Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Much Anticipated Angham Album Arrives @Angham "Innocent Dreams"

Rotana is banking on Angham, she would be the biggest female pop star on their label--at least from Egypt. Angham is an artist who predates the music video craze and the whole pop thing. Sure she was a little girl then singing alongside her father, she is still be big force.

Here's her latest album which is her first in six years--she did release a mini album about four years ago. This is her big album and it must be the comeback her older fans are waiting for. To be blunt, her fans are now older and the younger folks have no idea why they like her. Now, the idea is to see if this album gives them a reason to fall in love with her. The album is meant to introduce young music listeners to Angham. It allows them to explore this classically trained artist who happens to do stellar pop songs.

Rotana is included 12 tracks here, and most of the song have been written by one guy--Ameer Taeema. He is good, but I have to hold judgment until I hear the entire album.

01 - Ahy Gat
02 - Atgah Wahed
03 - Ben Elbenen
04 - Tol Manta Baeed
05 - Aktablk Tahod
06 - Hata Naasa
07 - Ahlam Barya
08 - Fengan Elnesian
09 - Bakrah Elmosika
10 - Bahab Aghany
11 - Ganbak Makany
12 - Baaet Waheda

Angham … Ahlam Barya | انغام … احلام بريئة

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The New Pop Album By @MousaOfficial Does It For Me!

Egyptian Mousa (Moses of Egypt) is a new voice in Egyptian pop and he seems like a hard working modest singer who is trying to find his spot under the sun. I respect young artists  who go the distance work hard on their first album with little help from the world.

The sweet and handsome dude goes to war in his music video when he refuses to take calls from his ex. He just shuts he rout and tells her he is no longer gonna be Mr. nice guy. The dude walked away from a relationship and he is not coming back.

In his music video Mousa plays a believable DJ. And there is a model, and a nice car. Surely this is a nice music video that presents itself differently. The good news Mousa sounds different. That means her is not mimicking other pop stars. He is doing his own thing. I am pleased to see him making his own path and being himself and it seems to work.

I like how Mousa plays out the character every Arab guy has on his mind, he is Mr. popular who have choices and the lady not so much. But aside from that, this album deserves a listen. It's actually decent pop album. There are some bright talents that have attached themselves to the album, it just needs a bit more of marketing.  

Mousa - Zaman El heneya / موسى - زمن الحنية

Mousa - Ya Rait / موسى - ياريت

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Moroccan Song Goes Viral! #Jamila Blach Blach

Moroccan hit-maker Jamila is now officially the most popular lady in Moroccan pop. Jamila has all the exotic attributes. And she is a styling lady who goes bold. Jamila she has already stood behind two viral hits that were literary everywhere in the Khaleej and beyond.

Her latest song seems to do a lot with colors, and funk. There's a catchy beat and there is good energy. There are also those back up dancers doing their moves right behind Jamila. And that music bit that sounds like a Moroccan/Khaleeji hybrid.

I like her many looks and that hairstyle keeps changing. It's a Moroccan song make no mistake. A likable star makes a catchy song and the world celebrates. It seems that the craze for Iraqi songs have been replaced with Moroccan songs and before them the Syrian country song had a good run.
So dance you guys and enjoy the party form this creative music force known as Jamila who seems pretty much so inside out.
جميلة - بلاش بلاش | Jamila Blach Blach

Saudi Singer Ismail Mubarak @ismaeel_mubarak Charms The City of Cairo

Saudi singer Ismail Mubarak went to Cairo for a concert and it seems he was a huge hit over there too. Not too many Khaleeji artists feel they are famous in Egypt--frankly they do not have to be anymore goes to Cairo. Two decades ago, they would have been asked to go to Egypt and launch their career. But thanks to Satellite TV and the internet, they do not have to be anywhere in particular.

Though many singers form the Khaleej like to go to Cairo for concerts. Since droves of their fans live there--most would be natives to the Khaleej area. So a concert in Cairo is something cool to do. In this case Ismail Mubarak used the footage from his concert for his music video. I like this young artists and his warmth. He seems like a poet whose voice gives a needed hug.

I like the verse in the song "My love to you has no limits, there's no one but you, and I love you forever!" This must be nice to be on the receiving end of these beautiful crafted lyrics.

I like this song "Habibi" It's a sweet song that shows the depth of his fame and talent. Tons of his fans lined up to takes selfies with this charming singer. While many Arab artists dream of singing in Saudi, Ismail is doing the opposite he sins in Saudi but he also can have a sold out concert in Egypt. Ismaeel seems like a nice man who is fun to be in the same room with. There's an Iraqi singer who is a popular name in the Khaleej, I think Ismaeel has bested him with this song and this style.
Ismail Mubarak ... Habibi - Video Clip | اسماعيل مبارك ... حبيبي - فيديو كليب

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Russian Army Gets A Syrian Love Song By Ribal Al Hadi

No one knew who Ribal Al Hadi is before today, but now we know him because he just released a song titled the "Russian and Syrian Armies". It's a song supposed to scare away the terrorists. The song sing praises for the armies that are supposed to be fighting violent extremists. Somehow many more of them are made by those actions.   

Ribal is a musician too, so he composed this song. Stupid guys do exist in every country, and tough guys do not release songs. He wore an army uniform and showed a gun and star in the Syrian flag to promote his song.

I do not know much anymore, but to celebrate a foreign invitation is wrong for the Syrian opposition and wrong for the regime. I am not taking sides anymore, I am just tired of people who shame others yet they invoke the same shameful acts. Ribal may chose to do this song or maybe he was asked to do it for the army. No doubt there are folks who love the regime, but.....
ريبال الهادي - الجيش الروسي والسوري Ribal Al Hadi

Shame! Khaleejis Kill Yemenis And Sing For Them!

It's not secret that filthy rich Arabs in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are bombing Yemen to the dark ages. It's also a documented fact that many innocent Yemenis have perished as a result of this ill-fated war on that magical land that's Yemen.

Now one of the biggest artists in the Khaleej who comes from the UAE is Hussien Al Jassmi and he has a new song for the same country that his own government is bombing. Let's us not forget that dozens of good people from the UAE got killed in this war--because they suck as this war thing.

Hussain AlJassmi has also released a new song for the UAE government and army to offer them support as they wage war on the helpless people of Yemen. I have an idea for the UAE--Iran has been occupying your three islands for decades now, why not wage war on them? Or is it that Yemen is an easy target?

Hussain professes his love for Yemen and its people. But what he does not tell us is that his love means he would support them being bombed.
حسين الجسمي - محبوبتي (فيديو كليب) | 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

#Ya_Yumma" Brings Mohammed Assaf Back to #Palestine @MohammedAssaf89

It took Assaf three weeks to release a song for Palestine in light of the Israeli madness and policy of execution of young Palestinian men and women. Assaf is been busy lately promoting that movie that talks about his life in paces like London and Dubai.

He wore his Palestinian scarf, and got the song going. This is a song he had to make, he may found himself an unenviable position that people were expecting him to do something. He still got the voice, some remind me this might have been an old song that Assaf is covering. It mentions a number of Palestinian towns that have revolted against the occupation.

The team behind the song sound like talents from Gaza, Palestine. I am not inspired it but I am pleased Assaf has still time for Palestine. The footage used for the song show a number of things that celebrate life in Palestine and young men who still have the fire.

Then Assaf gives a talk toward the end of the song dedicating it to the people who matter. He names the city of Jerusalem and its people too. I like how his songs pays homage to mothers in Palestine as suggested in the title.

يا يمّه هادي رجالك - محمد عساف Ya Yumma - Mohammed Assaf

The Poor Millioner Pop Song Gets An Indie Makeover

Cairokee front man is giving a new lease on life for one once popular cult classic song. The song was originally by Medhat Saleh in the late 80s, it's about being happy despite being poor.  It was a cool song then and still relevant today. Medhat Saleh is still making great pop songs in addition to his live tarab performances.

The Egyptian has a new odd friend front man for Cairokee, Amer Eid who took it upon himself to do a cover for this classic and pay homage to this first-rate pioneer in pop songs. It's a fun and funny song that depicts the sense of humor many young people have where they are able to find joy despite not having the means.  
كايروكي اغنيه المليونيرات من برنامج صاحبه السعاده

أغنية المليونيرات - مدحت صالح YouTube

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Music Terrorist Naya Offends Pretty Much Everyone (Video) @Nayatheofficial

Naya likes to do things differently, this pop songstress has done for the butcher look while wearing high heels. I liked her break out songs three years ago and now she wants to cash in so, she landed herself a new Khaleeji song where she goes to war.

Is that nudity? Does she says she fears God? Well, I like to believe her but many Arab Christians are offended by her use of the Cross.

Then there is that bloody knife, and torture S & M scene. Look, Naya is a pretty lady and she seems to like to party (as told by the bubbly champion) Not sure if this song has a soul? I do not get it, is that hot for her fans in the Khaleej? Naya went for sexy and rebel look, she played that part well, but the song does not ask for that. How about that gun that fires toward the end of the song? What's with the wrapped in black outfit? Is that meant as a zing on conservative Muslim outfits?

Really does the Middle East need further terror? I guess, Naya thinks we have not had enough violence so she took upon herself to terrorize the rest of us.

Also did she time the release of her song to be in time with Nawal Al Zoghby's new music video. You may not know this but Nawal's ex is managing Naya and he is promising to make her as big of a name as Nawal is or was. Keep on mind that two years ago Naya decided to retire, but she seems to have changed her mind.
Naya - Ana BKeify [Official Music Video] (2015) / نايا - أنا بكيفي

Abbas Abboud: The Charming Iraqi Floridian Pianist @AbbasPianist

The other day, I was introduced to an exciting young Iraqi pianist who resides in the great state of Florida where he performed many of his classically inspired musical numbers. The son of the historic Iraqi city of Basra found his way to the States away from war where he can focus on his music craft and take it a wider audience.

It's a fact that the piano has attracted more soloists than any other instrument. Every top artist has his or her own personal ‘voice’ - a unique artistic ethos, style and sound. And Abbas Aboud is no different than the many accomplished pianists who have made their own mark on this instrument.

A Pianist with over 20 years of experience; Highly innovative and successful professional with a strong expertise in the art of composing original and playing classical for live audiences. Considered one of the most successful classical pianists in the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Abboud has the technical ability, the following and the improvisation talent.

When you meet Abboud, you will know that he is the down to earth type who happens to be specially gifted for his age and his choice of music. This celebrated young artists deserves to be in the biggest concert halls where his talent comes to shine. Iraqis never stop inspiring us with stories of survival in the face of adversity. It's not easy the path chosen by Abboud, but it's where his gift is and He has the right stuff. One thing I do like is his fabulous style.  

Chopin Grand Polonaise Brillante Op.22


Ray Charles, The Beatles, James Brown, And Elvis Presley Go To Saudi Arabia @Masha3elStar

Two of America's biggest names in music star in a movie video made by a Saudi female artist. For starter this song should be confusing because Saudis are not well known for being patrons of the arts, and the stereotype Saudi women do not have it easy. It took Saudi vocalist and really cool cat of Khaleeji pop to bring out a big concert that takes one back in time.

Mashael brought few iconic American/British entertainers to be her sidekicks for her music video. Attention to details is clear. While this is a huge hit in Arabia, Masheal took it one step further. It's pretty funky concert that is well made. I could not tell if these folks were in there for real or just some computer tricks.

It's well made music video with a lot of flare and shows how cool Mashael in real life. The young singer takes a tour in what's hip and cool in American music. The king of pop Michael Jackson gets a cameo as well. I like this music video and the rap ends the song with fireworks.

The director had a good talent that believed in and she was willing to go along for his vision. What came out is a creative concept for music video that allows Mashael to shine and introduce us to many other world class talents.
مشاعل - مصيبتي (فيديو كليب حصري) | 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Syria's Piano Man Goes To #Germany #Palestine (Video)


Give it up to this talented Palestinian refugee from Syria who has managed to make music in the face of a brutal war. In Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, an estimated 18,000 residents are living out a bare-boned survival. A brutal government siege has left them with little food and rare access to clean water amid the daily threat of violence.

But in the middle of the devastation, a musician with a battered piano is coloring the scene with sounds of hope. He plays his music over the constant bombs, bullets and sounds of destruction.
Ayham Ahmad has played his music amid the rubble of his Syrian hometown and at a transit stop while traveling by foot across Europe. On Sunday, Syria's beloved piano man performed his songs in front of thousands of people in the historic Konigsplatz arena in Munich, Germany.
Ahmad was one of the acts at the Danke-Konzert, or "Thank You Concert," a free show featuring a string of German artists welcoming refugees and thanking volunteers involved in the refugee effort. It was organized by nonprofit Bellevue di Monaco, German indie rock band Sportfreunde Stiller and Munich's city government.

Read more from the original post  

Ayham Ahmed

Syrian Vocalist Assala Sets Her Sight On The Khaleej-#Aqoba

One of the best things that Assala did was to stop talking politics. Not that she was wrong, but that her critics were many and she got to the level where she has become an activist who took a stand on a losing battle. The versatile Syrian vocalist released a sweet album earlier this year and we fill in love with it. It's was an pan Arab pop album that blends so many musical styles and uses lyrics in Egyptian and Lebanese/Syrian.

Now she is ready to release her third album using the Khaleej dialect. Assala did very well singing in that regional dialect and she was able actually to dazzle even the big names in music. For starter, she has the voice, the emotional range and she gets to work with the top names in lyrics and music in that region.

Here's a single that will be included in that yet to be released album. A song about punishment, pretty fresh passionate poetry here.
Assala - Aqoba | اصاله - عقوبه

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nasr Mahrous Presents Touba--His Latest Find

There's a new name in Egyptian pop and it has the name Touba. Touba is being presented by Nasr Mahrous' Free Music label. Touba is really working with the one great music producer who is a powerhouse in Egyptian pop. Now she has to deliver on that promise. Nasr will package her and give her some of his best work.

Will she be the next big thing in female pop? I do not know. I think she has to do a little bit more vocal workout. She is got something to sell and I think she can find her own path. Her song is about missing the loved ones. Not to mind the blurry belly dancer who actually takes away from the song.
Touba - Wa7ashony (Official Music Video) | توبا - وحشوني (فيديو كليب) حصرياً 2015

This Hot Singer Goes To Mayrouba Festival

Nassif Zeytoun is the last iconic young singer who graduated from Star Academy and won the title. Now the charming Syrian vocalist is touring the world for his music tour. But before he hit the road, he stopped by a major music event in Lebanon where tourists and locals gather to enjoy wonderful music.

Nassif Zeytoun set the stage on fire and sang his heart out--too bad it was not life performance. The capable singer took his charm and fired up the attendees. He was not short on energy and the fans ate that up. This is a raw talent that has shown so much excitement.

See some highlights from the event and few of his signature songs. I think we are winner here to see a bright young artist who is doing all the right things and delivering solid songs frequently.
Nassif Zeytoun - Mayrouba Festival [Highlights] / ناصيف زيتون - مهرجان ميروبا

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Don't Care What He Says! Ramy Sabry Is The Next Amr Diab--New Song

Ramy Sabry is about to release a fresh pop album and I am honesty excited for it. Why? Ramy Sabry is a gifted composer, and a savvy singer, he picks winners and sounds so good. Here's one single form the album and it checks out all the box.

Ramy sounds here like himself but with fresher music and crispier lyrics. The sound arrangement shows thoughtful work. He may deny that he is the next Amr Diab, but when it comes to making top-notch songs, he has no rivals.

Ramy wrote the music for this song "Nefsaha Teshofni", a song about the emotional state and the mind games one in love has to endure. Do we go to the loved one or do we play it cool? Not the first song tackling this topic, but Ramy is one of the few ones who did it so well. It really reminds me of an Amr Diab song "We Heyah 'Amlah Eih Delwaqit
Nefsaha Teshofni - Ramy Sabry نفسها تشوفنى - رامى صبرى

One Of Egypt's Finest Female Artists Stunning Return! @GhadaRajab

Ghada Rajab has finally found a winning formula...working with A list lyricists and musicians to allow her unattached vocal muscles to shine. The thing with Ghada is that she is super talented and has a wide range of vocal talents. She has not tried to be cool before, just an amazing vocalist who can deliver amazing songs. In my book when it comes to female artists in Egypt there are four big names--Ghada is on that list.

Now, it's 2015 and she is ready to compete on the pop turf and so far I am impressed by her new single. "Nawyalak" Aside from Ghada who is a world-class talent, look at the team....

Ghada Rajab - Nawyalak
Lyrics: Ayman Bahgat Amar
Composer : Amr Mostafa
Arranger : Tooma

These four names if not the biggest names in Egyptian pop are the greatest names. They know what works and they certainly know how to make a hit fly. It's a an upbeat song, with catchy lyrics that grab the listeners attention before it gets in the details. It's a song that shows both love and war all at once.
Ghada Rajab - Nawyalak / غادة رجب - ناويالك

Monday, October 12, 2015

Four New Singls By Upbeat Zippies

There are countless of young artists who have been gifted a soothing voice. Out of those thousands, we only know about a 100. Which makes it unfair for all the bright talents out there who are vying for one's attention. So, let's try and check the new artists out and be nice. It's not easy to be a new comers nor is it cheap. Most of your favorite pop stars had to start somewhere.

Here are four new songs that comes in different styles and ranges. I bet you anything that you will find something that speaks to you here. Start with Mahmood Al Shafei and his song about the local grocery store. Swing by Abdullah Al Hmeem & Monia duet. Then give Mohammed Ghazi some time as he sings and keep on mind that he is also the music composer behind the song. And finish with the catchy titled song by Khalil Mustafa who just wants to forget and live.
البقالة - محمود الشافعي | AlBagala - Mahmood AlShafei

ها رجعنا - عبدالله الهميم ومونيا | Ha Rjaana - Abdullah AlHmeem &; Monia

إنت عندي كوم - محمد غازي | Enta Andi Kom - Mohammed Ghazi

طنش تعش - خليل مصطفى | Tanish Taiesh - Khalil Mustafa

The Voice Has Little Voice # MBCTheVoice

Mahmoud Abeidah started a bidding war on the Voice. The young singer did an impressive cover for an beloved Arabic song that sent the judges to fight with each other with hands. It seems that Sherine liked this guy first and wanted him to be on her team, but Assi Hillani wanted him as well but Sherine won't let him press that button.

Saber El Robaei also wanted him on his team, but still Sherine fought for him and won. Sherine added Mahoud to her lineup of artists despite all the interest from the other judges. Meanwhile, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Palestine are not doing well and losing young men and women every minute.

But Sherine was grateful, she thanked God for allowing her to get this talent on her side. He is a good singer with a nice voice. I am not sure what is his story, but he hails form Egypt and he does look like every other young Arab man and woman in the Arab streets. The song he did a cover for is a track form Fayza Ahmed's.

محمود عبيدة - يا حلاوتك يا جمالك - مرحلة الصوت وبس - MBCTheVoice

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Omran Salem Fills Me With Sadness And Shame #Palestine #GazaUnderAttack

Now that all Palestine is's a song that inspires one to cry. 
This is a new song recorded by the son of Nablus Salem Omran, it's a song that should full every Arab with shame, and every Palestinian with sadness. A song that asks the Lord to come to the rescue and about the land of conflicts, but the artist does one clever thing, he includes footage of Egyptian talking heads talking shit on Palestine. There are sad times, there's only God, no brother no support from assholes. I think this is sad because this will for sure push the people of Gaza to radicalism. Salem did a great job here with his voice that's filled with humility and sadness. His voice promises many and delivers a lot more.

I know Israel is in the wrong--they just murdered four boys playing soccer on the beach, the images are too graphic. They say they are moral, and I hope they better not believe it.

This actually maybe good as the people of Gaza will learn to fend for themselves, and be resourceful and create something out of nothing. The lyrics are soft, but they have been written by Qassim Al Najjar the loudest folksy singer in Palestine. No matter what Egypt is always going to be close to us, not the regime of right now. Let's remember, it was the Egyptian administration who turned in Gaza to the Israelis in 1967. Palestinians at that time were banned from having guns.... and now people like Okasha and Amr Mostafa, they are enjoying the murder of Palestinians.

اغنية اااااه يا فلسطين - سالم عمران 2014

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Original Poor Man's Singer's Welcome Return @hakimmusicegypt

While most singers like to film their music videos in fancy resorts, and exotic locations, one Egyptian pop star and hit-maker begged to differ. Hakeem went deep inside one of those Egyptian slums and filmed his music video there. To his credit, these were the folks that embraced him as an artist first. They are the kind people who work hard and tend to be loyal.

Hakim wanted to highlight their plight and show the other side of Egypt, not necessarily to shame governments but to celebrate survival.

This is a song about the hard-working and resourceful people. It's worth mentioning that the director of this music video is the same director who directed Hakim in two other songs that we have come to love "Al Salmo Alykom" and "Habooso""

the song's title is "Aam Salama" or uncle Salam, a common name. Kicking off with an Egyptian Mawal then jumping into the pop song. Hakim is not letting ho of how he was once Egypt's top go to artists for songs that are close to the streets. The song is about life and how people change. Hakim is known for these songs. It's a sobering song about how people hurt each other.
Aam Salama - Hakim [Official Video] | عم سلامة - حكيم [الفيديو الرسمي]

TOP 10 Songs And Music Videos For This Week

Rotana released its top ten music videos for this week. This is a cool music video on the number ten spot, a party song from the unlikely place of Saudi Arabia, where Elvis makes an appearance. Mashael owned that song and shows so much energy and funk.

Balqees in her wedding song for the mother of the bride, then that hip Iraqi hit about being real is in the 8th place--thank you Waleed Al Shami. Then comes that Iraqi elder Hatem El Iraqi with his old-fashioned music video. He comes in the 7th place. Elissa is still looking in her mirrors and keeping the 6th spot. For the fifth spot you find that Lebanese romantic Wael Kfoury with all his dark charm. In the 4th place, one finds, Amr Diab being as cute and sweet as he has ever been.

The third spot is a comfortable place for Ahmed Gamal's flirty song about laughing with his loved one. Let's make space for the second spot with Tamer Hosny's drama about 180 degrees. He has a beard here and there is so much romance and tragedy. The top honor on this list goes for a lady that I do not know, seriously I do not know her. I should, she is in the top spot. Could it be that Yosra Mahnouch lady from the Voice? This is an Iraqi song that took the number one spot--second Iraqi track on the list.
نتائج التصويت وترتيب TOP10 هذا الأسبوع

Jamila: The Best-Selling Pop Songstress Will Blow You Away #Blach_Blach

Jamila was a little known few years ago, now she is a big hit-maker whose songs are what sits the tend in Khaleeji music. Though she is Moroccan, her songs are what is popular right now in the Gulf region and outside of it as well. Jamila was born and raised in Morocco but owes much of her success to singing Emirati and Arabian Gulf songs with pitch-perfect enunciation. She is so good that her fans in the UAE struggle to believe that she is not a native to that land.

Jamila is making a colorful return with what could be her next big hit. She already has two hits this year that were like wild fire. The teaser promises a lot of cool things, and it's enough that it kicks of another catchy title "Balch Blach"

Platinum Records is surly a sinner in having picked this resourceful and creative pop star who is ruffling so many feathers and doing something exciting. Just check out her choice of wardrobe--not many female artists can do what she does.
جميلة - بلاش بلاش - قريباً | Jamila - Blach Blach Promo

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Sweet Rita Samaan Meets The Resourceful Sherif Hamdy

This is creepy when you see a classic film that features all the big legends of Arabic cinema and songs with the voice of another young and coming vocalists. Here are old images and videos from well-known films, and a new song.

Rita is Lebanese and Sherif is Egyptian and together they made the sweetest deut I heard all year. Not sure how these two artists got together, but I am glad they did. Romantic songs are never out of style, and with voices like these, I am glad they did this song.

I am more impressed by Rita's voice here, she is certainly the new comer. Sherif is a music composer too, and a producer so he brings a lot to the table.
Sherif Hamdy & Rita Samaan - Habibi Kol Youm | شريف حمدي و ريتا سمعان - حبيبي كل يوم

Roni Kassar Is Crying Beautifully (Video)

Roni Kassar is a cool Lebanese dude, he is breathing Lebanon in his latest music video. Filmed at some posh villa in the foothills of Lebanon, a song where he is sad. Roni, you got a good thing going, no need to cry about it. You are young, good-looking, well-dressed, live in a giant mansion, and a gorgeous lady is in your life.

This is a good song for sure, Roni is plenty talented, his title for the song is about being stabbed with a dagger. AS if someone hit him with a knife in his back. While the images are so happy and the wedding party looks nice. The fire on curtains and dinner table are a nice touch. This is a well thought out music video, with some nice affects and gripping images.

I guess the love of his life is cheating on him with a fat bald women do not do that unless Roni you got a problem you are not telling us about.  
Roni Kassar T3ani Bkhanjar Video Clip روني كسار طعني بخنجر

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jana Sticks It To Her Ex And His Bimbo- Feek W Fiha @JanaOnlineWorld

Those who spend time in Lebanon, they know that cursing is a very common daily activity in that country. Vulgarity happens a lot at every sitting too, and sometimes if you do not know the local Lebanese customs, you may be scared---you should not.
That's relevant because now we have a new single by new comer Jana who takes that route by insulting her ex and his new love--a former friend of hers.

The song is a fighting song, it starts with to hell with you and her or even worse terms. But the song has already unleashed much fury in places like Egypt. But they do not know that these Lebanese lyrics are not as angry as they sound. So, she got the singing, the composing and the writing (her father is a poet) done, but she also has some dancing chops. She is a graduate of the respected TV show "Studio El Fan" This is not the first bold song by Jana, as she did another single in 2012 titled "Bent Min Al Charii" which roughly translates to "girl from the street" as in someone who has little class or grace.

The nice thing is that Jana did write these lyrics which give her a lot more credibility on the subject matter. Then the music have been crafted by Wissam El Amir and the production by Mark Abdel Nour which makes a solid A team. This is light pop song that does something real without having to be over the board. Jana makes a welcome addition to Lebanese pop.  This is yet another hit single from a young and promising pop songstress.
Jana - Feek W Fiha [Official Lyric Video] / جنى - فيك وفيها

Godsend Waleed Al Shami Finds The Sweet Spot

Waleed Shami has found the sweet spot. He is an Iraqi hit-maker living in the Gulf, so he has to be nice to the locals. But he is so gifted so, he is certainly welcome over there. Though he is better known for his catchy dance songs, he has a sweet side. I think he is trying to be the man for all seasons. A bit of Majid Al Mohandis too--they arte both from Iraq.

Here's he song about how deep in his knees he is with that new love. Waleed has really occupied all the top spots in music charts, and he has done well for himself and for the artists he works with. He has many things right for him--one is his pronunciation. His sleek look, and incredible hair styles, his warmth but nothing compares to his fine music talent.

The locals love him and the Iraqis cannot escape him. He is certainly a trend-sitter.
وليد الشامي - روض العشق (حصرياً) | 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Here's The First Song I Ever Loved, It was 1997

I think I was a freshman high school when this song by Diana Hadad was released. I was just so in love with this song, it took my breath away. It might be the first song that I connected with emotionally. I knew I was a fan of Diana ever since she did that "Sakin" song....but this song seems to be on the darker side. That was her second studio album and it came in 1997.

It's a love song but in the low point where you do not know where love is. Luckily Diana continues to make music for her fans. Some good, some misses, but she will always be remembered and defined by her first song when she was a young woman...

Diana's vocal performance, passion are out of this world. It just spoke to me, and told me that sometimes people need to learn patience in their quest for that eternal that I have found that eternal love this song still rings true to my soul.

Diana Hadad Ahl El Ashq ديانا حداد - اهل العشق

Sharmoofers: The Stoners Of Egypt Get A Reggae Band @sharmoofers

In the wake of the revolution of January 25th 2011, many cool bands emerged and many of them have managed to survive and meet commercial success. However most of these bands had some kind of political leaning. While the music was alternative and fresh, the themes and the messages were all about change. One band had a different take. The world will know them as Sharmoofers. They seem a lot more like Bowling for Soap feel.

This is an indie band that and never wanted to talk about anything serious, they have no issues to care about and they do not pretend to have an impact on Egyptian youth or leaders. They wanted to make dope music, sick beats and have fun. Sharmoofers has no social message, their motto "music to make people happy"

They sing about random things (and sometimes silly) matters, but they keep it fresh and their music is something else. Most of the time, people do not make sense of what these guys are saying, but they know they like it. They band has their critics too, but they forget that the goal here is to entertain and not to ask people do things differently.

I like how they use a bit of rap, Reggae, and pop to excite people around whatever topic they feel like tackling.  
Sharmoofers - Khamsa Santy Official Video Clip
شارموفرز- أغنية قط وفار - Sharmoofers - Ot w Far

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Late Tunisian Zekra Came Back To Life On The Voice! #MBCTheVoice

The Voice on MBC has four amazing vocalists, pop stars and musicians who represent the top of the food chain. They also get a large share of serious vocalists who may have the voice, but lack in other departments or lack in age.

Enter the stage Hadir, a young singer whose voice reminded the judges and the audience of a beloved legend of Zikra, the capable vocalist who was gunned down more than a decade a go in tragic events. Hadir is different for sure, but her voice has elements that we recall too well form Zikra's voice.

Haidr left a big impression on Sherine who gave her a big hug and she broke in tears upon making that connection. Hadir did chose to do a cover of a tough song by Zikra that is neither well-known or an easy performance. Hadir aced it and finally she chose to join the team of Iraqi Kadem El Saher.

#MBCTheVoice - هدير يوسف – الصدفة خلتنا نحب - مرحلة الصوت وبس

WATCH: The Soft Return of Amal Maher in "Ayam Matetawadsh"

In the past, people used to beg Amal Maher to make music videos for her songs, now she cannot be stopped. Amal makes so many music videos nowadays it's a sweet thing really. Her album released in the summer of 2015 with Mazzika and it was pretty well-made. A different take on her music than her stunning album of 2011. But still a decent work of art.

Luckily one of the better songs on the album gets a romantic music video set in Paris. The music is pretty amazing and so is the vocal performance for Amal Maher who shoes a lot of grace. It's a darker song about the past, and failing to live it to one's fullest. It's a song about things we missed in our lives.

This is an expensive music video to make and very nice sets and outdoors. It sucks the guy is glued to his phone and stopped dreaming and investing in his love. This is a play house music video about what we have and what we think we deserve or what we once had.

Amal goes back to her original self and the style that we have come to know her best for. The gentle and innocent lover who breaks one's heart without uttering a word. We know the editing of this clip took a very long time, but it came out and it features a number of styles, looks and outfits that put Amal Maher under a different shade. The plot is unclear, did Amal Maher have two lovers one from the past and one in the present? Or is she daydreaming?
Ayam Matetawadsh - Amal Maher ايام ماتتعوضش - امال ماهر

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The New And Improved Nadeen Morgan Unleashed

Nadeen Morgan is anonymous according to the internet but on Facebook, she has a fan club. And she only has one song and music video to her name, so she is green. But she signed with Mazzika and they already put her in a music video.

This is your average pop song from a very young woman whose voice has some depth to it. I do not like the tired fashion show, and the expired music video moves, but this is not her fault--the director is to blame. But this is a happy song about eyes, where Nadeen spends a great deal wearing eyeglasses.

Aeyonak Dool - Nadeen Morgan عيونك دول - نادين مرجان

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Helllo World! Have You Met @LuZogbi The Brazilian/Lebanese Beauty?

She is Brazilian, she is Lebanese, no wait she is both. And she is her to rock out and give the internet one more reason to smile.

Luciana Zogbi is her name and singing is her passion. Luciana chose not to sing in Arabic or Brazilian, she went for an American song. Good choice that shows a lot of promise and warmth. Find more of her songs here  

Not much is known about this 19 years old vocalist who has the energy, the talent and the face for the show business. Can she sing? Hell yes? See her hit all these notes and blow minds away with her voice range. The talent of Gianfranco Casanova makes a perfect compliment to her vocal parade. So far I have seen many covers by Luciana Zogbi, she brings them to life and wins people over. I cannot imagine what she would do with her own original songs?

I hope some music executive is paying attention.  

Hallelujah Cover by Luciana Zogbi & Gianfranco Casanova

Fast Food Tour In Dubai With Khaled AlRashed (And A Song!)

Khaled AlRashed seems like a cool dude who like to have a good time. And he is sharing with his fans a recent trip he just took to the UAE city of Dubai. The young singer, rode in the business class and started his trip with a brand coffee, then went out to a number of fast and casual food diners.

Dubai is filled with so many places like these, and the young vocalists seem to have done a number of tourist things around the rich emirate. And manged to hold his phone camera and document all the cool things he has done it. Khaled seems like a neat artist who takes good care of himself and grooming.

He did even go for frozen yogurt. Then he showed us some cool things around that crazy place known as seems he likes hamburgers....too bad! Was he using a selfie stick? Probably yes! This is is a lifestyle song about having it one's way. The singer flew in form Dubai for a day and he went back. Man he makes me hungry.

عادي ( كليب ) - خالد الراشد | Aadi ( Clip ) - Khaled AlRashed

Friday, October 2, 2015

Najwa Karam's Former Husband And Tour Promoter Beat Her Up!

It seems the modest and soft spoken music tour promoters Youssef Harb likes to beat up women. You may know Harb as the tour promoter based in North America from Lebanese origin whose name is enough to get all the A list artists to drool. Now it seems according to one news report, the well-known promoter used to beat his spouse singer/diva Najwa Karam. Karam and Harb got married in 2000 and got divorced in 2003.

Najwa said that in one account, she raised her voice on Harb who did not like it one bit and charged to assault the lovely Lebanese diva. In Harb's world, the wife should not raise her voice over her husbands so long as he is able to protect her and provide for her. Those comments were made on a talk show "Awa'el" with host Rima Nejim. We all know how proud Najwa of what she has accomplished and that she takes shit from no one.

The whole marriage was strange for a number of reasons, Harb was already married and he comes from a different faith than Najwa (this is a huge deal in Lebanon and many places) Harb is still a big name in Arabic music and live concerts. He has a reputation for sleeping around with female singers who come to him for his brand name and his expertise.   

The Amazing @JadShwery Delivers With @yara_lb A Canned Wedding

This is a classic music video about a proposal, a guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl. Then the guy goes for the proposal....and it's cute. I mean this was a good song to begin with, when it was released we could not stop playing it over and over. But then this is a music video by the colorful Jad Shwery.

As a guy I do not feel this music video is geared toward me, but rather a music video meant to make little girls swoon. For starter, there is a young model who is playing the part of the future Mr. Yara, and to be frank he looks a lot younger than Yara. The outfit choice for Yara's first scene does not seem to add up.  She has always been soft and chic, I do not see it here.

Maybe I have watched many wedding movies, and actually weddings, but I think this music video is riddled with one cliche after another. I do not like blonde Yara here, it makes her look like someone she is not.

Now comes the wedding shot with Yara, she is back to her lovely self and being the butterfly she has always been. She surely shines in that wedding scene and the surrounding works well.I do not think Yara makes a great actress, but as a songstress she is flawless.

Again this is a cute music video that feels happy, but I do not think offers anything fresh. Even the opening scene seems forced or awkward at worst. The good thing, this is a good location and a wonderful set, the elder actors deliver some credibility to this music video.

Maybe I am being to hard on this music video, just maybe that I like the song too much to be neutral. I exeocted more from Jad, he is way more than talented to do this song justice.    
Yara - Beyt Habibi [Official Clip] - يارا - بيت حبيبي

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Syrian Musicians Turned into Street Artists in Turkey (Video)

God help these millions of refugees. If reports are right there are more than 2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey--mostly Syrians. Many of them are exciting people who had a life before the war in Syria, and some of them are musicians. So it was only a matter of time for a Syrian band to take on the streets of Turkey and dazzle the world with their music

Music makes people feel good and heals the soul. See these shattered people but not broken do a lovely cover for one of the most memorable songs by Egyptian pop star Amr Diab. Street artists are a dignified way to earn some cash. There's not much in it, but the artists feel that they are doing their part.

I am impressed by this cover, it's well performed despite all the rage these artists must be feeling by now. It's unclear to me if they are singing for their fellow refugees or for tourists, whatever it's I admire them. There's a lot of talent in Syria and I have yet to meet a mediocre Syrian vocalist.
فرقة سوريه تغني ل عمرو دياب في تركيا

Facebook and YouTube Get Their Own Songs (Videos)

We are all suckers for social media, yes many of us have an addiction to them. But not these two ladies who released two songs celebrating YouTube and Facebook.  Oumnia did a song for YouTube and her voice is pretty decent, so she can do better songs than this one. It's a romantic song where YouTube comes up.

The next song is by Mai Khayat who woke up only to head to her Facebook profile to check what's happening. Again, neither of these artists are A list artists, nor are they B, but their songs travelled well and thanks to Filfan, I got to hear about them. I am glad someone is watching these songs and music videos. In between the uploads and the updates, this is a whole different universe.
youtube oumnia

Mai Khayat - Shet M Alnom / مى خياط - صحيت م النوم

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Here' Are Four New and Exciting Songs By Newbies

Here are four new songs but five different new artists from around the Arab world. the styles and dialects range, but there should be some excitement in the air for all the new comers who are working hard and doing their best for one's entertainment. You will hear voices from Khaleej, Morocco and beyond fighting for your attention.

So, let's take a quick tour and appreciate the fine voices and emotions to be found in these songs. Start off with that hit duet by Ibtissam Tiskat and TwoTone, swing by the emotionally complex track by Salwa Omar, then take a quick break by hearing Layla Iskandar sounding like a Latin dance track and finish your tour by slowing down with Sultan AlRashed who is glowing happiness in his latest fun track.
ويلي ليا - TwoTone ( مع إبتسام تسكت ) | Weli Liya - TwoTone feat. Ibtissam Tiskat

خلاص إرتاح - سلوى عمر | Khalas Ertah - Salwa Omar

صقاره - ليلى إسكندر | Saggara - Layla Iskandar

عشرة من عشرة - سلطان الراشد | Ashra Mn Ashra - Sultan AlRashed

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A New Palestinian Vocalists Is Born! Lina Sleibi Stands Tall @lina_sleibi

Lina Sleibi is a talented diva with a voice worthy of the biggest names in the indie vocalist scene. the young women form Palestine is out with a new song that feels like gold and sounds like diamonds. It's a beautiful song that feels warm and human by a young soul.

This is a fancy song for the soul, the kind you enjoy in the morning with a cup of coffee. I must say the amazing team behind the song worth celebrating. Fine art is no longer exclusive for the Israeli occupation. The people of Palestine will stand toe to toe and let their art speak for them. Lina Sleibi  is just one example and I expect great things from this bright star.

Lina came into my radar few months ago with her famous cover for the old country. Now, she steps a bit more with an original song that plays to her strength. Recorded and created in between Jordan and Palestine, the song travels the world thanks to the expansive fan base that Lina enjoys.   
Lina Sleibi - Atwaqa' لينا صليبي - أتوقع

Music and lyrics
Mohammed Alhasan
Mix and mastering:
Arif Amer
Abdullah Haji
Solo Violin
Ali Aloliwi
Saad Alaabar
Ayman Bergas
Mohammed Aseeri
Mohammed Alhasan
Recording Studio:
Take Time Studio - Bahrain
Kawar Studios - Jordan
Sound Engineer:
Ali Sameer
Haytham Kawar
Special thanks to:
Vivid Photography
Omamah makeup
Ahmed AlShams
Mohamed AlThawadi

Funny Video: Shady Omar 1+1 wahed + wahed

This is a hilarious song that has a music video. A romantic song with a sense of humor is just what the doctor ordered. The creative work of Shady Omar shows here as he surrounds himself by jeans wearing young women splashing him in water.

This looks like one hell of a party they had on set. The song is pretty hilarious and feels like a song that would play in college dorms parties. There are all these hipster characters on screen. I like the youthfulness and that the dancer is partying just like the rest of his models. Shady knows how to party and I like his arrival.

It's an amazing job to have a new comer with a cool music video like this one Shady Omar has done. This could be an Egyptian hit, its lyrics are catchy. I like the music too, and the set seems fitting for the song's theme.
shady Omar 1+1 wahed + wahed

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mohamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit The Arab Selfie Craze

Lebanese pop star Mohamad Iskandar continues to make fun songs about relevant topics--lyrics are often written by his song Fares. This time he took on the selfie craze around the world. He is a wise man, who makes any song about love.

He is not short of passion and upbeat. He talks about a number of matters, but he seems to set his sight on the female population. This is the new technology, phones, snapping pictures and caring less about the world and more about oneself.

This song is sort of been a popular summer hit--this summer was too short due to the toxic conditions in many Arab countries, and Ramadan.....but people want to party and Mohamad Iskandar has never left them down. Every summer he releases a song that brings him once again tot he front lines.   

Mohamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit (Official Music Video) [2014©] / محمد إسكندر - العالم جنت

Carmen Soliman‎‏ Not Happy With Old Plantinum Records

She is the only Egyptian singer with the Dubai based music label Platinum Records, and she came to them straight from Arab Idol where she won the first season. The young woman feels out of place in the company though she has many of Arab Idol past winners and runners up. Carmen has a busy season since she left the program with the title.

Hear her speak about the company that's supposed to be looking out for her. To her credit Carmen did not set home waiting for them to promote her, she worked on her own and she formed a strong partnership with Saudi singer Mohammad Abdo who took her under his wings.

I can see why she would not be impressed with them, I do not think they treat her right, they sure love Assaf a lot. I think she deserves better, she has a rare talent. She is looking for the new administration at the Platinum Records. She is hoping to start a new chapter.

كارمن سليمان | لم تعجبني إدارة بلاتينوم ريكورز | Carmen Soliman‎‏

Shayma Helali Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Shayma Helali is doing great things for Rotana, for once she is making them look good and cool without trying too hard. This Tunisian pop diva has a new single in that Khaleeji dialect and it's all about parties. Sure, it has a neat title even those who do not like Khaleeji music tune in to hear what this lady is up to.

I did not think this would be a dance song, but here it's and it's festive and exciting. Rotana values Shayma and it seems she has the connections to make her career a stellar one. Her song is about being stubborn and how she appreciate it. It's meant to be a cute song that gets people--especially young ones who are melodramatic

Shayma Helali ... Aheb Enady - Lyrics Video | شيماء هلالي ... احب عنادي - فيديو بالكلمات

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Young Khaleeji Singers Abdul Aziz Luies vs. Mohamed Al Shehhi

Not every young artist who want to sing gets a record deal. Not even in the rich countries in the Khaleej. There are way too many young stars (some of them are bright) But there are also the young stars who do not want to work in music. they may just want one song and get famous or do that song and then step back.

I found two artist from the Khaleej who are making good pop music and I like their voices. The first is Abdul Aziz Luies and the later is Mohamed AlShehhi. Different styles and different stories, just same entertainment value. The first song is about being sweet and in love, the other is about dancing to the lyrics of cat and mouse songs.
عندي إنت - عبدالعزيز الويس | Andi Enta - AbdulAziz Luies

يا عمري - محمد الشحي | Ya Omri - Mohamed AlShehhi

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Yemenis Are Coming! Habib Galbi Occupies Tel-Aviv

Israelis do not like many things Arab, but I know they enjoy using bad Arabic words, taking credit for Arabic favorites food, smoking hookah and now Arabic songs. In face for a long time, Israelis have embraced Arabic songs because many of them have lived in Arabic speaking countries like Yemen, Iraq, Tunis and Morocco.

This last summer it seems one song recorded and performed by three ladies from Yemeni origin has won over the peace-loving (wink...wink) Israelis. The lyrics sound like a folklore from Yemen, the music sounds like anything but.   
The surprise hit Habib Galbi - performed by a band of three Israeli sisters of Yemeni background named A-WA - managed to rise to the top of this country’s music charts, shattering records and all expectations. The song has also proven a major success abroad, with the music video amassing 1.2 million hits and attracting thousands of fans from across the Middle East.
The song is actually based on a tune that the group’s grandmother - who was born in Ibb, Yemen, but moved to Israel in 1949 - taught them, and for sisters Tair, Liron and Tagel singing it was the most natural thing in the world.
But this summer marks the first time in Israeli history that an Arabic-language song has managed to top the charts, and its positive reception across borders in countries Israel has been at war with for nearly 70 years has many experts wondering if the song is a sign of a cultural thaw and hope amid the increasingly bleak political landscape across the region.
Full article can be found here 
A-WA - Habib Galbi - Official Video

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Fresh Mint Song Is Old!...Moustafa Hagag Misses @NjMusicProduct

I liked this song as a song, but now as a music video I do not think it's that good. Why? Last year Mostafa Hagag was one of my favorite new comers to the pop scene, he has charisma that is clear throughout his song selection.

The guy did a song about fresh mint and his love interest who likes fresh mint. Cool song, then he filmed it as a music video and things did not work out I think. Nothing is fresh about the music video. Using flashy cars and dude clothes, jumping around the camera aimlessly. And then there is that dancer with great hair who looks like a body builder and doing things on her balcony that would be either strange in the West or an advertisement for a sex worker.

But it's not her fault, it's the vision of the director and the singer that went along. I still like Mostafa and like that he seems like easy going and not too pretentious. He comes across as a guy from a modest origins who made it. Maybe it's the pressure eon him to do what's popular by brining that sexy dancer and getting it on with her in public. Then all of sudden a bunch of guys come wanting to p[arty with his lady, and a little kid comes and gives them a bunch of mint--not flowers.   
مصطفي حجاج - يامنعنع الفيديو الرسمي - ( MOSTAFA HAGAG - Ya Mnana3- (official Music Video

"I Think Like A Westerner" Song By Tarek Issa

Here's is a young pop star who has an upbeat song about going made for his loved one. He is sweet and he starts his song with kisses and touches. Tarek Issa has no problem oversharing with his listeners. I like the beat and the music. Tarek sounds pretty good.

He has fallen in love with his home girl--he pledges to stay in love with her. As if Tarek has women from all over the world falling in love with him. As a dance song, I can see folks doing the Debka to his tunes. He also likes the Eastern ways of doing business. Yet the title of the song, I think like Western!

Tarek sounds like an expat but sings like one of these guys who have never been outside of his family's home.

طارق عيسى عقلي غربي / Tarek Issa 3a2ly gharby 2014

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Moroccan Song To Fall In Love With By @asmaabassite

At first Asma Bassite burst to fame by participating on Star Academy (2005) and singing there. Then this Moroccan vocalist took her fame to the MBC produced X Factorand there she withdraw from the program and made news. Asma blamed her withdrawal because one of the judges (Elissa) kept asking her to do songs that do not fit Asma's voice. Asma maintains that she respects Elissa but she should be the ultimate judge of what works best for her own voice.

I seems that Asma wanted to do more of Tarab songs, but the judge wanted her to do light pop songs.
Now, following in the footsteps of many of her countrymen, Asma doing a song with the Khaleej music market on mind. This is a light pop song that has a good beat--the kind that moves one's feet. I like the delightful Moroccan dialect. Asma has a candy like voice and I think she has a lot going right for her.

I detect the music style is for the Khaleej but the lyrics are meant for Morocco. I think the title is pretty clever, see and hear or just "listen!"
شوف إسمع - أسماء بسيط | Shoof Esma - Asma Bassite

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Sweet Salah AlZadjali Knocks Another One Out Of The Park #GHANNIET

Oman's most famous musician/singer Salah AlZadjali is back with a different kind of hit. A song so sweet and a music video so innocent that it's almost criminal not to watch. A cute story is hard to capture on video without coming across as a cliche. Salah and his team brought their song to live, told a good story and gave us an entertaining music video that feels authentic.

It feels like a music video made by friends and not models and crews. Salah cranks a hit about every two years. This time he goes with the romantic type. His first hit was everywhere four years ago, two years later he had a song that was dramatic. Now comes a song that mixes romance with a hint of drama.

Salah really looks lie a nice guy who finishes last. His music video captures him in real life being in love but awkward. It's sweet dream song that shows him falling in love with the girl next door. Salah puts on his acting face and plays the part well. He also sports a number of looks that make him cool. The music video shoes how in love timing matters. Salah gets caught in that cycle and the appearance of things can be tricky. He is singing because he could not channel his emotions using an other medium of communication.    

Salah AlZadjali - GHANNIET ( Exclusive Music Video) | (صلاح الزدجالي - غنيت (فيديو كليب حصري