.

I think she is getting a lot of coverage and most of it she keeps close to her fans on Facebook and other social media outlets. This time she takes on questions form the fans and answer them. She also speaks about Iraq her home, her future projects and most of all shopping.

Rahma Riyadh Ahmed Answers Fans Questions

The Arab Justin Beaver Is a Girl From Bahrain

She is a little girl from a tiny country next to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain made waves with her skills singing in the Arab Got Talent show, everyone was talking about this girl, and she was quite good in her performance of old songs. While Bahrain was the home for Michael Jackson for few months in 2006, 2007

But now she is making her own songs, in an album along stars who have been singing for decades, they got one song. But Hala got three songs on the same album and sales of the album skyrocketed. The YouTube link to her segment has more than 8 million viewers so far. Now that makes sense why a mega music company like Platinum Records would sign her up for their children album.

She is the cutest girl you will see in a long time, and she did well singing oldies by Fayrouz. She might have some acting in her future, but as for now she seems to be happy with her singing career and celebrity status.

While she did not win the title for the season in which she took part, she won the hearts of the fans including the children and their parents, here is the link to her song, "My Dad Got Paid".

حلا - صباح الخير ياعرب | Hala - Sabah El Khir Ya Arab

حلا في إم بي سي 3 | Hala on MBC 3

Nostalgic To Hilmi Abel Bakki

Hilmi Abel Baqi, whatever happened to him? Made it big in the late 90s with few hits of the blues nature. He had a good outlook and seemed to know how to find a hit back then, but now I do not hear much of him or about him.

He had this really dramatic song about breakup, he is the dude on the cross sort of and the babe leaves him. Well, if the girl left you then you really have something going wrong for you or you are a loser. The question is how you recover? Not by listening to sad songs, but by living live to the fullest.

He made it big back when Khaled Agag was a star, maybe he is now doing business or something, it might be better fit for him. It could be that he has served his purpose or unable to find a producer.
علشان خطري

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adam Is One Smart Lebanese Talent

If you want the kind of sucuess young singer Adam has you have to have one of the following things:

  1. Make Smart choices for songs that fit your style, and vocals.
  2. Do not make music just to be out there, make what feels right just like Fadel Shaker does.
  3. Have a business manger who cares about music and your growth.

Adam knows how to make a good song that fits with his dramatic and sad voice that can cover topic of love and life. He is already making a name for himself outside Lebanon when he did an opening song for the hit TV drama Al3ar "The Shame" That perhaps was one of the most real songs you get about life.

جديد ادم -طلعت معي

Shit For Music Israelis Listen To

I wish the lyrics for this song were true, I wish the music video has some truth, but neither of these two things. No matter how bad Nasralla is, he is not going to change his mind because of a silly music video.

He is none of those things they make him out to be in this music video. Was the video funny? sure if you are an Israeli living in the north, you will find it humorous and maybe feel good to laugh at the expense of the man giving you nightmares.

I can see people in Israel hating this man, but there is more to the question, it's not that simplistic question "Why Do They Hate Us?" Do not ask me, just ask your army that question.

Frishman&Strikers-YALLA YA NASRALLA subtitles

Nicola Sa'ada Nakhla, Man Behind Many Hits

The guy whose poetry has celebrated women, their beauty and their brain. He goes for the emotional appeal and passion and every time he wins over new listeners. The way he sings for women, make us all envy the women of his life as he seems to never stop from showering them with praises, gratitude and affection.

some of his critics accuse him of advocating a more traditional role for women in his country like Lebanon. He maintains there is nothing with pampering women and not pressuring them to do something they they do not want to do. He also quotes the misery index for a lot of women living in western communities due to pressure.

As for the business side, he is a composer with a lot of popular melodies that goes mostly to the A list singers in Lebanon. And if they are not from Lebanon Nicola Sa'ada Nakhla makes sure they do. Like Gulf singers like Hussian Jassmy, And Ibrahim Al Hakmi. Aside form that he has dabbled into national/patriotic songs.

He seems like a nice guy even when talks about delicate subjects like politics ini his hanging by a thread county Lebanon.

Nicola Sa'ada Nakhla - Beta'ref - Live / نقولا سعادة نخلة - بتعرف - حفلة

Love Syria? Boycott Sulaf Fawakherji

Before the revolution broke out in Syria, she was the hottest Syrian actress with contracts in both Syria, Egypt and the Gulf. But she tossed all that away with her love fest for Bashar Al Assad, she is not alone in her support for the Assad regime, she is leading the pack and using every opportunity to do public relations for the regime that killed so many in so many brutal ways.

she tops any Syrian black list, and not she just her person, she is now enlisting her son to sing a song for Bashar and his regime. In her spiral downward she has insulted pretty much anyone who supports the people of Syria, calling them violent and foreign agents.

I have read so many interviews with her where is defends the regime, that's fine until she attacks anyone who doe snot defend the regime. she is using her dwindling fame to promote murderers. the production companies in the Gulf region are already boycotting her for her statements asking for protectionism in Syrian production. But she doe snot mind working in Egypt.

I do not really get Sulaf Fawakherji politics, but she seems to be benefiting from the regime and its agents who are pushing her down our throats. Read my lips, "I was fooled by the regime" she will say in few weeks or maybe years. But rest assured she will apologize about her strong support to the regime.

By checking the actress Facebook page one commentator stuck out:

Hisham Selim
I was one of your big fans but now after I seen you on TV saying enough blood, this is Syria, ignoring what the government is doing to the people in different cities and towns and blood bath of the innocent syrians (sic), killed by your government and this murderer al Assad , after that I can tell you, I am not your fan anymore but more I can tell I hate you. And do not try to go to Egypt for work because if I see you I will spit on your face.

Rest In Peace Classy Soad Mohammad

Soad Mohammad, the Egyptian singer that has given that country some of the most memorable classic songs we came to love has passed away On July 4th 2011, at the age of 85. She has been ill for some time and have been subjected to a number of surgeries in the heart and the head.

She will be remembered for her career and her legendary voice. She has performed the song for the movie "Alsbhimaa", about the early history of Islam. And has acted in a movie titled "A Young Women From Palestine" and "I am Alone". While she has only acted twice, her songs appeared in a umber of movies where other stars lip synced to her songs. She will be survived by her children and to be buried today in the family's plots.

If I am not mistaken Soad's mother is Syrian Lebanese. She was living in Syria before she was discovred and shipped to Egypt where she became a star for generations.
وحشتني عدد كلام .. الهوى " سعاد محمد "

Your Dinner Comes With a Serving of Myriam Faris

When not making another song in morocco and when you are done making the Gulf fall for you, you get a chance to go tour and bring your fans some entertainment, even if those fans are in Cyprus--the home of many Lebanese and Arabs. Cyprus is so close of most Arab countries so it's natural to go and visit or live there.

This is not the first time Myriam, Faris went there, she has been there few months ago, but this time it seems at a larger party or dinner. @ The Golden Tulip the fans were lining up for a sneak peak of Myriam and her dance moves. She is known to always keep it fresh when it comes to her outfit. She also is liked by the dudes. See the picture there is only one other girl in the concert surrounded by the guys.

This concert comes hours after Myriam Faris's appearance on the singing and dancing show you know as Star Academy. Which makes the point that Myriam is one unstoppable chick. This is her fourth time at this venue where Arabs and locals enjoyed a bit of Myriam.

Carole Samah Owns Sabah Chahroura Role

When Carole Samah was announced as the actress singer who will be filling in the role of Lebanese golden diva Sabah, I was skeptical. She looks nothing like her and there are other stars who could take on the role. But I know that Carole worked hard for the role and used every bit of influence she has.

The slowly we are seeing more of Carole in the role, and the more we see, the more believable she seems in that role. As we watch the promotional song for the TV drama "Maleka 3al Ard", you are offered a timeless journey throughout the history of Arabic music for at least 70 years.

The series preview seems to focus on the personal life of Sabah more than on her music, we are being told there will be 20 songs in the series. There are at least three shots where Sabah gets slapped by some dude, did that really happen did her husband abuse her?

On the art side, this is looking like a really great picture with lots of characters, colors, and a bigger budget than many works we have seen. Coming to think of it, this is a history of Lebanon, Egypt and artists making Arabic music for ages.

You will see a lot of male actors trying to win over Sabah, lots of cool cars! There is a lot a lot of drama, which goes with the art from. There is some truth behind the drama, but since the directors do not want to be sued by artists and their estate for making accusation, they would be smart not call it facts.

"Maleka 3al Ard" - El Shahrora - Carole Samaha

Fady Andraws: A Badass Lebanese Singer

Fadi Andraws is a Lebanese singer with a lot of character and most of all attitude. The singer does not make kiddie music and does nor care for simplistic plots in his music videos either. His songs are hard core a mix of rock and a hint of pop. He makes some of the most Western sounding Arabic songs yet he maintains originality.

He loves body tattoo and often can be dressed like a goth, his music videos are mature and dark. I really like his style and happy he works in Lebanon where he is allowed to express himself in the way he sees best fit. I hear he is part Palestinian too. It's not hard to guess that he grew up listening to Western music and movies as the influence is all over his work-he concludes the music video with a Queen song.

It's hard to keep track on Fady's wardrobe, his styles changes a lot in his music videos, but that serves the mode of the song. Note the out of the body experience in the middle of his song

Fady Andraws - Shaddetny / فادى أندراوس - شدتني

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nader El Rayes: Corn-y Music Video

I have to give props to Nader El Rayes for using a girl playing violin in his music video, and that's the only nice thing I have to say about him. He is Egyptian singer with not much of a name recognition. But that's about to change when he released Leila Habibi a music video shot on a low budget.

There's nothing wrong with not having money, there's a lot of wrong with doing a music video that looks cheap. Everything about the music video looks fake, and computer generated. There's a nice shot of the moon too, but the director could be trying to moon the viewers.

I think Nader has a likable character and a nice youthful energy, but he can do better, he must do better if he is serious about his career. While he took part of the Star Maker music competition and launched his career there, he has a long way to go and I think he has something to work with.

Nader El Rayes - Leila Habiby / نادر الريس - ليلة حبيبي

Watch Elissa Tesada2 Be Meen & Sherine Mate3tezersh

The Hottest Arabic music videos for this summer have been released tonight, and we have them here first, so that you can tell us what you think. Tow music videos from one company for A list super stars are hard to come by. Is this good marketing? Or is the company trying to tell us something?

Neither of those artists have a new album this year, but they are both making music videos from your entertainment, both artists are under the Rotana label. One is the queen of romance and the other a princess of romance and a first class royalty in great Arabic tarab.

The first one asks the loved one not to apologize and the other confesses her love. They turn into fashion shows a bit. Elissa's music video does not feature male model so that's different.

Elissa Tesada2 Be Meen كليب اليسا - تصدق بمين

Sherine Mate3tezersh كليب شيرين - متعتزرش

Odd Arabic Music Videos Summer 2011

The first music video about a bored girl who does nothing but Facebook and update her status, talking to strangers. Then she makes us a fashion show while she is talking about this virtual world. This song would have been a lot cooler had the singer been 15 years of age. Way to make us all hate Facebook woman

The second is about a father with a cute little girl telling her stories. There are some animations too, but the focus seems on the father, not the little girl. I call those music videos odd because they sort of do not fit with the stations where they are been shown in the case of the second one. the first one is just silly and offers nothing.

Mai Khayat - Shet M Alnom / مى خياط - صحيت م النوم

Moussa - El Bent El Amoura / موسى - البنت الأمورة

Vanessa - Longa Noor Does What Exactly?

If you ask me what are your thoughts about Vanessa - Longa Noor, I would draw a blank and not be able to give you anything. There is some cool music, fusion of oriental music with Western instruments. As for the footage in the music video, they take you on a tour to some historic sites.

Not to forget the dazzling outfit and colorful violins that change as the outfit changes. This is a cool video, with not much subtance to go along, there is the good looking lady that can play some music. I am guessing if belly dancers can make their own music videos, why not Vanessa in Longa Noor.

Vanessa - Longa Noor / فينيسا - لونجا نور

Jannat Is Going Hot For Egypt

Jannat is holding nothing back in her music video, she is going for the sharp sexy look with her choice of outfit. If there was a title of Mozah Award, she will be a strong contender for that. She might be working as a tour guide in this picture, but she is looking like an A list singer.

There are so many tourists and white people in this music video, hoping to tell them to comeback to visit Cairo. This is a beautiful picture with a lot of pizzazz. Jannat is singing about passports, the Egyptian army, the gorgeous Egypt. Everyone is happy in the music video and it does not hurt to give a shout out to the youth that brought about that rocking change.

The words ar enot just empty words to make a stament and suck up to the powers, Jannat goes deep. But I am still trying to process her outfits, I think there is a chance in style. Jannat of 2005 was going for cute, now I am getting a vibe that she is going for sexy!

Jannat - Gawaz Safary / جنات - جواز سفري

The Arab J Lo is (*#$%) Myriam Fares

If you try to analysis the stardom of Jennifer Lopez, you find her focused on three things. Pop personality, amazing dance, and charismatic persona that has no torulbe promoting her career. Those are the same words, I would use to describe the career of Myriam Fares, the Lebanese singer, actress and world class dancer.

Ever since she made it big in 2004 with her hit song ana wel shouq, she was focusing on her dance moves. Every music video of hers features a new dance, and Myriam style makes it way easy, when in fact it's difficult to move the way she moves. Yes, she can be bold sometimes, but she is also pretty and so is Ms. J Lo.

Another page where those two starlets meet is their diverse career, they both act, they both take part of TV shows, she both endorse products and sell you perfume and other goods. Myriam takes pride in her Arabic roots and claims to be the voice of the Arab people, the same thing with J Lo who claims to be the Latin voice for all those Hispanic countries.

See Myriam take on anew challenge, mastering a very local Moroccan dance, she aced the Glulf Tanboora dance, the Iraqi dance was a walk in the park of her, now comes the more dazzling and the high energy jolt.
كليب مريام فارس اتلاح & النسخة الاصلية

Egypt's Hottest Venue El Sawy Culturewheel

If you are a star in post Mubarak Egypt era, you do not get to your status without having performed at El Sawy Culture wheel. This is the hottest concert venue in Egypt where all those indie bands, pop stars, and single artists have performed to sold out crowd. Since the owner Mohammad Sawy has been an icon in the cultural landscape in Egypt and since he was also tabbed for the position of minister of culture.

Not a single day went by without having read about an event there, a concert is a common thing, they have film festivals as well and debates and panel discussion there too. And what makes these guys hot is having their own radio show and their ow magazine.

The place accommodates 1500 people but it seems that 2000 people can enjoy performances and shows in this hip place. Established in 2003 by an engineer who likes hanging out with intellect and fun people who keep the place open and have built a great community.

Visit their website and book an event there via the internet.

اعلان حفل ساقية الصاوى

Bassem Soror Takes a Shot At Egypt's State Security

For long, the State Security Agency of Cairo has been the source of many controversies, it scares people and most Egyptians wish to never hear the name yet alone come to deal with this ruthless and sometimes corrupt agency. But This is not last year's Egypt, and this is not the same agency.

Bassem Soror, the young Egyptian singer is taking a show at this fear mongering agency in his latest song that will be released in his album of five songs. My phone is no longer tabbed, I do not need to look over my shoulder. I am free and have nothing to fear. No one to comes in the middle of the night to arrest me and take me away for months and years with no charge.

As of Bassem's voice, not sure, I think it lacks flavor, an identity that makes it stand out in the crowd.

خلاص أمن الدوله.

Luxe Soap Keeps Arab Ladies Clean

If you want to humor your grandmother tell ask her if she has used the famous soap Lux soap in her old age? She will love it. But that does not explain why pretty much all those good looking Arab celebrities have to do an Lux commercial and appear in a bathtub?

I saw Yosra do it awhile back, so did Elissa, Mona Zaky, and now Yara is joining the club of those Arab female celebrities who have done commercial for this sometimes overrated soap. If you use Lux everything will be OK mentality is prevailing out there.

As for the celebrity they get to make some money, and feel that they have made the hot list, "I am hot they chose me not you" Yara will be filming the commercial in Dubai.

اليسا في دعاية لوكس - Lux commercial for Elissa

Here Comes Najwa Karam 2011 Album

Titled "This Night, There's no sleep", this sleepless night is not a sad album, this is for those who like to stay up and party all night to the tunes of Najwa Karam adn the beat of her album. I think this album Najwa had to make for herself to tell herself, that "I am the diva out here", and you know what it's her best album in 3 years. Her energy, vocals and music makes a great comeback.

This is the all Lebanese album of the year, she pulls no punches and holds nothing back as Najwa Karam is back with Rotana and this album make her their first lady and possibly their best seller. The faith of the music executives in her star power is clear in the 8 track album, no one makes those anymore, they go for a minimum of 10, but with Najwa they know the quality always triumphs the quantity.

Every summer Najwa Karam releases a strong album with at least 7 awesome songs, this album is no different, and comes this album with her favorite company Rotana that loves Najwa's business. They had a rough batch last year, but they kissed and made up. Najwa has not spoken much about this album, she has been doing a lot of TV shows, not many concerts lately, but you can bet with this album she will be all over Lebanon.

01 - Ma Fi Noom, new fresh and dance workout, you are in for a surprise
02 - Ya Bayye, a chance for Najwa to reveal her sweet vocals
03 - Shou Halyaly, no one flirts in Lebanese better than Najwa does
04 - Tamma3tak, great music and delightful lyrics
05 - Law Bas Ta3rif, the sweetest and most real song Najwa has sang in years
06 - 3ayni Bi 3aynak, let the games play, the beat is hard to miss
07 - Bayya3 Al Yanassib, creative concept that allows Najwa to shine
08 - Dallel, best title and bittersweet song that puts Najwa in her comfort zone

Najwa Karam Ma Fi Noom 3D 2011 كليب نجوى كرم " مافى نوم " اول كليب

Traditional Palestinian Zagal Singing Art

Zagal is a very Palestinian form of singing that fits many platforms. It's a way to deliver messages about society and about politics. It can also be used to talk about the loves ones, family and being away from the mother land. It's focused on the lyrics and the natural flow of those words.

Usually older people do those songs, and often you find them at weddings and parties. They are often featured in Palestinian cultural nights. See this man sticks it to all Arab countries and about how horrible things have become.

This guy has some very harsh words for just about everyone out there, and he even has less than flattering words for Palestine. There are also some religious folks who use this art to preach virtue since it requires no music making it perfect for Islamist.

I have included a number of sample for this from of traditional singing with a variety of styles and messages. there is also a women Zagal singer and an interview with Russia Today.

زجل فلسطيني . على الدول العربيه

الزجل الشعبي الفلسطيني الجميل مع امراء الزجل جمال الدله و ابو اشرف السيلاوي

زجل فلسطيني اسلامي.مع الكلمات.lyrics

فن الزجل عند الامرأة الفلسطينية

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rotana Makes Their Stars Sing Just For You

Rotana knows a bit about marketing, they do know less about making a star judgeing from their own track record. They are also great at releasing old material, packaging it in a new album and sell those theme albums.

This is easy to do when you have 7 of the best selling Arab artists and the biggest names in the scene. Look at the names of the artists on this new album, chances are you know these voices very well, follow them and most likely know their songs that are out together for you to purchase.

What else? Get a second company to sponsor the album in cross promotion to sell rin tones and raise money for both of you. There are simply no bigger names in the business that the artists here, the comany behind them and Nile Mobile cell company in Egypt. The album is focused on Egypt, few Lebanses songs here, and one morocco duet with an Ira's most famous singer.

01 - Amr Diab - Aslaha Bitifreaa
02 - Angham - Habibi Malak
03 - Mohamed Fouad - Saat Bashtak
04 - Fadel Shaker Feat Elissa - Jouwa El Rouh
05 - Kazem ElSaher Feat Asmaa lmenwar - Mahkama
06 - Hussien ElJasmy - Seta El Sobah
07 - Najwa Karam - Khallini Shoufak
08 - Haifa Wehby - Lama El Shams
09 - Fadel Shaker - Nessit Ansak
10 - Assi El Helani - Show Ma Saar
11 - Elissa - Matearafshi Leh
12 - Mohamed Fouad - Khabini
13 - Asala - Nos Hala
14 - Tamer Ashour - Akhir Moabla
15 - Sherin - Katar Khaere

Mohammad Ramadan, Another Wedding Song

Is it me or does it look like every Arab singer this summer is trying to have wedding song? Let's count who we know so far, Amira Fathy (girl pop), Joseph Attieh (dude can sing) Mayssam Nahas (Lebanese cuteness) and that just in Lebanon. Egypt has few other wedding songs.

Now the latest to join the lineup is Jordanian singer Mohammad Ramadan, who took part of the Star Academy Season 7, and had a very successful romantic song late last year. He is back with a summer song for wedding, "My Wedding Night", he sounds like a Lebanese singer in this one. All Masculine, confident and overpowering the music played in the background.

I like this song, but I am sure the guys will enjoy it a lot more than the gals, because men can dance to this track, debka works too. The lyrics are festive, and manly too. It will also play well in his country too--Jordan welcomes those songs too.

محمد رمضان ليلة عرسي - Mohammad Ramadan Laylet Oursi‬

Angham Left Her Loved One in 2011

She might be going for the Cleopatra look from this very short sneak peak promo for her soon to be released song Sebto, "I left Him" The Basement Record is the studio/ company (owned by music arranger Hassan Al Shafei ) where Angham is recording her latest songs.

I am sure the fans are excited for Angham and they are very excited to hear from her as she will also be releasing an album in the Arabian Gulf dialect. We do not get to hear anything in terms of singing in this promo, just a picture and a quick teaser of the melody.

the song has been released on radio to earn the worthy buzz

Angham "Sibto" Promo - أنغام سبته

Fatouma 2011 Album Due Soon

Fatouma 2011 is the title for this Gulf native Arab singer, her second to date. It's her first album in 2 years. With 8 tracks that pretty much cover the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait style songs are all included on the album. There is also an Egyptian song in there

Platinum Record is distributing the album. I do not know much about Fatouma, but I look forward to knowing her through her music.

1 - Salmoly
2 - Shnho El7l
3 - Ystfzony
4 - Wlhana
5 - Said Elmzayen
6 - El3omda
7 - ana 2lby
8 - Melion Belmia

فطومة 2011 - البوم جديد, قريبا في الأسواق | Fatouma 2011 - Soon

فطومة 2011 - البوم جديد, حاليا في الأسواق | Fatouma 2011 - Now in stores

What Arab Stars Diva Warda Listnes to?

Warda does not need to say something she does not have to say, she only says what she feels, her career and legacy allow for that so she can be candied about what Arab voices she likes. In a recent interview with Egyptian publication Almasry Alyoum the names of those Arab stars she enjoys:

  1. Wael Jassar got the first shout out from this diva, she complimented his work (Lebanese)
  2. Bahaa Sultan, the singer with the strong voice (Iraqi)
  3. Fadel Shaker, she loves his sentimental style and his emotions, she worries that he might be quitting music. (Lebanese)
  4. Sherine, the current Egyptian diva in the making
  5. Amal Maher who came to be known for the best Oum Kaltoum covers
  6. Angham, you cannot talk about Egyptian female singers and overlook this talent
  7. George Wassouf whose songs she enjoys as well (Syrian)
  8. Hussian Al Jasmiy, this talented singer for the United Arab Emirates keep on giving us surprises and new songs that scream "awesome"
  9. Warda has also named few other singers who have covered her old songs that she enjoyed on the list is Saber Rebai,George Wassouf, Fadel Shaker, Amal Maher, Sherine.
  10. She likes Tamer Hosny movies, but not a huge fan of his melodies and songs--she calls them light
This must be great for those singers she has named, she is the timeless star that keeps on giving us hits. She respects her legacy and gives very few interviews.
الموسيقار بليغ حمدي ووردة دويتو عندليبية


Angham's "Sibto" Same Old New Song ?

Egyptian singer Angham can do no wrong in my book, I am a big fan and consider myself an early fan when she was a little girl. I do not care much for her family drama, I only check in for her music. She has always given us new material and upbeat music. She finds nothing wrong in exploring new musical territories and styles.

But her new sinlge makes me wonder if she has anything new to offer in terms of the music or the subject, I feel we have been there before. I feel the opening of the song is borrowed from an older song of hers! Yes, there's some musical arrangement and new style.

While the music keeps if fun, relaxed and fit the lyrics. It's a song about a woman who leaves a guy, then when she learns he has a new girl, things get weird. This's a confession from a very sweet heart who can tell you anything they wish. By all means, this is a big hit, and they internet has been going crazy for it. I am sure we can see a music video for this one.

Sabah Theme Song Voiced By Carole Samah

She was a diva, and now we know she hardly found happiness in her own life, she give many joys and has entertained for 75 years, now gets another treatment of her biopic coming soon this Ramadan, a drama about her life with Carole Samahe on the leading role. Seeing the images of Carole Samahe in the role of Sabah gives me a second thought, the makeup is heavy bordering creepy.

This is a drama not a 100 percent accurate picture, it's a story about Sabah's life and legacy with a lot of truth and personal accounts of this Lebanese diva life. Sure her marriages were many, making her filled with drama and tragedy. There will be at least 20 songs in the TV adaption, Carole Samahe is doing the theme song about the Life of Sabah.

The song hails Chahroura, as queen on earth among her fans and her followers. I must say the song paints a new picture for Sabah, it talks about her life that we do not know much about. We only know the happy face of Sabah, her romance and her movies. Nothing much about her personal struggle, family and drama. The show also focuses on Sabah's sense of fashion and style as she was one of the first Arab divas to pay a lot of attention to her outfits.

This is shaping to be a great work, I love the prelude for the song, the dialogue from the show, where Sabah complains about her inability go give others happiness when she is sad. comes the response for a dude, why are you always great?

اغنية كارول سماحه - ملكه على الارض|اغنية مسلسل الشحرورة Carole Samah Mosalsal Chahroura

Mohamed Dia'a And Wa3d: Surprise

Put to b and c list Arab singers together who have nothing in common, you are in for a surprise. You will have to expect the unexpected from this duo of Wa'ad and Egyptian composer turned singer Mohammad Dia'a

The song has been in the can for a while, the filmed it a while back and have been waiting for the right moment to release this music video. There's some chemistry between those two voices, they are all acting like teens who have found their first love.

It's a good song, even though the music video is a bit corny, the glass windows separating between them is pretty cool. We have Alam Alphan for putting those two singers together and giving an expecting romantic song.

Mohamed Dia2 W Wa3d Youm W Atnin كليب محمد ضياء ووعد - يوم واتنين

Fayez Al Saeed Dark New Song

The Ambassador of Melodies is the fame name for popular Emarati composer/singer Fayz Al Said whose tunes make Arabic music a lot richer and a lot more alive. He has become the go to guy to make your songs sound original and fresh. To be frank, he is so good at his craft that I do not know where he has the time to make all those nice songs. So many notes, so little time.

But Fayez has a stand alone musical career as he is a popular singer in the Gulf doing songs on romance, drama, and humor. Here's the latest song of his, it's a bit dramatic and dark about the death of his loved one and he is left to pick up the pieces. This is a different song. It's a serious song that asks for a lot of acting.

فايز السعيد - وين اروح

Princess in Romantic Arabic Songs

Every guy wants to fall with a princess, and every family raises her little girl to be a princess. Some of us marry real princess, but most of us work hard to make whoever we fall in love with feel like a true princesses.

That's why many Arabic songs on romance do their best to elevate the status of their loved one to the royal status. Thinking of it, it's a win-win situation, if she is happy then you and your entire world is happy.

Check out what Ragheib alaham and Abel Haleem Hafiz have to say in music about their ladies and their emotions. Those are songs for lovers by those who have dominated the charts of romances for ages. This is a mix tape made by someone on the internet and dedicated to his princess.

This is a creative way to announce your love to everyone.

إهداء الى اميرة بكلمتى

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sherine Ahmad Lights Up Star Academy

Sherine Ahamd, or Sherin Ay Ya Leel as some call her made a brief stop by the Lebanese show Star Academy to give some of the young participants a shot at fame and a shot to reveal the quality of their voices.

At least two the three ladies on the stage can sing, I won't name any names, you can see that in the video. But I am saying one of those ladies on the stage doe snot belong there. Aside from that, this is a great song by Sherine about a women who just wants to settle with the one she loves in a small place with a locked door.

Did you know if you want to book a concert with Sherine, you ought to pay 90 thousand dollars for her services. You know what I think she is worth every nickel of it, becasue she works hard for those money and she interacts with the audience, she is there for them not the other way around--looking at you Elissa.

البرايم 14 شيرين واميمه ونسمه بطمنك Star Academy Season 8 Prime 14

Samira Toufic, The Godmother of Lebanon

She is the mother of all those folksy Lebanese songs the world came to love, telling stories from all those famous Lebanese towns and pockets. Tarablos, Ba3albak, Beirut, Al 7amrah...and such she has sang for those places in the 80s and 70s.

It's like taking a grant tour of Lebanon when you listen to a Samira Toufic song, she makes a great tour guide to that country. Her fame did not come easy, the particular style of singing she has mastered has been for long dominated by manly males with solid voices.

For sometime growing up, I thought I knew a lot of cool songs that seemed very close to my own Palestinian tongue, when I went back to Gaza, and I saw those songs were played then like they were local songs, I was excited. I learned a lot about my home through Samira Tawfik songs and music. With her sweet and bold voice, the stores she told made life colorful.

اجمل اغاني سميرة توفيق

The best Songs of Moin Sharif

A young voice in Lebanon that made it big in the early-mid 2000 who still headlines concerts in his home Lebanon is popular with you women and me of that country who are looking for an original voice with a hint of sadness.

That's Moin Sharif is that voice. Watch a cover of his most popular songs, he is upbeat and charismatic makes him a perfect candidate for guy parties and Lebanese themes concerts. While he still makes music and releases singles every now and then, but he is due for comeback.

اجمل اغاني معين شريف The best of Moin sharif

اجمل اغاني معين شريف:
1) يا اهل الخير
2)في داخلي قلب
3)عديت النجمات
4)قلبك طيب
5)المشكله انك حبيبي
6)محكمه التاريخ
7)ياما قالوا فيك
8)العمر كله
9)اصعب كلمه
11)عين القمر
13)طبعك غريب
15)يا ناكرين الوفا

The Dearest of All People By Abdel Halim

If it was a good song, Abdel Halim Hafiz would make it better. Not just his golden vocals perfect romantic songs. Looking back at the lyrics of his songs, they all make sense and no word is an extra, no word is used to fill in on the account of the overall mode of the song.

His lyrics are simple words, put together to paint a hard to find romantic picture of that helpless lover who gives all and expects nothing in return. See the flow of this song "A3az El Nas", the dearest of all people. Capturing the time and the place of his emotional status. He could be talking about an individuals, a group of individuals, or even his family in this song. In essence this song can be applied to many settings and give each one of them a rare emotional color.

اعز الناس

Wagieh Aziz, An Egyptian Revolutionary Comeback

Last album came album that singer/composer Wageih Aziz has authored came in 2007 "Missing a Piece "ناقص حتة" and nothing else until today. He is not the first Egyptian singer to make a comeback because of the Egyptian revolution, but his song is themed about Egypt before and after the change.

Some people on the YouTube put some images on his song to held stress some of the points the song touches one. The lyrics have been written by Ali Salamah, the Egyptian poet who writes a great deal about politics and social injustice in his work.

Wagieh is working on a movie project that's based on the world of the folksy poet of Salah Jaheen. The song titled Tany, "once again" in Arabic

اغنية تانى وجيه عزيز

Buy This Album: Cairokee 2011

"Leaders Wanted", is the title of this album from the funky indie band from Egypt Cairokee. With 10 tracks from and for Egypt, this hip band does it again and now has a larger platform. such band is the answer to half baked brainless entertainers of the likes of Tamer Hosny. They make original and real music. It sounds like some stoners or buzzed writers and singer get together to craft this album.

As for the team behind this patriotic album here they are:

Amir Eid (Vocals, Guitar)
Sherif Hawary (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Tamer Hashem (Drums)
Ahmed Bahaa (Percussion)
Sherif Mostafa (Keyboard)
Adam El Alfy (Base Guitar)

If you want an album that can challenge you as it entertains you, this is one of the albums I would pick. Please purchase this album, do not download it. I know sometimes you cannot find it, but you need to support the work of the artists to keep good material coming.

Coming to think of it, the name of the album is pretty awesome, if you flip the title around you have "Wanted Leader", like in Mubarak wanted for justice. But that's over with, now the time to find a leader that the people want, not the authority.

01 - Ye3ady El Seef, a non political song, but inspirational. Good vocals & music
02 - Sout El 7oreya, a song from the heart of Tahrir, the famous song that hit it big
03 - Matloob Za3eem, the gem song about what comes next about Egypt and its future! Great
04 - 7elmy Ana, inspirational song written by a lost soul that has seen enough
05 - Masrawy, the most Egypt exclusive song, blends many musical concepts, a sweet treat
06 - Elwad Beta3 El Mazica, a personal account of a musician who wants to lead a normal live
07 - 3'areb Fi Belad 3'areba, a tale of a misfit who finds he is out place in a stranger's land
08 - Efred Gena7ak, wake up your dream and become a believer, a rock song worthy of films and sport events.

The music video for this son has been shot two months ago and it will be released soon. The album has been for years in the making but the revolution put it on the fast track.

Cairokee - كايروكي - مطلوب زعيم

Algerians Want To Boycott Promiscuous Arabs

Not every day that you see new Facebook groups being started to boycott Arab singers who are perceived to be on the raunchy side. Those efforts often tend to target women entertainers, and unfairly pick on them. But this time in Allgeria someone started a Facebook group to boycott all Arab entertainers who have done work with in the administrators of the group find "Promiscuous", "Scandalous"

Who made the list is the surprise, Lebanese singer Elissa, but it seems they are fine with Cheb Khalid who does some less than decent music videos in Europe with half naked ladies. I do understand those youth's concern of their government will to spend tax paying money on those concerts. No one has the right to spend the public's funds to throw a concert not many care to go attend.

On the funny side, those people are promising that they will egg and tomato those singers appearing in Algerian concerts. They have also promised to escalate this and lead protests against such moves. If I am Elissa and other singers I would save face and avoid having such videos if they happen floating on YouTube.

Magida El Roumi et la chanson KEEF montage de qlq concerts

Khaled Agag Egyptian Tax Evasion

Egyptian pop singer Khaled Agag will got to jail if one Egyptian court has its way. As they seem to have sentenced him for 12 months on charges of tax evasions. The sentence was handed on June 2th, 2011. They bail was set at one 1000 Egyptian pound.
He is accused of failing to pay taxes mounting up to 52 thousand Egyptian pound for his income on his album last year.

Khaled did not attend the session so the court concluded he has no disagreement and handed down the sentence. I am sure, Khaled won't be going to jail and instead he is lawyer shopping at this moment. Like many celebrities in Egypt, those sentences are often a way to get them to be serious about paying back their taxes.

On the same weekend Khaled Agag was spotted at the funeral services for Hany Shaker's daughter who have passed away after a struggle with cancer. Maybe that would help explain his absence from the court.

كليب خالد عجاج - بنت الحته

Yafa By Malek Jandali is Pure Gold

Yafa is a Palestinian City up North, now they call is Jaffa, but for musician Malek Jandali, it will always be Yafa, the same old Arab resort town. That's why he wrote a musical composition on the Piano to celebrate this history city.

Making music in honor of a city is not a new thing, but making it so for an ancient Palestinian town is quite fresh. This German born, Syrian native and American resident. Hr has been making his fame in quite ways, but now that he is on the radar of many, I believe this would help Malek get his art out there.

He has always been an outstanding musicians but the last month episode with an American Arab organization for sure put on him on a larger spotlight. This has to be good for both the listener and the composer.

Malek Jandali: Yafa - مالك جندلي: يـافــا

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mohmaed Khairy Son of Egypt

Mohmaed Khairy is a young Egyptian singer with a story to tell and a voice to help him make his case (Listen to his music here) He is not the pop or drama voice, but he is a likable guy who can sing and sell albums. His future is bright, he seems like down to earth guy.

While he has been singing for some time now, his break came in the midst of the Egyptian revolution where he had a sing that stood out and helped launch his career. He is a one man show unlike many of the bands that made it big post Mubarak, he is one of the few voices to have their own songs alone....sure there are teams of lyricists and musicians who lend a hand say like Toma, the most famous arranger of music Cairo has known for ages. Interview with Mohmaed Khairy

Buy This Album: Hamza Namira Insan

He looks like a shy boy with a lot to say and little courage to say what he has to say outside music. That's why everything Hamza Namira every wanted to express about himself, his background, and his country comes in his music. Hamza does that and looks so natural doing it.

Hamza was indie for sometime, but the revolution ha brought him to the front and made a lot more people pay attention to his music. So he is gathering all the material he has and worked with a top notch team to bring out what he has to say in the best shape. The album will be out in few days, 15 awesome tracks where Hamza Namira gets to do the music for those tracks. Three Turkish talented music arrangers will tweak three songs and Hamza will tweak the remaining. There will be a Tunisian song in the album to give the people of that land some gratitude.

I just love his new stuff, his song Insan, "Human" has so much to offer, there is so much energy potential in this song and none of it goes to waste. Hamza aced this one and proved that he has nothing to prove. And the chorus just excited the heck out of me. The music is hard to miss, it packages this song and makes it all better and all fresh.

We have to thank Awakening Record, the global company that puts out so many entertaining albums with uplifting messages. And I know I am excited to see Hamza taking his Egyptian fame and building on it to expand his reach.

Hamza Namira - Insan | حمزة نمرة - إنسان

Latifa, Nizar, Kathem! The Golden Treo

Tunisia, Syria and Iraq are the home of those three great talents in Arabic music. The first brought her best vocals and best look and youthful persona yet to date, the second wrote the lyrics that combine the best of all things love, and the third brought his best muse when he composed the music for this modern day classic song.

The song was a hit by all accounts, and no one saw it coming, they did not talk about it, much, they just did it and we were like, Give Me More please. The title is Tloumny El Donya, "People Blame Me" About love and the choices we make for who we fall in love with.

It's beautiful poem and the music video for it is enchanting. It brings the best of spring and colors. The outfits, the makeup and the mode is like entering a Disney fairy tale. And all won't matter had the music did not bring the best in the lyrics. A a loud shout out must go for Tariq Al Arian for directing this absolutely gorgeous picture. This is one of his finest gem, it's the gem of everyone who had anything to do it.

Latifa - Tloumny El Donya / لطيفة - تلومني الدنيا

Meryam Faris Goes The Old School Route

Knowing that the young adore you, and so does the media and the business executives, might give some singers a thought that they now have made it. But clearly, this is not the case for Lebanese starlet Meryam Faris who seems to have owned the last week of June with a number of concerts, appearances in Lebanon, the Gulf and Morocco.

This time she covered one of the old songs "Ganeely", sing for me, the beloved Egyptain classic. To her credit, she changed all her style and nailed this song on the head. Her vocals have always been bold and uncompromising, This time around she slowed down and dressed up to live up to the song's legacy. She scaled back on her dance and sexy stage moves and that served the song well.

ميريام فارس - غنيلي / ستار اكاديمي 8 - البرايم 13