Monday, October 12, 2015

Four New Singls By Upbeat Zippies

There are countless of young artists who have been gifted a soothing voice. Out of those thousands, we only know about a 100. Which makes it unfair for all the bright talents out there who are vying for one's attention. So, let's try and check the new artists out and be nice. It's not easy to be a new comers nor is it cheap. Most of your favorite pop stars had to start somewhere.

Here are four new songs that comes in different styles and ranges. I bet you anything that you will find something that speaks to you here. Start with Mahmood Al Shafei and his song about the local grocery store. Swing by Abdullah Al Hmeem & Monia duet. Then give Mohammed Ghazi some time as he sings and keep on mind that he is also the music composer behind the song. And finish with the catchy titled song by Khalil Mustafa who just wants to forget and live.
البقالة - محمود الشافعي | AlBagala - Mahmood AlShafei

ها رجعنا - عبدالله الهميم ومونيا | Ha Rjaana - Abdullah AlHmeem &; Monia

إنت عندي كوم - محمد غازي | Enta Andi Kom - Mohammed Ghazi

طنش تعش - خليل مصطفى | Tanish Taiesh - Khalil Mustafa


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