Monday, October 19, 2015

The Russian Army Gets A Syrian Love Song By Ribal Al Hadi

No one knew who Ribal Al Hadi is before today, but now we know him because he just released a song titled the "Russian and Syrian Armies". It's a song supposed to scare away the terrorists. The song sing praises for the armies that are supposed to be fighting violent extremists. Somehow many more of them are made by those actions.   

Ribal is a musician too, so he composed this song. Stupid guys do exist in every country, and tough guys do not release songs. He wore an army uniform and showed a gun and star in the Syrian flag to promote his song.

I do not know much anymore, but to celebrate a foreign invitation is wrong for the Syrian opposition and wrong for the regime. I am not taking sides anymore, I am just tired of people who shame others yet they invoke the same shameful acts. Ribal may chose to do this song or maybe he was asked to do it for the army. No doubt there are folks who love the regime, but.....
ريبال الهادي - الجيش الروسي والسوري Ribal Al Hadi


  1. just listen to it as kind of pure acid political art.. :P