Friday, October 9, 2015

Jamila: The Best-Selling Pop Songstress Will Blow You Away #Blach_Blach

Jamila was a little known few years ago, now she is a big hit-maker whose songs are what sits the tend in Khaleeji music. Though she is Moroccan, her songs are what is popular right now in the Gulf region and outside of it as well. Jamila was born and raised in Morocco but owes much of her success to singing Emirati and Arabian Gulf songs with pitch-perfect enunciation. She is so good that her fans in the UAE struggle to believe that she is not a native to that land.

Jamila is making a colorful return with what could be her next big hit. She already has two hits this year that were like wild fire. The teaser promises a lot of cool things, and it's enough that it kicks of another catchy title "Balch Blach"

Platinum Records is surly a sinner in having picked this resourceful and creative pop star who is ruffling so many feathers and doing something exciting. Just check out her choice of wardrobe--not many female artists can do what she does.
جميلة - بلاش بلاش - قريباً | Jamila - Blach Blach Promo


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