Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nasr Mahrous Presents Touba--His Latest Find

There's a new name in Egyptian pop and it has the name Touba. Touba is being presented by Nasr Mahrous' Free Music label. Touba is really working with the one great music producer who is a powerhouse in Egyptian pop. Now she has to deliver on that promise. Nasr will package her and give her some of his best work.

Will she be the next big thing in female pop? I do not know. I think she has to do a little bit more vocal workout. She is got something to sell and I think she can find her own path. Her song is about missing the loved ones. Not to mind the blurry belly dancer who actually takes away from the song.
Touba - Wa7ashony (Official Music Video) | توبا - وحشوني (فيديو كليب) حصرياً 2015


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