Saturday, October 3, 2015

Helllo World! Have You Met @LuZogbi The Brazilian/Lebanese Beauty?

She is Brazilian, she is Lebanese, no wait she is both. And she is her to rock out and give the internet one more reason to smile.

Luciana Zogbi is her name and singing is her passion. Luciana chose not to sing in Arabic or Brazilian, she went for an American song. Good choice that shows a lot of promise and warmth. Find more of her songs here  

Not much is known about this 19 years old vocalist who has the energy, the talent and the face for the show business. Can she sing? Hell yes? See her hit all these notes and blow minds away with her voice range. The talent of Gianfranco Casanova makes a perfect compliment to her vocal parade. So far I have seen many covers by Luciana Zogbi, she brings them to life and wins people over. I cannot imagine what she would do with her own original songs?

I hope some music executive is paying attention.  

Hallelujah Cover by Luciana Zogbi & Gianfranco Casanova


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