Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Moroccan Song Goes Viral! #Jamila Blach Blach

Moroccan hit-maker Jamila is now officially the most popular lady in Moroccan pop. Jamila has all the exotic attributes. And she is a styling lady who goes bold. Jamila she has already stood behind two viral hits that were literary everywhere in the Khaleej and beyond.

Her latest song seems to do a lot with colors, and funk. There's a catchy beat and there is good energy. There are also those back up dancers doing their moves right behind Jamila. And that music bit that sounds like a Moroccan/Khaleeji hybrid.

I like her many looks and that hairstyle keeps changing. It's a Moroccan song make no mistake. A likable star makes a catchy song and the world celebrates. It seems that the craze for Iraqi songs have been replaced with Moroccan songs and before them the Syrian country song had a good run.
So dance you guys and enjoy the party form this creative music force known as Jamila who seems pretty much so inside out.
جميلة - بلاش بلاش | Jamila Blach Blach


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