Friday, October 9, 2015

The Original Poor Man's Singer's Welcome Return @hakimmusicegypt

While most singers like to film their music videos in fancy resorts, and exotic locations, one Egyptian pop star and hit-maker begged to differ. Hakeem went deep inside one of those Egyptian slums and filmed his music video there. To his credit, these were the folks that embraced him as an artist first. They are the kind people who work hard and tend to be loyal.

Hakim wanted to highlight their plight and show the other side of Egypt, not necessarily to shame governments but to celebrate survival.

This is a song about the hard-working and resourceful people. It's worth mentioning that the director of this music video is the same director who directed Hakim in two other songs that we have come to love "Al Salmo Alykom" and "Habooso""

the song's title is "Aam Salama" or uncle Salam, a common name. Kicking off with an Egyptian Mawal then jumping into the pop song. Hakim is not letting ho of how he was once Egypt's top go to artists for songs that are close to the streets. The song is about life and how people change. Hakim is known for these songs. It's a sobering song about how people hurt each other.
Aam Salama - Hakim [Official Video] | عم سلامة - حكيم [الفيديو الرسمي]


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