Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Here's The First Song I Ever Loved, It was 1997

I think I was a freshman high school when this song by Diana Hadad was released. I was just so in love with this song, it took my breath away. It might be the first song that I connected with emotionally. I knew I was a fan of Diana ever since she did that "Sakin" song....but this song seems to be on the darker side. That was her second studio album and it came in 1997.

It's a love song but in the low point where you do not know where love is. Luckily Diana continues to make music for her fans. Some good, some misses, but she will always be remembered and defined by her first song when she was a young woman...

Diana's vocal performance, passion are out of this world. It just spoke to me, and told me that sometimes people need to learn patience in their quest for that eternal love....now that I have found that eternal love this song still rings true to my soul.

Diana Hadad Ahl El Ashq ديانا حداد - اهل العشق


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